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MyQ Garage & Access Control

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  • Current Version: 3.123.2
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  • Developer: The Chamberlain Group, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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MyQ Garage & Access Control App

LiftMaster’s myQ-enabled products and myQ app allow you to easily open, close or check the status of your garage door, commercial door, gate or myQ home lighting from anywhere with your smartphone or tablet. Features: • Set up real-time alerts that notify you when there’s activity with your doors, gates or myQ lights • Check the status and control your doors, gates or myQ lights from anywhere • Set schedules to close your garage doors or gates or to have your lights turn on/off* For myQ smartphone control you need one of the following products: • A LiftMaster Wi-Fi garage door opener • A myQ accessory to upgrade a non-Wi-Fi garage door opener To purchase a myQ accessory for smartphone control visit LiftMaster – the World’s #1 Professionally Installed Garage Door Opener. *Feature may not be available with the myQ Garage accessory.

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MyQ Garage & Access Control app reviews

  • App has been offline for a month 1/5

    By Ladra
    I have to say I am very disappointed with the MYQ app. The first time I activated the app in Dec it worked fine, it has been offline for about a month now. I have deleted and reset it multiple time it still has not worked.
  • App has problems with display on 6s+ 2/5

    By Momofnation
    The current app has problems with displaying the top lines of the screen. For instance, the Devices screen does not display add (“+”) or edit options. Please fix!
  • LiftMaster 5/5

    By CindyJ1958
    The LiftMaster app is fantastic. Have you ever had the feeling that you forgot to shut your garage door? With this app you can set your mind at ease and check it anytime.
  • App no longer refreshes the device screen 3/5

    By dfrobison
    This latest update introduced a bug where the device screen doesn't update most of the time. I'm seeing the screen left in a state that shows the doors are open even though they are closed. I have to kill the app and start it again to refresh the devices screen to show the proper state of the doors
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By mchans
    What a convenience!
  • High Quality and Lots of Features 5/5

    By Be Happy and Healthy
    Easy WiFi setup, nice phone app MYQ, Very quiet, has battery backup if you lose your electric. Fair Price.
  • LiftMaster 5/5

    By FRSSH the best
    It’s great
  • Owner 1/5

    By FarmerinRC
    Bought this Gateway device so my family would have access to my home shop on their phone. Very disappointed. Must be a major fix as they have not got it right in over three years. Wish I could get back my money and time spent working on this Gateway project directly from LiftMaster-not from the dealer. Not the dealers fault that LiftMaster has a joke of a product called Gateway. They have to stop advertising and selling that device till they get it right. They should also refund $ heavily to the ones that fell for this scam.
  • Alexa support 1/5

    By nickname32399
    I can’t believe Chamberlin/LiftMaster have no Alexa support. Had I known I never would have installed this brand. I am adding another and it will not be this brand. My builder was also unaware and said he will stop using them to since his customers want this.
  • App missing something! 3/5

    By Ryan F1
    This app needs to be made with car play. It seems to work with my Apple Watch too which is nice. Obviously works with the iPhone but when I connect it to the ford sync most of my other apps sync to it but this one. It would be nice to open the garage via my nav screen instead of fumbling for my phone every time.
  • Impressed 5/5

    By Rick729
    Who new that controlling your garage door remotely would be so useful.
  • Doesn’t keep track of garage position 1/5

    By gnomehole
    Try this...use the app to close the door then put your phone in your pocket. Come back and the app won’t see the door as being closed. You have to either try again or force close the app. Apparently all you 5 star geniuses must sit there staring at your screens while the door shuts.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By everynamestaken1234567
    Super excited about my new garage door opener, and the app. I like that it tells me how long ago it was closed or opened as it’s my kids main way to enter the house. The status of the door is great at night so I don’t have to get out of bed to second guess myself on whether or not I closed it. Last but not least is the automatic close schedule that lets me close the door at a set time nightly.
  • Susan 1/5

