NBA 2K Mobile Basketball

NBA 2K Mobile Basketball

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  • Current Version: 2.21.468978
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: 2K
  • Compatibility: Android
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NBA 2K Mobile Basketball App

Stay in the game with NBA 2K Mobile and experience authentic NBA 2K action on your phone or tablet. Season 2 offers deep card customization, more on the court options, MyPLAYER, and a newly updated 2020 roster. Requires an Internet connection and iPhone 6s, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, Mini 4, iPod 7th gen or newer. Experience console quality graphics and lifelike NBA 2K action while on the go. Collect your favorite NBA players, build your dream team, and then step onto the court in 5v5 matchups or real-time PVP. Use Drills to train up your players, compete in Seasons to earn rewards and new crafting materials, compete in limited time events for exclusive cards, and rise up the leaderboards on your way to become a legend. NBA 2K Mobile is the newest game from the NBA 2K franchise. Features include: • 400+ cards of your favorite NBA players and All-Stars • Console quality graphics and authentic on the court action • Build your ultimate dream team of players past and present • Join a Crew with your MyPLAYER or create your own Crew • Daily bonuses from the Checklist and logging in • Real-time PVP • Customize your MyPLAYER by appearance, equipment, and more • Challenge rival Crews to 3-on-3 games on blacktop Do Not Sell My Info:

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NBA 2K Mobile Basketball app reviews

  • Thank w 5/5

    By caveion
    I love it
  • Aden 5/5

    By bhiyf b
  • So good 5/5

    By snake pilot 123
    So good
  • Best basketball game ever! 5/5

    By fhfhhfhfhd
    Best best best best
  • So good 5/5

    By RRod221
    So good of a mobile game
  • Sad 5/5

    By babyrobbins
    I love this game nut i spent 20 bucks and only gave me 2 players that’s the only reason I’m upset with you i would like my money back if not it’s good thank you 😁👍🏼 Sincerely, Jayden
  • Fun but play call terrible 1/5

    By the funny bun
  • Fun 4/5

    By Sammy Miami66
    Fun except sometimes it will make you mad when you lose even if you aren’t competitive. Otherwise super fun and realistic.
  • Trash game 1/5

    By ')47u
    This is the most worst game ever the player are missing every stupid shot and only was you can make it is only if you have over 1000 power player and you can’t even get a coin man. This the stupid game i ever played
  • I love this game 5/5

    By jhjshz
    It’s the best game
  • I love this game 5/5

    By hud is so cool
  • MyNBA2K20 5/5

    By Eian Taylor
    This good my player can shooting 3pts
  • Beast 5/5

    By Rafynow73
    Dope game
  • Not working 3/5

    By Swaderick
    This game worked for me for so long but this morning I logged in and whenever I try starting a game or drills anything it will load most of the way and then close out and it won’t work now it just closes out the page whenever I try playing
  • Great Game 5/5

    By bone two
  • This game is trash 3/5

    By ching chang chong glop
    I don’t know why in the drills they have to play 3v3 against the best K Lenerd, ad, and doncic?it takes sooooooooo many tries to complete it. I hate this game also because in the chat everyone is swearing🤬🤬🤬and if this game is rated 4-above it is not a good idea☹️. And that is why this game is not good.
  • Heat 5/5

    By Da loc6
    Heat this game is heat
  • NBA 5/5

    By Charmorrita
    I love this game
  • Good 5/5

    By KiKiSunbesm
  • 2k is ok and it is fun AF 4/5

    By avkralis
    I kind of do not like the game but it is not cool I like it a little bit I think it is hard but others think it is easy I am not liking it but was a good I liked it was fun AF but not that fun it was an ok game but it is up to you if you want to install it I’m not going to be like don’t get this game or stuff like that but it is your choice if you want it or not I recommend it to you if you are familiar with it but if you are not familiar with 2k then I would not recommend it you should play 2k on a ps4 before you actually play it on mobile because it is easier with a controller and you could get a Bluetooth controller for this game if the controls are hard for you I recommend it but remember it is your choice🙂
  • Bull 1/5

    By pinches taco farts
    This shit makes you spend money. Period. It’s unfair gameplay when you have good players and they just like fall over. It’s impossible at some points. Especially the drills
  • Good but one hint bugs me 3/5

    By KulotSiLen
    The nay reason it is a 3 star is that the redeem is not working for me
  • Good concept, bad game 3/5

    By IM sten
    So I’m playing a season game. I try to take a few gold meter shots and they do not go in. Every single shot that the other team takes goes in. What annoys me about this is the fact that I had double the power that the team I played against. I have a ruby Karl Malone and he cant dunk that well at all. Another thing is how the cpu defense is trash. One time I was defending a player with my ruby James Johnson. The player I was defending was gold, by the way. I’m defending but for some reason my James Johnson just walks away with his hands on his head. I think the reason that it makes your shots not go in is because it wants you to spend money on the game to get good players because that is basically the only way to get good players from packs. If this game was fair I would like it a lot more but because of how unfair it is not that great of a game. My one last complaint is the fact that the draft board resets with standard gear keys which are not that good. They should make it not reset with standard gear keys.
  • Awwwwww Man Creeper 5/5

