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  • Current Version: 0.4.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: MetroPCS
  • Compatibility: Android
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MyMetro App

This free application is used for MetroPCS customers to make changes to their account at their fingertips. Check your balance and due date, review your high speed data usage, make payments, change plans or features, and even reset your voicemail password. Just another way to take care of the simple things without making a call or standing in line.

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MyMetro app reviews

  • Doesn’t take any payments 1/5

    By pi_leal
    Several people have problems trying to pay the bill and they still don’t fix it...
  • Basura 1/5

    By pc sheet
    Hablan de internet ilimitado Pero cuando se acerca la fecha de pago o pasa de 30. GB Se pone lento entonces no es ilimitado no mientan
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Y U DUTHT
    I cant believe just cuz i passed the 35 gig limit once they slowed my internet down, i find it dumb because id understand if i go over the 35 each month then go ahead but just for one time dang its really slow
  • Don’t waste your time and money 1/5

    By change carrier
    This app is as bad as their service. When i tried to contact the customer service and tell them that they are losing customers for some reasons, they said “that would be perfect” so i guess even their employers don’t like being there. Ha ha
  • Metro si k es mala 1/5

    By scarlenbaez
    La aplicación mas mala me cobró un pago tres veces sin decirme número de confirmación 😡😡😡
  • Malisima 1/5

    By isabelllm17
    Por dificultades con la nueva versión. Me tienen dos días sin teléfono. Mal funcionamiento y resulta que se bloquea el pago.
  • Stupid aap 1/5

    By pct anwar
    Very bad aap but used to work well in android
  • This app doesn’t work. 1/5

    By Donnie Dude
    This app doesn’t work and there is no other way to put it. “It works sometimes” isn’t a reasonable answer from Metro either
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By DakuX69
    Works great on my iPhone, it’s truly convenient to have when you need to make a payment or change your data plan on the fly. It can also allow you to ask for an extension if you’re a bit late on your payment!
  • Great App 5/5

    By mlm32533
    This is the best wireless company app EVER! I can easily see and select main things I want to see in my account. This is how all wireless companies' account apps should be!
  • This app is crap! 1/5

    By Yelhsa...
    I swear all the 5 ⭐️ reviews I have read are fake or something. This app has only worked once since I have had metro pcs. When I’m on WiFi it tells me to temp. disconnect so they can connect to the metro network or some crap and it goes through this little connecting thing. I get the first little ✔️ and then next I get an ❌ because they can’t verify metros network or some BS! I have updated, uninstalled, reinstalled. The app is just useless. I’m two shakes from switching service! (And P.S. to the person who said it must be our internet, I have full service so if it is my internet then it’s also metros fault for having faulty data)
  • Never worked! 1/5

    By Definetely the best
    Waited for 10/15 minute, but the circling wait time never went away. It continues to ask Turn Off WiFi calling which was already off!

    By nova sinclair
    they tell you at the store & on tha phone that this app will save you money by not changing you the standard 2$ differents. stores charge you 3-5$ depending where,,, And over the phone 2-3$ at the end of the day no matter how they word it or spin it. This app is totally useless you get the Same information on you phone and the app still charges. No matter what. It’s a waste of space. Or it’s all in your head how ever you want to prosecute it or not
  • SLOW AS H... 1/5

    By Mert.1995
    The slowest app Ive ever seen. I cant get a simple transaction done less than 3 times of renewing the page because its just toooo slow and then it shows me what I want. It has nothing to do with my connection because I did have good internet connection already... 11/02/2018 Internet hotspot balance went was used 70 percent which means I had almost about 1.5 gb internet and it just drained in 5 mins. You du.. as. metro piece of s...
  • Sobre el cel 2/5

    By cruzri
    No me deja hacer pagos ni darle una actualización
  • Refuses To Accept My Valid Bank Card! 1/5

    By Todd Camack
    For months I’ve been unable to use the app to pay my bill with my Wells Fargo debit card without getting a “card not valid” message. The card works fine if I have to go to a Metro retailer to pay, with a fee attached, of course. Unacceptable!

    By simplyjazs
    This app really helps remind me when I need to pay my bill and it’s very easy to make any changes, whenever my bill gets cut I still get like 2 free days of service but only if I use the app that’s very convenient because I can use that free service for a day or 2 until I’m able to go into a metro PCs store and pay my bill. My only concern with this app is NONE, no concern 🤗
  • That was incredible 5/5

    By Dinoraptor101
    That was incredible the system automatically logged me in once I downloaded the app!
  • App 1/5

    By Nbaker19
    I thought this app was supposed to be a big update sense Metro is with T-Mobile now. Is there a reason it hasn’t updated yet ???
  • Not working 1/5

    By shar. wils
    I was really hoping that this would work due to me switching phones. App doesn’t work
  • Not working 1/5

    By Bennybop68
    When I signed up, I added my nickname as a security answer, I put in a PIN number, and even when I try to log on from my pc, metro does not recognise me. I set up a pin and used my nickname and it says they are wrong. These issues are more than bugs, they are annoying.
  • Review app payments method/steps 4/5

    By Ajaque7219
    Before your website was upgraded, I was able to pay another account monthly payment but I am unable to now. I make payments on my phone to avoid service fee charge. Please look into this complaint ASAP.
  • Not a scam 5/5

    By Hblrspokesman of nj
    For whoever wrote what a scam I’ve been with metro by t mobile for 8 years so I never had an issue with the myMetro app I always submit my payment and it automatically goes in!
  • Was this app made in 2009? 1/5

