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Ride in style with the mytaxi app – Europe’s biggest licensed taxi and black cab app. Look no further for a reliable and professional taxi app you can trust. With a number of features to make your trip a breeze, mytaxi gets you on your way in a matter of minutes. Book a taxi with us today! HOW IT WORKS 1. Enter your destination 2. Choose the licensed taxi you need 3. Tap to book the taxi – sorted! In three short steps, the mytaxi app will get you where you need to be – safely, quickly and easily! OUR FAVOURITE FEATURES • Pre-book your licensed taxi – need an airport pickup? Choose the date and time, and you can book up to 4 days in advance with our taxi app • Fare estimate – get accurate fare estimates when you book a taxi • Pay in-app – no more last-minute panics about cash. Pay hassle-free with your credit/debit card in our taxi app • Track your ride – share your journey so your friends and family know where you are • Rate your driver – let others know how much you enjoyed your taxi ride, and read reviews so you know you’re getting the best taxi experience • Address book – Save your home and work addresses and book a taxi hassle-free With a fleet of licensed taxi and black cabs at your fingertips, book a taxi through our taxi app and get where you need to be, quickly and easily. Look through the different taxis available in your area. Tap to book a cab with more seats, an eco-friendly engine or wheelchair access. Look through the different taxis available in your area. Tap to book a cab with more seats, an eco-friendly engine or wheelchair access. Are you looking for a stress-free airport pickup? mytaxi has you covered. Pre-book a licensed cab, with our taxi app, up to 4 days in advance and get guaranteed fixed fares for airport trips (in London and other selected European cities). Say goodbye to the pressure of last minute travel and book a taxi with us today. Maybe you need to book a taxi for somebody else? No problem! Just leave the driver a message under ‘Booking Options’ before you click ‘Order a Taxi’. The passenger can then share their trip details, so you can be sure they find their destination. Or are you running late and need to book a taxi last minute? With a fleet of licensed taxis and black cabs at your fingertips, turn up to your next meeting in style with our taxi app. You can find our ride booking service across 100 European cities, including London, Dublin, Edinburgh, Barcelona, Berlin, Cologne, Krakow, Madrid, Milan, Munich, Rome and many, many more! Book a taxi on your next holiday and you can be sure you’ll have a safe, easy and quick journey. Start your holiday right with the mytaxi app. Are you looking for a specific taxi app experience? • 5-star drivers – Request 5-star drivers, or hail one of your favourite drivers for the best taxi app experience • Multi-seater – Go big with our multi-seater option for larger groups • Exec feature – Ride in comfort with our new exec cab feature, for our Irish customers. Simply select an executive car when you book and we’ll send a bigger luxury car, so you can ride in style! • Airport pickup – use our fixed airport fares to Stansted and Heathrow from London Book a taxi with mytaxi today and experience the best in style, comfort and safety. Whether you’re looking for an airport pickup, seeing the sights on holiday or just running late to a meeting, the mytaxi app gets you where you want to be, safely, quickly and easily. Join millions of users across Europe and book a taxi with the mytaxi app today! mytaxi has joined a new brand familly and will rebrand to FREE NOW later this year. If you have any questions, please visit the Help and Contact section of the app (via your profile) to see our most frequently asked questions. Alternatively, please get in touch at [email protected] in the UK, or [email protected] in Ireland.

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  • Barcelona user 1/5

    By rpdubz
    Had a terrible experience in Barcelona with the company. Unfortunately, this service was nothing like uber/lyft back in the States. We would call a cab and the driver would never come or would cancel. Maybe this was a uniquely bad set of circumstances but I couldn’t recommend the service to anyone based on my experiences.
  • Drivers kept cancelling the ride 1/5

    By Kim in Tex
    We had 4-5 drivers cancel our rides in Rome as we stood on the side of the road. They would just pick up another fare a block sooner and we would see the car with the intended license plate drive right past us. My family had to walk a mile dragging suitcases.
  • Worst trip of my life 1/5

    By Camila Gallini
    Terrible service, the driver was not going into the assigned route he kept going to different road to charge more, the price was terribly off I was charged double what I should have and when I try to make the driver go into the correct paths he kept literally ignoring me completely. So disrespectful and rude. I’m never using this service again.
  • American used to Uber 4/5

