Need for Speed™ No Limits

Need for Speed™ No Limits

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  • Current Version: 2.9.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Electronic Arts
  • Compatibility: Android
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Need for Speed™ No Limits App

Race for dominance in the first white-knuckle edition of Need for Speed made just for mobile – from the developer that brought you Real Racing 3. Build your dream ride with an unbelievable range of cars and customizations. Launch yourself between chaos and control as you hit the pedal and roll into underground car culture. Win races, up your rep, then kick into more races, more customizations, and more cars. Make your choices and never look back. This app offers in app purchases. You may disable in app purchases using your device settings. CUSTOMIZE EXTREME RIDES Pick up the real-world cars you’ve always wanted, from the Subaru BRZ to the BMW M4, McLaren 650s, Porsche 911, and more. Then trick them out with the hottest customization system on mobile, from spots like the Mod Shop and the Black Market, giving you over 2.5 million custom combos to play with. Your rides are waiting – take them to the stages or streets to go head-to-head versus the competition and prove yourself. DRIVE FAST – AND FEARLESS Steer onto the streets of Blackridge, driving reckless and juiced as sparks fly. Accelerate over jumps and around debris, into traffic, against walls, and through high-speed Nitro Zones. Flip on the nitrous and thrust yourself into another level of adrenaline-fueled driving and drifting. Around every corner is a fresh race as you clash with local crews and local cops. It’s a world full of wannabe drivers – can you stay in front and earn respect? RACE TO WIN Never back down as you race anyone crazy enough to take you on, leave them gapped, and increase your rep. Dig, drift, drag, and roll your ride to wins with police on your tail, hitting each inch of the map hard by the time you reach the big end. Burn rubber in over 1,000 challenging races – and that’s just the starting line. Be notorious, own the streets, and score the world’s best cars. Because one ride is never enough! --------------------- User Agreement: Visit for assistance or inquiries. EA may retire online features and services after 30 days’ notice posted on Important Consumer Information: This app: requires a persistent Internet connection (network fees may apply); Requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement. includes in-game advertising; collects data through third party analytics technology (see Privacy & Cookie Policy for details); contains direct links to the Internet and social networking sites intended for an audience over 13.


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Need for Speed™ No Limits app reviews

  • Need for speed 5/5

    By Hoodrich Mason
    Awesome game app it's just like playing it on my game system 💯
  • Wow 5/5

    By Jswagger12
    The graphics are amazing you just can’t get any better than this 5 stars
  • im going insane on how horrible this game is 1/5

    By Iso9001
    hello what is up you lame kids. this game is nothing but an effortless cash grab. it makes me want to asphyxiate myself because this is such a let down from the console versions and past version. even the first NFS iPad game is better in terms of quality. yes, the graphics are good, but that’s like the only thing that’s good. the controls are wacky and don’t look realistic at all. the cars steer like they’re in rocket league or some stuff like that. and also, the game needs to work on correct age ratings. the game says “b*tch” and “d*ck” inside it. (That’s what she said) and it’s rated 4+. like what the heck is this rating. even asphalt 7 is better. not even into 30 challenges you have to spend money in this game, and the ai are hackers. my pr is 1,000 (yes, I spent that much money) and the ai is 899. guess what. the ai finished 4 seconds before me. I deleted this game 2 years ago and it hasn’t got any better. will be hiding from browsing list.
  • RIPOFF 1/5

    By Kasirlokes
    Very good graphics but the replay waiting time is absurd and when finally the waiting is over the play the mission to get the a part is ridiculous you don’t get the part o blueprint there always some other 3 items appear and not the blueprint the last mission on part 7 I have play already like nine times and the dam blueprint never appear out of the 3 options. The game play is ok but is really just a ripoff they just want you to spend money on gold that’s another thing the gold you earn is ridiculous and the amount the items cost higher than what you can actually earn playing the game so you need to buy gold lots of it if you want to advance in the missions and upgrade you rides. The game is really frustrating.BIG RIPOFF!!
  • Need for speed 5/5

