MyRadar Pro Weather Radar

MyRadar Pro Weather Radar

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  • Current Version: 5.7.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Aviation Data Systems, Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
23,113 Ratings
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MyRadar Pro Weather Radar App

Thanks to everyone for making MyRadar so successful, with over 35 million downloads! MyRadar is a fast, easy-to-use, weather application that displays animated weather radars around your current location, allowing you to quickly see what weather is coming your way. Our High Definition Doppler radar data is processed from raw NOAA weather radar data from the National Weather Service / NWS using our custom-designed, proprietary systems and software, offering the clearest, sharpest, most accurate and most up-to-date reflection of precipitation available... easily accessible at the tap of a finger on your mobile device. Just start the app, and your location pops up with animated weather, allowing you to easily see if rain or snow is headed your way. Our high-res animated radar helps you see weather details even at the closest level! What's great about MyRadar is that the map is easily zoomed and scrolled around with the flick of a finger, allowing you to quickly check the weather in other parts of the country, including Hawaii & Puerto Rico! On top of the basic weather forecast, users can get a quick glance of temperatures around the country, as well as overlay a current satellite image of cloud cover. For you aviation buffs, there's a layer that provides Airmets & Sigmets, and even the ability to overlay the flight plan of a particular aircraft onto the map. You can also share interesting weather photos from your area, and see photos other users have contributed neatly displayed on the map. Additional options include weather warnings and alerts, complete with push notifications, to warn you of severe weather in your area. Great for the start of thunderstorm and tornado season! There's also an optional hurricane tracker, providing excellent details and projections for the path of storms as the season looms near. MyRadar currently shows weather for the United States (including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, when HD Radar is enabled). Download MyRadar today and try it out! -------- If you choose to purchase the Aviation Charts subscription, which is not required in order to use MyRadar, payment will be charged to your iTunes account, and your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your settings in the iTunes Store after purchase. The current subscription for the Aviation Charts starts at $24.95 USD per YEAR. Prices are in U.S. dollars, may vary in countries other than the U.S. and are subject to change without notice. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period. If you don’t choose to purchase the subscription for the Aviation Charts, you can simply continue using MyRadar for free. For MyRadar’s Privacy Policy, visit: For full terms of service visit:


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MyRadar Pro Weather Radar app reviews

  • Keeps crashing on iPad Pro 2/5

    By f1isbest
    This app use to work just fine, but lately it constantly crashes. Hope they get an update soon
  • We make our own weather predictions 5/5

    By PoppyEident
    Based on what we see, we make our own weather interpretations and guess the arrive times and severity of the storms. Plus, I can follow the weather in the areas where my kids live.
  • Pro Version, still have to buy features. 1/5

    By VanSuHan
    If you buy Pro Version, you still have to purchase all the features that should be included. Enable Apple Watch, professional pack, hurricane track, and aviation charts. What the point of paying for pro if it doesn’t comes with all the features? Total rip off.
  • Inaccurate AIRMET & SIGMET symbols 4/5

    By bfcoats2
    I love this app for its full screen motion, AIRMET/SIGMET overlays, and its ad free (no subscription). My only gripe is that the turbulence and icing symbols do not always reflect the correct intensity. The app always uses the severe turbulence and moderate icing symbols regardless of the actual intensity; however, tapping on the symbol brings up the AIRMET/SIGMET text, and you can tell from reading that. This would be a five star app if the turbulence and icing symbology reflected the correct intensity.
  • Does NOT work on Apple Watch. Crashes Frequently on iPad! 1/5

    By Meisty
    Use with Apple Watch (Series 3): Despite claims by the developer, this app does NOT work properly on Apple Watch. It only reports temperatures in degrees C (Celsius). I tried it on two new Apple Watches and it behaved the same way. Use on iPad Pro: This app crashes 3-4 per day when used on an iPad Pro, regardless of how many, or few, apps are running in the background. First the screen freezes and then the app shuts down completely and dumps the user back to the overall iPad start screen. Animation: The animation for wind direction is quite small and is nearly invisible except when viewing air flow on a black background or over large bodies of water ( i.e., oceans and the Great Lakes). Summary: In my opinion this app is not worth the premium assigned to it by the app developers. Currently it has limited utility for Apple Watch users. It also has design and operational issues that limit its usefulness on the iPad.
  • Solid 5/5

    By kdkat
    Love the app... need better forecast weather drop down. Maybe include a marine weather link...
  • Love the app - issue with aviation layers and flight plan 3/5

    By CristoforoP
    Love the app - issue with aviation layers and flight plan. On the IPhone X it’s crashing anytime I select the FP to check routing.
  • Best radar app I have used yet. 5/5

