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MyNM by Northwestern Medicine

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  • Current Version: 1.3.0
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  • Developer: Northwestern Medicine
  • Compatibility: Android
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MyNM by Northwestern Medicine App

View your medical records, plan a visit, contact your care team, find a doctor, and more with the new Northwestern Medicine app for iOS. The free MyNM health app offers an array of tools and resources for both Northwestern Medicine patients and visitors. Manage Your Health: MyNM is the secure patient app for Northwestern Medicine. With MyNM, you can: • Access your health information and lab results • Securely message your physician • Schedule new appointments • Request prescription refills • View statements and pay your bill • Login using your existing Northwestern Medicine MyChart credentials • Track your health and fitness, including data from the Apple Health app when enrolled in self-tracking programs Find Doctors and Locations: We know how important it is to find the right healthcare provider. Whether you’re an existing Northwestern Medicine patient searching for a specialist or a prospective patient hoping to find a doctor in Chicago and throughout northern Illinois, we’re here to help. • Search doctors by specialty, insurance carrier, language preferences, and more • View detailed profiles for over 4,000 Northwestern Medicine physicians: locations, practice focus area, availability, and board certifications • Quickly and easily locate nearby Northwestern Medicine locations, including Emergency Care and Urgent Care facilities Access Visitor Resources: • View parking and transportation options • Access hospital maps and view on-site amenities • View nearby hotels and lodging The free MyNM app provides detailed information for hundreds of Northwestern Medicine Illinois locations, including hospitals, urgent care, cancer centers and rehabilitation.

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MyNM by Northwestern Medicine app reviews

  • Messaging not working 5/5

    By Me2abc
    UPDATE: Deleted and reinstalled the app. Everything seems to be working now. •••••••••••••••••••••••••• After most recent app update for iPhone, the Messaging feature in the Dashboard stopped working. When selected, it should list all messages between you and providers. Now it’s a blank page with words “Please select one” and nothing else. Fortunately, the messages feature is still available on NW MyChart webpage, but that’s a hassle when everything previously worked well in the app.
  • Couldn’t schedule an appointment 2/5

    By Ayfkm!
    Wouldn’t tell me why either. How is this better? Edit: after sending a message, I found out the Dr was no longer with NM. So there’s a disconnect between the app and the source of truth not really being updated. I will try to make an appt with another dr and update my review once again.
  • Face recognition 3/5

    By JimmyN9ne
    When it was MyChart it allowed me to sing in without needing to type the password every time. Can you do the same with this one?
  • No test results?? 2/5

    By Crazieloops
    The feature to see your test results is no longer available?? Why?? I was actually curious to know how my condition is currently...
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By VannaBug5
    As someone who is at the hospital frequently for tests and appointments this app makes everything so easy. I do have one suggestion. For appointments it would be great to list the downtown building name in addition to the address. I forget half the time if I am going to Galter, Arkes, etc. and it would be really helpful to have that in addition to address and floor number.
  • Not as happy with new app 2/5

    By D0197jo
    I loved the old app MyChart for when I have blood work done it was released to my chart before I ever saw the dr. Normal blood work 2to3 days. Now I have to wait for the dr to release (when he feels like looking at it) it get it. Witch could be 5 to 10 days. This is not in the best interest of the patient. I find things that even the best dr will overlook. But with my conditions are very relevant. I believe I should have as much right to my information as the Dr does. And I beleave this is covered under the privacy act. Not worth the time for me.
  • Helpful but... 3/5

    By Unnerved reader
    I notice that I have access to additional information if I log on to MyChart over the web. I often receive text messages from NWM indicating that I have new test results or a message or questionnaire from a provider and these are typically not available using the app.
  • MyChart was better 1/5

    By 1eyeblind
    MyChart was better in my opinion to use to access Northwestern. Now slower to sign in, still no support for iPad, really? Cm’on
  • Terrible 1/5

    By scryer99
    Gee, Northwestern, thanks for adding in great features like badge nagging and pointless notifications and subtracting features like sharing lab results with Apple Health. Definitely clear whose interests you have in mind with the new app.
  • My Chart 1/5

    By luv peace123
    The interface is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. It is not USER FRIENDLY at all. I struggle with annoying size of the app on my iPad and logging in is a nightmare.YOU SMART PEOPLE THAT DESIGN THIS STUFF CAN BE SO DUMB WHEN KEEP MESSING WITH SOMETHING AND YOU MAKE IT WORSE. DID YOU ONLY HAVE YOUR FRIENDS CHECK IT OUT BEFORE CHANGING IT. DID YOUR BOSSES LIKE IT. BUT THEY PROBABLY DON’T USE THE DARN THING. Please add back the large size app entry page. It always ask me to add the google play or apple app. I can’t immediately access my apps.
  • Locked in portrait mode 1/5

