MyQ Garage & Access Control

MyQ Garage & Access Control

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  • Current Version: 4.134
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: The Chamberlain Group, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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MyQ Garage & Access Control App

The myQ app allows you to easily open, close or check the status of your garage door, commercial door, gate or myQ home lighting from anywhere using your mobile device. The myQ app supports myQ-enabled products from Chamberlain, LiftMaster. Additional Features: • Set up alerts that notify you when there’s activity • Set schedules to close your garage doors or gates or to have your lights turn on/off • Grant access with myQ Guests For myQ smartphone control you need one of the following products: • A Wi-Fi garage door opener enabled with myQ technology • A myQ accessory to upgrade a non-Wi-Fi garage door opener To upgrade your existing opener with smartphone control, visit for accessory options.

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MyQ Garage & Access Control app reviews

  • Love it 5/5

    By 😘twodots
  • Garage offline 4/5

    By Chrissssssssssss1234
    Product works great and as expected but I just keep getting a notification stating the garage is offline. I assumed my router was too far away so I purchased a WiFi extender and I know for sure the wifi is now good in the garage however I'm still getting the same issue. Please fix this... Pretty annoying
  • Can’t link my garage door opener with myQ 1/5

    By MrmsSy
    Ever since they discontinued the old app I cannot get my garage door opener to sync with the new app. I have contacted customer service twice, and I do not get an adequate response.
  • Works great 5/5

    By flooey
    You know when you leave the house and you say to yourself, “did I shut the garage door?” You know you did but now you can check and have peace of mind. There are so many uses it’s good for. Enjoy!
  • Really nice 5/5

    By Tich N
    This is very dependable and always spot on. No guessing as to weather or not you remembered to close the door. Reliable and dependable, only way to describe the performance.
  • What’s the purpose!? 1/5

    By Jenzo181
    I bought this because I want to feel secure that I have closed the garage when I leave home. I also wanted to keep an eye if someone else was watching the house to make sure they didn’t accidentally leave it open when they leave. The first app I downloaded worked great! Since the new app and even the update to fix bugs, this app is pointless. It doesn’t tell me accurately when the garage has been opened or closed. Which also doesn’t tell me accurately how long it has been opened or closed. I’m extremely disappointed and hope the bugs are actually fixed ASAP.
  • My Q app 1/5

    By Sargedrb
    Garage door works great, app is not reliable, will work when I am in WiFi range, but not when using data, never had any issues when my old Q app, just the newest
  • Feature Poor in 2019 1/5

    By iamkylesreview
    Really cool concept, but this has NO integration with anything. No widgets support, no Apple Watch support, no Apple Home support, no automation support (not Shortcuts, not IFTTT (it shows up there but doesn’t actually work), not SmartThings, not workflow)
  • Upgrade 1/5

    By ronwine
    The new versions is causing issues reporting with accuracy. It will send incorrect notices at random times. The older version never had an issue and I can’t download it anymore. Very frustrating!!!!!
  • Not good 1/5

    By Taniaispynx
    Stays offline
  • Simple and Reliable App 5/5

    By Climbhi69
    Does what it says; our son reliably left the garage door open and I was able to close it in California while on vacation in Europe.
  • App 2/5

    By JimBeamDeep
    Iwatch app constantly authenticates, but doesn’t load.
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By Stuart ATL
    Works fine when it works, but goes offline often.
  • Remote garage opener 2/5

    By Tony RG 702
    The app is ok but if you’re in that area (driveway) where your WiFi isn’t strong it could take forever to open and close. The app also shows the garage is open or closed when it is not. Very frustrating when you’re in a hurry to get in your house or when leaving. I sometimes end up closing the garage manually and running out. I bought this device so I would t have to have my garage opener left in my vehicle
  • Unreliable and risky 3/5

    By Unique432679
    You never know when this thing will “give up” and refuse to work until you “reset” by operating the door manually. This means you can be stuck with your door open and no way to close it until you get home.
  • Meh 3/5

    By Sbsg333
    Works inconsistently
  • Camera option needed 4/5

    By Rich from Richfield
    App and device is great except it needs a Camera option!
  • Everyone should get along 3/5

    By BigCrazyManiac
    Alexa, Nest, Ring, MyQ, Harmony... whatever. At some point these last couple months it seems all smart home products decided to not talk to each other unless it’s their own brand. I wouldn’t invest in one anymore until they work it out and get along.
  • Alexa/Siri support? 5/5

    By JRebollo
    Does this app or garage doors have support for Amazon Alexa or Apple Siri support? Overall is good that I can open the doors remotely but it would be good to give a command to alexa or to siri to open the doors. Specially when driving and want to open the doors before you get home maybe geofencing feature. All of these can be done without a need for additional hardware it is just a software feature. A couple of reasons for this: you are not supposed to be using the cellphone while driving( but you can use a voice command/no hand input required)....heat, insects, vapors/ fumes can come out of the garage. Overall app functions good.
  • Review 5/5

    By Castaneda1
    Thank you
  • Convenient but... 3/5

    By Gr8-4-trackin
    Does not work with Alexa. Need to get a move on and fix that. I understand the security concerns, but I can start my truck w a passcode. Can’t we do that for the garage door?
  • Great Security Control 5/5

    By Skysho
    Gives me great piece of mind! Money well spent.
  • Love it 5/5

    By LadyBran
    I highly recommend! Being able to open, close, and to check to see if you did or not is excellent. Saves time on turning around.
  • Easy 4/5

