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  • Current Version: 2.18
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Quest Diagnostics, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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MyQuest for Patients App

The Gazelle app is now the MyQuest™ mobile health app. What does that mean? It’s not just a new name, we’ve redesigned the app to provide you with a better user experience. So now it’s even easier to get your results, make an appointment, pay your bill and everything else the MyQuest app allows you to do. And don’t forget, your username and password haven’t changed. If you had a Gazelle account, you can continue to use the same login information to access the MyQuest app. Use the MyQuest app to help you make better decisions about your health by conveniently accessing your essential health information on your smartphone. MyQuest allows you to: • Receive easy-to-understand Quest Diagnostics lab results anytime, anywhere • Securely see, share and access your pertinent medical and health information • Conveniently and easily share your information via e-mail or fax • Schedule your next Quest Diagnostics lab appointment and find the nearest Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Center location • Schedule and receive medication reminders • Easily integrate and populate Withings body, weight, and blood pressure cuff data For MyQuest Support: Email us at [email protected]

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MyQuest for Patients app reviews

  • Better than Mayo Clinic portal! 5/5

    By Appleseeding
    QUEST has does an excellent job reporting lab results, with useful information about the meaning of the values. I just noticed a somewhat hidden feature: tap on any value and you’ll get a graph of all your history at Quest — this helps you to detect a trend, if your lab tests have been done by Quest. A trend are much more meaningful than a simple “H” or “L” (high or low). Doctors usually scan your most recent lab report, only looking for an H or L — few doctors will also study your last three or four lab reports — they will miss a trend. The AMA, the CDC, the NIH — everyone is now recognizing that YOU are better off when *participating* in your healthcare. So help your doctor, by looking to see if any of your lab values show a trend (for better or for worse) instead of waiting until a value is outside the reference range. Btw, I’m director of a nonprofit medical research institute — and am writing this review to congratulate Quest and to help you help yourself by looking for trends.
  • Poor, at best. 2/5

    By Brandywinebob
    I made an appointment using the app. Do you think I can see that appointment? Noooo! Is there a way to look it up? Nope! Logging in loops and loops and loops. Bad, on a good day.
  • Not user friendly, no past results 2/5

    By Jill Gett
    Can’t use a password you ever used before, really? That’s way overkill. Can’t see my results from previous blood work so not very helpful. I can see my results on Sutter health, but not on Quest, so it’s not helpful.
  • Stuck in loading 2/5

    By robertjm
    Installed the app on my iPhone SE, and it’s stuck on Loading after authenticating my account.
  • Happy 5/5

    By BrinBrin2005
    So happy for this ... I found out that i needed to change my doctor after using this app I realized my blood that he took 4 months ago was not okay as he said ... should have been to the er long time to get blood transfusion . Thank God for this app no one can tell me I’m okay when I’m not .
  • Poor app 1/5

    By mackopiouyp5
    App will not show recent tests it’s not helpful at all
  • New Reports? 1/5

    By Ayhatg
    I get emails saying my new labs are in my account. Never true. Have to contact quest to jave results added.
  • App 4 stars, live person zero! 4/5

    By Naplonee
    The app is great but hope you don’t need to speak to a person! After many transfers nobody could even find me in the system. Frustrating!
  • Love all of it! 5/5

    By I need some sleep
    I love everything about this app it has been so easy to use and keep track of my lab work. I have even used it when seeing a doctor that doesn't have the information from another office they are able to look at my app and review results from lab work. You just request using the date of your lab work the doctors name and phone number then when it is available in 5 to 10 days you can see all of it some labs do take longer though.
  • Love It 5/5

    By IgNCHS19&76A
    Anywhere, Anytime Access to my Lab Results. Love having a history of my lab results at my fingertips. No more paper. No more calling the physician office for a copy. Easy to share my reports with specialists reducing costs by not repeating lab tests unnecessarily.
  • Can't schedule appointments 2/5

    By Slcg
    Scheduling appointments just kicks you to a web browser where you have to log in again and reenter some details.
  • App needs work 2/5

    By Bld3362
    Users should be able to read their results without having to provide a precise date and the Dr’s name. By time we can see results who removers what day they were in. There is no result history that I can see. And that Nickname is a joke as nothing I enter is not already used _ really
  • Can’t Sign In 2/5

