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Navy Federal Credit Union App

Bank easy with the Navy Federal mobile app! With a great look and feel, we’ve made the mobile app easier to find information on your accounts and transactions. Breeze through payments, transfers, and check deposits with just a few taps. Quickly sign-in using Touch ID®, Face ID®. Apply for new accounts, become a member, or find your closest ATM or branch. Features: • Safe and Secure. Access your accounts 24 hours a day. • View balances without signing in using our widget. • Pay people using Zelle® or member to member transfers. • Move money between your accounts. • Deposit checks without visiting a branch or ATM. • View scheduled transactions, including pending deposits, upcoming transfers, and bill payments. • Make payments to Navy Federal consumer loans, mortgages and credit cards, or to other companies via Bill Pay. • Apply for new credit cards, auto loans or personal loans, or become a Navy Federal member. • View and manage statements. • Manage your credit or debit cards, including activating cards, signing up for purchase notifications, or freezing misplaced cards. • Security tips and management of your username and password. • Find the nearest branch or ATM. • View rates and info on our loans and savings products, or estimate a payment with a calculator. • Read timely articles to help educate and plan your financial life. To sign in to mobile banking, use your Navy Federal username and password. If you are not a member, apply now using the app or call us at 1-888-842-6328 or 1-703-255-8837. As always, if you have any issues with our app, you can call us at 1-888-842-6328 or 1-703-255-8837, or reach us via Twitter at @NavyFederalHelp. Federally insured by NCUA. iPhone®, iPod Touch® and iPad® are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Message and data rates may apply. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Navy Federal Credit Union app reviews

  • Overall good but eh. 4/5

    By aj DV evxhbs
    I really like this app and Navy fed. But I wish that the app would be more aligned with iOS’s swipe features. Such as swiping left and right to go either back or forward without having to reach the very top to go back or heading the account bottom at the bottom. The app should be more aligned to that in my opinion. But the app does its job and I do find it very similar to my experience coming from android overall.
  • Security Quenched🤦‍♂️ 1/5

    Security Questionnaire after Security questionnaires... They are always asking for more security methods. I’m surprised they don’t asked for a 5 fingerprint verification or you to turn your head left and right to sign in Maybe even have to phones for simultaneous verification. This is a Mobile App Navy Fed. As in I’m mobile and trying to use the APP right now.
  • Very solid, dependable app 5/5

    By paladin46
    This app always does what I need it to while steadily growing in functionality. It may not be the most cutting edge, but to me the most important quality of a banking app is dependability, and this app succeeds in that regard. Thank you Dev team! Obligatory feature request: I would love to be able to choose which account is shown on my widget. I don’t use my default checking account for daily purchases, just my credit card. It would be nice to have the widget display my current card balance instead of a checking account I don’t use daily.
  • Serves its purpose but.. 4/5

    By Stowers561
    The sneak peek feature does not work at all, meaning I have to open the app every time and log in just to check account balances
  • This is a superior banking app 5/5

    By Zeidwig
    I use several banking apps and I like this one the best. Having been in Fin Tech for many years, I have to say that this app has the best user experience hands down, and is not intrusive with the ads. They show me they know me and their interface is simple and straight forward. That’s why I like it. I have had zero issues with this app for 4+ years now.
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By iamjegonzal
    The Navy Federal app is great. I can do everything I need to do quickly and easily. The app has all of the necessities and nice to have features that some other banks are slow to adopt like Face ID and Zelle for sending money to friends and family.
  • Mobile Deposit Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Erica Sugatan
    I’m having so much trouble trying to deposit my check. It will auto-capture the front but not the back and the button to manually take a picture doesn’t work. This is impossible. Will change review when the fix it
  • Exceptional 5/5

    By grunt0330
    I’d like the updates, of payments and charges to be faster for accurate information. A 10-20 delay is acceptable, hours to days is frowned upon.
  • Check Deposite 1/5

