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  • Current Version: 3.0.17
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Nationstar Mortgage Holdings Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Mr. Cooper App

Introducing the fully rebuilt, redesigned, re-everythinged Mr. Cooper app, now with Home Intelligence℠. All the tools you need to conveniently manage you Mr. Cooper mortgage are still here (like swipe to pay and FICO® Score monitoring*), but now you can easily... • Track your home value and equity • Discover how to unlock cash using your home equity • Find ways to lower your monthly mortgage payment • Explore strategies for using your home equity to pay off debt Get the new Mr. Cooper app today and start owning your home more intelligently. *FICO® Score available for primary borrowers only SEE YOUR HOME LIKE A REAL-ESTATE EXPERT Get the intel you need to make confident decisions about your home. Use the new Home Snapshot℠ tool to… • Keep tabs on your estimated home value • Track housing market trends in your neighborhood • Access property tax history TAKE CONTROL OF HOMEOWNERSHIP’S “WHAT Ifs” Stop worrying about what might happen and start dreaming about what could. With the new “Tune-Up” tool, you can… • Discover new ways of putting your equity to work • Calculate how to own your home sooner • See if your payments could be lower • Run bundling scenarios to get rid of higher-interest debt Oh, and no need to make a pros and cons list. It makes one for you. ALL THE BASICS, BUILT IN. Manage your home loan single-handedly with these handy tools. • Fingerprint or facial sign-in for easy access • Swipe to pay • FICO® Score monitoring* • Access to important loan documents *FICO® Score available for primary borrowers only COOPERS ARE STANDING BY Want to talk to a real person? With our new app, you’ll have easy access to a Mr. Cooper home loan professional every step of the way. Get the new Mr. Cooper app today and start exploring the power of your home. Mr. Cooper is an Equal Housing Lender NMLS #2119 8950 Cypress Waters Blvd Coppell, Texas 75019

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Mr. Cooper app reviews

  • Crashes constantly 1/5

    By bob29y
    Crashes constantly
  • App Crashes When Opening 1/5

    By LukeDukeNukem85
    Downloaded it and logged in once successfully. After that, it won’t open. It just opens to the all blue background with the white house outline and then crashes. Tried swiping up to close and then re-opening, no joy.
  • Doesn’t open 1/5

    By Jlind29
    App constantly crashes.
  • Works well for what it is. 5/5

    By Paulwtf
    Mortgage app and works as intended. Easy way to make payments so that’s a plus.
  • This app almost NEVER works 1/5

    By Mike Sal
    I get a “hmmm looks like there is a problem please call” it worked twice in the year that I have had it. Sent email to get NO response. I am using a current iPhone and fully updated , absolutely no excuse for this
  • Auto payment 1/5

    By Kay H Moon
    Guys, watch out to set up auto payment.i got mortgage payment withdrawn twice in one month. I cancelled automatic payment but again it withdrew one more time after 2 days. Eventually, it led to overdraft fee with 3 x payment withdrawal in 4 days. They can take out your money without your authorization!!!
  • 🤷🏾‍♂️ 1/5

    By v hewy
    The app crashes too much it’s down now 🤷🏾‍♂️
  • When it works 2/5

    By HappyMofo
    It works great. Interface easy to use, itemized receipts , quick pay that is simple - however shady company policy to have it “temporary service interruption” right around due dates. They also only open M-F so to get a late fee. Be aware of the game- they state, “your family now/etc/etc” but they a corporate machine with an agenda.
  • Nothing works 1/5

    By scerbz
    The app doesn’t work. The website doesn’t work. I’m trying to pay, and can’t. Useless
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Dizzyliz777
    I have the NEW IPHONE and all’s this app is good for is the GARBAGE !

    By LeonJon
    One star for such a large financial institution to offer only an iPhone version of their app. I assume there are thousands that don’t mind looking at a tiny screen to transact their business with the silly named Mr Cooper company, but not me. I want to use the larger screen offered by my iPad to transact my business and to take advantage of the screen in either Portrait or Landscape mode as I CHOOSE. Instead with this limited app, I am forced to use it in Portrait mode thereby making my external key board useless, unless I wish to “crick my neck” as I stare sideways to use my keyboard and look at the solitary option of Portrait mode. Come on Cooper, get with it, either offer an iPad version also, or add an option to select either Portrait or Landscape modes on your iPhone app.
  • Mr Cooper? 5/5

    By web sneakster
    Nationstar was a really great company, no issues at all. Same for this newly branded company. My only issue and it’s a very small issue is the name. Kinda silly actually. It’s almost like I borrow money from a loan shark or maybe my neighbor.
  • Forced to download this app 1/5

    By Edredr
    My tablet only has a limited amount of data Just let me log in to the main site
  • Not made for iPad!! 1/5

    By T. Schnack
    Another App that’s only designed for the iPhone. Only works in portrait mode and not optimized for all iOS devices. Hopefully the developer will correct this to make it more useful.
  • Me Cooper.. MrCooper 5/5