    By DdAnthothan
    Good game
  • Worst game ever 1/5

    By jdammamsc
    I was trying to do a drill and made it hard and I never got past it the game crashes all the time and it’s glitchy
  • One of the best mobile games 5/5

    By k_dont_opp
    Really fun game and I knew that it was gonna be addictive because I love basketball
  • My review 5/5

    By ftgdhfcjd
    Just like real life
  • Hey 5/5

    By hzbdbdhjsbxb
  • It is so awesome then other basketball games 5/5

    By iay bad butt
    It is so awesome then other basketball games
  • Best mobile Basketball Game 5/5

    By Sharp 4ce
    . There should be much more events out at a time so people could get players more often. ALSO hear this one out. There are multiple game ruining bugs like random out of bounds moment. Also, when the player charges or gets locked down and regathers his ball it is EXTREMELY slow and I don’t think it mirrors the real world stumbling. Also the dribble stick is unresponsive and does not do what you flick the joystick toward. On phone the pass and dribble stick are too close together. Or all the buttons are ultimately too close together.
  • I can’t chat anymore and Add Trades In It’s Needed 5/5

    By DAYKY529
    So basically this dude told me to shut up so I spammed them after this dude said UI_TEMOPRY_CHAT_BAN I was confuse so please let me chat again I need one more chance also a 5 star game to me In my opinion also after about 2 I got unbanned from chat now none can hear I think this a glitch or a bug but I’m mad please unbanned but from that point please add trades so we can trade cards many people want trades in please add it in.
  • Fix the shooting please 4/5

    By makdndmahd
    They have pretty good defense and moves but they need to fix the gold bar it never helps any of my shots
  • This game mechanics really starting to aggravate me 3/5

    By theofficalzay
    Ok I just started about 7 days ago my team power 500 pw but the problem with this game is it’s consistency with a shot I kid u not I play drills and it makes me wanna snap my phone into 2 pieces playing this bc I will miss wide open perfect shots with decent players and there WIDE TF OPEN and then since my team is already low pwr and on drills I’m play people who with one character alone equal 2,000pwr don’t miss a single shot nor lay and u don’t know how frustrating that is. Since playing this game time and time again I been at the break of deleting this game bc I get to the final drill and literally can’t beat it literally it impossible I played strategically I played like u would play pvp (player vs player) I tried everything in the books and I’m always 1 point from winning and literally something insane happens where the player on the other team will make the craziest shot of a lifetime if I’m up near the end of the game please freaking fix this like atleast for me I’m trying and I’m trying but I’m finna honestly give up very soon
  • Terrible game 1/5

    By Nr.Bulit himself
    Worst game ever.
  • Yay 5/5

    By Berry A.
  • The best 5/5

    By 1234567890-/:;()[email protected]".,?!'qwert

    Worst game ever stupid game developers you’ll be wide open and miss I hope y’all see this because y’all game is really trash and y’all need to fix it
  • Can you make it playable on a regular 6 plz 5/5

    By tysgvfbgugdgddcfddddd
    Can you make it playable on a regular 6
  • Good 4/5

    By manmanthesavy89
    You know when I seen Micheal Jordan my favorite I had to play 23
  • Gotten better 4/5

    By BlieDodger06
    I will say everything’s gotten better. For the most part good. I just have a suggestion. On crew mode you guys should put so that there is chat between the crew.
  • Great game 4/5

    By Dale life's
    Trick stick needed
  • Network Issues 4/5

    By NicknameTakenJR
    Network issues all the time. I have full bars and it always lags.
  • John title 3/5

    By JBigGreens
    Just make custom jump shots, dribble moves and tattoos and it will be perfect. Also take away energy for mypark please. Last but not least, make it real 3v3 so you can’t control people’s players, and make a actual park where you could walk around and stuff and this would be like that. This game is very hard tho with terrible controls, and can you please make the shot meter smaller
  • Hi 1/5

    By Ryan Zelinka
    This game is trash when ever you make a perfect shot you miss but when the other team shoots it’s always in
  • Redeem button 4/5

    By Foreverjah_21
    This game is grate and everything but I don’t have the redeem but I tried multiple times. I just want to know where the redeem button is.

    By 👅😼
    What’s the whole point of even having the release bs if it’s still not gonna go in even on a lay up and bs cpu never fouls or get fouled called on them it’s literally pay to win so, hopefully they fix it BC nothing goes in when it matters even if you have gold Kyle korver maxed out it will not go in even if it was gold or green
  • LOVED THIS GAME!!!!! 5/5

    By mr thousand
    This is nice
  • Slam dunk of fun 5/5

    By kiggyvjrg
    I am so good
  • NBA2k 5/5

    By adynanotsllaw
    I can’t stop playing this game

NBA 2K Mobile Basketball app comments

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