    By Lord Ostrik
    I love weather and severe storm season is always a blast, watching the radar, seeing storms grow and change over time and recently, chasing after a few of them. The fact this app has the doppler radar network and I can swap between reflectivity and velocity is probably my favorite feature.
  • PLEASE GET RID OF TRIPPIT on my screen 4/5

    By Give me the old!
    Please provide an option to DESELECT the TRIPPIT app/function
  • Celsius issue with watch app 1/5

    By Dario9999
    Just bought the watch app access. Showing Celsius and I don’t know why. Default weather is showing Fahrenheit and location is U.S. Can’t find any settings to correct this in the watch and phone app. Edit: just finished a reinstall on the watch and reboot. Same issue. Using metric system for measure because winds are in kilometers as well.
  • Love This App I’ve used them all 5/5

    By RLGolden
    I’ve tried them all as I am a weather nut. I use GR2 Analyst on my PC which is awesome. Hands down this app for phone or IPad is the best. Well worth the 10 dollars spent for the updated version.
  • Celsius only on watch 5/5

    By Will Marion
    All temps are in Celsius. I’ve tried to switch it but nothing works.
  • Very useful for aviation 5/5

    By aviatorpete
    This app is very useful for a quick look at the national big weather picture. As an airline pilot I need to access radar information on the go so pulling my radar up quickly on my phone or iPad is very useful. The radar images load quickly, no login, just tap the app and I have the info that I need.
  • Love the app. 4/5

    By Kresleriphone
    I have used this app on my iPhone and iPad for quite some time. In the last 3 days the app keeps crashing on my iPad. I have done everything from re-downloading to hard shutdown. Nothing works. I love the app and it works great on my iPhone.
  • Paid for pro, now no load at all! 2/5

    By Atticafa
    This is utterly ridiculous. My father, husband and I all are absolutely disgusted with the barrage of weather apps. We had one we liked and the idiots discontinued it in favor of an ‘upgraded’ version they favored leaving all users in the cold. On the hunt we’ve been and found nothing. This, our far favorite 2nd place...I tried the ‘paid’ to pro to at least see if that would allow for a better insight into the info we no longer had. No. It not only did not, but I have a paid for app that constantly, and I mean constantly crashes. You owe a refund as its utterly unusable. Either offer a product ready to launch or dont offer it until it is. Charging people for an ‘upgraded’ format that is far from it is bordering on fraud. Clearly you are aware the issues. Fix it or refund. There are only 2 choice as people are depending on Doppler for their lives and all ye weather apps claim to have it and are even now charging for some sort of ‘better’ access to it. Obviously untrue. As a huge storm front comes barreling our direction and your stupid app has failed yet again, we go to download someone else’s in a hurry. I hope someone decides to regulate this ludicrous field of hap hazard ‘warnings’ for weather as this is not a joke to those of us living in ‘the belt’. Get you’re act together.
  • Work for 2 weeks 1/5

    By Shawnzy1348
    I needed an app like this because knowing rain and wind direction was great for motorcycle trips, the first two weeks it worked like a dream but the last week and a half nothing works at all. Seems like they give you the sense that your money was well spent until it just quits on you 3 weeks in. Don’t buy.
  • Great 3/5

    By Tomlittle1
    Only thing missing is radar tops Only displays Celsius on Apple Watch:-(
  • Very Disappointed 1/5

    By Vermont Resident
    I can not figure out if this app will allow me to look at other locations.
  • 5 stars if one thing I really love would be here 4/5

    By RobotXerxes
    I want the surface analysis data for pressure systems. The last storm app by Wunderground was great with the wind patterns and the systems. You got the wind patters so I can sort of find high pressure and low pressure systems. But the graphs help out so well. Also maybe lightning further down the road?
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Unhappyadam1349
    I used the free version for years and recently got an Apple Watch so I thought what the heck, let’s buy the pro. I’m extremely disappointed to say that the app simply won’t open on my watch. It will start to load and the shut off. I would like for this to be fixed ASAP and if that happens I will change my rating to reflect it. I wrote a glowing review of the free version some time ago and actually had people downloading it this weekend. Please make this one work
  • Bad app 1/5

    By Mr 1771
    Does not display hurricanes as current tab says, re hurricanes display. Your current location is ALL you get! ! !! App needs a lot of work. Donate your funds to another weather app!!!!!!!!!?
  • Update 2/5

