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  • Current Version: 2.5.3
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  • Developer: MyScript
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Nebo - Take better notes App

Nebo is where work begins. Nebo lets you write, draw, edit and structure your notes using your Apple Pencil (or compatible¹). Convert them into digital documents or copy/paste parts to or from any other app. Attending a meeting or a conference? Having new ideas to jot down? Starting a new project? Capturing relevant ideas and information is essential. Nebo will always be there to help you be more productive, day after day.  CAPTURE IDEAS AND INFORMATION IN ANY SITUATION • Use your pen¹ to take notes. • Draw sketches or interactive diagrams to quickly write down ideas and develop them further. You can also easily annotate images. • Easily switch between your pen¹ and your keyboard, and take your notes even faster. EDIT AND TRANSFORM IN NO TIME • Structure your notes with paragraphs and bulleted lists. Create titles and highlight text using intuitive gestures.  • Convert your handwriting with confidence using the most powerful recognition engine.  • Complete your document by pasting text copied from other apps. SHARE AND REUSE EASILY • Publish your notes on to be viewed from anywhere. • Convert your note instantly into Word, text, PDF or HTML format. Copy/paste fully editable diagrams to PowerPoint or as images to other apps. • Store your notebooks in collections and search for handwritten ink and typed text across all notes in your library. ** Best App 2017 CES Mobile Apps Showdown ** ** Featured by Apple as "Perfect with Apple Pencil" ** ** For note takers with needs that go beyond the basic — Techradar, 2019 ** *** Detailed feature list *** • Edit and format with your pen* — Write, add or remove content and space, decorate and apply styles using MyScript Interactive Ink technology. • Switch between pen and keyboard — Add content or edit existing text with your keyboard, whether it is handwritten or converted. Select and copy/paste text in Nebo or to any other app. • Draft sections — Quickly mix handwritten text, shapes and drawings. Copy the content to any page or other apps. • Create interactive diagrams — Copy/paste fully editable diagrams to PowerPoint or as images to other apps. • Draw free elements — Sketch freely in your note.  • Annotate pictures — Add an image from Photos or a picture from your camera and use your pen to annotate them. • Work with smart math — Develop your handwritten equations and matrices across several lines. Solve your calculations. Copy them as LaTeX or as images. • Auto-layout — The page expands as you write and reflows the text to preserve the optimal size for any screen width. • Paste external text — Copy/paste text from any app. You can even add it inside your handwritten paragraphs. • Backup — Store full backups of your notes wherever you want and restore them in Nebo. Pro features: • Manage your notes — Organize your pages in notebooks and collections. Move your notes from one notebook or collection to another, in the most intuitive and fluid manner. • Search — Find handwritten ink and text across all notes in your library, including in your diagrams. • Dictionary - Add custom words like names or technical terms to improve their recognition. • Export — Decide where to take your notes next: Export pages as Word (.docx), text, PDF or HTML. • Publish your pages - Share your notes on Limit access to a list of contacts or allow anyone to view your note. • Sync — Sync your notes with iCloud, Google Drive or Dropbox. For assistance using the app or to request new features, contact Nebo support: ¹An Apple Pencil (or compatible) is required to handwrite in Nebo. More details on

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Nebo - Take better notes app reviews

  • Notebooks 1/5

    By pls help. 89p7
    I can’t get more than 1 notebook without paying
  • Can I use iCloud to do sync ? 3/5

    By Seachaos
    If I don’t want create account for sync. Anyway can use sign in with Apple or just iCloud inside app ? Thanks.
  • A little tricky... 3/5

    By Ale.bla
    The app is very good and I found myself writing quite easily with my Apple Pencil on my iPad Pro. The problem is that, once I was done with my notes, I tried to copy and paste them to my email and this appeared: 🚀 Upgrade to Nebo Pro and copy/paste to any app 🚀 If it would have been clear from the start I would have probably payed for the pro version, but I’m gonna erase the app instead, as I feel kinda tricked.
  • Let’s me work despite my RSI 5/5

    By Robottalk
    Paired with the apple pencil this application has kept me productive when the RSI in my hand prevents me from typing for long periods. Amazing application that really has helped me immensely! Thank you so much!
  • Changed my life 5/5

