NBA: Live Games & Scores

NBA: Live Games & Scores

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  • Current Version: 2007.2
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NBA: Live Games & Scores App

Welcome to the official NBA app and the ultimate home of NBA games! Never miss a moment with the latest scores, highlights, stats and news. NBA League Pass is now better than ever, with access to live basketball games, on-demand videos, and much more. All fans get access to: - Official NBA schedule, scores and stats - In-game and post game highlights - Game previews and recaps - Live access to select press conferences and events - Personalized content about your favorite players and teams - Editor’s picks for the hottest news and updates from around the league Want even more? We’ve got you covered with NBA League Pass and NBA TV, now with more ways to watch NBA games than ever before. NBA League Pass subscribers get access to: - NBA games live and on demand* - Multiple package options to match your personal preferences - Mobile View game streams customized for phones and tablets - More custom language streaming options - Multiple condensed game formats - Download games and other content to watch offline when you’re on the go - NBA Archives: access to classic games, documentaries and more** NBA TV includes a 24-hour live stream of exclusive features:*** - NBA TV live games - Studio coverage and analysis - Curated documentaries - Select classic games available with NBA TV * Blackouts and restrictions apply in the US and Canada. ** Available for select subscribers in select markets ***NBA TV is sold separately in the US. Not available in some markets, including Canada, China, Italy, Japan, and Spain Current NBA League Pass and NBA TV subscribers can access their subscription by logging into the app. Purchase NBA League Pass or NBA TV and you will be automatically billed through iTunes every 30 days (monthly packages) or every 365 days (annual packages) until you cancel your subscription. Refunds are not available after subscriptions have been activated. Please visit to contact the support team if you are experiencing any issues. Terms of Use: Privacy Policy:

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NBA: Live Games & Scores app reviews

  • Notifications 3/5

    By emanuel patterson
    Love the new look but before the update I constantly have to go to the app and have to keep signing in to even receive notifications please fix

    By Niko (Bayonne)
    I’m not sure why there is a diff nba app for Canada when the USA one is so much better why can’t they just let Canadians have the same app ? Is it because they have to push raptors hard on Canadian Nba app ? It’s like NBATV it’s not the same in Canada they call it NBATV but it’s not the same games or programs that are on NBATV that’s on American cable channels. The NBATV Canada is all about the raptors should be called raptors TV not NBATV because it’s NOT NBATV it’s raptors TV. It’s like this app they have to change it for NO reason.
  • App doesn’t work 2/5

    By Raiconik
    I’m trying to connect to explore the app yet it doesn’t connect. Please fix it.
  • App is fine except the sign in 4/5

    By jjl42
    I have to sign in every time I open the app, why? I pay for league pass and still have to sign in every time this better be fixed before the season because this is annoying. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling and it didn't work either.
  • More features please 4/5

    By tygoober4567
    Simple little request. Can you make it where everytime i go in the app, I don’t have to log in to my account every single time please.
  • Fraud 1/5

    By Ah-khmao
    I bought an annual pass for the old app and for some reason it doesn’t work on the new app. And when I try to file a complaint and get my money back they can’t seem to find my info. iTunes is doing the same. They are pretty much stealing my money which is like over $100. Is anyone else having this issue?
  • Not able to view any previously recorded games 1/5

    By WilmerR23
    With an NBA league pass subscription, I click a game I want to watch, the app tell me I have to subscribe first. I press the subscribe button, it tells me I’m already subscribed. Still no video. I talked to support, all they told me to do was uninstall that app and reset my phone (which I find laughable and frustrating at the same time).
  • Fix notifications. 1/5

    By Prince of the Saiyans.
    The notifications for this app DOES NOT WORK. Also, why am I always getting signed out whenever I close the app? The 2019 app was much better than what this crap is now.
  • Great Update but Problems 3/5

    By Audio mixingz
    Great layout better then the last app everything looks nice but rosters haven’t been updated and hard to find players please add a search bar.
  • The New Layout is Awful 2/5

    By GX2123
    Prior to the update, the layout of the app was much better. While the new layout is more modern, the issue I have is with box scores and individual player stats. Everything in the box scores is enlarged now, so you have to really scroll (up&down/side to side) to see everything in the box score, whereas prior to the update everything was a lot more compact and easier to see without having to scroll around. As for individual player pages, all it shows is PPG APG RPG. You have to click on a different page in order to actually see all of the player’s statistics, which again is a more complicated way of seeing things that used to be quick and easy.
  • This content is currently not available in your region, check your VPN 3/5

