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MYmta App

Our new all-in-one App for Subways, Buses, and LIRR and Metro-North trains gives you everything you need to optimize your travels: - Personalized Trip Planning - Planned and Unplanned Service Change Information - Real-time Arrivals & Schedules - Find Nearby Stations & Stops with the Click of a Button - Live Tracking of Bus Locations on Both a Line Map and Geographic Map; Know Instantly How Many Stops and Minutes Away Your Bus Is - Add Favorites to Allow for One-Click Views of the Information Most Important to You - Personalized Text and Email Alerts The New York MTA is proud to present our customers with MYmta, an app designed for our customers based upon feedback directly from our customers. Tell us about the features you want, the data you need, and how you want to receive it! MYmta provides a personalized experience across all transit services for daily commuters and tourists alike! It is a great tool for optimizing all your New York Metro transportation needs.

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MYmta app reviews

  • Utter embarrassment this app is a joke 1/5

    By whalemack
    Couldnt be more unintuitive, I might as well be training passenger pigeons to be conveying train times, very confusing and just poor, poor, ux design.
  • Missing features from train time 3/5

    By Don't Buy Telguard
    I want to be able to see the times of the intermediate stops like train time shows. For example, This lets me know when is the right time to call for a ride from the station. Train times favorite stations and trips seems to be more complete with better features. Bug when saving an LIRR trip, it rememberers the line that the trip was on. Some stations like Jamaica, Mineola, Babylon are served by multiple lines.
  • os12.3 1/5

    By howard_fink
    crashes 100 percent of the time in 30 seconds.
  • good app but it crashes too much 4/5

    By dylan barns
    the app is good. Real train times, trains in service and all you need to know but it crashes often if you was to fix that problem i would have given this app 5 star rating
  • More Caching and Quicker Startup 3/5

    By J_Hyde NYC
    Getting progressively better but.... Please disable the startup animation. Imagine your running to the train and want to check the map or something else, but you spend 30 seconds to show you the startup animation. Allow it to be disabled with a quick start option please!! Also the maps should just be preloaded and cached. Several times the maps are unavailable and I get spinning circles. Do something to download and cache the maps better since even after they are downloaded once they seem to disappear (maybe from app update or something else).
  • Love it! 3/5

    By R179IssuesSuck
    It's a good app but please add mileage in walking because we need to find out.
  • Terrible app and service 1/5

    By antoniol2022
    The app tells you a train is going to one location at a certain time then it changes the time and location where the train is going. Makes no sense in trying to plan
  • App malfunction 1/5

    By nutsssssssssss
    App doesn’t show timing of when the train will arrive..... needs new update to fix problem ASAP
  • Could be better 3/5

    By IWantToLearn2.0
    Some bus drivers turn off their GPS so you miss a lot of buses. The train arrival times are VERY wrong. I would be in another train thinking “ I can make it” only to show up to the doors being closed. The next one is in 7 minutes. Being a person who is on a tight schedule, the MTA is a horrible thing to deal with every day, especially when the app doesn’t work properly and misleads people. Fix it please!!
  • Too many clicks and ticket buying is a pain 2/5

    By gewald
    The old app let you buy a ticket with a connection in one step. This one splits it into two tickets. Always seems like there are twice as many clicks to do what you want..
  • Would be great, but ... 1/5

    By Ljlmusic
    I’ve deleted this app because I’ve waited too long for it to be upgraded to show countdown minutes. It’s useless to me without that. Showing the time it is expected to arrive is not helpful — it requires me to look at the clock and calculate how many minutes I have. Just give me the minutes like you already display in the subway stations!
  • Why remove next trip? 1/5

    By TRH1968
    The ability to see the next train arrival for your line on the home screen was removed with this most recent update. Why? That was a key value for this app. Now, it’s useless to try to time when to leave for the station. the app is useless now.
  • Frequently crashes making app all but unusable 2/5

    By Straphnger
    When the app actually loads, I find it very helpful but it crashes so frequently that I’ve all but stopped using it completely.
  • Disaster 1/5

    By Brian44444444444444444
    I wanted to check the weekend schedule changes. Sent me to another app which not only did not work to find the weekend changes but the back to my MTA arrow didn’t work either so now When I try to open thy mymta app I can only get the changes app which doesn’t work.
  • This app isn’t working!!!! 3/5

    By Kissa kissa
    Is this app really does what it supposed to do??? First check the train’s time it tells you the next train is at 7:53 am. A few minutes later shows at 7:51 but train comes at 7:50 and the door closes in front of you!!! Can this app be more specific???
  • Loved this App until the last update 1/5

