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Always know what’s happening in your neighborhood with real-time, hyper-local safety information from your neighbors, local news sources, and public safety agencies. Why Neighbors by Ring? - Get safety alerts relevant to you and your neighborhood. - Always know when and where things are happening in your area with the Incident Map and Safety Report. - Connect with your neighbors and share updates to keep your community safe and informed. - Work with public safety agencies to build safer neighborhoods. Join the neighborhood to create safer neighborhoods, together. -- We love hearing from you and we're always looking to improve the Neighbors app. As always, feel free to send your feedback to [email protected] -- By using this app, I agree to Ring's Terms of Service ( See Privacy ( for additional information.

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  • Every time I open the app I have to re-login 1/5

    By überBuilder
    Why do I have to login to the app nearly every time I open it??? Fix this please!
  • Great app! one problem 4/5

    By mablzx
    this is a great app i use for safety. i did get yelled at by a user saying it was for ring users only.
  • Landscape Mode? 1/5

    By jsgarton
    I cannot believe you don’t support this fully, I start out in landscape mode but then it switches to portrait w/o the device changing. This is a PIA. Landscape mode should be fully implemented.
  • Safety concern removed 1/5

    By anothereview
    Regardless of posting my video…the people who approve of posts did not approve of my video. Why? Apparently I didn’t “convince” them that it was a real issue of safety for my community. When a person is under real threat and under great stress from a trespasser at 2AM…you aren’t thinking of being a story teller and convince someone’s paid employee about your video. Look at the video..that should be truth enough. I’m not going into great length to describe my video, and sell you on why it’s a safety concern.
  • Finally! 5/5

    By Teknovore
    Finally! A decent app to troll Karen’s into utterly breaking down mentally. Exacerbating situations at its finest.
  • App not letting me log in 1/5

    By 7m7k
    I got a new phone a few months ago and haven’t logged into the Neighbors App in awhile. Tried logging back in today and it said my password was wrong, so after a couple attempts I changed my password. It told me “invalid credentials” multiple times. Changed my password again and I keep getting the same thing. I am able to log in on my browser though, but would like to be able to use the app.
  • Mistakes my phone as jailbroken 1/5

    By Ivanp06
    I am greeted with “cannot run this app on a jailbroken device” despite not having a jailbroken device.
  • Team get pay to think 1/5

    By 5owners
    So to prevent crime or SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY depending of the TEAM (they call their self TEAM) If they see is not a harmful situation they don’t allow you to post your view. When the activity became more aggressive is when they post some of your videos record it. Good point TEAM, useless app
  • Hijacked By The Soft, Weak, & Woke 1/5

    By Frankie142622
    This app in the beginning had real purpose and meaning. If a suspicious person was caught on your Ring, you could alert your “Neighbors.” That’s literally the entire reason for the link between the two. It was like another tool for a safe neighborhood to use to prevent, warn, and even assist catching those who maybe committing crimes. My Ring picked up a male running on to my property at 10:38pm, tripping over my retaining wall (he could have fell and cracked his head open). He tripped because as he quickly approached, he noticed I had the Ring and tried to stop. The Ring picked up his audio as he turned away from the house and yelled, “They have a Ring!” He then put his hood up, tighten it by pulling the strings so his face wouldn’t be visible as he came onto my porch. So I did what any concerned citizen would do that had the Ring and the Neighbor apps, I shared the video so my “Neighbors” could keep a watch of their property and loved ones. You know what the powers that be at the Neighbor did, they rejected my Ring video because “it’s not quite right for Neighbors.” Clearly the people at Neighbor and those who advise have no idea about how home invasions happen. Clearly they have no idea how suspects scope out “Neighborhoods” to see vulnerabilities. (My guess, a retired cop who never worked the street, but spent 25+ years in classes instead.) Neighbor is now for people to post about lost cats, dogs, deers, and trailers being stolen. Basically, a complete waste of time and waste of what use to be a very useful too against crime & mischief. Deleting this waste of an app and space on my phone.
  • Nosey Neighbors 1/5

