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  • Current Version: 4.1.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Pilot Flying J
  • Compatibility: Android
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myPilot - Pilot Flying J App

Save time and money with the myPilot app – the best way to get the most out of your stop at Pilot Flying J locations. Logging In: - If you already have a registered loyalty account, simply choose “Sign In” from the bottom of the screen and use existing credentials. - If you have a loyalty card but you’ve never registered online, choose “Create Account” and use your camera to scan and link to your existing card. All data will transfer. - Creating a digital account includes the same benefits as our physical cards, but with exclusive time and money savings – such as mobile fueling, mobile wallet and enhanced rewards. - Already have a registered account? Choose “Forgot Password” and input your email address. Locations: - With over 700 locations across the continent, you’re sure to find a Pilot Flying J location nearby, and our app will show you exactly where. See which locations feature our totally overhauled Wi-Fi— providing better, stronger Internet connection—plus our newly renovated bathrooms and showers. Select your favorite locations to find full location detail information, fuel prices, parking data and reservations, and full amenity listings. Shower Reservations: - Save time by reserving a shower with the app – we will even let you know when your shower is ready. Make sure your notifications are turned on in Settings. Fast & Secure Mobile Fueling: - Check lane status, set the pump up, and start fueling with an easy and secure six-digit code – all from the myPilot app. Mobile Wallet: - Store your payment, credit and loyalty cards in your wallet, and don’t worry about paper receipts. Everything is kept safe and secure within the app. Talk about fast throughput. Rewards: - MyRewards loyalty information and point balance is stored and ready to view anytime, anywhere. Save money with exclusive myOffers discounts and exclusive offers for food, drinks, snacks and more. Parking: - myPilot now allows you to search and filter for General, Prime, Live, and RV Parking at Pilot Flying J locations. At select locations, you can also view real-time parking availability information for Live Parking and Prime Parking™. Reserve a parking space in advance through our Prime Parking system. Live Parking information is currently only available at locations along on the I-5 corridor, and one location in Knoxville, TN. We are working to expand this helpful feature to other locations soon! Learn more about the myPilot app and myRewards loyalty program at Pilot Flying J values your information and will never sell it to third party vendors. Touch ID and Face ID are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

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myPilot - Pilot Flying J app reviews

  • Still can’t reserve shower 1/5

    By gstolljr
    Can’t reserve shower from app. Still says shower reservation was not successful! I can fuel from the app. iPhone X on AT&T.
  • Horrible, Customer Service Takes Forever to Answer 1/5

    By sushila725
    I never leave reviews, in fact this is my first in the Apple Store. I’m really disappointed. I try to login, but forgot my password, so sent the reset password link to my email where it then told me there was no account under email. Then re-opened app to create an account with my email, and its asking me security questions for that email. How if there’s no account? Why can’t I login? What’s worse is every time I try to call, I’m on hold for AT LEAST 10 minutes, then I just hang up. Every single time. This is horrible! You just lost a customer for your app, Pilot.
  • The app has an issue 3/5

    By Phrozen_Deuces_Wild
    The app won’t let me add a payment method.
  • Not sure it’s worth being on my phone. 2/5

    By GuitarFreddy
    I don’t know how you get points or what good they are. I’m not a truck driver but I travel as much as one. I use my card for every purchase but no points ever show up. As far as the app I suppose it works correctly except for the notification badge never goes away. That is terrible for someone with notification badge OCD. Going back it seems this is geared towards truck drivers.
  • Usage and balance 2/5

    By AppleMan49
    I would think being able to see each charge and current balance would be pretty basic? It’s your charge card. Would be especially helpful on a long run.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By hugorhxl
    I haven’t had any chance of using this app In my phone every time I try I got an error message “transaction denied “ Because I always fuel at the same location (#370) and the store staff told me I’m not the only one having trouble using the app I went last night to a different location (710) and also was unable to use it because both my phone and the company provided tablet were unable to connect with the shop. I wrote twice to Pilot support and they never bothered to reply to me.
  • Great 5/5

