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Manage your health information anywhere, anytime, with MyUPMC With MyUPMC, you can: • Send a message directly to your doctor’s office anytime • Schedule appointments with UPMC providers • Access your medical records and doctors' notes • Conveniently manage your family's health • See your test results, medications, immunization history, and more • Manage your appointments and save to your calendar • Renew prescriptions without calling your doctor’s office • Quickly view and pay your bills • Find a UPMC provider (i.e. doctor, midwife, nurse practitioner, or physician's assistant) and request to schedule an appointment  Access is convenient, free, and secure! For the best experience, please update your mobile device or iPad to the latest iOS operating system. If you experience issues, completely close the app, restart your device and open the application. Have a suggestion? Encounter a problem? Need to ask a question? Please call the MyUPMC Support line at 1-866-884-8579, option 2 or email [email protected] We welcome your feedback! Enjoying the MyUPMC app? Rate it now and let us know.

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  • Family Doctor visits 1/5

    By C. D. Stickline
    Since UPMC TOOK control of my family doctors office I now find it next to impossible to get appointments and they change Doctors there like you change your underwear. UPMC Service is worse than horrible. Charles Stickline
  • Eye Center 5/5

    By Johnnymcm3
    5 Stars. Dr. Colin Prensky is one of the best doctors I’ve ever ever been lucky enough to be assigned. He saved my eyesight, checked in with me after surgery to make sure I was recovering well and even jumped in to help me when the staff at the office kept sending the incorrect prescription to my pharmacy. If you have a problem with your eyesight, I highly recommend Dr Prensky. He is the best.
  • In the know 5/5

    By Dmlattieri
    Anytime you want to look up your records or results from your tests this app is the best. It lets you know of appointments, It lets you know of your tests,blood work, X-rays, all tests. It’s a must have for those who care of their health. It’s a 5 stars for me.
  • UPMC health plan 5/5

    By Waltstru
    I have been impressed with how accessible it has been with my UPMC for life health plan.
  • Review 3/5

    By GLADY8R
    App is offline too many times.
  • Lucy’s review. 5/5

    By Lucy SB
    I love MyUPMC charting. It’s great to see results quickly. And sometimes I forget what the doc said and I will find it on the chart from my visit. Thank you Update: Can you please combine My Key Care with My UPMC? Sometimes the information goes to My Key Care instead of My UPMC? Thanks again, Lucy
  • I get results fast from tests. 5/5

    By Patty Rinker
    It is so great that I can see my test results fast and not have to wait till I am notified. And I can keep track of my appointment s that are coming up. Great service! Thank you!
  • I really like having access to my Drs, test results, appointments, etc 5/5

    By Pine729
    Although I prefer the setup of the original MyUPMC, I like having access to this site and use it often. Before you could access more information, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Example. Blood work through the years. You could track A1C, ALT, ASP, Glucose, etc. NOT sure why it’s gone. I just now get bombarded with upcoming appointments!
  • My UPMC App 5/5

    By skabasinski
    Love the ease of use and all the features this app allows. From messaging a provider, asking a question, scheduling appointments, requesting refills or viewing test results, this makes my healthcare more personal and convenient 24/7!
  • Sometimes 1/5

    By Brain cancer
    Sometimes this works, UPMC cutthroat and making a profit at costs to all patients , very sad
  • Availability 1/5

    By barbararyoung
    It is DOWN so often you can not reply on it!
  • Goodbye to UPMC 5/5

    By 1368540
    The site is great! The health care providers are fantastic! I will need to find new providers as I have Highmark insurance. Shame on the administrative board!
  • SoSo 2/5

    By bill9810
    Disappointing that only some of my appointments are listed in the app.
  • myUPMC 3/5

    By rskrit
    Pretty bides good access to most information, but some is pending the details produced by the physicians. Comparing certain test results should be easier. Implementation of iPhone Touch ID needs corrected. Logos should be easier than account > settings > logout.
  • Great app 5/5