    By techgnosis_chi
    It’s impossible to get the app to rotate into landscape mode, as for instance if you’re using the Apple Keyboard. Yes, I checked to make sure my iPad 7 does not have Rotation Lock on.
  • Can’t schedule appointment 1/5

    By Technicallyerik
    I can’t schedule an appointment with my doctor. When I click the “continue” button after answering the first page of questions, nothing happens. In general this app is built very poorly.
  • No finger recognition, no way to contact MY Chart 2/5

    By jujubellama
    I do not see any way to set up finger recognition. More important, I have been waiting for a TEST RESULT of a test I had over a week ago to be posted, and it has not been posted yet. My doctor said it would be “automatically uploaded” after 3 days. To make matters worse, there is no way within my own chart to contact MY NM and ask where the test result is. My only recourse is to write you all and ask why my test result has still not been posted and who I can contact about the problem. I am disappointed and frustrated. This is a test which is critical to my healthcare.
  • Hate the new updated version 2/5

    By Hzlgreen
    My biggest complaint is it doesn’t allow for landscape mode, just portrait. I use it most the time on my iPad so this is a huge inconvenience. No shortcut for signing in also since they did away with the pin option. Why is it improvements are rarely better? I’m going to do whatever I can to avoid using this app. Hopefully they will find a better developer.
  • Do I stop using MyChart? 3/5

    By Skibabe213
    I don’t understand why there’s now two apps. MyChart doesn’t appear to allow me to log in anymore. Do I delete MyChart and just use MyNM?
  • Change is not always good 2/5

    By debcamps
    The new app looks great, but it will not allow me to create a new appointment. It took my payment without difficulty, so I guess that’s a good thing, right?
  • Not an improvement 1/5

    By gesunheit
    This app has a tedious and time consuming user interface. The beating heart symbol every time you wait for a result is off putting. What happened to Touch ID? Just about impossible to sign up via a phone. Just so frustrating I will go back to calling and paper bills.
  • Where is my linked care team? 1/5

    By Geneva 54
    My former my chart account was also linked to my care team of providers at RUSH, where did that go? And what’s with the $35 charge for asking a new question? This does not seem like an improvement.
  • Fee to send additional questions? 2/5

    By TrialUserAsOfNow
    I wanted send a reply after what the doctor responded because she seemed to be missing some info. There is a prompt saying it’ll charge me $35 to send it?
  • Care team is missing 2/5

    By PinkFlamingoFan
    Where did my whole care team disappear to? Only my internal medicine doctor is listed. I have at least 10 doctors that are part of my team. Not happy with this and there does not appear to be a way to add them back in. So much harder to use this app than MyChart.
  • New app not compatible with iPhone 5 2/5

    By Huskie fan
    I can't use my current app now because it wants me to download the new app which I can't because I have an iPhone 5 my husband has an iPhone 6 and not only does the new app work but so does the old one. So why can't I bypass the screen that won't let me download the new app and still use the old one.
  • Old app was better 1/5

    By AKayTee
    Old app was easier to use. I have the option for passcode log on enabled, but it doesn’t work. Still have to log on each time with user name. New app is no good.
  • Big downgrade from the MyChart app 1/5

    By ChgoBearMike
    No support for iPad and now Face ID and Touch ID are gone.
  • A step backwards 2/5

    By Fair Reviewer 0101
    Buggy compared to old MyChart app. Crashed when adding appointment to the calendar.
  • No option for Touch ID 2/5

    By saturnjt
    I’ve enabled Touch ID but am still prompted to manually enter my login information each time.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By mdg5371
    I have to change the pw each time I logon
  • Face ID 3/5

    By XxDogemanxX
    Why doesn’t this work ? I have changed to setting but still not working???
  • Face ID is hidden and not obvious to setup. 3/5

    By TomWilbraham
    You have click Save next to userid when first logging in then go to settings MyChart Settings to enable Face ID and/or Passcode, logout, kill the app, restart the app, click Face ID, click yes to enable and finally Face ID is setup. Really?
  • Where’s fingerprint recognition? MyChart had it 1/5

    By lanulos
    It’s very annoying to have to type in the full login and password every time. Also, there doesn’t seem to be an iPad version, like there was for MyChart. I think this was pushed out the door before it was ready.
  • Face ID Passcode 2/5

    By GBouey
    Although set up in the applications I still have to key in the password and user ID to access the program! ;-(
  • Not better than the original MyChart App 2/5

    By jchivini
    FaceID and Passcodes DO NOT WORK! iPad support would be better for communications - keyboard. Now I have to go to multiple apps to see my Drs from multiple hospitals - unlike before - also - this is just a re-skin of MyChart - I don’t need more propaganda.
  • Much Worse than the My Chart app 1/5

