NatureID: Plant Identification

NatureID: Plant Identification

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  • Current Version: 5.33
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: AIBY
  • Compatibility: Android
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NatureID: Plant Identification App

Need a smart assistant that will help you take care of your plants? Search no more. NatureID has got your back! What is NatureID? ► Plant and mushroom identifier Recognize over 10,000 plants and mushrooms. Try taking a picture of a tree or mushroom in the park and recognize it with our app. You won’t be able to stop. With our extensive database, you can identify any plant and mushroom you come across and impress your friends on your next walk in the park. ► Plant doctor Identify diseases to quickly figure out ways of treating your plant. No matter how hard you try, your plants may get sick. Don’t ignore early symptoms and try to recognize the disease your plant is suffering from. It will give you the idea about how severe the problem is and accelerate your plant’s recovery. ► Plant care guide Learn how to make your plants thrive. You get a gorgeous-looking flowering plant for your birthday. But in a few weeks, it starts giving you signals that it doesn’t feel comfortable. How often has it happened to you? For your plant not to die, you have to know how much water, light, and fertilizer it needs to stay healthy. NatureID stores all the information in one place. ► Plant journal Get timely reminders and don’t let your plant wither. Keeping all care recommendations in your head at once is quite a challenging task. Set watering, misting, feeding, and rotating schedules right in the app – and see your plants thrive. ► Plant encyclopedia Read insightful articles every day and discover the diversity of the world’s flora. Did you know what plant grows the fastest? Or what flower was at some point in history more valuable than gold? Knowledge is power. With NatureID’s comprehensive plant descriptions and entertaining insights, you will wield this power. Get NatureID and embark on the journey to becoming a true nature expert today. Everything you need is one tap away! Subscribe to NatureID Premium to get unlimited access to all the app’s features: • Subscriptions are billed weekly, monthly, or annually at the rate depending on the subscription plan. • Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. All personal data is protected in accordance with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy: For any questions or inquiries, please use our customer support form at

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NatureID: Plant Identification app reviews

  • Love this app 5/5

    By tight222

    By Em0722
    I downloaded this app to use with my house plants, after using it on one of my plants I get a notification from my bank saying I was charged $42.39 for my yearly subscription for this app. Didn’t even know a yearly subscription was a thing for this app because it was free to download and nowhere did it ask me if I wanted to subscribe- just automatically subscribed me and charged my bank right away. Now I’m out $42.39 for an app that I had on my phone for less than 5 minutes and will never EVER use again.
  • Just updated and now can’t use the app 1/5

    By PixelRogue
    Terrible latency on any functions. Cameras no longer takes photos.. often need to force quit to escape never ending cycles.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By wish bdkdieixjcjdjsuxx
    This app did not help
  • Please cancel! 1/5

    By Zcbear
    Why can’t I cancel this subscription?
  • I stop this service now several times and was still charged 1/5

    By Debroa1
    I canceled this app several times and they continue to charge me😡 This is unfair and hard to stop
  • Need more information!!! 5/5

    By kikicec
    Looking and Reading for more INFO
  • Scam 1/5

    By myost
    It refuses to accept that I bought a lifetime membership.
  • App sign-in issue 2/5

    By KB4MLW
    This app only lets you sign in from apple account on a device not with the one you purchased with. This makes it generally useless to have on the device of my choice.
  • Not worth 1/5

    By BruBarnabe
    When I signed up was with the promise to help me to get my plants health. So, I went ahead and signed up for a yearly renewal and guess what? You don’t get nothing else more than the free apps we have in the market. Don’t waste your money. There’s another apps that get the job done for free. I am frustrated with this one and we could never get our money back!
  • Not free 1/5

    By LilithNoah
    This was listed as being free. It’s very much not and *very* expensive. It’s free trial is only 3 days and will auto-charge. I just needed plant identification once. Don’t bother.
  • Frustration 1/5

    By MirB1993
    I’m a beginner with houseplants and I’m trying to be informed and learn, so I paid for the monthly subscription(TWICE) and it doesn’t register that I have the premium so NOTHING will work and it comes up every time I open the app to pay for premium. I have contacted the customer service through the app and still haven’t heard a word. I’m very frustrated and disappointed. This issue needs fixed.
  • Didn’t like it 1/5

    By lonnierae
    It was not what I expected. I Canceled on January 7, 2023. Then January 8, 2023 they charged my card. I sent a message back letting them know. Now waiting to see if I get a refund!!!
  • Plant app 2/5

    By mushroon57
    It needs to have a notification of a fee to use
  • recognize wrong plant 5/5

    By RL-Bos
    this is not kalanchoe
  • Doesn’t work without expensive subscription 1/5

    By joeyatucla
    A subscription is required for the app to do anything. For free you get just a screen demanding money.
  • Keeps rerouting me to purchase 1/5

    By evevev1313
    I cannot even try all the features without getting rerouted. So annoying. I will have to delete this app
  • Subscription was never ordered 1/5

    By ccmatacurry
    This app is a scam I did not order whatever it is but because of them I cannot update anything on my phone , I have reported this situation , and still they have done nothing to correct it !!

