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  • Current Version: 2.4.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: MyScript
  • Compatibility: Android
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MyScript Nebo App

Nebo is where work begins. Nebo lets you write, draw, edit and structure your notes. Convert them into digital documents or copy/paste parts to or from any other app. Attending a meeting or a conference? Having new ideas to jot down? Starting a new project? Capturing relevant ideas and information is essential. Nebo will always be there to help you be more productive, day after day.  CAPTURE IDEAS AND INFORMATION IN ANY SITUATION • Use your Apple Pencil or Logitech Crayon to take notes. • Draw sketches or interactive diagrams to quickly write down ideas and develop them further. You can also easily annotate images. • Easily switch between your Apple Pencil and your keyboard, and take your notes even faster. EDIT AND TRANSFORM IN NO TIME • Structure your notes with paragraphs and bulleted lists. Create titles and highlight text using intuitive gestures.  • Convert your handwriting with confidence using the most powerful recognition engine.  • Complete your document by pasting text copied from other apps. SHARE AND REUSE EASILY • Publish your notes on to be viewed from anywhere. • Convert your note instantly into Word, text, PDF or HTML format. Copy/paste fully editable diagrams to PowerPoint or as images to other apps. • Store your notebooks in collections and search for handwritten ink and typed text across all notes in your library. ** Best App 2017 CES Mobile Apps Showdown ** ** Featured by Apple as "Perfect with Apple Pencil" ** ** For note takers with needs that go beyond the basic — Techradar, 2019 ** *** Detailed feature list ***  • Edit and format with your pen* — Write, add or remove content and space, decorate and apply styles using MyScript Interactive Ink technology. • Switch between pen and keyboard — Add content or edit existing text with your keyboard, whether it is handwritten or converted. Select and copy/paste text in Nebo or to any other app. • Create interactive diagrams — Copy/paste fully editable diagrams to PowerPoint or as images to other apps. • Draw free elements — Sketch freely in your note.  • Annotate pictures — Add an image from Photos or a picture from your camera and use your pen to annotate them. • Work with smart math — Develop your handwritten equations and matrices across several lines. Solve your calculations. Copy them as LaTeX or as images. • Auto-layout — The page expands as you write and reflows the text to preserve the optimal size for any screen width. • Paste external text — Copy/paste text from any app. You can even add it inside your handwritten paragraphs. • Manage your notes — Organize your pages in notebooks and collections. Move your notes from one notebook or collection to another, in the most intuitive and fluid manner. • Search — Find handwritten ink and text across all notes in your library, including in your diagrams. • Export — Decide where to take your notes next: Export pages as Word (.docx), text, PDF or HTML. • Publish your pages - Share your notes on Limit access to a list of contacts or allow anyone to view your note. • Sync — Sync your notes with iCloud, Google Drive or Dropbox. Requires a free MyScript account. *An official Apple Pencil or Logitech Crayon is required to handwrite in Nebo.

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MyScript Nebo app reviews

  • Incompatible with voiceover for the visually impaired 1/5

    By McThinkBlue
    Tool bar not accessible to the visually impaired and was not allowed a refund. I know I’m in the minority but was hoping this app would help my tedious search for an app that assisted in my disability or at the very least a refund.i think its imparitive that I let other VIPs know who may be curious about this app.
  • 一个很好的论文软件 5/5

    By ACSlien
  • Highly recommended 5/5

    By wiz bot
    I injured my left hand and this enabled me to continue working
  • My favorite 5/5

    By DroskiOne
    It’s my favorite in what I consider the top 3. Please add voice recording and “dark mode” or a way to edit the pages color.
  • Lost my notes etc 1/5

    By dont llou
    I lost all my important Notes what’s going on and tell me and fix it
  • Need latex editing 4/5

    By RX17mt
    Easy to use. I really hope that I could edit the math equations since they’re not accurately recognized.
  • Lost notes 1/5

    By S Larson
    Set up app to sync with Dropbox, and performed regular backups. However, some of my most important notes were lost and I can seem to recover them despite attempting numerous maneuvers to recover. Sadly, these notes were critical and this app can no longer be trusted.
  • This is the app I’ve always wanted 5/5

