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myPilot App

Save time and money with the myPilot app – the best way to get the most out of your stop at Pilot Flying J locations.  Logging In: * If you already have a registered loyalty account, simply choose “Sign In” from the bottom of the screen and use existing credentials. * If you have a loyalty card but you’ve never registered online, choose “Create Account” and use your camera to scan and link to your existing card. All data will transfer. * Creating a digital account has the same benefits as our physical cards, and more – such as mobile fueling, mobile wallet and enhanced rewards. * Already have a registered account? Choose “Forgot Password” and input your email address. Locations: * With over 700 locations across the continent, you’re sure to find a Pilot Flying J location nearby, and our app will show you exactly where. See which locations feature our totally overhauled Wi-Fi— providing better, stronger Internet connection—plus our newly renovated bathrooms and showers. Select your favorite locations to find full location detail information, fuel prices, parking data and reservations, and full amenity listings. Fast & Secure Mobile Fueling: * Check lane status, set the pump up, and start fueling with an easy and secure six-digit code – all from the myPilot app. Mobile Wallet: * Store your payment and loyalty cards in your wallet, and don’t worry about paper receipts. Everything is kept safe and secure within the app. Talk about fast throughput. Rewards: * MyRewards loyalty information and point balance is stored and ready to view anytime, anywhere. Save money with exclusive myOffers discounts and coupons for food, drinks, snacks and more. Parking: * myPilot now allows you to search and filter for General, Prime, Live, and RV Parking at Pilot Flying J locations. At select locations, you can also view real-time parking availability information for Live Parking and Prime Parking™. Reserve a parking space in advance through our Prime Parking system. * Live Parking information is currently only available at locations along on the I-5 corridor, and one location in Knoxville, TN. We are working to expand this helpful feature to other locations soon! Shower Reservations: * Save time by reserving a shower with myPilot. Learn more about the myPilot app and myRewards loyalty program at Pilot Flying J values your information and will never sell it to third party vendors. Touch ID and Face ID are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.


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  • Apple wallet please(still) and WiFi credits 3/5

    By DragonLost
    Seems such an obvious feature to be implemented. I don’t much care for the 30 seconds(now 20) it takes to launch the app and find my loyalty barcode. I have frequently visited loves when the choice is mine to make specifically for ease of app and barcode. Need to claim WiFi credits from within app. No make walk in rain 4 internets
  • Payment card 3/5

    By Mike0913
    I still can’t add a payment card to my wallet. I put in all the information and it says unable to connect with the servers or something...
  • Broken, again... 1/5

    By crhchcke
    For awhile it was a 30/70 shot that the app would work. Then a miracle happened and it always worked. For a few weeks. Then the update came and not only does it not work but it now blames me (my internet connection failed not the crappy app). When it works it’s nice. One year it might work again...
  • Not bad.... when it works. 1/5

    By Dain Unicorn
    In the last three versions of this app I have been plagued with a ‘unable to retrieve account information’ pop up with either logout or retry. Retrying never does any good. Almost always this error goes away after updating the app. That’s poor wording on the error message. It’s also sloppy coding on app in that it must seek an external data source to open. -2 Truckers (for whom this app is intended) often go places with no access to Internet even in this day and age. Not having an offline mode is a serious handicap. -1 The marking nonsense and sales based notifications I can deal with though they are on the excessive side. -1 All in all, this app is decent if you never leave the big cities. A more robust offline mode that doesn’t nuke your login (yet another bloody password to remember) would cure my first two gripes.
  • Completely worthless after update. 1/5

    By jeffapple77
    This was a great app that I used daily until the update. Now it’s completely worthless and I can’t make fuel purchases with it anymore. I even deleted it and reloaded it, but it’s still worthless. Great job IT team!
  • Ok,app but not amazing 3/5

    By martianmi
    Hi,everyone..the pilot app its ok,kinda slow motion app,compare to Loves app. I would like to have an opinion to seve the card in rhe iPhone like you are yousing the apple pay for example
  • Fast! 5/5

    By Guy in Point
    The new version is much faster and thank you for the fingerprint features!
  • New feature rocks 5/5

    By [steven99]
    Congratulations to you for your work on fingerprint ID for passwords. I am also happy to see that the app has been sped up a bit. These two little things truly make my job that much easier, making it so I can keep these tires rolling down the road. Thank you.
  • Screen mode 4/5