    By Derek Simmon
    The App can only deposit roughly 30% of the checks that are issued because it cannot register the numbers on the bottom.
  • Login issues 2/5

    By walljas
    This app is good once logged in, but trying to login is such a hassle! It literally doesn’t recognize the password I set, and when I go to reset it with that same old password it doesn’t allow me to use it because I used it before. Then I go to try and use my new PW and it doesn’t work either. Very frustrating
  • Buggy mobile deposit 1/5

    By adarkmemory
    Trying to do a mobile deposit. The app tries to auto-capture image when a cheque is detected but it does not do a good job, as the camera is not focused right. If you attempt to auto capture after canceling its initial attempt, the app crashes. And worse, it tells you right before you submit the images that “the cheque isn’t readable” and “please retake the photo”. I have tried umpteen times under different lighting and using manual and auto capture to no avail. And now, since I have already written the words “for edeposit only at NFCU”, the cheque cannot be deposited by other means!!
  • Hands down best app 5/5

    By Supagood
    I have never written an app review, but I have a few things to say. I have used countless commercial baking apps, stock trade apps, credit card apps, etc., currently and in the past. I am in tech and know a good app when I see it. NFCU’s app is by far the best app in its class. Smooth interface, intuitive user experience, and packed full of features that other big banks and credit card companies force you to go on their desktop site to do. VERY impressed and thrilled that this is the app I get to use daily as NFCU is my main banking institution! Keep up the great work!
  • Won’t Let Me Sign In 1/5

    By aBeardedBaldGuy On IG
    I get told that my credentials are invalid despite them being valid. It won’t allow me to sign in via the app but I can sign in from the website. This app could use a revamp. I will update my rating and review accordingly if the app starts to work like it should.
  • App has been down 3/5

    By Lakitava
    I have been trying to get the app for days and every time I do the 2 step verification it comes back down for technical issues
  • Taken care of business 5/5

    By Rating Gmail
    I have always been about to do whatever is necessary with all my accounts. My checking, savings, IRA and certificates.
  • Log Off??? 2/5

    By bemeyup
    There should be a button on the header of every single page of this app. Where is is??? Have to hunt for logging off.
  • Inaccurate readings on accounts 2/5

    By Meagandc
    I too have been banking with Navy Federal for years. There are no branches near where I live, so the app is my go to! This year I have had to really keep my eye on the app. Twice this year I had return check fees for payments not going through. The app has been taking dayS to update withdrawals from bill payments. Everything else seems to be instant, expect bill payments which is most important to me! I’ve been building a new business, and my first large payment while building my business credit was returned. Not only does that hurt my score, but I was also charged a fee! Sometimes things move a little fast. I should be able to trust what my account says and not have to calculate the true balance before making transactions. In the past when transactions would be delayed it would post as pending until cleared. I’m not a fan of what is happening now. Years ago this was a huge issue with Hunnington Bank and a class action lawsuit was issued. I hope this doesn’t get that far!
  • Fix location feature 2/5

    By Big Bossman 706
    Tying to find a location (branch or ATM) is extremely frustrating! Hardly no locations or ATMs makes makes it impossible to find cash when you need it! The app always says no location found in a town of 600,000 people! Smh
  • Deposit app fail 1/5

    By craig florin
    On a mini iPad, the camera function rotates the camera 90 degrees making the function unusable.
  • Terribly Made 2/5

    By The Prince of Midenhall
    My password I just created never works, the sign-in code I set up doesn’t work, Face ID only works in well lit areas I have to reinstall this app every time I need to check my accounts and it’s very annoying. Getting a text message for verification every single time I need to check my account
  • Password Reset 3/5

    By theogmulan
    Fix the password on the app. Every time I try to re enter my password it doesn’t like what I input. However if I enter my password on my laptop I can get into my account.
  • Only works on wifi 1/5

