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MyPlate Calorie Counter App

MyPlate is the fastest and easiest way to lose weight and improve your health! Join millions who have lost weight with LIVESTRONG.COM’s MyPlate Calorie Tracker — the most user-friendly way to track your food and exercise on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. MyPlate makes tracking calories and getting the proper nutrition easy. USER REVIEWS "I lost 75 pounds but regained my life.” — Robin "I changed my life, and lost more than 100 pounds in a single year.” — Ryan “My life has forever changed for the better -- and LIVESTRONG.COM was where it started. Thank you so much for helping me be the healthiest me!” – Lara “I have done Weights Watchers (WW) twice in the last five years with fantastic results but the reality is, it’s expensive and not conducive to reality. Counting calories is so much easier than counting ‘points’ and you feel free to eat what you want, when you want.” -- Meagan With the LIVESTRONG.COM Calorie Tracker, you can: Browse a comprehensive database with over 2 million foods Find out which foods you eat contain the most calories Use our handy barcode scanner to find and track food easily Stick to a healthy diet with a detailed 8-Week Meal Plan consisting of balanced macronutrients Get a personalized daily calorie goal Keep track of your weight and progress over time Review detailed data and create custom goals for your macronutrients and micronutrients Keep track of your water intake Follow along with in-app workouts you can do at home, at the gym or anywhere Get real-time, 24/7 support from members of our motivational community and others on a similar journey Set meal reminders to keep you on track Integrate with Apple's Health app to sync workouts, food and weight tracked from other apps and devices Get full support for use on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch Why choose LIVESTRONG.COM’s Calorie Tracker? *MACRONUTRIENTS MADE SIMPLE* A daily snapshot of protein, carbs and fat grams and percentages allows you to easily monitor your intake and manage your desired ratio. *ROBUST PROGRESS SECTION* The extensive Progress section includes easy-to-read charts that give you a quick summary of your data over time including Calories, Weight, Carbs, Protein, Fat and more. *8-WEEK MEAL PLAN* Don't know what to eat? The 8-Week Meal Plan gives you healthy snack, meal and recipe suggestions — all designed for balanced macronutrients. Choose from one of four dietary preferences: omnivore, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free. *Healthy Recipes* Looking for food suggestions? Check out our healthy recipe suggestions based on your calorie expenditure that day AND your dietary preferences (vegan, vegetarian, carnivore, or omnivore). *FOLLOW ALONG WORKOUTS* Want to stay fit? Enjoy our list of workouts, and exercise at home or anywhere. At the end of each workout, save the number of calories burnt to your diary. *REAL-TIME COMMUNITY SUPPORT!* Looking for motivation or advice? Our active community message boards are filled with thousands of members who share similar health and fitness goals offering each other support and advice, sharing recipes and tips and just sharing a laugh. *UPGRADE TO A GOLD MEMBERSHIP* Choose between three price tiers and periods (1 month for $9.99, 6 months for $29.99 or 1 year for $44.99). The price will be shown in the app before you complete the payment. The subscription renews at the end of every period you choose unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. A Gold Membership includes: Advanced statistics, including daily averages, trends and more Exclusive workouts Exclusive access to the private Gold Members board in the community Clean Eating Guide, including 21 recipes and tips for eating clean Ad-free experience Priority support from our customer support IMPORTANT INFORMATION Terms of Service: Privacy Policy:

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MyPlate Calorie Counter app reviews

  • Good way to track macros 5/5

    By Trucks are fun
    Definitely accurate. Most macros are calculated by users it seems and you can customize your own “food” for an entry. If you eat similar items you can record what nutrients are in each food and quickly enter them later for each day which is very helpful. Overall a very well made app with many useful features, even if it’s just used as a visual representation of each day to make sure you are hitting your nutrient goals. You can even search menu items you order at restaurants which are spot on accurate. Overall this is a great app.
  • love it 5/5

    best tracking app out there
  • Not bad but not ok 4/5

    By yassssssssssssssś
    This app is a great app the only thing that I think that’s wrong with it is that there is no reset button because I wanted to lose a little bit of pounds so I downloaded this and maybe I’m wrong I only had this app for a couple of hours like two or three so yeah I was doing my daily workout and then it doubled what I was supposed to get and now I have too many calories so I had to delete the app and now I’m looking for another app and I tried to re-download it to see if everything was reset but nothing was and I still had a bunch of amounts of calories so I looked at everything to see if it there Was a reset button but I did not see one I’m not the best with phones maybe there is one maybe there isn’t but I did not see one
  • Life Changer 5/5

