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Watch thousands of LIVE sporting events along with the latest episodes of your favorite NBC TV shows anytime with the new NBC Sports app! STREAM LIVE EVENTS INCLUDING: • NFL Sunday Night Football • PGA TOUR • Premier League (soccer) • NASCAR Monster Energy and Xfinity Series races • USFL - United States Football League • French Open (tennis) • Triple Crown (Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes) REGIONAL CONTENT: • NFL: Eagles, Patriots, Commanders, Ravens, Bears, 49ers and Raiders • NBA: 76ers, Bulls, Celtics, Kings, Warriors and Wizards • MLB: Athletics, Cubs, Giants, Phillies and White Sox • MLS: Earthquakes and Revolution FEATURES: • Watch marquee NBC Sports events LIVE! • Access video clips, preview upcoming events and check out highlights from past events • Relive all the great moments with full event replays • Watch the latest episodes of brand-new NBC series the day after they air on TV for free without logging into a TV provider, or log in to unlock even more. • Watch hundreds of episodes of classic shows, including Amazing Stories, Knight Rider, Miami Vice and more, for free! Never miss episodes of hit NBC shows again! Watch new episodes the day after they air, catch up on entire series and movies, and stream live news and events. Now, you can also watch series from across the NBCUniversal family of networks, including Bravo, E!, Oxygen, SYFY, USA and more! NBCUNIVERSAL PROFILE: • Create an NBCUniversal Profile to favorite and save shows across all your devices. • Resume watching your favorite shows where you left off on any device. • Receive three credits to unlock episodes for FREE! NBC SPORTS TERMS OF USE: https://www.nbcsports.com/terms-use NBC SPORTS PRIVACY POLICY: https://www.nbcuniversal.com/privacy?brandA=NBCSportsGroupOlympics&intake=NBCSportsGroupOlympics YOUR PRIVACY CHOICES: https://www.nbcuniversal.com/privacy/notrtoo?brandA=NBCSportsGroupOlympics&intake=NBCSportsGroupOlympics NBC SPORTS CA NOTICE: https://www.nbcuniversal.com/privacy/california-consumer-privacy-act?intake=NBCSportsGroupOlympics This app features Nielsen proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. To learn more about our digital measurement products and your choices in regard to them, please visit http://www.nielsen.com/digitalprivacy for more information.

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NBC Sports app reviews

  • Ruined Golf Channel App 1/5

    By BlahShooterX12gig
    Thanks, NBC, for replacing the Golf Channel app I used to use all the time with the NBC Sports app that I will never use. I am interested in golf, and when I want to see golf scores and news I don’t want to have to wade through tons of other sports to find what I want. I’ll use the CBS Sports app to check golf scores from now on. Hitting the delete button.
  • Just doesn’t work 1/5

    By Freaking_Heck_U
    Trying to watch a Motogp race, it prompts me to sign into my cnbc universal account, I do, it goes away for a second, then gives me the same prompt. I’ve tried logging out and logging back in, deleting then re-installing, creating a whole new account. Just let me watch my race, I just want the app to work
  • New Update App Worthless 1/5

    By aquaman424
    Tried to watch golf and regional sports on the app here and on Roku. Keeps telling me it's unavailable to me, which is wrong. No where to re-authenticate your login. App is completely worthless after the new update because nothing loads. At least I can somehow watch Law & Order on 3 different stations on the NBC "SPORTS" app? Deleting this and going to buy an ESPN+ subscription to be able to watch things that I should already be able to watch, thanks NBC.
  • NBC app 2/5

    By Hnkszyd
    The app is terrible. Very difficult to find anything. Every time I try to open source it takes me to something else. My grandkids could do a better job. Would not recommend it to anyone. Only got because you did away with the Golf Channel App.
  • Negativity Review 1/5

    By Phudbuoy
    One word. Garbage
  • Not a replacement for the Golf Channel App 1/5

    By JBboatr
    This app was supposed to replace the Golf Channel App. IT DOES NOT. Very disappointing. The Golf Channel app had scores of all the pro golf tournaments with up to date individual scores, etc. All this app has is mostly videos, which you must subscribe to if you do not have a cable tv provider, and articles. Even though it’s not supported, the Gilf Channel app still works if you did not delete it. NBC, bring back the Golf Channel app!
  • Update is awful 1/5

    By Tank2299
    Can’t sign in to tv provider after update. Worthless
  • App doesn’t work after update 1/5

    By moneymoves1824
    On both ios and roku new version app does not load anything
  • #1 Worst App 1/5

    By Jkirk61
    Great content that has the worst app ever! After latest update I have to reorganize SportsTalk content every time I open app. Now I wanted to watch Giants Rangers game, video unable to load. Redesign this app or lose valued readers.
  • Where is sports central Philly 2/5

    By jg1123456
    I downloaded the latest version and no longer have the nbc sports Philly option in order to watch sports central Philly. Was this eliminated from the app? It comes on M-F repeating between 7am-10am. I am an xfinity cable subscriber and could watch it on cable and the app. Why was it taken away from the app.
  • New version is very buggy 1/5

