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myChevrolet App

The myChevrolet Mobile App gives you the ultimate ownership experience: convenience and control, right at your fingertips. Get powerful, easy-to-use features with the convenience of remote connection, streamlined service and maintenance. Unlock your vehicle’s full potential with the myChevrolet Mobile App. Start by logging in with your Chevrolet Owner Center or OnStar username and password. Service availability, features, and functionality are subject to limitations and vary by vehicle and the plan you are enrolled in. Remote Key Fob: Remote Start/Stop: Send a remote command to start and stop your vehicle from anywhere (requires factory installed and enabled remote starter system) Lock/Unlock: Lock and unlock your doors from anywhere (requires automatic locks) Warning Lights: Send a remote command to activate your horn and flash your lights Vehicle Status: Fuel Level/Range: View your fuel level in percentage, approximate number of gallons remaining and miles until empty. For Electric Vehicle owners, monitor EV range, charging status and even find charging stations along your route Oil Life: View your remaining oil life as a percentage Tire Pressure: Get recommended and current tire pressures (if equipped) Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF): If you have a diesel vehicle, check to see if your DEF level is optimal, low, or, if your vehicle is currently in a speed-limited state, critically low Other Services: Chevrolet Smart Driver: Get information and tips to help you improve your driving *Requires a capable 2015 model year or newer vehicle and active service. Visit for vehicle capability. Wi-Fi Hotspot: Enable your vehicle’s Wi-Fi hotspot, view and/or edit your vehicle’s hotspot SSID (network name) and password, and view current data plan and remaining data—or purchase more data Vehicle Locate: Find your vehicle’s approximate location and nearby address on a map Send-to-Navigation*: Search and send destinations to your OnStar Turn-by-Turn Navigation or your vehicle’s in-dash navigation system (if equipped) Accessories: Shop for accessories specific to your vehicle Owner Manual: Quick access to a complete interactive manual for your vehicle How Things Work: View helpful how-to videos to learn everything there is to know about your vehicle’s features and operation Preferred Dealer: Locate and set a preferred dealer. Search for dealers by zip code, proximity or city and state Schedule Service: View vehicle’s required maintenance and make an appointment with your preferred dealer, and manage and check the status of your appointment Marketplace: Discover value while on the go with nearby offers and sponsored connections from restaurants, gas stations, retailers, hotels, and more My Chevrolet Rewards: Learn about/enroll in the program, see your active point balance, and conveniently access your account Check for Recall: Check for and view active recall notifications specific to your vehicle App Customization: Edit the app’s home screen dashboard and configure it to meet your needs Get Help: Request help from Roadside Assistance, call an OnStar Advisor, or contact a Chevrolet or OnStar Advisor through Facebook Messenger Note: Acceptance of OnStar terms of service are required. The application is free, but a smartphone with a data connection is required to use certain online features. An active OnStar account is required for some features; others require a paid service plan. Features vary by vehicle, location and conditions. For a list of supported vehicles, please visit


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myChevrolet app reviews

  • Great app but needs Apple Watch improvement 2/5

    By jgeezy235
    I would give this app 5 stars if it would work on the Cellular Apple Watch independently.
  • What happened. 1/5

    By none of your budsinesz
    After updating app, what happened to the “key fob” feature???? That’s really the only reason to have this app
  • Last update started causing problems 2/5

    I have always loved the app. It has saved my wife several times when she locked the keys in the car. Since the last update I have had to sign in again every time I use it, even though the button is checked to stay signed in. Please fix. Update: tried to uninstall and reinstall. Fixed for about 1 day! Still logging me out!
  • Keeps logging me out 1/5

    By tcarp tcarp
    App works fine but it will continually log you out... huge issue that could easily be fixed with an update on the developer end. It never had this issue with previous versions... would be a great app if it wasn’t for this glaring issue... will update my review when you update and fix this problem
  • Not native on Apple Watch 1/5

