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Watch thousands of LIVE sporting events airing on NBC, NBCSN, Olympic Channel, Golf Channel and more with the NBC Sports app! DEDICATED BRAND EXPERIENCES: • NBC Sports • Golf Channel • Olympic Channel STREAM LIVE EVENTS INCLUDING: • NFL Sunday Night Football • NHL Regular Season and Stanley Cup Playoffs • PGA Tour • Premier League (soccer) • NASCAR Monster Energy and Xfinity Series races • French Open (tennis) • Triple Crown (Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes) REGIONAL CONTENT: • NBA: 76ers, Bulls, Celtics, Kings, Trail Blazers, Warriors, and Wizards • NHL: Blackhawks, Capitals, Flyers, and Sharks • MLB: Athletics, Cubs, Giants, Mets, Phillies, and White Sox • MLS: Earthquakes and Revolution Sign in with your TV provider username and password to watch your favorite sports anytime, anywhere, on any screen with the NBC Sports app. FEATURES: • Live Events: watch marquee NBC Sports events LIVE! • Video on Demand: access video clips, preview upcoming events, and check out highlights from past events • Full Event Replays: relive all the great moments with full event replays • Push Notifications: receive reminder alerts for upcoming events • Alternate camera angles, synchronized statistics, and extra content available for some events FULL AIRPLAY SUPPORT: Stream your favorite shows to your TV or monitor using Apple AirPlay. ACCESSIBILITY: NBC Sports is proud to offer closed captioning support on shows with a “CC” icon in the player controls. Just touch to enable. The vast majority of live streaming content on the NBC Sports app will only be available to authenticated cable, satellite and telco customers via TV Everywhere. Further instructions are provided in the app settings section. NBC Sports video is only accessible in the USA and certain U.S. territories. The application requires a 3G, 4G, LTE or WiFi network data connection. Watching video over a 3G or 4G connection may affect your wireless data plan. Data charges may apply. The video quality will adapt based on your data connection. This app features Nielsen proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. To learn more about our digital measurement products and your choices in regard to them, please visit http://www.nielsen.com/digitalprivacy for more information.

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  • Ridiculous repeating of commercials 1/5

    By Jim618034
    While online access to what is free over the air is appreciated NBC should be ashamed of this app. In a game you are likely to see the same commercials, in the same break order, ten or more times. Infuriating and boring and shows few advertisers are buying the online version.
  • Most infuriating 1/5

    By R m Caras
    Is this apps design to pileup commercials upon commercials. Incredible.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Octavian 33
    This app is just pure hot garbage. I can’t believe NBC would let their name be on this pile of trash.
  • App Crashes 1/5

    By Th3BigA
    This app can’t process the simplest tap or it freezes and crashes. You’ll be lucky to even click on the menu by the time the app decides to freeze. Useless in the state it is in right now.
  • NBC Sports App No Good 1/5

    By Jeffrey leppelman
    I can’t watch live Sporting events on the Apple TV No Sunday Night Football, No NHL or NASCAR. It gives me Entitlement Error. And it says doesn’t have retransmission rights in your area But the app says you can watch live sporting events like Sunday Night Football nhl nascar
  • A Pathetic Disgrace 1/5

    By Drely
    Has anyone in power at NBC ever even tried to use this horrible app before signing off its release(s)? What’s even more terrifying, is that the answer may very well be “yes.”
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Plenty of others
    This app doesn’t work
  • Unwatchable replays and spoilers all over the main page 1/5

    By JBU driver
    Could you shoehorn some more commercials in NBC? Replays are unwatchable especially trying to fast forward to a specific point. Endless repetitive commercials make the replay experience a disaster. All this after you already know who won thanks to the spoilers that riddle the main page.
  • Terrible for Chromecsst 1/5

    By Agfftff
    Crashes constantly and even locks up my chromecast so I have to reboot it.
  • Stutters Stops Freezes 2/5

    By sfbrian
    What a joke for a steaming app. It constantly stutters or freezes. It doesn’t matter whose WiFi I’m connected to. This is unacceptable for an app such as yours when watching live events.
  • Please fix!!!! 1/5

    By Jesalicious
    If I could put 0 stars I would. Every single time I open this app it freezes and crashes immediately! I have an iPhone X. Please fix this.
  • Terrible performance 1/5

    By Skunk City
    Inconsistent. Can never rely on this to watch games when we want to. Plays everything except what we want, of course. Always trouble connecting to chrome cast. Needs work.
  • Worst Streaming App on the Market 1/5

