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NBC Sports Gold App

With NBC Sports Gold, Own Your Sport. Watch Premier League matches, top Cycling races, premier Rugby competitions, prestigious Track and Field championships, Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, and Portland Trail Blazers matchups. Available without a TV provider. Subscription fees apply. SPORTS PASSES WITH LIVE AND ON-DEMAND ACCESS: • PREMIER LEAGUE PASS: Stream exclusive Premier League matches plus access a full suite of Premier League shows. • CYCLING PASS: Watch every stage of Tour de France, Vuelta a España, Amgen Tour of California and more. Plus, one day Classics Paris-Roubaix and Liège–Bastogne–Liège. • RUGBY PASS: Entire NatWest 6 Nations Championship, every match of every round of Premiership Rugby, plus select matches from World Rugby tournaments. • TRACK and FIELD PASS: Access USA Track & Field Championships, complete Diamond League coverage, marathons and more. • PRO MOTOCROSS PASS: The entire Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship Season and archived races from previous seasons. LIVE STREAM REGIONAL SPORTS PASS: • BLAZERS PASS: Stream select Blazers matchups. Plus, get closer to your team with exclusive Blazers swag and VIP opportunities. Available to fans located in Blazers Territory, pursuant to NBA rules & agreements. FEATURES - VARIES BY SPORT: • Live Streaming • Full Event Replays • No TV Provider Required • Schedule Event and Match Reminders • Featured Video Clips, Highlights and Interviews ACCESSIBILITY: NBC Sports Gold provides captioning support on videos with a “CC” icon in the player controls. Just touch to enable. NBC Sports Gold Premier League Pass, Cycling Pass, Rugby Pass, and Track and Field Pass are only accessible in the USA. The Pro Motocross Pass is accessible in the USA, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK. The application requires a 3G, 4G, LTE or WiFi network data connection. Watching video over a 3G or 4G connection may affect your wireless data plan. Data charges may apply. iPads that support Retina display can experience HD quality video at up to 1080p. The video quality will adapt based on your data connection.


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  • Cycling content is OK but interface is primitive 1/5

    By ParisRoubaix
    I have the NBC Gold app to watch cycling. The content is fine, the sound is poor sometimes, but the app is bare bones - just good enough not to cancel. There are no settings or preferences, and the content filter is only good for one video, then it resets. If you watch only part of a replay video, you'll have to browse to find it when you want to continue, then remember where you left off - there is no history of any kind. The app requires you to sign in frequently which includes completing a captcha - just ridiculous.
  • Not a good app, but good coverage or MX Racing 3/5

    By Chicks dig it!
    Pros: Coverage of Motorcross racing that doesn’t treat the race as a second class citizen. You won’t miss part of the race for a commercial, or because a baseball game or nascar event ran long, it won’t get switched to a different channel mid-race when coverage is pre-emptied by a more popular race. Cons: The app is buggy, and bugs present for over a year still aren’t addressed. The worst is in their fast forward/rewind functionality. It’s easy to reproduce, not sure why they won’t fix it. The behavior is this: The app stops tracking your position regarding seeking once you have seeked forward or back once. For example, watch 5 minutes of the race, pause the app, seek forward to 10 minutes into the race, now watch the race for 20 minutes (we’re 30 minutes in now total), then seek backward 10 seconds, bam, you are back to 9:50s because the app stopped tracking that you were still watching the video after you FF’d to 10 minutes and thinks you are seeking back 10 seconds from 10 minutes into the race.
  • activate over & over & over & over 1/5

    By DrakeBullet
    ipad, iphone, 3 apple tvs, 3 fire tvs. nbc asks me to activate my subscription at least once per month per device. nbc why does every other app seem to know my devices are me and you need to authenticate frequently? amazon? no. netflix? no. apple? no. the list goes on. the only frequent authentication needed is for financial institutions
  • Mr 1/5

    By Buddy boy $$$
    This app is Rubbish! Three years of decline. Never again! I'm done !
  • Typically buggy, horse sh*t app 1/5

    By Rick Samson
    Simply crap. Just another app that was built using every short cut possible.
  • Colossal Failure 1/5

    By FoxTexasTech
    NBC Sports has taken the best streaming app experience for the Premiere League and has just absolutely destroyed it and made it frustrating. It’s the worst on Roku. If you have the regular NBC Sports App and Gold App, then you have to re-login each time. That is not user friendly. I hope it was worth the $50 from each person you upset. Wow. Simple and best sports service to worst with one greedy decision.

