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MySchoolBucks App

MySchoolBucks makes school meal payments easy for busy parents on-the-go!  Quickly and securely add money to your student’s school meal account using your credit card, debit card or electronic check.  You can also view recent cafeteria purchases and check current meal account balances for each student.  MySchoolBucks is backed by Heartland Payment Systems, one of the largest and most trusted payment processors in the United States.

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  • Payment history??? 1/5

    By Susan12344654321
    Payment history...only 30 days. That is NOT a payment history you have records of every purchase that has ever been made. Please provide a min of last 6 months even better..a year
  • Updated and now crashes on launch 2/5

    By Haven1154
    Was working fine because all I used it for was balance checking. Updated the app and now it crashes right after launching.
  • Fee 1/5

    By Bembedchuleta
    I’m struggling to put money in as is then you’re asking for a fee per transaction with multiple kids that’s a whole lunch. Convenient for who?
  • Get rid of the fee !! 2/5

    By DonnaZ318
    Why does app need fee to use ?? It’s absolutely ridiculous!
  • Almost useless 1/5

    By awargo4
    ***UPDATE*** Why do you all keep releasing updates every 19 hours? The app never gets better and it always deletes login credentials. Outsource the app development, please. ——— The squirrels in my yard can code better than whomever wrote this app. Its interface is clunky, it's inefficient in execution, and the credential reset features are next to useless. It barely accomplishes what it's supposed to.
  • Hi 1/5

    By supuu wa daddy
    I just dont like it even though i have never uses it
  • Set fee is absolutely terrible 1/5

    By Chularose
    I tried to put 2 dollars in my account through this app and it charged me 2.49 just to put it in that’s absolutely ridiculous that’s 125% tax just to transfer it over. I’m convinced taxation is theft now. Thank you schoolbucks.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By rich815
    Freezes up, slow, EXPENSIVE!!! They should hire professionals to write this app and fire the amateurs.
  • This used to be 5 Star Gold 2/5

    By Retired Mustang
    When updates include wholesale modifications they are no longer updates. I can't even run the app after the last update. Starts & then shuts down.
  • Fritzed out 1/5

    By myCelia
    Worked for a while, now it doesn't even open! Senior graduating, now how do I transfer his funds to my rising freshman? I don't think the devs are home anymore.
  • Too expensive and too complicated 1/5

    By vici333
    This app is way too clunky and the $1.50 fee to just add funds to the lunch account is ridiculous.
  • Full of bugs 1/5

    By WickyC
    Having to depend on an app to make sure your kids can eat at school is already stressful. Add into the mix that the app has bugs and/or updates that render it useless. Latest update causes App Store update loop. I don’t like me or my kids carrying cash, but if it means we can avoid this frustration, it’s worth doing.
  • App not working- “Requires Update” 1/5

    By Huntpeymom
    My app is fully updated. When I open the app, a pop up says it requires an update to work. I deleted and downloaded again. No luck. Also, last couple of months I have to enter my password every time I open the app. It no longer saves the information. It’s really annoying.
  • Updates 2/5

    By the woman's ipod
    App states there’s an update when there is not. Uninstalled and reinstalled app and does not update!
  • Pain to use. 1/5

    By Kayleepatete
    Pain to use. Can’t even log on today. Thank goodness year almost over. Will zero out account and pay cash until year over.
  • My school bucks 1/5

    By whatsupnonickname
    My school bucks should be named my school headache. I had it set up to keep me logged in, logged me out. It won’t send a link to reset the password. It says that there is an update, it won’t update. Don’t blame my phone because it is brand new! I hope they let my daughter get a lunch today. Oh and if you call, no one answers the phone. Maybe it’s a scam! Just saying.👎👎👎
  • Can’t update the app 1/5

    By Mom of Dragon
    This app is unreliable - we’re talking about being able to load money for our kids lunches (in a day and age where some schools are shaming and denying kids food). Get it together - this is an important app - Fix your **** or step down and let another company do this. I and many other parents don’t have time or the patience to mess around with an app of this importance that doesn’t work. UGH! Completely frustrated...
  • Technical issues and high fees 1/5

    By mommydom2
    Can’t add money to my child’s account because the app is saying it needs to be updated, but I have the latest update already. Also the fee is really high.