    By JJDavis
    As far as I’m concerned, this is the king of the iPad apps. This is the app that has finally enabled me to ditch paper notebooks. Five freaking stars!
  • perfect 5/5

    By 1st ever app review 1
    perfect note taking app. intuitive, on the fly convert to text preview is fantastic. after tap to convert easy to edit, even with stylus and even if it is text... strike through a word and it gets erased, handwrite a replacement word and tap and bammo! its like the creators use this themselves!
  • Handwriting recognition works 5/5

    By PeterAnthony
    Only miss more options for page display. Like a dark mode
  • Incredible! 5/5

    By AS12115
    This app does such a great job in identifying handwriting, and making it easy to convert into text! Amongst the best note taking apps I’ve seen. It could use development in easier ways of inserting drawings or diagrams without having to section off a huge area of the page. If I was using this for college, I probably wouldn’t use it for my more creative classes, but it’s best for purely word written notes.
  • Great App. 5/5

    By rickmacfan
    Now that this app supports copy/paste I can unreservedly recommend it. I use it for all my note taking.
  • Seems very functional… But 3/5

    By Chrstphre
    There’s a deal killer in that The only available font is The very ugly Helvetia ! There should a friendlier choice, like Times or Garamond !
  • Best Handwriting Recognition 5/5

    By Swoops49
    I have used countless note taking apps... good notes, notability, liquid text. Most have them have become bloated and do not convert handwriting to text as quickly, correctly and on the go like this app. Also keeps/converts the formatting correctly, meaning lists actually stay as lists and switching in pen color switches covered text to that color too. Amazing and saves so much time!! The writing using Apple Pencil is great. Slight lag few milliseconds but by then it has your written text and preview of typed text visible and I feel but still feels like writing on paper minus the friction of writing instrument on paper that we all are starting to realize we crave. Using it as journal with converted text on top with my written part on the bottom. Also excited that will allow me to draw diagrams and sketches! Will likely become my favorite note taking app. Is already top 2 out of the 15 or so I have tried.
  • Great! But also lacking... 3/5

    By Anim8or
    MyScript Nebo is an amazing application that allows me to do what I desire in many situations, use my Apple Pencil to write out my plans, take notes and organize my thoughts. I have thoroughly enjoyed using it and have made it a part of my total writing, note taking and organizational workflow. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is wanting to enhance their study or jotting down thoughts. Research has shown that writing things down we are able to retain 40% more of what we are taking in than when we type them out, this is one of the many reasons I highly recommend using MyScript Nebo. This is especially great for students. Okay, I did have one major criticism but The developers have come through and made it now possible! This app just keeps getting better and better. Thank you guys for listening to us users. This is an amazing tool and I will continue to use it!
  • You’ll never be able to save your notes 1/5

    By BG75894302
    The app won’t make it easy for you to export or save your notes. Forget being able to keep your handwritten notes, printing them out, or anything else.
  • Oh my goodness this is awesome! 5/5

    By AlbinTimm
    I use my iPad every day for school. I take notes and break down a literary analysis using this app pretty much constantly. This app is SO GOOD at converting even sloppy writing to printed text. You’re taking a big risk spending $10 on something you can’t try, but I promise you, it is nothing short of amazing. Just take the time to memorize the 4 simple gestures, and you’re on your way. Also, you can convert all your writing to a Word Document. That’s awesome for assignments you need to print or upload digitally. Using iPad 6th Gen with Logitech Crayon
  • Perfect for Writers 5/5

    By legato joe
    You can write in here - very good recognition and gestures make writing simpler - and convert it to plain text to use in other documents, emails, articles, etc. This makes it invaluable to me, as I take notes and write ideas in multiple places and I can later organize and merge them. You aren't locked in to Nebo. It's value is in how easy it is to create and edit, as well as easy backup to most cloud products. If it had PDF importing I'd be able to use it exclusively.
  • Forced Tutorial 2/5

    By Steamboat_dp
    I am rating this app with two stars entirely because I am forced to skip the tutorial every time I use the app or (after skipping several times) having to do the ENTIRE tutorial. It’s a small thing, but if I don’t want to do the tutorial I shouldn’t have to fight with the app about it. Everything else about this app is great.
  • Hiding the Apple Pencil Requirement Not Appreciated 1/5