    By bdub_24
    I paid the $50 to be able to watch all of the American pro motorcross races including qualifying. As I am writing this, I am watching a live broadcast of qualifying that indefinitely says nothing more than ‘coverage to begin shortly’ when qualifying actually started an hour ago. This is a recurring theme. Half of the time, the app won’t even let me start to watch a broadcast either because it says I still need to purchase the respective package. After restarting the app a handful of times, it usually realizes it’s me again, and let’s me watch. Basically, you give them your money, then you have to shake it to death get what you paid for, which you don’t always get. Also messes up the alert times for us in Arizona because of the time zones.
  • Great for Pro Motocross! 4/5

    By MavTaco
    I don’t care about soccer so I’m not complaining about what the other people are. This app is great for the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Series! You get to watch everything as if you were there and even past seasons as well. The only thing I don’t like is the crazy buffer times. I mean I kinda get it on the live broadcast, but on the replays? Come on. Other than, solid app.
  • Great for motocross 3/5

    By Larry212122/2
    I bought this app specifically to watch motocross, and for that it works awesome! The other sports on the app are lame, in my opinion. I would like to see the 125 races on here, and I wish they would fix the fast fwd feature. If you try to fast fwd, it goes back to the last spot you ended when fast forwarding.
  • Great coverage of Pro Cycling 4/5

    By Pattys33
    Excellent coverage of men's cycling road races and more. Outstanding commentators, very happy with this app and highly recommend for avid pro cycling fans.
  • Great app 5/5

    By 50+Racer
    I bought this to watch the 2018 outdoor motocross season. It included all the races from the 2016& 2017 seasons as well. It works fantastic.
  • Lags a lot 1/5

    By Lisaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaab
    We pay $50 for the use of this app. It stops playing all the time and you have to shut down the app and re open and reload the event you’re watching. It’s very very frustrating when you’re into what you’re watching and it just won’t stream correctly. Disappointed in this app.
  • Can’t stream to your television 1/5

    By stevegrad
    Absolute waste of money. I payed to be able to watch cycling races. The app will only allow a short stream to my Apple TV from my phone then it cuts off and posts that streaming is restricted. I payed good money for my subscription and am unable to enjoy it.
  • Literally the Worst App Ever 1/5

    By EddNog
    I have never seen such a disfunctional app. It literally, simply, absolutely, does. Not. Work. Period. The previous version, I could not even get the login screen to work. With this version, I can finally log in, but it still does not actually play the video. I pay for the bike racing package and this app does not allow me to play back bike races, even when logged in. This is completely useless, and my membership isn’t worth it because I cannot watch what I paid for because the app is broken. No thanks, NBC.
  • Forget it! You will spend all night with Captcha 1/5

    By Schhwinndy
    You cannot get into the app because it keeps prompting you with captcha pictures. Even if you get them right it will show another. Basically you cannot login.
  • Better than nothing, barely, for cycling 2/5

    By Wiggen
    Well... You can *watch* le Tour and other cycling races live and without commercials, BUT... For two weeks of Le Tour de France, they couldn’t figure out how to balance the sound of the commentators and the background (loud crowds and motorcycles, barely audible commentators). For most Other races, you will have a day or two or three where the sound balance is off. NBC has chosen, it seems, a high school AV club, or maybe middle school, to do the sound. Do they care? No. There is no way to contact them to let them know of their problems. They also ignore the thousands of complaining tweets on Twitter… So buyer beware. As I write this, we are in day two of the 2018 tour of California and the sound problems are back. Surprise! Actually not a surprise at all. It has become the rule, not the exception. For this, we paid $40. NBC is approaching the line between ineptness and outright scamming.
  • Just make it work again 1/5