    By 333Mira
    As someone who loves digital tools and features but still feels the need to write some things by hand (meeting notes, brainstorm sessions, lists, etc.), Nebo has been the perfect app on my iPad (paired with Apple Pencil). It’s changed my life. I take notes in a meeting, convert instantly to text, then upload right to my Dropbox and/or email out to colleagues. It’s super intuitive, easy to learn to operate, feels like the “real” writing experience, and integrates with everything I need (Google, Dropbox, iMessage). Solid gold!
  • A bit buggy 3/5

    By Skidivr
    It’s an awesome app when it works. I keep having issues with disappearing blocks when exporting to pdf. Also, when exporting to pdf it wants to convert the handwriting. It should have an option to at least turn off the option and just leave the handwritten notes alone.
  • Help? 2/5

    By je:4)4)4mr
    Hello! So I just downloaded Nebo and for some reason I can’t use my Apple Pencil the screen just says enable pen features and I don’t know what to do😔😞
  • Spot-on handwriting recognition 5/5

    By Tetsuwan Adam
    My handwriting is NOT neat at all but this app does a fantastic job of converting it to text. And the times where it doesn’t convert perfectly on first try (generally when it’s so messy I’d have a hard time recognizing it myself), the intuitive touch-up gestures make it easy to fix. Highly recommended if you’re looking for an alternative to having to type all the time.
  • Cannot draw 1/5

    By nebo disappointed
    This is a note taker Not the idea memo pad
  • Great 4/5

    By Mademoiselle Bree
    I own this product across three different devices and it is wonderful. It’s the best app I’ve found that’s cross compatible between Apple, windows and android. That said, a great feature would be the ability to add your custom colors to cloud uploads/downloads, or the ability to sample your custom colors instead of having to recreate them on every new device. I use Nebo for my novel writing and it gets a little laggy on extremely long pages (7k+ words), but as it’s primary purpose is note taking I can’t exactly count it as a fault, particularly because the lag DOES catch up, it just leaves the user with a long load time. Overall it’s a great product and improving exponentially with each and every update.
  • Keeps interrupting me to rate 1/5

    By Bobkcar
    Keeps interrupting me to rate
  • Unable to Cut and Paste 1/5

    By snake hissem
    If you type something and try to copy it to an email or any other program, it will not let you. Save yourself the wasted re-write time and get a different note program.
  • Its great but... 3/5

    By roblox pro is a yeet at roblox
    I really like this app but sometimes when i write with my apple pencil the lines are separated and that really bothers me so developers pls do your job and try to fix it. Thank you
  • Pen 4/5

    By 123rwcl
    Can u make this usable with diy stylus pen? Or is it impossible to make it work
  • Convert between handwriting to text 4/5

    By Neutroh
    This app is great, but it only lets you convert handwriting to text a single time for each written object. Once you convert to text, there’s no going back besides an “undo” button. What it really needs is the ability to switch back and forth between handwriting and text for all objects as well as an option to convert the entire document to text. Then it would be a 5 star app.
  • The Best Note-Taking App 5/5

    By Gerzer Software
    Nebo is by far the best note-taking app that exists today. I’ve been using it since it first came out, and I can say confidently that its “interactive ink” handwriting-recognition engine is unmatched. It still feels surreal to manipulate your handwritten words as if it were typed text, even before you convert it. If you’re reading this, then you definitely should download the free version, and you’ll soon want to purchase the “pro” version with the one-time in-app purchase. (I’m really grateful that it isn’t a recurring subscription.) Nebo is that good!
  • This app is is amazing 5/5

    By SassyGirl009
    This app has awesome handwriting recognition. The shape recognition and the ability to hand draw a process flow and have it converted into digital format that can be edited is amazing. The flow chart / drawing feature with built in handwriting recognition could be a standalone app that I would pay for. This app is the ultimate note taking app for those who want to start with handwriting and then have it converted into typed text and perfect shapes / lines. Feature requests: 1). Ability to intent lists so that there are parent/child lines 2). Ability to format text after conversion for bold, italics 3). Create new app just for flow charts / process flows that use handwriting recognition and dynamic + fixed canvas size This app reminds me of a modern version of the Newton Message Pad 2000’s notes app
  • Doesn’t Really Do Anything Well 1/5

