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  • Current Version: 2.2.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: MyScript
  • Compatibility: Android
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MyScript Nebo App

Nebo® is where work begins. It is the best way to take notes, always here to help you be more productive, day after day. Specifically designed for Apple Pencil* or Logitech Crayon*. Nebo lets you write, draw, quickly edit and structure your notes, and convert them into digital text. Structure your notes by creating titles, paragraphs and bulleted lists. Convert them instantly into Word, text, PDF or HTML format. Add interactive diagrams that can be copied as editable elements to PowerPoint or as images to other apps. Equations and calculations can be copied to apps supporting LaTeX, or as images. Draw sketches and annotate images. Use the latest innovations of MyScript Interactive Ink to be more productive with your pen! ** Best App 2017 CES Mobile Apps Showdown ** ** App Store Best of 2016 ** ** Featured by Apple as "Perfect with Apple Pencil" ** ** Apple World Today Pick of 2016: Rating (5 out of 5 Stars) ** Features: • Edit and format with your pen — MyScript Interactive Ink lets you write, add or remove content and space, decorate and apply styles. • Switch between pen and keyboard beta — Add content or edit existing text with your keyboard, whether it is handwritten or converted. Select and copy/paste text in Nebo or to any other app. • Add rich content — draw interactive diagrams with elements you can edit, delete and move anytime you want. • Smart math — develop your equations and matrices across several lines. Solve your calculations. Copy them into LaTeX or as images. • Draw — sketch freely and annotate images. • Smart layout — as you write the page expands. • Export as Word (.docx), text, PDF or HTML — you decide where to take your notes next. Copy/paste fully editable diagrams to PowerPoint or as images to other apps. • Manage your notes — organize your pages in notebooks and collections. Move your notes from one notebook or collection to another, in the most intuitive and fluid manner. • Search — find handwritten ink and text across all notes in your library, including in your diagrams. • Sync — sync your notes with iCloud, Google Drive or Dropbox. Requires a MyScript account (free). *An official Apple Pencil or Logitech Crayon (iPad 2018 only) is required to write in Nebo.

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  • Generally good, but does not transcribe special characters and numbers well. 3/5

    By ANeboUseronHisipadpro
    Nebo is generally good, and for instances where you have a an extra minute or two to make corrections on the fly i can take mostly accurate notes. However, if you have a job where you have to take notes on very rapidly in front of customers you likely won’t have this time. I find that I sometimes spend as much time correcting my notes after the fact as I did writing them initially. Also if you have to transcribe part numbers with numbers and alpha-beta characters intermixed you will have a very hard time getting accurate transcription, even if you meticulously write out the part numbers. This app also does not handle special characters like slashes, parentheses, brackets, etc. very well, and even if it registers the mark initially, if you continue to write the subsequent text can retroactively change the text you’ve written before it. Lastly, this app does not integrate very good sketching tools or other object insertion tools, and it tends to very clunky when you insert objects into the text. For example, if you want to reorder the position of a picture (Let’s say so it appears further upwards in the text body) you can’t do this without first physically creating space for the picture. I don’s see why we couldn’t just drag and drop between text boxes, but OK. Overall I have to give this 3 stars, and I’d say it’s better than a lot of the other notebook script apps out there. It’s relatively easy to use. But for 10 USD it’s a little steep, and I expect more.
  • Needs Editing Tools 3/5

    By nysalesman
    I’ve been using handwriting recognition on everything from the Apple Newton to Palm Pilot to Windows Surface Tablets, and this is, hands down, the best handwriting recognition on any device. That being said, Nebo’s lack of editing tools makes its editing ability the worst of those devices Here’s the issues: 1. Text is stored in blocks and does not become a continuous page until it is exported. This makes it difficult, to say he least, to insert items between blocks of text that are already written. At the very least, there should be an insert feature. 2. The handwriting recognition is the best, but it’s not perfect (for instance, I find it impossible to get Nebo to recognize a slash between words (and/or for instance. Therefore, the option of a keyboard functionality should be a no-brained; but Nebo only allows you to write via handwriting recognition. Without proper editing tools, it rates a solid 3-Stars. If editing tools are added, then it would be an outstanding 5-Star App.
  • Wonderful writing tool . . . 4/5

