NBA All-World

NBA All-World

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  • Current Version: 1.12.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Niantic, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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NBA All-World App

Welcome to a new era of Hoops. It’s time to lace up your kicks, showcase your fit, and dominate the basketball court in NBA All-World. Rep your stomping grounds by exploring your neighborhood to encounter and challenge your favorite NBA players. Get ready to ball out in basketball mini-games and establish your presence in 1v1 gameplay. Show off your swag by customizing your player with exclusive gear from some of your favorite sports and lifestyle brands. NBA All World is a basketball game revolution so bring your A game while exploring, collecting, and competing to solidify your legacy among the game’s greatest! _______________ With the player’s permission, Adventure Sync uses the Health app to enable the player to earn walking distance when the app is closed. All World Notes: - This app is free-to-play and offers in-game purchases. It is optimized for smartphones; tablets are not supported. - It is recommended to play while connected to a network in order to obtain accurate location information. - Compatibility is not guaranteed for devices without GPS capabilities or devices that are connected only to Wi-Fi networks. - Compatibility information may be changed at any time. - Not compatible with 5th generation iPod Touch devices or iPhone 5c or earlier iPhone devices. - Compatibility is not guaranteed for all devices. - Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically reduce battery life.

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NBA All-World app reviews

  • Do not play 1/5

    By Snickerdoodlemann
    Rigged game I suggest no one play it it’s very rigged for someone to win they rig it so they pick a very specific person to win
  • Fun game! 5/5

    By JohnnyLawrenceQUIET!!!
    This game is a lot of fun! I really like how you can choose to focus on building up and leveling up the players that you want on your team.
  • All world is good 5/5

    By 5starr_AJ
    All is a good game
  • Straight Fire! 5/5

    By Colonel1990702
    What a good time, sometimes a little frustrating if I’ve lost service 😳🤣 But all in all I’m loving it and growing my players fast when I caught the hang of it! Rings are tough at first but you can catch a Rythm if you don’t give up!
  • NBA basketball 5/5

    By pascalatis
    Fun and encourages you to get moving.
  • Great idea — not ready yet 2/5

    By ReviewerTwo
    This game has great potential! Unfortunately as of March 21, 2023 bugs that cause the game to regularly freeze (during 1v1 match ups) really disrupt enjoyment. The bugs don’t just slow you down, they set you back in terms of progress / penalize you. Despite taking every fix step requested (reinstalling, clearing browser cookies, confirming connectivity, etc.), it keeps happening very regularly. So I had to quit and my final experience was disappointment/frustration. Bummer.
  • NBA 5/5

    By bshzvafsvtxbxhd sjahdjd
    This game is so much fun
  • I love this game but it has a couple of super annoying bugs. 5/5

    By Dadderachi
    I play this game everyday I love the mechanics, collecting, leveling up and the gyms. I have a couple of comments. Firstly there are two horrible glitches or bugs. One is that when you level up the level up sound for the ratings going up doesn’t stop until you completely close out the game. Another one is if I play to many games in a row without closing the game the rewards start glitching and I have to press the screen for up to a minute until the rewards screen finally gives me the option to exit. Last thing is about the king of the court, I understand if you have to battle all the way up if there are real humans holding all the positions but if it’s bots there should be a way to bypass a couple places because the grind is way too crazy. I had to give 5 star rating because despite those pretty big problems I love this game thank you to the producers. If the glitches get fixed I’ll write a different better review thanks.
  • NBA all world 3/5

    By CG3600000
    I think that this game looks awesome! I just got into basketball and it looked like the best game. I have just one problem, it says four years and older can play. I am older than that. When I try to put my birth date in, it says I can’t be play. Overall, it looks fun and I want to play!
  • Good game! 3/5

    By KaybulHOG
    I enjoy playing this game…I love what Niantic does, so I’m sure it’ll just get better and better!
  • Great game 5/5

    By Speagles6
    Love the game just got it today and I’m obsessed
  • Niantic's worst game ever. 1/5

    By jedi11209
    Awful game. Choppy and slow. Tournaments are cheesy and stupid. It's basically pokemon but farming NBA players. The 1v1's are boring. It's another pay to win. Game will be done in a year.
  • Ground Breaking 5/5

    By Jupiter2474
    This is the next big thing! 🏀
  • Trash. Crashes. 1/5

    By 3Legit
    This is why Ye wrote lift yourself. Poop de scoop. Fun when it doesn’t crash.
  • All around the world 5/5

    By ggmmmggm
    Bro this game is so lit bro it’s the best I play this game ever day who ever made this game thank you sooooooo much
  • It’s fun 5/5

    By El Barto 4690
    It’s fun
  • Very fun game 5/5

    By Knox Nelson
    Love to play the game wish the equipment were more local in the country for me. But still really fun game.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By starboy2435
    The players make every shot
  • My nba review statement 5/5

    By kpx5ive
    I’m in love with this game me and friends just downloaded it and now I have a fun game to play on my free time
  • NBA all world 5/5