    By Sachoya
    I wasn’t seeing the results of my workout and now I know why. I was consuming waaay too many carbs. Had a 1200 daily calorie goal but I was also consuming way over that without realizing it. Thanks to this app I can now keep my macros in check
  • Micronutrient Tracker Upgrade, Please 5/5

    By Tim135790
    I’m wanting to see micronutrients like calcium, iron, biotin etc and vitamins like B12, A, D, K etc. I want to see how much I need for the day and when I am low on vitamins/minerals to include notifications suggesting what foods I could eat to get those daily values. In summary, more in depth micronutrient tracker with food suggestions and notifications that help us meet those daily goals. I’m in love with this app so far. The food database is great, the layout and interface is intuitive and user friendly. Always look to improve your app just like how the individuals who are your customers look to improve themselves and continue to support your app.
  • Great app!! 5/5

    By Loulee49999
    Very easy to use, pretty straightforward and a great way to keep track of your nutritional needs!!!!
  • The best health app EVER 5/5

    By charryyyyy
    Honestly I never write reviews but this app is so amazing that I couldn’t help myself
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Slim4Emmett
    Easy to use. Accurate info. Truly engaging app for weight loss. Highly recommend.
  • Good, different from other 3/5

    By MCHM5456
    I have tried many diet trackers and this one has most that I need as a free app. I am looking what I can do with a Gold membership. It seems allot is good for is to remove the ads. My other problem is using the scan function. It is so hard to keep the barcode in between the lines. It is hard to hold your item still.
  • Great, But Needs Some Adjustments 4/5

    By Tclarson
    I love the app but I wish that when you add a meal as your own, that you could set it up for how many servings the recipe is. I added a green bean recipe but it’s 4 servings, there isn’t a good way to add that custom meal and change the serving size from 4, to 1, from what you added as a recipe.
  • Great app for runner losing those stubborn last 10 lbs! 4/5

    By Run for Nilla
    Set the goal to 0.5 lbs per week and 50% carbs. Only added strength training and earned running calories to daily calorie allowance. Boom! Lost the 10 lbs. App made me realize that my protein intake was too low. Would give 5 stars but gold membership cost is too high.
  • It really works... 5/5

    By hhhhhaaaaannnnnnnnaaaaaaaaahhh
    I can never get weight to shed off. My friend showed me this app and said she used this for her weight loss journey and help defeat her eating disorder. I decided to follow behind and use this too and I absolutely love it. It really helps, free workouts, and logging, and an amazing community. I %120 recommend. I never write reviews on apps, this is the first time ever. And I believe this was a very important review to give.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By nanee❤️
    I love this app, I use it to track my calories and I use a diff app for my exercise. The 3 apps have helped me lose 4 pounds in 3 days. I would recommend this app to anyone and everyone‼️
  • Hello 5/5

    By Jainjsnush
    Ive lost 115pounds with the help of your app I was thinking of maybe you could do some user interface changes maybe making it more structured on your macros and make a “copy data” button to transfer from one device to another easily
  • Continuously Fabulous 5/5

    By Puppyrox44
    Have been using this app for years. Keeps getting better and it helps me stay one track.
  • Great except 4/5

    By Keykey001356
    Great, very adaptable and easy to use. One improvement is to add 32oz water container. I have a big water bottle, and do fo a lot of people I know.
  • Holy cow! 1/5

    By BobbieLamar
    Just spent like 15 min looking for simple whole fresh strawberries (I ate 4) and a bowl of regular cooked oatmeal! Am I missing something or is this app just too complicated for me??!!
  • Very bad 1/5

    By Ayman_Aweer
    I don’t know why all this apps doesn’t allow you to add ingredients to your recipes by the amount of ingredients and calculate the micros
  • App is now ad 1/5

    By hatehighsalespitches
    Used to like this app. Now it’s set up awkward and too many sales pitches
  • Minor Issue 4/5

    By taylotots
    I like this app, however I have a small complaint. The macro calculator does not adjust for total calories consumed. For instance I am on a 1,600 calories diet but if I burn 500 calories I actually consume 2,100. However my macros are still set at a percentage based on 1,600 therefore I always end up going over
  • I didn’t care for it. 1/5