    By Mish V
    It’s very inconvenient when the app refuses to even access a login unless I’m on a wifi network. Why do I have to find a Wifi network, when I’m at an ATM and need to check balances/transfer between accounts? It’s been like this for over a year and even with every update, it’s still not fixed. PLEASE fix your app- everyone is mobile banking these days, this should be a priority to your clients.
  • Mobile deposit severely broken 2/5

    By Jigsaw hug
    The app is fine for my basic banking needs except for two things. 1. Having to press the thumbprint button on the landing page is an extra, unnecessary step. Other apps let me use the home button on my device to read my print as soon as the landing page loads, and sign-in is initiated much quicker. 2. My main issue is that the mobile deposit feature has a major bug. At multiple points during the process the app will freeze and become completely unresponsive. The only way to fix is to completely shut down the app, reopen, login, and go through the process again while hoping it doesn’t freeze. It usually takes me several attempts to deposit one check. I am shocked this major issue has been outstanding for so long and evening got deployed in the first place.
  • Update 4/5

    Should update the app so that we can have an option that tells us how much money is being brought into the account each month and track how much we spend each month and on what.
  • Nothing to see here 1/5

    By l1ltw1st
    This app is terrible. I have 2 other banks and the information i get from the NFCU app is non existent compared to them.
  • ***GARBAGE APP*** 1/5

    By explicitkitty101
    Constant technical issues with signing in. Absolute trash app that 0/10 would recommend. Take your online banking elsewhere.
  • Still Won’t Transfer 3/5

    By Stjff
    Navy is taking their sweet time getting the updated version to get rid of the 6 transfer limit. Very inconvenient to have to call all the time.
  • Not allowing sign in 1/5

    By adbqk
    App is not recognizing password at sign in. I am able to sign in just fine by going to the NFCU Website online using same password. I even changed my password to no avail. May be related to last app update, not sure the issue is.
  • Suggestion 2/5

    Hello, I’m new to the app and recently switched from another institution. I would like to recommend some changes I would like to see, can you change the total savings and checking below the accounts, that way it’s adding up from top to bottom instead of giving you it first thing, second and most importantly is to add a balance for when you debit card or a check is added, it has it on the website but not the app so you can’t tell what your balance is when looking at the charge you just made, you have to scroll up and do the math. Thank you
  • Does not stay logged in. 1/5

    By Amontialldo
    For the past week I’ve been attempting to use my Navy Federal app and constantly have to select the “Forget Device” option. When I use Face ID it brings me to enter the password and when I do it says it is incorrect. I can logon anywhere else, just not when I return to re login on the app.
  • FICO Score 2/5

    By gaioowmbrio
    I used to be able to view my FICO score whenever but now I don’t even have that option. I don’t know what update changed this but please bring it back.
  • You guys are the best! 5/5

    By Ewak- U.S Marine Corp.
    I join in Navy Federal credit Union back in 1979 when I was stationed in Okinawa Japan I am a United States Marine and I just wanna say thank you for all the help that you have given me in a pass and I know that I can depend on the best of services from you guys always.Respectfully yours Eric. Watkins Senior United States Marine Corps . Ooh -Raah.
  • Used to be amazing 3/5

    By Smartguy7696
    The service is still amazing but this app gets worse and worse... the sneak peek feature doesn’t work... my credit card balance widget hasn’t updated since September 2019... come on navy fed. Get it together
  • QUICK VIEW 4/5

    By Alexander 😏
    The app could use a quick view of the chosen account statement without having to fully login.
  • Poor 1/5

    By Grpdavis
    This app is terrible
  • Customer 1/5

    By money429
    This is the worst customer service i have experienced with a bank. I wrote and email and complained to a manager . No follow up no empathy or sympathy. I went here for the financial opportunities they have provided for my family. I can’t believe this is how they treat veterans and active duty service members.
  • Upgrade needed 2/5

    By Blessed-808
    The Navy app is good, but I suggest that you upgrade your system to calculate the balance of every transaction. All other bank apps have it, making it so much easier and faster for us customers to budget everything. Hope you take our suggestions into consideration taking technology now has been updated for years. Thank you, Loyal customers

