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FREE NOW (mytaxi) App

FREE NOW (formerly mytaxi) is a licensed ride-hailing app for yellow taxis and black cabs in 9 European countries. Book easily, pay in-app quickly and complete your trip safely! HOW IT WORKS 1. Enter your destination 2. Book a taxi near you 3. Track your taxi driver's arrival 4. Pay the fare easily through the app FEATURES • Prebook a taxi up to 4 days in advance (e.g. for an airport transfer) • Hassle-free in-app payment with your credit card • Share your ride so friends and family know where you are • Rate your driver and let others know how much you enjoyed your taxi ride • Save your home and work addresses and book a taxi even faster SIMPLIFY YOUR BUSINESS TRIPS Automatically collect your receipt by email after each trip paid through the app or skip manual expense reportings after each business trips by using a FREE NOW business account. EASY AIRPORT TRANSFER Book a cab last minute or up to 4 days before your flight. Do you need a pickup? No problem, just collect you luggage, order a cab with our app and follow the in-app walking directions to the FREE NOW pickup point within your Terminal. FREE NOW is available for both business and holiday travel at Europe's largest airports, including: London Heathrow/City/Gatwick/Stansted, Dublin, Frankfurt, Madrid-Barajas, Barcelona El-Prat, Munich, Rome Fiumicino, Manchester, Lisbon, Stockholm, Düsseldorf, Vienna Schwechat, Milano Malpensa, Berlin Tegel and Malaga. BOOK THE RIGHT TAXI FOR YOU Taxi XL: cab with more than 4 seats (vans) Taxi Wheelchair: accessible cabs Taxi Eco: Eco-friendly taxis with electric, gas or hybrid drive Exec: luxury cab for business passengers (only in Dublin & Cork) Match: Share a cab and travel expenses (available in Limerick, Warsaw, Hamburg, Berlin and soon Dublin) SHARE YOUR TAXI EXPERIENCE Invite friends and family to try out FREE NOW with your personal gift code which you can find in the app and earn credits for your next cab ride. TRAVEL ALL OVER EUROPE The FREE NOW cab service is available across 9 countries in around 100 European cities, among them: UNITED KINGDOM: Brighton, Edinburgh, London, Manchester, Nottingham, Oxford, Reading, Derby, Leicester IRELAND: Cork, Dublin, Galway, Limerick, Waterford GERMANY: Aachen, Augsburg, Berlin, Bochum, Bonn, Bremen, Cologne, Dortmund, Dresden, Düsseldorf, Duisburg, Essen, Erlangen, Frankfurt, Gelsenkirchen, Hamburg, Hannover, Ingolstadt, Leipzig, Lübeck, Mannheim, Munich, Mülheim/Ruhr, Nuremberg, Offenbach, Potsdam, Stuttgart, Westerland (Sylt), Wiesbaden AUSTRIA: Salzburg, Vienna POLAND: Katowice/Silesian Agglomeration, Krakow, Poznan, Tricity (Gdansk/Sopot/Gdynia), Warsaw, Wrocław ITALY: Milan, Rome, Turin PORTUGAL: Lisbon, Porto SPAIN: Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia SWEDEN: Stockholm FREE NOW (formerly mytaxi) and Hailo joined forces in 2016 to keep you moving as UK's and Ireland's leading yellow taxi and black cab app. SUPPORT If you have any questions, please visit the help & contact section of the app (via your profile) to see our most frequently asked questions. Alternatively, please get in touch at [email protected] in the UK, or [email protected] in Ireland.

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  • Un total fracaso 1/5

    By @cirujano
    Esta app cada día funciona peor. No se si será porque es Barcelona pero es más rápido salir a la calle y buscar un taxi y encontrarlo que pedirlo por la app. La desinstalo y no la recomiendo
  • “No drivers available” 1/5

    By AllTheNickNamesAreTaken,HowAboutThisOne?
    Horrible. The app itself is good, the problem is it is often difficult to find a ride. At least in Seville and Barcelona, I’ve tried to hail a taxi using the app many times to no avail. Taxi drivers tell me they don’t like to pick up passengers via app because they charge high commissions. Whatever the reason, without drivers behind your ride-hailing app, it’s essentially worthless. Also, what happened to “MyTaxi”? That was a great name. “Free Taxi” makes it sound like the ride is free. Terrible name change.
  • Lies... 1/5

    By Dmullaney
    It's not free at all... Nor is it instantaneous... Blatant false advertising... Don't be fooled by this con!!
  • No drivers available 1/5