    By badmanran
    I updated the app for 2.99 and my PayPal account dice that time my PayPal account has be charged 5 times and refunded 1 time. This was suppose to be a one time charge only. Please correct!!
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By Cullen766
    I’ll start off by saying I used to love this app even was driving home one day and avoid a hailstorm because of this app. I payed for some of their more premium services and it used to run great. Since then it won’t restore all of the purchases that I have made and for the last 6-8 months I have yet to even see a cloud on the radar which is very disappointing this app starts off great and becomes nothing more than a waste of data and an empty map. As of right now my radar pro app couldn’t detect a cloud let alone a storm.
  • Great until today 2/5

    By NameTaken6000
    App worked great until today. Now opens, hangs for a few seconds, and closes. Killed app, rebooted iPad, still no good. Hmmm.
  • Won’t keep chosen graphic 2/5

    By Mothernature_61
    I have been using this for quite some time now, but ever time I open it back up I have to always reselect which graphics I want. It doesn’t stay loaded to the previous graphic. I have an iPhone and iPad
  • How often do you have to purchase the extras? 3/5

    By DaniMart1105
    I have used this app for years and now discover I have to repurchase the extras like Hurricane Tracker?
  • Very Informative 5/5

    By George1947
    MyRadar Pro allows me to view up tp date weather conditions over most of the US, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. I’m a Ham Radio Operator and I use MyRadar Pro to see the weather in the areas I’m talking with. I can see storm systems that are going affect me. This is very useful because I am a NWS StormSpotter. I can zoom out and see the entire US or focus in on my location. I’m also a Net Control Station for the Salvation Armies SATERN Ham Radio Net. I can get a good view of the storms moving through theGulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. It really help me see what was happening when I was hearing from Hams in Puerto Rico and the smaller islands in the Caribbean who needed assistance and their only communications to the main la d was Ham Radio. I feel I did a better job because I oils see the storms movements. I wish they had a version for computers. It would come in very handy.
  • Has serious issues on iPhone X 2/5

    By Works 4 me 2
    Cannot select the star to add a location, it stays cleared. Will finally select only after too many attempts to count, not good. Cannot swipe left or right if you finally get a favorite unless you swipe down, and don’t do that because you’ll never get it to swipe back up again. They put the swipe up point too close the phones app switcher so it minimizes the app instead of swiping back to the radar. The hurricane overlay hazes out everything so you can’t tell what’s happening when you zoom in even a little. You have to manipulate the map to a location instead of searching for a location when you try (and repeatedly fail) to add one. C’mon, this is 2018 and that is just sad
  • Stopped working 1/5

    By MichiganWoodman
    I have been using this for a couple years now and it WAS the best but recently it just stopped working on my apple watch, the fact i could have radar on my watch was the main reason i bought this app.
  • Apple Watch Problems 1/5

    By OnlyTheAppsILike
    Another update: I’m getting data now but it’s in Celsius. My iPhone app is in Fahrenheit. This shouldn’t be that hard to fix. If you’re going to charge money for your products, I believe you’re obligated to make them work. Update: The Apple Watch app doesn’t ask me to upgrade anymore, but the only thing that shows up is the radar. Everything else is dashes or blanks. There is no Hourly data or 5 Day data at all. And not a word from the people who charge extra for the Watch app. I like the app, so please make it work. Prior Review: Paid for both the pro version and the Apple Watch upgrade. Worked for a while on my Apple Watch, but now all it does is tell me to purchase the Apple Watch upgrade. I’ve restored my purchases from the iPhone app many times. Still no luck. Sent a request to the company from their app, but no response. I don’t mind an app having a problem, but I hate it when the don’t care about you and don’t feel any obligation to respond.
  • Nice Work 5/5

    By Diverescue
    I have had this for a long time and always pushed it to the back because it was a clumsy look like the rest app. I am not sure when the change occurred but someone has put in the work to make it one of the best I’ve seen and have not had any issues at all.. Well done!!
  • Crashes on Watch App 1/5

    By Almypal44
    Only reason I purchased is to have it on Apple Watch. It immediately crashes every time on my watch.
  • Used to love it 2/5

    By Jptros
    Why do I get prompted to go through the forecasts tutorial _everytime_ this app is updated? Save off the setting somewhere and stop asking me. Come in. I don’t even use that feature. I use this for the radar. If I want a forecast the default iOS app is all I need. Feels like the forecast function is being shoved down my throat. Can’t make it go away. I like the radar, always have and have supported this app buying it on multiple platforms but give me a break on that stinking forecast function. Great... it can do forecasts. Now stop telling me about it. Let me disable it completely.
  • Great...ish 3/5

    Love the app... some of the glitches need to be worked out... the only reason why I’m a brat about this is becaus I’ve upgraded everything inside the app (over $15 for this app)... I wish they would fix the wind inside the app... it goes from pink to black... I want you to win!!! Please update
  • Does what it says! 5/5

