NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball

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  • Current Version: 2.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Electronic Arts
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NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball App

“This is the only NBA mobile game where it feels like I’m playing as myself.” – James Harden Choose your path to greatness in the all-new season of EA SPORTS NBA LIVE. Build your team, dominate opponents, boost your Rep, upgrade players, take over the Blacktop, and connect with the NBA in Live Events. Capture the spotlight and create your legacy in the world’s most downloaded basketball game. LEAD A TOP SQUAD Create the ultimate roster as you upgrade players, rain buckets, and rise up the ranks in the NBA. With Chemistry, choose and match players that mirror their coach’s playstyle, allowing you to focus on shooting, defensive, a run-and-gun style, and more to get boosts and elevate your game. Get your team in the zone to become the league’s best squad. GAIN YOUR REP Beat opponents in Head-to-Head matches and Leagues to earn Rep. Use it to earn special packs or Rank Up players to their maximum performance level. The higher your players’ levels, the better they’ll play on the court. Strategy rules in this battle for victory. OWN THE BLACKTOP No quarters. No shot clock. No rules. Head outdoors to the blacktop and build a lineup of classic players to compete against other NBA legends and prove yourself on the courts where bonafide ballers are made. From Brooklyn to Chicago to Venice Beach, experience a different feel and unique events that keep the stakes high and the wins rolling in. COMPETE IN LIVE EVENTS Connect to the NBA all year long with daily challenges that keep you raining buckets on the way to the top. Score incredible rewards in real-life matchups and break ankles in Seasons or Head-to-Head mode with friends and foes. Become a hoop master all day, every day. This app: requires a persistent Internet connection (network fees may apply); Requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement. ; includes in-game advertising; collects data through third party analytics technology (see Privacy & Cookie Policy for details); contains direct links to the Internet and social networking sites intended for an audience over 13. *Facebook login required. Must be 13 years or older.


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NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball app reviews

  • It’s great 5/5

    By Jake From State Farm Jr:
    It’s so great. You get to actually play and although it may be frustrating that you don’t make a 3 pointer, the game is amazing😜. Sometimes the game is slow but rarely ever glitches and has bug problems. You should download this game as soon as possible!!
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By sdc nsaasdbf
    This game said in the tutorial if you hit a perfect green you will make it. But that’s not the case I tried a challenge and I hit a perfect green a couple times and you know what happened, I missed the shots that I got a perfect green on.

    By bambakiller69
    Look, I have lots of complaints I have to say, 1 is HOW COME MY PLAYERS ARE WIDE WIDE OPEN AND A PLUS 20 ON GOOD TIMING BUT A MISS ON LOW RATING! 2 is EVERY TIME THE CPU SHOOTS FROM HALF COURT, THEY SPLASH IT. YOU BETTER FIX THIS PLEASE!!! This difficulty is for master player when I just started playing
  • NBA 5/5

    By Son Of Fury
    I love this game because it’s awesome and free, what more can you ask for?
  • Change a little 4/5

    By Hoopstar Randy🤩🎒🏀
    I say the game should lower the cost for top notch basketball players and that they should try to customize the shoes more to like nike and stuff. The graphics should be a little bit more upgraded. Add a bench on the sidelines. The game is pretty good to me💯
  • Best Mobile Basketball game! 4/5

    One of the best basketball games I have ever played!
  • Decent 4/5

    By Skirthound
    I like the games just wish they were longer
  • Good Concept, Bad Execution 1/5

    By Another dissapointed person
    I like the game but some times it’s really frustrating. For example, I’m doing a live event and it says, dunk the ball. Sounds easy right? Wrong. I tried to dunk about 10 times but each time was a lay up. It got to the point like: JUST DUNK THE BALL! And it never worked. Poor quality and that’s it. And also, it’s EA, THEY WANT YOUR MONEY!
  • It don’t work 1/5

