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  • Current Version: 1.3.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Cross Forward Consulting, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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$ 1.99

MyTrends++ App

MyTrends++ is designed to help you make sense of all the health and fitness data being collected by your Apple Watch...and motivate you to be even more active! - A simple timeline of your daily progress towards your fitness goals - Track your goal streaks and see how long you can keep on going - Tap a day to quickly see a more detailed view - Rest Day analysis of streaks lets you keep a streak going on rest days - Get a summary report of your activity to track your best days - Better Complications for your watch (including monochrome utility) - Detailed Glance view showing both goal and detailed stats. Note: + MyTrends++ requires an Apple Watch to collect the data it displays + MyTrends++ integrates with the Health App on your iPhone to retrieve the data it displays. It can display your Activity, Active Calorie, Stand Hours and Exercise Minutes data.

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MyTrends++ app reviews

  • Not for iPad - not for anyone 1/5

    By Dorsher
    This app does very little compared to the existing app. If you are looking to waste 1.99 on something that makes all the data vertically aligned, then go ahead. This does not support ipad, and cannot connect your data from phone to ipad to review apple activity stats. Use the normal activity viewer and skip this app. Refund please.
  • Stopped working 3/5

    By The Last Hill
    As of 3 Oct 2019, the app no longer is reading health data and yes it still has read rights.
  • Doesn’t Sync with Apple Watch Series 4 1/5

    By BadRobot2013
    I been happily using Activity++ with my original first generation Apple Watch. Was a great motivator and helped me lose 162 lbs and get in decent cardio shape riding a recumbent indoor bike and some weight lifting. I recently upgraded to a Series 4 Apple Watch. Very disappointed that it does not sync properly with Activity++. Ride for 45 minutes only registers 39 and calorie count is off. The Apple Health App and an app names Zones syncs properly. Health++ has become useless as a tracker and motivator. I only write this review after trying to contact Activity++ support. In a detailed email I described problem, including screen shots showing the discrepancy. It’s been three days now and no response. Strongly suggest if you have Series 4 and maybe Series 3 you do not want this useless tool.
  • No Value 1/5

    By jonskyking
    This app provides no value.
  • Only a iPhone app on the iPad 1/5

    By missy_robinson12
    Don’t put it is compatible with the iPad if you are going to just have the small square on my screen. Yes I know you can enlarge it but it looks ridiculous. Very disappointed I can’t use with my iPad Pro 12.9 with keyboard. Will change rating once you make it Fit the iPad horizontal.
  • Doesn’t fit iPad Pro 1/5

    By Skreet_skater
    Says it fits all screens, lies.
  • Quiero mi dinero de regreso 1/5

    By kevinspsm
    Quiero mi dinero de vuelta !!! Es pésima la aplicación
  • Robert 1/5

    By Robert Panek
    I tried your app and had the same issues that had with all the rings app. The issues is that with exercise rings. I’ll stick with activity that was on Apple Watch and nothing else
  • Not good yet! 1/5

    By ARC-Clonetrooper
    BLUF: Don’t buy this app......yet!!! It might have potential in the future, but as of now it’s totally overpriced for what it delivers! I don’t want to be unfair! This app gives you some of the statistics the Apple app misses! But not in detail! Instead of the ability to compare weeks or month with each other you get an overview of all your data. Good but at the end not helpful! It should be able to give you an overview of the different workouts categories....there are not too many in the Apple App to begin with! But no! Everything you do is lumped together and presented! Is it so difficult to add all walks or runs or swim sessions and give you the statistics of each category? For what the app delivers now it should be free! 1.99$ is not the world but at this point way too much! I will update my post and change my rating when things progress! 1.Update: almost 2weeks after my review, developers failed to reply! I hope they busy to remake the app and didn’t run away with our money! DO NOT BUY!
  • Wrong data import 1/5