    By chrispy8630
    Amazing game👍👍👍👍😁😁
  • Buenos 2/5

    By Yo quiero mas
    Dame oro

    By Hopscotch88
    This game has soooo many cars it’s awesome. And the colors and wraps you can choose are great! I love how all the items are real brands. I also think the Body Shop for the cars are also really cool! The graphics are great! All you need to add is Online, Friends, PvP with friends, and team up with friends. Still! It’s a great game!
  • Pls add free roam but awesome game 4/5

    By Bella5thGear_Shift
    I ❤️ the game but it just needs to have a free roam option in the top left corner next to the others but besides that I ❤️ the game!!!
  • Terribly Optimized. Disappointed with EA 1/5

    By WørdNøvā779
    This game, although the App Store says it can be run on an iPhone 6, runs terribly. I get about 5-15 fps on average, and the game doesn’t even look that good. Maybe if EA decided to spend their time optimizing their games instead of coming up with new micro transactions in their games, I would be able to play this.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Curry30136
    This is the best racing game I’ve played on iPhone, but you can make some improvements like adding multiplayer so we can race our friends.
  • Playing it for 10 years 5/5

    By Laughtagious79
  • So sick ( in a good way) 5/5

    By Loose the 10 yer old baby fat
  • Good 3/5

    By ELKADY83
    Good game
  • Great game 5/5

    By Alexbornarffd
    Great game actually, no one and nothing is perfect but overall this game is interesting, FUN, addicting and super high quality!
  • Most amazing racing game!! 5/5

    By Awesome Drew 27
    It's so cool!! You get to race in your favorite cars!! It's so fun!! Best racing game!! By far🤓🏎
  • Trash 1/5

    By NFS stinks
    Biggest crap fest
  • Unplayable on iPhone 6 1/5

    By Daniel-Rules
    I love playing this game, but the frame rates are horrible. It’s barely playable. At times it just freezes for a good 30 seconds and then stutters because of the frames rate. Please fix the game for the iPhone 6 users!
  • Needs more... 4/5

    By Blakey_Lakey
    It needs to take less time t get cars and things. And there should be a damage repair cost at the end of each use
  • Game is not loading up 5/5

    By Brayan6746
    I just downloaded this game using my iPhone X (10) and spent some money I’ll say about $70 starting off, I got a call and I answered but when I tried to log back on it kept saying “connecting to server” so I closed the app and opened it up again now it’s just not loading up. It will pop “Need for speed No Limit” but then it will go into a full back screen about a minute and a half and then it will restart by it self and do it again . I left it for a while for it to load up but nothing, please help I really like the game and would love to continue playing. So my rate is 2 star for now till it get fix and then I’ll rate it 5 stars because it’s not right how I just download it and now it’s not working.
  • Great Game 4/5

    By adrian lambert
    I really like this game it has great graphics and game play but the only big game issue is Black Ridge Rivals it’s a lot of cheaters and unbalanced races I think it’s unfair and needs some attention :) Thanks. Masterplayer
  • No limit 5/5

    By humoures slasher
    This game is litttt. It’s hella addicting
  • NSF totally unnecessary for otherwise great racing game 4/5

    By Kichiguy
    Don’t see how shooting lightning bolts at other cars has anything to do with racing. Doesn’t reward skilled driving to win by short circuiting your opponent. Get rid of it and the game will be perfect Please get rid of near miss challenges. Unnatural to good driving instincts. Please fix steering wheel responsiveness on rolling starts.
  • Every thing 1 Star 1/5

    By jett :)
    Everything is too hard and why does it not let you get data back I had a iPad but I deleted the app on accident and I can’t get the data on the game back I wish I could get all the data back and everything is extremely annoying and frustrating and everything is to expensive
  • Wayyyyyyyyy too glitchy 3/5

    By Dmam98
    This game is so glitchy I can hardly play it.
  • Old guy 5/5

    By icky01
    Just lookin’ for some fun and I found it!
  • Yeaaa right 3/5

    By Crossyroafboss
    This game is awesome but i hate how it never wants to use wifi or data to let me play and the storage on the game is way to big
  • Its an alright game 2/5

