NAVER Map, Navigation

NAVER Map, Navigation

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  • Current Version: 5.13.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: NAVER Corp.
  • Compatibility: Android
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NAVER Map, Navigation App

* Experience the completely new Naver Map. [Key features] - Menu tab for Map home Quickly access and use Nearby Public Transportation, Navigation and the MY tab from the home screen. - Simplified search Search locations, buses, subway, and more in a comprehensive search bar. - Nearby (SmartAround) Check restaurants and places to visit in your surroundings provided by NAVER's user data. - Navigation Fast and accurate navigation with real-time traffic info and optimized usability for any driving condition. - Vector map 360 degrees rotation-enabled vector map with 3D view of key landmarks via tilting. - Public transit time calculator Set your departure date and time to view the best route and arrival time. - Street view Seamless street and aerial views provided for location search and route planning. - Favorites Pin and save travel plans, restaurants, and other points of interest in folders and view them on the map. - Instant search View useful info about your query, such as opening/closing times for supermarkets while you search. - Language Korean/English/Japanese/Chinese maps and English navigation provided. *Requires iOS 11.0 or later *Find out more tips on how to use Naver Map - Naver Map customer service: - Naver Map blog:

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NAVER Map, Navigation app reviews

  • Used to be good, now unreliable 1/5

    By TheBeAsT528
    Used this app for almost 4 years and it worked just fine until now. They updated and it has become completely unreliable. It loses my track right before turns, reroutes me in directions that don’t make sense, and completely shuts down while in the middle of driving. Can be a safety hazard. I used to love it because it was easy to find places, gave good warnings about speed cameras and rest stops. Unfortunately, I can’t rely on it any longer. Hope they update it to fix the issues.
  • 실시간 버스운영 정보 자주 틀려요. 폰 영어로 되어있어도 앱설정에서 한글로 선택 할 수 있었으면 좋겠어요. 2/5

    By Wikisz
    2021/6/29 매일 타니까 아는데 심야 버스 운영 하는거 분명인한데 정보 전혀 안 나오더라고요 ..
  • 다크 모드 필요함 1/5

    By borasoul
    2021년인데 다크 모드 아직도 없나요?…
  • Using too much data 2/5

    By mr. mullineux
    A one hour trip uses 150 MB of data. What’s going on? This app burns through all of my cellular data in just a few days.
  • Terrible, terrible compared to Kakao Maps 1/5

    By Revinn
    Keeps telling me to cross the street every time I refresh recommendations. Locations are wildly inconsistent, doesn’t offer bus alarms, all in all a vastly inferior product.
  • Poor app 1/5

    By Jayjay501
    Would recommend other apps over this for Korean maps.
  • RIP 1/5

    By delonay
    지금까지 잘 사용해왔지만 이 앱을 볼 때마다 돌아가신 분의 피눈물이 떠올라 더는 사용할 수 없겠습니다. 가족분들께라도 위로를 전합니다.
  • 미친앱 1/5

    By 고니좌
    눈물로 만들어진 앱
  • 할수있는게 어플지우는 것 밖에 없네요 1/5

    By bbluuuue6535
  • Rest in peace 1/5

    By Got 5
  • 그동안 잘 썼습니다. 1/5

    By aka1333
    네이버 지도 어플이 생겼을때부터 지금까지 계속 사용해왔습니다. 오랜기간동안 잘 썼습니다. 하지만 이 어플이 한 사람의 피눈물로 만들어졌는지 알게되니 사용하기 힘드네요. 삼가 고인의 명복을 빕니다.
  • 악마가 만든 앱. 1/5

    By rampo82
    악마가 만든 앱은 더 이상 사용하지 않겠습니다.
  • bad developer makes bad app 1/5

    By joon.2
    s j k is a very very bad man.
  • 고인의 명복을 빕니다 1/5

    By picnicpm
    얼마나 힘드셨을지 어떤 심경이셨을지 감히 짐작도 할 수 없습니다. 여러 직원들이 수도없이 고민하고 고발하고 힘든 시간을 보냈음에도 이런 일이 해결되지 않고 결국 이런 일이 생겼다는 게 사용자 중 하나로서 너무 속상하고 죄송한 마음이 드네요. 오늘 이 리뷰를 쓰고 저는 앱을 지울 생각입니다. 고인의 명복을 빕니다.
  • 맨날서버터짐 1/5