    By theshow8
    Amazing game
  • Super fun 5/5

    By beng6033333
    Great game
  • Game won’t save. Keeps restarting 1/5

    By giftedmadness
    Cool idea but super glitchy. It keeps making me start over from the beginning tutorial. No clue how to register my accounts. Do not waste your time
  • Game is fine could be much better 5/5

    By Dougefresh2475
    This game is great, I have been playing about a week and a half and I have one BIG issue. The biggest problem with this game is that you have to basically only use your stars to level up. Otherwise it will take FOREVER. So I have all these awesome players that I can’t use until I max out.
  • Great game to play walking 5/5

    By GetYourEagleON
    I’ve walked over 50mi ever since i downloaded this game. A few glitches here and there that I’m sure Niantic is working on, other than what is the endgame? I enjoy it because it gets me out the house…sometimes exploring other places and seeing landmarks I don’t normally pay attention to when I’m out and about. It feels like Im collecting players and boosting them up. I hope Niantic introduces legendary players as special events like Bird, Wilt, MJ, Shaq etc. That’d be cool! Also, it would be nice if our players in gyms are wearing the gear we have selected them to wear so other players can peep our swag. Thanks for making this game and looking forward to future updates.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By dwoody03
    I got a new phone just so I can play this game but it keeps saying error on downloading assets😡😡
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By w,b,!
    Great concept for a game. Unfortunately Niantic lives up to their reputation and this game will has poor development and execution that will keep it from being successful. It can be fun and a plus that it can be free to play but bad game development will keep this game from lasting
  • Because I can shoot and dunk and green 5/5

    By Notti fuck_10
    5 star
  • Game 1/5

    By Nobodyknows or cares
    This game is trash 🗑️
  • Incredibly frustrating 1/5

    By TStars04
    1-on-1 games are the most important part and yet most broken part of this game. After level 10- Your skill and your player rating are much less important than who starts with the ball in these first-to-3 games. Pretty much whoever starts the with the ball is going to win unless your rating several hundred points higher. Additionally, the amount of crashes that cause you to lose games is crazy…feels like this game is really in beta. I’m all for hardcore grinding to progress, have played pogo and hpwu (rip) since day 1, but the grinding in those games was about how much time/effort I had to spend. This game, the grinding is blocked by poor game mechanics and crashes that make it feel like a hopeless waste of time. Also, game makers alienating all current players with new achievement rewards update is ridiculous. What could you possibly gain from hurting your entire active player base? This makes no sense. If you have an old phone, this game isn’t for you. 5-10 minutes of playing, especially the 1-on-1 games, and you phone is going to feel like it’s on fire (playing on iPhone 14…) The first couple weeks and 10ish levels were a lot of fun, which I assume is who most of the 5-star reviews are from. After that, yikes. Hopefully they can add other types of tournaments/ways to get rings (shooting tournaments?) and sort out the crashing issues, otherwise this game won’t be around long.
  • All world greatness 5/5

    By Noahfutrell
    I love all world so much becuase every time i play it reminds me of basketball
  • Worst game ever 1/5

    By mynameislalo420
    I can’t even begin to explain the amount of times the rule the court has froze up on me ridiculous piece of game trash
  • Constantly hotfix to player detriment 1/5

    By Blarneyrubble
    Bad devs bad communication. Constantly changing things to make it harder to do anything. Constantly gating progress.
  • Glitches 3/5

    By lgb+
    Whatever I do wile blocking the game always makes the ball faze threw my hand and it goose in . Also while shooting it starts off slow then randomly gets faster another thing wile shooting I get a green yet it doesn’t go in. Wile I’m trying to sauce someone up it makes me stop or go slower and I don’t understand why . Even though all of these statements are true I still like this game it just has a few glitches that make it bad.
  • same ol from niantic 1/5

    By d_eicholz
    if you’ve ever played pokemon go, pikmin bloom, etc, it won’t surprise you to learn that this game is full of bugs that hurt players and don’t get fixed. mistakes constantly with tournaments. early players are treated like beta testers. maybe that would be okay if they were at least treated well. players have been saying for weeks that there is an issue with the tournament ring bottleneck. so now they add more for achievements, but won’t give the beta testers the ones for achievements they already completed. the core game is okay, but nothing amazing. not a lot to do. someday the game might be better, but i doubt niantic ever will
  • Don’t bother devs will screw you over retroactively 1/5

    By jayd47423
    Was a decent game until the devs decided to screw people who had been playing out of tournament rings
  • Poor treatment of current users 1/5

    By sam234m
    I’d avoid this game for a couple months until niantic figures it out. Changes giving advantages to new users should be ironed out by then - such as the recent ring update allowing new users to level up 2-3 times faster.
  • Bland game, terrible management 2/5

