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myChevrolet App

The myChevrolet Mobile App gives you the ultimate ownership experience: convenience and control, right at your fingertips. Get powerful, easy-to-use features with the convenience of remote connection, streamlined service and maintenance. Unlock your vehicle’s full potential with the myChevrolet Mobile App. Start by logging in with your Chevrolet Owner Center or OnStar username and password. Available on select iOS devices. Service availability, features, and functionality are subject to limitations and vary by vehicle and the plan you are enrolled in. Some features require a paid plan. Device data connection required. Data rates may apply. See for details and limitations. Remote Key Fob: Remote Start/Stop: Send a remote command to start and stop your vehicle from anywhere you have a vehicle connection (requires factory installed and enabled remote starter system) Lock/Unlock: Lock and unlock your doors from anywhere you have a vehicle connection (requires automatic locks) Warning Lights: Send a remote command to activate your horn and flash your lights Vehicle Status: Fuel Level/Range: View your fuel level in percentage, approximate number of gallons remaining and miles until empty. For Electric Vehicle owners, monitor EV range, charging status and even find charging stations along your route Oil Life: View your remaining oil life as a percentage Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF): If you have a diesel vehicle, check to see if your DEF level is optimal, low, or, if your vehicle is currently in a speed-limited state, critically low Other Services: Chevrolet Smart Driver: Get information and tips to help you improve your driving *Requires a capable 2015 model year or newer vehicle and active service. See for details and limitations. Vehicle Locate: Find your vehicle’s approximate location and nearby address on a map Send-to-Navigation*: Search and send destinations to your OnStar Turn-by-Turn Navigation or your vehicle’s in-dash navigation system (if equipped). Map coverage available in U.S., Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Canada. Accessories: Shop for accessories specific to your vehicle Owner Manual: Quick access to a complete interactive manual for your vehicle How Things Work: View helpful how-to videos to learn everything there is to know about your vehicle’s features and operation Preferred Dealer: Locate and set a preferred dealer. Search for dealers by zip code, proximity or city and state Schedule Service: View vehicle’s service recommendations/required maintenance and make an appointment with your preferred dealer, and manage and check the status of your appointment Marketplace: Discover value while on the go with nearby offers and sponsored connections from restaurants, gas stations, retailers, hotels, and more. Valid offers can vary. For latest offers, check Marketplace through the vehicle mobile app or your vehicles infotainment system (if available). My Chevrolet Rewards*: Learn about/enroll in the program, see your active point balance, and conveniently access your account *Must be 18 years or older. Points may be earned and redeemed only at participating GM entities, dealers or third-party retailers in the United States (excluding Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands or Guam). Points are not earned on taxes and certain fees and expire 5 years from when points are earned. Some restrictions apply. For more information, please view full program Terms & Conditions. Note: Acceptance of OnStar terms of service are required. Enrollment is free, but a smartphone with a data connection is required to use certain online features. An active OnStar account is required for some features; others require a paid service plan. Features vary by vehicle, location and conditions. For a list of supported vehicles, please visit

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myChevrolet app reviews

  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By SMRohlfing
    Since the most recent update, I cannot get the app to stay open. It begins loading, but then crashes almost immediately. Very disappointing because I normally use this as my remote start and now I cannot.
  • App update 1/5

    By Conant1
    Just did the app update now it won’t open up on my iPhone.
  • GMC doesn’t require OnStar subscription 1/5

    By Kitty123456789kitty
    My GMC doesn’t require an OnStar subscription to use the keyfob commands...why does Chevrolet???
  • Crashes on startup 1/5

    By Plugh
    Worthless in this iteration
  • Not working 4/5

    By kim5176
    I used this app all winter of 2018 and now all of a sudden it’s not working. This is October 2018. Very disappointed as it was so nice to not have to go outside to warm up my car.
  • Useless Can’t Control Vehicles 1/5

    By Floydman87
    After upgrading to iOS 12, I can no longer control my 18 Silverado or my 15 Malibu. Has a “get connected” option... Well guess what? I have active Onstar accounts on both vehicles. Not happy.
  • Can’t open the app 3/5

    By Mayor Tex
    I don’t use this app very often, but for some reason it will not open on my iPhone 6+. I may have to try and delete it and re-download again
  • Automatic logout 1/5

    By Update-->ARRGH
    It’s happened again. A few months ago, the app started to logout after 30 minutes even if keep me signed in was selected. Chevy fixed it, but the issue has come back. Super annoying
  • Owner 1/5

    By NTexan
    Keeps crashing after latest update!!
  • Beta? 1/5

    By Shasterball
    Very slow. Inaccurate updates and battery level data. Keypass never works. And the new version logs you out after 10 minutes.
  • Unreliable 2/5

