NCIS: Hidden Crimes

NCIS: Hidden Crimes

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  • Current Version: 2.0.4
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Ubisoft
  • Compatibility: Android
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NCIS: Hidden Crimes App

Time to find your first clue, probie! Join Gibbs, Abby and other NCIS agents to investigate crimes of murder and espionage with ties to the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. Find hidden objects to collect evidence, solve puzzles, put together clues and build your case against the criminal minds! WELCOME, SPECIAL AGENT! Each case brings new mysteries and secrets, and YOU are called to investigate them. In NCIS: Hidden Crimes, you search beautifully-drawn crime scenes, analyze murder weapons, interrogate witnesses and suspects to seek out the truth. OUTSMART THE CRIMINALS Finding evidence is fun, but is it enough to rank up to Senior Special Agent? Play through 6 exciting hidden object game modes, solve puzzling mini-games, and compete with agents around the world in daily challenges. The earlier you detect the criminal correctly, the more rewards you get when the case is complete! A STUNNING UNIVERSE From MTAC to all 50 states, from harbors to the desert, travel from Washington, D.C. to the world to serve justice. Every episode features stunning animated settings and witty dialog with familiar characters. Encounter a variety of crimes in attempts to solve each case, progressing you through the story! BUILD THE PERFECT CITY Completed investigations give access to Special Agents, who unlock iconic Washington, DC and NCIS-inspired buildings. ABOUT THE FRANCHISE NCIS, based on the hit TV series & currently in its 14th season, is more than just an action drama. With liberal doses of humor, it's a show that focuses on the sometimes complex and always amusing dynamics of a team forced to work together in high-stress situations. From murder and espionage to terrorism and stolen submarines, these special agents investigate all crimes with Navy or Marine Corps ties. NCIS, which is licensed in over 200 territories around the world, is currently the #1 Drama in the US, and one of the most watched dramas in the world with 55 million global viewers. NCIS: Hidden Crimes is free to download and play, but it also allows you to purchase virtual items with real money inside the game. You can disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings. Game available in English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese. Like the game And join your community! Facebook Twitter Youtube

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NCIS: Hidden Crimes app reviews

  • The Boss 5/5

    By larjake
    Great fun game very challenging at times but keeps you on your seat guessing clues relaxing and addictive 🥵🤯🥺😎
  • Don’t buy it! 1/5

    By PR in Houston
    For the first time ever I was interested to buy something from an app game. It was an offer for 0.99 that includes This one was a package that includes 40 charges, 75 coins and 25 dollars to be used in the game. I bought it but I only received the coins and the dollars. I tried once but I will never do it again.
  • Keeps freezing 2/5

    By Penny Can
    I played this game a lot a couple years ago and then stopped because it took too long to progress through the game without spending real money. I started playing again the last couple of months and the game keeps freezing up on me. Sometimes when I close the game after completing something and it freezes, I can come back in and redo the challenge I just tried since it froze and the completion screen. So this is annoying but nothing lost. Today it froze as I was supposed to get info shared to me bu the agents. When i came back in that screen was gone and I could not redo. Its getting super annoying and this time I used real money to purchase coins a couple time. Will not spend money again.
  • Good game 5/5

    By best game ever awsome
    It’s hard but that’s what I like !
  • NCIS Fan 5/5

    By AmaSeli
    I enjoy this game. My grandsons know I never miss the show and they hear me playing the game and say “Ama is at it again”! No problems ever. Just super fun.
  • Dislike Challenges!!! 4/5

    By Strand of Pearls
    I don’t like that you have added completion to 2 envelopes to get the reward and that if you make it though the 1st envelope and then lose on the 2nd you have to redo both again!😓😨😰😡👎
  • NCIS is awesome 5/5

    I have only been playing this game for a day and I’m on scene two but that’s not all they have timed challenges and it is super fun it’s like a murder mystery game and you have to find all of the things you have to find!!!!!!
  • Love it but needs work 3/5

    By tripawemma
    The energy has a bug or something. If I have 9 energy and wait for the timer to get to 10 so I can play one more time it tells me I don’t have enough. Just now i have 34 energy tried to play a level requiring 20 and told me I didn’t have enough so I tried a level requiring 10 still saying not enough. Kinda agitating.
  • BEST GAME EVER!!!!! 5/5