    By dissapointed9876789
    Wow. My session was timed out 3 times while i was in a chat with 3 different customer service reps. Way to waste 30 minutes of my time. You literally have to keep your screen moving the whole time you're in the chat with the rep because if your phone screen shuts off due to inactivity, you get kicked OUT OF THE CHAT. And the third time, it just timed me out bc i was on the app for too long!!! Omg how frustrating. It doesn’t ask you if you're still busy or using the app, just decides to lock you out. Just a really annoying app overall. I also can’t see what my past history payments are. You click on the payments tab and it just immediately asks you to pay what you owe. 1 star.
  • Garbage Company, Garbage App 1/5

    By F*k Metro
    All I want to do is pay my bill. It should take less than a painless minute. App won’t work, won’t update, won’t do anything to help. Plus, if I go on my laptop the website can’t process my login info. And, if I don’t pay on time, Metro deletes my online profile and forces me to show up at a physical location to pay. I hate this company, they’re minor league and just trash when it comes to support and technical capabilities. Screw this app, screw this company.
  • SO EASY TO USE! 5/5

    By jcjujusan
    I can see my data usage, pay my bill and even chat with someone about my bill. SO EASY TO USE...LIKE COME ON! GET WITH THE PROGRAM.
  • Useless app! 1/5

    Never works on my iPhone.Grrrr!
  • App wording rude how about thank you for your payment by 3/5

    By crap send review no name
    I find the wording of this out very rude every month I pay my bill and every month the first thing I see when I open this app is if you don’t pay by your account will be suspended I don’t need to see that first thing when I open this app well aware MetroPCS will catch you right off the first second you don’t pay right when they think you should
  • So bad 3/5

    By shafikmohamed
    Why is the update need payment
  • Yeah finally!! 5/5

    By tekis
    This app is just what I needed! I’m on the $60 a month plan with the 10gb hotspot. Now I know just how much data I'm using. I used to wonder when I was going to run over and get penalized. I love having a hotspot for my iPad. Thank-you for this!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By JFR43
    When I desperately want to give them money, they make it impossible! It keeps asking me for my password, even though the app is on the phone with the registered phone number! It has a “call MetroPCS” button, which gets a “no such number” message! What is wrong with these people?
  • Update now 1/5

    By Geo_2010
    This app needs to be updated like the android version
  • Handy 3/5

    By StudstarJpt
    It’s handy when it wants to work. Every now and then the app craps out , and won’t make payments.
  • Pathetic 1/5

    By gifigal
  • Great service! Great Price! 5/5

    By Selah7777
    Great service for a great price! Cut my Verizon payment in half!
  • The update is terrible 1/5

    By Mike-225225
  • Pathetic App 1/5

    By drjose74
    Doesn’t work on iPhone X anymore.
  • Works great 5/5

    By shaneoriginal
  • Amr albadaani 5/5

    By Amralbadaani
    هذه أقوى شبكة اتصالات وأفضل برنامج انه يوضح لك كل شي عن حسابك شكرًا
  • Horrible 1/5

    By jordan_.1995
    Horrible app lost or errors that never got fixed there not listening to there reviews
  • Phone device 5/5

    By Cellphonemankp
    Metro pcs is a good service to have , I had no trouble with PCs . Thank you for service .
  • Worthless really 1/5

    By BJSawyer
    The app is pretty useless but then again the website isn't any better. I've tried numerous times to enroll in autopsy but they just won't allow it. Not sure why. The wireless service is fine, but I'll probably switch carriers because I have to manually make a payment every month. It's just second rate customer service all around.
  • App errorssucgafterljj 1/5

    By ggtdiufbugg
    App will not let you pay most of the time there’s a error
  • Not bad but not great 4/5

    By Hellurs
    Wont allow me to verify my email address. I used to pay on their website and itll send me a confirmation to my email but using the app it hasnt sent me a confirmation at all.
  • Didn’t work App 1 star MetroPCS 4 star 1/5

    By Jestar irongate
    I downloaded the app to view my account info, pay etc. I was not able to access the app due to an error. I am new customer to metro pcs but not to apps or service. After reading all the complaints about the app I decided to pay directly through website to avoid the in store charges. From experience with other carriers I usually only do business with “corporate” stores instead of “authorized retailer/seller”. The non corporate store have their own fees and charges, etc plus if you purchase any metro pcs items they may not honor the warranty or exchange due to store being independent authorized reseller and didn’t make the profit off the initial sale. Service is fair and that is dependent on where you need the service. Some areas only get ATT, or Verizon, Sprint. T-Mobile towers are good if they cover your area. I like the simple billing and all fees included price and no contract. I buy my phones unlocked from Apple so I can literally take my phones to any provider Verizon, ATT, Sprint. (ATT and T-Mobile use same technology on phone service so if your phone is unlocked it can be used between those two device by changing SIM card).
  • Metro pcs! 👎🏼👎🏼 1/5

    By La jevi
    The internet is so 🤬 slowly ! 👎🏼 I don’t recommend it!
  • Internet malo 1/5

    By spark spanish
    Metropcs es malo el internet en mi teléfono
  • Great on the budget 5/5

    By PomBomLob
    Metro Pcs is great when you’re in the process of switching main carriers and keep your number still.
  • No Problems 5/5

    By pkmills
    I’ve been an off and on customer for years and have always paid my bill with this app with no problems at all. Convenient to use, stores my card info so I don’t need to renter the info each payment. Completely satisfied,

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