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NCLEX RN Mastery App

Master the most important test of your career: the NCLEX. With over 2,000+ practice questions, quizzes, mnemonics, and strategies. NCLEX RN Mastery will help you pass the NCLEX or get double your money back! NCLEX RN Mastery is also a great resource to help you study while in nursing school! Best of all, with our app, you can review practice questions anywhere, anytime! NCLEX RN Mastery was created by nursing educators and professors who understand the struggle and pressure of nursing students just like you. We are always improving our app and adding new content at no additional cost. NCLEX RN Mastery was developed to give you an edge by obsessively focusing on providing maximum learning in minimal time. Install a limited free version of the app that you can try before deciding to upgrade. This version includes a limited amount of practice questions and basic progress metrics. Our Standard Version includes a one time, in-app purchase that includes access to additional practice questions, tough quiz questions, must-know terminology and detailed progress metrics. Upgrade to the Premium Version with a one time, in-app purchase. The Premium Version includes lifetime access to: • 2,000+ meticulously crafted NCLEX Questions • 40% of the Questions are Select-All-That-Apply (SATA) • Audio Practice Questions • Pharmacology questions • Content-based on past NCLEX RN questions • The most comprehensive list of NCLEX RN mnemonics on the market • Practice quizzes to help test your knowledge • Custom quiz builder feature allows you to build your own custom quizzes • Detailed test taking and study strategies • In-depth statistics that display your strengths and weaknesses • Built-in timer so you know how long you are taking per question • Retina display graphics Get your best value by upgrading to the NCLEX Mastery Exam Program! The NLCEX Mastery Exam Program is an all-in-1 solution that will help you pass the NCLEX-RN — Guaranteed! The NCLEX Mastery Exam Program includes lifetime access to: • Pretest: Pinpoint weak areas with a computer-based pretest designed just like the actual NCLEX-RN® • NCLEX-RN Mastery Premium Version (2,000+ questions, quizzes, mnemonics and more) • Posttest: Rehearse for the NCLEX-RN® on your computer and get instant results with your probability of passing Download NCLEX RN Mastery now and see why more than 1,700,000 nursing students made NCLEX Mastery the #1 rated nursing app. Our reviews speak for themselves! BONUS: Purchase the mobile version and we'll grant you access to the full-featured ONLINE version. Please contact us if you have any questions, suggestions, or comments—[email protected] or 319-237-7162.


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NCLEX RN Mastery app reviews

  • Pass NCLEX the 1st time!!! 5/5

    By BrookieBRN
    I debated on whether or not to read a book and try to prepare for NCLEX that way but 90 pages in I was over it and not absorbing nothing I had read. I bought this app and did questions everyday for over a week and passed NCLEX the very first time! I really love how it's laid out and has plenty of practice questions.
  • Excellent study tool! 5/5

    By Milkweed23
    I got this app to help me answer questions using nclex style strategies. I had the content learned through school. Now it was making sure I knew the material. This app really is amazing. I passed my nclex the first try and I focused on doing questions everyday. You can set yourself a reminder and the app also lets you set a month/year until you sit for your boards. It also has study plans you can use to set goals for yourself. It’s a must try if you don’t want to pay $100’s for other tools that use questions in the same way.
  • Nclex 1/5

    By Rn 2018
    Not what I thought it would be!!!
  • 10/10 Recommend 5/5

    By root, RN
    Only leaving a review because I searched tons of sites for reviews on NCLEX prep and couldn’t find any decent ones.. I used this app daily for 2 weeks before the exam and passed in 75 questions. The NCLEX simulation exam offered (costs a little extra) was spot on and extremely helpful in calming my anxiety and understanding exactly what to study before taking the exam. I highly recommend this app to anyone prepping for boards!
  • Very convenient 5/5

    By Mille C.
    I really liked using this app because it was convenient. I would do practice questions literally everywhere. I’m happy to say I passed my NCLEX.....with ALL 265 questions. I’m happy I was used to doing many questions each day because I was not expecting to get all of the questions on my exam but was prepared for it.
  • Helped me pass 5/5

    By broswag6548
    I used this app along with Kaplan Nursing. The questions in this app are very similar difficulty wise to NCLEX. The rationales are very educational and easy to comprehend as well. I took about 1000 questions and all the comprehensive quizzes and I passed NCLEX this week in 75 questions!
  • Buy the app!!! 5/5

    By AshleyM920
    I used this app and passed the NCLEX the first time I took it with just 75 questions!
  • Love it 4/5