    By Webdancer42
    Second only in my arsenal to Scrivener. I was instantly amazed at how well Nebo recognizes my horrible handwriting. I feel like I’m writing on a yellow legal notepad—only one that magically lets people actually read what I write. If I were to suggest any changes, I would love the ability to change the page color.
  • Recognition changes sentence 3/5

    By midnightdawntable
    The app is great for recognizing handwriting. It would show you on top what the app is recognizing the sentence to be. One problem I have is that I see what the app has previewed what the sentence is to be. And as I double tap to complete the writing, it completely changes what was shown in the preview. It’s annoying...
  • This is just great, no words 5/5

    By ellichann
    This is a great app, supports all the languages, even chinese and georgian, and other complicated ones, you can even draw diagrams and it transforms them very accurately. I love it. Thank you guys. By the way, it looks like the app is from France, merci beacoup!
  • Many thing missing...! 2/5

    By Nelidadu
    Ability to have different types of paper Ability to create graph and diagrams with pre set designs like squares, triangles, lines, arrows, etc. etc Return to hand writing after conversion...?
  • Just like for Palm back in the day... 5/5

    By TitanShadow
    I remember back in the day, I had something extremely similar that was made by a company called Decuma and it was called the same thing. I have no doubt that this is either based on the same software or the same technology. It works almost identically, really makes having the pencil worth while.
  • Would’ve been 5 stars! 4/5

    By abuhubb
    I would’ve rated 5 stars because this app is excellent and unlike anything else. I only wish it had Arabic as a language option. Can this be done???
  • Better than the rest, but not perfect 3/5

    By ChemGuy88
    For converting handwriting to LaTeX, this is the best app on the market. However, this doesn’t mean that this will do everything you want it to do. Although I resented the app at first for falling short of my expectations, an educated consumer has to realize that sometimes technology and market forces are what really hold back developers, and not their vision or faculties. This app does everything, except for the following, which it desperately needs: Customizable handwriting recognition. The algorithm should adapt to your handwriting. At the very least, a list of interpretations should be given for math objects, as is done for text objects. Copy and paste equations within a math objects. A lot of math notes involve similar portions and writing them again and again is frustrating. Gestures for editing math objects. I wish I could circle and change the color of equations I have already written.
  • Good but not great 3/5

    By Hizroyalfreshnss
    I enjoy the app sometimes...the auto correction is pretty bad. Especially when it picks up the word you wrote, then when you continue on with your sentence by writing the next word it comes up with some sort of correction that isn’t even a word, or changes your “&” to some weird thing you’ve never seen before. Like I said the app is good but has some work to be great.
  • I like the app but can’t access sync file from other device. 4/5

    By 페리손
    I will be one of many who wants to access sync file from other device.
  • Serious issues with creating diagrams 1/5

    By RummyCritic
    Converting writing to text works okay, but still has issues, however I really wanted to use this for creating diagrams within my work. Will do a basic square or circle. I’m sure it would work well for a flowchart, but anything more detailed then that it becomes worthless. Changes square boxes into text, will move my lines in a pie chart to somewhere random after I convert it. It’s twice as much work then if I just drew them up manually and scanned them in. A waste of money. Don’t waste your time buying it.
  • Amazing but need to add the option to sync through iCloud 4/5

    By TycoonJé
    The handwriting detection is amazing; I even let a friend try it who writes like a chicken and still detects what he intended to write. However I don’t want to sign up for another service just to sync my files; I hope they enable syncing through iCloud which will make my life easy.
  • Almost Perfect 4/5

