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MYmta App

Our new all-in-one App for Subways, Buses, and LIRR and Metro-North trains gives you everything you need to optimize your travels: - Personalized Trip Planning - Planned and Unplanned Service Change Information - Real-time Arrivals & Schedules - Find Nearby Stations & Stops with the Click of a Button - Live Tracking of Bus Locations on Both a Line Map and Geographic Map; Know Instantly How Many Stops and Minutes Away Your Bus Is - Add Favorites to Allow for One-Click Views of the Information Most Important to You - Personalized Text and Email Alerts The New York MTA is proud to present our customers with MYmta, an app designed for our customers based upon feedback directly from our customers. Tell us about the features you want, the data you need, and how you want to receive it! MYmta provides a personalized experience across all transit services for daily commuters and tourists alike! It is a great tool for optimizing all your New York Metro transportation needs.

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  • Notification Center 2/5

    By BPed
    To be useful this app needs train/bus/line specific notifications. I don’t want an email or a text. I want a push notification telling me the N train is experiencing delays and I don’t want to hear about any delays on the 2 train.
  • Bus stops error? Fix it please. 2/5

    By gneoal
    So the Q27 and Q17’s starting station qt Flushing are in the same roadside (with two different stops), but I can only track the departure or arrival time of Q17 even though I added Q27 in my favorite rather than Q17.
  • i like it but 3/5

    By foresstfirre
    i think the fancy graphics just makes the app load slower. also when viewing the map, there should be a button i can press to zoom in closer to where my location on the map is so i can easily click on bus stops that are close to me
  • Suggestions 3/5

    By JeffONYC
    Remove the initial animation, not needed, and a waste of seconds. Make a “MAPS” button on the opening page. It takes just too long when opening the app to get to the subway map. 1-animation 2-click on hamburger icon 3-click in MAPS option 4-click on the map you want Or From the opening screen: Click Subway THEN have a MAP option there. When the subway or bus is pulling in, and you have just a few seconds to check this app, every second counts
  • Crashes my phone 1/5

    By Droppin NYC
    Every time I open this app my iPhone 6 crashes and closes the app after 10-15 seconds without fail. Guess I'll stick with Transit.

    By Ash cash1982
  • Doesn’t provide up-to-date info 1/5

    By lg..09
    I checked my train time multiple times on this app because there have been schedule changes and rail work so many trains have been cancelled. The app had my train operating on time... I get to the station and the train was cancelled and replaced with a bus. The app did not state that so I went to the LIRR website where it said there is a bus replacement for that train. Other times it says there is a bus replacement when the train arrives. Not trustworthy, I will be sticking with the “onTime” app.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By Andydh829
    Crashes on me all the time, but the worst part by far is the very inaccurate train timetables. When it has the time for an arriving train, most of the time I’ll arrive at the station a minute or two before the time the app says, but the train would already be gone leaving me an even longer wait time than I would’ve otherwise had. This is particular frustrating on my way to work, because my train runs only every 10 minutes during rush hour. What’s the point of having the train timer if it’s going to be that inaccurate? Just like the MTA itself, this app is horribly bad.
  • How to use??? 1/5

    By Peter-P.
    No a good app. Can not find my connection but a lot of useless stuff! Delete it right away.
  • Cam muter 5/5

    By cam Muter
    I am liking the updates to this app especially the bus tracking and eTix. I ride buses a lot more than doing the subway thing, so this makes it more useful for me.
  • Useful and getting better and better 5/5

    By metronorther
    I love the complain about the MTA so it means a lot when I say this app is very, very useful and getting better all the time. I love the bus tracking in nearby - before I had this app I never rode buses because I didn’t know where they went. Now I can. Also love links to eTix - I am metro north rider and use it all the time. So bravo MTA. You did something very right.
  • Oh well 1/5

    By hdyfiufufigi
    I was excited to try it but I could have even begin. The app is so glitchy that I was kicked out of it when I tried to use it. Immediately after installing it, I had to delete it. It just doesn’t work. :/
  • Ridiculous app 1/5

    By tazopolis
    What a frustrating illogical app. Such a pain to use. I deleted and am back to using my older Transit app.
  • Too difficult to use 1/5

    By windyrec
    Complicated to figure out. Too much information and not enough quick access.
  • Buses never on time 1/5

    By tdn2019
    Why are the times on this app not always what’s actually happening? Waiting 15 extra minutes on a bus is not a good look
  • Not terrible 3/5

    By JoeMitchell79
    It seems like being able to actually download the transit maps instead of having to load them from cellular EVERY time would be an obvious feature. I can’t imagine they change that often and refreshing them shouldn’t take long even if they did. A blurry map when you don’t have service is pretty much worthless.
  • HORRIBLE. Avoid this app. 1/5