    By Gauss Van Sant
    I have an iPad Mini 4, which doesn’t support Apple Pencil. For some reason the app developer thought it was a good idea to say the app works with an iPad Mini 4 anyway, and hide the Apple Pencil requirement below the cut at the very bottom of their app description. I wasted 10 dollars on a stylus and 10 more dollars on this app.
  • A Writing App for Long-Form (ALMOST) 4/5

    By Brute Sentiment
    The handwriting recognition in Nebo is by far, easily, better than any other system out there. But more importantly, other apps will only recognize snippets of text, and Nebo is the only one that will do true long-form writing. I use MyScript for writing drafts for my novel, and I mostly love it. But it is missing some features that would be key to really make it a great long-form system. • Copy and Paste, or at least a move option. But that’s the most common request I’ve seen in these comments. • Tabs or indents for new lines. It’ll recognize them as new lines when I write, but it does not keep them when the system automatically reflows! This personally adds an unfortunate amount of post-converting editing for me when I transfer it to Pages or Scrivener. • Better recognization of some punctuation, such as quote marks, apostrophes and parenthesis. In particular, it may recognize the character properly, but add extra, unwanted spaces between them and the letters around them. • The ability to let spellcheck learn words and names. I’ve rarely run into this, but sometimes I do. Even with these features missing, this is easily the best product on the market. I hope the Nebo team will look into adding these features to stay ahead of the game and dominate a market that is as-yet unexplored on the iPad.
  • Nice 3/5

    By SarahRuthP
    I have sloppy handwriting and this works great at converting it to text. It does not work well when I go past about 2,000 words in a notebook. I’m writing novels, so I write a lot each day. It word be nice to have a gesture to capitalize letters. Some letters are never capitalized like c, s, w. I fix that on my computer after I paste the text into word.
  • Not fair 1/5

    By G....P
    I bought the app then when I try to use the writing it says I have to have an Apple Pencil and that’s not fair because I can’t afford it I thing since I payed for it I have a right to use the writing mode
  • I bought both app. 1/5

    By Wdav
    I wasted $11.00 I cannot get a SINGLE thing to work. ‘Nuff said!!
  • Best handwriting to text. 3/5

    By Gauphy
    Paper colors and textures along with hand gestures (two finger tap = undo, three = redo, etc) would make the app much better, but maybe next update. Still what the app does, handwriting converted to text, it does better than all other apps I’ve tried. Thanks -j
  • Freezing & crashing. 4/5

    By KeNa!:)
    Ive had this app for about 2 weeks now and love it. Its great for taking color coded notes, doing math in the boxes, reading my writing and everything else its supposed to do. But within the week its been freezing up on me when i go to my pages. I have to restart the app and it just keeps happening. Tonight, it keeps telling me page looks off. Which it isn't, then when i go back to my pages it freezes. It won’t let me press on anything then crashes. I have lots of pages that I need this app to handle, as I’m in college & this is my notebook. Please fix these bugs and update the app.
  • Useful but many bugs 2/5

    By Newbiblereader
    Pros:The app is simple to use and a quick way to take notes. Easy to organize pages. The handwriting recognition is very good and even corrects misspelled words that are hand written. Palm rejection is great so I can rest my whole hand while writing. And I love that I can send it to word document, which is super helpful for essays. Cons: It crashes a lot, it crashes when I try to copy and paste small or large amounts within the app. It crashes when I use the keyboards voice to text feature. It crashes with the more content I add. When it crashes I loose all or part of what I am working on. Because the app force closes. The diagram feature sometimes connects lines I do not want connected which is a bit of a pain. It does not recognize that sometimes I want lines to go in other directions. I also don’t like that I have to add a math or diagram before drawing if I’m doing lots of diagrams it accumulates time. I wish it could recognize that I’m drawing a diagram or doing math, it would be less time consuming and feel closer to a notebook. If I do not add math it sometimes mistakes the number 1 for an “i” or an “l”. If I write a capital “B” it mistakes it for an “l” that I want to erase and then eases the capital “B” entirely. The keyboard lags if I type to fast. The symbol “&” from writing translate to a “3” or an “E” in text. When note taking sometimes I would like to add outside text but I cannot copy and paste from anything that is not outside of the current page that I am scribbling on. The purpose of me downloading this app was so that I can write lots of notes and really long essays and easily translate them to text but because of all the bugs it turns out to be more time-consuming and I can just use apples notes and text to speech feature without the lagging and bugs.
  • Actually reads my handwriting 5/5