    By Pouncing Tiger
    Nebo provides intuitive, darn good handwriting conversion to text. It also has neat tools that allow you to put together a document in just about any layout you want. It is, for the most part, a joy to use. It could benefit from a few extra editing tools such as being able to select a section of text and then change its color, or a straight typing too for those uncommon words it just can’t seem to translate correctly. Too bad its translation to PDF and Word is not nearly up to par. When converting to these formats, all photo and text layout is dumped in favor of a straight up-and-down linear format for everything. So those notes you worked so hard on to get text in columns beside photos will lose their neat layout. Still it’s a neat program that’s worth the small cost. Hopefully the Nebo folks will add some improvements.
  • Good but a little exception 3/5

    By greendep1
    I really happy with your app but there is a little problem with the pages. Pages are separate and it is unfamiliar with common notebooks because pages are continuous in regular hard copy notebooks.
  • Has promise but needs work. 2/5

    By MacMikey
    Nebo has the best handwriting recognition of any of the notebook apps, but it is not really a notebook. Yet. The other notebook apps have lots of features. Nebo does not. Yet. I am hopeful that they take this concept and graft it onto the features of Notability or GoodNotes or Evernote. Then they'd almost have something cool, but it would still have one problem: The handwriting conversion is better than other apps, but the conversion is one way. Once you do a conversion, your handwriting is gone. There is no referring to it to see what you wrote if it does not convert well. The workaround is to convert your document to html first and store it separately. That seems reasonable, except Nebo does not keep notebooks, it keeps individual pages of notes, and each page has to be processed separately.
  • Great, but ... 3/5

    By Dio S
    Excellent app for converting handwriting to text and latex equations. It has a great potential. It is not very smart for some math conversion at the current version. For instance, if you write p(x|y), it won’t convert the “|” properly, it does not matter how careful you write it. It also forces some pairs, e.g., parentheses, braces, and that “|” mentioned. Moreover, adding an option to export the whole document to latex would be appreciated. Currently, we have to copy and paste EVERY equation if you want to use it in a tex file.
  • Works at 95% 3/5

    By Reviewer33345
    Sounds good right? 95%. No, it doesn’t. From not capitalizing ‘F’s to treating ‘Ll’ as H. Almost every sentence I write has to be fixed in some way. Not to mention extra lines that become difficult to remove. Its so frustratingly close to getting things right. Sometimes I’m shocked it gets a word right, then fails at something quite clear. I feel it’s underlying problem is trying to spell check for you. Good luck with names.
  • Almost there 4/5

    By TGuyM
    The handwriting recognition is amazingly good, especially the math. Biggest bummer is lack of pdf importing. It’s a little clunky to format the document, and I wish I could edit objects more, such as rotating. Also the math interpreting is a little too smart. I want to be able to write “ln(-1)” but it always changes it to “ln(-1+?)” as if to say “Surely you meant to finish an expression here, and not take the log of a negative number”. Luckily, I’ve found disabling calculations helps to avoid this concern for domains but, I keep it on by default because it sometimes saves me from writing a couple more strokes. For now, I use this for math writing exclusively and import to other note apps, but I look forward to the features in this app to catch up to something like Noteshelf 2
  • Needs to support text 4/5

    By Eilonwy77
    Overall, I greatly enjoy this app. Here are a few things I wish to be improved. Thank you so much for allowing notes to be named. That helps bundles. I love the convert all feature. That makes this better than other apps I have tried. My biggest wish is for the ability to insert text boxes. I often want to write about things I read online, and in order to copy it to my page, I need to take a screenshot and insert as a photo. But that loses searchability advantages when I transfer my work to another program. This is a big frustration. Often when I export my work as text, the paragraph breaks don't come through. But overall, I love this! Edit 6/18/19: I’m super excited about the ability to use the keyboard in Nebo! My next request is still to be able to copy and paste text from outside of Nebo, which I can’t seem to get to work. Lots of times I’m researching things and would like to paste in quotations or facts that I find. Or I’ve started my notes somewhere else and want to paste them into Nebo to keep going. That would be great!
  • Pretty Amazing but limited in professional use 3/5