    By zmg100
    Why was “Next at:”? The removal of this feature makes this app almost useless and hard to figure out.
  • The MTA is Garbage 1/5

    By user201369
    Literally everything they do is bad or has service problems, including this app. Would I be surprised if they started to charge for it soon? No.
  • Through it TF away 2/5

    By Britt$$$$
    Even though the times for the trains and buses is super accurate but the app closes itself 99% of the time once you try to look at the time you train/bus comes
  • What happened 3/5

    By winks119
    Since last update no more bus times to my favorited locations! It's like a guessing game to figure out... Please bring back the schedule.
  • HORRIBLE. Avoid this app. 1/5

    By mschultz
    DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS APP. There are more ONE STAR reviews for this app than the others. There is obviously a reason for those ONE STAR ratings. I’d give this app ZERO STARS if I could. This app tries to be all things to all people, and of course, IT FAILS MISERABLY. The user interface is a jumbled, confusing mess of pure frustration. And what’s worse, it’s clear that the designers and developers of this app don’t actually use it for commuting in NYC. EVER. If they did, they’d immediately understand how USELESS it actually is. It’s utter and extreme uselessness incites an intense commuter rage that will have you wanting to hurl your iPhone against the nearest wall. It literally does nothing well. NOTHING. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS APP. Really.
  • Useless, crashes every time. 1/5

    By chase_sh
  • Hard to imagine a worse transit app 1/5

    By Kidreporter
    Months in and it still doesn’t show wait times. It doesn’t show whether the train is going uptown or downtown, just its end stop as if anyone knows that. It shows arrivals by train rather than in chronological order so you have to look two places to see whether the A or the C is coming next. Basically an app designed by people who don’t take the subway.
  • Basically a broken app 1/5

    By br500
    Works fine - but never works. You’re lucky if the app only crashes five or six times before you can finally catch a glimpse of your train schedule.
  • Terrible, Poorly Designed App 1/5

    By jennings.aske
    This is one of the worst apps I’ve used, and is a real step back from TrainTime. As an example, in TrainTime you could easily set a favorite trip at a specific time of day. You could then later select that trip with one tap, and then see a list starting with the favorite trip and all subsequent trips. In the MTA app you can select a favorite trip, but it will not save the specific time. Instead, when you tap the favorite trip the default is to search the time of the tap. So, to select future trips you have to enter all the details for the future trip. Making things worse, the app doesn’t show a simple list of consecutive trips from which to select. Instead it shows a subset from which you have to select additional trips to see the full list of trips. This is an overthought, user in-friendly app. Just terrible.
  • Great When It Works 1/5

    By KarenBklyn
    The app randomly makes you take a survey. This happens three or four times a week. Once you verify that you are not s robot a zillion times, you get a thank you message that freezes the app for an annoying amount of time rendering it useless. Inefficient, just like everything MTA related.
  • Whisper sweet nothings of on-time service 2/5

    By zerocast
    It’s actually a good app but the scheduled service it’s plotting has never come true for riders. I’ve used it to plot subway trips and I’ve rarely if ever arrived when the app suggests because the authority doesn’t keep its schedules. The rest of it is actually alright, which is why the rating is a shame. It performs fine on an iPhone X and it provides other data pretty clearly. It’ll just never perform as advertised for its core feature because the MTA doesn’t. Stick to your map apps, it’s all good.
  • Why on earth does this app use so much cellular data? 1/5

    By thesonicbloom
    I literally only use this to check train status 2 times per day, with saved trip parameters, 4 days per week. And yet each week it uses around 100mb of cell data. Why!? I’m trying to cut back on how much data I consume, and somehow this is the only app on my entire phone that regularly reaches triple digits.
  • Crashes repeatedly! 1/5

    By Qnyx67
    Couldn’t even get the train schedule. Just kept crashing over and over... Terrible.
  • Inaccurate 1/5

    By jreb84
    The track numbers are always wrong for the metro north. I work nights and as a manager I clock out when the work is done not at a specific time. sometimes I barely make it to the grand central to catch my train so I don’t have time to check the boards. I need an app that has the correct info. This is supposed to replace the train time apps but even MTA employees have told me to not use this app and go back to the old one.
  • Doesn’t work on iPhone6 1/5

    By Xearlex
    Maybe I’m too broke to upgrade my phone, but completely unusable for iPhone 6. Crashes on opening animation. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times including resetting my phone. App never works or worked for me.
  • Amateur App 1/5

    By Mike D (NYC)
    What kind of subway map app doesn’t have an offline map? Why can’t these maps of the subway system work when you’re in the subway system? Was the app written by naive interns or outsourced to MTA developers who milk it for every “improvement”, and seemingly never read reviews or have a feedback mechanism. The NYC subway system is the best way to get around the city when it works, and the same may be true about this app, but a lot of work and improvements needs to be done to get it there.

