NBA 2K Mobile Basketball

NBA 2K Mobile Basketball

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  • Current Version: 1.21.381743
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: 2K
  • Compatibility: Android
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NBA 2K Mobile Basketball App

Stay in the game and experience authentic NBA 2K action on your phone or tablet. Requires an Internet connection and iPhone 6s, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, Mini 4 or newer. Experience console quality graphics and lifelike NBA 2K action on the go. Collect your favorite NBA players, build your dream team, and step onto the court in lifelike 5v5 match-ups. Use Drills to train up your players, compete in Seasons to and rewards earn new craft materials, compete in limited time events for exclusive cards, and rise up the leaderboards on your way to become a legend. NBA 2K Mobile is the newest game from the NBA 2K franchise. Features include: • Including over 400 cards of your favorite NBA players and all-stars • Console quality graphics and authentic on the court action • Multiple modes and events to test your skills • Build your ultimate dream team of players past and present • Gather followers who admire your team • Exclusive rewards in real-time events like The Gauntlet • Daily bonuses from the Checklist and logging in.

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NBA 2K Mobile Basketball app reviews

  • Grreat 5/5

    By Jaymoraballs
    Amazing game worth it
  • Read this! Decent game. Unethical company! 1/5

    By Machrist234
    So for one, this game is ridiculously hard if you’re trying to get good players. And you can play this game non stop and it’s impossible to acquire the assets in order to get a great. You’ll pay $20 for a chance to get Larry Bird or someone and you may get him. But then you need more players on your team (btw they only want you to have FIVE players on your roster. You have to keep trading them in to build your team power) so you pay another $20. Another Larry Bird. But you can’t play them at the same time (you can’t have players at the same position on the court. Like you can’t have more than 1 shooting guard. Neither can you have duplicates like 2 Larry Birds) so essentially that second Larry Bird was pretty much a waste of money. Also, the game has glitches galore. You’ll lose connection on the worlds best WiFi. Or it will hit the back of the rim (not the backboard, the rim!) and it will be out of bounds. And the shooting is SO spotty. Should you get the perfect shot (it gets on green on the spot shooter) still a small chance it goes in. Here’s where it gets (REALLY GOOD). (I got to level 21 and got 6 picks up from 3. I was like, “Finally! Since I have to get more than 1000 more points to get to the next 5 levels when it took 1000 points was what it took to get 17 levels it seemed to make up for the disparity coming. Now it gets so shady by the company Cat Daddy) So when you login it’s constantly asking for feedback. So I thought what the heck, I’ll try. So I sent them my concerns and suggested for it to not be so hard and maybe that could be accomplished through better rewards. I did credit them for upping the picks after a win on level 21. So they must not have liked what I wrote SO THEY IMMEDIATELY CUT ALL MY PICKS IN HALF. So wait, they want feedback, ask you to send it if you’re concerned, then cut your picks in half if you send in a complaint! For that, they should be banned from the App Store.
  • Love it buuuuuut... 5/5

    By Silver Surfer 🏄
    Love the game, graphics, gameplay and card designs! If this game had a H2h mode or an auction house to buy and sell players with coins it would hands down be the best nba game out
  • Out of bounds bug 2/5

    By You will like this game
    If you shoot a shot and your character walks out of bounds even AFTER the shot is already up then it’s a turnover, I’ve lost close games because of this and is SUPER annoying. I like the game at its core but some stuff needs to be fixed first and one of those is the out of bounds also green lights should be an automatic make, it’s like you guys have two green lights and if it doesn’t have a little glow animation it doesn’t go in which completely defeats the purpose of green lights completely. Idk game is starting to frustrate me and I’ll bring up my rating once those things are fixed
  • NBA mobile 5/5

    By Kobeking21
    I love I can play basketball on my phone now not on ps or Xbox
  • The game is awesome!!! 4/5

    By luusine
    There is some sound problems. Every time I play a game, the sounds like cuts off and lags.
  • Why am I missing green releases? 5/5

    By blackscorpiooo
    Am I trippin? I missed green releases 3 TIMES in a row...
  • Great Game! 4/5

