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MYmta App

Our new all-in-one App for Subways, Buses, and LIRR and Metro-North trains gives you everything you need to optimize your travels: - Personalized Trip Planning - Planned and Unplanned Service Change Information - Real-time Arrivals & Schedules - Find Nearby Stations & Stops with the Click of a Button - Live Tracking of Bus Locations on Both a Line Map and Geographic Map; Know Instantly How Many Stops and Minutes Away Your Bus Is - Add Favorites to Allow for One-Click Views of the Information Most Important to You - Personalized Text and Email Alerts The New York MTA is proud to present our customers with MYmta, an app designed for our customers based upon feedback directly from our customers. Tell us about the features you want, the data you need, and how you want to receive it! MYmta provides a personalized experience across all transit services for daily commuters and tourists alike! It is a great tool for optimizing all your New York Metro transportation needs.

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  • Once you put it down it’s hard to pick up 1/5

    By kptyson
    If smartphones were available when the USSR was still in business, this is the sort of app they’d have created. The ‘my’ part is a joke. There is little or know personalization, e.g. the saved trips facility doesn’t let you easily navigate to future schedules for the trip, one must return to the top of the menu tree to find those. Almost every rail train trip on MNR originates or terminates at GCT but this fact was not considered when presenting the list of stations, GCT does not appear first. One star is one too many.
  • The official is the worst. 1/5

    By RetroElectroMike
    No way to search departures by station unless you’re at that station. Doesn’t show trains in a station, even when they haven’t left. No offline caching. The people who made this should be drawn and quartered.
  • Wrong train times 1/5

    By T the most HIGH
    Not accurate at all zero
  • Terrible 1/5

    By lefthandedwrench
    App is no good, metro north track info is always wrong. Useless. I keep reverting to the train time app because at least it is accurate.
  • Do Better 1/5

    By Jays_Up
    I thought this app would be handy, and for a time it was. After a while this app gave me times of when the train would arrive and the bus but it was always wrong. Much like the previous app that shared a time stamp of when it would arrive to stations. Except it’s consistently been wrong! On multiple occasions I’ve relied on this app to get where I needed to go by it providing the best route possible and on each of those occasions I was late or the train had arrive 5 minutes earlier/ later then what the time stamp predicted. I truly despise the train system here in New York because no matter what app you use or what you do to prepare ahead of time. It will always fail you. This app doesn’t change anything.
  • Great app 5/5

    By vinnie wang the piano student
    For Aar users that are blind, I need to have the feature for users who need call out and assist when people request a new subscription or trip.
  • Reporting broken machines 3/5

    By Stfrfnrh
    It would be nice if there was a way to send an alert to the MTA when ticket machines for select buses are broken. Its very scary getting on the bus without a ticket (even though you have an unlimited metro card) and hoping they dont check tickets. It would also be nice to inquire/complain about buses not showing up. I often have to wait 45-60 minutes for buses that are supposed to be arriving every 10-20 minutes, and the MTA texting alert system never notifies me of any delays until several hours after the fact.
  • Primitive and unprofessional app 1/5

    By CemYucer
    Do NOT rely on this app! Most of timeis wrong!
  • OK; could easily be improved 2/5

    By Jeremy4665
    The subway portion of the app could benefit from some easy improvements. First, it should be possible to see more than the next 4 trains at a station. This was possible in an older version of the SubwayTime app when it had only the IRT lines. It’s particularly significant for stations where there are multiple services- Columbus Circle is a good example. If the next 4 trains are an 2 A’s, a C and a D, how will you know when a B will arrive? Second, the app should be consistent with the countdown clocks and announcements in the stations, which tell you how many minutes before a train will arrive. They don’t say a train is arriving at 2:18 PM so the app shouldn’t either.
  • Changed no credit cards for payment 3/5

    By Gio ny
    Although the app is easy to use daily, trying to change a credit card on file is next to impossible. In addition, calling e-help is useless. They are disorganized, do not understand simple questions and are in essence useless fools. I wasted an hour switching around on the phone and even after trying to make a complaint the customer service rep was also uninformed, helpless, lacking knowledge and utterly useless! I believe that they should rename the department customer disservice as that is more on keeping with what they provide, disservice. Shameful snd unacceptable
  • Useless waste of your time. AVOID. 1/5