    By uinazi
    Some minor gaps like not easy enough to scan old notes, can’t archive a notebook to PDF. But it’s an astounding notebook app. Had emerged from the earlier proof of concept stage to be my go to app for meeting notes. In using the other main competitor products over several months of extensive daily use I learned that handwritten notes are much less intrusive in meetings, and research shows you retain more too. But reviewing old handwritten notes is REALLY slow. So in Nebo I can take the notes in handwriting and when the meeting is over convert them to text for my archive. I convert after every meeting. Search is also more accurate that way. The simple pen gestures for editing such as insert and delete are deceptively powerful and it may take you a little while to learn to trust them. Not always trustworthy though. When all is said in done, I can only rely on it when I am really scrupulous. Then its pretty good. Still, there are some kinds of editing that are frustratingly difficult. For example, printing an odd street or person name. Or adding bullets to existing converted lines. So I no longer use Nebo because these sorts of things became a distraction. Even with the beginnings of keyboard support there is still too much cognitive friction for me to use professionally.
  • Pencil gestures to edit sets Nebo apart 5/5

    By Skerry dunes
    I'm using Nebo as my main input method for everything at this point. I write a lot in Ulysses, Bear, and DayOne. I keep Nebo in split screen with another app, write what I need to, then copy it to the other app. I'd love to be able to drag/drop text out of Nebo. This is the only app that copies my handwriting without putting weird line breaks in (Notability, GoodNotes) and the recognition is excellent. But what sets Nebo far above any other note app is the gesture editing. Crossing out to erase is so much more intuitive and efficient than going to a toolbar, select an eraser, erase, back to the toolbar, select a pen, then finally return to writing. I just cross out a word and keep writing. Thank you so much!
  • latex conversion doesn't work 1/5

    By stacippa1992
    and that's kinda the whole point of this app
  • No longer opens 1/5

    By casnbug
    App crashes after update.
  • I really like the app but I wish it had a little more... 3/5

    By ZonFire99
    Mainly I wish it had a dark mode. Why it doesn’t have iCloud sync makes very little sense to me. I shouldn’t have to sign up for yet another website just to have my documents sync across devices. No thanks. I also shouldn’t have to create an account just to get support for the app.
  • New Tools 3/5

    By Asymmetryx90
    I was frustrated with this app for a while, because of the lagging and quitting, but now it works quite well. The pen within the app is great. Especially since you can choose different point sizes. It’s very fluid. But it would be wonderful if you guys could give us the option of a pencil tool like the native notes app on Apple products. There’s something about writing in pencil that gives things an even more authentic, productive feel.
  • Not perfected 3/5

    By aaweis
    Please add a feature to move notes from one folder to another, and shocked i can’t copy and paste.
  • Love it! Wish they integrated a keyboard 4/5

    By Snarkybaker
    I love this app!!! so far it is very accurate, and I write a lot in calligraphy. Due to this, it has changed my regular handwriting, and while many think my handwriting lovely, I have yet to find an app that can accurately translate my handwriting into text. My only complaint is that I wish they integrated their technology into a keyboard extension. Honestly even as a premium feature I’d pay more for it!
  • Great product - needs some development 4/5

    By Ebbieroo
    Needs better export to .pdf or word functionality. Currently can only export 1 page at a time instead of a notebook at a time. in addition, while the equate recognition is awesome, the ability to manipulate spacing of equations and other boxes is very limited. I can’t wait to see how this product progresses.
  • Love this... but 4/5

    By Mechhh
    I do enjoy this app. After being burned by the loss of all my files on Notes Plus, I decided to invest in Nebo. I love the handwriting recognition. The only thing that I would love to have, is a fountain tip pen. That is what drew me to not get the app initially. I love the flourish of the fountain pen. If there is a way to add that, I would even pay for it as an In App Purchase.
  • Functionality 3/5

    By Mac_2
    Wish had more features like OneNote. At least be able to draw or make notes out of the set lines
  • Highly recommend 5/5