    By PissedOffArsenalFan
    I have never had a good experience with this app. Whether trying to watch Football, Soccer, the Olympics, hockey it never works the way it should. It doesn’t work properly with Chromecast. It forces you to watch the same commercial over and over again as you struggle to force it to stream to your TV. The single most frustrating and unreliable app I have ever downloaded to my phone. 🤬
  • Very poor NASCAR coverage(up date) 5/5

    By Artjp511
    Vest improvements have been made since my first review the app has been working seamlessly lately 9/18 When you're watching live streaming of NASCAR about every five minutes it pops up error encountered while loading and it's not my Wi-Fi or service provider that is all working fine it's only the NBC app when I'm watching NASCAR live they can't keep up with the demand i'm guessing8/16
  • The worst app 1/5

    By trex120889
    This is hands down the worst app I have ever used. So frustrating, constantly making you watch another ad, and streaming barely works right trying to connect to any other device (like Chromecast). The fact that you can’t stream PL football on Xbox but they support the app itself it’s absolutely ridiculous. DO BETTER
  • Awful 1/5

    By efass81
    Crashes on startup. Unusable.
  • Broken functionality 1/5

    By Marksahara
    v4.2.1 on tvOS seemed to break a lot of functionality for me, although my iOS app works fine on iPhone. 1. Live streams stall and hang constantly — I am unable to watch a majority of the live broadcasts I’d like because the video seems to load one frame of the broadcast then sits there until you exit and restart the app to no avail. 2. When live streams do begin to play, the audio defaults to only playing from HDMI. My speakers are wired to an Airport Express and I use AirPlay for my Apple TV audio. With NO WAY to switch audio outputs within the stream when using the app via the pulldown menu, I have a useless app installed on my Apple TV, taking up space because it can’t do anything useful for me even though I desperately want to connect and engage with their content!!! Multiple other video streaming apps give you the ability to swap audio output on the pulldown menu, INCLUDING NBC’s own app!!! Why does this have to be such a glaring omission from the user interface? Stop treating us like idiots and give us the flexibility to choose how we’d like to listen to our games/races/matches!!! Not every TV’s built-in speakers are spectacular, and not every speaker system is hooked up via HDMI. I might be in a very small minority of users with this unique setup, but a simple feature request could solve this problem. I would love to raise the rating of my review with the resolutions of these issues, as I had previously enjoyed the NBC Sports app prior to the last update or two that broke it for me. Thanks!!!
  • Convenient 4/5

    By Beatty68
    I'm away from home and my tv. Able to watch and enjoy my teams. Like the picture and sound.
  • Glitchy 2/5

    By Snipermr6
    This app has had more “bug fixes and improvements” without actually doing anything at all! Every time I open it to stream the PL I have to “re-authenticate” and once that is done I get a bs message about not having the channel in my region! I get all of the channels on my cable package so how can it not be in my region. Crashes constantly and freezes. Ridiculous.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By jennaveefs
    It crashes every time I open it. I can’t watch anything.
  • Trash 1/5

    By taylor daniel a
    App is trash. Freezes and crashes constantly
  • Seems fine 4/5

    By SayrePrayers
    App works well. Sometimes feels like commercials won't end but the app itself is functional.
  • 0/5 stars, terrible app for years 1/5

    By Soccerguywk
    This is the worst app of any kind that I have ever used. I don’t understand how an organization with NBC’s resources can’t hire someone to fix this app that has had the same issues for years. Constant cutting out during broadcasts, regular delays with feeds even though I know the game has started, and poor control of the feed once it is running. On replays it is very painful to rewind, fast forward, and pause. And when you leave the app (not even close it) it loses your place.
  • Bogus 1/5

    By LaziestSmartPerson
    Just wanted to see the high school highlight reel for my highschool’s football game tonight so I downloaded the app to access the live stream to see the program and it wanted me to select a provider just to view a five minute reel? Really? The things companies will do for money is infuriating to say the least.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By whitey1601
    Crashes every time I use it. iOS 12
  • Frustrated 2/5

    By Driffel
    App started crashing two days ago on iPhone 8 can’t watch anything despite reboots and multiple attempts
  • Worst app from any sports network 1/5

    By Mr.c209
    Forced you to watch ads even when the live broadcast is on and if you leave the app your punished with another ad. The streaming feed also does not come back from breaks the same time TV does. Cmon Comcast even Fox is better
  • Crashes 1/5

    By jenjen2807
    Keep crashing. App closes every 2 min so I missed everything I was trying to watch
  • Bad user interface 1/5

    By Esqu21
    Poor fast forwarding and rewinding methods. Menu interface is confusing. The cherry on top is that you can’t skip commercials. Horrible!
  • Crash City 1/5