    By joshbottum
    My taxi is a little different as payment is not assumed to your account. Like Uber the wait times are longer than preselected times show. Drivers in Barcelona have been courteous and use good routes
  • Really great App! 5/5

    By Grai C
    First times of using MyTaxi in Dublin (we’re from Brooklyn) - it all works extremely well! Thanks a million.
  • Scam 1/5

    By SofiaGNu
    I used MyTaxi in Palermo this week and it was a total scam. They are not responsible at all if the taxi they call for you is a crook. The driver that took me from my hotel to the train station manipulated the taximeter and charged me 5 times more the estimated rate that the app indicated. I couldn’t discuss with the driver more because he got very agresive. However my problem is that the app has not even replied to my complaint... still waiting.
  • You can’t get a cab when you really need it.. ridiculous 1/5

    By itslevie
    Honestly I love Barcelona but the fact that I can’t get a cab because this terrible app doesn’t have any way of penalizing cab drivers for refusing my ride is crazy. It’s raining and I need to get to the airport and I can’t get a ride because the app can’t find a driver for me. Absolutely ridiculous.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Woodyrxs
    Attempted to use in Rome today, they book the ride and if you are not going where they want, they cancel the trip. Not useful all!
  • Garbage 1/5

    By USC student
    Garbage app and garbage support
  • Can't enter destination. 1/5

    By wizz_
    Can't enter destination. Please fix it.
  • Lacks Apple Pay support 3/5

    By zawist
    Good app, serves the purpose but due to lack of Apple Pay support I find it a bit cumbersome especially when you are traveling.
  • Can’t get this app to work 1/5

    By Army MP girl
    I’ve downloaded this app now twice and it won’t link to my paypal nor my credit card. Frustrating.
  • Can’t contact the driver 1/5

    By waheed kalama
    I forgot my phone in the taxi and I can’t contact the driver or the company in Rome
  • My taxi 5/5

    By oeralp
  • Useless when not on WiFi 1/5

    By ae35
    App logged me out when away from WiFi. Could not log back in on international cellular service. In Rome for a week. Easier to ask hotel, restaurant to call a taxi or look for taxi stand. My Taxi help service useless, did not respond to problem. Uber worked but is not cheaper.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Tinman2621
    We tried to use this app on three occasions while in Barcelona, all with no success. Truly a terrible app that serves no purpose, at least not in Barcelona.
  • Not The Lowest Rate 3/5

    By MTS--1000
    Taxi drivers in Dublin are only allowed to charge the same rate. But they can charge a €2 booking fee when using a booking service like mytaxi. My driver did then he took the long way to get to my destination. When I challenged him before we finally reached the destination, he said he’d make it right. I was still over charged. Mytaxi does not clearly state you may be charged the booking fee, but implies they are lowest cost.
  • Customer service don’t care 1/5

    By Jhmpena
    I was trying contact customer support twice for solution on my extra charges, never got response. Here in America UBER TAKES ACTION IN MINUTES.
  • Fare not as accurate as it should be 4/5

    By QB Cats Fan
    Easy app to use. However the estimated fare is off more often then I would like.
  • Proposed rate wasn’t related to final fee 1/5

    By Trudefall
    When I book my taxi to Barcelona airport, app proposed ride for 16€ but when driver comes he start count money by his own counter and in the final it was more than 20€. What was for me big surprise, what if another people will go with limit budget and expect for initial conditions. Competitors much better in this option!
  • Inflated taxi fares 1/5

    By KamalSharma444
    I was in Rome and used this app for the first time. To my surprise, the taxi driver started the meter from the point he started and not when we sat in the cab. The fare was double than what we would have incurred. Had we known about it, we would have hailed a local cab or used a different app. There was no prior information mentioned about it. It looks like the cab driver can charge any arbitrary amount :(
  • Fares are higher than quoted at times in Italy 2/5