    By JMB1970
    This app is irritating and useless. It CONSTANTLY shuts down. Frustrating beyond belief.
  • App Crashing 3/5

    By MrMantis89
    iPhone 6 iOS 12.2 - App crashes after tapping the ‘+’ button of the station under My Stations and Stops
  • Just as unreliable at the MTA itself. 1/5

    By pbd2486
    This app has never opened once without crashing multiple times beforehand. I’d say this app is just as terrible a the MTA, but that would be unfair. This app is free, whereas the MTA continues to raises fares for their garbage service. MTA = 🗑🔥
  • Crashes every time 1/5

    By Eva_mythogirl8
    I downloaded it and it gets past the load page, but as soon as I try to click anything like load a train schedule or see nearby stations, it crashes. Every. Single. Time.
  • LIRR Trains 1/5

    By LILady2985
    The app seems to think the Port Washington LIRR line ends at Woodside. However, it ends at Penn Station. Please fix this issue.
  • Time 1/5

    By xalitria
    Horrible always lies about when the train comes
  • Useless for busses. Very frustrating. 1/5

    By Eric51344
    No accurate real time info. Doesn’t recognize all lines.
  • Great app, but doesn’t work 2/5

    By Cyber_Torned
    When the app actually works it’s amazing, sadly it crashes almost every time I open it before I even get the chance to type in my destination. Would honestly be the perfect app if it didn’t crash so much :(
  • Constant Crashing 2/5

    By wellzini
    This app is great when it works but 90% of the time that I open it, it instantly crashes. As a result, it’s useless.
  • App crashes 1/5

    By Fartmoney
    Horrible has potential but crashes
  • Learn how to use and you’ll love it 5/5

    By Rafcol
    People that instantly hate this app don’t know how to use it, and I don't blame them. It’s a hard app to jump into. In my case, somebody walked me through it. Once you do, its a very exact and effective app. Loving it.
  • Crash 1/5

    By Joe Sylvia
    Crash coming with iOS 12.2
  • Useless 1/5

    By Rextremolo
    If you want to remember what glitchy, illogical apps were like in 2005, has the MTA got an app for you! Just awful.
  • Useless as of 03-20-19 1/5

    By PlsfixAJE!
    App keeps closing before I type any info!
  • Crashes way too often, opening graphic unnecessary. 2/5

    By idontlikethisgamee
    Crashes every time I open it, sometimes it crashes right after the opening animation (which is probably the source of the crashes). If people need to use this app in an emergency, they’re not gonna want to wait forever for a graphic to end, especially if it’s causing the app to crash. I don’t care what they do to make this app look better, I just want it to work.
  • Caution 1/5

    By Dashing Damion
    Be careful to verify train departure times. On the port Washington line I found them on occasion to be off by 20 minutes. Upon calling the LIRR and reporting this issue I was told this is simply “a glitch in the program ”. If they can’t get the departure/arrival times to coordinate with the official schedule what good is it?
  • Love it, could be better for commuters! 4/5

    By Coolpersonwhoissmart
    I love it, I’m not a regular user, but it’s great when I do use it. I wish there was an Apple Watch version, my brother is a daily commuting college student, and I feel that if there were an Apple Watch version that you can set up with your phone to show the next train time for your chosen stops (ex. If I commuted from Grand central to Yonkers, and the other way around maybe the app could show me the next train or two when I opened it and I could swipe to see the train times for the same route but starting at the opposite location, so if I checked Yonkers to grand central and then swiped I could see grand central to Yonkers) I think it would be a simple, yet very helpful and effective because it’s easier to look at your wrist and see the when the next train is than opening your phone and opening the app and choosing From and To locations. Just an idea, but I think it’s good.
  • Notification Center 2/5

    By BPed
    To be useful this app needs train/bus/line specific notifications. I don’t want an email or a text. I want a push notification telling me the N train is experiencing delays and I don’t want to hear about any delays on the 2 train.

MYmta app comments

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