    By Ssn2374
    I can’t make this app work anymore.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Gospel411
    No more wondering if I remembered to close the garage door. This app will allow me to open or close garage door remotely. It also lets me know the current status of my garage door: open or close! Love, love, love this app. Provides another layer of protection.
  • Good and bad 2/5

    By dr d doe
    It is nice to see the status of my garage door on my phone and to be able to open and close remotely. However, trying to install the software on my wife’s phone(same model as mine) was a frustrating disaster. The same for trying to teach my LiftMaster at my vacation home to use the remote from my other LiftMaster remote that came with the new install. Hence, good and bad.
  • Constantly offline 1/5

    By Mparekh77
    Got this expecting it to be a great addition to the IoT items that I have. But within a couple days of the install, it was offline and has remained so for the last 3 weeks.8 never get notifications if the door is opened/closed, whenever I check the app, it says that the system is offline. All other devices at home work on the same network in the garage as well, so it's not a matter of distance or the router. Have reset the system and restarted it multiple times - to no avail. This is now just like a standard garage door opener - that happens to have an app and can be connected via WiFi.
  • App works reliably, but I wish there were more features and automation. 4/5

    By Jim R S
    The app seems to work well. Periodically I’ll have one door that doesn’t connect, but this is likely a hardware/signal limitation with where the bridge is located in my house and where metal ducts, etc. are located. I do wish that I could control the lights with the app, or program both lights to turn on from one door, change the opener’s settings, etc. For basic open/close control, state monitoring, and simple automation like sending an alert when a door is left open, the app does a great job. I do wish it would do things like geofencing without linking it to 3rd party apps, but that’s easy enough to do, so no real problem.
  • Remote app doesn’t work 1/5

    By jlplaychess
    Please fix
  • Garage door opener 5/5

    By Ibleve
    The new opener is quite and efficient. The technician was able to set up my controller in my car easily. I also have the app on my phone so it gives me peace of mind that my garage door is closed. I like the value I am receiving from my purchase. I definitely recommend this product.
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By Hfmiysjk
    It is nice to be able to see whether or not the garage door is closed but I’m disappointed in the alerts. I would like to receive a text message when the door opens. I would also like to be able to program the door to close if it is left open for a specific amount of time. I really want my old alert system and capabilities back that I had through ADT.
  • Pretty ok 2/5

    By hehcbfnsmxj
    The main issue is trying to open and close the garage door, if the app was already running in the back ground I have to close it completely out and then log back in for it to work. Otherwise it’s great
  • Inconsistent. 1/5

    By Rhrbdjdbfc
    This worked well initially, then a week later the open function just disappeared off the app page. My daughter was locked out and I could not open the garage remotely. Very frustrating. Total failure at accomplishing its purpose.
  • Slow sign up and password reset emails 3/5

    By PVBarbara
    Takes FOREVER to get registration confirmation and password reset emails. System did not recognize my credentials the first time I tried to login, for whatever reason, so I had to reset my password. Takes about 20 minutes to get an email from this app.
  • like it if it would work 3/5

    By Zena3546
    not happy. not working tonight and cant even log in now after logging out. app wont do anything
  • LTE connection 1/5

    By JKDTX
    Does not work with LTE connection
  • No i”PAD” app? 3/5

    By OKCDogGuy
    Please consider developing an iPad app!
  • Out of line all the time 2/5

    By hello!!!!!!'
    It gets out of line all the time, the app almost never works
  • Excellent Support! 5/5

    By mav-1
    A few weeks ago I had to call up to request support because I couldn’t link my phone with the garage opener. The person I talked with determined that I had downloaded the wrong app. Once I downloaded the correct one the issue was resolved. Thanks.
  • MyQ app 4/5

    By HrColt45
    Works really good about 98% of the time. Sometimes garage door opener goes “offline” for no apparent reason. Gate opener never does it. It re-sets itself usually after hour or 2 then it works fine again. Overall very handy app!
  • Performs flawlessly 5/5

