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NBA 2K18

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  • Current Version: 1.04
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: 2K
  • Compatibility: Android
6,906 Ratings
$ 7.99

NBA 2K18 App

The NBA 2K franchise returns with NBA 2K18 for mobile, featuring unparalleled authenticity and improvements on the court. Packed with new features such as a deeper MyCAREER mode, “The Association” mode, and new 2K Beats Soundtrack, NBA 2K18 will be the most authentic NBA mobile gaming experience yet! Features: • MyCAREER mode with expanded script and more interactions for your MyPLAYER. • Association Mode – New multi-season mode allowing you to control a franchise’s future and become the next NBA dynasty. • 2K Beats – An eclectic mix of tunes from around the world, featuring Future, Kendrick Lamar, Shakira, Nas, and many more. • More gameplay controls including ability to sprint on defense and more rebounding capabilities. • Earn more Virtual Currency to boost your MyPLAYER.


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NBA 2K18 app reviews

  • Waiting patiently 4/5

    By DauntingWaffle
    The game is good overall. Though there needs to be more updates. Loading screen needs a new look too. I’m definitely waiting for that roster update.
  • I like but don’t like it 3/5

    By ItsJustJayden
    I like that game but it gives my anxiety it’s like it wants me to be perfect I hate that but other than that I like the game
  • Great game, but... 5/5

    By jackattack74859592
    First things first, this game is great. Graphics are great, commentating is great, everything is great. My only problem is that they don’t have anything to wear during games except leg sleeves that start at your socks and go up and end where your knee starts. You can’t where headbands, or anything on your head. No bracelets, arms sleeves, undershirts, or tights. That’s my only problem. Other than that, this game is great!
  • Great game 4/5

    By bbbd4blazer
    Great game but it would be awesome if you could create players to add to rosters but other than that good game
  • Add my team 4/5

    By penutbutrr
    This game is really fun, but would be better with myteam.
  • Whack 3/5

    By will1215
    How come j.j. Barea misses a wide open three pointer that said perfect timing, and Dirk Nowitski a center swishes a slightly early shot.
  • Frustrated with it 3/5

    By Erchobby
    I have had 2k18 on my iPad yesterday and my brother deleted it and when I go to download it it says it can not be installed right now it says that every time
  • Game is great overall 4/5

    By Your mamas other man
    There are some kinks to this game. There are a lot of glitches where your only option is to kill the app. I recently started a new MyCareer, and after playing 3 games with my team, it still said we were 0-0, and the loading screen to each game said I had 0 everything, even though I was putting up big numbers in each game. They need to fix some bugs with this game
  • My Suggestions About 2k18 4/5

    By Mali Boi124
    Please make it to where you can create shoes and players like on console and can we have dunking contests and three point contests! And about the music can we pick our own song on the game and can you add more music
  • My review 5/5

    By lbj fan kris
    Good game awesome . Please do one thing just increase Little graphics please
  • Not happy 3/5

    By manny santana
    I need to know why my performance don’t continue grown just be 70 average. And the date doesn’t continue February 07. This game no is free.
  • NBA 2k19 suggestions 3/5

    By Sidchief
    In 2k19 mobile you should fix the constant turnover animations, foul animations, allow real arm and leg sleeves not these weird short sleeve colorful ones. Allow us to have the jump-shot base again not these stupid limited follow through. Dont make the upgrades as expensive, allow instant replay options for camera. Add duel archetypes
  • BS 3/5

    By piomhggff
    Fix this mess I was just playing and I missed 4 wide open threes and they were green releases my three point rating is an 84.Plus you need to fix MyCareer I got a triple-double in the first half.
  • Would not pay for. 1/5

    By Lc1189
    Why in the hell would you actually want to pay for a game that crashes more than a NASCAR race?? It constantly crashes and won’t actually auto save your progress. The team and player options are non existent in association mode; so basically you draft a player and only have them for two years. Would only play again if it was a free game.
  • Why 2/5

    By JJawesome At Basketball
    Every time I get a good release I don’t make it it just wants me to delete this game I mean the other nba 2K18 game is way better try to make like that it is just that simple I can’t make a A+ grade shot that is just stupid... So if you don’t fix it I am going to delete this game
  • Good, but needs fixes 3/5

    By julie.k.
    I absolutely love this game. I fantasy drafted a team featuring Isaiah Thomas, Paul George, and Carmelo Anthony, and I’ve played nearly 40 full 12 minute games with this team in Association mode, and I’m still going. My issue is the crashes. It happens too often and I lose so much progress. One of the more frustrating instances of this was when I was down 2 against the Clippers. Paul George shot was was going to be the go-ahead three, but the screen froze right before the shot was about to go in and the app crashed. The game asked me if I wanted to restore the game, but it set me back to the first quarter. This happens quite often and if you want this game to really be a top mobile game then that needs to be fixed. If it were bug free I would probably pay $5 or $10 more dollars for it even.
  • Season playoffs glitch 2/5

    By Awesome joe 21
    I’ve played this game in my career and in the season, it was fine. The first round of playoffs, it was fine. I swept my way to the second round but it won’t load anymore games for me to play in my career. I was really into this game too because it was really fun. 2k, please read this and fix the bug. Thanks
  • Need fixing 2/5

    By 37!!!!
    So I get a green brick then the worst part the cpu trash Lebron does not make 13 points make this game more realistic it’s so trash worst of all this game use 2k16 shoot then the graphics are 2k11 or 2k10 that’s why I play nba live now bruh 2k fix your mobile game
  • Mypark 3/5

    By izzyman god
    Add mypark
  • Playing against real people. 4/5

    By JaeCity
    I know it’s probably been said in previous post but I would like to see a local head to head mode or even online. I think would be a great addition to the NBA 2k mobile games.
  • Great Game But A Couple Of Things... 3/5