    By ioboarder
    The app works well. However, unlike our experience using Uber or Lyft in America, half of our drivers in Rome have started the meter when they started driving to meet us, NOT after they picked us up. Therefore, the cost of our ride was MUCH higher than expected (our last ride was quoted 8-11 €, & was 30€). We also had an issue where the app kept “dropping” our driver on the way to us and sending another car as, evidently, it was giving the drivers incorrect directions to get to our meeting point. One last issue we had is that the app will not refresh your location if you move. Therefore, if you check on price & availability on a cab, and do not reset the app when you later need it, the cab will try to pick you up from your previous location. Still better to have when traveling abroad as another option, but still not functioning smoothly.
  • Fatalny UX 1/5

    By Piotr222
    Straszny ux. Fatalny popup ktory zmusza do akceptacji wysylania ofert
  • Only use in emergencies 2/5

    By Just Your Average Commenter
    If you have ever used Uber, Lyft, Careem or a specific taxi company’s app, you will typically be shown a price in advance and given clarity about tariffs applied. Not so for mytaxi. It’s basically just an “order taxi” app that hides the fare and offers no added benefits. If you live in a place without a proper ride sharing service, I’m sorry for you. This is garbage.
  • Not reliable 1/5

    By bdjdosjebdjoskbdbd
    Be warned the app will tell you that you can book a taxi in advance and it makes it look like that a driver accepts your booking but that is not a guarantee. I booked a trip to the airport a day in advance and at 10 minutes before the booking was scheduled the app alerted me “Sorry no taxis in your area!”

    By Hailey7341
    I used this app because I’m in italy and It is very hard to translate addresses... so I gave it a shot. The driver took almost an hour to get to my location, then charged me 25 euro and demanded cash when I told him I was paying on app. The driver had horrible smelling mouth. I ended up just getting a taxi on the way home because the app wouldn’t work and it cost 18 euro going back the same direction. I was ripped off and I got charged on my credit card 25 euro so total of 50 euro! NEVER AGAIN WILL I USE THIS APP
  • Worse with every update 1/5

    By Cynthia_973
    I’ve been using this app for several years now, and with every update the app gets worse and worse. After ordering a cab, all of the details disappear from the screen because the app defaults to the order page (why? how many people make multiple bookings at a time?!), such that it is also hard to find the taxi details once it arrives and one needs to distinguish from other taxis, location finding doesn’t work, I can’t add details anymore to a tricky address such that the driver can’t find it.. if a driver cancels a prebooking then your prebooking is gone and you have to manually restart the process (in times of high demand then it is next to impossible to get a new taxi!).. after making a prebooking it’s not possible to change any of the details.. mytaxi, what is up with your product team?!?
  • Can't Connect to Drivers 1/5

    By review1998
    I've called three rides and all three times, the taxi took over 5 minutes to call and ended up with the message "Could not find any taxis." However, there were many taxis displayed on the map (perhaps they were full). I'm not sure if it's a glitch - I'll update my review if it is - but it seems really difficult to call a taxi. For reference, I tried using it in Madrid and Barcelona.
  • Works fine 4/5

    By meowree40
    I used this app when I was in Rome and Milan oct, 2018. I had no problems with the drivers and the fees. A couple times the driver tried to over charge, but I would show them the fee on the app and all but one honored it. Not one of the taxis canceled on me and the longest wait was 10 min.
  • Really unstable app 1/5

    By Stv08
    Logged me out several times, login issues, frozen map... Use Uber!
  • Great App! 5/5

    By italyalwaysonmymind
    Used this app all over Rome while on vacation and couldn’t be happier! Everything about it is smart, transparent and simple to use. Also loved my charges and tips going straight to my credit card and not having to fuss with currency.
  • This app failed 1/5

    By YouAsked4It
    I just got the app and I tried 4 times to get a taxi in Milan and nothing showed. It made me miss my train and I had to spend an extra €70 to get to the airport. Worst app ever!!!
  • Terrible app. Just fund a cab or call Lyft 1/5

    By cab travels
    Wretched. Drivers cancel constantly if they find another fare or better destination. London cabbies are way better.
  • Cheaters 1/5

    By kapilax
    The most recent expensive taxi app. The estimated fare is at least 2 more than suggested price for a taxi!
  • App estimates are low 1/5

