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The official app of the NBA! • Check live scores, stats, and game times • Watch live press conferences • Watch full game replays with your existing NBA League Pass subscription • Watch top plays from around the league with video highlights and recaps • Customize your experience by following your favorite teams • iMessage stickers • Apple Watch app In-app purchases are purchased from and billed by Apple iTunes, not Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. These purchases are subject to the terms and conditions of Apple iTunes. NBA League Pass Annual (billed as "NBA League Pass"), NBA League Pass Premium Annual (billed as "NBA League Pass Premium", and NBA Team Pass Annual (billed as "NBA Team Pass – [Team]") are each valid until the end of the NBA season, and will be re-billed at the start of every NBA season by Apple iTunes until cancelled by the user at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Apple iTunes will send an e-mail in advance of renewal containing a hyperlink to manage the subscription. Annual subscriptions purchased after December 15, 2017 will not be auto-renewed. 
NBA League Pass Monthly (billed as "NBA League Pass - monthly"), NBA League Pass Premium Monthly (billed as "NBA League Pass Premium – monthly"), and NBA Team Pass Monthly (billed as "NBA Team Pass [Team] – monthly") are each valid for one month and will be re-billed on the same date each month based on the original purchase date (i.e. If purchased on Jan. 17, re-bill will occur on Feb. 17, Mar, 17, etc.). Users will be re-billed unless the subscription is cancelled at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Apple iTunes will send a monthly e-mail in advance of renewal containing a hyperlink to manage the subscription. Apple iTunes subscriptions can be managed, and the auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the iTunes Account Settings after purchase; from a mobile device or computer that uses the same Apple ID as the initial purchase. Any cancellation will take effect at the end of the current subscription period. By purchasing a subscription, you also agree to our subscriber agreement at, and terms of use at


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  • Terrible 1/5

    By Tucci1136
    If u purchase this crap for specific teams 8out of 10 are blacked out games bc they sold their rights and coverage to fox abc tnt so pist Response to developer. My point exactly. 3 hours later great. I paid nba for live games. No point to having this app. Ther is no positive to not being able to watch live nba content bc it is sold to tnt or others. I paid nba for subscription that nba sold to someone’s for me to pay. Boo
  • Hey what happened! 1/5

    By Bonami55
    I have Carplay and for a while my radio broke and could not access carplay. Now that I do I noticed that NBA isnt on it anymore. What happened to your app? Why did take it off of carplay?
  • Technical Difficulties 3/5

    By Anderson62205
    I’m really into basketball, so that’s the main reason why I downloaded this app. I’ve been using it for several months, but currently run into problems. For one, it’s stupid u need to purchase the league pass just to watch/stream videos. When I first got the app, it let me watch a few videos, but a few weeks later it stopped working, and there’s no way I’m wasting money on it bc the price is just ridiculous. Second, there has been an error watching videos. Just yesterday, I was about to watch a video and it just loaded and loaded and loaded point is that it never played. It always says no “there was an error playing your video.” However, I am still able to read articles, but starting yesterday videos won’t load. Please fix bc this is just sad that the “official” NBA app doesn’t even work properly 🤦🏿‍♂️SMH Edit: Thank you very much. It started working properly about a week ago, so everything is fine now. Thanks for the reply 😁😁
  • Poor 2/5

    By Brandonp81
    The video quality for highlights is extremely poor and blurry and unwatchable but ads play crystal clear 🤔 please fix this
  • HELP 1/5

    By Tuthlss
    I want to cancel my subscription ASAP please help!!!!
  • Cancelling League Pass requires contacting support 1/5

    By Eftca
    1-Star for poor service. It would be easy to make an online cancel subscription button, but they don’t offer it. Poor business practice.
  • great app 4/5

    By ireland-ror
    this needs to be fixed tho adjusting volume in a video blocks the video with the controls / levels of sound
  • Unreal 1/5

    By Takush1
    Don’t subscribe, they will overcharge you and then most of the games you want to watch will be blacked out due to time zones. Then they will charge you during the playoffs where the games are on everywhere. Then they will charge an auto renewal. Plus they make it impossible to cancel. I searched for a way to cancel and got an email address. Once you complain and ask for a cancellation they will tell you that your account isn’t an international account and they won’t cancel it. I just got charged $30.00 after I thought I canceled in July!
  • Very helpful 5/5

    By #Kobe
    This was very helpful i got tickets october 8 sacramento vs la lakers in vegas la won so thank you for this app i would not of went to that game without this app
  • Gotta read the fine print, I guess... 2/5

    By Ftothered
    When I signed up for the monthly subscription service I was under the impression that that wouldn't be applicable in the offseason. That is unfortunatly not the case. Call me crazy, but I feel like a subscription service should only charge when there is a service being provided. I guess that's what I get for using the MLB's handling of my subscription as a reference point. Suffice it to say, I will be cancelling my subscription.
  • Slow 1/5

    By Lady Boudreaux
    The app takes forever to load, why not cache content so I can see something while I wait. Slower than a Yao Ming fast break. Even on a good WiFi connection this app is all about the waiting...
  • Why is the date always wrong? 3/5