    By Pro_i23
    This is a great game but there are some things that I think should be fixed or changed. Graphics: The graphics are great but every Nba2k game you guys make have the same graphics and I think you should make the next Nba2k game’s graphics better or more realistic. Also, the players always look the same too. you should change their looks. Jump shots: The jump shots are also great but I think you guys should add more types of jump shots. MyCareer: You Guys should add more things in MyCareer. We should be able to play with others to make the game more fun. Archetypes/Skills: We should be able to use two skills like the console version of Nba2k18. Last, Accessories there are good accessories but you should add sleeves, headbands, and compression pants. Those are things you guys should fix or change in Nba2k18 mobile.
  • It’s the bomb 5/5

    By GH2002
    Love this game love mycareer and blacktop I’m glad it’s not like the ps and Xbox were you pay to win with the micro transactions
  • Jejem 1/5

    By ndlshnt
    It’s a fun game but when you get to round 2 of playoffs it won’t load
  • Keeps crashing 3/5

    By Weever113
    Keeps crashing after the 3rd possession of each game please fix.
  • The Association crash 1/5

    By Appboykid16
    Whenever i start a new Assocation game, it always crashes whenever i try to trade for picks and players, which is horrendous! I downloaded 2K on another device, still the same problem! NBA2k seriously needs to fix this crash or i won’t play this garbage anymore
  • My iPad can’t do mycareer 3/5

    By xxxdrecker
    I’m mad that the mycareer isn’t compatible with my iPad mini😡
  • Graphics 3/5

    By bhihy unb
    The graphics need to be better
  • 2k18c 4/5

    By Blah blah 18
    Good game , with improvements desired. The career mode is great, just needs more depth. ONLINE COMPETITVE PLAY !
  • Why my winning and losing games not changing after I win or lose 4/5

    By BlavkDaDon
    My records stuck on 21-9 and I won way more games then that but it’s stuck on 21-9 please fix I paid my money and Spend on this games please fix ASAP like Now!!!! But the game is dope just that problem I have and it do crash on me a lot
  • You stole me money 1/5

    By denoyouknow2
    I need a refund ASAP I hate this game it’s taking my money
  • Jayden’s 5/5

    By starvvbvvb
    The game is good but add a my park
  • Crash 1/5

    By nmlgbsb2k
    Crash over and over again
  • Crashes way too often 2/5

    By Henryahern
    Ive had it! Ive just had it!!!!
  • Awesome game 5/5

    By ZayBanks
    It’s a really good game just wish i could play other people online like my friends and such I’d pay to be able to do that!
  • Five star 5/5

    By shutgun_21
    Game amazing!
  • They just want your money 1/5

    By 2k blows c0ck
    It’s a fun game to play but if something goes wrong with your game they won’t do anything to fix other than tell you sorry you’re experiencing problems. They got my money guess now I’m useless to them.
  • Love the game. 5/5

    By jason christian sheppard sr
    One thing guys I need to be able to alley oop myself or have my team alley oop me
  • Rainbow flashing colors 1/5

    By Davidr926
    I love playing 2k on my iPad but I can’t play 18 because every time I try to play the hole game just starts random colors flashing which makes it impossible for me to play. I rlly hope 2k can figure out a way soon on how to make the game work for me and it’s so annoying because I rlly wanna play
  • Problem 5/5

    By Quang Lu
    they just delete my account i play for a year know and today i just get back on and is a new account i dont know why
  • Trash 1/5

    By dynamike29
    This game won’t let me get on my player every time I click on it it loggs me out.
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥 5/5

    By jk5153
    I play this all the time and it’s pretty awesome.
  • Nba2k19 Features 5/5

    By ZyQuan Johnson
    I want you to Add These Things Please & Thanks MyPark so mobile players can play with any platform (Xbox one , PlayStation, Pc, etc..) Online multiplayer mode & Better Career Mode
  • Bug 2/5

    By Ucucucuwue
    Good game but there is a frustrating bug thAt should be fixed. My career after my character answered the press the thing will just freeze though i waited and tap it, it doesnt work. U gott fix this bug
  • Upset 4/5

    By brian01107
    Just finished first round of playoffs won 3-0 on Series now can’t do anything in game I haven’t even got the the next round how to fix
  • Waste Of Money 1/5

    By Brunko
    So when I got this game about 2 weeks after it came out I played it for about 2 days and it was super boring it’s pretty much NBA2k16 and the controls aren’t very good either so I’m just gonna stick to playing “Fortnite”
  • Great game but needs fixed 5/5

    By Taters and Gravy
    Like I said, the game is just amazing. But can you fix the statistics on My Association mode? The stats stopped after the 52nd game and Keeps saying I’m 34-16 when I’m 67-16. The stats have not changed and neither will the amount of games I have won or played. Please fix it. Thank you
  • Everything I want 5/5

    By NBA1Fan
    First of the game is amazing! The Player ratings are as accurate as you can get. My player mode is super fun and realistic, you have to put effort into it, so your not always the best.I have only two problem with it, one, in association mode, after playing like two years like all the teams or 90 OVR which is crazy, cause not everybody becomes a star, and two, in my player mode sometimes when it’s the last game you can’t skip through it, but it blacks out when you try and play it. But it’s awesome overall, and doesn’t use internet, so when your on the road you can still play it which is great!
  • Awesome 4/5

    By #DieHeartDubsFan#30
    This game is OP. It is cool and realistic but those passes... they bother me am much. That would help me so much on my career
  • Awesome Game 5/5

    By PapaRando
    Best basketball game ever on mobile man the graphics are fantastic even though it’s $6 it is worth it
  • My career 3/5

    By iamcam_breezy2
    I was playing my career and the game was d eating off of John Wall

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