    By Artigius
    Most sports games are exciting, and hard to put down. This one isn’t. There are two modes of play, and both are very limited. In drills, you basically shoot by pushing a button until the bar moves up to the right amount of power for the shot. That’s it. For 1on1, you can move or juke in each direction for offense, while using the same bar for shooting. For defense, your character moves by itself, all you can do is tap a buttons to attempt a steal or block. The one nice thing about the game is the geographic integration. Depending on your location in the real world, you might be able to access a drop point to earn some extra energy, experience, or gear. The gear implementation is pretty painful, unfortunately. Most of it is basic or ugly, and you most likely won’t get to equip what does look decent because you’ll need to stick to the stuff with the best stat boosts. Also, pay to win equipment was just added, in a strong move away from Niantic’s normal cash generation techniques. The absolutely worst thing about the game, however, is the terrible management decisions, and cringy predatory shop behaviors. Beyond pay to win, they made some items temporary without telling anyone (like roster expansions), and then refused to refund purchases. They added more of the most sought after rewards to one-time achievements, but refused to give any of those rewards to the players that already completed the achievements. They put purchase buttons right next to exit buttons, and didn’t put purchase confirmations, so people keep accidentally buying a replay they don’t want. And all of that is just the tip of the iceberg. I don’t know if Niantic isn’t running this one or if it’s a different team with a complete lack of ideals, but there is no way I’ll spend money on it. There are better sports games out there, especially for the NBA. There are better geolocation games out there. And even in a mobile gaming market that is known to be predatory, the management of this one is close to the worst. Don’t even bother downloading.
  • Horrible updates and new ideas 1/5

    By DarkRage3
    Constantly get feedback from players and the community about how to better the game. Most go ignored and then BAM they drop an update on all current players that took away their ability to get certain rewards that new players would have access to. Completely unfair and not equivalent playing field. After writing to them about our concerns regarding this issue they simply responded saying they would not give original players rewards that new players were getting.
  • Niantic used us and then threw us away 1/5

    By Not Swimming Well With Mike
    early adopter here — you set us up to grind grind grind … in order to EARN our tournament rings. The challenge was REAL. Very rewarding. Only to pull the rug out from under us and allow new users to level up and get super easy rings in a matter of days. This is the worst feeling. Really not interested in this game and their warped spirit of betrayal.
  • Hi 5/5

    By CJ dubs 3
    Best game ever makes me close to the game I love most good job making this game
  • Amazing game !!! 4/5

    By Lilithegoat
    This game is great! The graphics are top tier for the game it is. The gameplay itself is pretty remarkable. I have been playing this game for a few weeks now and there have been no bugs or glitches or problems at all, the only issue I have is how hard it can get to level up your team In general, also I understand this is a newer game so it is going to take time for it to develop fully but I feel there could be some more specific controls, also there should be some more music or a better soundtrack and some more available players to “catch”. understandable this isn’t here yet , but a PvP where you can play your friend would be cool. Otherwise for how young this game is , I think it’s spectacular, and the game has true potential, I think the concept is pretty neat.
  • This game is so fun 5/5

    By Call Lawrence
    The starter takes long, but when you get inside the game, it’s NBA all world
  • Reward system 1/5

    By Ntnt4575
    The reward system, I.e, the tournament rings, is flawed and punishes early adapters of the game.
  • Nba cash grab 1/5

    By UgandanCowMoose
    Devs hate making decisions that would benefit the players. Communication about changes that affect majority of players not acknowledged until they receive backlash. Potentially great game otherwise.
  • Poorly Managed 1/5

    By Agent Tygerdave
    You’re going to get angry with the dev team and wish you never started playing - so don’t start right now. Will announce bug fixes when bugs are only partially fixed. You will experience bugs and lose game items due to them - they’re unwilling or unable to restore these items even if it’s completely their fault like setting up a tournament incorrectly or only allowing referrals to be entered in for 1 week from starting the game and having the referral system bugged for weeks during and after global release. The team have also shown a willingness to burn the trust and goodwill of their active players in the hopes new players won’t quit so quickly. They recently rewarded new and casual players with WEEKS worth of additional progression that active players were locked out of. They explained this by saying they didn’t want to set the precedent of retroactively providing earned rewards when they wanted to “tune” the game. They seem completely clueless to the precedent they did set. So anyway they have successfully harnessed the power of FOMO to make people want to play less or not at all - so I am suggesting you not play at all until they replace or train better decision makers. Just stop making me regret I played your game please.
  • Can’t click anything 1/5

    By vs rh
    I cannot click anything I wasted 1hour of my day trying to get it to work fix your game
  • More 5/5

    By YB AJ
    Need more people
  • Good idea incredibly bad execution 1/5

    By blabbbittt
    They have constant bugs and offer little to no compensation. They have extremely poor documentation of things like player slots that cost in game currency and are not permanent. They offer many changes to help new players while never offering anything to help veteran players.
  • Poorly executed 1/5

    By iamiokya
    I like the idea of this game more than the reality of it. Top tier players are locked behind time gated items, but lower level players aren’t spread out enough to make it interesting. They added more ways to earn the time gated rings, but refused to make them available to players who were already playing past those milestones. Based on every non-Pokémon game they have released, be careful getting too invested and don’t expect them to communicate anything clearly.