    By 내가리뷰를남기는건너무빡쳐서
  • 자꾸 멈춰요 ㅠㅠㅠ 1/5

    By 이용자22223213
    iphone 11 사용 중인데 앱이 중간에 자주 멈춰요 ㅠㅠ
  • 도착할 때 까지의 소요 시간 계산도 엉망이고 1/5

    By marisa:-)
    지도 본연의 역할보다는 광고에 충실한 기능만 열올려 추가하고 있음 몇 년을 참고 썼는데 갈아탑니다 수고링
  • 맨날 앱이 뻑남. 1/5

    By Nobodycaresss
    길 찾고, 정보 검색해야 하는데 맨날 뻑하면 앱이 먹통이 돼서 너무 불편함.
  • 지하철 시간표 업데이트 안돼있음 1/5

    By 잠실허니펀치
    시간표 안맞아서 내 시간 버린게 한두번이 아님..
  • Distracts driver. Talks too much. 1/5

    By fgyuikn
    Very annoying navigation app. It tells you 3 times about turn, speed limit etc. approximately 800 meters before, 400 and 100. While it tells you about turn or something else you cover the distance and it’s time to tell you again and then third time. So, it continuously talking about everything and distracting a driver. There should be an option to limit number of times that app tells you about everything. Ones more then enough.
  • 즐겨찾기를 꽁꽁 숨겨놨네 2/5

    By 치킨펍
    왜 이렇게 찾기 어렵게 만들어놨는지 원... 게다가 즐겨찾기 들어가려면 세번을 터치해야되는데 많이 불편하네요
  • 스래기 1/5

    By qjrmynwjd
    뭔 어플을 이따위로 만들어놨어 실행은 돼야할것아냐
  • 쓰라는 건지 말라는 건지 1/5

    By eiebdowslfbeiw BS
    오류가 너어어어어어무 많이 남
  • CarPlay audio working 4/5

    By mahmad
    CarPlay audio and turn by turn navigation are working once again. Thank you
  • 업데이트후 애플 카플레이 문제점 1/5

    By Myoyu
    1. 안내음성 출력이 전혀 되지 않는다 2. 연결 시작시 자동 드라이브/움직임 시작이 되지 않는다. 한번 터치후 작동 3. 위 2번 문제는 네트웍 연결 끊어진후 복귀 되었을때에도 동일하다. 4. 기존 목적지 검색 목록이 업데이트 후 모두 사라졌다 5 직전 버젼 에서는 안내음성 볼륨이 최대 로 시작하는경우가 문제점이었는데 이제 그 안내 샤우팅이 그립다
  • Not sure why the language changed? 1/5

    By Megtranquilla7
    I have been using this map for months in the English setting and all of the sudden today the map content shifted to Korean. They layout is still in English, but the content on the actual map is all in Korean.... I have tried to fix it many times.
  • 네이버 맵의 흥망성쇠 1/5

    By UrsaSkoi
    예전부터 애용하던 네이버맵. 한 때는 구글맵을 대적하는 앱이라고 생각했는데 이제는 터치 자체가 먹히지가 않는다. 버스노선을 보려 특정 버스를 찾는다. 노선이 나온다. 줌아웃하려자 터치가 안먹힌다. 앱을 나갔다 들어왔다를 5번 반복하다 포기한다. 별 1개도 아깝네요.
  • ... 1/5

    By qppqpqpppq
    F*** the updates. It takes a year
  • 업데이트 왜 했죠? 1/5

    By sweet704
    쓰레기가 되서 앱 지웠습니다
  • 현재 지도위치 기준 검색 1/5

    By Qpwoeitut
    길찾기할때 현재 지도위치 기준 검색해도 내위치 기준 검색으로 리스트가 뜸... 그리고 목적지 검색할때 지도에서 목로보기가 안됨.. 리스트에서 글자로만 볼 수 있음.. 이거 왜 이렇게 변한거죠
  • 진짜.. 1/5

    By 개발자 일하세요
    아니 업데이트랑 차 오는 시간이랑 계산 좀 정밀하게 하세요 하나도 안맞고 어느방향 타야되는지도 없음 답답해요
  • Was okay but now keeps crashing 2/5