    By AggroSA
    In Barcelona, app said a driver was 1 minute away. Every search said there were no drivers available. Perfect example of why taxi apps are vastly inferior to Uber.
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By Justin LC
    Trying to go somewhere? Think again. Want to get home after a long night out with friends? Nope. Wife’s water broke? You’re not seeing that baby until it’s 18. This app consistently “fails to find a driver in your area” in the biggest cities in Europe despite saying “it will only take a few minutes”. You would be better off sitting at home ******* off than using this app.
  • Useless 1/5

    By F this ride
    We couldn’t use it any where in Italy. I try to use this app every time I need a ride, unfortunately couldn’t find me a ride once.. not sure why it’s rated five star, this absolutely wasted our time.. not worth downloading..
  • Works Great - Dumbest app name ever 5/5

    By Andromeda911
    App works great. Name should be changed to something related to what the app does.
  • Barely used 1/5

    By Kiddoftheyear
    Despite other reviews, taxis aren’t supposed to start meters before they pick you up. If they do that, get out of the car. You haven’t gone anywhere and are not required to pay for a service you didn’t use. It is not charity. Any costs that would be additional from hailing a taxi on the street should be transparent to customers, so they know what they’re paying for. The app is not Uber and doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that Uber has, but that doesn’t mean it can take advantage of customers. This was a nice idea to try and save the Taxi industry. Advice: use taxis at airports or hailing from streets; otherwise use Uber; it’s reliable and you know what you’re paying for.
  • Couldn’t enter a specific address. 1/5

    By Valentino.Zegna
    I’m in Naples. I installed the app, registered, entered my credit card info. Then I tried to enter a specific address as my destination, and it wouldn’t let me, so it’s completely useless.
  • Crap App 1/5

    By PaulLChu
    There are no drivers in Valencia. Time estimates are BS. Gives a fake time estimate when you open the app.
  • New name and icon are annoying 2/5

    By cftuugf huhg
    App works well still but the change to the name “FREE NOW” is so obnoxious. At least MyTaxi was clear and relevant. The new name sounds like a website to get rid of junk you don’t want anymore or maybe a kind of dystopian app for immediate freedom like 1984... Also the app icon is bright red and distracting, looks like a warning so have to move it to the back page of apps.
  • Not as good since FreeNow replaces MyTaxi 1/5

    By bdjuk
    The MyTaxi app was really great; ever since the change to FreeNow though the app is buggy and doesn’t recognize the exact location you are at and I’ve had more drivers cancel the trip at the last minute than not. It is a huge disappointment in service.
  • Awful service/canceled cabs 1/5

    By ImNormz_
    After being confirmed twice and waiting 10 minutes to find a cab, every driver canceled when they were within 4 minutes of us. Said waits were 2-3 minutes and ended up being about 15. And we were in a very crowded, lots of taxi drivers area. Awful service overall.
  • Slower than ItTaxi not helpful with taxi scam 2/5

    By Missing background mode
    Tried to use this app several times during recent trip to Rome. (We had a large group with limited mobility and so had to take taxis a lot.) Many times My Taxi (now Free Now) could not find a car while ItTaxi would find one almost instantly in the same location. The drivers we did have were all great except for our last which is the reason for the 2 stars. He deliberately scammed us with a fare inflating route taking us on the “scenic” route of Rome when we were trying to get to Termini on our last day. We kept asking him to take us directly to Termini and he just agreed but continued to drive past the Vatican (which was 15+ minutes out of the way itself), the Pantheon, Forum/Colleseum, etc. A 20 minute trip turned into an hour a €58!!!!! We were trying to catch a train and didn’t have time to argue with him at drop off. He also dropped us off on on a side street instead of out front. I contacted Free Now support about the fare. But their only response was that “the fare is consistent with the route” even though I explained the issue. The app also blocked me from reviewing the ride until after the 48hour window closed. Beware.
  • ! cheaters 1/5

    By lasttrolley
    Not free!
  • Would be useful if taxis use it 3/5

    By lembo435
    I’m in Rome, and we have had a tough time getting taxis to accept our trip. I’m spoiled by Uber in the US.
  • Change for the worse? 1/5

    By Bosco Ribera
    One thing I loved about MyTaxi was receiving receipts by email automatically. With my first FreeNow ride, this feature is now gone. I’ve gone into the help section of this app— an app which is one part FreeNow and two parts MyTaxi— and have unsuccessfully requested a receipt for this particular ride about six or seven times now. I use this for business so it looks like it could be time to switch back to Uber.
  • Worst (and deceptive) new name ever 3/5