    By 4k._.juju
    Every time I go on the 4th live event it goes to the home screen of my phone but i can’t do anything else cause u got to finish the live events to get to level 3 and I can’t do anything else so can u update it and fix it
  • This game should not be four stars 1/5

    By tylesaagepy
    This game is so frustrating. I cant get past the tutorial without the game crashing. You guys need to fix your servers.
  • Money grubbers 1/5

    By dimeloball
    Fix the game and all the glitches before asking people to make in game purchases. Your game is far from flawless but you want me to everyone else playing to put money towards it? The game constantly kicks me off. The gameplay is ridiculously inconsistent. Live events are constantly messed up so you can’t even earn players that are advertised as able to be earned and won and not only bought!!!! Fix your game play that’s why the real NBA LIVE for consoles went under. You’re too worried about gimmicks as opposed to gameplay. Update April 15th,2018: gameplay still complete garbage ✔️and inconsistent as ever ✔️and servers still can’t handle the amount user✔️. You guys finally gifted us with something for all your technical errors and even that wasn’t good. Are you only going to pay attention to the people who like the game until someone makes a better version of this? FIX YOUR SERVERS THIS ISNT PIED PIPER FIX IT!!!!
  • Bad connection 5/5

    By egobay
    The connection of the game is really bad sometimes
  • Update ruined it 5/5

    By Jls599
    It used too be good but the update kind’ve ruins it
  • It’s good but it could be great... 3/5

    By #BakeryStory
    Okay. I like the 2k18 basketball game EA has created. The visuals and animation are great but the controls have been weird lately. When you try to steal a ball from the opposite team it won’t let you. It’s also confusing when the shot meter is hits green but you can’t seem to get the ball in the net. It either slows down or doesn’t go into the net. It just kind of slides from the person’s hand. Then there’s times when a team has, for example, 63OVR and your team has 71OVR. You would think the team with 71OVR would have improved blocking or shooting skills. WRONG!!! Surprisingly the ten with 63OVR is better. For some reason. And then don’t even get me started with the glitches that’s been happening with the app. I’ve updated it recently and played it and it worked just fine. When I go back to play it the screen turns black and the game is unresponsive. I’m like okay maybe I just need to restart the app because nothing is wrong with my phone. I restart the app a number of times and it still doesn’t work. Sooooo like I have no clue what to do any more. Apparently the only other option I have at the moment is deleting this game because I really and truly don’t know what to do anymore. So If you guys can come out with a bug and performance improvement update, I would REALLY appreciate it.😬😑
  • stuck on black screen 4/5

    By B.g2965628
    Started today; game music plays, but screen is stuck on black. Perfect network and internet connection also
  • NBA Live 5/5

    By Abomb20001738
    I like NBA Live because it is very fun because you get very good players
  • Critiques 2/5

    By LilyKirchoff42002102012
    To many lags and the app always has network timeouts etc. Also, no free throws and no fouls called.
  • Controls 1/5

    By spike177673430
    I thought I liked he game at first but the controls are garbage. K cpu can steal but I can’t and when I try I just get a foul and so on. Every other nba game I’ve played has nice controls that are smooth. Guess I’ll just go back and play nba jam which actually has nice controls and is fun too...
  • What the HEEL is up wit dis Mularky? 1/5

    By Mppooppoo
  • NBA live 5/5

    By kobe.11
    Hey guys I mean you guys made a great game I mean an awesome game so I just want to say I enjoy playing the game

    By 9BiGbAlLeR9
    It’s a great game but you definitely need to fix the shooting I’ll be getting perfect 20 and missing shots and I know my players they shouldn’t be going 2 for 17 when they’re straight ballers.
  • You lose the game even without playing 1/5

    By SJ20180420
    Old version was good. New version doesn't even let you play the next turn and you lose? Even if you win your prior turn by good margin. What's the point of playing well then?
  • Bug Found 4/5