    By Josh Ivester
    Cannot sign in and when I get locked out the contact us option doesn’t work because I’m using gmail instead of Apple mail...
  • Good services favorite location 5/5

    By Jennifer Oc
    Love the services always fast and easy for me

    By Mvssssssss
    When I signed up for the LabCorp app, I could see all of my results EVER immediately. What is the deal with this requesting results?? This is NOT mandated by law, most of you just probably haven’t had to switch from the world’s easiest app to the world’s most useless app. They declined my request to see my results because I have to take a guess as to the date they want me to give, or something. And I’m supposed to do this every single time I have a blood test?? Insane.
  • Review Update: 4/5

    By Kaveman2010
    Update: Eight days after I sent an email to Quest Support, I finally got a reply. They had me reply with answers to 9 questions so they could set up my account. Five days later, my account was good to go and I was able to review my lab results. I upgraded my rating to 4 stars (-1 for the hassle), but I will eventually take it up to 5 as long as there are no more issues. Thank you MyQuestSupport for for your attention and help. Original Review: This app will let me login with username and password, but it does nothing when I verify who I am with the last 4 of my SSN. No security questions, nothing, just a blank page. I sent an email 2 days ago and haven’t gotten a response yet. So far, this app is only good for finding locations and a link to setting an appointment. Essentially, it’s useless at this point.
  • Tired to request 1/5

    By Dal deserto
    I’m using this for years now, I’m sooo annoyed by that every time now I have to request my blood work! Is not automatic! Also, I’m not going to the doctor until I have the results! It’s my RIGHT to know my health! And I want the results ASAP as my doctor has. Last .... my doctor give me the appointments when she has time... that means mostly after 2 weeks ! We are adults ... just give the results right away.
  • Update for X and XS Screen and Searches 3/5

    By CaptainVideoJW
    Please update app to support iPhone X and XS screen size And Face ID Also really need to be able to globally search through all my tests. Say a for example a provider asks,”Have you had your blood glucose tested?” I have to dig through each test date to see where that might be. It’s cumbersome. Native iPad support also please
  • Too long a wait 4/5

    By Surge1278sa
    The app itself seems to work okay and is a decent way to store results. However, I did not obtain my lab results before my physical exam. I just had a standard blood and urine test. I do not understand why they cannot load those results within a day or two after obtaining them. I like having those prior to my exam so I can have an intelligent discussion with my doctor about them, rather then being told the results at the end of my exam and not being able to do any research. So I ended up making a trip a day before and having them print out the results for me. Which sort of renders this app about 90 percent useless for my purposes. I can easily scan and save my results to my computer. Hopefully they can speed up loading test results at the same time they are available to the doctor. After all, its our results, and we are entitled to them. Update: I found out states have different rules about releasing data. My state allows it with the providers approval, which I have. I have been receiving data on a more timely basis recently, and I increased my rating as a result. My provider has another app they use which gives me lab results as soon as they are released. I now use that app as well. If the results are good I can relax during my exam, and not worry about the lab results while undergoing the examination. If something is abnormal, then I can research it before my exam and discuss treatment options with my doctor at that time in a more informed manner. Hopefully all states will enact similar laws which I believe benefit both the patient and doctor.
  • AP 2/5

    By BobonCapeCod
    The Ap is OK, THE PROBLEM is that Quest sits on the data FOR DAYS and the reports are just stale and unactionable in some cases. THE PROBLEM IS QUEST.
  • Total Crap 1/5

    By QuestSux
    Downloaded app and entered info. Still waiting more than a week for results, and they haven’t shown up. Support is a joke— No response to an inquiry which I sent several days ago. This app is a TOTAL WASTE OF TIME!
  • Doesn’t integrate with Apple Health 2/5

    By Goldbacon-TX
    The app is OK for getting test results. But I would like for it to integrate with Apple Health.
  • Useless 1/5

    By fredcarol
    Takes days to “verify”. Don’t wate your time.
  • Best place for blood tests 5/5

    By Sail2sunset
    I go to the Delray Beach office. The folks there work hard to get me inside and get my tests done efficiently. I always make an appointment ahead of time so I am seen without a long wait. The app posts my results asap and I know fairly quickly what’s going on with my diabetes. I wouldn’t recommend any other place. Thank you Delray Beach Quest for delivering great service.
  • Useless APP DONT DOWNLOAD 1/5