    By ZomB667
    It seems fun at first with all the sounds and visuals then as you play longer you realize upgrade parts are scarce. The main focus is using the thier premium currency which in this case is gold bars and rely on buying lootboxes for blue prints some require 4 to “epic” which require up to 24. This games more of a cash grab slapped with Need For Speed name on it. I wouldn’t recommend putting too much time if you don’t mind buying lootboxes and premium currency
  • Rank 4/5

    By Mrrn87
    Why am I being dropped from my rank of ICON II (4812)to ICON I (4500). This little issue needs fixing. I do not like that I’m getting 312 points deducted from what I have obviously accomplished & struggled to attain in this game. I would like my rank as ICON II brought back into place & I’m sure other loyal NFS gamers feel the same about getting their rank dropped. We would all appreciate that little bug getting fixed & soon.
  • How? 5/5

    By Amie25_50
    How do I download the new version of black ridge rivals?
  • How do you update this game 3/5

    By ace 57 chevy
    I can’t update the game it keeps taking me to the App Store but it won’t let me up date😡
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By Boogermanst
    You have the 86 this game is legendary now I will never spend another dime in another racing game
  • Bring back the darker matte black 3/5

    By chshyhdhsvhds
    The update seems okay except for the fact that the matte black paint now has a lighter look? The black matte paint job was perfect before, I don’t know why they would change the shade.
  • Great racing game made for the phone 5/5

    By Littledebbie3d
    This is the 4th phone I have downloaded NFS no limits I have been playing this game for 2 almost 3 years I don’t even have any other game I only play NFS no limits
  • Sad for the Need for Speed name 2/5

    By Dirstix
    This game was a real let down for me as I had pretty high expectations behind the name. Yes it is a free game so i expected it to not be perfect but jeez these is ridiculous guys. Anytime you race somebody online if you tap a car in traffic you lose the race idc how fast your car is or how slow their's is. You will not catch up according to need for speed. Also the way to build cars is very inefficient. You have to collect blueprints to build cars and for any decent cars you have to get 15 or 20 sometimes even 30 blue prints which will take you a month and a half per car and the blueprints are random so unless you spend actual money you cant get the cars you want for the most part. Its not a bad game by any means but a couple changes and it could have been ten times better.
  • Update blackridge rivals 5/5

    By AndresCbaArg
    I can’t race the blackridge rival and the app send to me to App Store for an update but is nothing there.
  • Need for speed no limit 5/5

    By lilgamers157
    Best game 🎮👍 I love this game good thing it’s free because it’s very good game
  • Great game 4/5

    By Mikeg19539
    Would love to see the lasers eliminated though. They always get you when you are winning
  • Best game I own 5/5

    By NFS stoner Ant
    Love this game with all my NFS heart if u ask me what I would add to it I would add chat to the game and we would be able to add our friends and see what level that are on and maybe just maybe let us make teams and I need cops to chase us like in NFS hot pursuit I know it would make the app bigger but I don’t care I need this game to have this
  • Best app racing game but... 5/5

    By Michael Ellis Sr
    Need for Speed and Limits is hands down the best app racing game but it could be better. Unless you spend lots of real money it is virtually impossible to win any of the cars in the special events. Basically you have to win all the events for each day and progress to the next, totaling 7 days. However, you only get so many fuel points at a time and that’s only enough to finish all the events in the first few days. After that there are more events that get gradually harder and it gets harder to upgrade your car to the required performance rating for a particular race so you either spend money or lose out on the car you were trying to win. I have tried to get many of the special event cars and have never made it past day 5 cause I just can’t dump loads of cash into the game to get the cars. If at some point they decide to sell that car for real cash without having to partake in such an event the price is stupidly high. Example, I’m not gonna pay $30 for a Mclaren P1. That’s probably not the asking price for that car, it’s just an example like I said but you get the idea. If they allow you to buy it with in game currency it’s usually with gold and not the game money and again it’s a ridiculous amount of gold which you’re more than likely not gonna have so you’ll have to spend ridiculous amounts of real cash to buy gold. Don’t get me wrong, I love the game and have spent a small amount of real cash in the past. Twice I bought 50 gold a day for 14 days for $4.99 but the third time I made that purchase it didn’t register. The game never gave me my gold and the App Store took my money and did nothing when I complained about the purchase not registering in game. I gave up $5 for nothing, literally! But I love the game so I patiently play and over time I’ve acquired a nice collection of cars. So can you. Overall the game is very good, even with its flaws. Definitely recommend it.
  • Need for Greed Limits 2/5