    By bluepepperman
    So, I'm taking a shot with my Small Forward from my classic team (Bernard King) and he makes it. How the heck is that a bug? Well when his card shows the percentage and what-not it's the other team's small forwards card instead. My team still gets the points, but still, a bug is a bug. I've found this only happens when it's same team versus same team, like Jazz vs Jazz, Celtics vs Celtics, and Warriors vs Warriors Now to all the people hating on this game : EA Sports is one of the most prestigious game developers ever! They're up there with all the greats, Creature INC. (Pokémon)---Miniclip (They have tons of games, trust me)--- AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST!!! EA SPORTS!!! EVER HEARD OF MADDEN? DOES THE WORD 2K RING A BELL!? They make great games and don't deserve all your big mouths.
  • Fix ASAP 1/5

    This game is pretty good except 2 major flaws. #1 I find myself fighting the joy stick on my screen more than doing the drills. #2 can someone tell me how a 70 rated player hits awkward shots including off balance 3pt shots when an 87 rated player misses a short jumper with screen showing an 82% chance of making it or why ai players regularly act more as spectators rather than defenders! I’ve almost uninstalled game multiple times out of frustration Come on EA fix this
  • Do I still get my reward 4/5

    By JerryMichaelDodson1812
    I finished the east live event and right when I finished the game kicked me out and said maintenance was underway so I could never get the east badges.So do I still get them or do I have to do it all over again?
  • . 1/5

    By adriangonzo23
    Terrible controls and response Playing against the computer that doesn’t fail shots whatsoever. Literally set up to lose.
  • Great game 5/5

    By cyanmofo
    Great game
  • Auction house 3/5

    By hardentheBEST
    I have been playing this game for over a year now and been always positive when everyone else says the game regressed. For me the big problem with the game is the auction house. I would have players up for highly under what they are supposed to go for and they don’t show up on the auction house. This bug has made making coins a lot more challenging.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By pjbarto17
    This new version of NBA live truly is infuriating, starting with nearly every time I steal the ball its rolls on the ground and is picked right back up by the opponent. Same goes with blocks, I’d say 80% of the time I make a steal or block it goes back to their possession. Something else very wrong with this game is the matchmaking in player vs. player games, as a newer team I obviously have a low overall rating but I will be matched against very high rated teams and then since they are rated higher than me, I get an offensive and defensive handicap which makes it even more difficult to win. Its also been made clear this version is much less about gameplay and more about paying to have a higher rated team, through buying in game cash or just straight up buying players which makes it hard to have truly competitive gameplay. I want to love this game as when it is working well I have a blast but it makes it feel hopeless to get anywhere in this game. Please change.
  • Update 1/5

    By Zentricklez
    ever since the update my 90 overall is losing to silvers in events and i miss 50% of my shots in the stupid shooting live events

    By Jordan Ramos Castanon
    NBA LIVE IS A GAME WHERE YOU PICK your own NBA team my team is the Houston Rockets overall 76 Avenue you can see I am playing a live event it’s pretty cool don’t miss the new play off update on NBA LIVE see you.
  • Pay to Play 1/5

    By aieuhfwehf
    Last season this game was terrific. It has since shifted to a pay to play model. Good luck to the credit card warriors that choose to keep playing.
  • Servers down 5/5

    By Jose100297
    Cant log in says sorry somethings wrong u cant play .. fix asap please
  • !!!! 1/5

    By @Cleveland_Er
    Every Time!!! Green release doesn't go in!!!! please change it! Second, I have been waiting forever for my free NBA cash for the "watch the video" thing and it's don't coming!!