    By BillKloos
    Is there something preventing this app from running in landscape mode on an iPad Pro?
  • 5 stars for the new update 5/5

    By SIM KAN
    Very nice and quick ..
  • Wallet 4/5

    By Michael Fortener
    Please add the ability to save the rewards card in the Wallet app on the iPhone
  • Hardly ever works sadly. 2/5

    By MikelTek10101
    I like to try to use the app and even switched to Verizon and got a new iPhone hoping that I would no longer an error when fueling and trying to shower. Hopefully one day the developers will get this app running as good as loves app
  • Updated review 5/5

    By Ryno Express
    This app has been extremely useful and convenient by keeping documents of recent fuel receipts that can then be easily forwarded to my company by email, I can basically fuel up and roll out when times are tight.. The update was a little sketchy at first, but it looks like things are back to 100%👍🏻
  • Won't Load 1/5

    By Scott_Davidson
    Doesn't get past loading screen. Deleted, reinstalled, nothing.
  • Worked perfect on my 10.5 iPad, absolute garbage on my 12.9 1/5

    By jm11952
    I’ve been driving and stopping at flying j/pilots for about a month now using my 10.5 iPad as my main source of directions and where to stop. I just swapped my 10.5 with my sisters 12.9 and this app no longer functions correctly. I am unable to click on the map locations and bring up the next screen which would show me that locations details, the option to call the flying j is the only one there now and it doesn’t go away even when I don’t have a location chosen. I’d highly recommend testing this app on a 12.9 iPad so you can work out the bugs.
  • Fueling no longer working 2/5

    By Truckin Tony
    Everything was working fine for the last few months. The ability to use the app to authorize the pumps is not working at all for the last 10 days. You can enter information, but it times out without giving code. Multiple stores in multiple states.
  • Too bad 2/5

    By Lvtrkdrvr
    This could be a pretty good app, except it doesn’t work most of the time.
  • Shower 5/5

    By loolomysin
    I like to book shower through the application but i think it only let you book 1 shower in certain amount of time. Otherwise it’s working fine.
  • Ugh 3/5

    By Juss1me
    Doesn’t open quickly
  • No Longer works consistently 1/5

    By 2bec
    Does No longer connect consistently. When it does connect sometime some features don’t work. Used to be a good app. Somebody needs to fix it.
  • Needs one more thing 4/5

    By jsquareg
    Love the app but to make it 100% useful it would be nice if it told you miles to location when you touch the information icon. The older versions did this but was dropped at some point. Now I have to open maps to see distance and keep going back and forth till I get the one I want. This makes it harder to plan trips.
  • Inconsistent 3/5

    By Winnyf1145
    Well the app when it works works very well, however it often drops out failing to connect or update and the fueling option seems to never be addressed. On the positive side, you can now see stores and reserved parking status and gain access to updated fuel prices. Really wish they would update the app to work better.
  • Great decisions!!! 5/5

    By thomyann
    Because of this up lol I stopped fueling at loves, TA and Petro lol.. I like how you can use the app instead of swiping for fuel and it saves the info which is even faster. Also it tells u which pumps are available for fueling . I just wish the app works with every pilot n fj location but unfortunately it doesn’t., overall I love this app and the coupons I get as well can’t forget that
  • This app is a joke 1/5

    By Rikibt82
    This app is a joke. It does not work at all. I have created a new user over and over again and it keeps on saying that it can not retrieve my information. Do not waste your time with this app
  • Incorrect points on iPad 3/5

    By ....."?
    Points on my iPad says I got 444475....on my a android phone it shows the correct points.. tried uninstalling and Re installing doesn’t work.. It sure would be nice to have all those points.
  • Loading data. 1/5

    By Ihop23947
    That’s all it says. Never opens.
  • Printer Friendly option 3/5

    By lstraight
    All in all the app is not bad. We sure could use a printer friendly option on the app to print receipts. Because when you email them it takes too many pages. So how about a printer friendly option, thanks.
  • Pilot App 4/5

    Works great on my iPhone, but points meter is screwy on iPad. A fix would be good.
  • Not working 1/5

    By Cuuzzz
    I haven’t been able to use the app all day. It won’t load. Shows ERROR. please try again later.
  • Shower number 5/5

    By William a smith
    It would be nice if it showed you when your shower is ready,
  • Can’t find my location 1/5

    By xj_dave
    Can’t reserve showers using app anymore!
  • Portrait & Landscape 2/5

