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myFICO App

The official mobile app for users, featuring the FICO® Score, which is used by 90 of the top 100 largest U.S. financial institutions to make consumer credit decisions. View and monitor your FICO® Scores and full credit reports based on data from the three largest credit bureaus – Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. Monitor your identity and get notifications on your iPhone. Features: • FICO® Scores – Check your FICO Scores while on the go, including versions used in mortgage, auto and credit card lending • Insights – Learn how your credit history affects your FICO Scores • FICO Score Simulator – Explore how different actions could affect your FICO Scores • Alerts – Monitor your credit and identity, including optional push notifications • Reports – Instantly access your credit reports and credit data • Score History Graph – Track your FICO Score 8 over time • Credit Education – Explore videos and educational content to learn about credit and FICO Scores • Touch ID/Face ID support (Requires PIN Setup) • Check the rates you could get for mortgage and auto loans based on your FICO Score Certain features are available only with eligible myFICO subscriptions. Learn more at


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  • Not enough information 2/5

    By Saintwalker_9
    I hate this app because I’m paying so much money for so little information about my credit history/health. I don’t have contact numbers of my creditors. It tells me I have a new credit alert but don’t say much about from where or how much was removed or added.
  • No free option 1/5

    By Hot Shot Man
    I’ve been using credit karma for a while and have been happy with the way it immediately keeps you up to date on credit scores, but I’ve found that my FICO score is about 50 points higher than what credit karma shows because FICO is a more complete snapshot of your credit history. I get free FICO scores through my Discover card, but I was hoping for a more complete picture by going directly through FICO. Once I downloaded the app I found that there is no Free option to see your credit score. I don’t feel it necessary to spend hundreds of dollars a year, unless maybe I was buying a new house or something, but even then it seems unnecessary when you can get one free copy of your credit report each year directly from the provider(trans union experience etc). I feel the app is misleading by never mentioning that there is no free version. It only mentions that “some services” are only available with a subscription. I tried calling the 800 number but gave up after lengthy hold time. I don’t want to say this app is a scam, but it really doesn’t provide any value for service.
  • Love it!!!! 5/5

    By Ric0311
    Wife and I have used it to get our credit right in order to buy our dream home. We close 5th July. It’s good to know where you stand in the realm of credit. It’s empowering.
  • Staying updated 5/5

    By veteran4life
    I just recently started working on getting my credit rebuild and as soon as any changes occur, I’m notified.
  • One of the best apps ever!!! 5/5

    By Qtpie Bree
    It’s very accurate and I love the alerts!
  • Accuracy 5/5

    By CathrynWestchester
    The most accurate site by far in tracking your real credit scores in real time.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Angel 2232
    I love this app!!!! Check the scores all the alerts, I get all the notifications, is super organized and detailed! Love all the graphs Love it!!!!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Classy_te
    I love this app because I can easily keep up with my score
  • Way too expensive 1/5

    By Rrstl3
    I'm deleting the app due to the price. $30/year for the service seems acceptable, $30/month is excessive. There are no free options. In the App Store, the developer indicates “some features require a subscription”, but there are no free options. The credit bureaus collect and compile all the information we provide them for free, sometimes without our knowledge or permission. Otherwise, the app provided useful information.
  • Not Free👎🏽 1/5

    By Edawg134
    This app gives the appearance of being free as there is no fee to download as well as no mention of in app purchases! You will soon see that is not the case as the app is totally unusable without a monthly subscription! 🤬No thanks, I'll stick to Credit Karma, although not as accurate, it is good enough for my needs!!
  • Score updates 3/5

    By Viru11
    Scores need to update more frequently... all other apps update score weekly except MyFico
  • Stupid 1/5

    By the memo
    Why is it so expensive to view something that can be obtained for free? A one time fee perhaps, but monthly? Pass.
  • Not FAKOs 5/5

    By iascend
    Not FAKOs these are THE scores that lenders see and the algorithm is only too accurate
  • $$$ 2/5

    By Luce420
    Nothing is free. I get it, capitalism. However I still can’t get past the fact that we have to pay for our own personal information that basically determines all our financial decisions in our lives. I wouldn’t even mind a one time fee, but monthly fees are further perpetuating the disadvantages that low income people are already facing. A good credit score is so essential to a successful adulthood and it shouldn’t be so hard to obtain in, keep it, and access it.
  • Everyone needs this app 5/5