    By Chillywillypepper
    My naver maps application was working okay until today, now it crashes within 2 seconds of opening it. I’ve tried redownloading and restarting my phone, but there’s nothing I can do to get it to work
  • App Crashed upon launch 5/5

    By kaikimmmmmmmm
    App was fine till today, it crashes upon launch.
  • Bugs 1/5

    By mnstrp
    5.8.3 업데이트 이후로도, 과속단속카메라를 지날 때 나야 하는 알림음이 다음 음성 안내가 있기 전까지 안 나오는 문제가 여전히 있습니다. 카메라를 수 km 지났을 때까지도 알림음이 없다가 다음 음성 안내가 있을 때 같이 나오네요.
  • iPhone XR ios 13.4.1 켜자마자 튕김 3/5

    By Gunny3494
    네이버지도 잘 사용하고 있었습니다. 그런데 오늘 업데이트하고 나니 앱을 켜자마자 튕깁니다. 아예 사용이 불가능하네요.
  • Volume adj problem with navigation 2/5

    By farreach84
    Navigation alerts doesn’t decrease volume of music playing in the background. Tried other navigation app in Korea and they worked fine Edit:Voice recognition caused the problem, as soon a s I turned off the “네이버 클로바” the app was able to adjust bg music volume for its navigation alerts
  • 갑자기 소리가 안나와요.. 3/5

    By argtrdghj
    엄청 잘 쓰고 있었는데 갑자기 소리가 약하게 나와요 거의 안들릴정도로.. 폰셋팅 앱셋팅 다 채크했고 이상없는데 갑자기 안되네요... ㅠㅠ 그냥 다른 앱으로 사용해야할것 같아요.
  • Needs more subway integration 1/5

    By DminorKen
    Would be more helpful if it would emphasize the usage of the subway as opposed to the bus system. I’m fine with using the bus. But I have a Subway right next to my hotel and I know there is an easier route to my destination using only the subway without using the bus entirely.
  • 왜 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 1/5

    By Jiopr
    앱 어떻게든 팔아먹으려고 길찾기도 어플깔라고 하는건가요??
  • English Results are gone 3/5

    By SexWhalegreatname
    NAVER used to show place results in English but not it’s only in Korean. Please change it back.
  • Lag and touch delays 1/5

    By fhaofh
    The new update looks great but it’s become a struggle to get the map to move, zoom in, or tap on certain locations. This wasn’t a problem before
  • Please 2/5

    By practicesafesets
    a working search function would be nice NAVER. Haven’t been able to search a street address or place in weeks, in Korean or English. When an auto fill result does come up, when I tap it doesn’t respond.
  • What’s wrong with SEARCH?? 2/5

    By ChrisDillon098
    Guys what’s up with the search bar NOT WORKING?? This just started recently and deleting / reinstalling isn’t fixing it.
  • Get over it 5/5

    By fifa_dude24
    I don’t know why so many people are complaining. This is my first time in Korea and my Airbnb host recommended I use this app for transportation. I’ve had no problem with it, yeah some of the places are in Korean but if you can direct yourself by watching for the right stops I see no problem. Thank you Naver
  • Search broken 1/5

    By raulmazda
    Search isn’t working since the last update. It makes the app far less useful.
  • App is useless! 1/5

    By cdashley
    This app is useless! I cannot search for anything and Naver maps won’t pull up a location I’m searching for. If it does then it freezes before I’m able to find directions to wherever I’m going. I thought the latest update would fix this problem but it didn’t!
  • Useless 1/5

    By Kiln Time
    Unable to create a profile to use the app. Without an account it won’t search for anything. Spent an hour trying to figure it out.
  • Naver locked me out! 1/5

    By dgyeikw
    Tried to create an account with Naver maps, the app kept refusing my login username and password, even though I followed their recommendations, so I tried a few different names and passes to get around it. Naver saved only part of my info so I don’t know which parts it saved and cannot access my email or Phone number anymore because it says there is already an account using them! Egad! No way to send them an email to say please reset everything because those parts of their app are only in Korean. I’m about done trying and I’ve only just begun to explore this app.
  • A lot of improvements can be made 2/5

    By TovarischDroog
    It’s a decent app for getting around in Korea, but there are a lot of problems. It freezes or crashes quite often. It’s very annoying to save places, it often shows me error messages. Also the English version is clunky and confusing to navigate. Still has a long way to go before it can reach the level of Google Maps