Nasty Gal – Clothing + Fashion

Nasty Gal – Clothing + Fashion

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Nasty Gal – Clothing + Fashion App

Hello, world! Meet the new Nasty Gal app. Shop for cute stuff with perks as a NGVIP, checkout with speed and ease, track your order at any time, keep up with your fave pieces by adding them to your wishlist, order with Apple Pay, and stay in the loop with notifications! Everything you love on the site at your (literal) fingertips. Shopping just got easier. The Nasty Gal app hotlist: · NGVIP - get unlimited next day delivery for a year + exclusive offers! · Fast & Secure Checkout - shop your faves with speed and ease. · Apple Pay - check out conveniently with less steps. · Track Your Order - keep up with your order as it heads your way. · Wishlist - save your fave pieces for later. · Notifications - be the first to know about exclusive offers and our latest collabs.

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Nasty Gal – Clothing + Fashion app reviews

  • Amazing 5/5

    By ZaiusEv
    I was a bit skeptical because this company is in a perpetual state of 60% off and there are no reviews on any of the products but it turned out great!! The quality was a lot better than expected and shipping was a day earlier.
  • Unexpected quitting 2/5

    By anapazz
    The app quits unexpectedly every time I use it. Always. I am really tired of this.
  • Don’t buy from this cheap a** website 1/5

    By VenusPrincess
    I saw they were having a really great sale so I figured I’d order from them for the first time ever. I spent nearly $100 on shoes and still had to pay shipping of $10 (not bothered, but most websites it’s free shipping over $50 or something). I placed my order and I was pretty excited. Since I paid $10 I thought they’d come within a week, 2 weeks pass and the shipping deliver date keeps getting pushed back. It probably changed and was pushed back 4 times before I emailed them. They said they can’t refund me for shipping and it will come May 2nd the latest. May 2nd is a month after purchasing, honestly that’s just ridiculous. It’s the night before May 2nd and my order has never been delivered or even moved from the last location it was updated at for over two weeks. This website seems like a scam, and from over reviews it sounds like the clothing is cheap af anyways. If you want cute shoes for a decent price, try Koi Footwear. Much cuter and better customer service.
  • Ehhhh 3/5

    By Kayyyyla joo yo
    Love the clothes but all sizes fit differently. Shipping is pretty expensive. There’s no reward program. No benefits. When I’m scrolling the app crashes and I lose my spot. Great deals tho.
  • App keeps crashing 3/5

    By Brigitte 93611
    Clothes are great but the app crashes 5 minutes into looking at any clothes. Especially when I put it into the smallest view setting where you can see the most pictures.
  • Update ASAP 3/5

    By unstopable2019
    Need to update app keeps kicking me off
  • I have to rush and scroll before the app crashes. 1/5

    By iTriedThis101
    I will be scrolling through this app and it just randomly crashes, and I lose my place. The app is not useful at all.. this glitch has happened every single time I have deleted and reinstalled this app

    By frangdhrh
    The clothes look nice on their models! But they actually sell you slightly different and cheaper clothes than the ones you see. I ordered a skirt either a size 0 or xs because it looked super cute in the picture, then when I got it is was realistically a size 6 and had a different number of buttons than the skirt in the picture. I could have used it as a parachute for my small legs! THIS CLOTHING SITE IS A SCAM. I spent close to $400 worth of clothes!!! I wanted to return all of them because they were either super big or super small. One of the shirts i could not even pull past my chest area, the seams started to tear. That shirt was a size small and I’m typically a petite person. I was willing to settle and keep about 5 items. Then I realized that their refund policy stated that you must return 30 days since the items shipped (not arrived) well my time was already up because the shipping had taken so long.
  • App Glitch & Closes itself 1/5

    By hollskiss
    Love Nastygal, hate the app. While scrolling through items it glitches then closes out. When I reopen the App I have to review items from the beginning.
  • App is trash 1/5

    By jiramaneemai
    It’s like this app doesn’t want me to order clothes from there. Every time I use the app it glitches and go back to my home page and when I go back into the app I have to start over. It’s such as waste of time having to scroll back to where you were and by the time you get to where you left off it glitches AGAIN.
  • Not a fan 2/5

    By sandraa.aa.
    My Order is two days late now, and I can’t seem to contact them at all to figure out where it is and when it’s coming. Shipping is also sort of expensive. I’m not a fan, but it does have some cute stuff but I’m not buying from them again.
  • so many issues with the app! 2/5

    By PoeticRiah
    i love their selection and quality. but my app is constantly force closing and it makes it really annoying trying to shop. i’ll change this to five stars when that issue gets resolved 😭
  • Will not be ordering again 1/5

    By haley117
    This was unreal I got charged twice for the SAME order the company will not do anything for me and they won’t let you change your email as well! I’ve been extremely dissatisfied and WILL NOT be ordering from here ever again! I was a very loyal customer before but this has definitely made me not wanna shop through here anymore.
  • Poor Quality Clothing 2/5