    By Luwidg 2
    The conversion of longhand to type is terrific even with my poor handwriting. You also can easily integrate photos, text, and math formula. It is easy and intuitive to use and the longer you use it you discover great little short cuts. If you want to take note longhand but have to submit the text in regular text, this is just perfect.
  • Doesn't recognize a lot of words 2/5

    By Alikings
    People often tell me I have a really neat handwriting, so I'd assume that it'd be easier to recognize my handwriting, but that does not appear to be the case. I got Nebo to take notes that can then be easily converted to typed text but Nebo often has trouble recognizing my handwriting, especially the "f" and "/"s. Please fix this.
  • Translates my spot writing very well 5/5

    By BSWE
    I could not believe that this program is able to interpret my sloppy handwriting. It does an excellent job. I find my self taking notes with Nebo more often, translating the page and inserting into a journal. Quick and easy. Highly recommend this program to everyone.
  • Like it but I think it could be better. 3/5

    By Dayna Gomez
    I love this app BUT I just wished with the money I spent I can import PDFs into it, so I can also write my notes on PDFs.. I feel like I’ve made a mistake by choosing this over notability. :(
  • Upgrades needed, but still love it! 4/5

    By Mimi MJP
    First of all, if you add upgrades, please don’t charge full price, maybe half, for it like developers at GoodNotes did. I have used Nebo, GoodNotes, and Notability to see which will best meet my business and personal needs on my quest to becoming semi-paperless (still love the cute notebooks). And, I find that the best one is...Nebo! Although simple in most ways than the other two, it is the app that recognizes your handwriting really well. Love the preview screen, and the convert option either section by section or all at once. The laso option on the other two is useless. Also, being able to export into a Word document or a PowerPoint presentation, wow. Just wow. Although Notability has more features, because of its inability to export into Word, I immediately stopped using it as I need that feature for business. If the following were implemented, you’d have more people using your app: *audio option to connect to notes *more templates for the background for the page you’re using, I’d personally love to see a grid option, helps to keep your handwriting neat, and then be able to remove it when you’re done writing *more notebook sorting options with customizable covers!!! *being able to sort notebooks on a full screen, with more folder options within a notebook *when starting a new page, date and time stamp that DOES NOT CHANGE when you edit; this is especially key since, as a psychotherapist, I use it to write notes with my client sessions *being able to change the size of how thick the pen writes
  • 要是能有尺规作图功能就完美了。 4/5

    By Old Man Mu
  • Adding Arabic language 5/5

    By الساهر نت
    The program was purchased a year ago and was actually used a week ago and found to be special in writing only that needed to be added to the Arabic language (handwriting)
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Flynn Farm Fresh
    This is the best a handwriting recognition tool ever.
  • Nebo lacks basic capabilities other note-taking apps have 2/5

    By FJH1960
    05/15/2019 As a Notability user today I tried returning to MyScript Nebo but the same Nebo limitations from last year keep me from using Nebo: MyScript Nebo has the best handwriting conversion to text of all the apps I have used. However, Nebo fails to include basic capabilities that GoodNotes and Notability provide: 1. No backup where notes can be viewed in iCloud or Dropbox. 2. No app for iPhone to view notes on iPhone while traveling without an iPad. 3. No choices of paper. Wide lines unsuitable for business. 4. No ability to insert files.
  • Great, in concept . . . 2/5

    By silverbluemoon
    . . . But as an actual note-taker, it’s highly limited: - I can’t sketch; there are specific area where you can write and cannot write. (for example, you can’t draw a bracket in the left margin to group a bunch of writing together, or draw around the text). - There is no way to see the boundaries of your eraser and can easily erase extra characters. - You cannot fix transcription when the words are not interpreted correctly, beyond its list of suggestions (This is problem for anything it doesn’t understand, such as product names, jargon, or abbreviations, words connected with slashes, or anything else it doesn’t recognize). - If you don’t skip a line before your next thought, it gets added to the previous line. - Editing mode doesn’t appear to actually let you edit/correct anything. - You cannot select things and move them around. - There are no paper or line choices to pick from. Best feature: exporting entire pages to text. However, you can now select text in Notability and Goodnotes with the same effect, and they do not have any of the limitations mentioned above. Bottom line: There’s definitely room for improvement in this app, and I’d love to see them hit those marks. Unfortunately, I’m still out the $$, and I’ll never use it again, haha. Oh, well. Maybe there should be a trial in the future?
  • Lacks basic functionality 1/5