    By RN2B18
    Love the app and how the categories are organized but it’s pointless to get anything less than the premium package. Without it you hardly get any access to differentiated questions
  • Passed at 75 questions! 5/5

    By anjohns18
    After graduating nursing school, I had about three weeks to prepare for the NCLEX. My school had done a HESI NCLEX review course prior to our exit exam, which I found helpful. However, when preparing for the NCLEX, I was told I should really focus on practice questions. One of the nurses I work with recommended this app! The rationales are very detailed and helpful. The simulations are very similar in appearance to the actual exam. I recommended this app to my friends and would recommend to anyone! I took the NCLEX on June 4 and passed with 75 questions!
  • Passed in 90 questions! 5/5

    By casslocke10
    I took the post exam and it gave me an 80% chance of passing. I passed in 90 questions using this app and the ATI review book. The rationales helped so much and helped me in my test taking skills. Definitely recommend.
  • Passed NCLEX in 75 questions! 5/5

    By RNKB18
    First let me say I am not normally a person who writes reviews, but I HAD to give this app credit for helping me pass NCLEX! My school uses Kaplan and recommended that we use it as our study tool but I personally really preferred the NCLEX mastery app over Kaplan so I decided to use it as my main study tool. I completed most of the Q bank and studied anywhere from 25-150 questions per day for about 2 months before taking NCLEX. I read every rationale and made sure to understand it and redid questions I got wrong until I could answer hem correctly. I also completed a simulation that I bought from RN mastery which told me I had a 90% chance of passing NCLEX a few days before I took it. The questions on this app definitely prepared me for the NCLEX. Best money I ever spent and I’m so glad I didn’t waste my money on you world or another program. You need this app!
  • Great variety of questions 5/5

    By Mohsin1ke
    I'm writing my exam on May 26 2018 lets hope all the practice questions help me!!! Overall enjoy the in depth material.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By M3J9547
    I passed NCLEX-RN first try. Did not pass with 75 questions because I didn’t study Enough. I would say I only used half of the questions from this app and it was good enough for me to pass with 219 questions. I would recommend to do as many questions as you can to increase your chance of passing. Trust me you don’t want to answer 219 Questions. It is so energy consuming! Even if you feel prepared go with a mind set that you will answer 265 questions. Keep in mind this is the ONLY resource I used to study for the NCLEX. Wish you the best!
  • Incorrect answers 1/5

    By Mx10000
    NUMEROUS questions asked by this program had incorrect answers. Searching NCLEX textbooks and evidenced based nursing textbooks, many of the answers this app claimed to be correct, were actually incorrect or the other way around. For example, you would ALWAYS measure urinary output before starting mag sulfate on an OB client. This app claimed that was incorrect. Another example, if a patient is experiencing an MI, chest pain relieved by morphine is NOT indicative of an MI. But a patient with nausea and vomiting accompanying the chest pain is, especially if the client is female. Check your sources before you claim the answers are correct.
  • 5 stars! 5/5

    By heyybabeee
    First of all I love this as an app. Since I always have my phone with me, I can do nclex questions anytime I want. Also, the questions are really targeted towards nclex questions and the rationale provided is detailed. So glad I purchased this ! It’s worth every penny
  • Updated review 5/5

    By Lesmurfette
    Update: I was finally able to log - in and am currently enjoying the app and its premium features. I tried to create an account, but the app would not let me. I signed up my email address and an error box would show at the top (no text just a box). I tried checking to see if it went through despite that by logging in, and it just says check email or password.
  • Audio needs features 4/5

    By BestReminderApp
    Could you please add a 'forward and rewind by 15 second increments' features to the audio podcasts? Thanks so much!
  • Good app... need update questions and rationales 4/5

    I love the app. I want to suggest to please give more rationales to each choices. For better understanding. And more updated questions and rationales for premium version. Thanks.
  • Keeps crushing, or not working 1/5

    By sarviniz
    Not working as it should, please fix it.
  • I never buy it any more 1/5

    By kosnana
    Never buy it any more
  • Great Nurse Prep App! 5/5

    By Kool Kat Kev
    This app is amazing. I use it daily and it truly does help me getting better at becoming a registered nurse by all the fundamental questions it asks you along with the great scenarios. A+++
  • Crap. 1/5

    By hello!?!
    Questions become grayed out and doesn’t have answers during quizzes
  • Didn't work for me. Try Tourkia 1/5

    By Judy Pazutti
    This didn't work for me. I had to use another one. Also $39.99 is a lot for what little they give you in the "Premium" version. I want to give zero stars.
  • Content 4/5

