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  • Current Version: 3.2
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MyMoodTracker App

Best Health App 2011 - 2nd Place - The perfect companion for tracking your moods and emotions, and everything else that can affect how you feel. The fun yet powerful design will help you understand what causes your emotions to change, and get you on the path to feeling good. Features: - Track mood and emotional state throughout the day - Track many items to see how they affect your mood, including sleep, exercise, medication, menstrual cycles, stress, pain, energy and stimulants - Take notes for more detail - Comprehensive reminder system, no more gaps in your history - Protect your data with a 4 digit PIN - Online backup/restore - Easily back-enter data for other days - Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly charts of everything you've entered - Full history log - Export history to email/spreadsheet - Full developer support. If you want something added, we'll do our best to accommodate. Keeping track of how you are feeling is an important step in improving your mental health and well being. If you want to work towards feeling better each day, MyMoodTracker can help get you there.

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  • Great App. 5/5

    By Ohiobay
    I use this app many times a day to track my moods.It has really helped me.The one thing I would like is more mood choices and to be able to put my own mood selection down.Thanks for making this app.
  • Great but needs update 4/5

    By Melissa.Marris
    Hey! I love this app so much and it is so helpful in my depression management. Just wish it would have some updates soon, worried the developers are going to forget about it. Wish there was a better way to share with my therapist. The excel sheet doesn’t give the same visual. Other than that I take screenshots of the entries so she can see them with the symbol, rating, and description. And the graph would be super helpful to be able to share. Love this app. Thank you!!
  • Very satisfied. 4/5

    By Bill1954
    I’ve been keeping track of my moods for over a year and a half with this app, and it is very good at showing me what an “effed” up life I’ve been living! My one suggestion would be to add a few more emoticons. I suffer from extremely deep depression, and something like a suicidal one would be a good addition. Maybe another one for lonely, and another one for unloved.
  • Best mood app I’ve ever used 5/5

    By sing4truth
    This app is incredible. I wish they had more face emojis to better depict emotions but I bet they’ll get there. Very easy to use.
  • Flexible, customizable 5/5

    By Paul YDD
    Wide range of options as to what aspects & activities you want to track. Many different options are built in; some of them can be customized; plus a free-text field is available.
  • This is easy & comprehensive! 5/5

    By n2neee
    I like the reminders and ease of use as well as all the little buttons to track my day, medications, etc! I’ve been using this to help my therapist get a sense of my patterns. Thank you I hope you can make a function for the iwatch
  • Perfect mood tracking app for me 5/5

    By Pajamaphile
    Tracks mood AND energy AND stress separately. Only thing I would add is meditation tracking, but I can add it as an exercise. I've tried quite a few mood tracking apps and this one is the most convenient.
  • Great app 4/5

    By Haley.S
    Works great, however there appears to be a bug that prevents you from turning on and off certain display options
  • Buggy 5/5

    By white ajah
    This app is almost perfect... it hasn't been updated in a few years and is getting a little buggy. The latest bug prevents you from being able to change settings. It's a little annoying. (Also crashes sometimes)
  • Excellent App 5/5

    By CarynLiz
    This app is perfect for managing my bipolar disorder and aiding me in long-term remission. It's possible for lifetime remission of these diseases, but they must be maintained much like Type 1 diabetes. This app is EXTREMELY instrumental in helping routine management, sleep schedule and noting mood levels, ensuring that micro-corrections can be detected and accounted for looooong before any noticeable effects to home, relationships, career, or overall health come into play. Beats pen and paper. Easy to use. The reminders are great. Logs are easy to manage with healthcare team. This app has become an essential tool to ensure that my remission is longterm. Thanks.
  • Excellent good for bipolar 5/5

    By Toofaboy
    This does pretty much everything that a bipolar person needs in a tracking app. You can show mood via a wide range of emoticons and a 1 - 10 number. This is important, because apps that give you 2 or 3 choices for mood are ridiculous; they’re simplistic rather than simple. Nobody’s moods can be captured that minimally. It’s easy to enter sleep hours, including multiple periods of sleep in one day, and automatically calculates elapsed sleep times from clock times you enter. Exercise tracking is flexible, as are other factors, like exercise. For almost everything you can enter and review free-form notes. Everything is joined in a single log. The graph that shows all this stuff is rather cryptic, but I find that the log works fine. I’m taking the app to my psych appointments,
  • Love! 5/5

    By Bamaalice
    This app has everything I need to keep track of my moods and the things that affect them. It's great for me to show my therapist and psychiatrist the trends in my moods.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By trevorphysics
    This is such a great tool for anyone with a mood disorder. With the wide range of things to track, it pains a clear picture that can help yourself and you doctor. So far, this is the best mood tracked I've found.
  • Excellent, no-hassle tool to log mental health 5/5

