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MYmta App

Our new all-in-one App for Subways, Buses, and LIRR and Metro-North trains gives you everything you need to optimize your travels: - Personalized Trip Planning - Planned and Unplanned Service Change Information - Real-time Arrivals & Schedules - Find Nearby Stations & Stops with the Click of a Button - Live Tracking of Bus Locations on Both a Line Map and Geographic Map; Know Instantly How Many Stops and Minutes Away Your Bus Is - Add Favorites to Allow for One-Click Views of the Information Most Important to You - Personalized Text and Email Alerts The New York MTA is proud to present our customers with MYmta, an app designed for our customers based upon feedback directly from our customers. Tell us about the features you want, the data you need, and how you want to receive it! MYmta provides a personalized experience across all transit services for daily commuters and tourists alike! It is a great tool for optimizing all your New York Metro transportation needs.

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MYmta app reviews

  • Typical MTA garbage 1/5

    By R00M237
    Why does the map keep moving on its own????? It’s unusable!! You guys can’t do ANYTHING right.
  • Doesn’t find next LIRR train 1/5

    By Bikebird's
    The TrainTime app is like standing next to a display board at Penn Station—you know when the next train to your destination is leaving, and when a track is assigned, it (usually) shows you the track number. When you need to change at Jamaica for a connection, MyMTA uses some weird logic that lists trains that make you wait 10 minutes for a connection and skips trains that are listed on the schedules as connecting trains. Can’t use this app. I’ve given up on it twice before; tried again after the summer track changes made the track numbers not show properly on TrainTime. No improvement. I’m done with it.
  • Pure unadulterated trash 1/5

    By Chrome crashes
    Rarely loads, when it does, it’s often inaccurate. The MTA is trash. Whoever is responsible for the dumpster fire that is the nyc subway should re-evaluate their life. Mayor DeBlasio is incompetent
  • No track numbers 2/5

    By paul009900
    What happened to the track numbers? It’s useless without them
  • Doesn’t capture track changes 1/5

    By nik mnr commuter
    My biggest frustration is that it doesn’t show the correct metro north track at grand central, even when the changes happen as much as 20min before departure.
  • Always Problems 1/5

    By 2111111111111111111112
    This app has a HUGE issue —It won’t show you the trains coming to your station in the next 10-15 minutes; It shows you the trains 15+ minutes later. Case in point: I arrived at my station at 915am. It showed me the next train was 944am, which was false - There was a train coming at 920a and another at 923a. Happens all the time. Extremely unhelpful.
  • not enough cars on trains and messed up schedules 3/5

    By Lord Thanos the Invincible
    well i could not take the 6:25 train from port chester to grand central terminal because they decided to randomly cancel it for a week. stuck on a horribly OVERCROWDED EXPRESS train. sitting in the so called “quiet car” which is not quiet at all because all i hear is the constant grinding of metal against metal. a tall man is sitting directly across from me and our legs are intertwined with one another. another man is sitting next to me and our shoulders and legs are touching each other the body heat is building between us... this is hell.
  • Might be nice if it worked. 1/5

    By Sarch13
    Was excited about this app. Crashed about 6 times in a row when I loaded it onto my iPhone 6. Have not been able to do anything past the home screen, including sending feedback. So far, not impressed.
  • Too Complicated 2/5

    By Prodegy2
    This app should just look at your location and tell you what transit routes are close along with the wait time for the next bus/train/ferry. Or just move back to the transit app...

    By Yenn929292
    Worst app ever. Always lies and slowest app I’ve ever tried. Dont waste your time downloading it.
  • Now it crashes way too much 2/5

    By Vincentnyc
    Apps was semi decent when I first downloaded about a year ago. Now 6/14/19... it crashes way too much. First fix this app and offline maps for both subway and bus would be a nice feature to have.
  • Constant crash 1/5

    By k2pc
    Open. Crashes. Open. Click on anything. Crashes. Downloaded twice. Same problem.
  • Worse than ever! 1/5

    By Kodkod
    The subway station info is so bad I don’t even use it. The metro north trains is out of sync with the Display Boards that it’s not even close to accurate. The UI is the worse than any other public transport app I have used. One have to wonder who are the people that advice on the usability?
  • Nearly useless 2/5