    By OLineSucks
    Tried watching SNF on app tonight. Crashed about every five minutes; had to go back into app and reload game every time. Super annoying. Looking forward to going back to afternoon games so I can watch my team lose on the Fox Sports app uninterrupted!
  • Is it good? 1/5

    By Unoshot
    I can’t tell if this app is good for any NBC sporting event since the app either freezes up or crashes.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Wolf pack12466
    I’ve entered my tv provider 10 times now and it still won’t work
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Yaboijr
    This App crashes as soon as you sign In with your cable, worked perfectly fine till the 30mins ran out
  • Shut down mode 1/5

    By BiggDigg70
    The app has good clarity and has the football game I want to watch but every 6 mins the app shuts down and I have to sign in all over again. It just shuts down back to my home screen of my phone. Glad to have it to see SOME of the game but this is ridiculous.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Jlh3189
    It keeps logging me out, app keeps freezing, and it’s slow. I will update with a five star if I can log in stay logged in a watch the content provided by NBC. How hard is it to develop an app you are a multi-million dollar company. Get it together!
  • No Point 1/5

    By Holmesy30
    Crashes every time I open it. Downloaded to watch football and the app literally won’t do anything. Freezes in 5 seconds and crashes 25 seconds after.
  • Terrible. 1/5

    By davidb703
    Terrible app. Freezes in the first 5 seconds of loading and then crashes in the next 15 seconds. I’d give it 0 stars if I could because I can’t even use the app.
  • Waste of an app 1/5

    By Amenqenu
    I used to be able to watch all the Premier League games wherever I was, with this app. It was great. But now, I can’t watch “live” anything. It’s bs. I already pay for cable. I shouldn’t have to pay extra to view sports on an app that represents the cable channel that I already pay for. Straight bullshite app
  • Terrible - virtually unwatchable 1/5

    By Matt Hints
    Absolutely infuriating to try to operate app and watch a sports game. Continuously cuts to commercial breaks mid-action, repeats same commercials over and over, impossible to fast forward or rewind through lulls in action without totally screwing up the game-watching experience. I spent half the time staring at a “your coverage will resume shortly“ graphic or watching commercials over and over and over… Uggghhh.
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By KK' Tunes Account
    I used to watch premier league games every weekend in nbc, nbc sports or the nbc sports app. This morning I went to watch the Arsenal vs. Newcastle Match. I was prompted to a new screen where I now have to pay $50.00 a year to watch the games that all were free until now. Ridiculous. How greedy are you NbC? How greedy do you really need to be ? How much greed / money is enough? I will not be paying for This service and will now be boycotting nbc. They don’t make any good tv shows worth watching anyhow
  • Greedy greedy greedy 1/5

    By Sneaks2cold
    Thiefs, scam artists, greedy people
  • Ruining Soccer 1/5

    By Teaporn PC
    You CANNOT insert Mid game commercials during a game. There are not many goals in a game and I was just watching Liverpool vs Tottenham and a commercial popped up during the second half and I missed the only goal so far in this half! What the hell is this BS!?!? Greed. Destroying the beautiful game with this garbage. Not acceptable.
  • Fails too often 1/5

    By grahamdixon
    This app only streams the game about one time out of five. And when it fails and you try to start the game again, you are forced to sit through a commercial before the game starts (or, more likely, fails to start). That's not right. I shouldn't be subjected to five commercials just because the streaming failed four times. If televisions worked this way, nobody would buy them. And after literally 20-30 failures, I am finished trying to watch today's hockey game -- I'll simply read about it in the newspaper tomorrow.
  • Upset 1/5

    By Sho app
    NBC sports keeps stopping during broadcast.please fix th
  • A’s broadcasts 1/5

    By no Braden fan
    Please do not take Ray Fossee off the A’s telecasts! He provides so much history. My son and I think Dallas talks way too much. We will be switching to the radio if this continues.
  • Worse than Fox or ESPN 1/5

    By RavenDeinbeck
    Makes you watch commercials every time you open a stream, unlike the others. INCREDIBLY annoying
  • Cuts out 1/5

    By biggoats
    Won’t load anything. I see a commercial then the main show cuts out and closes the app. Terrible!!!
  • Crashes repeatedly 1/5

    By E. Case
    App runs for 10 to 15 seconds, then crashes. Repeatedly. And NBC wants us to pay for the Gold version?
  • Not free 1/5

    By Awesome music guy
    They falsely charge you account 57.00 when you think it’s free !
  • Freeze freeze freeze 1/5

    By arbtrade
    I guess NBC can’t afford real app programmers.

NBC Sports app comments

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