    By lksbimam
    Have nothing but good to say about our finance company! Would make another loan with them today if needed.. never a problem!!! D&BGordon
  • Payments 1/5

    By RuppJohn
    Payments don’t always go towards your monthly payment, have to call regularly to correct the apps mistakes.
  • App is great except last version is crashing and won’t open on iPhone 7+ with 12.4 3/5

    By PowderGDS
    I have removed and reinstalled, rebooted phone. Nothing works. Splash page for app comes up for 10 secs and then crashes back to home screen. Otherwise this app has been fantastic.
  • Great on iPhone - not on iPad 2/5

    By North n South
    Like many people, I have a case which presents the iPad horizontally. Unfortunately, the Mr Cooper app for iPad is only usable in the vertical position. This is contrary to every other financial app that I have ever used. Please rework the app so that it conforms to the rest of the financial services industry, and I will give you 5 stars.
  • WTH 1/5

    By NoFoolin21
    Didn’t send me a payment coupon for July and I missed my payment. Called me in Aug to tell me I owe $100 because I missed payment. I asked where my payment coupon went and they said they had correspondence returned and they didn’t know why (my payment coupon I assume - they couldn’t tell me for sure). I went online to make the missed payment and it said my address was wrong, I checked and my address was correct. Was this a scam to force me to go paperless and charge me for missing a payment? It sure seems like it, my address hasn’t changed in 15 years.
  • Bad update 1/5

    By Nebulousd
    Just updated to the latest version. App keeps crashing on start up and if it does render, it's 5 mins later. Undo whatever you did.
  • Worst 1/5

    By Punk2050
    If I could give zero stars I would. As of today my homeowners insurance is canceled because of non-communication between the two. I called both last month and thought this was handled. Oops my bad it’s not. When asking the mr blooper lady on the phone how they were communicating with the insurance company, via email and fax. I asked why hasn’t someone actually picked up the phone and called them her response was.......... I was standing with my insurance agent when he faxed over the payment information not one but twice. They haven’t received it yet. Really. Mr blooper bought my loan a few months ago and I received tons of mail saying the I was going to have a WONDERFUL mortgage experience! When does that start? Sell my mortgage please, to someone who knows what the heck they’re doing.
  • If you can’t even do basic programming... 1/5

    By Monkeydharma
    App is only for iPhone. Programming 101: provide screens for landscape mode and iPads! I revisit the apps functionality once the usability issues are fixed.
  • Loan 5/5

    By our place1
    I really like this lender. Doing the hours of operation you can speak to a person and most important there in the United States hoorah. No out sourcing like most companies. They are very professional answer any questions. I was concerned at first because our loan had been sold twice but the rate was lock so no problems. Thanks for being so courteous.
  • Under construction? 2/5

    By hardlesson1212
    Keep downloading several times for the last few months to only be told it’s under construction
  • Always wrong 1/5

    By Alvie666
    Got an email to download this app and use the “tune up” feature, with a screenshot. Downloaded the app, opened the app .... the “tune up” feature doesn’t exist. Pretty par for the course with this company. Their book keeping is chaos. Takes forever for information to update to reflect activity, usually in the 2-3 week range. My previous mortgage company would register the activity and correctly show it in history immediately after the action was completed, like any other normal financial company. Not a fan of Mr Cooper at all.
  • Updates? 2/5

    By too much of your spam
    You keep emailing that there are improvements/changes to app yet going in always the same. Please stop filling my emails with self congratulatory be
  • Not compatible with iPad Pro 1/5

    By BearDe19701
    Dec 2018 I do financials on my iPad and the app doesn’t work, even though the developer says it’s supposed to work. Disappointing. March 2019. Just received a new email from Cooper, “new, all improved, etc”. They lied. Again. Still doesn’t work on iPad Pro. Even more disappointing.
  • Need iPad version 4/5

    By Graaves
    Good app. Need iPad version/support
  • Not working 1/5

    By voxorbis
    Registration is not working.
  • Password reset 1/5

    By SweetNChile
    Been trying for days to reset my password. I failed several times with the security questions and the same question comes up. I recently had a new phone and unable to locate my old notes.... Also, when I pay ahead on my escrow, the amount due for the current month still appears. This should disappear once payment is submitted for the month. Also, homeowners should have the option of payment options rather than “partial payment” which is half the amount. For financing purposes and since its my responsibility to pay, I should have the option to choose amount and how often (i.e. weekly, biweekly, etc.).
  • Beware 1/5

    By BL117
    They purchased our mortgage and pulled an extra payment from us 11 days after pulling our normal payment on the 1st. Took almost every cent of our backup money. Now we are fighting with them to get the money back. Horrible experience. It should be illegal to buy and sell mortgages. Here we are 2 weeks later and they still have our mortgage payment and we have to call them to get status. Who can we contact?!
  • New app is so bad 1/5

