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MyVanilla App

The MyVanilla App provides you FAST, SECURE and EASY access to your MyVanilla Visa® Prepaid Card so you can manage your account how, when, and where you want. Always know your account status while you’re on the go with the My Vanilla Mobile App – Loaded with Possibilities.

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  • Just Don’t 1/5

    By Brndjdndkdg
    Please do yourself a favor and don’t get a MyVanilla card. You can’t even load it online. You have to go to select locations just to put money on it where they charge you fees for loading it. They also take money from the card after a certain period of time. And half the time the card doesn’t even work when trying to make a purchase. Complete scam and this app is pointless.
  • Horrible Card, App, and Custom Service 1/5

    By firexmxs
    Wouldn’t Recommend
  • a customer for 6 years+ 1/5

    By Nikki.CA
    Myvanilla has a terrible wait time online to talk with a representative. Before you can even get someone on the phone you must chose one of their new options which none of them were even close to my problem that needed to fixed. Mind you I was disconnected from their system several times. With covid-19 the high anxiety that I experience from OCD and ADHD is off the charts so dealing with something so annoying I waited almost 2 years to fix, knowing I have $300 on a prepaid card that I’ve never been able to use. The blocked my card for no reason, not the starter card you get at the store but the one mailed to you with your name on it after you register all your info. That’s how I knew it was blocked, I even took a picture of the screen showing it blocked for proof. And the same screen showing that they had deducted $36.00 from my balance. I have never used this card! On top of that my passcode that I’ve had the same 4 digit number and NOT forgotten, as it’s my daughters birthday, was not the same. The representative that helped me said that passcodes are not allowed to be two repetitive numbers, well that’s not true or I never could have set that as my passcode 5-6 years ago. After I use this card, I will not add more cash to the card but destroy it as well as leave hundreds of bad reviews online to warn other people of their bad business and fraudulent charges. You might as well use a regular local bank that charges high monthly fees because it’s still cheaper then this one. I should’ve stayed with Wells fargo bank then this company that rips me off $36.00 for no reason and charges me $1.00 per transactions when I us it for online shopping only anyways. Nikki M., California
  • Worst App, and service 1/5

    By CO Chic
    Literally the worst prepaid card ever. I had put $395 on card to pay a bill, downloaded the app, got it all set up and was never able to log in again. Called to make my bill payment for $385 and it declined with insufficient funds. Tried to get into app to no avail, tried calling customer service, not able to get through so thankfully my car loan service kept running the card until we got to the amount that would go through. $380 finally was the winner. Well my question is where did that other $15 go? I added up all the fees and could not get any where near the fees associated with not having made any purchases with it yet. So the card I just received in the mail with my name on it has already made it to the trash! I highly recommend no one gets this card. I also live in a small town and spoke with management on where I purchased the card and suggested they rid themselves of these cards. I surely hope they do. Netspend I used to use years ago and they were great. I highly recommend Netspend!!
  • I cant even sign into the app 1/5

    By XxŁìłłÿxX
    The app doesn't let me sign up, it will only let you login which I don't have an account.
  • How have these people not been shut down yet? 1/5

    By vhsvhgvdgjgffvhgdxgysdgygfsxhg
    I bought this card so I could buy things online without using my actual debit card but when I tried getting something on Amazon the payment wouldn’t go through. I tried signing in on the website but apparently my account is invalid. As for the app, it was down the second I first opened it. I’m going to call them later in the day and cancel my card. Ain’t no way I’m feeding my money to these pigs. Seriously if y’all are considering getting this card then don’t. It’s not worth your time.
  • If I could rate it lower I would 1/5

    By cbt kover 69420
    This is deadass a scam
  • Trash 1/5

    By Mrcorgi22
    I got one of these cards at the store and it took us 4 hours to try to activate it
  • Jen 3/5

    By edwardtjones
    It good app and bad
  • Worst card ever it doesn’t work 1/5

    By alfonso_ballosillas
    They don’t have nothing good
  • You will be hostage 1/5

    By shhhhdonttell
    Your money will be held hostage. Worst company I have EVER encountered absolutely steer clear of them
  • I’m disappointed 1/5

    By Ras Baal
    At first I liked this card but then after login out of my account I tried to log back in and it telling me invalid data for username I was like what really I need help on fixing it
  • worst card ever 1/5

    By wowwowweebs
    it locked my card for absolutely no reason, and i cant unlock it
  • Mastercard myvanilla card 1/5