    By Killdozer65
    The new NBA app is apparently not compatible with VPN or smart DNS services. It took quite a bit of back and forth with NBA support, with lots of standard scripted (and time-wasting) support responses, to finally find someone knowledgeable there who revealed this. In my case, I was using a certain DNS app. With the WARP feature enabled, the app uses VPN, which is apparently no longer allowed. I had to disable the WARP function to get this new NBA app to work.
  • Not working 1/5

    By Logan24Jones
    Every time I open the app it says I have no internet connection immediately. Even if I connect to wifi it’s still messed up
  • Double Dribble 1/5

    By Ballers.Opinion
    The app says I’m not connected to the internet to turn off airplane mode or connect to WiFi. Please fix NBA gracias.
  • Much lower quality than the old app 2/5

    By A person who rocks
    The new NBA app is pretty much the old app, but with less access too player information and stats. Before, it was quick and easy to find a player, check their detailed stats, and even make comparisons between their current season and career stats. Now it is much less informational, while still providing the same level of content and organization.
  • Pretty but not an improvement 1/5

    By Faub0831
    I hate that there’s no search or way to find players other than scrolling through the entire list of NBA players. How about at least an a-b-c on the right side? Especially during trade season, I want to look up players quickly & easily as they are added to my teams. I also hate the new player profile. I want to see height, weight, age, previous/college team, season stats on the first page, not click another button & then hunt through a bio to pick out what I was wondering. I’ll just google players in that case. The old layout was nearly perfect for looking up players. Stick with what works. I don’t like the new look of the standings, too much white space & not much to separate headings from teams plus so spread out. I’d like to see as many teams as possible on one screen. It’s the little things. Tighten it up. Maybe one tab for each conference instead of having to scroll through the eastern conference to get to the western.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By Jxxx123
    The app doesn’t pick up my subscription, crashed, and won’t let me log in. Huge step backwards. Last years app was bad but at least it worked.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By nvdatay
    I downloaded the new app and it says airplane mode is on, I’m offline and I need to connect to my network or WiFi. There’s obviously nothing wrong with my connection as I’m leaving this review. Please repair or replace your app again.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Thanielgetsbucketz
    Doesn’t work for my phone keeps telling me to reconnect to the internet when I’m already on the internet
  • Keeps saying reconnect 1/5

    By Blame.Ju
    Keeps saying reconnect like I’m offline Edit: told me to update my review while you still haven’t fixed the problem
  • 🤮🤮 👎🏼👎🏼 1/5

    By andresup3
    So much they update, just to Damage what was beautiful and correct!
  • Japan 1/5

    By Yukikojima
    Can’t use it in japan. The old app worked here. Smh fix it nba
  • Nothing! 1/5

    By sequoia99
    Nothing happens except the trophy scene. I guess it crashed already.
  • I have the new app. Why are you still asking me to download it 3/5

    By NBA Swami
    I have downloaded the “new” app three times and signed. A few days later it asked me again. Three times so far. C’mon Man!!
  • Clunky 2/5

    By MattyG73
    This is not an improvement from the previous app. More difficult to navigate. Click on a player and have to hunt for personal info. Only THREE clicks way from finding out. It’s like they are trying to find it. No thank you.
  • Way worse than old app 1/5

    By schnitz10
    Awful, really slow and doesn’t work, last NBA app was way better.
  • Layout is great! 5/5

    By PopStar_Hill
    I can’t sign in to my TV Subscriber
  • Slow and glitchy! 2/5

    By Thehero360
    This app is so buggy!!! Why do I have refresh every time when it say “content unavailable”? Also when I click on a news, coverage article it’s so slow when it loads up! Not really liking this app the old one was better!
  • Not available in my region 1/5

    By YL303
    It says it’s not available in my region
  • Connection 1/5

    By beardedbrotha
    Can’t access app keeps asking me to connect to wifi, or mobile network
  • Not working 1/5

    By fernandoj1221
    App keeps showing “You’re off-Line right now. It requires a connection to the internet.” I tried with cellular data and with wifi and nothing happens. Please fix the issue, don’t want an automatic respond!!
  • Not working 1/5

    By Devieuxs
    It’s not working. It’s telling me my region isn’t supported and I’m in the U.S
  • App is TRASH, original was better. 1/5