    By ReidnC
    I’ve tried MyTaxi a few times in Rome. I’m at least two cases the fare ended up 10% over the highest estimate. This is frustrating to see over and over.
  • Good app - some missing features 4/5

    By fidus achates
    Please enable to have be able to save favourite places (ideally with further pick up instructions for drivers, per place). This is hugely missing.
  • Bad customer service 1/5

    By Venturaxo
    Driver left us 10 mins away from destination and after contacting mytaxi they didn't bother responding for days and didn't even give a partial refund. Suggest everyone stays far away from this app.
  • App is meh, service is absolute garbage. 1/5

    By BrianMullane
    Want drivers to constantly cancel on you? Enjoy higher costs from point A to point B? If yes, this app (and for-hire taxis) are for you! Let's face it, locales that don't have uber/ride-sharing are for knuckle-dragging savages. This app lets you share in the locals' frustration of being held hostage by sub-par service and over-priced taxis services. Really helps you absorb the local flavor and time travel back to experience 18th century business models. If you have to use this app, I feel your pain. If you just want your ride to be frustration free, petition a ride-sharing service to operate in the area you're using this app. Let's all help put the traditional taxi service business model where it belongs: in the ash heap of history.
  • Always works! 5/5

    By PaperHorns
    It’s just pleasant to have something work glitch free. From hailing to paying, I’ve had no problems in over 30 trips now (in Spain mostly).

    By gvp1959
    I had the opportunity to book a van taxi two days in advance to go to the airport. 45 min before the driver canceled the trip. I had to hire two taxis to get to the airport (I had a lot of luggage) If they are not going to comply that they do not commit or warn the day before to be able to resolve.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Aaron in Berlin
    Easy to use
  • Dont use this app in Italy, taxi drivers are thief!! 1/5

    By Anti Ad
    I requested a taxi driver for a morning ride in Rome. The thief (taxi driver named Alessio) told me that I need to pay him in credit card when the app was going to make the charge. I asked for help in MyTaxi customer service and they are refusing to refund the double charge from that thief. Beware in general for all taxi drivers in Rome but specially dont use this app because it authorize thiefs to register. Uber is better.
  • Dublin City Centre to Airport 5/5

    By Chriscap19
    I used the preschedule to book a 5am taxi to the airport in Dublin, because busses at that time seemed unreliable and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to hail a cab. Driver was right on time, didn’t overcharge me, and was very nice. I can’t speak to the app in any other city or country, but from my one experience, no issues at all in Dublin.
  • American traveling through Europe 5/5

    By Gnav310
    I used Uber in some European countries. Not always the cheapest. Rome does not have Uber. You can pay with your phone without ever pulling out your card. Works just like Uber except you have to swipe to pay when the ride ends. So much more convenient than hailing a taxi that can’t charge your card or doesn’t have change.
  • Wait time usually Longer than listed 2/5

    By AngeloMyLove
    Can get pricey - My friends say uber is cheaper
  • Doesn’t work in Nuremberg 1/5

    By Meggers123
    I downloaded this in Nuremberg and ordered a taxi 2 hours in advance. 15 minutes before it showed up there was still no driver info. 2 minutes after the pickup time it still said searching so I cancelled. Tried one more time and it searched for 5 minutes and said no taxis were available in the city. Went to the train station and there were 20+ taxis waiting and 30+ waiting at the airport. Waste of time.
  • Decent taxi hailing, wildly inaccurate prices 2/5

    By Alex9876534456
    Good for getting a taxi, but the estimates were way off. Our ride ended up costing 2x the estimate with no traffic at 1am in the morning. I will be using uber when I can for the price assurance.
  • No fare estimate 1/5

    By ellenstuck
    This app used to have a fare estimate, it was usually off but still gave you a (very) rough estimate how much a taxi would cost. In recent updates they’ve taken this feature away
  • Sounds great until you call a taxi... 1/5

    By Kinsale Greg
    Tried to call a taxi in Cork city on a Wednesday evening. "No taxis available." Might as well delete the app.

mytaxi: Tap & Move Freely app comments

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