    By greatgrannanana
    Purchased this morning. Unable to register for use.
  • Bad service 1/5

    By hakeem_abdo
    I tried to setup my prepaid gift card on website but I still get a message ( a system has occurred error. Please try again later ) And of course now one answer the phone due to coronavirus . And when i called the automatic machine to see my pending transaction it’s said no pending transaction !! And i sent already two codes from PayPal to it. And there is no email help just a phone and P.O box Don’t buy from this company buy from someone else
  • Scam 1/5

    By Harambeismadlit
    This is literally such a scam. I bought this card thinking I can use it instantly. The card I got keeps on declining and doesn’t allow me to use it. It says I have a balance and that my account is active but it doesn’t allow me to use the money or my card, such a scam.
  • I wish I could give a 0 star rating 1/5

    By Mick Meszaros
    This is by far the worst card I have ever wasted my money on. Every time I try to register my card it would say sister error. When I contacted costumer service they told me to use a computer and that didn’t work. They pretty much told me there is no way to get my money because they couldn’t verify who I was.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By yack?
    I got a card in the mail and I tried to transfer the money to my debit card but when I created a account on the website and tried to sign in on the app it asked for my username which it never made me create, this is very unprofessional do not recommend
  • Vanilla Debit is the worst! 1/5

    By mmlm11larae
    Every vanilla debit card I’ve owned has been blocked before. I used a vanilla debit to pay for a short trip online so I wouldn’t have to use my bank debit. Well, due to covid-19, the trip got cancelled which was expected. The money got refunded onto the card, but now the card is blocked! I have called customer care 3 times and I get hung up with every single time after 30 minutes of being on hold. There is no other ways to unblock the status of the card. Ridiculous! If I could rate it 0 stars, I would. Do not rely on these cards to make situations better — they only worsen your experience! 🤬
  • Pandemic 1/5

    By hiribke
    Horrible service, held my money up in the middle of a pandemic after I sent social security card, i.d, and proof of funds being deposited. Horrible!!!
  • DONT GET 1/5

    By Meir✨
    I got this card 2 days ago trying to order clothes online , and i cannot even activate it. Do not get this card i would get the non reloadable Kind if you really have to get it.
  • Worst card ever!!! 1/5

    By 72 truth
    No technical support website is not working and I was on hold for 3hrs and 23 minutes... no lie and never got an answer either I finally hung up.. ruined my whole day...
  • ass 1/5

    By nshdgsjskfjrbebajakdkdn
    this card did nothing but waste my time
  • Worst 1/5

    By guadalupe.567
    I need help don’t know what to do. I had just bought this card and added $100 and i tried to register, and put all the information that asked me to do and would say error, now I been on the phone for 2 hours and no one responds , please if someone has gotten there refund I would appreciate if you told me how to get my money back, never again will I buy these types of cards
  • Very bad do not want use it 1/5

    By saifjamal
    There are plenty of cards you can buy I have been used a lot but this is the worst card and customer service evvvvver I wish I can give 0 rating overall I don’t recommend it al all or your money will be gone
  • Not a great card 2/5

    By Lil Tazmainian
    I went to purchase a card and I did so but when I tried to use it I would refuse to get used.I would not recommend buying one
  • worst app ever 1/5

    By amandanicol3
    the card is fine, but this app is the most useless thing on my phone. NOTHING works, and half the time you can’t even log in because the “service is unavailable” and apparently it’s been terrible for a while. so i highly doubt it will be fixed anytime soon
  • DONT DO IT 1/5

    By Simplyawesome223
    I’ve been on hold for 2 hours now , 6 hours total if you include the last 2 days . I have no way to register or activate my card because it gives me an error each time . I need a refund . Don’t waste your time with this garbage. Enjoy the lawsuits
  • Love MyVanilla 5/5

    By Brent1722
    Great experience using MyVanilla card every time. Never any issues. They also process ACH payments super fast. App works perfect on my iPhone.
  • You never register your name 5/5

    By ORDons
    The last Review is the was dishonest, vanilla only sell prepaid cards where you only need to enter your zip code unless you were paying monthly in that case I reply as obviously.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By official._.jayy
    The worst app ever!!!!! Website,debit cards, And ever thin they have because they scam you and take your money. YOU CANT EVEN ACTIVATE YOUR CARD BECAUSE THE WEBSITE SAYS TOUR INFORMATION IS WRONG. AND ITS NOT JUST ME ITS EVERYBODY. WASTE OF $200. DO NOT BUY!!!!!DONT NOT USE!!! THEY NEED TO GET THEIR STUFF TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Customer service is not good 1/5

