MyPlate Calorie Counter

MyPlate Calorie Counter

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  • Current Version: 5.14.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: LIVESTRONG.COM
  • Compatibility: Android
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MyPlate Calorie Counter App

MyPlate is the fastest and easiest way to lose weight and improve your health! Join millions who have lost weight with LIVESTRONG.COM’s MyPlate Calorie Tracker — the most user-friendly way to track your food and exercise on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. MyPlate makes tracking calories and getting the proper nutrition easy. USER REVIEWS "I lost 75 pounds but regained my life.” — Robin "I changed my life, and lost more than 100 pounds in a single year.” — Ryan “My life has forever changed for the better -- and LIVESTRONG.COM was where it started. Thank you so much for helping me be the healthiest me!” – Lara “I have done Weights Watchers (WW) twice in the last five years with fantastic results but the reality is, it’s expensive and not conducive to reality. Counting calories is so much easier than counting ‘points’ and you feel free to eat what you want, when you want.” -- Meagan With the LIVESTRONG.COM Calorie Tracker, you can: Browse a comprehensive database with over 2 million foods Find out which foods you eat contain the most calories Use our handy barcode scanner to find and track food easily Stick to a healthy diet with a detailed 8-Week Meal Plan consisting of balanced macronutrients Get a personalized daily calorie goal Keep track of your weight and progress over time Review detailed data and create custom goals for your macronutrients and micronutrients Keep track of your water intake Follow along with in-app workouts you can do at home, at the gym or anywhere Get real-time, 24/7 support from members of our motivational community and others on a similar journey Set meal reminders to keep you on track Integrate with Apple's Health app to sync workouts, food and weight tracked from other apps and devices Get full support for use on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch Why choose LIVESTRONG.COM’s Calorie Tracker? *MACRONUTRIENTS MADE SIMPLE* A daily snapshot of protein, carbs and fat grams and percentages allows you to easily monitor your intake and manage your desired ratio. *ROBUST PROGRESS SECTION* The extensive Progress section includes easy-to-read charts that give you a quick summary of your data over time including Calories, Weight, Carbs, Protein, Fat and more. *8-WEEK MEAL PLAN* Don't know what to eat? The 8-Week Meal Plan gives you healthy snack, meal and recipe suggestions — all designed for balanced macronutrients. Choose from one of four dietary preferences: omnivore, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free. *FOLLOW ALONG WORKOUTS* Want to stay fit? Enjoy our list of workouts, and exercise at home or anywhere. At the end of each workout, save the number of calories burnt to your diary. *REAL-TIME COMMUNITY SUPPORT!* Looking for motivation or advice? Our active community message boards are filled with thousands of members who share similar health and fitness goals offering each other support and advice, sharing recipes and tips and just sharing a laugh. *EVEN MORE ON LIVESTRONG.COM* Check out our FREE companion tool on LIVESTRONG.COM with additional features such as meal plans, workout videos and the latest news and information about healthy eating, exercise ideas and more. *UPGRADE TO A GOLD MEMBERSHIP* Choose between three price tiers and periods (1 month for $9.99, 6 months for $29.99 or 1 year for $44.99). The price will be shown in the app before you complete the payment. The subscription renews at the end of every period you choose unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. A Gold Membership includes: Advanced statistics, including daily averages, trends and more Exclusive in-app Gold members only workouts Exclusive access to the private Gold Members board in the community Our Clean Eating Guide, including 21 recipes and tips for eating clean An ad free experience Priority support from our customer support team


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MyPlate Calorie Counter app reviews

  • Sme70 5/5

    By sme70
    I have been using the app on and off over the past two years. It has made tracking my nutrition,weight, and exercise very quick and easy. Many of the foods I eat are in the system. Every now and then the barcodes I scan can’t be found or I have to search a bit harder to find my food. I like the option of creating my own foods and recipes I would love the option to track net carbs
  • How do you...... 2/5

    By Thinner. And happy
    I’m just getting used to the app and found a huge problem, there is no way to make a correction, or at least it isn’t obvious.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Fitworks
    This is a great app for tracking food. Thanks for making it easy for me to know what and how much I’m eating.
  • J.D. 1/5

