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Neighbors by Ring App

Always know what’s happening in your neighborhood with real-time, hyper-local safety information from your neighbors, local news sources, and public safety agencies. Why Neighbors by Ring? - Get safety alerts relevant to you and your neighborhood. - Always know when and where things are happening in your area with the Incident Map and Safety Report. - Connect with your neighbors and share updates to keep your community safe and informed. - Work with public safety agencies to build safer neighborhoods. Join the neighborhood to create safer neighborhoods, together. -- We love hearing from you and we're always looking to improve the Neighbors app. As always, feel free to send your feedback to [email protected]

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Neighbors by Ring app reviews

  • Two factor verification 1/5

    By Biomedfred
    There two factor verification is a joke! It times out in ten minutes , and they don’t send the code until after it times out!
  • Great information 5/5

    By kayjah
    I love the app because it gives me more info locally that you can’t get on the news and you might be able to help a neighbor close or far. We can connect the dots with our cameras.
  • Performance Issues 2/5

    By Sirhcv
    The app hangs from time to time. It’s especially bad when viewing the map. Nice interface but really needs performance improvements.
  • Informative 5/5

    By Timmy834
    Helps keep me safe
  • Maps disappeared 5/5

    By Lennie m
    I do not get up the maps for each incident any longer. I have updated to version 3.22.0. My wife still has the version 3.19.1 and there the maps still visible.
  • Great!! 5/5

    By sweetrooster
    Great app I wish more people knew about it! I have had ring for years and didn’t know until I installed blink and it invited me to join??
  • Can’t alter view. 1/5

    By DaBus1968
    Been waiting thru updates since this came out. Opens in page view, goes to landscape view if you look at a photo or video, but must return to page view to read or type comments. There is NO OPTION in settings to change this. It’s a simple fix that would turn this one star into 5.
  • Neighbors communicating for Peace 5/5

    By MochaMomKC
    I love how we as individuals can communicate whatever is going on in our neighborhood and share with our neighbors. Whether its sounds like a gun was fired or firecrackers that sound like a gun. Suspicious cars or people lurking around. We are just neighbors living our lives in different communities not too far from each other utilizing this tool to reach out to others for a safe neighborhood and a piece of mind.
  • Good app but people ruin it 2/5

    By Cptn. Fuzzy Pants
    This app has good intentions but it has basically turned in to the “nosey/paranoid old lady” app or the “did anyone else hear gunshots” app. It’s just filled with people posting about hearing gunshots when it’s more likely that they heard fireworks, or nail guns from construction, etc... There’s at least one post per day about someone thinking they heard gunshots. Then you have the paranoid people posting videos of people at their door saying “strange person at my door” and all it turns out to be is some Jehovah’s Witness or someone trying to sell door to door. 9 times out of 10 the information posted is completely pointless. Just paranoid people cooped up in their house with nothing better to do than post useless things. Then you have people who just don’t even comprehend the app. They think they are literally posting to their neighbors. They will post crap like “Does anyone know what’s going on across the street?”. Like we have any clue who they are and where they live.
  • Can't upload anything, will Shadowban you. 1/5

    By Destiny2guy
    Only post once every few monthes and the suspicious behavior report doesn't upload. Two guys were going on properties and my post vanishes shortly after posted. Will not show you error messages or reasons. This app will shadowban you.
  • Incompatible for my iPhone 8 1/5

    By kwall66
    I try to login in and it won't let me i dont know why. And their support doesn't answer
  • App crashes every time 2/5

    By Gr8fllady
    I love the premise of this app for keeping up with what’s going on in ones community however, within moments of me opening the app it crashes and I get booted back to my home screen. This is on iPhone current iOS. Every.single.time. Please fix this issue!
  • Unable expand view 3/5

    By PeteMoss
    Up until recently, I’m unable to expand on the video or even put in in Landscape view. It just stays black and crashes. Need to hard reset the app in order to relaunch. Seems like a bee bug. IOS 14.1 iPhone XS
  • Ring Doorbell 5/5

    By connieb1928
    Love this Doorbell! I have recommended it to others and they love it too. Great feature for video and live voice! Priced right and only 30.00 a year for video storage
  • Want to love it 1/5

    By ladycatmama
    In theory this app would be great but it’s super glitchy and freezes every time I open it
  • Changed My Address 1/5

    By Bart*
    I was looking forward to using this app, but they kept changing my Brooklyn, New York address to New York, New York. Big difference.
  • Too politically correct! 1/5