    By Snarfing Snarfs
    Service changes are never accurately updated. It’s infuriating to walk to station that the app is listing with regular service only to find the station is closed or skipped. Google gives more accurate information than the MTA app.
  • No stars - terrible 1/5

    By Chris Baum
    Literally EVERY TIME I tap on “nearby stops” the app crashes. Pathetic and (given this is the MTA we’re talking about) all too predictable.
  • No excuses 1/5

    By yasergys
    The worst app ever !!! And service also!!
  • Does not work 1/5

    By johnlbern
    Totally useless, will load and then immediately crash. Does not work.
  • Basically useless 1/5

    By zekesmz
    Why does this app show TRAIN LINES instead of STATIONS?? I want to lookup up a route from Wilton CT to Grand Central, but the app shows me Danbury and New Haven for all options....which are train lines. Totally confusing and a dumb design decision. I'll keep using my third party apps - but resolve this and then it could become useful
  • Please add more information on stairs 3/5

    By UWS-user
    I’ve just started using this app and like it so far. I appreciate the fact that I can narrow down the exact route to take by using the following information, under “Trip Results”: Fewest Transfers Fastest Least Walking PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE add a fourth option: “Least Number of Stairs.” I don’t mind walking. In fact I enjoy walking, but I simply CANNOT handle a large number of stairs. (Going down is OK; going up is hell.) If you developers are reading this, just think of what it will be like for you when you hit your 70s!!! Maybe by then The Americans with Disabilities Act will be a reality. But for now, it certainly is not the case in New York City. Thank you!
  • Really crappy app 1/5

    By Lily's Mother
    I have a few subway apps. Among those apps, this is by far the worst. I cannot believe that someone at MTA thought this was ready to release. It crashes often. It has incorrect data. It does not actually work within the subway system. This app is exhibit A for how screwed up the MTA is. I’m pretty sure the union workers who created this app were paid handsomely for this utter garbage.
  • Frequent crashes 2/5

    By Tremere
    If only the app could stay open for more than 30 seconds...
  • Frequent Crashes 2/5

    By Hello Kitty loves you!
    Good app when it works, but frequently crashes when loading the “where’s the subway/bus” page. Crashes at least 8/10 times. Clunky UI, too many sub-pages. Good info when it works. I especially appreciate the ability to get elevator/escalator station status.
  • Update is bad 1/5

    By esf603
    The update is horrible and makes everything slower. Why can’t we see upcoming trips anymore? I use the crosstown bus every day, it was a useful feature. It makes no sense that we can’t see upcoming trips anymore.
  • App is garbage 1/5

    By Steph Has
    This app is constantly crashing When it doesn’t it takes AGES to open- I don’t need the long open animation, I just need to get to schedules. But I can’t get to schedules bc it crashes when I try to type where I want to go. The design is bulky and most of the screen is taken up by the search bars. MUCH prefer the original train time app but MTA no longer updates it so I never know if my train is late. So annoying.
  • All in one? 1/5

    By ba256
    If this is an all-in-one app, then sending me to a separate e-ticket app to buy commuter rail tickets is a figment of my imagination?
  • I’ll let you know when it stops crashing 1/5

    By Mason Jarr
    Seriously first two attempts after installation were nonstop express to wallpaper. Useless. Try MNR on time.
  • Blacks out before you can use it 1/5

    By joeltheK
    I downloaded this app twice and after a few seconds the screen goes black and it reverts back to the page with the icons on it. The app does not stay on long enough to use it... MTA better fix this because it is useless if it does not stay on. I would give it a zero out of five if I could.
  • Useless 1/5

    By diverkle
    This app is useless. I’m not even sure what is supposed to do. I use the MTA Bus app that works very well for finding upcoming busses. Using this app, it’s almost impossible to find when the next bus is. The favorites only tells you about schedules maintenance. The map bounces around so it’s hard to find a stop. Too bad tax money went into this waste of time.
  • Whats the point 1/5

    By new yerrrrrrker
    What is the of the app if the trains don show up. I take the b everyday and maybe one day it would e correct. It always says there is a train come and then the train either disappears or the time keeps getting pushed back until one just shows up.
  • crashes when i open the app.... 2/5