    By Waggo85
    New version is very buggy
  • Update Broke it 1/5

    By rhsc30
    Recent update broke it on all my devices, not just Apple ones. Never experienced anything like this on any app for so long. Somebody should be fired
  • Trash 1/5

    By Breezyballz
    Ya’ll got this app messed up trying to do too much. Used to watch all the Bulls games on here now I literally can’t find any sports on, on a SPORTS app. Trash. Throw it away and try again.
  • It did work but now it doesn’t 1/5

    By InterstellarDust
    Ever since MyTeams stopped streaming SF Giants games and directed traffic to this app, it has stopped working. Sorry! A video playback error has occurred. Please try restarting this video. If you continue to experience issues, please Contact Us under Settings in the app.
  • Commercials 1/5

    By FreaknPrtoRican
    I'm so sick and tired of watching the same 3 commercials at every break. I've been watching some of them for years, seriously. If you're gonna force me to watch ads, do the leg work.
  • Still iPhone iOS 12 1/5

    By novarfc
    Thanks now App won’t work
  • UI and version changes are massive 5/5

    By Jewnbug25
    Hard to state how much of an improvement the latest version of the app is. So many terrible quirks gone, I’m so happy
  • Updates Make the App Worse 2/5

    By hkrh eunsoms
    The new update switched to more of a "TV guide" format. I'm not sure what else changed for the better - one big thing I noticed is that the screen showing the game has shrunk even more, so there is a lot of black empty space around whatever I am watching. Unlike on the peacock app you cannot zoom to enlarge the screen to the edge of the bezel. This app is also horrendous for casting to a chrome cast or other device. The peacock app for whatever reason is much better. Can you just combine them or simulcast these games on the Peacock app?
  • Bugs galore 2/5

    By Seal squad
    Can’t share articles and it doesn’t remember to keep football on the top. Better before the recent updates
  • Cant stream Kings games 1/5

    By king goat111
    This app is terrible. I pay to watch my Sacramento Kings play and this app does not allow me to. Sad!
  • Can you fix it? 1/5

    By DJ D'tect
    This is the worst sports app ever. It never loads correctly. You can’t view the articles correctly. You have to open and close the app a couple of times for the articles to properly load. You have to sort the order you would like to see the articles in every time you open the app. I enter my carrier info and my profile stays. When I open the app my carrier profile is still there, so that means info can be saved online when the app is not connected. So how come the order I would like to view the articles in can’t stay. It used to stay and now it no longer does. It seems like every time you guys change the app it gets worse and worse. How about this, have someone test the app that uses it daily. An unbiased eye that will see the problems and bring them to your attention and not a person that designed it that hides their problems.
  • Sports app doesn’t show sports… 1/5

    By Bios64
    Was using the Golf Channel app that is no longer supported. Forced to use this app which has more non-sports related content than sports related content. Looking for a Leaderboard and all I can find is links to live coverage. If I had the time to watch live coverage that is what I would do… Took a great app and turned it into a time waster…
  • Content isn't the problem... 3/5

    By Qwawn
    For articles, why bother having a sort order option if the app doesn't remember it and I have to change it to what I want every time?
  • I didn’t know it was possible to make this app worse 1/5

    By rex1909
    But nbc did! The placement of the news sites shifts, seemingly at random. You have to close the app entirely to get it to refresh. Please make a workable app. Or at least let florio just have a pft app.
  • New update is a disgrace 1/5

    By MohamedElian
    Terrible UX Design. No highlights tab. Many unneeded features and channels that have nothing to do with sports. Why are Bravo, SYFY, oxygen true crime are on a sports app.
  • Too much & not enough detail 1/5

    By jrholden43
    Killing the Golf Channel App for this Sports app is not a good idea. For those of us with limited interest in the other Professional sports we have to wade through a lot of uninteresting material to get not much Golf News. Now I have to access Golf Channel web site to get my specific information so I don’t to have to page through a lot of material I don’t like. Deleting this App & the “generalized” sports info I don’t want is the only choice.
  • Better with update but few issues 2/5

    By Ludecrasher
    Liking the update now I can actually scroll through the entire articles without issue. NEEDS FIXING: 1) I sort out the order I want to see articles, first with basketball, then football below, etc. next time I open the app again, it’s completely unorganized I have to keep reorganize it every time I use it. 2) when you click on an article, say like ten articles down, and then go back, it takes you back to the very top and have to scroll through 10 pages to get back to where you were at. Very annoying. If I want to read an article, let me click it, read it, then when done I would like to go back to the articles I was at, not all the way back to the beginning.
  • Broken sports app 1/5

    By SteveB2183
    So why does this so-called sports app show programming other than sports before listing sporting events? And even when I click on a live sporting event an error pops up repeatedly that reads: “Failed Sorry! A video playback error has occurred. Please try restarting this video. If you continue to experience issues, please Contact Us under Settings in the app.” Please put streaming local sports back on the MyTeams app - that one worked almost 100% of the time.
  • Update is absolute garbage 1/5