    By Chicago 2015
    While this app shows the main functions that the My Chart app did ( test results, appointments etc. ) the new app has destroyed the old app’s ease of use. I have an iPhone XS Max. Even though I have set up both Face ID & Passcode, neither actually work. The app always forces a sign in with the full sign in name and password. Supposedly the app uses Location Services but when you try to set it up it doesn’t work. This app doesn’t add any features that the My Chart app didn’t have and entirely removes the old app’s ease of use. Please either fix this or allow us to use My Chart again!!
  • No as friendly as the last 1/5

    By fsk405zellis
    Put the pin login back! The app looks muddy with the color choice. It all blend in together. The last version was nice clean and crisp. Would also be nice when a message is sent, you can see record of your message. ...
  • Not worth the bother 2/5

    By Sue Adler
    MyChart was easier to navigate and I could log in with face recognition. Still can’t book appointment for a MRI
  • FaceID not working 3/5

    By Chicagoturc
    I have turned both FaceID and passcode features on, and yet, the only way for me to log in is to enter my user ID and password. Reply to developer: There is no option to save my userid to enable automatic FaceID login. Please download the app in an iPhone XS and walk through the steps of setting it up. You will observe other issues as well (such as enabling location services)
  • Still got bugs 3/5

    By SoBe24
    Cannot use passcode. I owe $0.00 and yet Billing indicates attention.
  • FaceID doesn’t work 3/5

    By dwboulder
    I went under settings and chose MyChart settings and turned on FaceID, and it still requires me to enter credentials to login to the app. When I go under settings, the FaceID option is still green, but no luck.
  • Still no passcode for sign in 3/5

    By eenah
    I saw on a previous comment in January that she couldn’t do the sign in with a pass code or Face ID. I made sure to go to the settings to set this up. It doesn’t work still. I loaded this on recently as this will replace the previous MyChart app that Northwestern uses. Might want to work on this, and make sure when you owe 0 dollars, that the billing alert to tell you this - doesn’t keep popping up as well. There are a number of bugs throughout.
  • Not happy with this app 1/5

    By Wren51
    It’s not optimized for iPad use, only for iPhone. Takes forever to figure out how to navigate. Came across the LOGOUT feature and then could not find it again. Previous app was much more intuitive. Keeps saying I have a message or info under billing but nothing there. It lists my iPad twice, but after I deleted one, had to reset all settings again where it then again listed my iPad twice under devices. I feel annoyed while using this app versus quickly getting to the info I want.
  • Can’t login 1/5

    By Numbers789
    App doesn’t recognize MyChart credentials. Requested username never received an email with that information. Tried to register new account app reports account already exists.
  • unhappy user 1/5

    By Type1fortoolong
    I was fine with the mychart app. I can’t even log in with the code that was emailed to me. If I manage to get back to that page where the code goes I have to have another code sent to my email. Then over and over in a vicious circle. I refuse to get my email on my lap top just to log into this app. I use mychart almost weekly. This is a MESS! Can I stay with mychart?
  • It’s missing one of my favorite features 3/5

    By Wordpat
    The app is good and it’s nice to have all my medical info and record of past doctor visits in one place. But where is the feature from My Chart where you can compare all your past lab results in one graph or even chart your results? I find that a very helpful feature and am very disappointed not to find it available in the app.
  • No Track my Health option! 4/5

    By Soccerfreak1311
    This app is much easier to use that the last one, and I love that everything is the same shades of purple. And that everything is big! My boyfriend has this app too, on the old MyChart by Epic he had an option to “Track My Health” he’s diabetic and this is how his doctor was able to track his numbers. This new app there doesn’t seem to be that option. It would be much easier if it was just in the new app, so he wouldn’t have to go back and forth between both apps.
  • Not customer friendly 1/5

    By N328KF
    Why do we now need to download a separate MyChart app just for NM? It was better to use the same app that other Epic MyChart providers use. This needlessly burns 128MB.
  • Worse than MyChart 1/5

    By blindbob1257
    Not as user-friendly, no sightings Cab, no pattern or Face ID.MUST reenter use your name and password!
  • No landscape??? 1/5

    By RuneWalker
    It’s 2019. iPad. Landscape. You’d get 5 stars if that was included.
  • Good, BUT can it be improved? 4/5

    By KTrue1208
    I love that I can look at all of my associated test results and Dr communications in one place. However, I do have a beef with the application. When using the application on the iPad Pro with the keyboard active it doesn’t rotate. It would be very user friendly if it would rotate for readability.
  • Login Information Won’t Save 1/5

    By Dustin_UT
    Please please please fix the bug where my login information won’t save. I’ve enabled the pin, Touch ID, and every time the app is closed I have to log back in. Frankly it makes the app lose most of its use... very frustrating.
  • A helpful app 4/5

    By 1Majella
    This includes info fromMyChart and more. I like the pics of my docs, are shopping and restaurants, notes, etc. And it’s easy to navigate.

MyNM by Northwestern Medicine app comments

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