    By I'm a picky person.
    The App on Apple Watch does not work without iPhone. On weekends I leave my phone behind as a way to u wind, it would be nice if I could precondition my car 10 minutes before I arrive at my parking spot or open my car using my Cellular Apple Watch.
  • Won’t stay logged-in 1/5

    By Update-->ARRGH
    I’m not sure what Chevy did, but for the past month, this app will automatically log out after 30 minutes even if “keep me logged in” is selected. This is super annoying and makes the app an exercise in frustration. I’ve tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it. Nope, not a fix. It looks like other folks are experiencing this frustration too. Please fix the app!
  • Disappointed in v3.13 3/5

    By solivernh
    Have been using the app daily for over a year. This specific version doesn’t allow the app to remain logged in. This is a bad bug that needs to be fixed ASAP!
  • Won’t keep logged in! 1/5

    By Mr_Magarian
    Ridiculous. This app all of a sudden won’t keep me logged in. I have the option selected to “Stay Signed In”... nope. Doesn’t matter. This has been going on for almost a couple weeks now. Get it fixed GM!
  • App used to work great until now 1/5

    By Spoiled Chevy Guy
    The app keeps logging me off even though I have the slider set to “keep me logged in”. I used this app everyday until now. Spoiled Chevy Guy,
  • Disappointed-no remote access 1/5

    By SwanbK
    We have both a 2018 GMC Terrain and a 2018 Chevy Impala. The App appears to be the same in the App Store—but they aren’t. With the Chevy you have to pay for the remote access-disappointing to say the least. This app really offers very little value.
  • Won’t stay logged in 2/5

    By bcstaat
    The app won’t stay logged in. Previously I would be able to use finger print to use keyfob functions. In the last couple weeks it now says “user session expired. Please log on again. (401_1). “ when opening app. After login it still asks for pin/fingerprint. Super annoying.
  • XELE13 1/5

    By XELE13
    Logs me totally out of the app minutes after logging in and using it. Uninstalled and installed app again and same problem exists?
  • Love the app up to the last update... 4/5

    By Njordan311
    I absolutely loved this app until the most recent update rendered it useless. It logs out every single time I close it even when I checked ‘remember me.’ I solely start my vehicle with my Apple Watch, so this is super inconvenient.
  • I have to login every time 1/5

    By rvossmer
    Why is the app not remembering my login information, even though I have that box checked?
  • Very responsive Customer Service 4/5

    By Lenexajones
    I reported a bug which prevented me from staying logged on and they reached out to me and solved the problem within a day. I’m impressed. Love being able to precondition my Bolt via phone.
  • OnStar Money Grab 1/5

    By need more names 123
    This app is nothing more than an OnStar money grab. While it has a lot of potential everything good about it is hidden behind a monthly subscription service.
  • Low Energy Alert 2/5

    By TimedMarrow
    I am growing weary of the constant alerts I get telling me I am leaving the area available for a charge and have a low battery level on my electric car when my battery is at 95% and My car is parked in my driveway less than 5 miles from a public charger this app can see.
  • Logging out 2/5

    By Grumpy @ Animal Kingdom
    Latest version keeps logging out even though I have checked, keep me logged in.
  • I like the app but problems since updated. 3/5

    By Byrd5620
    I love the app and never had problems but here recently it logs me out every time I use the darn thing. Even with keep my logged in selected kind of annoying.
  • Unhappy 1/5

    By Norty1785
    Constantly get a system error, please try again later (900) message every time I log onto app... loved the app when I first got it but recently this is all that pops up so I quit using it...
  • Getting worse not better 1/5

    By ChangingForce
    The latest updates have reintroduced issues that were previously fixed. Now you can’t even stay logged into the app without it crashing.
  • Login 2/5

    By italiannaplesmama
    Even though I slide the button over to keep me logged in without fail it does not. Such a pain logging in each time I open the app.
  • So far, app is fairly useless 1/5

    By Jimok
    Can download the app but doesn’t do much except show me where my vehicle is. No tire pressure, fuel gauge, lock or unlock, etc.
  • This app was great at first 1/5