    By Gargle99
    Quest is garbage! Their App is Garbage. Just got my results on the app, only took 3 weeks! Wast of time and effort for nothing. The sooner these idiots go out of business, the better.
  • Does not Support the Health App 2/5

    By Sensee111024
    The Quest app does not support Apple’s Health app or Health Records integration.
  • Lab results 2/5

    I was able to review my labs 3 wks after I went to my PCP and got the results 🤦🏼‍♀️
  • Lightning speed... 5/5

    By GrvydEngineer
    In summer of 2016 I used the old version and it was ok and checked my results when ever asked or to remind me of why I was taking meds. Now in summer 2018 it’s easier and lightning speed .... It’s what an app should be this day of age. Great work Deserve bonus’s ... all of you
  • Expiration dates 1/5

    By Pineapples & Mangos
    Please update the app to display any standing orders and their expiration dates. Sometimes I go in for a routine blood draw not knowing that my script has expired. Big inconvenience, easy update, big difference.
  • Result on time and easy reach 5/5

    By Bettyboo25!!
    It is very usefull
  • Can’t pay using this app 1/5

    By ljlute
    Wow what bone head forgot this??? Can’t pay your bill using their app???
  • Why can’t I schedule appointment? 2/5

    By LCMfromCincy
    The app takes you to quest website to schedule appointment where you have to enter your login your credentials again to schedule appointment- very inconvenient .. LCM from Cincinnati
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By Airborne82ndSF
    Secure and 5 business days to receive your lab work.
  • Lab results missing! 1/5

    By Midsynd
    No stars, not even one, for Quest app. But it won’t let me review unless I put in one star at least, ridiculous!!! I get emails saying results are in but app says in progress, for two weeks now. Deleting app, it’s absolutely useless!!!!
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Cmmmmmc
    According to the app I have not been to Quest since 2012. I am looking at my bill for this year 2018 so I have the dates but When I try to request labs it will not let me put in any date but today’s date.
  • Can’t schedule an appointment 2/5

    By Loisg1234
    When you choose schedule an appointment it brings you to the website which is hard to use on the phone, and, it requires you to login again! Also, even though I have the app touch enabled, it didn’t work and I had to enter the password.
  • Great App 5/5

    By mandamaee87
    This is a great app let’s me know exactly what my results are and medical information 5 stars exactly what I needed.
  • The best app forever 5/5

    By Simonian vahak
    I love my quest app I can see my blood test result of all description perfect.
  • Can’t even log in 1/5

    By Brad00011
    I can log into the website but when I try and use the app I always get an error stating it can’t log in using the credentials I entered. Totally worthless.
  • Slow and inaccurate 2/5

    By Mecoffee92
    It takes too long to get results. My dr office got them on Tuesday and I don’t get them until Friday. Two weeks in a row I got the same results, even tho I had two separate tests ordered by different doctors.
  • It works great -easy to use 5/5

    By emmitt11
    This is such a well designed app. Easy to use and provides all the information I need in a clean concise and readily available display. Great design.
  • Lab Results 3/5

    By jwbz28
    Seems to take a week to results why does my doctor have to tell me first seem like results would show up sooner on app
  • Torture, meaningless bureaucracy 1/5

    By Ouagadougou2015
    Waste of time
  • Very good! 5/5

    By BawlmerJohn
    A great app. I highly recommend it. Tedious to setup but worth the effort.
  • I’m impressed 5/5

    By New2dirt
    It has always been a mystery when I had blood work done until now. Now I get to report a day or so after the doctor does and I don’t worry about the part that I miss when he’s tell me what the bloodwork is. Great site, thank you.
  • Love this app! No more searching! 5/5

    By Wealthy#1
    I don’t get a lot of blood work done, but I’ve been using this app for a few years now and I love the fact that I don’t have to look for a piece of paper to find out what my CBC levels were!
  • Good app 4/5

    By somethingelsefl
    Please add Apple Health Records integration
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Mkihfbhgffbhhbhjh
    I love the ease of use of this app! So plain and simple. Just like dealing with Quest-always a pleasure!
  • Needs Improvement 2/5

    By Alarmo1999
    When you login you should be able to see your future appointments not only just make appointments also to see these appointments if you do not have the code for your next appointment in front of you they should be more flexibility with this app other than that it’s promising

MyQuest for Patients app comments

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