    By odell 3
    If you want to live a wealthy lifestyle download this app.
  • Moving on up 5/5

    By Rentman318
    Just love how they inform me on everything, knowing is power!!!
  • Should be free 1/5

    By SDcollegeguy
    Services like this should be free to everybody. These scoring models that have access to our social security numbers and financial history should be available to all individuals. Apps exploiting consumers for knowledge that should be free is the problem. Perhaps fewer people would be in debt if you didn't charge $29-$50+ dollars monthly for your service. Go to CreditKarma and save your money.

    FICO is an accurate source of your personal credit information.
  • Very informative 5/5

    By mab8640
    Most comprehensive info you can get on the web.
  • You need expensive subscription to use this 1/5

    By sirio11
    Why there is no info about the mandatory subscription, so we don’t waste our time downloading this.

    By Jonny thom
    Best app!! Real app. Real scores. Real awareness!
  • Grossly expensive! 1/5

    By 07662
    They should tell you how much this costs before you bother to download it! Prices range from $19.99 to $39.99 *per month!* Holy cow!!! With so many credit cards now giving you complimentary FICO scores, these prices are a disgusting shame. A lot of the reason we need to keep on top of our scores is because of the Experian Hack. They should be giving this app out for free! And you are entitled to a FREE credit report annually from each service, so I can’t figure why I would pay that kind of money each month for this app. I probably would have bought it if was that price per year, just for the convenience. I have decent credit which is probably why I get cards that give me my credit score for free. I actually wonder if this is aimed at poor people with bad credit, which makes their price gouging even more immoral in taking such terrible advantage of people when they are down and have fewer options. I immediately deleted this app once I saw the price gouging.
  • They leave out the $20-$60 MANDATORY purchase 1/5

    By nighteowl
    This company should list the In-App subscription or purchase that is necessary to use the app. Is it really too much to ask for these app companies to upfront and honest about their charges? Too bad we can’t give a zero rating.
  • Payment process fails. 2/5

    By dean myl
    Just fix the payment checout
  • App is very informative and easy to access 5/5

    By Always Beautiful!
    Feeling informed about my credit score has never been easier. Easy to dispute erroneous information. App was referred by a friend. Excellent tool.
  • The Real Deal 5/5

    By Rick40c
    Quick jacking around with sites that use vantage score That is worthless and not used by lenders. My Fico is the real scores and gives you accurate info.
  • Pepper 5/5

    By Pepper Curry
    I love FICO because the scores are pretty much spot on I’ve been able to refi my truck just because FICO keep me eager to increase my score daily.
  • $20 per month? 1/5

    By WhyT
    $20/mo is CHEAPEST version. Waste. Use Credit Karma and suffer the ads for credit cards for free..
  • Newest update reduced functionality 3/5

    By Doc_Rob
    This app’s features, layout and design were far better before the latest version, but it’s still s good app to track your credit information.
  • Very pleased 5/5

    By Entreprenuer Man
    This app and option while it costs $31 per month- it is very detail and much more accurate than the free CK option-
  • No longer working as of last update 2.5 1/5

    By Msmartinez125
    I loved this app as of two days ago. As soon as it was updated to 2.5 it no longer works. It allows me to sign in but has a permanent network error. Unable to connect to server please try again. If this isn’t fix soon. I will discontinue my membership. I like being able to see everything on the app and the real updates.
  • My Score 5/5

    By Ja'den jefferson
    Amazing App
  • Scam 1/5

    By Dustinst22
    They make it very hard to cancel. We had to call in, and they still billed us even after calling in and cancelling. They said they do t show any record of us calling so won’t take off the charge, true A/hole customer service. Called my cc company to get my $ back from these jerks. Beware
  • Great for Staying on top of your Credit 5/5

    By Kmb2ph1
    If your serious about your credit you need the right tools! I have the monthly plan and it gives me a full look at my credit from all angles at all times . A must have if you want to fix and monitor your credit changes .
  • Expensive 3/5