    By sullixan
  • Transaction balance 4/5

    By Ink CC?
    I like the improved app especially since it takes my size setting so I can read it. I was wondering if it would be possible to have balances associated with past transactions?
  • Was better when they first started 2/5

    By mickmack_68
    You don’t have any control over the camera anymore when you make deposits, and half the time it doesn’t work.You putI signed check on a dark background in good lighting, and the camera snaps a photo before the check is even in focus. You can cancel the photo, but then the camera takes no more photos and nothing you do takes you out of that mode. The cancel button doesn’t even work. So you have to close out of the entire app, log back in and start over. Eventually if you’re lucky it will snap a photo that’s in decent enough photo to accept, but now you have to do the same with the back. It took me seven tries to deposit one check. I am deleting this app and will revert to mailing in checks.
  • Enjoyed the app, awful now 1/5

    By bay87612
    About a month or two ago the app started glitching every. Single. Time. I tried to login. I can no longer use the “remember me” option otherwise I have to delete the app and redownload each time because it won’t let me login. I was told (over a month and a half ago) but Navy Federal that there was some issue with a few accounts and absolutely NOTHING has even been done to fix this.
  • Update messed up 1/5

    By USMCHnK
    I did the update today and now I can't connect... Not good!!!
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By A.Bko.
    One of the recent updates to the app made it entirely unusable for me. I can’t log in, no matter how many times I change my password. Every time I try to log in, the app claims that I’ve entered my password in incorrectly, even though my password works on the website. I used to love the app but now it’s useless.
  • Reversed fraudulent transactions 5/5

    By Stacypsmith
    I don’t know what i would have done without everyone from navy fed that helped me during this time. On 8/21 a fraudulent charge was made on my PayPal account. Paypal REFUSED to give me a refund even after multiple inquiries. So i had to contact navy federal. Every person i talked to was doing everything they could to help me. When i called they couldn’t see the transaction because it had not posted from paypal to my account. So they asked if i wanted to create a new checking account (because my paypal was connected to my checking) and they said it would possibly stop the transaction from posting and you wont have to worry about someone having access to that information. I did so. They transferred everything from one account to the other. During all this, they were kind to ease my worries. They reassured me that if it did process that they would get my money back. Unfortunately, i had a pending paycheck coming in on my old checking account and right when it posted to my account... PayPal processed the transaction. Literally within seconds of each other. This happened at 10pm last night 8/24. I immediately called nfcu and they sent me an unauthorized transaction form. I filled it out and sent it right back a few minutes later. This morning i had checked my account and my funds were BACK in my account! If it wasn’t for everyone that helped me at nfcu i would’ve lost my money. I learned a good lesson and I will NEVER use PayPal again.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By esctrbl
    Terrible app! The Touch ID does not work and whenever I would “remember my device” it wouldn’t recognize my touch and log me out all the time. The camera on deposit is not very intuitive! By far the worst banking app. Doesn’t do anything.
  • Glitches 3/5

    By AnonymousGirl1001
    Me and my sister experiences glitches when trying to make a deposit. Please fix this app ASAP
  • APP accounts display 4/5

    By AshesForBeauty
    Why would there not be a running balance on the app? Seems there should be and then I might be persuaded to 5-star it but really need to see a running balance.
  • Frustrating! 1/5

    By Ziggy567$
    It is nearly impossible to take a picture of a check you want to deposit! Please update and correct this problem!
  • App reinstall 1/5

    By TyrantWeedle
    I absolutely love this app but since the last update, I haven’t been able to log into my account at all. The way I’m able to do it: uninstall the app, reinstall, log in. When I try to log in at a later time: I suddenly can’t log in at all, password doesn’t work. Uninstall, reinstall, log in fine. Guys... please just fix the issue. Thanks.

Navy Federal Credit Union app comments

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