    By xeyrosh
    Excellent is satisfied App
  • Fix the app 3/5

    By nh patriot
    Please fix the app, it’s showing a notification and there is’s been like this for a while now!
  • Almost there 4/5

    By Bryan-232
    Would give 5 stars if it would let you add your mypilot card to Apple Wallet for easier access.
  • App functions okay, but content needs improving 3/5

    By viperlabs
    First and foremost, there needs to be a “contact us about this store” feature like the Love’s app that sends a message to both the store and corporate. I don’t always want to speak to a manager, and I would feel better knowing a team at corporate is following up on the resolution to reported problems. If the messaging system were built into the app, you could preload it with certain topics (maintenance, cleanliness, food, parking, staff, other, etc.) and respond directly to drivers about the progress of the reported issue. It goes a long way when people feel heard and see results. I have encountered stores which have Reserve parking, but it doesn’t appear in the app. I have also been to a location that the app says has the enhanced WiFi experience, but it doesn’t. When I asked the store, the manager knew about the problem but the information in the app hasn’t been corrected. I called the main customer service number, but hung up after waiting on hold too long. For a few months, the app has said I have one notification, but nothing is indicated once inside the app. I have navigated to every page and even deleted and reinstalled the app and the “1” notification is still there. This is on an iPhone 6S Plus, latest iOS (currently 12.1), and latest myPilot app (currently 4.2.0).
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Dacoda321
    It worked great for like a week, now It doesn’t. It’s been a few days of me trying. What’s the point of this app if it doesn’t work? Store 306
  • Holding on the phone 1/5

    By Adam E...
    You guys making millions of money and you have only 1 customer service representative. Come on guys...Holding on the phone hours and hours... We’re professional drivers and we’re not sitting in the office. We mostly driving. Why you holding on the phone. Hire another 1 more person for customer service.
  • Can’t reserve shower on app 1/5

    By Youngworld86
    It seem I can’t reserve showers on the app anymore. That’s my favorite feature.
  • No cash advance 3/5

    By Corrie2005
    Why in the world can’t I do a cash advance on this app. Have to go in store after fueling to get the transaction done. I select yes cash advance. Then I put in the amount and it says put in a valid amount. Every week I can get up to $100.00. Now mind you I don’t get it unless it available each week. So putting cash advance on this app is totally useless. Just saying.
  • Number 1 1/5

    By Chevylady28
    I’m getting really sick of seeing the red “1” notification. Even opening the app isn’t taking it off. How long is it going to take for you guys to fix this? It’s been weeks since this glitch started. Please update and fix!
  • Not at all 100% 2/5

    By nyrich68
    Today’s deal is dew Tuesday. I saved the deal and it clearly states or Pepsi. Well I bought 2 Pepsi zeros and paid the full price. I didn’t get the deal. Another time I figured double points? Why not I’ll but fuel with the app. Everything worked this time(which isn’t always true) and a big fat 0 points added to my card. None! Receipt showed my card was accepted but no points. Been disappointed a few times with this app. Definitely not the best app on the interstate.
  • Glitches 1/5

    By Therealmackeyman
    Since last update I can’t clear notifications
  • App is broke I guess? 1/5

    By Hungry trucker
    Can’t reserve showers anymore. It says reserve shower has failed. Doesn’t tell me why
  • Push Notifications 3/5

    By Slow_Motion_79
    Allowed push notifications, but there is no way to clear them. It’s showing a notification, but there is no area/tab available to view/clear load it off. Now it is just constantly showing a notification. If I can’t clear it off, I’ll probably just delete the app.
  • Keeps showing I have a message. 3/5

    By Mikey 4108
    Since the update my my app keeps showing a number one on it as if I have a message to read. There is no message and no way to get rid of the number. Any suggestions. Mike.
  • Sad 5/5

    By vhhhkkkkoii
    App hasn't worked since last update 10/25, uninstalled reinstalled now it seems to be working. We'll see Still working, back to 5 stars!
  • Beware 1/5