    By kimritt
    It’s easy to use . And I hv my test results back fast and it’s discreet.
  • Nothing has updated since 2015 2/5

    By Gramisul
    Still waiting to get my information updated.
  • UPMC App 5/5

    By IrishLass004
    Like easy access. Like how test results are presented and graphed. Overall very good.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By kKlLP?!?!
    I hate it. Most of the time I am unable to sign in. There is always some error.
  • Great App 5/5

    By websusk
    Love having my records whenever I need then. Lab results quicker, appointments without making long phone calls. Messaging my doc, again, not using phone calls and "press 2 to be hold a little longer".
  • UPMC App 5/5

    By Lisa.501
    Love the application and I just started recently to use. Keep up the great work!
  • Lab Results 5/5

    By qruplhdaxvmAad
    I appreciate the fact that I can see these lab results so quickly. The tests were taken yesterday morning.
  • Paste fails 1/5

    By Supuflorous Flounder
    I was trying to paste the text of an article in for my doctor. I kept getting an error message “unsupported characters”. Hello, 1985 is calling and it wants its software back. I could not paste at all because some dropout from User Interfaces 101 did not understand responsible UI design. I used the Web interface and it worked perfectly. So I did the only responsible things I could do: wrote nasty feedback, deleted the app from my iPhone, and wrote this review. I have a 54-year professional programming career and I would never have written anything this bad. But I know how to program responsibly. Whoever wrote this app did not.
  • Great way to keep in touch 5/5

    By b.b.blllllllahhhhh
    Anytime I’ve had a question about a test that was done this system was always up to let me know early as possible so it definitely can help for those who worry a lot like me about test and any findings . May save lives one day if you think about it with doctors being so busy to spread news to point a to point b you can have your access right in Palm of your fingers ready to get the ball going on ur health.. god bless the sick and hope that they find this system helpful as I did.
  • Review app 4/5

    By kallie bella
    Love the app and new ability to schedule appointments. The one negative is the app seems to be unavailable from time to time.
  • Touch login doesn’t work always 4/5

    By homamau812
    Touch login doesn’t work always.
  • Not worth the position 1/5

    By Fyrfly5
    Over the last 6 months I have seen 4 doctors in the UPMC network who have been listed as “head of the department” only to be treated as dirt under their fingernails and not even addressed to the problems I was seeing them for. It was all a total waste of time and money. Not one of them even stopped to listen to me or tried to get to the root of the problem. Each one brushed me off to have physical therapy for 4 separate and non related problems. I will avoid UPMC doctors at all cost now. They aren’t worth the paper their so called diploma is printed on.
  • UPMC 3/5

    By RtWng43
    World class hospital that refuses to take all High Mark/Blue Cross/Blue Shield Insurance’s which many people in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas use as their primary insurance. UPMC is a tax exempt conglomerate which makes money hand over fist. It is the people of Pennsylvania who pay taxes which supports UPMC. This is ethically wrong to deny these people with Highmark/Blue Cross/Blue Shield health insurance coverage.
  • Not much here. Useless! 2/5

    By Cotton694
    If I go online there is way more information than signing into this app. When I click on summary in app I get a list of prescriptions and allergies. If I go to summary in line I get all my Drs office notes. I don’t find the app complete. I prefer not to use it. I find it useless.
  • Only works 50% of the time. 3/5

    By MisterTFM
    Lost ability to send BP and Glucose readings to my PCP.
  • Don’t Like it! 3/5

    By Meanjean!
    I like the old Test Results better, I could very easily compare previous results🤮
  • Problem 1/5

    By EllenArms
    I got a code to sign up for this app. Tried to create an account using the information provided to me and it does NOT work. Error message activation code not valid? Geez
  • Bill pay 2/5