    By BK 1231
    My June 2018 data was incorrectly imported (4,500 exercise calories!!) so now the best day stat of the app is useless because I’ll never be able to beat that.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Clasheoyalefreak
    It has less data points than the original Activity app on iPhone. What a rip off!
  • Motivation I didn’t know I needed 5/5

    By pendolino
    Well tbh I don’t really need the app to motivate me to exercise 90% of the time since I’m diligent about exercise but for that 10% i think it pushes me to keep the streak going. I focus on the calories and exercise metrics and so far my streak on both is 574 days unbroken! It somehow just grew on me and I’ve been recommending it to friends.
  • Worst money spent ever 1/5

    By Ghazi.J
    It’s the most useless app, it has less information than the original activity app, I wasted my time and money on nothing
  • Every Apple Watch user should purchase 5/5

    By jfh_007
    I purchased the app around the time that it was released and have been extremely happy with it thus far. Every Apple Watch user should purchase this app!
  • Another great app - 4/5

    By HannaBayoud
    All looks great as usual. The complication looks very useful and more visual than the one from Apple. Unfortunately it does not refresh as often as the one from Apple. Still a great app to have.
  • Good app with problems 4/5

    By Really Apple? Really?
    It's 5/2/17 but last recorded activity was 4/27/17 even though I've exercised between dates. Later tried turning phone off which fixed this problem. Standing hours is nice but if you have to sit through days of meeting/trainings that distorts personal goals. Rest of app works well for keeping me motivated & reaching new goals!
  • Gone weird 1/5

    By The slugggg
    Last few days totally inaccurate. !!! Burn 800+ calories, walking 4+ miles and only get 19 minutes activity ?? Ridiculous. Will try another day or so then delete.
  • Poor Support and Poor Performance 1/5

    By Lightspeed23
    This app stops working from time to time. It continues to track daily data on the Apple Watch (Series 2), but it intermittently stops syncing with the iPhone (7+). Restarting the watch and phone does nothing to help. Today is 4/29/17 and the app has not synced with my phone since 4/23/17. I also sent an email directly to the app support email address in 4/27/17 and have gotten no response. I am very disappointed that I wasted my money.
  • Kilojoule option added 5/5

    By JT33333
    This last feature unlocks a 5 star review for a great app that does a much better job of tracking your watch activity than Apple's option.
  • Great visualization of activity 5/5

    By User717581
    Great visualization of your activity, much clearer than the stock Activity app. Also shows streaks to keep you going, while at the same time forgiving a rest day once every week.
  • Best Fitness Tracker 5/5

    By Scott22
    Simple app with great design.
  • So much better than stock 5/5

    By youngm7
    I love the ability to see my active calorie average, easily flip through historical activity data, and the "cheat" feature for streaks is neat as well. this is absolutely a must-have app for anyone that uses the Apple Watch as an activity tracker.
  • Awesome Apple Watch Data Visualization 5/5

    By Brent Billings
    Another great app from David Smith that makes the data from my watch far more useful.
  • Snoozing is the killer feature 5/5

    By rtvenge
    Miss a day? Apple's Activity app kills your streak. This app gives you some leeway (like the day I was sick).
  • Love this app 5/5

    By mdl-Oregon
    Gives a different way to view your activity and track streaks. I like the watch complications as well. Great app!!!
  • Extension of default Activity app 5/5

    By HelloitsDerek
    This app makes viewing your Apple Watch activity data a little easier when compared to the default Apple Activity app. Example.. Stand data: in the stock Activity app, time is shown on the graph as 12, noon, and 6. In Activity++ app, time is shown as 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, etc. This makes it much easier to read so I can quickly see where I'm at and which hour I missed. Also, the streak feature replaces the Streaks app (if you use that) and is much prettier to see that data in this app. Finally, I still enjoy the default Apple Activity app when looking at an overall view. This App just extends my experience for more fun things to see. I always open keep both apps running when viewing my data. Hope this helps.
  • Just a new way to see the same data 1/5