    By N4T3TH3GR34T
    I would give this 5 stars but the game crashes a lot when there is like 10 seconds left in a game. It crashes at the worst moments! I will be doing good in a game and I’m on my last energy. And the game crashes. Also the cards seem fixed. Ive bought $20 worth of packs and got 2 steph Curry’s with the same power and level. It seems fixed. But overall I love this game! Please fix the crashes! I have a new iPhone 7 on latest iOS. Please fix crashes
  • Decent game 4/5

    By Hootyman
    Pretty good for a mobile game fun for when your out of the house and waiting for someone or something
  • Nba2kmobile 4/5

    By Not Pleased at Rice
    It’s good but if you get green you still might not make it.
  • Great game 5/5

    By camron marsh
    It was great from the start
  • Really 3/5

    By THICC daddy🍑🍑
    They should make it to where if you get green it goes in no matter what.
  • Controls are bad, but love the game. 3/5

    By Joshinjonah55
    The controls are bad and I missed a green shot. Whenever I try to dunk it doesn’t work. Devs, please make controls and please repspond
  • Best free game in the App Store 5/5

    By Lrayford
    As the title says, this is the best free game in the App Store. Surprisingly good mobile game
  • Nba2k69 5/5

    By Usvshnssn
  • Game crashes 1/5

    By eljefesbsj22
    You guys need to fix the lagging i swear I just finished wining a game and then it just gets stuck on the loading screen and then it ends up restarting the game 🤦‍♂️
  • How it could be better 5/5

    By J🏈zarie
    I think the game is great, but it could be amazing if had like my career or like you have a customized person
  • The game is awesome 5/5

    By nbalover21
    I like the game and the features but I don’t like that you have to have a certain size phone for the game
  • Green lights 4/5

    By AirJordanWill23
    Fix the green light it is sapoosed to go in
  • Best basketball game ever 5/5

    By miny maba
    It looked real nothing needed to be changed and I’m addicted download it now I will play till I’m dead
  • Good 5/5

    By kil 454
    Can there be trading or a auction house please and more domination
  • Love it 5/5

    By kemar2012
    Amazing I love this game it’s super addicting if you are a real baseball player
  • I need help with the sound but good game 4/5

    By officialrealmanny
    This game is amazing since i don't really like mobile I have been looking for so long it is just that my sound for the whole app is not working Yes I turned it on I can’t hear the on court commentary and the crowd and the music I hope can get a response on how to fix this
  • Bug 4/5

    By DonDon1221
  • Way to grindy 1/5

    By o.gsharko100
    Wheres the auction house, wheres the in game currency we can “earn”, it feels unresponsive when I play this game. Id love to play more but at this stage I an going to just play nba live mobile they’re doing pretty good in all the areas. Just bring in a way for us players to actually customize our team without having to pay outrageous amounts of money.
  • Auction house 4/5

    By yfn_3xe
    Real overalls and auction house where we can buy players
  • Having a lot of fun now 5/5

    By Rainmaker8888
    It takes a while but once you green and blue cards the game get really good Domination is awesome It’s not just a Run and gun type of game you got to work the ball around spread the defense I just abandoned nba live mobile Don’t worry about the players your going to get a bunch of them pick the correct matchup Learn the system watch the players in auto play to recognize the plays you’ll see a player running from the corner to the top of the key just before the 24 second clock and drain the 3 at the buzzer great fun Just keep playing it gets really fun around the 1200 the 1700 pwr mark even before with the gold cards when you have enough to cover the matchups GREAT GAME
  • Missing a player 4/5

    By review time18328
    It’s good and all but there is a player missing and that player is The professor and he is my favorite player
  • Ok game 3/5

    By blodyMaTe
    It’s is a fun game hard to actually get good people. It is a pay to win game if you don’t have money don’t get it if u want to get a really good team
  • 2k mobile 4/5

    By vdudhfjtj
    This game is the best the only thing I don’t like is that it is too easy but I love it
  • More improvements 3/5