    By Jbearest
    Now the app is buggy and unreliable. What use is having the Chevrolet app on your watch if it keeps saying that you must log in on your phone because the phone keeps logging out of the app? I do not wish to have to log in each time nor do I wish to log in on my phone for something I want to use on my watch. Please fix!!!
  • Won’t stay logged in. 2/5

    By theoreticaljerk
    Every time I log in the app, make sure Keep Logged In is selected, but when I leave the app for awhile, we’re talking hours, then come back, it tells me my logging session has expired. This really defeats the convenience of the app. It used to stay logged in indefinitely.
  • Not impressed 1/5

    By gsraber
    I have been using this app almost 2 years and now it will no longer keep me singed in on phone. After uninstalling and reinstalling it still isn’t working.
  • Dangerous app 1/5

    By Boo. Kittie
    Once you log on, there is no way to log out. If someone gets your phone they can open all your GM cars and drive off
  • Started out great, now not so much 1/5

    By Adfac
    Mixed feelings. App has its place. Remote lock and start are the best features for me. But I used to be able to open the app and I was in. Now I get “user session expired. Please log on again. (401.1) every time I exit the app. Very frustrating to have to remember pw and log on every time you want to use the app. Fix the problem PLEASE.
  • Login 1/5

    By goodrg
    Since last update I have to login every time I use app. Will not save login information. The touch input does not work. iPhone 6s and iPad mini 2. Please fix. Makes it inconvenient to use, when it takes you 10 minutes to get back in the app.
  • Logging in all the time 1/5

    Need to fix the log in session expiring. Really annoying
  • Bad updates 3/5

    By Petersongregmd
    Ever since the most recent update to 1.13.0, the myChevy App will not open without requiring me to login again. The previous version did not require repeat logins. Will this bug be fixed in the next update?
  • Great app! 5/5

    By MoJoe28
    Hi Blake! I do like this app. I REALLY like the remote start feature and the ability to lock my doors again when I get paranoid that I forgot to do so. I’m still learning what all it can do so I don’t always think to look there. It came in handy when I had a tire losing air and someone else was driving - I could monitor the tire pressure. Thanks!
  • Won’t stay logged in 1/5

    By HisSvt2
    Paying onstar customers on three vehicles. Currently have a family member on a cross country trip and app crashes and logs out constantly. Uninstalled and reinstalled still fixes nothing.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Dom22850
    App worked great for the first month I owned my Bolt. Hasn’t worked since. Absolutely worthless.
  • New Version Login Issues 1/5

    By TBOSJ
    New Version makes me login to it each and every time I try to use it! Ugh. It takes what used to be a convenient service (remote start specifically), and makes it now extremely inconvenient to use. I used to be able to just launch it, tap a function button, it would recognize my FaceID and start my vehicle / unlock doors / etc. Please fix!!! I’ve used for years and rely on it every day. Useless to me now. 😞
  • Stay Logged In Feature is Broken 2/5

    By RndPrecision
    I have used this app a lot and it has been good until this last update. Now I have to login Every. Single. Time. In addition to that, the login screen isn’t friendly to us password manager users. The process for most apps is copy UserName from password manager, then Paste user ID in the app. Switch back to password manager to fetch the password. When you return the the MyChevrolet app, THE USERNAME WAS CLEARED. 😔 Please fix the login screen and persisted login.
  • Apple Watch feature 3/5

    By daynjo
    Nice app and good features - wish they were cheaper! One question though Is there a way to switch vehicles on the watch?
  • New version log on problems 2/5

    By Richard Snyder NC
    The current version will not let me stay logged in for more than 12 hrs? Was fine before the update
  • Does Not Work on Apple Watch 1/5