    By Azeral383
    The game has a lot of promise to be a great game but you get stuck behind a paywall. The minute you start to enjoy the game guess what? You run out of fuel and you have to either watch ads to get 1 fuel or pay 30 gold to get all fuel back. EA to be honest the time you want us to wait to play again or pay to play is what’s crippling the player experience. Those of us who remember classics like need for speed underground never had a paywall to compete with. We simply bought the game and we played until our hearts gave out but with this sell out version of what could have been a great game we can’t even play 10 minutes straight without a paywall in our faces. If this changes you will draw back so many players old and new to the game.
  • Please add the Nissan Skyline GT-R R33 3/5

    By Sludgyraker
    I would like to see the Skyline GT-R R33 make a appearance in this game and with its own customizations. It can be nice to see it alongside the R32 and the R34 even being able to race against other classic sports. 😁
  • Black ridge rivals update 1/5

    By owzzwah
    When you put an update out you should actually make the update available! Big fail !
  • Much better. 5/5

    By StoaDebater
    The quality of this game has improved! Good job EA! I love the new look and feel of the game. The special events are mich better since some of them give you a certain reward after a certain amount of chapters have been completed. The crates are soooo much better now. Thank you for adding the blueprints of the cars I got from special events. And thank you for reducing the amount of premium crates bought from 10 to 5. Much, much better. So far, the ranking of difficulty for levels is now accurate. Good job and keep up the good work!
  • Need for speed no limits 4/5

    By pedalfuel
    This game is AWESOME!! The only downfall is the crashing which makes me lose races! Very realistic and fun!! Special event races where you compete for prices, sometimes if both racers get first place and have exactly the same race time they should both win the race this is unfair sometimes. Other than it’s a awesome game I’ve been playing it for a while
  • So good! 4/5

    By gg❤️s
    This game is so much fun! I also like how you can even do drifts.And swipe up to get a good energy boost! You can also go to the modshop to decorate your car!❤️❤️🚘🚙
  • Coolest game 5/5

    By Aiden Daigle
    This game is awesome it is actually my 4th favorite game in the whole world ☁ 👋🚀 ☁☁ ✨ BYEBYE* ☁ ✨ 🎈 ✨ ☁ ✨ ✨ 🌾✨💨 🏃 🏠🏢  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ☁ 👋🚀 ☁☁ ✨ BYEBYE* ☁ ✨ 🎈 ✨ ☁ ✨ ✨ 🌾✨💨 🏃 🏠🏢  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ☁ 👋🚀 ☁☁ ✨ BYEBYE* ☁ ✨ 🎈 ✨ ☁ ✨ ✨ 🌾✨💨 🏃 🏠🏢  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ☁ 👋🚀 ☁☁ ✨ BYEBYE* ☁ ✨ 🎈 ✨ ☁ ✨ ✨ 🌾✨💨 🏃 🏠🏢  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ☁ 👋🚀 ☁☁ ✨ BYEBYE* ☁ ✨ 🎈 ✨ ☁ ✨ ✨ 🌾✨💨 🏃 🏠🏢  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
  • Won’t Even Load Up 1/5

    By LaDon James
    My review is solely based on the fact that this game won’t even load up. I get to this black screen at the beginning, haven’t even gotten to try the game out. All other games work on my phone except this game
  • Event 3/5

    By RestuAji
    Lamborghini event please Diablo sv etc.
  • Sad 1/5

    By jay78000
    This was my favorite game until it stopped working
  • James Bond 5/5

    By Trouble+

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