    By Buzz Lightyear BR
    It's just a interface to see the same data from health and activity apps. I bought and thought the app would provide new features but I was wrong!
  • Just what I wanted 5/5

    By 1happyguy
    One reviewer said that this was redundant with the data available in the Apple app, but I disagree. I had a 258 day streak then missed a few days because of travel. Now I want ot see how I am progressing against that record, but that is not available in the Apple app or watch... but is nicely displayed in Activity++. I also like the watch complication. One tap and you get a bar graph and the data... no swiping needed. If you are series about tracking activity, you need to give this a try.
  • One of the most useful apps on Apple Watch 5/5

    By Chas828
    App gives more stats on your activities and streaks. Would like to see it partner with other 3rd party apps (I.e. Withings)
  • Great app 5/5

    By BobMV
    I like the option of having a rest day not stop a streak. Seems like a good idea for a day of rest. The app is easy to navigate and is useful for me. Nice layout also.
  • Probably worth 99c 3/5

    By fromconcept
    Adds very little in top of the default apple activity app. It's not possible to find out things like daily total calories expended, a key missing piece of the default app. This just changes the layout of the same useless info - the streaks don't encourage one to be more active either, that's a very odd thing to use for selling. Useful statistics over time, graphed smartly, is what is missing. I removed this app.
  • Essential 5/5

    By Rayaru
    This is great, essential add on for Watch data visualization.
  • Requires watch OS 3 1/5

    By geekyjoe
    Waiting for bug fix
  • Good, but could be better 4/5

    By Firefly77
    Very nice display for calories, hours standing, and exercise, but no display for steps or distance. Very nice summary screens.
  • Great 5/5

    By Brent Y.
    Well done and good info to have in an easy to read way.
  • An amazing app 5/5

    By Meeeeeeyeeeee12345
    Syncs activity from my Apple Watch and iPhone to give a full picture of my activity. My #1 watch app. Thx!
  • Data Represented Very Clearly 5/5

    By jswright61
    If the circles motivate you, but you yearn for a bit more information this is the App for you. Data is displayed clearly, the UI is super obvious, and the statistics give you much more information than the Apple Activity App.
  • That silly confetti. 5/5

    By 413-Critter
    Such a tiny, simple thing. Looking forward to that silly animation has done more for motivating my lazy butt than anything in years. Thanks, David.
  • Echo 5/5

    By April and David
    I use and love all three of the '++' apps. I will echo that the complications for them are slow to update. I can't knock a star though because I'm not sure if that is a dev issue or an Apple issue. I would be super stoked if I could have a 'Health++' app that included the functions of all three. Thank you for this and all of the '++' apps!
  • Perfect 5/5

    By czgarrett
    This is what the Apple app should have been.
  • Excellent display 5/5

    By Kevin Dangoor
    Very readable and usable display of activity. I like the way it handles streaks, forgiving the occasional off day.
  • Good work by underscore 5/5

    By iphone doc
    Design freaks will live the monochrome complication, which is at the same time clearer about when you complete your goals.
  • Does not provide much more detail 2/5

    By Chuz_cr
    It does not provide much more detail than Apples activity app. It needs more details to compete with the stock app.
  • After this update dated May 4, 4/5

    By SN45
    I'm finally getting my stats. Outstanding!!
  • 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 5/5

    By Moses Lightning
    Not a lot to write about, which is good. This app becomes invisible in the best way. Recommended.
  • Great replacement for the stock iPhone app 5/5

    By Chris Lawley
    This app runs circles around the stock activity app.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Srv5490
    The app looks good. But when i try to view my stats the app crashes. Look great, feels great. Will update rating after a fix. **Update** Great app. Nice, clean. Works good.
  • Terrific app 5/5

    By jhelmus
    the developer consistently makes a great app that works great with the apple watch!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By jrichins
    Better looking than Apple's rings. Simple, works well - love it.