    By Tnt2501
    I liked the way it looked and it was easy to use. Food list is somewhat limited. Exercise list to log is nearly nonexistent. My Fitness Pal has more foods and more exercises to log. App does provide a limited amount of exercises to perform that are not really geared to the beginner just starting out. You have to pay to unlock more exercises.
  • Needed for wanting to lose weight 5/5

    By ac7m17
    I have just started my weight loss journey and this app is amazing. It is so simple to track my calories. The app has made me realize that I am over eating. I also have an Apple Watch and the app uses the data from my watch and makes my weight loss journey a lot more simple.
  • Defaulting units to “serving” in subsequent recordings is a major flaw 3/5

    By apotash15
    Overall this app works well, save for a single flaw that is bad enough to make me switch to a different calorie counting app. The list of foods is extensive (if a little difficult to search sometimes) but the problem occurs when you try to record something you've already recorded. When you first record a food you’re given a variety of options to declare how much you consumed (a serving, X cups, Y grams, etc.). But subsequent records only give you the option for the unit “serving”, and the unit for serving is given. But it’s not always reasonable to measure things by the default unit. For instance, I added 1/2 cup of walnuts to a salad, and the next day ate about 10g of walnuts (i.e. about 5 walnut halves) as a snack. Because I had already recorded walnuts I had no option other than to record my calories as a fraction of a cup. Why? Clearly there are multiple measurement units available for most foods during the first recording, so why take those options away for subsequent recordings. I want to keep using this app, but this issue is just too frustrating, especially when there are so many alternative calorie counter apps out there.
  • love 5/5

    By Soccerstar2343
    love this app so much i’ve just started 2 days ago and i’ve lost 2lbs already!! it’s amazing how it tracks ur calories it’s so much easier then trying to track them yourself! i love how it gives you healthy recipes as well
  • Iove this app! 5/5

    By Ducky person
    i love this app!! it gives me lots of structure and the reminders keep me motivated. i can see what im eating and how much i should eat. I love this app so much i would definitely recommend to anyone looking to change or maintain their weight
  • One improvement 4/5

    By 2345tyu
    I have it 4 stars because the option to print out some type of reports for, cal,fat,protein etc etc . Could this be put in place on the next update ?
  • WONT accept user name 1/5

    By Upper Arlington Shirley
    It will not accept user name. You get to the very last page. After SEVERAL attempts to reactivate and it says OOPS. There is no customer service box focal. VERY DISAPPOINTING. Have tried for several DAYS.
  • Liked it at first but... 2/5

    By LowBrassQueen45
    I’ve used it on and off for 2 years. It’s frustrating to use. They don’t really have an extensive food library. I love the barcode option to scan store bought food...but that only goes so far. They barely have any restaurant food. It’s so annoying to type in different key words OVER AND OVER to try to find what I’m looking for—FOR 5 MINUTES STRAIGHT and not find ANYTHING! And I know there’s an option to add my own food. Well I can’t very well ask a waiter how many grams of protein and carbs are in their signature truffle mac and cheese and expect them to have a clear answer can I?! And why would I just add something “similar” if I can’t find it? Those aren’t accurate results. I’m done with this app and hope to find a better one. Sorry MyPlate, you’ve frustrated me more than helped me...
  • This app is great 5/5

    By Big Mike soon Little Mike
    This app coupled with the activity goals on my Apple Watch enabled me to lose 23 pounds in the first 6 weeks of use. Haven’t changed what I eat, but instead, how much of it, and when (not the time of day, but rather, not to load up on a single day). The ONLY thing I would like to do is be able to delete some of the “my food” entries that I made from time to time. Occasionally, a mistake is made and you can’t get rid of it. If it wasn’t for that, I would give it 5 stars. So here’s my update to five stars. Thanks to a developer response, my initial issue is resolved. I’ve been on this now for about four months and have lost 38 pounds. My A1C dropped from 7.4 to 6.4. Both my wife and I are using the app along with our Apple watches and have had great results. My ultimate goal is to get my BMI in the normal range as well as my A1C. I’m a believer.
  • So far so good 4/5

    By Kelsie_03
    So far this app has been amazing! I just got it but I’m super small and wanting to gain weight. So we will see if this app helps or not! If I feel it does, I’ll give 5 star!!
  • Great Program 5/5

    By Edoug573
    I have used this program for many years. It helps me keep up with what I eat and my calories (protein, fat, and carbs).
  • Great app! 5/5

    By twhite315
    This app is great so far. Once I realized I could scan in what I eat with the bar code, it made logging food easy and kinda fun! I’m enjoying the fact that it syncs to my Apple Watch! Makes tracking my calories easy!
  • Glitches 4/5