    By the friendless girl
    I love this game and I love NCIS! If you don’t like NCIS or have not seen it then I wouldn’t suggest it, but you do have to be a weird to not like NCIS. You really feel like your part of the crew. The animation is GREAT! And the NCIS character call you by name! You also get to get evolved in the friendships and fun stories behind the scenes like finding out how Gibbs current lover is 😂 It is great after I start playing it, it is hard to put down. I LOVE IT!
  • Need more levels 5/5

    By LVGMA4
    I love the game but I have completed all the levels. Are there going to be more new levels to come and if so when.
  • Freezes 2/5

    By Sexy soljah
    I would give this game more stars but it freezes all the time. Every time I’m in middle of a game I would have to close the app and restart it because it freezes. If this problem is fixed I’ll give the game more stars
  • “Intel points” 3/5

    By Basketballgirly23
    The game is fun... other than the intel points... it’s ridiculous and needs to be removed, absolutely no reason for it other than to slow you down and make you purchase agents to get property which has almost no correlation to the game other than what’s called “intel points”... and you have to have intel points to go to the next part of the mission... you already have to go and spend energy to get enough coins to keep going this is just ridiculous.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By kaycee189
    I am playing the game on two different devices and so far have had no issues. Thank you. This is fun stuff
  • I love this game! 5/5

    By Veillet
    I love NCIS soooo much! I’m so glad they finally made a game!
  • Love this game 5/5

    By fefe949
    I play this more than I sleep
  • Awesome game but 5/5

    By Realitygenius
    I love the game but the skins you can choose from don’t move. Otherwise great game!
  • Instructions?? 1/5

    By Sueistaken
    Where are the instructions on how to play?
  • This game is just like the series 5/5

    By Fanficgirlclub
    This game is so much fun, and it really makes me feel like I actually am in the NCIS series, thank u developers! ❤️❤️❤️
  • Update 1/5

    By raypasqua
    I enjoyed the game but now I’m about delete it. No updates left no new cases to solve. The game is boring as hell. All left to do is to just collect coins. What good are coins when there is nothing to use them for . Ray
  • iPhone 10 struggle 4/5

    By islandlizerd
    I love this game but I haven’t played it in a while. I recently updated to the iPhone XR and now I am unable to play...sort of. I can open and play the game just fine but I can’t close it! It doesn’t seem to recognize that there is no home button anymore and there is no way to swipe back to the home screen! I had to turn off my phone just to close the game.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By VStirnw
    Can’t open settings to turn off sound etc. Too much time reading and small amount of time in an actual game. Glad it was free. Deleted it after 5 minutes
  • Buggy and mislabeled 3/5

    By SocialOutcast91
    Multiple items are labeled wrong through out the game which makes it hard to play until you memorize each scene as you work on it. The weekend events are impossible to do unless you want to pay money for energy and anytime I get a lot of energy built up above my max a glitch happens as and I lose most of it! I had 107/65 and won five more doing an episode activity getting fingerprints. Instead of going up it wen down to 80! This is not the first time this has happened! Last time it took me from the 80s to 24!
  • Addictive and Fun 5/5

    By iiiiicccccme
    Can't Stop
  • Rip off 1/5

    By *Spookytooth*
    It stinks that there was no ending to the story.. they just stopped making any more episodes and left all the players hanging...not cool.
  • Getting new chapters could be better 5/5

    By sunflower8405
    I love this game a lot. My only complaint is that getting to the next chapter is kinda stupid. Maybe change that.
  • NCIS: Hidden Crimes 5/5

    By Quilter06
    Three spelling errors in level 19, scene “House”. Probably should make some corrections?
  • Done with game 5/5

    By Momadukes7575
    Are we getting new cases? I love this game.
  • NCIS 3/5

    By toomany changes
    The game is fun but I get mad that a free? Game is almost impossible to play without spending a lot of money to continue playing, you must play only a short time each day and wait for several days in order to progress without spending money for necessities to continue playing. It is far from a free game
  • Fun game game 3/5

    By Racernut
    It is a fun game but it too much Facebook originated to help you play and to upgrade you have to be on Facebook.i don’t do Facebook
  • Lost interest 3/5

    By Piobhar
    I am a fan of NCIS and enjoyed the game at first. What I don’t like are the sudden pop ups for other games that jerk you away from the game. I also don’t like having to expand the buildings before you can proceed in the game. Takes too long and is discouraging. I am deleting the game.
  • Better 4/5

    By Pudelmom
    The game itself has a good concept. I am one who refuses to purchase items or link with social media. Dislike the constant reminders “if you would only...”. Doesn’t require brains. Good to unwind with.
  • Ad for another game freezes NCIS game 4/5