    By mschultz
    I’d give this app ZERO STARS if I could. This app tries to be all things to all people, and of course, IT FAILS MISERABLY. And what’s worse, it’s clear that the designers and developers of this app don’t actually use it for commuting in NYC. EVER. If they did, they’d immediately understand how useless it actually is. It literally does nothing well. Nothing. Don’t waste your time. Really.
  • useless 1/5

    By junfuchen
  • Still sticking with the old apps 2/5

    By N. Poole
    This app would be so much better if it didn't demand location access for everything! Every screen almost seems to call for it! Sometimes I want to plan a route I'm not near, or see at a glance what a different train line in another part of town is doing to make transfer decisions. SubwayTime was great for that and I like that all the routes are there. I don't have to "add" anything. And WHY did you change the format from minutes away to the time?! I want the live information in the same format as SubwayTime - straight from the LED/Beacons in the system so I don't have to check the time as well! The bus section while improved a bit is still not as intuitive than BusTime. And why can't I search by stop number like in BusTime? I usually use the text service too and find that easier, especially since I'm not being pressured to turn on LOCATION.SERVICES.EVERY.SCREEN! And the animation is cute, but it's a WASTE OF TIME! When I'm running late and need to make a split second decision, I'm not trying to look at a damned stylized skyline and some cars! This app should've kept the intuitive simplicity of the apps it's trying to replace because it's a hot mess as of now.
  • Went back to the other older version 1/5

    By Greenappleness
    Had high hopes for this app It looks pretty good, but there are a few glitches that I can’t figure out how to fix. For example - I’ve added a train line to my favorites more than once, and yet it doesn’t show up in the favorites list. I end up using the MTA subway time app regularly
  • Delays 1/5

    By Slick_ice
    Will app upgrade improve actual arrival time lol
  • Out of focus 2/5

    By CVUSA
    Same maps was out of focus on X Max
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Young wife
    Finally a cohesive app that lets you know in real time where the bus/train is and how long till it gets to the station you’re at. I more guessing or waiting in the cold. Thank you
  • Is it just me? 2/5

    By Tall Jeffrey
    Have the iPhone X plus and like to check out bus map once in awhile. However, with all the maps when you zoom in, they don’t come into focus. So you can’t read any of the numbers or the streets. Same with the subway map. Anyone else having this issue?? No ones mentioned it which makes me think it’s just my phone.
  • We need better service 1/5

    By Gazalidgjfugfgf
    I hate MTA they super slow SPECIALLY THE A line and E Ufff I really hate them
  • The subway map should be OFFLINE 1/5

    By Mikepach1017
    Why do I need an internet connection to view a static image of the subway map. This should be an OFFLINE feature since the subway is mostly UNDERGROUND where most people don’t have SERVICE.
  • AAR doesn’t work 1/5

    By Shujon326
    I signed up but won’t let me sign in. AAR is the only reason I downloaded this app. When I try to sign in it says my account has been blocked which doesn’t make sense. I just installed and signed up today.
  • Maps don’t load correctly 1/5

    By Nixter34
    My subway maps don’t load at a good resolution. They look blurry when I zoom in.
  • Time errors 2/5

    By Sparheuoc
    I live in the Bronx and use this app to decide wether I use the 4 or B train in the morning. The times posted are usually correct for the 4. But most of the time for the B line, no time is posted and when it is posted it is wrong on a regular basis. I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten to the station 2-3 minutes before the train is scheduled to arrive and it’s already leaving the station. Please give the B/D line more love.
  • Blurry 2/5

    By saxman2004
    The maps in the app are very blurry. After uninstalling and reinstalling, the map still looks terrible.
  • MTA is an embarrassment 1/5

    By Thomas412
    Apps are for phones. This app has maps. But the maps are blurry when you blow them up to look. Like everything the MTA does, this is woefully inept and pretty useless.
  • Buggy, poor user interface, too many taps to get what you need. 1/5

    By Mike D (NYC)
    As others have said, as bad as the MTA itself. This app needs a lot of work to get to even mediocre. How can it be that you can’t even enlarge a subway map when you have poor cellular coverage (like on a train)?
  • Inaccurate Information & Messy 1/5