    By Nightmare in CV
    I made an error entering my password but because the setup wasn’t complete I couldn’t get the forgot password email. I tried to start from the beginning but you said the user name was already taken. I deleted the app and tried again, but no luck. I am moving on to another app.
  • Limited Keto use 2/5

    By stolijen
    I was told this app is great for keto diet so I paid for a year of gold membership. Found that I can not track net carbohydrates with this app. I requested a refund from Apple within hours of paying just to be told a refund is not available for this app. I’m not happy that I’ve paid for an app that claims to support macros but does not give the option to track net carbohydrates. I definitely will not continue my membership after what I have already paid for.
  • 😡😫 3/5

    By Jessica2045
    The scanner only works about 1/2 the time and it is extremely frustrating. I payed 50$ for all the features on this app. And the one I use the most doesn’t work a lot.
  • Sync with other Apps 3/5

    By 1sikan
    Nice food tracker, however I wish we could sync it with other fitness apps. I don’t usually walk around with my iPhone so it’s Not accurately logging my movement.
  • Okay 2/5

    By paigebanee
    It seems like a good app until I go to add a food that isn’t on any of the list. After inputting all of the information and clicking save it says they it can’t save food right now. I’ve tried multiple times and multiple things and it just keeps giving me the same message 😒
  • Cleared all my history... twice 2/5

    By Vampeng
    Twice now I’ve had the app log me out saying there was an error and twice now I’ve gone in to find all of my past meals gone. Very frustrating when I’m trying to keep track of everything and then it dumps all the data I put in...
  • Has massive potential but not there yet 3/5

    By izzy song
    I love the look, feel and options of this app ... to a point. Where is it lacking? 1) When attempting to change my calories goal manually, it doesn’t respond right away and I have to keep fixing it; 2) When trying to set my carbs, protein, and fat percentages, it only gives me the choice of percentages in 5% increments, not grams and not smaller percent increments; 3) When the app calculates grams based on percentages while inside the goals section, the app rounds down (22.5 becomes 22). However, when the app calculates grams while inside the meal tracking section the app rounds up (22.5 becomes 23). I know I am a control freak and some people think these are minor things. But over one’s own body ... we all should be control freaks. If these things were fixed, it would be a most amazing app! UPDATE: To change the calories goal, delete the old goal, click on the back button, then go to the calories goal again and put in the new goal. There’s a “set goals” button in the percentages screen, why not in the calories goal screen?
  • Lack of Flexibility 1/5

    By ds715
    Response from the developer was that I can create my own workouts including calorie burns for the workouts. If I had this information, if I knew all of the calorie burns for my various exercises, what would I need this or any other nutrition / fitness app for? Fortunately there are other, more sophisticated apps that can provide these types of services. Why can’t I enter any workout data? I cycle, do weights, do aerobics, but unlike other apps, I can’t enter this information.
  • Struggling lately 3/5

    By lizzybee13
    I used to love this app but now it crashes all the time and when I get notifications I get like 55 of the same notification.....the app is up to date a long with my phone. I also feel like the scanning of items has become more limited....I’m inputting my own more and more all the time.
  • RB 1/5

    By Retiredone3
    After the last update all my information was wiped out. There’s no longer any history of me.
  • No response given 1/5

    By jess7623
    I purchased the gold member and thought it would be $3+ a month. It immediately charged me $47+. I immediately emailed the customer stormer svc and 2 weeks later there’s no response or refund.
  • Been keeping track for a while! Love it 5/5

    By marinamarinamarinamiand
    I discovered this app years ago and no matter what other app I try, I always come back to this one! I love how easily I’m able to make my own foods and easily find the things that I routinely eat! Love love love this app
  • Good concept, but... 3/5

    By miss brown
    Good concept, but the app is MAJORLY lacking in a few key areas that are deal-breakers for me. Here are a few pros & cons. Pros: -Great tracking & syncing if Apple watch activities; regarding activities and the like -Easy to read dashboard of calories eaten, calories burned, water drank etc -Navigating the app had a minimal power curve Cons: -Inability to see individual food items; only see a collection of breakfast, lunch or dinner. You have to go inside the app, to another page to see a list of food consumed -The food doesn't allow you to modify the amount.of food... Everything is ONE SERVING; Doesnt take into account for ounces or pounds -Everything is verified, but who verified??? I’ll revisit the app in a couple months for updates. But for now, I’ll be exiting stage LEFT & I’ll be getting on to the next one.
  • Never upgraded me after purchasing 1/5