    By melody 2019
    At first it says I burn 63 and then it goes down to 49 it’s very glitchy
  • Success! 5/5

    By seasoneddeb
    Easy to use and similar enough to the weight watchers app I had been using but better! I love the reminders during the day and appreciate being able to easily add new foods or look through foods others have added. This app help me get over a wait plateau and since I started using it I’ve lost another 15 pounds.
  • my anorexia is quacking 5/5

    By vamaya72
  • It’s great 5/5

    By cashreveiw222222133456
    It's great
  • Amazing 5/5

    By kiki73620
    I think it is the most amazing thing I track what I eat and for me is not about losing weight it’s more of just wanting to see the flaws in my diet and I never really realized how like much junk o eat until I saw it and I was like 😱 and it’s just the best
  • No way to communicate re myplate 1/5

    By Thunderrose52
    I’m very frustrated. Other than this space to write a review, I’ve found no way to contact my plate or live strong to report that I have not received an email with the eating plan.
  • I love this app! 5/5

    By j-beannn
    This app makes it SO easy to track calories and macronutrients it helps me be more mindful of what I am consuming throughout the day. Love it!
  • I highly recommend this but have some pet peeves 4/5

    By applepaisley
    I have used this app on and off for years. I love being able to go back and see my history. My foods and meals are saved. I am not sure if recipes I added years ago are there. My frustration with the new version: I see photos of foods under recipes. But I cannot click on them. I went to the recipe page and typed spicy cauliflower wings in the search. Nothing happened. What a teaser! My other frustration: I eat almost no processed foods. When I type in a food, the corporate foods come up first. So I must always be typing in the word homemade, like homemade pasta. Yes we make our own pasta. And I would pay for the gold version if it calculated calcium. As a Medicare adult, I need 1200 units of calcium a day. My bone density is on the borderline. I need to count and don’t want all of it to come from supplements. I bet a lot of women would appreciate this addition for their health.
  • 15 years of history in this app! 5/5

    By Les.optimal
    I love this app. It’s always made it easy to track my food intake and calories. The app is getting better every year with workouts and such. I really like that I can log in to the website from a desktop computer, too.
  • Love 5/5

    By Nez624
    This app is so great and easy to use I suggested it to all my family
  • Fix the calorie counts! 3/5

    By Zannagirl
    I have used this app for years and really enjoyed it, but in the past year I noticed that calorie counts on new foods have been consistently off by 10-20 calories when I scan the barcodes.
  • Wont allow me to create my own meals 1/5

    By Apple girl2
    I type in the information for my meals, because its not listed and it tells me its the incorrect format. Its fine ill just use a different app and delete this one. Waste of time.
  • Had Basic Version But Billed For Premium 2/5

    By Tam Sc
    I never purchased the premium version yet somehow I’m getting billed for this. Even weirder is that it wasn’t in my subscription list before this month. I just dowloaded this as a simple macro counter, nothing extra. Is there any way I can get a refund? Two stars because while I’m extremely annoyed I’m getting billed for something I didn’t purchase, the app is good and does what it’s supposed to.
  • Awesome but needs work on desktop ver 4/5

    By keto3000
    I’ve been a loyal Gold member of this app for years. Really helps me adjust and stick to healthier eating patterns. My only issue is slow tech response on the desktop MyPlate client. Still unable to set customized nutrient goals! Been months with no fix. It works on mobile but not desktop where I need it. :)
  • Recipes That Don’t Measure Up 4/5

    By Grk&italian
    I really like the app and the recipes are great. But I’m wondering why many of the recipes call for 1/5 of a tablespoon of an item such as vegan mayo. This particular recipe is for tofu “egg” salad. 1/5 T for 7 oz of tofu can’t be right. A 1/5 T measurement is not even a standard measurement. Is there an error?
  • Frustrated after one day 1/5

    By Not loving memories
    I felt like everything I tried to track was incorrect. I would be looking at the nutrition facts on the label and the app is telling me all different numbers. Also when you search something basic to track it brings up such random items! I was trying to track a plum (like a real plum, a piece of fruit, actually food) and I had to scroll through multiple plum flavored drinks and snacks before I could find it. It should be the other way around.
  • Life changing 5/5

    By suzyyy123abc
    Wow just wow I never knew how much fat and carbs I was consuming, this app is really life changing ! 100% recommend

MyPlate Calorie Counter app comments

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