    By CTKFL
    Edit: this app always finds a way to crash in the final hour or so of a race. Then tell me playback is restricted. Then freeze when I reopen the app and try to FFWD to the place I was previously. PLEASE FIX IT! I want to be a fan but you make it so difficult. I'd like more racing, less rugby, and for the app to work again. Currently locked out of the Roubaix!
  • No Gold here 1/5

    By JnLnGln
    As I’m writing this the last playing day of the season is taking place and I get to watch zero, that’s right, zero games on the final day. Throughout the season I only got Saturday morning games at 8 or 9 a.m. based on daylight savings or some weekday afternoon games. $50 that I won’t spend again after I turned off my automatic renewal this week. No thanks, I’ll take my business elsewhere. Don’t waste your time and money folks, you won’t get to watch top 4 teams play hardly ever either.
  • Don’t waste your money 1/5

    By Lakerchuck
    I bought app to watch my premier league team. It won’t allow me to watch because the game is on oxygen channel that I don’t have. Not worth it
  • A grab fo money only. AVOID AT ALL COST 1/5

    By alwaysaGleek!
    Former app owner. I paid the $50 at the beginning of the season when the few matches my team played wouldn’t be covered. This, on top of the $50 I paid to DirectTv already, per season, to be able to watch from home on TV, NOT an app. If you want my advice - AVOID AT ALL COST. Not just because of the cost, but the greed NBC has become overwhelmed with and the nature in which it takes away from lower teams and the idea of promoting a sport and league not popular in the US. OH, and the service/quality is horrible with Customer Service being useless, inept, and rude. Read on for an in-depth summary. First of all, the streaming and availability issues are more than just “buggy programming” and poor internet connection. I’ve been in hotels with excellent WiFi, sports pubs with my local fan club with equal service and have experienced spotty “connectivity”, audio that doesn’t match, buffering which results in missed game play and matches that simply don’t air and thus don’t show up on demand. Calling Customer Service is about as useful as banging your head into a wall. Incompatible with multiple platforms and ISP’s, buggy issues, connectivity issues, lag time, buffering, lost matches - many issues that not just I, but many friends, and other users here faces are met with unsympathetic CSR’s who don’t know how to fix the issue and, frankly, just don’t care. Once you’d paid - you’re screwed. They know it, and know this is a terrible platform and can’t do anything about it. Most also have an attitude problem to go along with it. Simply put, this is a grab for money only based on the knowledge that US fans of the EPL will pay to watch their club play. My hope is the EPL realizes that NBC is providing a disservice to a fan base they desperately want to grow in the US by limiting and denying access to clubs and matches. Worse, if you follow a team that is lower in the league (based on placement at the end of the prior season) or a team recently promoted to PL, those teams are losing fans left and right. Years ago, I picked my club by being able to watch every team, every weekend - regardless of placement on the table. I’m fortunate that (at least as of late) my team finishes regularly in the top 4, which assures that I don’t miss nearly as many matches as, say, a West Ham or Swansea. This is revenue lost to not just the EPL, but to clubs in merchandise but most importantly, fans. I am anxiously waiting the day that the Premier League pulls the plug on NBC - whether it be early, or at the end of contract next (2020) season and award it to a network that will do it justice. To double charge fans with the promise of full coverage and to not provide is near criminal. To deny lower clubs the ability to develop fans and promote the good nature of English Football to a new fan base is absurd.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By JP3903
    I have not been able to watch one game this season due to technical issues with the app. I have emailed their support and have gotten no response. I have emailed them to cancel and request a refund but I’m sure that won’t happen. Don’t download or subscribe to this service, it’s just another Comcast nightmare.
  • Screw this app 1/5

