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  • Current Version: 0.8.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: MetroPCS
  • Compatibility: Android
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MyMetro App

This free application is used for MetroPCS customers to make changes to their account at their fingertips. Check your balance and due date, review your high speed data usage, make payments, change plans or features, and even reset your voicemail password. Just another way to take care of the simple things without making a call or standing in line.

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  • Quit 2/5

    By Not in Mexico
    App no longer works Been out for months iPhone 7 “Unable to load account “
  • App doesn’t even open correctly. 1/5

    By Kay Ray Renee
    Every time I try to open and run the app it gives me some error an tells me it can’t run the app. I’ve tried many things to get it to work and nothing has helped.
  • Metro app 1/5

    By 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼😷
    Poor service can never make my payment using the app, end up calling support and pay extra
  • Useless 1/5

    By Davintx
    Have/had the app to monitor or pay for service on a different phone/carrier but wont let me access my account cause not on metro network. Free space for my phone.
  • Horrid customer service 1/5

    By osmostix
    If you’re having difficulties it would be best to go to an actual store to resolve them. Four phone calls and chats that couldn’t get any more explicit, and the representatives still don’t understand what the issue is. Literally four hours trying to find a solution to my problem but to no avail.
  • Horrific app 1/5

    By que millyrock
    Every time I pay my phone bill it doesn’t load and crashes 99 % of the time, also doesn’t accept my valid debit card info and I’m seriously considering switching to Verizon or sprint.if I could rate this with zero stars I would
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Thechoedenkal
    Doesn’t work at all on my phone.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Gunreacher
    This app is garbage. Don’t say you accept AMEX as a form of payment if your app doesn’t recognize it as a valid form of payment. This frustrates me every month. It also keeps freezing but I think they do it on purpose because they charge you a fee if you pay at the store whether you use a card or cash. What a coincidence..
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By dildar799
    Why would you only allow this app to be used with data? When I pay for my phone I’m typically out of data by that time so the app doesn’t load. Why would you only allow this app to be used over data?
  • Needs improvement 1/5

    By ArticWolf™
    The apps feels just way to simple why can’t it be like the T-Mobile app?? The app is still buggy and it feels like you need to put more time into details and work more on it. Some thing are missing like being able to swap devices from the app or being able to see call log instead of going through the metro website. And why does the metro website has a better layout than the app like sometimes I prefer just to go through the website. Please work in the app more all you did was changed the icon and make it more light purple that’s not a real update. Looks like a kid did this app. Thanks!!
  • Wouldn’t accept card on file 2/5

    By Shellyleighbarrett
    Very annoying. I can’t even remember what I eventually ended up doing for this app to except payment. Hopefully the updates fix the problem.
  • >:( 1/5

    By i love fired chicken
    Ok so when I got this app about 5 months ago I needed to pay my bill and the people kEEp asking me for my password. Like wth is wrong with these people am a 11 years old I have a iPhone6s. And one more thing my WiFi keeps slowing when I payed my bill I rather go with T mobile because they don’t be annoying ok bye!
  • Got scam by a Corporate Metro Pcs store 1/5

    By New york456
    Went into a Metro PCs corporate store last week, and payed cash for a iPhone XS ended up getting over charged. I called the customer service number, and they just gave me the run around with only an address to write and make a complaint. Horrible customer service!!!
  • Don’t save a payment method 3/5

    By SonOfRicerX
    This app works most of the time for what I use it for. One to pay the bill every month. Two to check my data usage on my phone device and hotspot allowance. Three to add or remove services from my phone plan. However I have observed saving a payment method to my profile stops this app from working on my phone. All I get is an error message stating the service is not available. I fixed this error by logging into my account on the Metro website. Removed the save payment method from my profile. Uninstall app from my phone. Reboot my phone. Install app onto my phone. Reboot phone. Wait a few hours. Then the app starts working again. So I don’t save a payment method to my Metro profile. I like using the app too much to screw it up. Also Metro subscribers can pay the monthly bill using the MetroPCS website without incurring additional service fees if the app still doesn’t work. However logging into the website requires using two factor authentication. Whereas the app is a tap away. Entering my card data once per month is no big deal to me since the app is just useful enough to me to justify keeping it on my phone.
  • 😡 1/5

    By Teema1203
    It’s horrible. Seems like they have no intentions on correcting this apps malfunctions. I’m leaving metropcs
  • Fix It Jesus 2/5

    By swrujv
    App will not let me change my plan or load anything or pay my bill. Just needs a few bugs fixed
  • Why does it need sim? 2/5

    By MDeter67
    The app shouldn’t need the SIM card to work. I should just be able to sign into my account common people.
  • Works just about as well as every other app made by someone you owe money to 2/5

    Can pay bill but can’t change services or access customer support.
  • It does nothing... 1/5

    By subliminal_smash
    Can't pay my bill through the app, but try to every time because it's the only way it supposedly free... A year and I've not used it successfully once. Then I call the service to make a payment which does charge, the automated never works, I have to speak to someone and they can't run my card for no reason. I have to go to the store to pay it anyway, and now I have to pay the fee from using the phone service that didn't work and the store's fee... I give up, going somewhere else for monthly service that doesn't cut off at midnight. These phones are throw away...
  • App 5/5