    By old'nbroke
  • What a waste 1/5

    By Mamatkr
    I just added the app and, stupid me, paid the the membership. First plant I photographed for its identity, the app got wrong! The picture was very clear. It was a single plant. It I am VERY familiar with the plant the app chose so I know it’s wrong. What a waste!
  • Not worth the money 1/5

    By Desi Mathews
    Paid for a yearly subscription and I have to pay for a professional to diagnose a plant? What’s the point of paying for the app? Your local garden shop will diagnose it for you for free.
  • Price 2/5

    By dumboda1st
    Could fit it into my budget
  • اللغة العربية ووين ؟؟؟؟ 👎🏻 1/5

    By ℳazen
    اللغة العربية اين ؟؟؟؟؟!👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
  • Please let me go on for free a rated you five stars 5/5

    By Flk00
    Five stars
  • Help 4/5

    By Sevenhere
    I got these seeds that said kale. So this says herb? Does that mean it’s not Kale?
  • Liars 1/5

    By lfkwds
    Advertise as a free app then u get it loaded and it’s $40.00 a year! Liars
  • Annoying 2/5

    By Scrabbledick
    Constantly Wants you to get the upgrade and pay $$$
  • Poor plant identification 1/5

    By Nokie1016
    Unfortunately it doesn’t recognize common plants that is found on google.
  • New Update 2/5

    By Fight_like_a_dancer
    I was paying $1.99 every month to have access to all features on the app. My subscription got canceled, and now I have to pay $5.99 to even read information about my plant. So torn about this because I’m a broke college student lol. Every penny counts.
  • Impossible to cancel 1/5

    By KPawgg
    No account page in app or login on website to cancel. Beware!!!
  • Cancell subscription now thank you was not ordered by me 1/5

    By cancell now olease
    Cancell i did not order,
  • Really? 1/5

    By Angela 502-248-921
    You download a free app and it asks for a $30 subscription right away? No thank you.
  • Janie 5/5

    By easy to use. love the barcode
    It has helped me identify what some plants are called. Even if it is a plant or weed. I have a Christmas cactus. Well so I thought. It’s a thanksgiving cactus. No wonder it was always in bloom for thanksgiving!
  • Worthless App. 1/5

    By Jal0b
    I have a mix variety of sunflower seeds group. I’d like to know their names. This App give me flowers😂🐷
  • Subscription scam, this app will steal your money. 1/5

    By oi N8
    I bought an annual subscription for this app because it worked well and was useful, only to notice 8 months later the app had automatically enrolled me in a weekly subscription for the same service I had already paid for. In total this app charged me $231 ON TOP of the annual subscription I had already purchased.
  • Forces you to pay 1/5

    By Edxter12
    App doesn’t work unless you pay for wish i could give it 0 stars
  • $$$ Free trial is only 3 days 1/5

    By c to the p zazzy
    After the brief trial it’s $6.99/week. That’s insane. Read the fine print. You’ll be charged a year. I tried to ID an issue on my fiddle leaf, and the answer was vague. Not worth $360/ yr at all. For that price someone should show up at my house and fix all my plants.
  • Pet safe? 4/5

    By S Polhemus
    The first time I use this app to find out if the plant I was just given is safe for my cats and it says NOTHING about it. I’d have to pay $10 just to ask someone to find out. It should be in the initial description of the plant! How many pet owners have plants? Probably at least 90% I would guess.
  • Hucksters 1/5

    By Ollie1248
    Be cautious, they corral you into purchasing the year subscription with shady tactics. You don’t know until you receive a message “confirming you purchase”. Shame on plantID
  • Scam 1/5

    By HornsCotton
    $8 a week!!!! Then try to sale it to u for $2/month
  • Don’t buy 1/5

    By Safe your money
    I have lifetime access. but it's actually a lie I have to pay $9.99 for an expert consultation if my plant is not well
  • Nah….identified our potato plants wrong!! 1/5

    By danadanelle
    Not impressed at all with the identifying aspect of it. It has only been accurate on a few of my plants. Would actually like a refund since I do not feel this app has been fine tuned enough yet for the price I pAid.
  • Don’t Download 1/5

    By NewCedarCreekTx
    If you want to pay for identification and recommendations for care over $40 then use this app. But understand that the id is wrong half the time and the care recommendations are the same whether it’s a cactus or a petunia. There’s no warning that you’re crossing over from a free app to being charged for a year of this inaccurate service. The developer couldn’t care less when you contact him.
  • Nature I’d plant identifiers 1/5

    By May66&July62
    I want to cancel subscription
  • Not Accurate 2/5

    By Shi_vu
    This app detects the plant health based on the flowers that we scan. If we scan the leaves of the same plant then it says not healthy. But if we scan flowers of the same plant it says hooray its healthy! App needs a fix.
  • The price…no thanks! 1/5

    By 60712
    Ridiculous amount of money for a simple answer or assessment.
  • Not effective 1/5

    By limly34
    Cannot identity plants accurately
  • Identification 😔 1/5

    By doublefyou
    app doesn’t even come close
  • I want to cancel 1/5

    By Rockwall fan
    I want to cancel and I can’t see how to contact anyone! Is this a scam?