    By Acs freight
    I have this app for Long time they finally accepted my Visa card first time I did put fuel for $480 activated through the app they build me correctly my next stop was $200 activated pump by the app my next stop was the same day and keep saying card declined then i use my card at the pump and was accepted. Later that day I open my bank app and I noticed they were charge me $500 instead of $200 I called customer service and I’ve been told it’s my bank 😂😂 holding it. after that she said some location maybe hold my money. No more app for me. If you going to use this app just letting you know what you can expect.
  • Almost there 4/5

    By Angelfire19841
    Adding the fueling and showers has been great! Now if we can just reserve a spot from inside the app without it kicking us to a website to log back in again that would be AMAZING and definitely worthy of 5 stars!
  • Frustrated. A previous daily customer 1/5

    By hubbard.shannonm
    I could deal with the fact that I wasn’t receiving my receipts through the app after fueling. But the fact that I can’t add my debit or credit cards as payment is ridiculous. I made my first visit to speedway this week and, not only do I earn points, better coupons and receive my receipts immediately, their rewards program seems better overall. Convenience is a must when you drive 4.5 hours a day!
  • iPhone starts off in the UK... 5/5

    By Ihop23947
    My iPhone Pilot map will usually start centered in the UK and move to the USA. My android doesn’t. Any ideas developer?
  • Update 4/5

    By crhchcke
    The error message saying your internet is bad should say turn on your WiFi. Ever since I’ve turned on the WiFi before using it has worked. Just in time for double points for using it! Yea!
  • Bad up date! 1/5

    By lickmeallofyou
    Since I just updated it last Saturday your app will not open it does not work it keeps saying log out and re-dry.
  • Bugs 1/5

    By mjc727
    Trying to register, it asks for my Good Sam number. I enter it and it says it doesn’t exist. When I skip that and go on to register without, it tells me it sent an email to click to make password. I don’t get any email.
  • 😑 3/5

    By Juss1me
    Saved a coupon for $1.50 off Marlboro. App said I had 15 mins to redeem. Tried to use it and IT DID NOT WORK!
  • App needs a little work 3/5

    By ckallmbah
    I like the app when it works but it’s very on off sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t . Since the latest update it hasn’t worked at all . Is says they are having trouble with their servers . If I log out and log in it doesn’t do anything to fix . I am able to log in and see my reciepts and my points , I just wish it was mor consistent .
  • Works sometimes 3/5

    By mr_mooney
    I’d love to take advantage of the 2x points this month but the fueling section is “unable to locate a fueling station near me” even though there is a pilot 10 miles away. I hope we can get this corrected. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled it but it still won’t locate my local pilot.
  • This app and customer service is deplorable 1/5

    By Nazzerth
    Never got my email from app and got no where with customer service I was very hesitant of even getting an app or customer rewards card because it was something I had to keep up with every time I go into a pilot they say you need to get a rewards card or download the app to get any savings try to do it epic fail pass on this one folks
  • Good Sam Please 2/5

    By Duckogram
    I drive a Motorhome (rolling road block) and use a GoodSam card. It is better than the pilot card by .02¢ per gallon. So if I can’t use it within the app, the app cost me $$$. DELETE
  • Can’t Add Payment 1/5

    By mons02035
    Update***since my last update I have tried a couple other major credit cards. One card worked all others did not. Mastercards were not recognized at all. I tried visa and mastercards. Update***Well, I have emailed them and they said that they are not accepting major credit cards yet. I was told it would be available end of September. It’s October 1 now. Thought maybe it was fixed in this last update but nope. Not to mention, it clearly states in the “FAQ” section of the my wallet section of their app that major credit cards can be entered. Like I said, it’s worse to offer an app that promises big but delivers little. Always under promise and over deliver because it makes me not want to use this company anymore. I’ve been trying and trying to enter in other payment cards and it keeps telling me the same thing, trouble communicating with the server. Been going on for a long time now, there have been 3 or so updates and it’s still dong it. Either get serious about this app or abandon it and remove it. I’d rather not have an app at all than have one that’s half hearted.
  • It don’t work 1/5