    By mschultz
    DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS APP. There are more ONE STAR reviews for this app than the others. There is obviously a reason for those ONE STAR ratings. I’d give this app ZERO STARS if I could. This app tries to be all things to all people, and of course, IT FAILS MISERABLY. The user interface is a jumbled, confusing mess of pure frustration. And what’s worse, it’s clear that the designers and developers of this app don’t actually use it for commuting in NYC. EVER. If they did, they’d immediately understand how USELESS it actually is. It’s utter and extreme uselessness incites an intense commuter rage that will have you wanting to hurl your iPhone against the nearest wall. It literally does nothing well. NOTHING. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS APP. Really.
  • Doesn’t work without a connection! 1/5

    By Nickger
    This app doesn’t work well underground! e.g. In the subways!!!! Even the static maps of the subway system don’t load without a mobile connection! Some people might find the train alerts useful, but it doesn’t offset the uselessness of the rest of the app. Might be more useful for frequent bus users.
  • Cluttered 1/5

    By Jmdjmsnfche
    This application is so cluttered. Hard to find information I need.
  • unusable 1/5

    By maximus5328
    errors all over the app. "error code 110", "error code 150", "oops, we are not able to display details...", "technical difficulties...".
  • Two easily solved issues 2/5

    By Circiter
    1) The Regular Service map is unreadable in my iPhone XS Max. The resolution is insufficient, so when I zoom in to enlarge the print, it’s only a blur. 2) The starting animation (as others have mentioned) is very inconvenient when you only have a New York second to make a decision. Allow us to disable it if we so want. Other bugs I’ve encountered seem less crippling, whereas these two make me curse every time.
  • Removal of the bus # on the route allows for irresponsibility of the drivers 2/5

    By PLaiS3
    With the recent removal of the bus # from the routes ie bus 4135 on say route q15, now buses will skip scheduled times more often. Removing this # allows bus drivers to hide their activities or should i say lack there of.
  • Terrible!! 1/5

    By Amey1789
    It almost always gives me the wrong track number for Metro North trains at Grand Central!
  • More Caching and Quicker Startup 3/5

    By J_Hyde NYC
    Getting progressively better but....for v0.9.13 Please disable the startup animation. Imagine your running to the train and want to check the map or something else, but you spend 30 seconds got the app to startup to show you the startup animation. Allow it to be disabled with a quick start option please!! Also my subway maps are downloaded but when I zoom in, it is blurry and not zooming properly. This used to work better. But on a related note, I had downloaded the maps but at one point when I reopened the app without Internet connection, the maps were not available. Maybe due to an app update but the maps should be cached, should have high resolution, and should try to cache right away when you load the app.
  • Locks up all the time, maps are blurry 2/5

    By ac10011
    The app locks up all the time when trying to go back a screen. The maps are also blurry when you try to zoom in on them.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By 2BR02B
    This is not an acceptable substitution for station countdown clocks as there are many people who can not access these services online.
  • A great improvement 5/5

    By D0esnt
    This update has been a good improved!love it
  • The worst 1/5

    By stellalala0127
    Why did MTA even think to create this app? This app doesn’t tell you anything like delays or the bus time, essentially useless. I really hope they do a better job with their budgets in improving the service than to come up with an app to warn us of more “service changes” or “delays” as an excuse for lack of effort.
  • Bad developers designers 1/5

    By KangXD
    Very uncomfortable UX/UI
  • Good job 5/5

    By Wilson Q Luo
    The direct eTix link is sick. Well done!
  • Real time tracking 5/5

    By elevator user
    Much improved experience with eTix in your trip planner - one click and I am there.
  • Subway status not updated 2/5

    By HhhGe92
    Do yourself a favor and use the mta website instead of this app, the status won’t update when there’s an update on mta website. The website will tell you no 7 trains from 74st to Manhattan and the app still shows the outdated info. which is about the delays in between Vernon blvb and grand central. Bus time is somewhat accurate, I would prefer to use the message rather than this app.
  • Great but also... 4/5

    By Jimbo1118
    Loving how easy it is to track my buses and trains! Wouldn't it be awesome if we could also track shuttle buses replacing weekend Subway service on a map in real time, too?
  • Make the maps offline-Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2/5

    By JayATS
    Just make the subway maps offline, I.e., stored on the device. I can’t download and view them when I am on the subway. Think critically about the problem ... I need the map when I have a connection and when I don’t....
  • Useless 1/5

    By c__mm
    Real time is really useless when the trains don’t run on time.
  • Once you put it down it’s hard to pick up 1/5