    By RalphMcC
    I attempted to report loud music from a nearby nightclub that I could hear a half mile away. They declined to permit me to comment on it and invite my neighbors to join me in urging law enforcement to enforce our city’s noise ordinance. This app’s management felt this was not a crime even though our ordinance clearly says it is. Deleting this app.
  • Helpful Information About Neighborhood 4/5

    By Realistic1
    Pros: Up to date information, good categorization for events, clear videos and photos, respects privacy of participants, ability to report unhelpful or rude responses. Cons: At least 1-2 instigators or trolls respond to posts.
  • Why, don’t download 1/5

    By Alexandersuperspy
    First of all, I have always had a hard time signing in, and all of the verification is driving me crazy, as you have to identify your email TWICE, and the email system is so slow to process. Second, I don’t understand why you need to put in so much information for a single app that only gives you alerts, and that brings me to my third point. The alerts are so bad and vague, but constantly ping you with sound.
  • “Just a moment” 1/5

    By Bestof10
    Can’t log into the neighbors app anymore. Just keeps saying “Just a Moment” when I try to log in now. I’ve tried uninstalling the app. No luck.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Kevin o1234
    Can’t use...never loads for me after multiple tries over acweek
  • Can I post? 3/5

    By mixha3l
    I like being able to see what’s going on near me, but I have tried making several posts and I never see them show up and they never show up anywhere on my account. Are they actually posting? Idk...
  • Watered down posts 1/5

    By Mishaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    There are a couple of pretty serious events (not life threatening or anything) that I’ve tried posting and they were flagged and taken off. Most recently a man was banging on my door with his bag. I had clear footage caught on my ring camera and was trying to warn people and wasn’t able to post it. I tried even not saying anything to make sure I was keeping emotion out of the post. They took it down. And when I inquired they just said that “based on feedback” it wasn’t helpful. Idk about you but I would much rather know about this happening rather than the posts I see about people hearing fireworks and porch pirates .. because that’s about all I see. The app is trash and not helpful if that’s all I see.
  • Ridiculous posting rules 1/5

    By t.onihay.
    Tried to post about a real concern about people driving by taking photos of my home but they wouldn’t allow me to post it because of their “updated terms” or whatever and they said if I felt it was a mistake to remove the post to reply to the email and tell them why so I did and never heard back. So hopefully the people that were taking pictures of my house and drove off after we tried to confront them don’t come back to rob us :)
  • How to describe 1/5

    By Ykayed
    I felt an activity was weird and suspicious to me, and I was asking the neighborhood for help. The app flagged my post and didn’t publish it. The app posts all sorts of random and crazy things, but it deemed my video inappropriate.
  • Still crashes, freezes, closes randomly on brand new iPad Pro 1/5

    By Pr0TecK
    This is my 3 rd iPad in a row (2- ver 7 + 1- 11” pro) I’ve watched this app have all kinds of issues with every one of them. I’ve had to delete and reinstall the app at least a half dozen times. Usually fixes the problem for a while but it always comes back. Just the fact that you need to delete and reinstall tells you something isn’t right at the heart of this thing. Today it started crashing over and over when trying to respond to a post. Just typing was too much for it. Somebody needs to rebuild this from the ground up. There is no excuse for this.
  • iPad mini5 unable to login 1/5

    By smarliecy
    Unable to login, stuck at the “just a moment”. (Even it has problem it’s not supposed to be spinning forever) reset password keep saying invalid token. Very bad written app.
  • Lots of bugs 3/5

    By xxcraigiexx
    Sometimes the videos will play and sometimes they won’t. The app tends to freeze a lot too.
  • Avoid Ring!!! They’re Blocking legitimate safety concerns 1/5

    By Ruger141
    I went from recommending Ring to everyone I talk to about security cameras to now feeling betrayed by the company. Ring blocked me 3 times from sharing important (non accusatory and repectfully typed)information in the “Neighbors” app that a DETECTIVE investigating sketchy behavior in our neighborhood asked me to share. Their customer support couldn’t reinstate my posts and didn’t understand English well enough to even comprehend the problem making me feel frustrated. I replied to their denial email as it said you could and they reviewed it saying due to recent policy changes they don’t think my post is a good fit. Well I guess a police detective investigating guys casing houses isn’t a safety concern. Ring had taken trying to be PC too far making their customers less safe.
  • Have to rewrite posts and comments EVERYTIME I try to use the app 2/5

    By beeshepherdaz
    Every time I make a post or am commenting, the app will disappear taking me back to my home screen. Of course, making have to write my comment or post AGAIN. I have to write it in notepad so that I can just log in, post and exit before it makes me itself.
  • I’ve tried... 2/5