    By Shayna Loh
    It has features that sounds great in theory, but it doesn’t do anything well. I was trying to use it for my notes, which often have a lot of mathematical notation, and it kept trying to wrongly convert math to text. When you enter math mode it doesn’t convert properly unless your penmanship is PERFECT and when exporting it often automatically converted sections that I had wanted to stay as handwritten notes, and it always did this wrong, messing up my mathematical notation and rendering my notes unintelligible.
  • Wish the app could record audio 5/5

    By Jarouh
    This app is great! the biggest draw back I have with this app is it does not record audio. I wish I could record voice audio to use to create notes as well during class. Would like to also have a feature where I can revert back to handwriting as once handwriting is converted to text you lost your handwritten notes I wish I would be kinda saved in the background and able to refer to them when needed. Other than those two things this app is amazing especially the convenience the gestures. Thanks for the hard work hope to see it get even better! It’s so good I’m this close👌to buying the app.

    By Wattpad60
    i just started using this app and it is literally so awesome. NO 🧢. no, i was not paid to write this review. my favorite feature are the gestures! double tap to convert your handwriting into text, thats pretty cool! 🔥
  • It’s not amazing 2/5

    By BridgetteB123
    I definitely wouldn’t use this for any serious note taking, like for school or anything. I use this to take notes for some of my classes, and it is a pain to do math and science through this. Now, I understand that this app wasn’t built for math and science. However, the app can’t recognize a simple coefficient or exponent. And some of the shortcuts the app comes with end up making it harder to take notes. It’s not a bad app by any means but it can definitely be frustrating
  • Comfortable to use, great engine, but not my language. 4/5

    By Arash jj
    The app performance is almost flawless and amazing. The ui design is comfortable to interact with as well. I had great time writing with it because of the great pen writing (better than most apps actually!!!even better than notability) The only issue i have with it is that i do sometimes take notes in Persian as well as english, which is not supported yet. Also addition of multi language support for one page would be amazing. If it had Persian support as well i would definitely switch to this app instead of notability and would buy premium version. Can we have Persian?? Or is it out of reach for now?
  • Was excellent, now broken 1/5

    By legato joe
    This was my go to app for all my notes for years, a way to sync handwritten notes to text and the cloud. But with recent updates, handwritten recognition has gone from mostly great to barely working - recognizing one out of six words, and guessing characters that aren't even on the English keyboard. Maybe their excellent handwriting recognition was licensed, and the license is up, but darn. Not functional at all now.
  • Good but major issue 2/5

    By Syd9922
    The writing recognition is great, but I take a lot of notes that I use indentation and bullet points. I have noticed that every time I click out of the app, it moves my margins and indentation all to the left! With no way to change it back. I took an hours worth of class notes, just to have to redo it in another app. Please fix. Also if they could add a highlighting feature that would be great. I also would like to be able to copy and paste.
  • Good, but not usable for math, physics etc 3/5

    By vikram-24
    It’s good if you want to take notes for art classes or literature. But for a physics or math student, it’s not well equipped. Although there is a math section where it recognizes symbols, but it’s almost useless since you have use a separate box every time for mathematics and it becomes unusable. I wish they could enable writing mathematics in the main body (or at least let’s us copy and paste from math box to normal writing section) with a software update. With that and later on may be an export feature to latex , I could see this app being used by majority of science majors.
  • It has A LOT of potential 3/5