    By loveca18
    It was great! I just wished they didn’t have so much repeated questions...I hope in the future they will have new content everyday at least 50 new once everyday! Other than that I really liked using this! 🙂
  • Nothing compares 5/5

    By Isaiah is EVERYTHING
    By far the best NCLEX preparation app out. Aside for preparation for the NCLEX, this app has been a necessity while in nursing school. The free version is an excellent way to get acclimated on how to answer NCLEX style questions. However, there is a limit to how many question you can answer and so the next best option is to switch to a premium membership. The options and availability of essential features are unlocked and studying/review becomes all that much better. I highly recommend this app.
  • No Longer Works 1/5

    By zepolif
    Even with the current updates, this app does nothing. It opens up and freezes and that’s about it. What happened?! Please, fix.
  • Please fix bug! 3/5

    By Roxvnne
    So I want to LOVE this app but I keep having the same issue. I go to take a custom quiz and later when I want to re try it it doesn’t allow me to select any of the answers. It doesn’t respond ? Help!
  • Annoyed... 3/5

    By Blank boxes
    Everything is still great, but one of the recent updates did a weird thing where it reset my percentage of correctly answered questions. It is only showing the amount of questions I’ve answered and the percentage I’ve gotten correct since that update. The subject breakdown still shows the bars with the correct amount of green, yellow, and red, but if I haven’t answered any questions from that subject since the update, it is either saying 100% or 0%. I’m a little worried this isn’t going to get fixed and I’m not going to know the total number of questions I’ve answered correctly. And since I paid for the full unlocked app, the $24 unlock, I really hope it does since it’s such a great and useful app otherwise.
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By primetimer30
    This app is surprisingly good and I don’t regret buying it. The amount of content is more than expected because of the thorough rationales. I am leaving this review however because I would like to see some changes. Most importantly is that right now I cannot access the new multimedia content because the app freezes then crashes. I have an iPhone X. Next is the small, encircled x in the corner of pictures that must be pressed to close a picture. I have found myself pressing it 10+ times. Maybe make it bigger or make it so that I can swipe the picture away as I would with a picture on Facebook. You should be able to do something about the multimedia content but I understand if there are disagreements about the small x.
  • Authenticity 5/5

    By Mychalawe
    This is one of the best review I see out there not only because of the contents but also because of the rationale after for every answer is so to the point. After having gone through some of the systems. It’s so thorough and above it all, though difficult but of one can score 60%, you are sure of passing your NCLEX
  • Passed with 77 questions! 5/5

    By Lilboopeep
    I downloaded this app in the Spring of 2017. I was struggling with questions during nursing school and this really helped me understand the format of the tests. The rationales are elaborate and really help you understand so much information within just one question. I believe by downloading the app while still in school gave me confidence going into the NCLEX-RN. The app questions are difficult, which prepares you for the ridiculous questions on the NCLEX. I walked out thinking it was so much easier than the questions on NCLEX MASTERY!! I can not thank you enough for helping me! Leeann K. RN!! March 15, 2018
  • Good, but update reset my percentage progress 5/5

    By Durial123
    I’m about 650 questions in, update came out, and completely reset my #/# percentage and average time. All the questions I answered are still there and answered, but my “stats” are reset. Somewhat annoying.
  • The BEST! 5/5

    By D2000R
    The BEST NCLEX review app on the App Store at the moment (Feb. 2018). I wish the devs would update it so it supports the iPhone X screen resolution though. EDIT (2/28/18): THANK YOU for the iPhone X optimization!!!!!!
  • Frustrated and Disappointed - Better Now 4/5

    By Minx06
    UPDATE: After a couple of days and some behind the scenes “tweaking” of something(I don’t know what) but the app now works as expected. I am glad that I made the move to upgrade. I finally purchased the premium version of this app but still can’t unlock any of the content. It still says that it is a trial version. Trying to get help from customer service is a joke. No one answers at the number given and after FOUR emails, I am still being asked for more information. It is plain and simple. I can’t access the premium version that I paid for!!!!!
  • Worth every penny! 5/5

    By AnnaRhymes159
    I purchased this app my first semester of nursing school because of another students referral. Beginning was tough and stressful because I had never taken nclex style questions before. As I progressed through nursing school I stayed faithful to using the app as i took my school exams which also used nclex style questions. This app helped me to score higher on my school exams and I PASSED MY NCLEX on the first try!! I really believe NCLEX Mastery-RN played a huge role in why I passed. All of my friends bought the app once I showed it to them and we all passed the first try. I’m so glad this is available for nursing school students.
  • Highly Recommended 5/5