    By Mikeyxy20
    App has become a joke, with no moderation. Tons of uses less post, “what was that boom?”, “3 cop cars on 10th, Whats going on?”, and “powers out” every time there’s a storm.
  • Censorship run amuck! 1/5

    By Route101
    Tried to post something about kids trespassing and knocking on doors late at night but the Censors refused to post it. If someone gets hurt you could blame it on Ring and their Neighbor App. They’re more concerned with what makes them look good instead of being responsible.
  • Really helpful app 5/5

    By poppyw22
    I like it
  • Trying to scare you into buying more Ring cameras 1/5

    By NeedingHisHelp
    I get my day interrupted by a hundred pointless posts that don’t even have anything to do with crime or safety. “Cops are everywhere!! What for?? A lost cat? No sirens? Oh ok.” But when I have a serious concern about nearby explosions or safety for my block of neighborhood, the post gets rejected by the neighbors team. That shows me they don’t actually care about safety or information, just physical & visible things that will scare people into buying more Ring cameras.
  • Love this app I recommend it 5/5

    By maryhavana
    I am very happy with app neighbor because due to this app I found my dog without neighbors it would not be possible thanks also to a friend who told me about this app love it
  • App not working 3/5

    By J2theLo25
    Since the latest update, the app does not load information at all. You can’t see anything except for when you click the side button to go to the settings. Please fix ASAP. Thanks RING!
  • Reset password doesn’t work 1/5

    By AlecAllen
    I used to use this app. I couldn’t get back in so I changed my password. Login wouldn’t take the new password. So I changed it again. And again. And again. No matter how many times I set my new password it tells me invalid credentials. I guess I just won’t use it anymore.
  • Trouble logging in?? 1/5

    By Jay jay 👌
    It doesn’t let me log in. It says “invalid credentials” I had to reset my password 3 times and even made a new account... and still nothing. Please fix, very annoying.
  • Watch out for White Lies 5/5

    By :-) ;-) :-0
    Frequent updates but the White people be lying on us and giving false alerts. They move in our poor neighborhoods, don’t offer help but complain and report on stuff mostly made up in their classically conditioned minds.
  • Won’t Let Me Log In & Keep Getting Errors? 2/5

    By TheREALHeyMah
    5/18/21 - The app is suddenly not working and won’t let me sign in. I’ve never had this problem before and I’m not sure why it’s having trouble. It says it’s sending a verification code to my email address that I need to enter so I can log in. No code is sent, so I click “resend code” and there’s an error. The only email I received is instructing me to go to settings (while I’m logged in...?) to generate the code... only problem is I can’t log in so I can’t go to my settings... doesn’t make any sense :o/
  • Still crashes, freezes, closes randomly on brand new iPad Pro 1/5

    By Pr0TecK
    This is my 3 rd iPad in a row (2- ver 7 + 1- 11” pro) I’ve watched this app have all kinds of issues with every one of them. I’ve had to delete and reinstall the app over and over. Usually fixes the problem for a while but it always comes back. Just the fact that you need to delete and reinstall tells you something isn’t right at the heart of this thing. Today it started crashing over and over when trying to respond to a post. Just typing was too much for it. Somebody needs to rebuild this from the ground up. There is no excuse for this. Months later nothing has changed. I keep up with all iOS updates. This app still needs to be removed and reinstalled over and over. Typing anything into it will start lagging at any time, with no warning the words appear on the screen long after you typed them. Then it's back to normal. Then a single typed character crashes it.
  • LOVE! 5/5

    By November Is The Best Month
    This app is so informative! Some subscribers post helpful information, ask questions, concerns about weather or city plans, etc. I am truly thankful for this app! ❤️🙏🏼
  • No longer works 1/5

    By NickofSpades
    App will send an email as two factor then follow up with a prompt to verify email address. Apparently the product and engineering teams working on this haven’t really thought through things. Deleted the app, will reach out to support with a ccpa notice to delete my account.
  • Please 5/5

    By Blossom dad
    I downloaded this app three times last night and three Iam pleased at this app so Pleased with this app so far times this morning and still couldn’t get in to this app
  • Unable to login and report an actual wildfire 1/5