    By MittenKitten74
    This app is incredible. Sure, it's easy-to-use, it has a polished interface, and it exports your history, but ...wait! Did you read all that? Look at all it does! Plus, it provides you with reminders so you remember to record your mood AND it allows for customization based on your moods. As someone who has bipolar disorder, I find using the reports very helpful when talking with my doctor.
  • Not worth it 2/5

    By Nick56565
    I want my money back
  • Changed my life! 5/5

    By WendyGrace
    I used to carry several logs to my Dr. and now I have this app with a nifty graph! I think they should have named this app. "My Life Tracker." My only wish is it had a weight and food tracker so I could have it all in one place! This app has potentially saved my life. I forget my meds (pain messes with my short term memory). If I can't remember of I told something or I think I did, I look at this app. I even figured out much of my insomnia & evening anxiety was from drinking caffeine after 7 pm! I would not have believed it if I had not seen my graph! THANK YOU for this app!!! I love it!
  • Works 5/5

    By TheRealWallStreet
    I think this app changed my life Thanks! Love
  • Really liked it! 4/5

    By Lauraleesef
    Great product, with there was more emotions though...
  • A little hard to navigate possibly user error 3/5

    With the medication logs I haven't figure out how to enter decimals in mg. been helpful for tracking and will keep with it!
  • Great app! 5/5

    By ExtracrackedRN
    Very useful to track my mood, sleep, stress. Works great!
  • Definitely the best mood tracking app out there! 5/5

    By Amberleigh Paisley
    I've been using this app since 2010... On the whole I've loved it, They have worked a lot of kinks out now. I really love using it with Siri!
  • Incredible 5/5

    By Jane A Janey
    I take many different medicines and work odd schedules, so I can never tell what my body is going through or why. This is a lovely app that has helped me keep track of it all.
  • I love this tool and its quick to use but not enough 4/5

    By spiralcaldera
    I love this tool and its quick to use but needs to be quicker! There needs to be an option to have it automatically fill in daily meds and an option to tap if you happen to miss one. I can't keep up with entering 4 meds a day. But this app does exactly what I need and is an exemplary tool for a patient and his/her caregiver! Can u print the report or email it to your therapist?
  • A Good App 4/5

    By Northforkmom
    This app is very simple for those who want to track their mood, but don't have a lot of time. They have many choices to choose from, but for me I need more. I really like this app, but I wish they had even more mood choices.
  • It's a good app 4/5

    By Purple Shamrock Collector
    I like this ap an recommend it to ppl in counseling.
  • Perfect 5/5

    By Helena's Furie
    The right mix between programming and customization. Love the ability to export!
  • Woohoo! 4/5

    By Angel the Reporter
    Not only did the problems get fixed, but the developer is really nice and listens to suggestions! I can't wait for the next update... GREAT way to track how you're doing. I'm always having swings and need to show the docs what's going on. This not only gives a graphic to show me trends, but the journal allows me to show them the specifics (why do I feel the way I do today/right now...what just happened to change my mood?) which helps when you don't live with a therapist. :-) Highly recommended for anyone who needs to pay attention to how their medications make them feel, how their recreational drug/alcohol use affects you. MMJ patient? Log it, log you pain/illness issues, track them and then you have real data. :-)
  • Useful & stable 5/5

    By Yeledov
    I've tried other mood trackers but this one is the best I've found. The reminder feature helps to track my mood throughout the day. The med tracker is a great addition. I'm finding it connections between mood and time that I don't know if I would have caught before.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By 735258942
    Love it!
  • Faithful user 5/5

    By Brit Rock Music Junkie
    I've been a faithful user of this app for over a year. Its user friendly and covers everything i want to track. I have adult ADHD and find this very helpful in tracking my mood, energy levels, sleep, and stress levels. I can easily see the correlation between my medication and my mood which is helpful in determining the right medication and optimal dosage. I love the visual graph reports. Helpful when reporting my moods to my therapist. To top it off, the interface is visually appealing. The 2 times I've ever had a question, the developer responded the same day! No complaints about this app, except that there are some bugs with this latest update. The developer assured me that he has fixed the issue, but is waiting for Apple to approve the changes. He expects the update to be available in a week or so. There have NEVER been any other issues since I've had this app. Very good track record. Don't let this deter you from buying the app!!! It's great!
  • Handy App! 4/5

    By Silverbolt50
    I like how the new version prompts me to log mood multiple times. I like being able to keep notes. 4 out of 5 only because it lacks export function. Great sleep/mood chart. Ability to quickly log mood is great for distractable people like myself. Great tool for bipolar users! Update: this app has stopped working since the new year 2013. Needs a patch in the notes system.
  • Pretty cool, should be free 3/5

    By Klight317
    The application i use every day. It's great if you want to keep track of moods, pain, stress, medications etc. I don't think you should have to pay for it though because there really isn't much to it. For the money I would have expected more. 3 stars is good as it gets.
  • Consistently good...until this latest version 4/5