    By kptyson
    If smartphones were available when the USSR was still in business, this is the sort of app they’d have created. The ‘my’ part is a joke. There is little or know personalization, e.g. the saved trips facility doesn’t let you easily navigate to future schedules for the trip, one must return to the top of the menu tree to find those. Almost every rail train trip on MNR originates or terminates at GCT but this fact was not considered when presenting the list of stations, GCT does not appear first. One star is one too many.
  • The official is the worst. 1/5

    By RetroElectroMike
    No way to search departures by station unless you’re at that station. Doesn’t show trains in a station, even when they haven’t left. No offline caching. The people who made this should be drawn and quartered.
  • Wrong train times 1/5

    By T the most HIGH
    Not accurate at all zero
  • Terrible 1/5

    By lefthandedwrench
    App is no good, metro north track info is always wrong. Useless. I keep reverting to the train time app because at least it is accurate.
  • Do Better 1/5

    By Jays_Up
    I thought this app would be handy, and for a time it was. After a while this app gave me times of when the train would arrive and the bus but it was always wrong. Much like the previous app that shared a time stamp of when it would arrive to stations. Except it’s consistently been wrong! On multiple occasions I’ve relied on this app to get where I needed to go by it providing the best route possible and on each of those occasions I was late or the train had arrive 5 minutes earlier/ later then what the time stamp predicted. I truly despise the train system here in New York because no matter what app you use or what you do to prepare ahead of time. It will always fail you. This app doesn’t change anything.
  • Great app 5/5

    By vinnie wang the piano student
    For Aar users that are blind, I need to have the feature for users who need call out and assist when people request a new subscription or trip.
  • Reporting broken machines 3/5

    By Stfrfnrh
    It would be nice if there was a way to send an alert to the MTA when ticket machines for select buses are broken. Its very scary getting on the bus without a ticket (even though you have an unlimited metro card) and hoping they dont check tickets. It would also be nice to inquire/complain about buses not showing up. I often have to wait 45-60 minutes for buses that are supposed to be arriving every 10-20 minutes, and the MTA texting alert system never notifies me of any delays until several hours after the fact.
  • Primitive and unprofessional app 1/5

    By CemYucer
    Do NOT rely on this app! Most of timeis wrong!
  • OK; could easily be improved 2/5

    By Jeremy4665
    The subway portion of the app could benefit from some easy improvements. First, it should be possible to see more than the next 4 trains at a station. This was possible in an older version of the SubwayTime app when it had only the IRT lines. It’s particularly significant for stations where there are multiple services- Columbus Circle is a good example. If the next 4 trains are an 2 A’s, a C and a D, how will you know when a B will arrive? Second, the app should be consistent with the countdown clocks and announcements in the stations, which tell you how many minutes before a train will arrive. They don’t say a train is arriving at 2:18 PM so the app shouldn’t either.
  • Changed no credit cards for payment 3/5

    By Gio ny
    Although the app is easy to use daily, trying to change a credit card on file is next to impossible. In addition, calling e-help is useless. They are disorganized, do not understand simple questions and are in essence useless fools. I wasted an hour switching around on the phone and even after trying to make a complaint the customer service rep was also uninformed, helpless, lacking knowledge and utterly useless! I believe that they should rename the department customer disservice as that is more on keeping with what they provide, disservice. Shameful snd unacceptable
  • useless 1/5

    By junfuchen
  • Still sticking with the old apps 2/5

    By N. Poole
    This app would be so much better if it didn't demand location access for everything! Every screen almost seems to call for it! Sometimes I want to plan a route I'm not near, or see at a glance what a different train line in another part of town is doing to make transfer decisions. SubwayTime was great for that and I like that all the routes are there. I don't have to "add" anything. And WHY did you change the format from minutes away to the time?! I want the live information in the same format as SubwayTime - straight from the LED/Beacons in the system so I don't have to check the time as well! The bus section while improved a bit is still not as intuitive than BusTime. And why can't I search by stop number like in BusTime? I usually use the text service too and find that easier, especially since I'm not being pressured to turn on LOCATION.SERVICES.EVERY.SCREEN! And the animation is cute, but it's a WASTE OF TIME! When I'm running late and need to make a split second decision, I'm not trying to look at a damned stylized skyline and some cars! This app should've kept the intuitive simplicity of the apps it's trying to replace because it's a hot mess as of now.
  • Went back to the other older version 1/5

    By Greenappleness
    Had high hopes for this app It looks pretty good, but there are a few glitches that I can’t figure out how to fix. For example - I’ve added a train line to my favorites more than once, and yet it doesn’t show up in the favorites list. I end up using the MTA subway time app regularly
  • Delays 1/5

    By Slick_ice
    Will app upgrade improve actual arrival time lol

MYmta app comments

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