    By 12 mg
    Works great.
  • Update app fix change rate plan 1/5

    By HoboLucky
    Please fix the app i cant change my rate plan keeps saying none available please fix
  • Limited Functionality 3/5

    By Trashcan Troubadour
    I’m able to use this to pay my bill, but that’s it. All the other features don’t work. I’ll give it three stars because it does handle the most important thing, but its lack of working features has led to more than one trip to a store, because forget about doing anything on the phone; it’s pretty much luck of the draw with that. All in all though, MetroPCS is basically OK for the money.
  • Meh 2/5

    By lizurdz
    The app sometimes does the basics of what you need it to do, but that explains the two stars. There’s so many errors all the time, I don’t have time to “try again later” because the app isn’t working.
  • Works fine for me. 5/5

    By Bird sigh
    I know there are a lot of bad reviews for this app but I’ve used it for about 2 years now to pay my bills and I haven’t had any trouble at all. I also really like the company and phone service they provide. They are easy people to work with and that’s my honest opinion.
  • Update available reminder 3/5

    By pbjbsb
    Keep getting update available reminder when I open My Metro app even though it has been updated. I have to close reminder each time I open app which is a pain. Glad to see My Metro app has finally been fixed. Thanks Metro.
  • Keeps saying an update is available when I’m on latest version! 2/5

    By bcjay16
    When I touch the download update button it just takes me to the App in the App Store but there’s no update. Also on the iPhone X series phones the bottom overlay is messed up.
  • No problems 5/5

    By Moni_81
    Been with metro for 10 years and never had a problem paying with the app. It’s so easy to use and store my debit card info so I don’t have to type it every time.
  • Buggy 1/5

    By Sweet_kisses77
    Keeps saying there is an update but there isn’t
  • Fix this app 1/5

    By niksky35
    Metro is now metro by T-mobile that should mean something to ppl I’ve tried for two hours to set up auto pay only for the information to not be uploaded to their server so I now have to be on the phone on hold trying to fix this error with a rep Come on ppl do better
  • Update 1/5

    By bdjdkxkenshisjf
    Why does it say it’s an update available and I can’t update
  • Update 2/5

    By mmiakce
    Seriously messed up. Nothing new on app except constant notification of update available. Oh, and a new icon on my home screen.
  • Bull sheet app 1/5

    By tandelnimesh
    Sorry We’re unable to load your account information at this time(I willing say everytime) I m trying to open the app since 16feb Still I’m looking this msg I needed to go to store for only payment What a bullsheet app

    By JenPryceee
    It’s not letting me in the app anymore it’s asking for my 8 digit password I put it in it says error
  • App has problem connecting 1/5

    By Yilikal
    App error message states no internet connection. All other apps work fine. Fix this problem please.
  • No funciona 1/5

    By mier m.
    Esta actualización no funciona me pide mi código y me dice que es un error tengo 13 años con el mismo código 😡
  • No problems with the app for me!!🙌🏾🙌🏾 4/5

    By Queen Shugah
    I see a lot of negative reviews about the app and not 1 time have I had any trouble. Matter of fact I love the app it is so convenient and I don’t have to go into the store and pay.
  • Very basic 2/5

    By bradjmcm
    This app is only good to pay bill. Very basic generic information. Wish it broke down phone usage individually when more than one phone so you can track children’s use. Other carriers have many abilities on their app, other than what you owe.
  • App Store is not working correctly? 1/5

    By T Trehan
    I love this app and it’s very convenient! The problem is with the App Store not displaying updates when they come out 🤨
  • update not working 3/5

    By cruz moreno sanchez
    this app is constantly asking for update but im unable to do so
  • False App Updates 3/5

    By Rumpelman
    Every time I open app, it says there’s an update, but there’s no update available in App Store.
  • More to be desired 1/5

    By Carlyle Wilson
    The UI for this app it off and images and things overlap each other. It’s not very responsive as an app. This app feels like it is stuck in 2005 instead of 2019.
  • Tells me I have an update 4/5

    By The Real Gumpzilla
    It tells me there is an update to the app but when I go to the App Store it says “Open.”
  • Can’t even use the app. 1/5

    By thatguymeegs
    App says I need an update but when go to the app store there isn’t one i can download. The app is unusable and I cant pay my bill online so I have to go in and pay an extra charge for doing it in the store. Very displeased.
  • Update 3/5

    By Jourdyn95
    Not able to download the new update. Frustrating.
  • elmachetero 5/5

    By elmachetero36
    great app,i pay my bill there no issues
  • Metro app update 5/5

    By perezjc
    The app is trying to update itself but it is unsuccessful. Please find a solution for this error.
  • Metro customer 5/5

    By paige6631
    Works great for me 👍🏾
  • Update 3/5

    By kila01.
    Keeps telling me to update app. But app doesn't let it be updated🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
  • Love metro pcs 5/5

    By Bigthickness
    But They need too be like boostmobile if you pay on 2 than that when bill due. I pay $40 sallows a month & data gos fast,when I was with boost never did that. Love the service my phone works everywhere I go. Think metro should work on that alil

MyMetro app comments

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