    By AZRed89
    The app has not worked on Apple Watch for months. I have the most recent updates of iOS and WatchOS. I always have the most recent app updates on both. Whenever I try to start the car or anything on the watch, I get the yellow working dots. Then, it acts like I never pressed the button. I get the red X frequently. I have maybe seen the green check mark for success twice while attempting to use. The myChevrolet remote works fine on my iPhone. Every option for starting the car, and locking the doors works on the iPhone app itself. However, nothing works on the Apple Watch version of the app. I am using a three year old iPhone 6 Plus, if that makes a difference.
  • Features do not work 1/5

    By Strmycee
    This app worked great until the OnStar service was disconnected. The OnStar rep told me that I could still use the remote start feature as well as the vehicle updates (tire pressure, oil level etc) even without having OnStar. That was not true. Once you cancel OnStar the app becomes useless. Don’t waste your time with this unless you are planning on keeping OnStar on your vehicle. Wish this would have worked after OnStar was disconnected, however, It’s just as easy to toggle through on your vehicles display for tire pressure, oil life etc than to install this app and then have to delete it 3 months later.
  • A good start to a nice app 3/5

    By Bill in Akron
    This app works fairly well on my iPhone. I use it in conjunction with my Bolt EV, so it is nice to be able to find charge locations and get a brief description of which charge network and plug type is available. The what-if route planning is also very handy to verify what destinations are within driving range. The navigation section of the app could some improvement. Setting the initial location and destination is not that easy, especially on a small screen. Better user prompts would help. Also strangely on a 2017 iPad, the app apparently can not auto update the parked location, though it can read vehicle status and lock/unlock doors, etc. This is a problem because the navigation feature won’t allow a route to be planned when the parked location is entered manually. Route planning does work OK on an iPone 6S where parked location is picked up automatically. The app runs only in portrait mode and on a large screen device like an iPad is just scaled up with huge text and buttons rather than better using the available screen real estate. I really would like to see the app perform better on the iPad which would make route planning a much better user experience.
  • Ads 1/5

    By ls1norcal
    Thanks a ton for the ads up the latest update. I thought the 150k worth of vehicles I bought from you was enough.
  • Constant crashing 1/5

    By zoomzoom3355
    Haven’t been able to open the app in weeks. Crashes immediately.
  • Must have onstar 1/5

    By Very pleased :-)
    In order to start the vehicle or access any vehicle information or connect to your vehicle in any way, you must have an OnStar subscription. The sales person who sold me my Silverado told me I did not have to have an Onstar subscription, but it turns out I do.
  • App not working 3/5

    By Rudygurl14
    I absolutely love the app but since I did the last update it’s not working keeps saying unable to locate vehicle and all my driving activity is not showing up help
  • 2018 Silverado 1500 1/5

    By BillD425
    Go to the app to “EXPLORE” my owners manual, but I am unable to do so . . . Keep getting the following message, “Content not available for your vehicle at this time.” Could someone tell me when that ‘content’ may become available? 2019?? 2020?? Aren’t the ‘19s being produced as we speak?? Why have an app that doesn’t work?? Oh yea, my preferred dealer keeps disappearing. I’ll add it, and it’s gone, again! What else . . . Vehicle Accessories. Select something on the list, and scroll upward (to see additional content below) and the same items keep repeating!! I’m sure that’s Everything!! Not!!! I’m just getting sick & tired of typing. Either fix it, or replace it. At this point, might be better to get a few middle-school kids write a better program and forget the original ever existed!
  • Last update... 2/5

    By billp003
    With the last update it constantly crashes. Didn’t know this till I went to unlock my car using the app after the gym. That was fun.
  • Was a pretty good ap 3/5

    By Xxdibxx
    And then they you had to go and populate it with ads. I would gladly give up $1.99 for no ads, but buying a $49,000.00 truck, I shouldn’t have to both pay for ad free or see advertisements. Please, for the love of all that is holy take the ads out.
  • App is horrible. 1/5

    By Higgsmurf
    App is really stupid. Apple limits the app to only 8 apps and the only GPS app is APPLE maps. This is apple trying to keep the competition out. Apple maps is horrible.
  • New update has ADs 1/5

    By DownFromTheSky27
    How do I opt out of receiving ads? Please advise. Thanks

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