    By midgetmafiosa
    I've had this app for about two years and have been very happy with it. It's been multi-functioning and glitch-free until about 11/12, when it started acting up, doing things like not clearing the last mood entry before locking the screen, and not allowing me to notate details about moods. I hope they fix these in the next update, because it really is a great tracker.
  • Overall a great app, but some features desperately need improvement 4/5

    By julianapw
    This is a great app that allows you to chart so many things in one place (mood, sleep, meds, exercise, menstrual cycle, etc.) - and add notes for each. Have several different ways I can see these (chart form, list if entries that also shows notes). My big complaint though, which I have to knock a star off for (and would probably make me take 1.5 stars off if I could) are the functions like energy and pain. These are SUCH useful things to be able to track, however the way they are setup make absolutely no sense and effectively make them useless. Why? Because there are no start or end dates for these things. Once you enter them, they show on the chart as constantly being there in the past (forget if this continues into the present). If I want to input being sick, I can't put a staff AND end date, which is ridiculous - I haven't had the flu for my entire life up till now!! This essentially renders them useless. This has been the case for a long time and when I emailed the creators they responded very quickly, which was great, and acknowledged what I was saying ... though they still haven't changed it. Really wish they would!! I would probably rate if 4.5 stars then.
  • Very Useful App! 4/5

    By garyemc2
    This app has a lot of features to track many aspects of your daily life. I've used it for at least 6 months now and find it very useful. I especially like the amount of information that can be tracked, the graphs, and the automated backup function. I have no problem recommending this app.
  • Just what I needed 5/5

    By ShadyKillar
    Thank you. A bit pricy but worth the money.
  • Putting the fun in dysfunctional! 4/5

    By AmorOmniaVincit
    This little app is very easy to use, and it allows you to track a wide range of variables. The interface is intuitive, the graphics are nice, and the customization is extensive. This app allows you to record your variables as often as you'd like in a day, which is very useful for those who are looking at rapid cycling of moods or pain. Some improvements I would like to see include more nuanced menstruation notes. I understand most developers are male, but let's make a bit of an effort to realize women's bodies aren't as simple as on-off switches for menstruation! (I would be happy to offer further insight if desired, developers!) In addition, I have not found a way to 'turn off' pain, so that a lack of entries ends up indicating pain the whole time. If I enter a headache of 8 one day, and 6 two days later, it didn't mean I had only a slightly decreasing headache for two days. These are just fine-tuning points on an already fantastic app. Highly recommended!
  • Awesome!! 4/5

    By Sonance1232000
    Wish there was a way too see how my diet/ intake affects my mood. Is there a way to do this??
  • A data trackers dream come true :) 5/5

    By Recoveringforgetter
    Love it.
  • Great! 5/5

    By LeviYona
    This is a wonderful app. The longer you track the easier it is to discover the cause and effect in your moods. It is a must have for anyone working to understand and control mood disorders.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By 9411Jess
    There are so many things this app can help you keep track of!
  • Great app for tracking stuff 4/5

    By Jankjo
    I use this app for tracking pain. It works well. The only problem I have found is that I like to use the chart view of history to see how an item has varied over time. In the line graph for some reason zeros are not plotted. This is very annoying. It would also be nice to have one user customizable entry.
  • Best I've found for tracking 5/5

    By Abbyknitz
    It's not perfect but it's very good for tracking moods and reminding me to track. I wish you could add several moods to the mood "library" as the range is incomplete. The interface is a bit confusing.
  • Great tracking app 5/5

    By TallieRD
    Using this app to track my bipolar trends. Has been very helpful so long as I remember to track a few times a day. If remembering is a problem there is a reminders feature. Highly recommend this.
  • I like it a lot 4/5

    By Goodwoman
    Wish I was easier to track mania/depression but its great for general mood and other things
  • Good 3/5

    By DeeCutshall
    On the right track but still needs some work.
  • Very useful 4/5

    By Crazy Annie
    Use it every day, multiple times a day to track my mood and journal. Is easy and quick to use, and it's nice to see things charted for patterns. Like previous reviewers, I'd like more emoticon options and/or the ability to clarify emoticon meaning by instance (kind of like how stimulants are handled). Also agree with the reviewer who pointed out how useful it would be to have graphs in landscape mode. I'm glad I bought this app and hope it will grow even more useful, if developers respond to customer feedback as they claim.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Syddie099
    Love this app! Use it every day. Easy way to keep up with mood and meds plus it's a great diary!
  • good reporting tool 4/5

    By -hmmmm
    this app tracks a lot of daily aspects and it is helpful to be able to go back to see what was going on at a given time - especially when using notes. like other reviewers, I would like to have the capability to monitor food intake- even if it is simple.