    By Cosmiccandice
    I love this app because of its ability to recognize and transform hand written equations to text. As a physicist, this really changes the game of note taking for me. The text recognition and short cuts for things like erasing and creating a new paragraph also make this app super convenient. However, there are a lot of issues that make this not yet a replacement for GoodNotes or Notability. The first is that there is not an app for Mac computers. This is very important to me so that when I’m not with my tablet, I can edit my notes. Next, is that it’s very hard to make my notes look neat and organized. The equation, and diagram/sketch boxes (you cannot sketch or write an equation without a special box) are extremely clunky. There needs to be some way to integrate them more seamlessly into notes. For example, you can’t write too close to one of these boxes and that makes everything look way too spaced out. There also need to be more paper options instead of the extremely wide ruled paper they offer as well as more options for the size of textile can use. There also needs to be the ability to zoom in and out of the document. It would also be very helpful if there were indicators on the page that told you where the page will break when you export the note. Finally, the app is very slow and laggy. It occasionally crashes as well. It’s necessary for a note taking app to respond quickly so while in class/meeting/etc you can keep your notes up with the speaker. I will keep the app because it is very cool and offers a lot of novel functions that other note taking apps do not. I am excited to see where this goes. However, I do not yet think it can replace the more popular note apps.
  • Will not open past creating new folder 1/5

    By workandschool
    I purchased this app for a note pad for school and work,unfortunately it will not open past the learn more page on how to create a new collection.
  • I use this app almost Everyday 5/5

    By Bussiness professional
    It is worth the five stars. One thing, for the last week or so it has been lagging when I’m writing and it is converting to typed. Never did this before. May be a bug or something.
  • Notes Editing 5/5

    By NVDude
    I really like the experience editing handwritten notes; very well executed. I’d like to be able to reformat whitespace afterward, but this is not a high priority right now. I think my most wanted missing feature would be an option to page flip through a notebook instead of closing one and picking the next from a grid of notes. Overall I am pleased with the execution of this app.
  • This would be 5 stars if... 1/5

    By Fcolvera1998
    On my iPad Smart Keyboard for iPad sometimes the command + B shortcuts don’t work at all. I wish there could be italics (cmd + I).
  • Poor 1/5

    By Evin Tunador
    My prior experience with handwriting recognition was me using my finger to write on a google app multiple years ago. Somehow this well rated app doesn’t do as well as that one did despite me using an Apple Pencil and my best handwriting. Not only that, but the gestures and commands such as crossing out a word or starting a new line are terrible. I’d say they’re successful on average the 4th try. This is all despite the fact that I’ve had this app for over 6 months now and attempted multiple reinstallations as I’ve checked back in periodically hoping based on the good reviews that these were bugs only I had been experiencing and would be fixed. Unfortunately that has not been the case
  • Great handwriting recognition 4/5

    By Ithillian
    Probably the best handwriting recognition out there. However it’s limited outside basic notes. Would prefer to have simple features like adding tables. If all you care about is basic note taking it’s great.
  • My favorite note app 4/5

    By pretenditsu
    There is only a few tiny things that would make this app perfect and first would be to have multiple styles of paper to choose from with different paper rules... college versus wide for example and changing paper colors. I am using this app more than any other since it has the best features and most natural intuitive functions but the rule of the line height is a bit too wide on a 12.9 iPad for long hand writing and to narrow for wanting to take fast notes. I would love to have the ability to have more than one small note pad or two on one sheet. Second would be to able to turn off or lock the keyboard and eraser button from changing. My hand naturally hits the screen and finger sometimes double taps when readjusting my hand causing me to pause multiple times while writing in order to switch back, while just a few split seconds, it messes with your focus while writing. But regardless... this will be my go to app forever. I have tried several note apps and this ones is by far one of the very best out there and I really do love it and well thought out app, I hope these developers create even more awesome products with same attention to detail and user experience as they have with this product.
  • I Love It 5/5

    By jksportsrules
    If you like to write with a pencil more then typing then this app is amazing. It has fantastic features for touch screen and Apple Pencil, but agin, for anyone who prefers writing over typing THIS APP IS PERFECT.
  • Sync devices is a nightmare 2/5

    By Bug Swatter
    Sync is very slow and creates issues as to what goes to the cloud. After several hours of frustration I used my two devices separately.
  • One Major Issue 1/5

    By Maverick9835
    I use handwritten notes in tiered bullet lists for organization. Unfortunately the app will wait while I’m taking notes and when I’m finished it will auto format my bullets all to the left of the screen, ruining all of my organization. This is a dealbreaker for me. It’s unfortunate because the everything else works amazing.
  • I like the app but I do see room for improvements 5/5