    By Commompwp
    I really like this game, but lately every time it shows the ad for the Twin Moons game, it freezes. I have to force close the game and restart it. Please fix! Update - 12/22/18 - it says I’ve finished all the episodes. Are you going to add any more???
  • Ending in a cliffhanger 3/5

    By just mell
    I liked the game but at the end of chapter 36 it ask who was the bad guy, next episode. Then game over.
  • Fun, but... 2/5

    By Ptmmmm
    I have been an avid player of Criminal Case, but the developers of that game seem determined to make that game worse and worse with every update. So, I looked for an alternative hidden object game. This one is fun to play, but I noticed that there are only 36 episodes, so it will be only a few more weeks before I will be unable to move forward. Add to that is the fact that this is the only game I know of that penalizes a player for progress. Instead of getting perks for solving crime scenes, they cost more and more energy the higher the you go. And when you master an scene you know longer get coins if you have to play a scene for clues. I wish it were more rewarding to get better at finding the objects.
  • Love this! 5/5

    By really gpha4d
    I downloaded this accidentally and don’t regret it
  • Great game 5/5

    By Glitters12345
    Nice game enjoyable
  • Awesome game but... 4/5

    By Jmoor89
    The only thing I really don’t like about this game is that after everything I do I have to click the box to not post it all to Facebook. I hate game info on my news feed. Other than that love it!
  • NCIS 4/5

    By ravens218
    Fun enjoyable game
  • Update 4/5

    By haybaby5435
    I was wonder if you guys would update again But other than that it’s a good game
  • Abbyfied 2/5

    By gaveup2018
    I love the show, but disappointed in the app. I seldom write reviews. However I feel a need to share. When I started playing , there were no instructions on how to play. I spent extra money in order to continue playing, even after purchasing the app. NOT COOL!
  • NCIS:Hidden crimes 1/5

    By libafrima
    I really liked this game and played it all the time. But I had a issue with the game and could not get a response from support.
  • Fun game bud. 3/5

    By GKish72
    I really enjoyed playing this game in the beginning. But now that I have achieved a number of goals the app only allows me to play three sessions before it prompts me to make additional purchases. Which means I can only play the game a few times a day. I’ll be deleting the game as I like to use my own skills and not have to buy items to achieve my goals.
  • Don’t bother, buggy and it cheats. 2/5

    By Catgrin
    This could be a very fun hidden object game. Layout is good, hidden object scenes are interesting, and it definitely captures the feel of the show. However, I know for fact that the game cheats. After installing and playing for about a week, I became involved in a limited weekend event with five levels of increased (and needed) rewards available. I made it through the first level no problem. When I got to the second level (with 15 tasks to complete) - different story. Several times I completed a task, and it displayed the added count correctly until I closed the game. When I reopened the game later (after letting my power recharge) it had reduced my recorded completions. This happened at least three times and extended the time needed for me to complete the second task by several hours. Curious about whether this was a one-level issue or not, I still did it. I started the third task with a very limited time window (even pulled out a calculator to make sure I’d recharge fast enough to complete it). Then, I used my earned in-game funds to buy a donut and completed two of ten levels right away. Next, I again shut down the game to let my power charge. I came back to find “1/10” displayed. It had again stolen from me. I deleted the game, and gave the company no money. I’ll happily pay for a challenging, fun game. I won’t pay for (or play) a game that cheats like a slot machine. I don’t “play” those at all. I’m not a gambler.
  • Fun stuff! 5/5

    By Sweet T in NC
    I love the show and really like this game a lot. I’ve been struggling with some grief lately and this has been a nice distraction
  • Okay game 2/5

    By babydoll183
    The game is good so far. But I can’t login to Facebook it won’t let me and also need to be able to get energy faster and easier. It’s hard to get energy and money
  • More scenes coming??? 4/5

    By Smut86
    I enjoy playing this game but for at least 8 months now there have not been any new scenes released. I’ve accomplished all of the current tasks and anxiously awaiting new items tot be released.
  • Glitching! 1/5

    By Squiggymedic
    Game is glitching and freezing up on start up with new iOS 12! When is the next update coming to fix this issue?
  • Awesome!! 5/5

    By godsgirl983
    So much fun and a bit challenging too. Thanks for hanging to my progress from years ago it was nice not have to start over.
  • Lives lost 1/5

    By nickname taken 27 times
    I have been enjoying this game until today. I had over 40 “lives” but was told I had to buy some to play. Tried rebooting and was dropped to 3 lives. This after gathering all my free lives! Not right!

NCIS: Hidden Crimes app comments

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