    By sammi torrez 1299
    First off there’s no search bar so I have to scroll thru hundreds of players to find the one Im looking for, OR search by team. Problem is, when I search by team, I select my favorite teams and nothing happens for a moment then the app closes out not saving my teams. It’s been like this for two weeks now haven’t been able to save my favorite teams. Im really big into reading stats and even more irrelevant thing such as the players heights but they no longer show that for what ever reason, so I have to actually google a player to get their height which is defeating the purpose of the app which is supposed to provide all the information you need. Regardless, height is still relevant in the NBA weather other people care or not and if it is still featured on this app, I can’t find it. I liked it on the OTHER app when I could simply search a player and their height would be right there at the top. I also care about things such as draft year and pick number, again, things most people don’t care about but there are a select few who DO and I liked when ALL of that information was easily accessible and didn’t have to dig around for it!! This new app is more trouble than it’s worth and I may have to remove it from my iPhone dock because an app this crappy is no longer a priority app.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Kelly Samantha
    Every since the update my app has not worked. I tried deleting the app and that didn’t work. Now it doesn’t do anything. It tells me that I’m offline line and I’m not . Very disappointing 😡
  • Great app but I haven’t been getting notifications 5/5

    By drfauci
    I was getting notifications in the old app but I can’t seem to get any in the new one. I’ve checked all the settings and they say they’re turned on. Is this an app issue or am I doing something wrong?
  • Trash 1/5

    By hdbdhjxjdjs
    Won’t let me login to my TV provider (YouTube tv). The app is useless at this point.
  • Unavailable in my region 1/5

    By fjiolkn
    Keep showing the error and say that unavailable in my region and im in US.
  • Great! 5/5

    By hdhdhehejebhsuwhsbs
    This is a great sports app. I’ve always been a fan of the nba, and this app really works. It runs smooth, and is just great overall
  • Connect? 1/5

    By allenthomasmusic
    App says “you’re offline right now it requires a connection to the internet. Please turn off airplane mode or connect via WiFi or your mobile network - reconnect” I’ve checked cellular data and background app fresh is on in app settings for my iPhone, deleted and reinstalled app, but same issue persists.
  • It good 4/5

    By MLGsavage124
    I would give this app 5 stars but u have to re-download it every season
  • Why is this software not supported in China 1/5

    By 🌛☀️🌾🌩🌼☃️🌖🌊🍑
    Why is this software not supported in China???
  • LouWill 5/5

    By Clipperof LA
    Lou Williams is the goat
  • My League Pass disappeared 5/5

    By KJ_Bob
    My NBA Annual League Pass which renewed on 10/4, doesn’t show up in the new app, however the support from both NBA and Apple has been excellent — a resolution is in progress.
  • Games from the 16-17 season 4/5

    By ryan hegazy
    I love how i can watch nba games from the 18-19 season and watch it again but I would really like if the app allowed to watch games from the 16-17 season
  • loss my account 3/5

    By Edwin93
    With the new app i loss my account and nobody in development can activate my account.... I sent my receipt and today day nothing ...774221 my case number Update .... after 4 day a lady today fix my problem thanks I will be change from one star to 4 ....because 4 days to fix a problem is too much ....... now the new app is working perfect Another update.... after they sent me a code to reactivate my account Hitomi N sent another email to thank me for my positive revaluation and said me my subscription will be cancel in the end of this month ... conclusion i paid 29.99 for a anual service nba tv but she give 4 month of service...Do you believe that Last update, I hope Today Ryan C from Nba tv resolve my subscription problem and now i continue with my original subscription for 12 months..... I can’t put 5 star neither 4 for the lack of better customer service because if i provided the receipt i never understand why all this problem
  • Great App for NBA fans 5/5

    By Gyiyv
    This App has everything I could have ever it!!!!
  • Love the new App 5/5

    By mjtr114
    This app is amazing!
  • 😤 1/5

    By mohammad yaftian
    What ??? Why you close app for Iranian people? Not available for region????!!!!!
  • Not Available in Your Region!!! 1/5

    By Madame213
    I live in Yokosuka Japan on the military base (FPO/AP).. I purchased the NBA League Pass every year for the last 5 years. Once downloaded the disappointing new version I get the message "not available in your region".! So sad it would seem like the NBA would invest in an APP that works in all regions globally like the old version.. Looks like alot of missed revenue this season if cant get this app fixed!
  • It’s good 5/5

    By OGGGGG5
    I really like the new layout. I think it looks more polished/modern and runs smoother. I haven’t personally had any of the problems/errors so far that others have mentioned. Everything’s working as it should for me and I enjoy it. The only thing I’m not a big a fan of is the new lead tracker graphic for the games. I like that you can now scroll on it to find the specific plays but I wish that you could also just click on the graphic itself and it show a bigger graphic more similar to the old version. This version doesn’t have the grid lines with the numbers to really show how much a team is leading by. It also doesn’t say what the biggest lead was or how many lead changes and ties there were. In my opinion, it just doesn’t convey the match up between the teams as well as the old app’s “match up” tab did which is a bit disappointing since I really enjoyed viewing that tab every game. I would like to see that aspect get some improvements but overall this seems like a good app