    By jsc77908
    The layout of this application couldn’t be any worse. Service schedules and status updates are not in real time and show little to no detail.
  • Overly complex 1/5

    By Bleecker44
    Too hard to do anything Needs quick functions not things that need many clicks and searching. Brought to you by same knuckleheads that run the MTA
  • The worst app ever 1/5

    By Ced Melbourne
    Please fix the app whenever you try to project a trip for the future it does not keep the times saved it keeps resetting to the default time 😡. FIX IT !!!!!!
  • Almost there... 3/5

    By mjchernis
    Mostly improving with every release. Please fix two things: Launch speed Saved trips — no longer will allow you to save a trip with time “Now”. Forces you to pick a specific time which is not always useful.
  • Update 3/5

    By HOVITO06
    How can I find and track busses if I’m in the Westchester area
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By jreb84
    It doesn’t update track numbers. Grand Central are there well in advance of their departure time and yet the track numbers are always wrong in the app and on the website. Pretty useless when you’re trying to rush home from work and don’t have a whole lot of time to be running from track to track.
  • Please make the maps work in offline mode 2/5

    By Crypto_Knight
    The app is officially from the NYC MTA. This is great and finally they have it. Thought there are cool features, the app fails to do one basic thing: viewing the MTA maps in an offline mode. I know that the updated map will of course better, however it will be even more better if the app allows the offline maps and just show a message like the “app is offline, will update when there is internet connection”. After all we don’t always have internet while riding the subways. This is basic use case. Please make it works.
  • I can’t see anything 1/5

    By D-Unit
    The maps are useless now, making the app completely useless. They’re blurry to the point where you zoom in and nothing is legible. Please fix this. It was good before.
  • Siri shortcuts please!!! 3/5

    By Alejandropf44
    Please add Siri shortcuts. It’d be great to ask: “Hey Siri, when’s the next train from Spring going uptown?” Thanks!
  • Map completely blurry 1/5

    By Alexissouquet
    What happened?? The app was working fine and now it is impossible to get any transit map, they are all completely blurry. Even after deleting and reinstalling the app. Please fix it.
  • Needs fixing 1/5

    By It's Trez9000
    The app crashes as soon as I open it
  • Not good 1/5

    By dddddddddgdgdgddd
    Why even make an app if it’s always wrong?
  • Crashes every time 1/5

    By Sad444
    Used to work, but now crashes shortly after launching. Please fix.
  • Bustime still doesn’t work correctly 1/5

    By Chqian
    The bus arrival schedules don’t take into account scheduled waits for the bus. So if it’s 9pm and you’re at a stop 5 minutes away from the first stop, but the next bus isn’t scheduled to depart until 9:15, it will tell you the next arrival is at 9:05 and will keep revising this estimate until the bus actually departs from the first stop. There’s no way to tell, so I just waited 20 minutes in the cold and rain for a bus that I rushed to catch but actually wasn’t leaving for a while.
  • Very limited Express bus Info 2/5

    By Mickdacop
    The x bus still seems to be almost non existent. I need to go to the website to look up bus routes and times.
  • Great at first, now bombs out every time 1/5

    By stacyrachels
    What happened?
  • Shuts down after 2 seconds. 1/5

    By 33Mike33
    The app can’t stay open. It shuts down spontaneously within seconds of opening.
  • Crashes all the time 1/5

    By TheTrainIsAlwaysLate
    This is a good idea for an app but it doesn’t work. The app freezes every time I open it and is worthless. Spend some money and fix the subway, then spend some money on some decent app development.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Arandomdoggo
    I have to be waiting for my bus and it’s always a selected bus or a bus that’s not the bus is need get rid of the select bus please
  • App keeps crashing on iPhone 6plus iOS 12.1.1 1/5

    By cabby139
    This app keeps crashing when opened. It opens see opening page then goes to black and disappears. Not friendly to MTA Acess A Ride Paratransit user.
  • Include offline subway map 1/5

    By tusgal
    Why omit subway that plastered all over the subway. There’s a reason why still use them. Include offline
  • Crashes constantly 2/5

    By Chocolate kisses 09
    This app was very useful at first but for the past couple of months it just crashes as soon as I try to open it. HELP.. I need this app
  • This app is as good as the MTA 1/5

    Wrong information at night

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