    By subface
    The app is solid, but why on earth would you change your name to Free Now still charge for rides? I wouldn’t expect your service to be free, but your name is like an ice cream company calling themselves Zero Calories. Really?!! Seriously, MyTaxi wasn’t great, but it made A LOT more sense and didn’t sound like you’re just trying to get downloads.
  • Do not use if you want to stay safe. 1/5

    By K.Red
    EDITED FROM THREE STARS- Driver dropped my daughter off at the incorrect address, even though both the name of the hotel and address were confirmed with him. She was questioning it, so he basically threw her out a 15 minute drive or hour’s walk from her hotel in a sketchy area in the middle of the night. I will now devote my spare time to finding every possible review for them and letting people know how HORRIBLE they are. If you’re somewhere remote, or can’t get an Uber or Lyft for some reason, this is a backup I guess. No tracking, no notification of who your driver is or the license plate or any identification on the car, it’s ridiculous in a crowded area. Don’t waste your time.
  • Scam 1/5

    By Gastus
    My first experience with the app and I was already spammed by the taxi driver. Let’s see if they will solve my problem and, maybe, I can change my evaluation.
  • Great app, terrible name change 5/5

    By adcombs
    I have used this app for 2 years now and it’s always worked well. However, who is the marketing team that changed a taxi app’s name from something so clear like myTaxi to Free Now that has nothing to do with taxis or even travel? Great app though.
  • Really bad service with no control 1/5

    By row_r
    Used this on a trip in Naples and the meter reading was lower price but the cab charges 40% more in the app without explanation. The support for this app is nearly useless. They are unorganized and the customer service is one of the worst ever I have experienced. Had high hope but was very very disappointed. Don’t expect them to resolve any issues or help in anyway. They still use emails to communicate and it takes them a week just to respond and most times they done even respond.
  • Free Now Doesn't Work 1/5

    By kbyoga
    Waited over a half an hour and all Free Now did was spin. 3 separate requests. NO TAXI! Nothing! I missed my lecture. What if I needed to go to the airport and missed my flight?! This "new" version of the app is horrible. Fix it asap!

    By MissMyAndroid17
    Spent 3 days in Rome, Italy. I requested a taxi at least 10 times. The app would show great prices and it appeared that taxis were nearby. Nevertheless, we never got 1 taxi. It always prompted that all drivers were busy. Uber was he way to go. A little pricier but drivers were always available. It’s easier to just flag down a taxi.
  • First impressions matter 1/5

    By Intl Undatisfied Trvlr
    I downloaded this app in Dublin. I then immediately deactivated and deleted it. I had attempted to use it at the airport and selected the pickup pin location that was closest to my arrival terminal. The apps pin location must have been bad because the driver was unable to find the identified spot on the app — the pin location was right next to the official airport taxi stand near the local transportation buses. After failing to find the spot the driver asks me to find him — this was after I initiated contact with him because the app said he had arrived but his car, as shown on the map, was no where near the pin location. That is when I requested he cancel the ride. It is also when I got in a taxi at the normal taxi stand and deleted the app. Needless to say, first impressions matter and would not recommend this app and I will not be redowloading it.
  • Doesn’t work well in Rome 1/5

    By ianmalone
    It worked as expected one out of four times we tried using it in Rome. Twice it said a taxi was two minutes away but then when you try hailing one, it takes 5+ minutes while it is trying to hail one and then it times out and no taxi after all. Very frustrating. One time I set a booking for later in the day at 7pm for a 8:30 pickup. It said it would notify me when a driver has accepted the booking, which I expected to happen soon after setting it, but nothing happened. Then a few minutes before 8:30 it said the driver was on its way (while we were trying to hail a cab “the old fashioned way” because we assumed the app wouldn’t work). Overall service is quite poor in Rome. Perhaps it’s better in other cities?
  • One size doesn’t fit all tipping 1/5

    By msof
    I have multiple homes in countries with completely different tipping cultures. The problem with the app is that they offer you a preset menu of tipping options that doesn’t take local culture into account. For example, giving you the option of tipping 10 15 or 20 percent in Germany is idiotic when the average tip is 5 percent in that country. How about letting the user ENTER a tip amount in a free form box? That would solve the problem.
  • Rome = 5. Milan = 1 3/5