    By H82bsogood
    I want to be able to view your app on my iPad in landscape. Please add this.
  • Luka 1/5

    By Luka90ks
    App its not working. I registrate 3 times, its seems that cant remeber me. Finally I registrate, no point now shower.
  • My Pilot 3/5

    By AbdRahim
    Ok, but parking status does not work.
  • It’s not working today 1/5

    By Hydrating dis
    It keeps saying stuck on updates
  • Connection issues 3/5

    By Destined Trucker
    For the most part the app is great for getting fuel and reserving showers. There are times however when I’m at the fuel island at a Pilot or Flying J and it says that it can’t locate a store location. Fix that bug and I’ll give it 5 stars
  • Updated Review 5/5

    By ACESsiggy
    Always get this whoops message when logging into the mobile app — “whoops, there was a problem logging you in. Please try again.” I have no issues checking my account via a computer or web browser on my phone. I Only have issues using this app. Update: can finally log in properly with the app. 5 stars as the problem seems to been fixed. Love the savings and more importantly the point system.
  • App good fueling function is the worst 1/5

    By Bruce (Iceman)
    The app is good for parking showers, but for fueling it is the worst ever, I input all the information as required then at the very end it just spins and spins, I quit even trying as it is faster to just input the information once at the pump. This happens at 99% of all pilot/flying j. Not worth it to waste so much time. Store is no help. iT is no help
  • Ok for the most part 3/5

    By Wrecker Rick
    Ok for the most part. Fuel tabs does nothing but whoops error message.
  • Sad 1/5

    By Poptart13136
    As a truck driver I give pilot one star pilot is very very greedy truckers spend alot of thier paychecks on food that is way over priced and usually old pilots point system is horrible as well it takes along time to save any points to spend on thier crappy merchandise I recommend start going to loves or ta/petro they will treat you with some respect and you actually get rewarded for getting thier fuel.
  • Terrible update 1/5

    By Freydae
    absolutely hate the new update. Won't let you zoom out and see multiple stores, continually zooms in to the nearest store.
  • Helpfull but slow 3/5

    By Truck driver Chuck
    The app is nice to see your points and scan the rewards barcode but it takes forever for the app to load up and then another wait to get to the barcode in the wallet section. It could and should be faster.
  • Please add toggle for autozoom 4/5

    By itschase
    I love this app - we use it to look for stations with RV fuel lanes and have found it to be beyond useful. What isn’t useful though is the auto zoom feature that zeroes in on the nearest station (even if it’s behind you) and fights you if you try to pan out to a larger view. I like to plan my fuel stops a day or two in advance on my cross country drives - and it would make using this app so much easier if I could turn the auto zoom off.
  • SMB 1/5

    By Liveoni80
    App does not work on iPhone or iPad. Try to open app and all I get is a message that login failed. Deleted app and downloaded several times,still won’t open.
  • Add cards - yes, remove - no? 4/5

    By Rut_ten
    I need to remove one of my loyalty cards from app and I can’t. Giving 4 out 5 because it was a big struggle getting my receipts just now.
  • App used to work great- not now👎🏻👎🏻 1/5

    By Rogrrr Crozrrr
    App worked great until it updated. Now I can't even log in. Repeated attempts to reset password have failed. 🙄
  • Zooming 2/5

    By Erichemt iphone
    Could they fix the app so when I try and zoom out to see where other stops are the app will stop automatically stop zooming in.
  • Won some, lose some. 1/5

    By Adam Potgieter
    This app has improved in some respects, like showers and the wallet, but the location directory needs a re-think. The automatic zoom feature makes it useless. Frustrating. Seemingly unable to link the payment method to the apple wallet, or save the card to my profile for easy future use.
  • Need to add loyalty card to Apple wallet 4/5

    By Henson_12
    I really like the app but you really need to make it like Loves and a lot of other apps were I can add my pilot card to the Apple Wallet. This really makes it easy to scan and faster.
  • Please... 2/5

    For the love of God and all that is holy, please disable the auto-zoom feature on the map of PFJ locations. Or at the very least the option to disable auto-zoom. Me: Let me zoom out to find a location. App: Oh? You want max zoom? ZOOMS IN ME: No, I want to zoom out to see more location s: App: Oh? You want max zoom? ZOOMS IN Me: Chokes app.. App: Oh? MORE ZOOM? ZOOM IN

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