    By tws1961
    This app does what it says. It is easy to use and just works. A recent update has a small glitch for the Apple Watch app but it is being addressed. The app developer is responsive is inquiries. I think you’ll be very happy with this app.
  • Best Weather App 4/5

    By sirwalan
    As a WU Storm refugee, I was in the market for a new weather app. My Radar Pro has at least 60% of what I felt I was missing plus at least 25% more awesome stuff that WU Storm didn’t have... and the wonderful ability to layer it together in one map. I’d give the app five stars with a few enhancements * Add front lines * Add severe weather outlooks * The wind gradient lines could be thicker as they are awfully hard to see now, however I am grateful for their presence * Add historical data for locations (average high / low, rain in the last 24 hours, etc.) * ...and crash less
  • Excellent APP 5/5

    By Cloudthumper
    Great weather app. It I use it several times a day.
  • Could be good 2/5

    By lonmc
    Concerned that there is NO app support page. Reviews appear to be the only way to address problems.
  • update Apple Watch use unsat! 1/5

    By CanoeU70
    OK this is getting ridiculous. My iPhone nd iPad apps allow me to select temps in F since I am an American in America nd we use Farenheit NOT celcius. Gimme a break guys, FIX THIS!
  • Flight plan draw feature doesn’t work 3/5

    By Irritated over and over
    The flight plan drawing feature quit working about a month ago. I’ve emailed the developers with no response.
  • Bad formatting 1/5

    By JoeStaf
    The performance on the iPad Pro is not good. The touchscreen commands are broken and type is over printed in the forecast section. Not compatible.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Sin77798
    This app cant make up its mind. It says its not going to rain and it rains. It says its going to rain and it doesnt. Complete pile of garbage.
  • My favorite but... 3/5

    By coffeemom
    This is my favorite weather app, but can not get the favorite locations to be added. When tapped it does not add them. Would love feedback to get it resolved. I’ve bought all the upgrades except the flying one. Thanks!
  • No updates on Apple Watch 2/5

    By iWatchBroken
    The Apple Watch upgrade is not working. The only thing I get is the radar but no detailed information no hourly forecast no weekly forecast. Please fix!
  • My Radar Pro 1/5

    By NightHwk-I
    I like the concept and the phone app works great but, the Iwatch does not update the data. GPS is working correctly because it changes the location but leave a ? For the data.
  • What’s the problem??? 1/5

    By TSL417
    I’ve tried both the regular and “pro” version...and it seems I’ve wasted money on both. The apps look and work great on my iPhone 8 Plus...but neither one will work properly on my Apple Watch 3...I’ve downloaded both apps several times...deleted & restarted both my phone and watch and tried both apps again. These apps look great on my phone...but do nothing but stop/crash on my watch. So, is it me and my watch, or the apps??? It’d be great if the apps get a fix/update...if not, I’d like my dang money back!!
  • Won’t work on Apple Watch 1/5

    By realbigappleuser
    There was a bug fix that then stopped the watch from displaying any data except the weather map. After I submitted a diagnostic report, there was a watch fix release around a week or so later, but as the watch app loads, the temperature info is momentarily displayed then goes back to ? for each piece of data like temp and humidity. The developer got back to me to say Apple is not letting them release the bug fix until they have an upgrade to release.If this is true, Apple needs to make an exception. I unpaired the watch and deleted all the content on the watch but the app still won’t work properly. Oh, by the way, this is the ONLY 3rd party app on the watch! Not happy. In another review, there was a suggestion to get Wunderground. At first I was skeptical, but it runs circles around My Radar - the watch app has an animated map and very useful weather info. I suggest to all the watch users that have been affected to switch over. I’m gonna eat the in app purchases I made with My Radar and My Radar Pro.
  • Need to fix sync with Apple Watch 2/5

    By DAK1959
    Map only — but other details not being displayed (showing location error?). Please fix!
  • Would’ve given it 5 3/5

    By Bird96
    I would’ve given this app a 5 star rating if the iwatch app I paid for worked. The phone app is great and I love the features such as the wildfire layers and wind animations but as stated before I paid for the watch app with the free version and didn’t work even after reloading and resetting all my devices. I gave it the benefit of the doubt and purchased the pro version, still won’t work on my series 3 iwatch. Disappointing to say the least. If you’re going to offer it make sure it works.
  • How is this thing so precise? 5/5

    By LoveInYaMouth
    I love the full screen uninhibited radar of my location. I also love how accurate the radar is when zooming into the map. For example: I noticed it was raining outside, so I fired up the MyRadar app, snapped to my location, zoomed-in, and there it was! A large storm system right over my head. Amazing!

MyRadar Pro Weather Radar app comments


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