    By sid duh kid
    In pictures the clothes look so cute, but when I received my package the clothes looked & were very cheap quality. The strap on one of my tank tops ripped the same day I got it. Also the sizing is wonky some things fit well & others did not. They sent me wrong pair of jeans too (I didn’t return it bc they were actually pretty cute) but when I put them in the dryer the jeans had holes all over. Very bad quality but I guess you get what you paid for.
  • Spam! 1/5

    By Penywize
    I started receiving spam without having or using their website, app, or even having heard of the brand. I’ll never use them. And then I read some other reviews, looks like poor business practices all around.
  • 100% DISSATISFIED 1/5

    By CommonRoze
    After ordering from Nasty girl several times, there’s always been an issue w/ the order..the first order had three cheaply I’ll made garments..the second or some garments were again cheaply made didn’t wanna bother w/ returns so I used as cleaning clothes...I ordered for Christmas well in advance didn’t get package til a wk after Christmas and all they can say not our fault..half the garments in this package were gifts I’d planned to take to SC, but nope I didn’t get to give some family gifts w/ explanation, so I finally get the package yesterday and almost half the order is wrong size!!. And some looks cheaply made w/ cheap material!! CUSTOMER SERVICE..NOT SO MUCH..forget abt talking to a live rep....I think it’s time to take my money and business else where..I ADVISE YOU TO SAVE YOUR MONEY TIME AND TONS OF FUSTRATION!!!..not the way I do business!!! GOOD RIDDANCE NASTINESS!!!!
  • BAD 1/5

    By dxxxxxxxd
    I really liked the clothes on the site so downloaded the app. Unfortunately whenever I press “add to cart”, if I leave the app and come back it shows my cart is empty. I’ve also heard customer service is very bad and you’ll probably not get a refund for any of the clothes you buy so at this point I’m just deleting the app. I recommend you do too at least till they fix the problems
  • Love but what 3/5

    By Ariel 95
    I love the style and hopefully the clothes I ordered just as much! My only two things are why do I need to go to 3 different websites just to TRACK MY PACKAGE WHAT?? Way too much. Also the site glitches often when I have a few things in my cart. Ill try to scroll to the bottom to check out, it glitches, then sends me back to the top.
  • No more emails please 1/5

    By nn naaa
    I am disappointed in this website I have asked them to stop sending me emails and promotions and they continue to do so. I am not interested in their style of clothing.
  • Never received a refund 1/5

    By Mellcf17
    I actually really like the clothes and wanted to order more in the future. I wanted to return some jeans I loved for a smaller size. But had no idea it’ll be such a hassle afterwards! My main problem is their customer service. When I mailed back my returns it said I’ll receive my refund in a couple of days. Then I emailed them back about never receiving my refund after 2 weeks. They did say they did receive my returned items back but since I purchased through afterpay that I’ll have to contact afterpay instead. Once I contacted afterpay they told me to contact nastygal! They’ll both just email you back and forth and it’ll go nowhere! I’ve never returned an item before and did not receive my money back! Such a rip off!
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Goddamnithanna
    Edit: They are now saying I have disputes open with PayPal and can not refund me. I have opened no disputes at all. This store is a scam, don’t waste your time and money! To start, the clothes are awful quality for the price. Everything looks and feels cheep. They also don’t fit true to size in any way. Every pair of shoes I tried where far too big, and I’d course I wear the smallest size the have. Nothing fits if you have even the remotest hint of boobs. But what makes me the most mad is that they’re stealing money. I placed four different orders, I returned everything due to reasons above, and they’re refusing to refund the shipping cost, nearly 40 bucks. Never mind that the process of shipping took so long and that the returning took even longer, most every retailer out there does free shipping over like, 50 bucks, if not 100. Even then, never in my life have I not been refunded in full when returning WHOLE orders. Customer satisfaction who? NastyGal doesn’t know. This is why their clothes are always at such a discount, because they're garbage and they know it.
  • Can’t order 1/5

    By Yft323
    Impossible website. Have downloaded app, given info and STILL can’t order
  • :( 3/5

    By gingersucks
    Really good app, nice clothing and stuff but app keeps declining my card? but anytime i purchase anything else with my card it goes through?
  • Nasty gal 1/5

    By haonguyen11
    Take over a month to deliver a pair of shoes
  • Cart gets deleted 2/5

    By Snake_Wrangler
    I love all the clothes on here but it keeps clearing out my shopping cart and then I have to find everything all over again. It’s just a bit frustrating
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By __deeeee___
    Disappointed don’t shop with them
  • Boo 👎 fix your app 3/5

    By asdhjrewhjitfbsww
    I can’t give a review on the actual clothes since I haven’t ordered yet... but I had a wishlist of like 100 items that all just disappeared 🙄 App needs work
  • Shoes are Broken and Faulty 1/5