    By Wow!!100001
    This functionality provides GREAT peace of mind! I can check in on whether I closed the door or not. I can also recall my own coming and going via the pop up notifications, which can be very helpful. I’d highly recommend this setup, as it simply WORKS!
  • Does not work 1/5

    By village#3
    I understand that an update just occurred. This app will not you set up alerts. There is no + to add alerts and there is no save button. Was on a call with customer support about this. Hopefully the developer will fix this ASAP.
  • Device constantly offline 1/5

    Device Keeping going offline and it’s very inconvenient. Don’t feel any info has helped me yet.
  • Comments program well thought out with both safety and security in mind. 5/5

    By dissapolnted
    🤔 did I close the door or not. With the option to check or close remotely no more circling the neighborhood. Plus the added security of checking to see if it’s been opened by others.
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By jim gates 1959
    I am very disappointed that Alexa or Siri won’t open or close the door
  • App suddenly stopped working for no reason 2/5

    By Oceper
    I had my two garage doors all set up to use the app. The app worked fine when I tested it but when I was in a loaner car while my regular car was being serviced the app wouldn’t work. Had to get out of the car and open the the door. Very annoying since of course it was cold and raining.
  • 2 Garage controls 5/5

    By FlipFlop lizard
    Great App my builder didn’t tell me we had this function. It eliminates having to have an external keypad.
  • Glitches 3/5

    By Sierra Rustman
    Sometimes the app won’t open.
  • Love Lift Master 5/5

    By MM5stars *****
    The best garage door system ever!
  • Problems with App Update. 2/5

    By bhgdghjughdrtjogfy
    Will not delete history. Problem with saving fingerprint settings when logging out of app. Also device icon size cannot be changed.....this app is executed on an iPhone 6S.
  • Latest (v. 3.123) is buggy 2/5

    By SMac85
    Ugh. This latest version (version 3.123) has some serious bugs in the interface. Buttons at the top of the screen are simply missing. The “hamburger” is missing from some screens. The plus button for adding additional alerts is missing, etc. And yet they are not really “missing,“ so much is they are invisible. If you tap in the blank space in the upper right corner, magically you will elicit an appropriate response. You just have to guess where to tap and what you are tapping. Chamberlain, please fix this right away. Should never have been released with these problems.
  • Broken 1/5

    By starand stripe
    Not working. Can’t fix it.
  • Fairly good app. 3/5

    By Rascowo
    Randomly shows error when trying to close door. Not a replacement for an actual remote, but good for allowing FedEx or UPS to leave package in garage to prevent porch pirates.
  • Silent 5/5

    By Cheshireladusa
    There almost totally silent , wished I had bought years ago
  • Better than expected 5/5

    By musicman4sure
    Works very well, use it all the time when I forget if I shut it or not. Even better, I can when I did forget. You can also set alerts to remind you of it stays open too long. Great app!
  • Love it!! 5/5

    By TREvenson
    I can see when my door is open and how long! Love it!!
  • Nag screens to review software 1/5

    By lakehounds
    Way too many nagging requests to review software. Some connectivity issues with iPhone switching from WIFI to cell signal. Also app is very unreliable and difficult to use. I received a family invite to add a new opener and can’t get it added. Poorly written software. I am fairly technical and manage my own office network so this should be simple but not so. Also changing routers or WiFi ID’s is not user friendly at all.
  • Love it!! 5/5

    By Carol Vallecalle
    Love being able to detect the status of my garage door from anywhere!!! It brings me peace of mind!
  • Doesn’t work - no customer service 1/5

    By Actinghayley
    Had this professionally Installed in my new garage. Got the app. Hooked it all up to WiFi ... it doesn’t work. I have reached out to customer service but they never get back to me. It’s been weeks. ☠️😭

MyQ Garage & Access Control app comments

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