    By codyhernek
    I continue to pay through the nose for these official reports hoping to get some special insight on how to optimize my credit scores. I have had better luck with FREE sources.
  • I’ve been using MyFICO for many years. It’s very reliable. The notifications are great! 5/5

    By GJCLewis
    Easy to read. Easy to use. It sends notifications how you set it. Very dependable. Highly recommend this site!
  • Helpful real-time updates 5/5

    By eroutsis
    Helpful tracking your score on a daily basis.
  • Credit 5/5

    By Minhin
    Everyone has been raving about Now I can see why. They give you the latest data information on your credit report.
  • Very useful and expensive 4/5

    By Cfinney01
    The new updated app has a lot of info and very useful.
  • Great app, however 4/5

    By CT Train
    This app has been awesome, however it has been crashing the last week or so, can you please fix?
  • An absolute must have App! 5/5

    By Hubtime
    Anyone who cares about managing their credit should have this app... no question.
  • Version crashes on start 4/5

    By Deekity
    Unfortunately the last update causes a crash on start with my iPhone 6plus. App is unusable Edit: latest version fixed issue.
  • Almost there 2/5

    By SimCitySucks
    I actually like the app, however, since the update, I now have to re-enter email and password every time I log in.
  • Great Credit Monitor 5/5

    By Sir Big E
    Over the past two years, I have used this stay on top of my credit. This app was very critical in reestablishing my credit. My credit before the app was 667 and now it 787 Equifax, 776 TransUnion, and 771 Experian. I was able to identify errors or fraudulent issues immediately. Great Tool for reestablishing your credit.
  • Confusing 4/5

    By Fhhjfdeygfgkhfvcse
    The app will give me updates, but not changing my credit score.
  • Useful 5/5

    By Rubenmc5
    Great tool makes it very easy to make corrections on your credit reports.
  • The real deal 5/5

    By jcoombs21
    Unlike Credit Karma, these scores are real and are used by real credit agencies. I learned the hard way when I tried to get boat financing and got declined because my counted on my credit karma scores. Those scores were 15 points higher then my Fico score. When I saw my Fico scores on here they matched what the boat loan company had.
  • Bare Minimum 2/5

    By Five0hFour
    If you compare MyFICO as an app/service to Credit Karma you might think ok it’s fairly on par, but thats simply unacceptable if you actually think about it. CreditKarma manages to give every feature and more for free that MyFICO has for ludicrous prices, the only difference is the scores involved are FICO scores. They invest NONE of the money we pay for their services into having a top tier app/website, and that’s inexcusable, they should have the absolute best app/website. It gets worse though. I have what they call: FICO 3 Bereau Credit Monitoring They no longer offer this service it seems, its $20 a month and sits somewhere between their current $20 service and $30 a month service. I get monthly FICO score updates, for all 3 Bereau’s, but only for the single FICO score 8 scoring model, not the multitude included in others, and i get once yearly FICO credit report’s from all 3 Bereau’s that includes all the other scores etc. But the app and the data/tools within is almost 100% useless to me, i used to write to them monthly to let them know their app was broken, it took nearly a year to finally be explained to me that no, they deliberately set it up that way. My app data, the scores on all the charts and the ability to see what certain actions might do to your score is all useless because it uses data from 2014 in my case, because I’ve yet to redeem any of my yearly report’s, but still at best thats still once a year that the data in their app updates, instead of just updating it with the data I’m already getting monthly with my score updates. its absolutely ridiculous, it likely wont make sense to most of you, bottom line is they’re lazy and greedy, and apparently have zero shame. I’d not pay for monthly monitoring from them unless you have to for some reason, go with the free options available and just get a $60 3 Bereau report with FICO scores before applying for major credit app’s
  • Good, but room for improvement. 4/5

    By Kr33mator
    While this app gives accurate scores what doesn’t do is give you specifics as to what negative marks and from whom. This would be vastly helpful for those looking to clean up their credit. I seem to remember this feature being available a few years ago
  • Got Scores 5/5

    By Big Poppa Chris
    Great app. Gives me all three credit bureau and their different Fico scores for getting a loan, credit card, car, etc. Most business go off Fico scores so you won’t be surprised when other apps says you got a 750 but your Fico is a 680.

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