    By thrlittiestpersonintheworld🌝
    Every time I go on the app, it always has the wrong date or week 🙁 please fix this!
  • Doesn't work very well 1/5

    By PEP 999
    The App for my Apple TV crashes every time I am in the middle of watching a game, exit the app, and then attempt to pick the game up from the point where I left it. I just finished watching a game and it the app is hung up. It should automatically go back to the game selection screen, but is just a black screen with the little wheel spinning center screen indicating it is in progress. Now the screen saver has activated and the app is still hung up. Also, whenever I pause the game for more than a few minutes the app crashes. When restarted it doesn’t keep track and restarts the game from the beginning. Very poor app considering the premium cost that is charged for league pass. Very frustrating. My hardware is the newest Apple TV and other apps work fine.
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By Cj Varriano
    Every video I play my screen is fuzzy, I tired reinstalling a bunch of times and nothing ever gets better
  • Please fix Schedule local time display 4/5

    By Deemso
    Great App over all, I just have an issue with the schedule. I have the app set to show the game schedule in local time, while the time displays correctly, the date does not. Example, NBA finals game 2 should show as Monday June 4 at 4 am local time, instead it shows as Sunday June 3 at 4 am. Please fix!!!
  • Fix the videos 4/5

    By RaffHaberberg247
    The app is great. I can deal with the advertisements but the videos are always in poor quality and there is never an option to change the quality. Every time there is an update I assume this problem will be solved but it is as if you are not aware of the problem. So please fix it.
  • Super lag and lots bugs 1/5

    By fangone4825
    Don't download it!! It will makes ur phone super lag, lots of bugs and will slow ur apps down!
  • No longer compatible with IOS 9.0 5/5

    By Alan in Delray Beach
    Requires IOS 10.0. My iPad can't install IOS 10.0. App Store says I can use older version of NBA with IOS 9.9, but App won't open. Keeps trying to install new version of App. Update: NBA app works great on my new iPad mini! Excellent app!
  • NBA League Pass 2/5

    By vin747
    This was the first time I purchased the league pass and sorry to say this but I was very disappointed. I had a lot of issues with the video streaming quality and also called customer care several times. I was promised a refund and never received a response. I also use the android app on my Sony 4k tv and there is a lot of inconsistency between the iOS and Android version of the apps.
  • Not good 1/5

    By Andresinator
    this app crashes over everything. the refs decide every game anyways so just delete the app tbh.
  • Unable to see box score 1/5

    By Ubbaknocker
    Just recently i haven’t been able to see the scores. I see the times, everyone’s minutes, even their field goals; just no numbers
  • Every other sports app let us make the icon our favorite team 3/5

    By Freelancer agent York
    Just add it already
  • Video highlights are low quality 2/5

    By DadofTwins
    I want to like this app but the delivery of the game highlights are terrible. The videos are so pixelated that they are impossible to watch. Also, no matter how many videos I want to watch, there is a 15 second ad before each one of them. The NBA might want to partner with or buy the technology from MLB Advanced Media.
  • Hi 1/5

    By Andrew Steph anys
    So, i subscribed to team san antonio spurs which means that i have to pay monthly subscriptions (note that i could only watch spurs games). The reason why i gave a one star is because they still charged me the fee even though the team have lost and i cant watch anything now. They should not charge people who cant watch anything.
  • Great before the update 1/5

    By Rei-lulu
    Now gives me the "great news there is an update available" Downloaded an older version because of the ios, tried to open the app "great news bla bla" back to app store. The loop circle.
  • Learn to refresh 2/5

    By ThePersonInTheCorner
    Ok this is a decent app and all but I can NEVER see the scores because it takes so Long to refresh. I literally can be 2 hours in the game and still see the first quarter scores. Also, your articles are not that good and don’t offer interesting thing like the nfl app
  • Really really bad 1/5

    By Thorgal22
    Ads would load in HD right away while it takes a minute for anything else to switch to HD (running on Fios with 900/900 speed!) so if I watch a 2-minute video half of it is unwatchable. Ads again- do I really need to watch 30-second advertisement EVERY time I watch something???!!! So I watch a 20 second "best assist of the night" followed by a 30-second ad followed by a 15 second"best dunk" followed by a 30-second ad... You get the point - it's ridiculous how greedy NBA app became. And there are way too many broken links where the video would just not load at all.
  • Spoiler free until playoffs 3/5

    By mattmill93
    It was really nice to have the option to not see game scores and thus watch a game without spoilers. I don’t know why you idiots changed that for the playoffs. Get those stupid headlines off my front page and quick ruining my game watching experience.
  • Wish I could give no stars 1/5