    By Time4EarCandy
    This is a mixed review. Works great in Rome. Doesn’t work at all in Milan. In Rome, you can be at a catacomb far from the city, and a taxi in a shiny white car will come. In Milan, you can wait 20 minutes, watch 100 taxis go by, 50 with the MyTax App sticker on them; and nothing is coming to pick you up. You have to either get one at a taxi stand or call for one to come pick you up.
  • Awful 1/5

    By ahdjsjeb
    I’ve used nearly a dozen Uber-like apps happily. This one is terrible. Countless rides cancelled.
  • Many cancellations 3/5

    By PM-Oakland
    App works acceptably, but there are many cancellations. All advantages of app-based ordering are eliminated by these cancellations and limited supply of taxis at busy times.
  • Not a service, rather a disservice 1/5

    By ***〽️
    My booking in Milan was canceled *after* the time the taxi was supposed to pick me up! At that point I was late to my appointment, which defeats the purpose of booking two hours in advance.
  • Perfect 5/5

    By tinsonh
    More choices and easy to use
  • App frozen 2/5

    By Pharese in AZ
    It was working when I first started using it in/around Rome- but now it stalls on the “Free Now” screen. When I put in my card under my account, I assumed it would be stored as a form of payment- but have had every single driver arrive and run their meter- almost always to a price higher than the range quoted by the app. Not sure I will continue even trying this app if it continues to stay frozen- will just go back to hailing taxis the old fashioned way.
  • When it works it’s a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 1/5

    By JenX73
    The app has logged me out and now won’t let me reconnect with either of my emails (saying my credentials are “invalid”), or with Facebook. (Which was a last resort, and even THAT didn’t work). And I can’t create a new account, because my emails are already in their system. This was all super fun to discover late at night in a foreign city when we had no other way of getting home.
  • Not happy 1/5

    By whatnicknameisntalreadytakem?!
    Downloaded bc friend recommended, for trip to Europe. Drivers were either late or made me run around to find them. Meanwhile, local taxis were always accessible once I put in a taxi request. The total was always $3-5 more than the absolute highest estimate given. IE, if I accepted a ride for $16-20, the final bill was more like $25 (also $8-12 ended up $16). Language barrier = I was simply stuck with what they claimed as the total. Drivers themselves all decent in person, but as I said were either late or required me to find them. Not ideal after a red eye when local time is 8am but my body is 2am.
  • Drivers cancel 3/5

    By dj mizzo
    The taxi drivers cancel!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By DiXyA
    Randomly stops working and then you’ll have to spend one one with the taxi driver trying to make sure you are not double charged
  • Easy 5/5

    By Kgbvmd
    I love my taxi and it’s app. They quick and efficient. It’s all I used while in Dublin Thanks
  • Fraud in Rome 1/5

    By nat10002019
    After waiting for 10 minutes, the driver picked up someone else, cancelled my trip, and then charged me through the app. AND there is no way to dispute the charge through the app. Mytaxi should drop Rome.
  • I like 5/5

    By keihug
    Great experience
  • Unreliable in Milan 1/5

    By charlieeasy
    A disaster and less reliable than standing in the street waving ones arms
  • Good App in Dublin 4/5

    By jimmi c
    Cellular network is slow, but the app worked. Drivers have all been great. Could not get a cab after the Bon Jovi concert at all. Make sure to mention if it is your first ride for discount by driver. 10 EU to you and $10 to the driver.
  • Horrible Experience 1/5

    By DWizzy101
    No. Just don’t even try. Horrible app that only worked once for me.
  • Great when it works 4/5

    By 7turtles
    When it works it’s great. But, I have timed out on half of my rides.
  • Bad. 2/5

    By tuckfuck69
    Used in many cities in Europe (many of which where MyTaxi is the only option for non-public transportation) and its awful. Tries to display itself as comfortable to Uber but it’s awful and many drivers cancel within 1 min of picking up passengers and many drivers only accept cash as payment. Would not use unless I absolutely had to.
  • Monopolies at its finest 1/5

    By chapzzzzz
    Might be a good app in other areas. In Barcelona it is absolute garbage. The cab drivers play by their own rules and it’s 50/50 you get a nice driver. No wonder they protest any competition like Uber, they love their monopolization of the city. “Drivers come first” here in Barcelona.
  • Great 5/5

    By nickiestorm
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By spinseller
    Easy to use. Better than Uber
  • Utterly useless in Rome 1/5

    By CIO go
    4 attempts at different times (including a “book later”) and not a single Roman taxi accepted my request. Completely worthless in Rome. May be useful elsewhere.

FREE NOW (mytaxi) app comments

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