    Trying to log on to my children’s lunch accounts and it say new update is required but will not let me update.
  • Really want to like it 3/5

    By Vldib
    I really liked this app but recently I haven’t been able to use it. It will not update even after I uninstalled and reinstalled it.
  • Can’t use 3/5

    By Stef1018
    I’ve used this app for several years for my kids school lunch accounts and have never had terrible issues until today. I am trying to add money to my son’s lunch account and it tells me there is an update I have to do so I went into the app store for updates and there’s no update to do. I deleted the app and reinstalled it and still keep getting the error about an update needing to be done. Ready to throw my phone across the office.
  • Won’t let me login 1/5

    By chickenwangsz
    It’s saying it needs to update but it’s already updated and won’t let login
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Catherine Blanton
    I am constantly having trouble with the app. Today it tells me that there is a required update but when I try to update there isn’t one. I tried to remove and reinstall and it still says there is a required update.
  • Update is ready 2/5

    By LB0508
    When I tried to open the app, pop up message keeps posting “update is ready to be install” but each time I click on ok it takes me to my App Store for update but there isn’t an update option, on the open option... what’s going on?
  • Will NOT keep me signed in 2/5

    By Deeva Starr
    I have to re-enter my password every time I want to use the app. Didn’t used to be like this. For someone who uses this app often it’s very annoying. Please fix!
  • 🙄 1/5

    By Violamom74
    So, I used it fine for a few years fine. Now all it does is not load or crash. My kid was denied food at lunch cause I couldn’t put money on it. Time to go back to checks...
  • Could really use some work! 1/5

    By Nickname 2007
    I suddenly have to put in my password EVERY time I open the app. I had to find my password for it because I used to go months without having to enter it.
  • Poor interface 2/5

    By tabbenedict
    While I appreciate the potential ease of using the app, this app is not intuitive. I would rather be able to click on my student, view his/her account and reload directly from that screen by clicking “add funds”. However, when you click “add funds, it takes you to another screen where 1) it isn’t readily apparent you are defaulted into your first alphabetical student’s account 2) you cannot actively see all of your students in a scrolling list and 3) there is no indication that there *is* a scrolling list. Each child should have their own navigation through their own account page.
  • This app is stupid 2/5

    By Monica3177
    I only use this app because I need to add money to my daughter’s lunch account. However, I activated the finger print authentication & it stops working every couple of months or so. I have needed to reset my password & the app doesn’t even send you the text to reset anything. It’s a stupid app that needs a lot of improvements
  • Bad Update 2/5

    By Gocunsgo7
    “Stay logged in” doesn’t work since update. Inconvenient😕
  • Didn’t have my district 2/5

    By To many ads!!!!
    The app didn’t have my district so I cannot use the app correctly. Please add all districts.
  • Can’t login 1/5

    By Loaf Pincher
    After the new update I am unable to login or request a new password via email or text.
  • Poor customer service 2/5

    By Yoliapp36
    I requested a password change validation code at 9:00 a.m and the time is now 4:46 p.m eastern time. I have not received a code as of yet via text or email. I don’t understand why the app charges a fee to add money to the accounts if the app itself is free. There are no special features about this app. I wish there was another app I could use to add money to my kids accounts. This app is poorly developed
  • Worst app especially for school bucks 2/5

    By yeni10
    This app is acting up I’m trying to load money to my kids lunch and I been unsuccessful I tried to reset the password but the code they send me said is a error to call the phone number.
  • Not streamlined and deceptive 1/5

    By So Addicted!!!!!!!
    Too many clicks required to simply add money to an account. Also, after you pay there’s no confirmation screen. The screen just sums as if it’s processing/refreshing and then stays on the screen for you to submit a payment as if nothing happened. The first time I used the app I almost made a payment twice, but I decided to check my bank account first. The payment came out, so I checked my email next. I got a payment confirmation there. I’m sure some parents have accidentally made multiple payments thinking the first one wasn’t processed and some schools like to make you jump through hoops to get back money if the child isn’t withdrawing from the school or before the yr end. That should be fixed.
  • Worst Payment App Ever Used! 2/5

    By Oatmeal1973
    Thankfully I have only had to login to this company's website and now pay app a few times in total since moving into a school district which uses this company to make the advanced payments on my children's meal account. Up until today, I used the web browser version which is always so slow (constantly freezing and having to refresh), but then today would not even finalize my payment after 2 attempts and 20 min wasted. So I downloaded the pay app version hoping for an improvement, and although, after having to make 2 separate transactions for my 3 children's meal accounts, it does at least "appear" to have FINALLY processed the payments as pending (keeping my fingers crossed), I sadly need to report another 20 min were wasted. This is ALL your company does and you are unable to make it user-friendly, intuitive and most importantly efficient?? Good grief...sell your company to one of your competitors please...or fix it right.
  • Overly Complicated Simplicity 2/5