    By Ms. Fehrs
    The myChevrolet app is great when it works. Now when I open it on my iPhone it immediately minimizes and I can’t get to it to do anything with it.
  • Service appointments are really easy 5/5

    By Little Oregonian
    Loved the app, it alerted me about a recall, and I was able to set the appointment and select the most convenient time and location. Carried over all of my information and my bolt’s. It really made it very easy. I use the app to check on the tire pressure mainly, never used the parking location or any of the other functionality as I mainly use the apple CarPlay for everything else.
  • Not working 3/5

    By iphonesblow
    Closes as soon as I open it on my iPhone 5
  • Keyfob features too slow! 1/5

    By KaiserNautilus
    Way too slow. Only useful if I locked myself out of the vehicle...
  • App Update 5/5

    By Blab5
    All good. App works exactly as intended!
  • 3.15 update no longer works on my phone 1/5

    By pi-fi
    I have an iPhone 6s and this app (version 3.15) no longer works on my phone. It opens, welcome screen flashes and the it just shuts down. Please update to support “older” phones. I spent all my money buying a Chevy I can’t be out here buying new phones as well!
  • Could be better 1/5

    By calebh2002
    Update 10-12-18: The watch app still does not work on the watch alone. 😡😞🖕 I use the app, a lot. I will say that it has improved quite a bit since it launched. I wish I could use my iWatch 3 LTE for fob commands when I am away from my phone.
  • Unable to open app after last update 1/5

    By Malibu skier
    I was previously happy with the app but am currently unable to open the app after the last update!
  • a little rough 1/5

    By xeyesores
    this app needs some serious, serious work. logged out after every single update, not the biggest deal but annoying. man features are super glitchy and don’t work well. any time i make an appointment, my dealership calls to reschedule. so it seems as if that function isn’t very reliable. key fob is nice to use, especially if i’m out and wanting to be sure the car is locked.
  • Really, really, really bad. 1/5

    By Game_addict64
    I have been using this app on my iPhone since the end of July, and it has yet to update and stay updated on any given day. Doesn’t show the correct owner, despite having updated the profile numerous times, it doesn’t update points, despite updating the profile numerous times, it doesn’t provide the correct parked location, and is all-around a huge waste of space on my phone. A total disappointment. I do not recommend at all.
  • Good app, has potential to be better. 1/5

    By stephen.moore
    Siri shortcuts support?
  • Nope 1/5

    By Mr TSMac
    Was working great before the update. Now when I try to open the app, it force closes.
  • Cannot log into app after update 1/5

    By mintu S
    The app was working fine for more than a year. I updated app & start getting message unexpected error occurred & check for app update (400-4). I have old iPhone 5c; the app did mention during upgrade it will update to last compatible version. I now end up with onstar subscription but no access to features due to app upgrade process. I did uninstall & reinstall app with no success.
  • Energy Assist feature stinks 1/5

    By DaveH57
    Driving an EV it really helps to have a good accurate energy usage and trip planning feature. The one in this app is essentially useless. It does not update properly to current battery status and vehicle location.
  • App won’t open 1/5

    By Nerd25879053
    App crashes when trying to open.
  • I can’t use it 1/5

    By nemraC212
    I registeres and entered the correct email and I dont receive anything. I’ve tried several times. Uninstalling... thanks for nothing
  • Please please please 3/5

    By HAHa92075
    So if you can update the app for IOS 12 so I can say Hey Siri start my truck this app would be a 5 star
  • Great Car - But App is a Dud 1/5

    By HHRuben
    Use this app on my iPhone for my Bolt. It is a great car, but this app is a dud. It takes forever (or just stalls) updating vehicle status. The status is often wrong. For example, this morning the status report was that the car was unplugged and completely out of energy when the flashing green light and the dashboard both reported car was charging and changed already at 4 flashes. That type of glitch is common.
  • Lastest Update Failure 1/5

    By Swmpdog
    App will not load since last update. Try to open and it just returns to my home screen.
  • Key Fob no longer works 1/5

    By sammiechestnut
    Terrible Customer Service in changing the remote key fob to be a paid service. My app updated and I no longer can use the key fob service. I’ll never purchase onstar and this app is useless.
  • No key fob on it after downloading app 1/5

    By Bandit685
    Downloaded it no such thing as key fob couldn’t find it or wouldn’t load or problem with the whatever thought I try it but can’t do that so I’ll just buy a key fob for back up good thing I didn’t waste any money on the app to download
  • Used to be great. 1/5

    By 54BelAir
    A while back this app actually worked to unlock my truck. Is was a bit slow, but considering what is involved it was acceptable. Now it doesn’t work at all. It just cycles until the request times out. It’s useless at this point.
  • Users 1/5