    By wanted to watch euro
    What a rip off and waste. Complete robbery keeping public games from the public
  • Ripoff 1/5

    By Ipaddington
    Any goodwill NBC was hoping to achieve by covering the Premier league has been lost with this terrible app. Clearly a cynical attempt to squeeze extra money out of the most loyal fans. On top of all that the app is buggy and poorly designed.
  • Zero stars if possible 1/5

    By trex120889
    Insulting to pay for coverage already through our provider and then withhold the coverage for more money for what I personally want most!! Being able to choose between Premier league games and watch Arsenal and not deal with Gold disappointment was a great part of this app previously. Zero stars if possible.
  • Great app for cyclists! 4/5

    By Tdf03
    There's never been a better time to be a cycling fan! Watch live or archived. The commentary is top notch: Mathew Keenan, Phil Liggett and/or Paul Sherwin. The only knock is sometimes the audio is a little wonky at the beginning, but they usually work it out in a few minutes. Hopefully they'll expand the coverage to more races!
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By coyb 18
    I was already annoyed that they switched many games from free to pay this season but I had to pay as Everton we’re rarely in the NBC TV games. However, this site is unreliable and getting customer service updates saying they have fixed errors and replay now available misses point that whole value is to watch LIVE game
  • Not cool 1/5

    By Sammyhammer212
    Not worth any $$$$$.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By sccanuck19
    I’d be fine paying to watch my team’s games that aren’t on tv, I do it with every other sport I watch. The functionality of NBC Gold across multiple platforms is just beyond horrendous. Never again. I’d rather miss the 10 games that aren’t on tv. It hasn’t improved all season, so they clearly have no intention of making it any better.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Mlou42z
    I love to watch cycling, and regular tv just doesn't show enough events. This app has it all! It has expanded the races and I can now watch races most of the year instead of just the Tour de France on tv...and I get ALL the action on le tour - from the start of the race to the podium winners each day. My only wish is that they would add the Giro to the line up! The app itself is easy to use and navigate. No complaints here!!!
  • Happy with Cycling 4/5

    By All knees shall bow
    Very happy to watch cycling road races without commercial interruptions. Prefer that all races would have a knowledgable ex-racer commenting on tactics and race developments, which would improve the package. Prefer to watch on any race on the app first, and then watch the broadcast version with my family. Cycling is my favorite sport. Intend to renew at or below current price.
  • Not worth the money! 1/5

    By harvs68
    You pay $50 a season and they say you can watch more replays. They only replay some games and there is no rhyme or reason to which games are shown. It can also take hours if not days for them to put replays up.
  • Filters 1/5

    By grryK
    How hard is it to store filter preferences? It isn’t hard. Coding stuff like that can be done by interns and noobs. Seriously why make us pick one every time instead of storing it.
  • Waste of money! 1/5

    By clementec15
    Absolute waste of $50! Can’t watch any games live.
  • Rip off 1/5

    By lyingthroughyourteeth
    Oh oh no content available is now in my screen. I have an automatic renewal on my account so there should not be a break in my service. But there is and I cannot get any answers !!!!
  • The most frustrating app you are forced to own 1/5

    By Sevdhdjsijmsm
    NBC has controlled every bit of cycling coverage and if you want to see anything you are forced to pay for the worst functioning app I have ever used And now half ay through watching a race, it has disappeared and is no longer available
  • Replay support nonexistant 1/5

    By I-ku-u
    I cannot rate this app low enough. Replays are very buggy and support simply responds that it’s working as intended. Example: 10 second fast forward and rewind are relative to when you last advanced to, so if you watch say 20 minutes, then try to replay the last bit, it rewinds from 20 minutes ago. I can’t stand it. Worst app purchase I’ve ever made.
  • Live event is gone once it starts 1/5

    By jldubu
    Paid for this do I could watch cycling. App shows Paris Roubaix as upcoming on 4-5 at 2:45 until 4-5 @ 2:45 then it’s gone and I can’t watch it. Period. NBC Gold is a scam.
  • Absolutely horrible 1/5