    By DrewbooTriple2
    I love this game. It’s definitely my favorite game that has and will ever be sold. One thing that killed me was that I had a platinum coach (Larry Brown) and two days later they changed it to a elite! I have nothing against elites because I have full elite teams it’s just that I payed 3 elite coach’s, 3 ELITE coaches to get a platinum coach, and then they changed the classic coach to an elite! If the creators are reading this I want a refund. And how to get it? They don’t need to know my account, just change the elite coach Larry Brown to an elite. Thank you.
  • What happened? 2/5

    By Hshehsha
    I can’t play with none of my previous players because of this update like the big man lineup and thing was great no need for a change I was at a 84 overall team and came back I’m at a 72 overall, my level got reset back to zero lost all my red card players like curry, Lenard, and many more keep in mind that I paid for these items with real money. So I would like to know what happened to this???? I want my players or money back, thanks in advanced.
  • Issue 5/5

    By BeastVictor1234
    When try to play it takes me back to the home screen
  • Expensive 1/5

    By NbaloverbutnotEA
    Why would anyone in the entire world want to buy a 88 or better elite and some stupid card for $40??????EA is retarded.
  • Not skill based, gameplay was more fun in last version 1/5

    By Mike Dankowsi
    It’s virtually impossible to play defense, 60 overalls make a great deal of lucky and difficult shots while my 90 overalls are seem to “rare miss,” and it’s not rare at all. Also learn the rules please, when inbounding the ball the clock is supposed to start when a player touches it. Not as soon as the ball is inbounded.
  • Big Problems 1/5

    By ShredderDude25
    I really like the game but there’s some problems. The only reason most players have the best players is that they payed money and then on the other hand, some people work so hard and don’t pay a dime. Though a lot of times the player is lagging behind just because they don’t pay any money. You need to fix this and make things easier. Money is not the only problem. Showdown is really unfair because just a minute ago I was a 80 ovr and I matched up against a 90 ovr. This is definitely a big problem and needs to be fixed. There is also a problem with passing. When I was in a game, there was a player that passed the ball right TROUGH my player’s chest. That is not how life should work. You need to fix that. This game is really in need of urgent fixing and fair games.
  • Who wants to play on my team and if you don’t want to we can against other 5/5

    By 937j
  • Fix it 2/5

    By geekgod32
    The game keep logging me out I love it but NEED TO FIX!!!!😤
  • What is up??? 1/5

    By Soryboutchaluk
    With this latest update I can’t even log into the game? I’m currently losing a lot of stuff not being able to login!! HELP!!!!!! Every time I try to log in it says “unexpected error”
  • NBA Live 5/5

    By theeOchipCiinco
    Superbly Brilliant
  • Can’t train player 1/5

    By johntag291988
    Can’t train players automatically crashed
  • Game logic is horrible 1/5

    By Q-ba11
    AI can shoot 100% and make crazy shots, while you will miss wide open shots that you execute perfectly. Defense is impossible in showdown mode. You need money to unlock low level players so u can grind live events to upgrade them. Perhaps the dumbest team of designers and coders messed up what was good last season.
  • Draft 4/5

    By Tyce419
    I think that the game is great but, one thing that bummed me out was that there was no draft and play. But over all the game is great.
  • Horrible game 1/5

    By Miss. Ssong
    Players are ugly and not realistic. The part where its rare miss and lucky shot is so stupid. I lost a conference final game to lucky shots from my opponent and it angered me so much. This game is horrible and i already know the developers will copy and paste a message they send to everyone. I hate this game and I hope it shuts down. God i pray for you because I want you to make this game shut down, so my revenge will be complete. If you are good to your customers give me a lot of cash! I CURSE YOUR GAME AND THE DEVELOPERS AND WISH THIS GAME TO SHUT DOWN I CURSE IT I CURRSEEE ITTT WITH THE POWER IN ME!
  • Shooting errors 3/5

    By jayson tate
    I keep getting trolled on the playoffs live events. In five minutes, I missed a 60% shot, 56% shot, 71% shot, 84% shot, and a 98% shot. When you shoot in basketball it is not a percentage of luck that it is based on, it is skill. I lost that live event 103-96 because of all of my unlucky shots. Please change the way you base shots going in.
  • REALLY GOOD! 5/5

    By cool_xxsniperxx

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