    By GozHarley be a new user. Loaded app, set up my account. Got to see other postings. When I tried to post photo of bear evidence nothing happens. It doesn’t get posted and I get no feedback. And now I haven’t seen a single new posting in over a week. Seems as if the app has just stopped working.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Jiggs.aviation
    Make it easy to see what’s going on in the community. Helps out a lot!
  • Censoring & Silencing Parents in Silicone Valley 1/5

    By Jmom2011
    Ring Neighbors app should be ashamed & parents should take notice. I was told 3 separate times that posting about an individual surveying our neighborhood, watching children, slowing down where they played, and definitely not living here or around our streets was “non-inclusive” in nature. I have photos of the vehicle along with times. I was not able to post (as they deleted my post 3 separate times) because someone IT guy in silicone valley behind a computer and an algorithm deemed my post not content they want on their neighbors site. Parents. People. If you think Ring is about safety, it’s not. They cuddle up to police in cities to give products away as a marketing tactic of trust. Please do your research. We did and it still wasn’t enough. We can post about lost dogs and coyotes, but when an actual situation occurs they say “Nope. Doesn’t fit with what we decide is suspicious.”🤯 I have called Ring and they said Neighbors is 3rd party owned (meaning your information is being given to some other company and Ring limits their liability.) I’m Not some crazy parent who posts warnings everywhere. My neighbor saw the same car and tried to report it because her kids were being watched also and they blocked her as well. Ring sells your data without your consent through loopholes. So, maybe that’s not a big deal to people but when Ring won’t allow me to give other neighbor/parent a heads up because it’s not PC, I’m out and it’s lost it’s core purpose. I have a personally typed email of rejection from Ring Neighbors so it’s not just the autoresponder. I’ll be looking for security systems elsewhere and you should too!!
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Blossom dad
    I downloaded this app three times last night and three times this morning and still couldn’t get in to this app
  • Logging in on iPhone 2/5

    By Hoy Hoy
    I get an invalid credentials response when I try to log in on iPhone. It logs in fine when logging in on my iPad using the same credentials.
  • Can’t get it to work 1/5

    By sshekn
    I have installed, uninstalled, reinstalled and it just sits with a grey/white screen like its trying to load content and never does.
  • Broken since inception 1/5

    To this day this app crashes, glitches, and just doesn’t work right.
  • Don’t need a reminder 3/5

    By Inviolatebeef
    App is good but I don’t need a reminder that I have notifications turned off EVERY TIME I OPEN THE APP. I know they are off, I turned them off and would appreciate not having to close the reminder EVERY TIME I OPEN THE APP.
  • Piece of junk App 1/5

    By jenannlyn
    It will randomly shutdown. The videos won’t load 9/10 times. And when videos do load they are generally choppy and poor quality. It’s too bad because this has potential to be a great tool, but it just doesn’t work. You’re better off joining a Facebook group for your neighborhood. At least that won’t crash or fail to load videos that’ll keep you safe!
  • Neighbors by ring 5/5

    By jMike5696
    I love using this app to see what’s happening around my neighborhood.
  • Amazing App 4/5

    By NellyNell2015
    I love the app, but keeps randomly forclosing. When im scrolling thru the app to get caught up on info from my neighbors the app just closes itself....Please fix this......But over all good app
  • Full of trolls 1/5

    By Lizrayne
    This app is just a troll magnet, full of rude and unneighborly and inappropriate comments. It appears there are no moderators. I’ve reported comments and nothing happens. Don’t waste your time. Get a police scanner app.
  • Cannot recommend 1/5

    By Postarrow
    Downloaded,setup account with no problem Downhill after that. Watching the wait a few moments wheel spin for an hour waiting for it to open
  • Neighbor app- 3/5

    By Rebecca Rehana
    My app constantly crashes.. sometimes the videos don’t show either.. but is very informational on what’s happening around you.
  • Great app 5/5

    By jaylatte
    I have it two stars then I realized I can hide all the lost pet posts. It was literally 9/10 posts on my timeline. Now it’s 5 stars
  • App is bad 1/5

    By Gc1995c
    Too buggy, nothing loads, and crashes all the time a video is playing.
  • Log in issues 4/5

    By nemojina
    I can’t log in. It just keeps loading and loading after I put my password in.
  • Calusa Neighborhood 5/5

    By Nelson286
    I appreciate that we have many in our community that care. We are able to connect and be informed and also keep our community safe.
  • Love if but have a request 5/5

    By MissNaser
    Enjoy the app. Just wish i can pre-check other cities i plan to travel too. The app limits me in doing so. Can we make that a feature request?

Neighbors by Ring app comments

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