    By Salt Lake City Dub
    For a company the size of NBC to charge $50 for this app is beyond belief. It's like something from the 1980s. Horrible design and performance. And dis I mention it costs $50!
  • The worst 1/5

    By Merckx72
    Just awful just awful just awful barely ever works barely ever worked with Chromecast barely ever get it to give you schedule it is just the worst
  • For sub-standard coverage at least the app should work 1/5

    By JettaJack
    Cycling coverage for several races doesn’t even have a race coverage team. On others, the other nearby commentators are so loud you can’t hear the Aussies. Overall unimpressive content, poor app execution, having to constantly reauthorize my roku makes for a very poor user experience.
  • Utter nonsense 1/5

    By TDedmon
    Paywall garbage, etc. Yeah yeah yeah. Let’s talk about what an absolute disaster of an app this is from a functional standpoint. The video cuts out nearly every time I try to watch something. Half the time, my chrome cast button doesn’t show up unless I force quit and restart the app four times, and on top of that why can’t you remember where I left off on the video. It’s a three and a half hour GD bike race! Did it ever occur to someone that I may not be able to watch the whole thing in one sitting? Jesus Christ this app is an abomination.
  • Just awful! 1/5

    By review789
    The streaming is fine. It’s the controls for fast forwarding and rewinding using the Apple TV remote. Worst user experience you can imagine. When you think you’re fast forwarding 10 seconds it jumps back 10min. I also use ESPN Watch which has great usability. NBC Gold Developers- Please just copy their functionality. Don’t try to create your own.
  • Works perfectly 5/5

    By JoeD9999
    Excellent app for PL fans. NBCSN has been streaming PL matches for years with no real problems. GOLD works as advertised.
  • Disaster 1/5

    By tkfr222
    Don’t waste your money. An absolute disaster of an app. Just a complete scam by NBC. I’d honestly rather watch the GameCast on ESPN than deal with their crap. Must have a TV provider to watch games even AFTER purchasing gold. Don’t get fooled into thinking this gets you access to more games. Never been more disappointed in an app or a service. Shame!
  • Shame on you NBC 1/5

    By Eugenechristophe
    Your desire to make money more than your responsibility to your viewers is a real shame on your reputation. The rugby 6 nations experiment is a complete disaster. Last year the rugby channel app charged $6 for 2 months ($12 total) to watch the entire tournament. You charged $50 for far inferior coverage. Shame shame shame.
  • Cycling works great 4/5

    By Roger s101
    Only complaint is that I can’t stream to my smart TV through Netflix or Amazon Prime.
  • Gets worst and worst 1/5

    By GregDenis81
    I used to like it to watch cycling. Now it shows tons of content i do not have access - what do I care ! - and i cannot watch full screen on my iphone. Useless
  • HIRE A [email protected] SOUND ENGINEER PLEASE 1/5

    By Fox-tooth
    Look, I understand that you can’t shell out for the A-list announcing talent on these smaller bike races. But sound engineers just aren’t that expensive, y’all. You could probably contact a local college and get a student who knows how to operate a %*#$ing mixing board to do it for free. How is it that one of the oldest, richest networks in the nation is broadcasting things that are UNLISTENABLE? I either can’t hear the announcers, or can’t hear anything but. It’s obvious no one involved with this project has ever even seen a mixing board; any 13yo kid who’s fooled around with GarageBand for a month could do a better job. I’m basically forced to use the app, because buying cable all year just to watch the Tour de France is insane, but this is SHAMEFUL. Fix it, you morons.
  • Waste of money 1/5

    By greggelb
    Glad I paid $50 to get nothing but news. No quality games, nothing worth watching. I’d chalk this up as a scam.
  • Not worth $50 1/5

    By Yid Army in TN
    Many matches are on free TV or free apps. And most matches are not available as replays to watch at your convenience

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