    By billny214
    They said it will take 3 to 5 business days to open a email to verify my address.
  • Worst card ever 1/5

    By susann13579$
    Web site kept glitching and then went down for over a day so I finally gave up trying to register it online and called the 800 number. They said I tried to verify myself too many times even though it was the web site that kept crashing so they said I could use the money on the card but that it was now NOT reloadable. That was the whole point of buying it. Will try a different company next time.
  • Completely Useless to Me 1/5

    By Spirited777
    I have a vanilla account, so I downloaded this app to make it easier to use my cards, because I have so many. But there is nothing on the app to create a new account, and when I try to log into the app using my login info, I get a message error code 100. How do you even use the app?
  • Ordered a card 1/5

    By PattyPieDoodle
    Ordered a card, haven’t received yet as I JUST ordered it. But went to sign in to the app & it says error code 100 contact support. Supposed to work so why doesn’t it? I mean I went with this card because of its best value I guess & has an app (which I know most do but still) and the app doesn’t even work. Already making me regret it.
  • Don’t do it 1/5

    By 114571049
    What you don’t know until you buy it, load it, pay pay the $3.95 fee to load it, is that you pay $.95 PER purchase to use it. It doesn’t tell you that on the package or easily findable on website until you waste your money on it.
  • My Vanilla 1/5

    By vanilla⬛️
    Don't Install :( Worst app Can't be asked explaining why 🙅‍♂️🔪☠️❕
  • Sudden Problems 1/5

    By Greg7464
    For the past month or so, the MyVanilla App will crash when I try to log in. Because of this, I have to use the web login... and the whole reason I got the app was to avoid using that slow, antiquated website. The login Captcha is archaic and extremely frustrating!
  • Please fix 3/5

    By twyla toto
    My app is currently crashed and I am in the middle of a deposit now how do I fix this
  • PLEASE FIX EASY FIX Worked fine at first 1/5

    By conco-20
    The app worked fine at first, but now when I try to open it it just loads and then crashes before it load PLEASE FIX EASY FIX
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Chicckky
    It won’t even open anymore. Just a blank screen until it crashes.
  • Don’t risk it :c 💀 1/5

    By im depressed after this😐
    It took my money and it keeps crashing, it says I payed $7.43 for iTunes bill and u don’t even have iTunes. I had $20 and now have $12.57,I’m sad👎🏼🤬😭😤
  • Worst card ever 1/5

    By unclekelroy
    So I purchased this card at rite aid to pay a bill . I registered it then when I went to activate it , it said wrong user data . I contacted customer service and they asked me about 100 questions. My social , birthdate , addresse , mother’s maiden name . I even had to fax them the front of my social security card . They couldn’t verify my identity as if I don’t exist or I was lying . After several days and several calls they finally told me I had punched in a different digit on the registration for my social . I did everything carefully and don’t think I made a mistake on my social . So now they have my card on hold after loading it with 100 dollars I can’t even pay my light bill like I was supposed to . I thought this card would make it easier to pay my bills but it just made everything worst . Don’t waste your time with this card. They false advertise saying you can use the card right away but it takes several days to use 3 to 5 days and I’m still waiting after a whole week. 0 stars good for nothing customer service.
  • Great card 5/5

    By 28276272939388271
    Us timer service is amazing and the best from any company so far. I called them at 11pm not expecting an answer but I got hold of a representative. I love the late hours and fast response. Only thing I don’t like is the $1.00 fee every time I spend anything.
  • Malísima 1/5

    By feoytriste
    La peor aplicación no me deja entrar dice que esta incorrecta mi información y me bloquea que mala app
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Deacon frost4469
    I signed up on the website and went to log into the app, and it says that username and password dont match or work. If I log into the website, works just fine.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Lo RebelDesigns
    Created an account online because the app didn’t give the option, then the online system uses the email and password. The app asks for user name and password. I tried using my email as the user name and it didn’t work. Made no sense at all.
  • Unfortunately I can’t put zero stars 1/5

    By RunZen
    After calling customer service 2X and multiple log-in attempts, I tried accessing the app only to get a message that my username and password don’t match even though I just logged into the web. Try to Forgot Password option. Get an error saying I have to successfully log into the app first. What kind of crazy circular logic is this. How about spending some of those hefty fees on building an app that works?! This is 2019.
  • Not working 1/5

    By aqlebron
    Hangs on the splash screen