    By box35
    •Its affordable •Best app on the go •Helps you think like a nurse •Best content •Updates the app regularly •And most of all it helps me pass the NCLEX exam in just 75 questions👍👍

    By CMerritt94
    So I used this app as my only, exclusive NCLEX prep and passed yesterday in 75 questions. Used the question bank and did practice tests. DO THE NCLEX SIMULATIONS!! I did two and they really are great. Don't pay $500 for test prep when this amazing app is like $40. Oh, I also used the app on my computer instead of my phone. I liked that better.
  • Best NCLEX prep app I've found 5/5

    By timwoodward88
    I highly recommend this app. It is well worth the $20 upgrade. It has good, tough questions that I can practice with on the go from every NCLEX subtopic.
  • Excellent source :) 5/5

    By Tqmcutie
    Worth of every single penny! I did the study plan for 30 days and passed NCLEX with 75 questions. Very convenient if you're out and just want to do a few questions at a time. I'll do 10 each hour and I will read the rationales provided! Thank you NCLEX mastery for helping me pass!
  • I want to rate this a 5 but ***UPDATE*** 5/5

    By Sammmmasyy
    First off I want to start by saying I love this app! It is an awesome tool for NCLEX. I just wish I could get ahold of customer service for problems with it! I paid $60 for the premium version plus the 2 NCLEX simulation tests. At first it was working great for a few weeks but when I went to take my pre and post test simulation, they weren't there. Emailed customer service, it was fixed. Took a little longer than usual but ok. At least it’s been remedied. But then I was kicked off of premium in the app and reverted to the free version!! It even shows I’ve completed parts of the premium “locked” sections of the app. I emailed customer service on Monday and have yet to get a response. Really hoping that this can be fixed ASAP as my test date is looming and I really want to be able to complete questions 😕 For it being so pricy I would expect customer service to deliver. Will update my review if I receive a response. After a few days of waiting customer service finally helped me out and remedied the issue. Definitely an awesome resource for NCLEX.
  • Lot of the audio clips don’t work 5/5

    By CardSores
    App is great just want you guys to know that some of the audio doesn’t play.
  • Get this app! 5/5

    By chlchrsni
    This app helped me pass my boards in 75 questions on the first try! I will be honest and say that when I was doing the questions, I felt absolutely clueless (especially with the SATA’s) on the app, but that helped me realize what content I needed to focus on more. I would encourage everybody to read the rationales to each question whether you get it right or wrong, because that little bit of knowledge can go a long way! I would highly recommend to anybody that is looking for a great source to use to help pass the NCLEX!
  • Login problems solved! 5/5

    By kirstenelisabeth
    Since figuring out my login issues, this app has been one of my go-to studying tools for the NCLEX. I love that there are rationales at the end of the questions, that you can mark it based on your knowledge of the question subject, and that you can track your progress. It’s helpful to have the breakdown of subjects so you aren’t wasting as much time studying material you already know thoroughly! I wish I had used this more during nursing school, but I am glad that I can use it for my NCLEX preparation. It’s so nice that it syncs amongst your devices, and very convenient for those on the go!
  • Can’t read the answer choices 1/5

    By srzu
    I think the font is the wrong color for the answer choices. I can’t see them at all. So I can’t use this app. I hope it’s fixed ASAP!!
  • Great 5/5

    By Dogkat24
    Great app..
  • Progress 2/5

    By Goalkeeper163
    Good questions. Doesn’t track my progress or easily tell me my percentage of questions answered correctly. Seems to track what I didn’t know, somewhat knew, or knew for sure but honestly that’s not very helpful because I rarely say I’m 100% sure on anything.
  • Great App!! 5/5

    By RN2B17
    Highly recommend as a secondary study tool. Great questions with easy to understand rational.
  • Awesome App! 5/5

    By meenabeff
    I used this and Saunder’s NCLEX RN review to prep for the NCLEX. The test shut off at 75 questions and 48 hours later, I am an RN!
  • Must buy 5/5

    By mpdkingofnursing
    I used this app and two others books to study. Passed in 75 question in about hr. Great app , I strongly recommend.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Bristol927
    I am so happy I purchased this app. I am in a self study RN program (no lectures just assigned readings), and this app has already proven extremely useful for me to gage how well I'm retaining and learning on my own. I really enjoy that I can customize the questions to the specific content I'm working on for example peds-cardiac. The test questions along with the rationales are great.

NCLEX RN Mastery app comments


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