    By 43 mike
    Easy peasy
  • The old app worked great for years. 1/5

    By 1CamFan
    The old app worked great for years, so what is the logical thing to do? Launch a new bug filled app of course. The new app errors ~ 1/3 of the time. It is always great to look at the closed garage door while looking up and entering my password. It is faster to send someone through the front door and open it from the inside.
  • MyQ Garage Door App 5/5

    By Wales-1
    Awesome x 5!! One of the most useful tools on my iPhone!
  • Great Little app 5/5

    By RBD55
    I have been using this app to operate my garage door for about a year now. The app is updated very regularly, and it has never failed to operate the door, or to correctly report the open or closed status of the door. When I bought the opener, I never thought I would have a use for an app to manage it. Now i use it every day and I’m very pleased with both the app and the opener itself. Buy the opener with the automatic closing feature. It will give you peace of mind knowing that your door will not remain open overnight, or all day long if you forget to close it.
  • App 1/5

    By real_intrigue
    I set up the garage door app and it failed after a few days and now it won’t even reset
  • New modem installed. 1/5

    Showing strong Wi-Fi signal. Can’t get opener to reprogram!
  • Peace of mind 5/5

    By RedMGTD
    “Did I remember to close the garage door?” Being able to see door status when away from home is priceless.
  • Recentset up 4/5

    I still have to explore some of it’s features but so far—so good😏
  • Can’t connect second garage door opener 1/5

    By Shanichad
    I could easily connect my first garage door opener to the app but the second one isn’t working - tried multiple times following directions provided on phone to no avail - very frustrating.
  • New garage door 5/5

    By RB & CB
    I love my new garage door system. I can't hear it when it goes up or down. It is Quiet and comfortable to manage!
  • New App Faulty (for me) 1/5

    By Ooolalalalalala523
    Ever since downloading the new My Q app, the program has difficulty connecting and actually opening and closing my garage door even though I have a great internet connection. I usually get an unable to connect type error. Pretty disappointed!
  • Very user friendly 5/5

    By rara4ever
    I find because of how simple it is to use that I do go to it more than I thought
  • Does not work on new iwatch 4 faces 2/5

    By pointbeach
    This app does not work on my new iwatch 4 on a newer faces it will still work on the old face style just waiting for them to fix it
  • Give me back the old app! 1/5

    By FFKAK
    The old app worked fine. You forced me to change to the new and NOT SO IMPROVED app. The new app is inconsistent and unreliable. Sometimes it will not open the door. Other times it just flashes making you wonder if it is going to open the door at some random time. The app needs to be fixed immediately or give me back the old app. It’s not like I have a choice to use a different app after having spent the money on the hardware.
  • Often inaccurate 1/5

    By Edavidove
    I often get notifications that my garage door is open when it’s not open
  • Great product 5/5

    By 80yroldhandyman
    Easy to install. I had left my garage door open two times overnight. Neighbors came knocking at my door wondering if I was Ok. That did it. I shopped around for a tool that would warn me when I left the garage door open. Not only that but just to be sure I scheduled automatic door closing at 7 and 10 pm. Now I can leave my house and if I leave the garage open I get a message and an email. So I now can close it with just a click on my phone. No matter where I am I can control my garage door. It was easy to instal. Did it myself in a couple of hours. If an old guy like me over 80 can do so can you😀
  • Can’t schedule automatic close and does not work with iOS. 2/5

    By gatlingun45
    I do not like that the app has the functionality but my system will not let me set a schedule for the garage door to automatically close at a certain time. I also do not like that it is not iOS compatible except if you buy an additional unit.
  • App Doesn’t Dowmload 1/5

    By Barryf43
    Had to replace my phone today. Now app won’t download on new phone. Worked great before this happened.
  • Lame 2/5

    By A long time acct holder
    It’s a shame that all I can do is control my garage door and check to see if it’s open or closed. The app does work for what it does and I guess it is cool but lame.....
  • Could be a five 3/5

    By kdow1
    I like to leave door open part way to let heat escape from hot motor. The app considers this “stopped” and will not notify you that door is open. This would be a nice reminder to close door later. So, a three instead of five.
  • Great product 5/5

    By henrimz
    Highly recommend for every house
  • BS business model 1/5

    By HiMMS attendee
    Works great standalone but you have to pay for a premium subscription it you want to add it to Google Home or another similar service. Give me a break. It’s consumers like me who will boycott your product for being so pompous. Great products make great money, annoying your customers will not.
  • Wonderful 5/5

    By WilsonWIggins3
    Had our opener about 2 months now and love it. It is so quiet, easy to check from my home to see if it is secured, easy to install... couldn’t be happier.
  • New app, broken everything 1/5

    By thisnicknameistakenchooseanother
    I updated the app as required, now none of my remotes, cars or apps open the garage. It’s been a week of park, walk around the house to open the garage.
  • Needs work 3/5

    By drfozz
    Would be great if they'd make a widget and put out an API for Smartthings. But no lockscreen widget and have a bunch of back door crap and buy a tilt Sensor to get it to work with Smartthings.
  • Notifications and schedules 1/5

    By jmiller2573
    I bought this hardware and installed it to ensure that a schedule would run to make sure the door is closed at night. However, the alerts/updates run way, way late 3/4 of the time. That means that it gets confused easily which then makes you room the door manually to reset the remote functions. And even worse, the schedule to close the door was triggered because it though the door was open. But it wasn’t. So now the close schedule opened the door. And then it made us operate the door manually. Well. It’s a good thing we were home, otherwise the door could have been open for hours!!! That negates the point of having a schedule and the remote capabilities since it errors out a lot and has to be manually run to reset. He schedule has not been deactivated since it is not reliable.

MyQ Garage & Access Control app comments

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