    By Jdemarco12
    Today several trees in a wooded area right behind an apartment building in my complex went up in flames. When I tried to login to the app to warn fellow neighbor’s it insisted my credentials were wrong. Then I reset my password. Then it said it was still wrong. I repeated this process several times. Then I tried using a new email to sign up because this was an emergency I want fellow neighbor’s to be aware of. Still wouldn’t work. Kept saying the email was used when I’m positive it wasn’t. The entire purpose of this app was a complete failure when the time came. Shame on you.
  • People on this app 5/5

    By Hope Hargrave
    I agree with Jon.. this is why I stopped viewing it at all. It is time people went back to respect. Keep your opinion to yourself or share it with journalist who will hype it to death and you will get you 15 minutes of fame. I have my own values and they do not include lies and hate. What happened to telling the facts and letting everyone decide for themselves what they agree with and what they don’t. Stop whining. If you can do something positive to help someone fine but just to blast a neighbor you don’t like don’t do it on my time. It only takes one or two on a continual rap to ruin this app. You know who you are. You need our prayers to wake you up to what is the right thing to do and say. God be with you.
  • Unable to register 1/5

    By KetsM
    My neighbors account was linked to my Blink account and all of a sudden I was logged out after the update of the app and now I’m unable to login, unable to reset a password or unable to create a new account. It keeps saying something went wrong. So frustrating!!
  • Suggested category 5/5

    By JamesW059
    I’d like to suggest a category that isn’t sinister. My cute fox baby video was put under the safety category. There should be an option to post moments that are not dangerous, just heartwarming and shareworthy.

    By Ash84ley
    This app is great, but it would be really helpful if you had a search field so I could quickly see if there are any posts (with the item name or brand of something taken from someone’s yard/garage, etc.) Thanks!!
  • Video scrubbing 3/5

    By Mtj1969
    For as long as this has been around we should have the ability to do video scrubbing during playback. We need this to be able to catch exactly points in time on video.
  • Information 5/5

    It’s a good thing connecting with the neighbors on what is happening around the neighborhood
  • only learned how rude people can be 1/5

    By kiara0965
    Since the neighbors are anonymous people feel to the need to be so bold. I have only learned how racist and rude and disrespectful my community is. There is no crime in my area so the moment you post something you get attacked and hated on. I am deleting the app and sticking with the news.
  • Suppose to be able to? 1/5

    By Reverend Michael
    Says I already have a ring account, so login with my username and password, but keeps saying invalid credentials lol... stupid I’m not going to rest it as it might effect my Blink account or not lol
  • False sense of security 1/5

    By 21-special-k
    The first time I posted a theft, I was bullied. The second time I posted a theft, my post was removed saying my description of the thief “a black guy” was racist. I was re-victimized, not allowed to garner support or help from my neighbors and a crime was excluded from their reporting. Yet, there are other posts with descriptions that violate their alleged policy, so you can’t count on this app for reliable data.
  • Too buggy 2/5

    By Brittanyl727
    I love the idea of this app but literally every time I try to sign in it says invalid credentials. Just changed my password twice and it still says the same. Asked once for a verification code. I entered the exact code I was sent and that was supposedly invalid too. I shouldn’t have to change my login info every time I want to see what’s going on.
  • Deleted 1/5

    By no nickname-all taken
    I had to delete the app. Although I found the information useful, I moved a year ago and I have been trying to delete my old neighborhood for that long. Even gave the app permission to access my location over and over again. And over and over.
  • Almost useless. If you like cute videos this is the app for you. 1/5

    By GinaandFred
    I tried to post actual crime under the crime category and it was rejected. I even put the police report and police information as the app requested. Somehow a cute video of a cat visiting the neighbor can be posted under lost pets, but actual crime cannot be reported. I wonder how many actual incidents/public threats are rejected. Maybe they are trying to compete with YouTube. I emailed them to ask why my post was not put up and here was the response. We’ve reviewed your post, and we feel that it’s not quite right for Neighbors. We recently made changes to our Unexpected Activity category based on feedback from the community about what posts are most useful. The type of incident you are reporting is no longer permitted on the app. We appreciate your effort to engage your community. We understand that each incident is different and local context matters, however we have one set of Community Guidelines that all users must follow. Your feedback is important to us; the community guidelines will continue to evolve as we figure out what information users want to see. The Neighbors Team
  • Awesome way to be a good neighbor 4/5