    By Boko Harambe
    You can’t paste text into the app from any other source. Yeah, seriously. This is the most astonishing lack of functionality I’ve ever seen in a modern app. One I paid $8 for, too.
  • Great idea and good app, but requires some new features. 4/5

    By Mulraven
    The handwriting recognition works really well. Overall I find this app to be more useful compared to other well known alternatives, especially for people that use a lot of math in their notes. I only have 2 BIG problems with the app, both should be relatively easy to fix. One is that unlike text recognition, there is no preview for math recognition. It is very frustrating to first convert the math and then click undo and change some bits and convert again and repeat the same process multiple times. A preview like text would be much much easier. Secondly, I would like to be able to add some math in-text. That could again be easily added if you could allow one to specify math parts and not convert them. For example similar to highlighting, one could draw around math (or equations) so that the converter does not confuse those parts. These changes would definitely make Myscript my go-to app for note taking and research.
  • Great for handwriting! Wish we could sort notebooks 5/5

    By rockstarmonkey123456789
    This app is pretty amazing at handwriting recognition, and has a nice simple user interface to take notes without having to worry about anything else, which is how I like it! The one thing about it is that I wish I could sort my notes and notebooks from newest to oldest, because it only sorts from oldest to newest and I generally want to see my most recent notes first. Also the app sometimes crashes when I’m converting text, which is pretty inconvenient but I’ve never lost anything so it’s not too bad. Overall, a solid app, but could be better. Edit 5-1-2019: I do wish that italicization were possible, bolding just doesn’t cut it for everything
  • Templates would be useful. 4/5

    By Ppd070
    There are so many good qualities about this app and it’s very useful. Some of the other handwriting apps have templates available which I find very appealing. Maybe some future updates would provide ability to use templates.
  • What is going on with this app? 1/5

    By I know a thing or too...
    Let’s recap the things that Nebo can’t do: - You cannot type in Nebo - You cannot paste text in Nebo - You cannot consolidate your existing non-Nebo notes in Nebo - You cannot navigate between Pages, Notebooks, or Collections while writing notes in Nebo - You cannot rename collections in Nebo - You cannot move pages between notebooks in Nebo - You cannot create check lists in Nebo - You cannot create multi-tiered outlines in Nebo - You cannot print in Nebo What can you do in Nebo? - You can take notes with the Apple Pencil - You can double click your notes and turn them into text - You can delete Collections, Note Books, & Pages - You can export to Text, Word, or PDF In conclusion, Nebo is OCR for the Apple Pencil. That’s it. It will not help you get organized, it will not let you do anything useful with the text you create using the Apple Pencil, it is not a productivity tool. This app should be free.
  • Things still not there 3/5

    By rahulhaque
    I love Nebo and love many things about the app that are already there. The features that I found to be missing for the price tag and the kind of an app it is are - 1. Night mode or ability to change theme colour. (Long time use leads to eye fatigue) 2. Paper texture and grid change option. 3. Pen variations. Marker, highlighter, ballpoint etc. 4. Change text colour after writing. I will be adding some more as I keep using the app. I so want Nebo to get better and better.
  • No Copy/paste 2/5

    By rickmacfan
    I would love to be able rate this app well. But until it supports bi-directional copy/paste between apps I can’t. It is inexcusable that such a basic feature is not supported by this sophisticated an app.
  • Wasted Money 2/5

    By Will-2002
    Wish there had been a trial version of this first. I jumped right in and wasted my money... Just not useful.

MyScript Nebo app comments

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