    By MikeD888999
    Looks a half step better than the old version, but performs like complete trash. Routinely crashes. Endless delays loading. Poor navigation. UX artifacts blocking the picture when streaming on mobile. Laughably bad from NBC.
  • New app stinks 1/5

    By Hayden peters
    Can’t watch the final round on my phone, despite having a paid cable subscription? Dude, I’m so mad.
  • Not a good app 1/5

    By fitzers
    You cancelled the golf app to consolidate but what you did is make it hard for people to find anything. The golf app was good and was easy to navigate but this app is horrible to navigate. Did you bother to test this new app. Possibly one of the worst apps I have ever used.
  • Golf Scoreboard 1/5

    By TimboCane
    The “old” Golf Channel app had all of the scoreboards for the various tournaments as well as interesting golf news. Simple and to the point. Can’t even find the scoreboards on the new app. Incredibly disappointing. I will find another app somewhere else that will satisfy my needs on a very simplistic level. NBC has truly blown it for me with his change away from the Golf Channel app.
  • Useless 1/5

    By ehbowles
    The Golf Channel app is no longer supported so NBC forced me to use this terrible app. It’s completely useless unless you want it for streaming. The only content is video. No scores, no articles, no stats - just crap. I deleted the app and the Golf Channel app. Just 6 people out of the last 50 reviews gave this app a rating higher than 1. It’s junk.
  • Spoiler Alert 1/5

    By ray76437
    The highlight clips are listed above the game replays. What a terrible design choice. No one uses the app for highlights so why let them spoil match results?
  • No golf scores 1/5

    By mjhawkeye24
    Why am I forced to use this garbage app when the golf channel app worked decent? Terrible app and terrible choice to stop supporting the golf channel app.
  • Not supporting older iPads 1/5

    By really madone
    Dropping the older iPads from support is frustrating.
  • Update makes a bad app worse 1/5

    By doug_e_fresh
    Trying to watch a game and it crashing every 5 minutes is less than ideal. This happens on fire stick and Xbox. It immediately crashes on my Apple TV. Only works on iOS for me.
  • Full screen and picture-in-picture issues 1/5

    By Henri Loso
    Completely redesigned app looks nice but it has bugs and issues that need urgent fixing. The picture-in-picture button control won’t work occasionally when in portrait mode forcing me to restart the app ‘many times’ for it to finally work. When watching in picture-in-picture and you’re on another app (let’s say FotMob or Chrome), the NBC app will stop playback if you switch back to its app, then play the audio in the background 😂 it’s so easy to recreate this bug i don’t know how a developer/tester let this pass. Regarding this bug, it gives you an video playback error if you attempt to watch it full screen when in picture-in-picture occasionally.
  • New build is a little better 4/5

    By Jasong424
    @nbcsports please add a option to “join live” or “start from beginning” option for live sports. And make the live event avail for replay as soon as live is over..
  • Golf Chanel app 5/5

    By concrete exspress
    How could possibly cancel the best golf app. It is the only place to get up to date scores there is you need to rethink it your new app has no place to find scores from across the golf world what were you thinking ?
  • Older Version 1/5

    By Broadbutt
    I have an iPad that cannot load the new version. When I download the older version as suggested, all it will do is tell me to update which I can’t. Help!
  • The February/March Redesign 1/5

    By Stephen in Tucker
    Ever since the redesign of the app, it either crashes when I click to watch the USA Premier League match, freezes and shows nothing, or the one miracle where it worked like it should have.
  • Used to be good 1/5

    By wrgh sd
    NBC forced everyone to update app in March of 2023. New app has a bunch of lag to it and is not near as user friendly. Quite unfortunate.
  • I can’t watch anything! 1/5

    By Baldr_ragnarok
    With this new update I can’t watch my premier league games anymore! I don’t see it there or when I do it keep saying error. It’s been a week now
  • Errors 1/5

    By Jemalle Simmons
    Every time I open the app to watch some of my favorite teams play I get a “playback video error”. It’s ridiculous and annoying.
  • Major downgrade when updated 2/5

    By Beemerbenzorbentley
    It seems that NBC Sports has removed the button which previously allowed me to “cast” live sports to my smart TV. This amounts to a significant downgrade in the use of having an NBC Sports subscription, for me.
  • Why?!? 1/5

    By Five Stripes AUFC
    Why did this app USED to be dependable, crisp, and clean? Now, it’s useless. Can’t watch the few programs I have it for. Thanks for nothing.
  • No bueno 1/5

    By RC9580
    The new app is horrible for those who love golf. Can’t find scores etc. left this and using a golf app👎👎👎
  • No more golf channel 1/5

    By Lhgolfer
    Not that the Golf Channel app was good. But, NBC forces you to create an account and use a tv provider to watch video. I’m a cord cutter. Don’t have cable or satellite. Goodbye!