    By Vectorprimal22
    It’s very good to see the community looking out for one another. This platform can help keep people informed and safe through information via an eye witness and camera footage. This allows average citizens to get involved in the crime fighting process and working towards a safer and more productive community by stopping the loss of goods and private property. The police need our help!
  • Too many trolls ruined this app 1/5

    By No longer a gaw junkie
    I used to use this app regularly as it was very informative on crimes, lost pets, safety issues, suspicious activity etc... however half the informative posts get deleted or I get posts from 10 miles away not to mention every post had child like mentality trolls posting sarcastic and or racist comments. Too many people post about crime activity going on in their community and too many morons post to mind their own business! This is our business since it’s our community! This app needs better filters to filter out the immature trolls that act like internet thugs! Biggest waist of a once good app! Sadly I have to delete this app because it’s just too much drama with the trolls, It has become more of a PVP war game than a community awareness app. Very disappointed! Good bye neighbors app!
  • App 4/5

    By 5656Sepko
    I agree with Jon on everything he wrote. A lot of cruel comments that are not needed.
  • CRAP 1/5

    By italiandude724
    This app sent me a notification I have been signed in nothing changed it’s suppose to automatically sign in and it keeps giving me an error message what a crap app how can you send me a push notification and then when I try to read it make me log in this is absolutely ANNOYING
  • White Screen 1/5

    By Girlz101
    I downloaded thing app and waited for a few minutes and nothing is happening. I restarted the app and still nothing is happening.
  • Garbage. Doesn’t deserve 1 star PERIOD! 1/5

    By AvaYukiNikkoSan
    This app is straight garbage. They pick and choose what kind of “emergency” to post. There are 98.999% aholes on here that post FB crap and I heard a noise but people in your yard/garage are not deemed important. Use ND or FB and don’t waste your time on garbage
  • Good app 5/5

    By JcanNicey
    It’s great to know what’s going on in my surroundings
  • Love this 5/5

    By namze
    Keeps you up to date what’s going on I’m your neighborhoods. This app is a must!
  • Cool concept. Videos fail to properly upload 1/5

    By bgandrew1
    Tried several times to post video of found dogs. Video would be lost with each post — showing a “the video is unavailable” message for each post. Instead of providing a platform to easily help out, it became a hassle. If you provide the option to upload video, make sure it works!
  • Mildly helpful but mostly cruel comments 2/5

    By Birdddddeeeeee
    This app is a platform for the most cruel comments. Neighbors will posit safety concerns and there is almost always a negative comment to follow. It is really making me hate my neighborhood.
  • A Must Have! 5/5

    By Jules by the beach
    Can you remember how it was before cellphones? This is how I feel about my Ring cameras and the neighbors app I never have to wonder why the dog is barking or what that noise outside is. So much less stressful knowing that my neighbors are looking out for us just like we look out for all of them
  • Unsatisfied 1/5

    By ladydi115
    The only way you can know what crime is in your neighborhood is if you have a ring Why is it all of us can’t know what crime is happening in our neighborhood and community If you do not have a ring you don’t matter The worst of the worst customer service All the CS agent could say over and over well actually ma’am You have to spend money on a ring to know what’s happening in your community, so sad
  • App is decent, people not so much 3/5

    By Mooni_7
    To be honest, I really like the concept of this app where you can post and inform others on suspicious activities or post for helping find someone/pet. However, there are way too many trolls that just spreads hate and unnecessary jokes in every comment they write. People who post about helicopters circling and loud possible gunshot/explosive sound are just concerning the safety of their neighborhood, but you get comment saying (for example) “ la is like a war zone why do you even bother” and “coyotes are partying”. It’s just very discouraging for people who want live updates on their neighborhood safety. Why even install this app if they don’t want to know these event in the first place? . 🤷‍♀️