    By Big one 123
    The new app is awful; it is so hard to use and navigate. The information is a joke and its sole focus is to push a home equity loan or refi. It’s not focused on the homeowner or what they need. It’s focused on pushing crap and bad info. For example, it’s estimated value for my house is off by $200K, but that allows them to push a huge HELOC. This is a junk app.
  • Since 2/1/19 I can’t login 1/5

    By BtrDeadThanRed
    Since recent App update, I can’t access my account. Liked the app prior to that, 5 stars. But now it says my account no longer exists. I’ve called MrCooper twice this week, problem still exists. What happened?!!? Customer service says they still show my account, and recent payments are being received. Please correct this!??????
  • Very nice app 4/5

    By Sicilianvirgo
    Easy to use, very nice app, but there needs to be an iPad specific version.
  • Horrible Customer Care 1/5

    By Marc S. ARKANSAS
    I went through a divorce and the ex got the house in the divorce which she has yet to pay a payment on time. Now my credit ran into the ground, because she is nearly foreclosed on by Mr. Cooper. They say there is nothing they can do. I would never use Mr. Cooper for any reason. They bought my loan out when I was married, now I wish I had gone local instead of staying with a company like them. DO NOT USE THEM! I have called about 15 times in 2 1/2 years and no call backs. Just harassed for the mortgage payment that is not mine. Horrible and no options for divorced people.
  • Hbvbj 1/5

    By mvcfuyeerggiihcbh
    Yhhvddhjcgujb Judi
  • The worst mortgage company - ever 1/5

    By TheColumbiaTruth
    Run, do not walk, away from this company. If you already have a loan with them, watch you’re back. Mr Cooper used to be called Nationstar, a dreadful mtg company with consumer complaints a mile long. Their customer service is positively, predatory. Any positive reviews that you see of them are most likely planted by them. Don’t believe me, just search Nationstar on the web. Why you can’t give zero stars here is beyond me, they deserve negative stars..
  • Update 1/5

    By hensley130
    The app is not working after the update
  • Need App for I pad 1/5

    By LOST in the Shuffle
    The app works but not that good for an IPad.. It will not rotate. I use my I pad more than a phone.
  • App crashes can’t login 1/5

    By General William
    App crashes everytime. Only get the loading screen
  • OMG!!!!! 5/5

    By Kevin Fallon
    This app is insanely well designed. Simply elegant and efficient! I have iphone 10 so between the facial recognition sign in to the slide yo pay it literally takes seconds to pay your loan installment.
  • Won’t let me log in 1/5

    By StephenBrannen
    I quickly downloaded the app after my mortgage was taken over by Mr Cooper. The app just doesn’t work. I log in with the same credentials I use for the website, incorrect username/password (using 1Password so it’s not my fat fingers). I click the link to reset my password and I see Try again later our system can’t process the request. The behavior hasn’t changed in months. This broken app isn’t worth the space it takes up on your phone.
  • One of the best 5/5

    By BHOD55
    I’ve had multiple loan companies on my house loan and none of them compare to Mr. Cooper in general let alone this APP. I’d prefer to manually pay my payments each month just in case I don’t have enough saved up. I can literally just swipe my finger and can make a payment anytime I want for free. My other company made me make payments over the phone through an automated system which would take close to ten minutes per call. This APP also has a FAQ about your loan and anything you really need. I hope that my loan will stay with this company for the rest of its duration. Couldn’t be happier
  • Its great! 5/5

    By froglady71
    I was having trouble with the app but I think it was just down. Was able to reload the app and it works perfectly. I am excited to use it.
  • Can’t even get into the app 1/5

    By Utfsjgx
    The app kept shutting down
  • Won’t Open 1/5

    By Johnnyroo00
    This past weekend it only closes 15 seconds after trying to open it.
  • It’s working perfectly now 5/5

    By Mets 🧢 ⚾️ 🔸
    Glad to see it’s working flawlessly now. Fingerprint works, and the app interface is clean. Very nice app. Below was my one star review ****************************** Got the app in December. Used to just use fingerprint to get in. Starting 3 days ago, nothing happens at all. Literally deleted it and reinstalled which let me sign in manually. After one manual sign in, fingerprint is the only option - still not working. Unusable.
  • Won't allow pasting password 1/5

    By fotl
    App won't allow pasting my password from my password manager. And I'm not going to type in 30 random alphanumeric characters. Classic case of a developer who thinks their providing added security, but instead is just incentivizing shorter, simpler passwords. Guess I'll just continue using the website.
  • Fast and easy to use ap! 1/5

    By Paul R, NJ
    I would love to recommend Mr. Cooper mortgage. In fact they set up a escrow plan for me that was so easy! For a $908 insurance payment it’s only $195.00 extra every month. Which their crack escrow swears to me is a benefit to me. Even though 195.00 x 12 by my math is almost $2,400.00 seems legit to me. And when you call them up with questions about it they pass you around and then hang up on you. I was on the phone for over a hour and a half and then click. I still don’t understand how they figure out their escrow. Disappointing indeed

Mr. Cooper app comments

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