    By Saint's Fire
    Everything works great. I’d like to see Modern Standard Arabic added to the languages. I like to draw diagrams and freelance Because of this I’m having to work around the apps design. I’m happy with the app and I see the developer’s vision but I do like having one app for all my purposes. So I’m asking, can you make the app more fluid. I wouldn’t mind paying for additional upgrades but I will not participate in a subscription service. Thank you
  • great app - more than just "taking notes" 5/5

    By ErsatzEddy
    using nebo often with no issues, problems etc. I will typically start jotting down ideas for a memo, email, or note finding the free hand writing more conducive to getting my thoughts organized. I then upload to the doc's final destination. of course I could use a keyboard, but nebo with the pen much easier. so in a since it is a low-end word processor for me. now... having written the above, a better way to do a cursive mode insert would be nice. I will split the line at the insert point, write the inserted text, then rejoin the lines. is there a better way. bottom line: highly reccomend.
  • I will change my rating once they add the following: 3/5

    By Ajesusb
    I love the Nebo interface do not get me wrong but there are some serious improvements that can be made. 1) having the ability to print your handwritten notes without it being converted to text 2) being able to record audio and have it sync with your handwriting (like notability) 3) being able to change the type of paper from wide ruled to college ruled and/or even dotted and graphing paper 4) having a highlighter option on top of the box gesture 5) being able to zoom in and out 6) having a way of detecting shapes and having it adjust to make it perfect
  • Improvement and additional ideas. 4/5

    By Font too small
    Need the dedicated Keyboard function back. Need direct export with formatting to One note
  • App shuts down randomly, then messes up my notes 3/5

    By el scorcho ay caramba
    I’m taking notes for a math course with this app, so my notes aren’t super linear — they’re grouped in a way that make it impossible to read when converted to text style. This was fine, since I just didn’t convert the notes I’d written to the text/paragraph form. However, within 2 hours of continuous note taking, the app has randomly shut down twice, and when I went to see my earlier notes I realized when it shut down it converted many of my sections to paragraph form, so now they’re extremely hard to understand. Please fix this bug, otherwise it’s a 5 star app!
  • Import 4/5

    By *i*3
    Hope pdf files can be import and edit directly
  • Great app, helps me taking notes 4/5

    By TheFredster
    This has been a real timesaver, but wish I could do some additional things: 1) indent text 2) paste in blocks of text from other apps... often my note taking involves external references, where I want to quote the source... it would be much easier to copy/paste, even with embedded urls 3) italics But, these are wish list items, and should not dissuade a user from using Nebo.
  • Trash 1/5

    By uaername of
    I draw arrows and customize my notes in a particular way - as if I’m an actual notebook. Turns out when I go back on the app everything is “re-formatted” so now my notes are illegible and everything is jumbled due to spacing I created. Would’nt have downloaded if I knew the app reformats custom note taking
  • Dark mode? 4/5

    By harishPatel11
    Is the app available with dark mode?
  • Handwriting recognition 5/5

    By East Coast Reader
    Excellent handwriting recognition—even scrawl and flubbed letters.
  • A Great Handwriting App 5/5

    By spudWorks78
    I’ve been using this app to handwrite notes in a German language class and its support for languages other than English are fantastic. The handwriting recognition is also extremely good, better than I could have hoped for with my chicken scratch writing. All of this has made my learning and organization of notes much, much easier. What has surprised me is that level of support that this app is given. In the 18 months that I've been using it, it's been added to and updated with a dozen new features, some of which (like the scratch pad) really add significant functionality, but none of which get in the way of its core handwriting recognition function. I originally rated this app 4/5 because there had been an annoying cloud services banner but that is long gone and I'm updating my rating to reflect where I think the app is today.
  • Superior 5/5

    By Justbought
    It took me two weeks to learn how to use this app for optimum results. I am happy that I stuck with it. This is my favorite app for IPad. I use it every day, often several times a day. I use it for both writing short fiction stories and for keeping a journal. Thank you and keep working on improving it.
  • Great App - would like better recognition of Roman Numerals 4/5

    By TR80TR
    Overall, this is a great app with pretty good handwriting recognition. However, it does seem to struggle to recognize Roman numerals when I am trying to write up an outline. Also does not like how I write my ‘T’s and ‘B’s often erasing half of the word.

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