    By User649
    Need to add the ability to add addition users to the same account.
  • App used to work great until now 5/5

    By Spoiled Chevy Guy
    The app keeps logging me off even though I have the slider set to “keep me logged in”. I used this app everyday until now. Spoiled Chevy Guy,the developers at the myChevy app got right on my post and corrected the issue quickly. I'm so happy to have the use of tool that I came to depend on every day. Thanks myChevy!!!
  • Garbage 1/5

    By J scullen
    Doesn’t work now after this new update
  • After the update app doesn’t work at all 3/5

    By yesimosgood
    It is a great app but update made it crash and never start at all. Please fix it. I paid for this option in my car and need it back on. I called GM and on Star. Unfortunately neither is able to help. Why did I pay to have remote start put in and it worked great now I am being asked by on Star not Chevy to pay to use this. Seriously it appears like a scam.
  • What happened to the key fob? 1/5

    By Gio1229
    Had this app before and used to be able to use it to unlock, lock, and start my car remotely. Now I downloaded it again and that feature is no longer present. Did it get removed for some reason? I used to use that all the time!
  • Doesn’t Load 3/5

    By G-MacD
    I downloaded the update and now the app will not open. It loads to the Chevy emblem and then force closes.
  • Apple Watch app and CarPlay 3/5

    By MikeSa
    The Apple Watch app has the potential to be good. It needs to be able to use a cellular connection. AppleWatch integration is useless if you have to have your phone with you. Also no CarPlay connection on my 2017 Cruze
  • Updates would be great 2/5

    By Jeremy Gonis
    Need to add the ability for Siri shortcuts for key fob functions like “hey Siri, start my Cruze” or “hey Siri, lock my Equinox”
  • Way too slow 1/5

    By Robert0001
    This app is way too slow to be functional. The EV charge status should refresh every few minutes for a paying onstar customer. As it is right now you have to refresh and wait 30-60 seconds for it to ping the car to get a status.
  • Could be better 3/5

    By Rudy's Booty
    Wish “vehicle status” would update the app info, when connected via CarPlay. Then when I was at home, I could check status of my vehicle. I don’t want to pay for Onstar service, just to get that info. I invested a lot of money for my 2018 Silverado and the only things I can do with the app is “remote start/stop, lock/unlock, horn start/stop” and schedule maintenance for my vehicle. I mostly use my key remote to do the remote stuff and my laptop to schedule maintenance for the truck.
  • Nearly everything I could ask for 4/5

    By ilovemyvolt
    I would not pay to use this app, and would probably sell the car without the app. It wasn’t explained that there would be a cost for the app when I bought the car and I see a lot of upset users in the reviews. I called Onstar and was told I would have to pay to use the app when my trial period was ending this summer. We It wasn’t pretty. I finally found the document that showed that I don’t have to pay... yet. It’s free until 2023. Purchased my Volt in mid 2018. This nonsense of paying for limited use.. needs to end. Or at least make it a number that makes sense. The app is excellent for my needs and I don’t need any other services from Onstar. It’s a great service if you need it though. I haven’t used any other features than the below: Preheating is a big deal. The app works wonders and there is nothing better than getting into a warm car with a warm steering wheel to boot. Yes, it’s already cold here. Battery drain would be 1/10, if not plugged in. Improvement to the app maybe — if the car is set to charge by ‘best rate’ and I preheat the car in the am while plugged in, the car will not start charging and I lose 1/10 bat. It will if the charge setting is set to ‘immediate’. Pre-cooling is a very nice feature. Checking charge level is important. Nothing worse than forgetting to plug in, but being able to check the status saves a walk. Unlocked the car remotely once. That was pretty cool.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By DkJeter
    App will not communicate with my link in my car.
  • Crashes on opening after 2 October update 1/5

    By XHerkdriver
    This and the OnStar app both will not open now after doing today’s update. iPhone 6S with iOS 12.
  • Appears on CarPlay after connecting 3/5

    By Grapplerone
    The icon never appeared in settings on iPhone but it appeared after connecting to CarPlay. Other apps appear in settings all the time to move them around.
  • Charging Station Link not working and CarPlay cut off 4/5

    By Daniel*12
    Find a charging station link doesn’t work anymore and new CarPlay feature cuts off on right of the screen. Have a 2017 Volt.
  • Registration Code Never came to Email 1/5

    By ZKA in Omaha, NE
    So for haven’t gotten the email code to complete registration. Keep getting error to contact Advisor
  • Love Apple Car Play Implementation 5/5

    By A_W_O_L
    The app could use a bit more refinement, but I love the move to CarPlay. Things to add: Being able pay for fuel from the app. Add scheduling food for pickup (also paying from app... this would be awesome for Sonic).

myChevrolet app comments

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