    By PhilGentile
    That app don’t work keeps saying something went wrong
  • Meh. 1/5

    By WesleyPegdon
    Forgot my password. Reset it right ? Email link has expired by the time you get the email - about 2 hours after you request it. Can someone fix this please.
  • Unable to login 1/5

    By judyrb
    Was a very good app until the last couple of trips. I am unable to get logged in and cannot change password because of the security question says it doesn’t match. Even though I know it is the right answer. Just tried to get husband a log in and have not received email to complete set up
  • Add icee on amenities list 5/5

    By Alan in Milton
    Love the app. It always works for me. I also crave icee (esp. Coke flavor icee) when I’m on the road, but it is always hit or miss as to whether the Pilot / Flying J where I choose to stop has an icee machine. It’d be great if you’d make it easier on us by adding this to your amenities filter.
  • Just one thing to fixed 4/5

    By Timys_Wimmys
    I downloaded the app and choose for a virtual reward card, but now I wanna add my card on the app and after scan the barcode... I push the button “save and continue” and nothing happens. I trying lot of times. ☹️

    By SirTirb21
    Love the concept of the app and the fueling and having your receipts however it’s doesn’t seem to work at over half of the locations. After 4 years of Pilot/Flying J I’m making the switch to Loves or TA. Better truck stops and better service.
  • Incorrect on fuel prices 1/5

    By fjoru
    Title says it all. Every time pump priced 10 to 20 cents higher than app said.!
  • -5 stars 2/5

    By Dog235
    The old version was bad, this version is worse. Have to sign in each time. It has two loyalty cards for me, neither of which belong to me. I can't load MY loyalty card, therefore I don't trust it enough to put my company fuel card on there. Won't show me my points, showers, or anything. Each version of this app has gotten worse. I hate to be so negative, but I hate this app. Updated review, 2 stars It’s better. My only problem is that I still have trouble resetting my password, without calling customer service. When calling customer service I get put on hold. Other than that it’s a great app.
  • Slooooooow 1/5

    By R-J-T
    Takes forever loading/opening app. Missed a few points.
  • Used to Work Great Now It Never works 1/5

    By Solo Trucker
    I used to love this app. Since the last update I can’t even log in. 1st It tells me to go to settings and activate Touch ID which I do NOT want to use. Then when I just try to sign in it tells me my username and/or password are not correct. Then when I try to use the forgot password link it tells me something is wrong with my email which I KNOW is correct!!!! 😡
  • Has potential to be a great app ... if only it worked consistently. 3/5

    By Nomad_76
    Love the features that do work ... but fueling would the apps greatest feature if they could get it to work. Usually, after entering information it just gives an error saying it cannot connect. Once in a while it will work and is great! This feature is possible as the Love’s app now offers it and got it to work every time.
  • This app Su$$s with capital S 1/5

    By Farfarright
    This app is becoming more useless each time. Every time they do an update or some other crap it logs me out and then I use the email that they send me promos for but says it’s invalid. Don’t bother using this app just use your card cause they do this every dang time. I hate this app at least Loves Rewards helps ya get back in and doesn’t wipe all your earned points
  • Location services 4/5

    By Brax123456
    Keeps telling me Oops cant fine ur current location when trying to reserve a shower location services are on ill be fueling at a pilot and it still tells me oops cant fine ur location
  • Frazer Park Flying J 2/5

    By Ckckj
    I was planning on stopping for fuel as usual recently. All well and good until I approached the Location. It was being torn down. No signs of any kind. Guess they don’t care about customers anymore. At least a warning could have been posted so RV drivers do not pull off the fwy and try turning around across the highway.
  • Frustrating... buggy 2/5

    By Both platforms
    Only works about 70% of the time at the pump. Too many times I get an authorization code, punch it in at the pump, only to get “not recognized”. One time I canceled, got another code, and it didn’t work, restarted my phone and tried a third time and it worked. I’ve called PFJ and spoke with tech support twice now, but the problem continues.

myPilot - Pilot Flying J app comments

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