    By Alice Denis
    Initially, I had no problems using the app. However, as time passed and I started using it more frequently, it became too much trouble for its worth. Too much time wasted trying to figure out things that are clearly oversights on behalf of the developer of this app. Keep it simple folks. Don’t move the things that work well around when you make updates. It just does make sense. Also, why would any payment page include “add method of payment” and display the symbols for Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc. yet not accept the American Ecpress credit card? I have spent 2 days trying to add money with my American Express card and keep arriving at a dead end. Not to mention, no where does it say you don’t accept American Express (a notice would have saved me lots of hassle and time). In fact, the reason I finally found out the problem I was as having was due to the app not accepting American Express is because I learned about it here while reading the reviews. It’s extremely misleading having American Express symbol next to forms of payment. Do yourselves a favor, read through the reviews, and do something about the feedback you’re receiving. The numbers speak for themselves, and the majority of your reviews are not positive. You need to make it a great app before another developer does so in a better app and the schools cancel their contracts with you. It’s just a matter of time, and the opportunity is yours to lose. Good luck!
  • Works as intended if you’re patient 5/5

    By cerebralcortez
    If you have enough patience to work through the initial setup, then you’ll love the app and enjoy utilizing it compared to more traditional methods of adding fund to your children’s school funds.
  • Not worth it!!! 1/5

    By yes.san
    Makes it easy to make payments with out having to worry about sending in money with your child. But they have a 2.49 fee every time you deposit money into the account, which is INSANE!!! my son goes to Public School NOT Private, a lunch it’s self is already 2.50. On top of that, when there is no funds the cafeteria only provides the child with 1/2 of a piece of toast and still charge the full amount...
  • Not that helpful 1/5

    By Maryland Mom of 3
    I still have to use my laptop to access all the tasks. The App doesn’t have the functionality to handle school sports payments that are requested or even proper lunch account payments for students in different schools which is frustrating.
  • Too expensive! 2/5

    By pattybot
    I liked the idea of this app initially when I could pay one fee for both children and deposit funds for each at the same time. Now you get charged for each child instead of each deposit and that is just BS! There’s also no option to transfer funds from one account to the other. Also, I can’t deposit to just my sons account, it always defaults to my daughters account and won’t allow me to make a deposit to my sons account unless I’ve already added funds to my daughters. Such hogwash. I guess I’ll be walking in and paying for their lunches rather than throwing money at this stupid app.
  • Adding funds 2/5

    By Fix 6-1!!!!!
    Cannot scroll through to add funds. The entire window is blank. It’s like the page shrunk in together and barely have room to select an amount.
  • Need to update 2/5

    By Beka851309
    The Apple app needs updated for daily spending limits
  • Worst app I’ve ever used. 1/5

    By Whatonearthwasthat
    Kept trying to add field trip and kept getting error. Had to close out and reopen app. Nice. Didn’t tell me it didn’t accept American Express- just greyed out the “save” which made me think I made an error somewhere and re-enter the data over and over. (Did they user test this at all???) Fees are too high. 36 cents on a 9 dollar charge for what? Raising my blood pressure? Certainly wasn’t a more convenient way to pay. As another reviewer said- make it free or fix it.
  • Fee’s and pricing 3/5

    By 1Bigdyl
    The app works fine. I don’t appreciate the fact that fee’s are being charged when adding money to my child’s account! It’s already terrible that he eats breakfast at home, then get’s to school and if he wants a chocolate milk or a juice, he’s being charged the $1.50 for a whole breakfast! That’s ridiculous! Kids should be charged for what they eat or drink only because the rest of the food that’s uneaten goes in the trash by the teachers, that’s wasteful! Not only that, they’re some children that comes to school hungry and can’t afford breakfast nor lunch for that matter and they’re throwing away freaking food! Everything is highway robbery and shouldn’t be! I’m pretty sure a small milk and an even smaller size juice, shouldn’t be $1.50. He’s only in 1st grade!!!!!!
  • Never works 1/5

    By IrritatedinRI
    This app would be super convenient if it worked. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it more times than I can count and it still won’t let me log in. Plus, multiple service fees for multiple children in the same school is ridiculous. It’s easier to write a check or bring money directly to the school. Don’t waste your time and money on this app!
  • Clunky and money hungry 1/5

    By Hit with a stick
    I cannot imagine the amount of money these guys make off of the backs of our children. I have had doubts before but now with this app I don’t think my school district is capable of making any decisions about my children in a not for profit manner. To the developer the app is clunky and childish, just what I want when I handle money. To my school district, how much are you making off of this?
  • Update made adding funds impossible 1/5

    By Jolene7
    The new update has made adding funds to all 3 kids impossible. It only gives the option to add to the first child on the list. Please fix so I can add funds to all 3! Thanks.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By does not coporate
    My daughter is apart of an elite choir which I have paid a pretty penny for. I can’t express it enough that this app and company is truly horrendous. I’ve tried for 4 days to sign up for a simple field trip and kept getting rejected numerous times. I personally don’t have time to be dealing with all the bs this app crates. As a single mom and full time lawyer I can say I am very disappointed in the school that has chosen to do business with this corporation of money laundering. 1/1000 never get this app it will cause a migraine each and every time you try to pay for ONE thing. 1000% do not recommend.

MySchoolBucks app comments

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