    By Cgr12435
    This is what I needed to complete my paperless office. I like to take notes in meetings and have tried everything (scanning paper notes, typing during meetings, etc.). This app can actually read my bad handwriting and convert it to text. Love it!
  • Help. 3/5

    By elliemayes
    I’ve been using this app for a long time and love it! I tried out the new voice to text as part of the ability to type as well. Every time I use voice, the text disappears. Doesn’t work. I’m excited for the new features but want them to work!
  • New Keyboard Mode! 5/5

    By BKYZ28
    Wow! Amazing handwriting app, lightyears ahead of anything else I’ve used in the past. AND, now they have added a keyboard mode. This allows you to edit documents lightning fast. Nebo team: thanks for the continuous improvement!
  • This app is far too basic 1/5

    By Freytheway
    This app has so few unique applications. I can’t even put a PDF file into my note, highlight, or change my font outside of three choices. A massive waste of money.
  • Great app. Go to for note taking, ideation 4/5

    By chaddesigns
    The handwriting recognition is really quite good. Not perfect, but some of the best I’ve seen. The controls are intuitive. I’d love to see support for my keyboard (e.g. would be great for tasks like writing this review). The diagraming feature is very good, I’d like to see more content manipulation controls and features like fill space with color. Some additional brushes would be nice, and it would be really nice if I could adjust the opacity. All said, this is one of my favorite productivity apps and it is y number one go-to for collaboration (with Zoom screen sharing), note-taking, and sketching out design ideas. Would recommend 100%.
  • not working 1/5

    By okllihh
    this app worked great for the first few pages. However the more pages you type the worse it works. the erase function will not work and the convert text has to be pressed several times to convert it. I am not happy with this app at all.
  • Good but 3/5

    By kaliseb
    It has a support for most languages except Arabic, kind of weird
  • So glitchy 1/5

    By therealhjic
    If you are using this to take notes with the apple pen, try a different app and save your money. Please fix this bloody app it’s driving me crazy
  • Generally good, but does not transcribe special characters and numbers well. 3/5

    By ANeboUseronHisipadpro
    Nebo is generally good, and for instances where you have a an extra minute or two to make corrections on the fly i can take mostly accurate notes. However, if you have a job where you have to take notes on very rapidly in front of customers you likely won’t have this time. I find that I sometimes spend as much time correcting my notes after the fact as I did writing them initially. Also if you have to transcribe part numbers with numbers and alpha-beta characters intermixed you will have a very hard time getting accurate transcription, even if you meticulously write out the part numbers. This app also does not handle special characters like slashes, parentheses, brackets, etc. very well, and even if it registers the mark initially, if you continue to write the subsequent text can retroactively change the text you’ve written before it. Lastly, this app does not integrate very good sketching tools or other object insertion tools, and it tends to very clunky when you insert objects into the text. For example, if you want to reorder the position of a picture (Let’s say so it appears further upwards in the text body) you can’t do this without first physically creating space for the picture. I don’s see why we couldn’t just drag and drop between text boxes, but OK. Overall I have to give this 3 stars, and I’d say it’s better than a lot of the other notebook script apps out there. It’s relatively easy to use. But for 10 USD it’s a little steep, and I expect more.
  • Needs Editing Tools 3/5

    By nysalesman
    I’ve been using handwriting recognition on everything from the Apple Newton to Palm Pilot to Windows Surface Tablets, and this is, hands down, the best handwriting recognition on any device. That being said, Nebo’s lack of editing tools makes its editing ability the worst of those devices Here’s the issues: 1. Text is stored in blocks and does not become a continuous page until it is exported. This makes it difficult, to say he least, to insert items between blocks of text that are already written. At the very least, there should be an insert feature. 2. The handwriting recognition is the best, but it’s not perfect (for instance, I find it impossible to get Nebo to recognize a slash between words (and/or for instance. Therefore, the option of a keyboard functionality should be a no-brained; but Nebo only allows you to write via handwriting recognition. Without proper editing tools, it rates a solid 3-Stars. If editing tools are added, then it would be an outstanding 5-Star App.
  • Wonderful writing tool . . . 4/5