    By Reviews4AppStore
    I attempted to pay a medical bill. After submission, I received no confirmation number, receipt, or even a failed error message. There is no indication the payment actually processed. When I go back into bill pay, the bill appears not to be paid. I don’t want to try again and have multiple charges. Poor user experience.
  • Great when it’s working 2/5

    By gka0509
    I don’t know if it’s just this month or what but it’s been unavailable and/or down for maintenance multiple times a day almost every day lately. Very frustrating.
  • Needs work! 3/5

    App is great but needs improvements. A lot of the content accessible on the website is still not accessible on the app. For example, previous test result comparison chart. It would really be helpful to see the changes of lab work by tapping on the specific test. Additionally, doctors after-visit notes do not show up on the app either.. super important to be able to read this information as a patient.
  • Disaster 1/5

    By beckdallas
    The app is always down. They need to get this fixed.
  • Not helpful app 1/5

    By vuatm
    Nonfunctional results tab
  • Website 1/5

    By UPMC4u
    I have been trying to get my test results since Sunday AM and the website has been down. Very frustrating.
  • Poor Service 3/5

    By otnetty
    Connecting to this service is very hit or miss. I often get a “this service is unavailable” message.
  • MyUPMC app is the best🍁🧠 5/5

    By dbrains🍁🧠
    🍁🧠This app works perfectly on my iPhone; it definitely helps keep my doctors posted constantly on my health concerns with pictures of my concerns to add to my medical files so they remember what it looks like at first; it’s so much easier than driving to the UPMC place to keep the doctors posted in person trust me!; I always get a reply back either from the doctor themselves or their nurses, medical assistants or other colleagues with the doctors. If you are a patient with UPMC I strongly recommend setting up your account information with a password & download this app immediately.🍁🧠 thank you.
  • Vertical Only 3/5

    By MaryPat5
    While the app always provides good information on visits and tests, nice to see it finally came out with a version again that works on iPad. But so disappointing to see it is in vertical mode only. I have a keyboard and use my iPad most of the time in horizontal mode. Today, hard to believe they don’t allow the app to rotate to horizontal. And I didn’t see a LOG OUT button anywhere. Last version has it right on the side of the menu.
  • app is faulty 1/5

    By tsedney
    i downloaded the app about a week ago and have tried daily to log into my account and it keeps saying “error incorrect username or password” but i can log in just fine when using the website.
  • Downtime is bad 1/5

    By leesurman
    What changes have you made lately? Because the app is often unavailable lately.
  • Not liking this app 2/5

    By twogoofycats
    This app is worse than MyChart app. It is very basic. It does not permit the patient to to add or delete prescriptions, vitamins and supplements. There is no wY to add other health information or new family health history, i.e. heart condition, health ailments. It appears to be a list of items, when the appointments are scheduled.
  • Everything at one place 5/5

    By myupmcUser9
    This app has made it so easy for me to see everything at one place. One feature that appeals most to me is taking a look at the test results as soon as they’re available in the system. Also communicating with Dr’s office has become so much more convenient!
  • Does not truly support iPad 1/5

    By rickobe
    This app version claims to support iPad. Not true. I use my iPad in a stand in landscape mode. The app does not support landscape mode. If an app does not support landscape mode, it does not support iPad.
  • Great app! So easy to use! 5/5

    By Bruno Huron
    I really like that this app makes it so easy to view my test results and upcoming appointments. The find a UPMC provider section is pretty cool too!
  • No difference 2/5

    By niko 2016
    Still can’t access med records
  • So Many Flaws 1/5

    By Tysmema
    I’ve been complaining for over a year that I can’t pay my bills on with this app. I put all the info in and when I submit it says Consumer First Name is required. What does this mean? There’s no where to put a Consumer Name. Also this app runs very slow.
  • Info that I need 3/5

    By tls1210
    App is okay in that it gives me the information that I need. However, the biggest drawback is that there isn’t an iPad version. I’m on my iPad most of the day, not to mention the screen is bigger and I can see it better. Please, release a version for iPad, soon!

MyUPMC app comments

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