    By isaac behdadina
    NBA 2k mobile is good but it needs a lot of updates it has a lot of bugs and players face scan needs to be fix we need a auction house and Better luck to pull higher rewards and players more locker codes and season should require player not ring and same with leagues and we need more events and the game need usable bench but overall the more updates the better the game will be
  • Green light problems 4/5

    By thr bakersbet
    I shoot the ball and then I get a green light but then when the ball is going to the hoop it misses. Besides this I love the game
  • Very Fun and Lebrun is hot 5/5

    By Gayman112
    I love this game because I don’t care about the basketball all I care about is the hot men
  • Ea 1/5

    By asrgnbvz
    Just change the game to the nba 2k19 please。
  • Es bueno 5/5

    By Jesus229
    Me gusta esta duro la mejor
  • Play Now 5/5

    By Thunderpoopooppanyshiilaj
    I think a play now game mode would be really cool where you don’t need energy to play and 5 or 6 minute quarters would be really cool but other then that the game is really good
  • Very fun but you made it a pay to win game 4/5

    By supersosa02
    Absolutely love the game but you guys have got to make draft pick odds better & improve pack odds. Other than that it’s a pretty good game with high potential.
  • 1 5/5

    By theboss1081
    1 of the best game
  • HELp 1/5

    By Savage m ish
    My game has glitches and I bought a pack 7 times and my dad payed for it and it gave me nothing it just isn’t smart please help producers just send me a pack plz my username is savage m ish
  • This game is trash 1/5

    By unhappy custome999
    It’s a compete and total money dump.. and even if you are dumb enough to spend money on putting together a decent team, an AI computer team that’s barely half your team’s strength still completely demolishes your team. The fact that the AI teams are so one sided makes this quite possibly THE WORST and one of the most frustrating and biased games out there.
  • I hate energy 4/5

    By wetzel duh pretzel
    The games good except for energy when u run out u have to buy it or wait 20 mins
  • Really? 2/5

    By Rae, A
    I was so excited to use this game. However, once I downloaded it and opened the app a message pops up saying I need at least 2 GB of RAM to use the app. Really? I don’t even know what RAM is.
  • Why is this game so trash! 2/5

    By BigD1P
    In this game it calls unrealistic calls, doesn’t let me do what I want as if the players are controlling the game, your probably thinking I just put it on the auto setting but I put it on the manual setting and it still doesn’t let me do what I want to the fullest. When I commit to getting fouled in the game I go up to shoot the ball and get fouled but there is no call for me. What’s the point of me working on my free throws if I am never going to be able to shoot a free throw considering that the refs only call reach in foul, out of bounds, and travels rarely. I can’t even steal the ball without every minute of them calling a reach in foul. This game is overrated and does not deserve the 4.8 stars it has, I would say it is more of a 3.5 star kind of game. Another thing is if I get a green for my shot that is considered as an excellent in 2k which means it always goes in as in the video game but on this mobile game if you get a green in your shot it really doesn’t matter, it will rattle in and then fall out. That is my review on this overrated mobile game.
  • Best Basketball game ever 5/5

    By Baxter 15
    I was so sad because my other basketball game would not let me in to play but this is a all working game that is fun to play
  • Why does the sound go randomly off 2/5

    By fifndndkdkdbd
    Ok so I’m playing the game right? Enjoying it and everything and out of nowhere my game starts to lag and my sound is off I check my setting and it says my volume is max and phone is max too and I’m so confused I’m not sure if this happened to anyone else but it happens to be to many times when I play this game
  • NBA 2k mobile and NBA 2k19 4/5

    By Khi5554321
    2k mobile is a good game. Only problem is the energy bar and ridiculous amount of money you have to put in to grab a great player. Another thing is why does NBA 2k19 not have the same graphics as 2k mobile
  • Makes me sad 4/5

    By Gavyn S
    If the game could keep the featured free packs open for a few more days then it would be a little better
  • Fun 5/5

    By big daddy X
    The game is fun and it has great graphics but it’s still a little weird
  • Jordan 5/5

    By Sbuffum
    It is so fun but we need to find Stephen curry better

NBA 2K Mobile Basketball app comments

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