    By Webdancer42
    Second only in my arsenal to Scrivener. I was instantly amazed at how well Nebo recognizes my horrible handwriting. I feel like I’m writing on a yellow legal notepad—only one that magically lets people actually read what I write. If I were to suggest any changes, I would love the ability to change the page color.
  • Recognition changes sentence 3/5

    By midnightdawntable
    The app is great for recognizing handwriting. It would show you on top what the app is recognizing the sentence to be. One problem I have is that I see what the app has previewed what the sentence is to be. And as I double tap to complete the writing, it completely changes what was shown in the preview. It’s annoying...
  • This is just great, no words 5/5

    By ellichann
    This is a great app, supports all the languages, even chinese and georgian, and other complicated ones, you can even draw diagrams and it transforms them very accurately. I love it. Thank you guys. By the way, it looks like the app is from France, merci beacoup!
  • Many thing missing...! 2/5

    By Nelidadu
    Ability to have different types of paper Ability to create graph and diagrams with pre set designs like squares, triangles, lines, arrows, etc. etc Return to hand writing after conversion...?
  • Just like for Palm back in the day... 5/5

    By TitanShadow
    I remember back in the day, I had something extremely similar that was made by a company called Decuma and it was called the same thing. I have no doubt that this is either based on the same software or the same technology. It works almost identically, really makes having the pencil worth while.
  • Would’ve been 5 stars! 4/5

    By abuhubb
    I would’ve rated 5 stars because this app is excellent and unlike anything else. I only wish it had Arabic as a language option. Can this be done???
  • Better than the rest, but not perfect 5/5

    By ChemGuy88
    For converting handwriting to LaTeX, this is the best app on the market. However, this doesn’t mean that this will do everything you want it to do. Although I resented the app at first for falling short of my expectations, an educated consumer has to realize that sometimes technology and market forces are what really hold back developers, and not their vision or faculties. This app does everything, except for the following, which it desperately needs: Customizable handwriting recognition. The algorithm should adapt to your handwriting. At the very least, a list of interpretations should be given for math objects, as is done for text objects. Copy and paste equations within a math objects. A lot of math notes involve similar portions and writing them again and again is frustrating. Gestures for editing math objects. I wish I could circle and change the color of equations I have already written.
  • Good but not great 3/5

    By Hizroyalfreshnss
    I enjoy the app sometimes...the auto correction is pretty bad. Especially when it picks up the word you wrote, then when you continue on with your sentence by writing the next word it comes up with some sort of correction that isn’t even a word, or changes your “&” to some weird thing you’ve never seen before. Like I said the app is good but has some work to be great.
  • I like the app but can’t access sync file from other device. 4/5

    By 페리손
    I will be one of many who wants to access sync file from other device.
  • Serious issues with creating diagrams 1/5

    By RummyCritic
    Converting writing to text works okay, but still has issues, however I really wanted to use this for creating diagrams within my work. Will do a basic square or circle. I’m sure it would work well for a flowchart, but anything more detailed then that it becomes worthless. Changes square boxes into text, will move my lines in a pie chart to somewhere random after I convert it. It’s twice as much work then if I just drew them up manually and scanned them in. A waste of money. Don’t waste your time buying it.
  • Amazing but need to add the option to sync through iCloud 4/5

    By TycoonJé
    The handwriting detection is amazing; I even let a friend try it who writes like a chicken and still detects what he intended to write. However I don’t want to sign up for another service just to sync my files; I hope they enable syncing through iCloud which will make my life easy.
  • Almost Perfect 4/5

    By Pouncing Tiger
    Nebo provides intuitive, darn good handwriting conversion to text. It also has neat tools that allow you to put together a document in just about any layout you want. It is, for the most part, a joy to use. It could benefit from a few extra editing tools such as being able to select a section of text and then change its color, or a straight typing too for those uncommon words it just can’t seem to translate correctly. Too bad its translation to PDF and Word is not nearly up to par. When converting to these formats, all photo and text layout is dumped in favor of a straight up-and-down linear format for everything. So those notes you worked so hard on to get text in columns beside photos will lose their neat layout. Still it’s a neat program that’s worth the small cost. Hopefully the Nebo folks will add some improvements.

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