    By SierraJewel
    Purchased gold membership-10 days later I’m still on a “free” member profile. I emailed a request for help and never got an answer. Unbelievable..really disappointed.
  • Pretty good! 4/5

    By Mary the Scott
    I really enjoy the ease of usimg it. It omly takes a moment to put imfo in. I wish tgere was a place for daily notes, measurements etc. when your working out, its not so much weight that you focus on, but measurements. I wish there was a way to track them.
  • So frustrating! 1/5

    By 0403weber
    App keeps logging me out and, hence, losing my data! As developers, you have one job on this app! Get it together!
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By loricemh
    Hi, I downloaded the app and started using it, but suddenly I can’t log in anymore and I can’t even open the website page!! It’s keeps telling me ‘Login Error’ I really like the app and would like to use it. Thanks in advance
  • Rating MyPlate 5/5

    By strangelove5
    Very good app please add more dishes Make it easier to make up new dishes-don't "require" all components of a food to enter it (my fav recipe doesn't say exact amber protein so I can't include it! Include easy access to recipes directly from the food-tap the food-get a copy of the recipe!
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Laxrefoh
    The app is very easy to use and the scanning feature is super easy to load info.
  • App was very helpful 😊👍 5/5

    By hiii!!!412
    I am about 5 2” and only 70 pounds my goal was actually to gain more weight because my doctor said it was getting very unhealthy. I gained more weight through this app. (Not bad fat weight but muscle and good fat weight) I am very grateful for this app because otherwise I might have ended up in the hospital!
  • You cannot delete your account 1/5

    By CraigCode1010
    There is no way to delete your account do not use the app

    By Listener Detroit
    I Love this app. I didn’t realize how much Sugar, Carbs, salt, water, and the many other things this app shows you about your diet and nutrition, that I was consuming each day. Now that I am down to the weight I would like to be this app totally helps me maintain my health and my weight!
  • Pleased! 4/5

    By Josalinda Marie
    This app really helps me keep track I appreciate it! Only thing is I wish that there were no in app purchases. Otherwise pretty great overall.
  • Easy and fun 5/5

    By Cookin'Wendy
    I enjoy this app. It does what I need it to do—count calories, and graph my protein, fats and carbs.
  • Great app! 4/5

    By kmbrlyjn
    I really like this app. It helps me keep track of my macros and has helped me lose a bit of weight since using it. The only reason why I didn’t give this 5-stars is because I can’t sync my Fitbit to it. Once I can sync my Fitbit, I’ll change my rating to 5-stars.
  • I used to love it. 1/5

    By Recovering candy addict
    I used this app daily and now I can not log in no matter what I do. I try and reset password and it still will not work. I have sent help emails and still no response. Im so disappointed with this app.
  • Everything You Need 5/5

    By IMDB!!
    I can’t imagine complaining about this app.... Track calories. Populated macros. Huge database to choose from -OR- Easily create your own foods Track water.
  • Great! 5/5

    By 18 sueflo
    I am diabetic and this app is so easy to use and helpful. Yay! Great app to track my carbs.
  • Good 5/5

    By sdfrtyh12345
    Give it a will like it!
  • Logs you out and then forgets all your data 1/5

    By Kate556778864
    I’ve been trying it for over a week and it decided to log me out. I log back in and all my data got wiped out. All that mindless logging of food for over a week and gone. Never had this issue my myfitnesspal I’m going back to that app solely.
  • The Best 5/5

    By Osoglorioso
    This is hands-down the best tracker ever. Packs a ton of info into an easy-to-use app. You can see your progress easily. You'll toss the others after using this. Give it a try.
  • Weight loss 5/5

    By pen is land
    This app is phenomenal for beginners all the way to the pros I’ve been using it for about a year now and am down about 35lbs great app!!
  • Great Food Diary/Calorie Counter 5/5