    By The Truth Teller 23
    Hands down most frustrating company you could ever imagine dealing with. They have no direct line for calls if you ever have a problem. You have to send an email and then wait a few days for them to say that “unfortunately there is nothing they can do”. With those kind of responses I can see why they won’t pick up the phone. I only bought the league pass to watch the playoffs and couldn’t get any games to play. I would click on the game and it just took me to an add for buying NBA crap. These games were not live games but almost a week old or older. Live games are blacked out for 3 hours. Who ever runs this department has no love for the game or the fans. I have bought 2 seasons of league pass because I love this game but will have to find some other way to watch. SAVE YOURSELF THE EXCRUCIATING PAIN AND DON’t THROW YOUR MONEY AWAY ON THIS.
  • Amazing U Ex 5/5

    By NBA fan 72959594)1891973819'
    Love the design and user experience. Especially the playoffs section
  • Stupid 1/5

    By uvygyuvugyiyggy
    Absolute Stupid
  • Works Well 5/5

    By mattroi
    The app works well for me. I like how few commercials there are. Being able to watch even during the playoffs is huge. I have no trouble casting to chrome.
  • Problem 1/5

    By Ipinaalex1234512435
    I want to cancel the pass and I didn’t authorize a renewal payment. Please refund me the payment and stop he renewal Yes it was resolved. Thank you.
  • Automatic renewal 1/5

    By udjengaidifj
    Automatic renewal through Apple store should automatically stop once the regular season is over
  • Don’t cut the cord yet !! 2/5

    By Squellcchh
    If you’re a real nba fan then don’t cut the cord yet ! Because just when you need to watch your favorite team play , that game is blacked out. Also streaming from your wireless device is awful. I’ve never watched more than a few minutes before the app stalls for some reason.
  • View Angles 2/5

    By dkeenan117
    The camera views on the app are all trash. There is no option to just watch the actual game in regular camera mode.

    By DreTerry
    The playback on the videos are horrible!!!! The NBA has to do better job!
  • local time option 5/5

    By phanz21
    The app’s local time setting only changes the time and not the date in locations with different time zone which affects the date of the game. in the app under setting there is a option where you can choose “local time” for those out of US. Turning this option on shows the game time in the local time where the user is located. How ever the app shows correct local time but it doesn’t calculate the date. ex) 5/2 19:00(est) game should show as 5/3 08:00(korea) considering the date difference.not it shows 5/2 08:00. does this make sense?
  • Advertisements infuriating 2/5

    By Warn the Wonderful
    The ads consistently load in full HD quality from the start, but when the video I try to watch loads, it starts in 240p and sometimes takes half the length of the video to buffer to a quality that makes players numbers on their back legible. I know this has nothing to do with wifi speed and it's very frustrating that they put more video quality emphasis on ads instead of what we got the app for. Everything else about the app is mediocre.
  • Not acceptable 1/5

    By oaxaca213
    When I need to check yesterday’s game it doesn’t show the score it just says final. All that money and they can’t make a decent app? Also the video quality is terrible.
  • Great App 4/5

    By BasketballHockey10
    This app is great for scores but it’s lacking real organization. Look at the NHL app. Overall an amazing app but a few touch ups is all needed! 🏀
  • Too many updates! 2/5

    By Mojanglez
    You cant use the app for more than 3 days without having to update it. All some people want to do is check out a few scores and box stats, but you have to update the app every other day just to review simple functions
  • Cannot watch nba games on the iPhone 1/5

    By disappointed user23
    There is no response after click the watch button in the iPhone.. extremely disappointed...
  • All Aces 5/5

    By Naruto Dragneel
    If you have NBA league pass or are just a huge fan, this app is perfect. Tracking the schedules, scores, and standings at a touch. Finding out when and where the game is at, and even watching or listening direct through the app is great. First time I have listened to an entire NBA game in YEARS this year, and it was fun. Really love the app. I hope they continue to Improve it and let fans utilize this at no cost. Was one of my favorite seasons in years! Both great products, the league and the app.
  • Apalling app 1/5

    By IanBoughey
    tried repeatedly to sign in to my account (which works fine on my Macbooks) to be told each time that the log-in is incorrect! Even tried deleting and reinstalling; same rubbish.
  • Fix your graphics 1/5

    By Hajebel
    As far as stats and rankings go, I love going on this app to find things out, but when it come to graphics “it SUCKS”!!When there’s a big play all I see is a big blue for the videos. Pleas fix this😁
  • Block playoff games 1/5

    By Vvvpetco
    Too many games block and during the 2018 playoffs the rerun did not work. Contacted NBA and they wanted you to order next season! I want money back!
  • Great for most ways 3/5

    Good for watching games but sometimes it’s stupid they don’t broadcast the game. It’s the app FOR NBA! But great quality and news, etc. But in replays the quality is blurry at first, causing to miss the whole scene unless there’s a replay replay
  • Robbed me 1/5

    By Mrjimmyb0ng
    Totally got robbed, it said it was going to bill me one time when i bought it even after i deleted my payment information it still renewed, now i cant download anything off of itunes , why apple? Plus you cant even watch all the games like it said you could, most of the rigged games you cant watch becuase its so rigged
  • Blackouts are commonplace 2/5

    By Disc Golf Crüe
    I loved the app for the first part of the regular season, but the last part and the playoffs have been blacked out. Paying for app last two months and got to see 5 games....

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