    By g. hillmantel
    I bought a pair of really cute black chunky sandals. I realized they made a PUFFING sound of air when I stepped but I was on a cruise so i couldn’t send them back right then. When I opened my luggage to unpack I noticed the other shoe that was fine had the sole COMPLETELY BROKEN on the heel. I contacted the company and they told me they’d refund me 12$ (out of 24.99) even though the shoes came to me BROKEN already. I just MAD because 12$ can’t even get me a new pair of shoes and i’ll still have air coming out of my shoe every time i step with is ANNOYING to me and everyone around me too. I don’t want to pay 24$ just to buy another pair of shoes that came to me BROKEN and FAULTY.
  • Nasty gal 1/5

    By tmoney0529
    Every thing I tried to add to my chart it was saying it was out of stock but didn’t have the x’s over it showing it was out of stock I mean literally every was out of stock I don’t know if it’s a big but it is very annoying
  • It was okay 2/5

    By M****13
    I loved everything they had on the app everything was just out of stock in my size 😭👎🏾
  • Love 5/5

    By shsntel
    I love nasty gal so much! So many things and shipping is fast, I do recommend using Crome as the search engine it’s much more responsive and the website runs better, but buying and returns make it so easy to get everything I love and sizes I need!!
  • Great product, horrible app. 3/5

    By Nellilove
    I love shopping here so I decided to download the app and it hasn’t been a real good turn out. It empties my cart randomly or whenever I switch to another app so I have to go through EVERYTHING to find the items I’ve already located. It also does this thing wear it says my cart is empty but the number of items in the cart will appear. Idk it’s just been frustrating when I thought this would be way easier. Nice clothes though.
  • Kind of frustrating 1/5

    By Wants to just play..
    The filters don’t work. I need to find my size of shoes because size 4 is hard to find and instead I’d have to look through every single shoe to figure out whether or not you carry it in a 4.
  • #nasty gal 5/5

    By sarah grandia
    I love all the clothes and thank you for anything. I love nasty gal
  • I adore it 5/5

    By BrIaNaRaMiRez
    They have such cute and trendy outfits, so many choices and styles to choose from and the quality is great. It has become one of my favorite places to get my clothing from.❤️
  • App is DUMB 1/5

    By MoNicoleG
    I’m in the app which won’t let me order anything because it keeps giving me errors when I try to add something to the cart and it’s also showing me advertisements for the app suggesting I get it, WHILE IM IN THE APP😑 GET IT TOGETHER!
  • Everything Nasty 5/5

    By gagacanty
    I have ordered from Nasty gal many times and I have never had anything to say but praise for Nastygal. I have enjoyed all my orders and I never hesitate to say where the particular article came from. I like being different when I step out and that’s what I like about your site DIFFERENT/ Harriet Canty
  • Cart Keeps Emptying When Idle 3/5

    By tonaaayy
    Ok absolutely love the app, payment is a breeze, no extensive password creation needed for an account HOWEVER — every time I leave the app (NOT CLOSING OUT COMPLETELY, JUST SWITCHING TO EMAIL OR SOMETHING) — my cart is emptied!!! Thank god the filters work but...really? Had to go back and relook for $100+ worth of stuff. Inefficient, really.
  • Overall great company 4/5

    By sgv0702
    The only thing I don’t like is that it always has issues to show you the items you’ve saved But the clothes is beautiful and customer service is great 🙂
  • “shop the entire look” feature 4/5

    By pimpglitterprincess
    it would help to include all garments paired together for the look featured in the photo readily available underneath any items page
  • >:( 1/5

    By Livurlife123198
    i am trying to give this business my money and it wont let me finish my order. keeps saying payment failed. i am SO UPSET
  • Please fix this app for bugs 2/5

    By Anger black girl
    I can’t see my basket now & before I couldn’t see my wishlist,so please fix it
  • Terrible app, great clothes! 2/5

    By ssmcneill
    So many bugs need to be fixed. I can’t add things to my cart whether I’m logged in or not. Haven't seen my wishlist for months. It’s upsetting because the clothes I have ordered from them have been really nice! Too bad it’s impossible to order them through this app.
  • Plus Size 2/5

    By rita pack
    Shuts down every couple minutes while I’m scrolling, and it was hard to find the plus side section at first, but once I did on some items the biggest sizes were a size 10, are you kidding me Nasty Gal?! Do better
  • Customer service 1/5

    By vmeri85
    Made an error and I didn’t hear back from support until 10 hours later, even after starting a conversation I still had to wait 10 hours. Of course you can’t help if it takes that long to respond to a customer
  • My experience 5/5

    By caharri5
    I really enjoyed being on the site and finding outfits
  • Needs improvement 2/5

    By I just want my people to shop
    Its hard to login your account, the app kicks you out. I can’t add anything to my loves list or the app will kick you out!
  • Checking out never works 1/5

    By krisanhood
    Never lets me check out, highly frustrated and disappointed. Have over $100 worth of stuff in my cart that I needed ASAP and your site won’t let me check out in any sort of way.
  • ew 1/5

    By KaYKeY🤓
    the shoes are crappy ash it’s not worth $50 & they’re off brand converse tf

Nasty Gal – Clothing + Fashion app comments

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