    By paruml1000
    This app is very user friendly. I’m trying to lose 20 pounds or so and it helps keep track of everything. It even syncs with your Apple Watch to keep track of how many calories you’re burning and it subtracts from how many calories you ate. On a 1200 calorie diet and it helps visualize how much I have left to eat for the day. On issue is that when using my Apple Watch, sometimes it double counts it or it also adds the calories record from my iPhone. Not sure if it’s a bug or something I’m doing wrong.
  • Great support! 5/5

    By EmilyGHolt
    I love how we can scan most foods to get accurate calorie counts. You can also add custom foods! This has helped me realize just how much I was over eating and target the foods that I had to stay away from. It also lets you track what nutrients you get in a day! One feature I’d like added is in addition to the carbs, protein and fat tracking is to add sugar and fiber! Those two things are super important that I don’t think many people know they should track and would personally love to have it on a chart for my own peace of mind. (Perhaps a daily recommended goal for male and female too but I know people can always ask in the community to find that out!) Overall it’s great and can’t see myself not using it in the future.
  • Tracking food is easier than I thought it would be. 4/5

    By Parkatola
    First time using an app like this and it has gone better than I thought it would. T Cali g food and meals is easier than I thought it would be. And I like the help with how many calories I’ve burned. Overall it’s all about burning more than you take in and this helps you track that. Thanks!
  • Good but needs another category 4/5

    By LivinginEMER1CA
    I’ve been using this app for a few days now and love it. It suits my needs and works as expected. I want to make a suggestion and see this in a future update... please put a drink category! I like the water category but I’d like to see another one just for other drinks so they don’t have to be put in the breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack categories.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Babygirl12/09/01
    I feel like I’m doing everything right, I feel skinnier and like I’m actually making progress
  • Wish could sync with Fitbit 4/5

    By Redhedsaysrawr
    I just started using this and it looks great, but it would be awesome if I could connect it to my Fitbit app so I would have to log my food and data in two places.
  • Livestrong 9 of the 10yrs!!!! 5/5

    By AmberLou150
    I love, love, love livestrong! I have been a member for 9 yrs and continue to utilize it. I find the library to be one of the most expansive for calories. I love the challenges and groups. I lost 135 lbs utilizing the app previously.
  • No shining points at all 1/5

    By ronnyfims
    I can not change the serving size after I determine it for the first time which is really annoying because I want to be accurate. I’m considering giving it up. Besides, I am trying to give feed back inside the app through email but after I finish writing, there’s no send button?
  • Love this tracker! 5/5

    By Rat4
    Keeps me aware of my daily intake, and keeps up with my fitness tracker.
  • Worked then didn’t 2/5

    By bjctbone
    Issue with logging me off and now to the point where I can’t log in again despite resetting my password. Has potential, but glad I didn’t opt for the upgrade version
  • Loved this app, but lately not so much. 4/5

    By kimmysue02
    I started using this app a year ago and have been very happy with it. I’ve lost weight and have become more aware of what I’m eating. But the last two weeks I’ve been logged out a few times when I load the app. It wasn’t really a problem but when I logged in just now all my information was gone. It’s like I have to start all over :( Not happy.
  • Great until it asks you to log back in every fing week 1/5

    By w0wwhocar3es
    Used this for 1 month and lost 10 works great...except it now wants me to relog in now every 2-3 days. It forgets who I am. Really annoying! I bet if I link up my Facebook account or upgrade it won’t drop that credential (b/c they get data or money then!) BS
  • Tech issues 2/5

    I cannot believe this app was rated 4.5. I’ve had issues with exercise tracking where if you look at exercise it adds it in and the calories burned is way too generous. It adds the calories burned to available calories for the day which will not help to keep track of what’s truly available.
  • C Naylor 5/5

    By wcbnzz
    I can’t get the login to work went through Facebook when I joined and today the app quit working and will not let me reload due to my email being on file I tried to get new password but the will not work either I love the app but today it is not working
  • Tracking made easy 5/5

    By Tawnyraelovesyahooapp
    I never imagined myself tracking calories to lose weight. It seemed like such a chore and impossible to find all the foods I eat. This app makes it so easy!! It’s also sync d with my Ihealth so all of my exercise get recorded. Losing weight has never been this easy.

MyPlate Calorie Counter app comments


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