    By foresstfirre
    the fancy graphics make the app load slower. and i can’t even open the app sometimes because it crashes without loading. also train times are not accurate. sometimes train come earlier than the time listed which causes me to miss it because i thought i had enough time to make it
  • Inaccurate 1/5

    By phrank l
    This app is inaccurate in providing bus times. Better off using google maps. Pretty strange considering this is an MTA app...
  • How to change language? 3/5

    By kaamtaope
    Anyone can tell me how to change language in MYMTA app? Thanks!
  • Utter embarrassment this app is a joke 1/5

    By whalemack
    Couldnt be more unintuitive, I might as well be training passenger pigeons to be conveying train times, very confusing and just poor, poor, ux design.
  • Missing features from train time 3/5

    By Don't Buy Telguard
    I want to be able to see the times of the intermediate stops like train time shows. For example, This lets me know when is the right time to call for a ride from the station. Train times favorite stations and trips seems to be more complete with better features. Bug when saving an LIRR trip, it rememberers the line that the trip was on. Some stations like Jamaica, Mineola, Babylon are served by multiple lines.
  • os12.3 1/5

    By howard_fink
    crashes 100 percent of the time in 30 seconds.
  • good app but it crashes too much 4/5

    By dylan barns
    the app is good. Real train times, trains in service and all you need to know but it crashes often if you was to fix that problem i would have given this app 5 star rating
  • Love it! 3/5

    By R179IssuesSuck
    It's a good app but please add mileage in walking because we need to find out.
  • Terrible app and service 1/5

    By antoniol2022
    The app tells you a train is going to one location at a certain time then it changes the time and location where the train is going. Makes no sense in trying to plan
  • App malfunction 1/5

    By nutsssssssssss
    App doesn’t show timing of when the train will arrive..... needs new update to fix problem ASAP
  • Could be better 3/5

    By IWantToLearn2.0
    Some bus drivers turn off their GPS so you miss a lot of buses. The train arrival times are VERY wrong. I would be in another train thinking “ I can make it” only to show up to the doors being closed. The next one is in 7 minutes. Being a person who is on a tight schedule, the MTA is a horrible thing to deal with every day, especially when the app doesn’t work properly and misleads people. Fix it please!!
  • Too many clicks and ticket buying is a pain 2/5

    By gewald
    The old app let you buy a ticket with a connection in one step. This one splits it into two tickets. Always seems like there are twice as many clicks to do what you want..
  • Would be great, but ... 1/5

    By Ljlmusic
    I’ve deleted this app because I’ve waited too long for it to be upgraded to show countdown minutes. It’s useless to me without that. Showing the time it is expected to arrive is not helpful — it requires me to look at the clock and calculate how many minutes I have. Just give me the minutes like you already display in the subway stations!
  • Why remove next trip? 1/5

    By TRH1968
    The ability to see the next train arrival for your line on the home screen was removed with this most recent update. Why? That was a key value for this app. Now, it’s useless to try to time when to leave for the station. the app is useless now.
  • Frequently crashes making app all but unusable 2/5

    By Straphnger
    When the app actually loads, I find it very helpful but it crashes so frequently that I’ve all but stopped using it completely.
  • Disaster 1/5

    By Brian44444444444444444
    I wanted to check the weekend schedule changes. Sent me to another app which not only did not work to find the weekend changes but the back to my MTA arrow didn’t work either so now When I try to open thy mymta app I can only get the changes app which doesn’t work.
  • This app isn’t working!!!! 3/5

    By Kissa kissa
    Is this app really does what it supposed to do??? First check the train’s time it tells you the next train is at 7:53 am. A few minutes later shows at 7:51 but train comes at 7:50 and the door closes in front of you!!! Can this app be more specific???
  • Loved this App until the last update 1/5

    By zmg100
    Why was “Next at:”? The removal of this feature makes this app almost useless and hard to figure out.
  • The MTA is Garbage 1/5

    By user201369
    Literally everything they do is bad or has service problems, including this app. Would I be surprised if they started to charge for it soon? No.
  • Through it TF away 2/5

    By Britt$$$$
    Even though the times for the trains and buses is super accurate but the app closes itself 99% of the time once you try to look at the time you train/bus comes

MYmta app comments

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