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Neighbors by Ring App

Join the Neighborhood. Get real-time crime and safety alerts from your neighbors and local law enforcement. Millions of Americans are already using Neighbors, so download the app and see what’s really happening in your Neighborhood. Neighbors is more than an app, it’s the power of your community coming together to keep you safe and informed. Safer Neighborhoods start with Neighbors ---- We love hearing from our Neighbors and we're always looking to improve the Neighbors app. As always, feel free to send your feedback to [email protected]

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Neighbors by Ring app reviews

  • App failure 1/5

    By Traderite
    Almost every time I am on the app to comment, watch video, or read comments the app shuts down. Annoying when there is something important to see or say!!! Fix the bugs
  • Should allow video upload from other surveillance camera 3/5

    By mi5t4ak
    I really like the app. Keeps you informed and alerted. I just wish they would allow upload of videos from other cameras as well. Or your gallery.
  • In The Video 5/5

    By J4Hoyt
    If I had a RING camera, and I do, I certainly would keep the view that the world saw looking good and not like the City Dump, unless you actually live at the, or in the County Dump. Take pride in your homes people.
  • Dysfunctional 1/5

    By scottstev1
    Safety issue that needed posting. Wouldn’t post. Otherwise just constant videos of Ring owners being robbed and seemingly fine about it. “Look, everyone. Loook. He’s robbing me. Post post post. Look look look. Social social social. I’m not going to do anything about it, though...”
  • A MUST GET 💜💙 5/5

    By 🤪Baddie🤪
    This app is a very helpful and a must get app! I got this app when I was 9 nine years old and I absolutely love it!! This app is 100% reliable and good to have they give me alerts when something is wrong or something dangerous is happening I’m now 12 years old I’ve been using this app for at least 3 years now every time our family moved to a different neighborhood I still kept this app it makes me feel safe knowing what’s going on our me in this crazy world I know I got it at a young age but I recommend this app for anyone and everyone!! Instagram:hannah_models Snapchat:hannahwalker224 Tiktok:hannah.walker123 YouTube: Itss Hannah
  • My opinion 4/5

    By Jay Funnie
    The app is good! I wish the creators can also contribute police incident that are public record. Keep up the good work!
  • Works when it does 3/5

    By eGod001
    Very nice concept. However there are way too many trolls on this app (beyond developer control) and it also crashes every use. Not sure why it’s not as stable but going to see if the ring has a web app...
  • Crime 5/5

    By duck1940
    Up to date info
  • Have been happy BUT... 2/5

    By twitter lover 1122
    I’ve been using this app and very happy about it, but now I cannot login using my account. I reset the password as well. Very frustrated
  • Changing address dialogue does not read with voiceover on iOS 5/5

    By ryanrain2
    This is a wonderful app. And it’s help me understand quite a bit about my new neighborhood. The only issue I am having is that voiceover will not read anything when I hit a change address button. All I notice is the word dismiss and nothing happens when I click on it so in order to work with the app, I have to remove it from the app switcher before launching it again.
  • Can never post videos on the Neighborhood 1/5

    By The Cute CAT
    I have tried posting illegal activity in my neighborhood and every time I put up my video it is taken down and I bought the camera because I thought It would work in concert with the Ring doorbell (which is the best) because you are able to post the activity of illegal actions without it coming down. Downloaded the Neighborhood App and they still take down your videos.
  • Used to really enjoy... 1/5

    By Kittykins-
    This app was great a couple of months ago. But now whenever I try to view a post it crashes. Any post, it eventually crashes. It’s really frustrating and has made me rely on other apps for info in my area. I hope they fix this issue soon.
  • No notifications 1/5

    By The great manny
    Part 1: No notifications for incidents in my neighborhood. I want a push notification. There was a guy checking door knobs posted 44 minutes ago. Why was I not notified. Part 2: I specified my neighborhood area and that somehow got reset to default. Why?
  • 36 million unemployed 😨 5/5

    By tibocavina
    We need keep Eyes boone 24/7. Great app thank you
  • Would love to use it... 2/5

    By Theturdworld
    ...But it freezes up at password stage creating an account. Tried multiple times. New-ish iPhone, latest software 😳
  • Terrible app. 1/5

    By robert t777
    Terrible app. When you post an item that is pertinent like ducks that are becoming aggressive due to people feeding them. Or try to inform the neighbors re: these same ducks are invasive and carry numerous diseases they say it’s not pertinent as it’s not a safety concern. So the time I took to write the review was not posted however people are posting about locations of toilet paper and that is somehow pertinent. Seems as though they are promoting only videos re “the ring”. The other issue I have and others have posted the same is that when you try to open the post app just keeps attempting to reload. Useless app unless you are looking for toilet paper or a missing chicken.
  • Won’t display videos 1/5

    By WordDopeFresh
    Most of the posts come up as a white screen. I can only read the posts, but not watch them.
  • Live sloooow to come up! 2/5

    By pattij013
    By the time my live shot comes up on my camera , a person could be in my house and I would never know. Very frustrating!
  • Stay informed... 5/5

    By GMWNewCreature
    Very informative. Helps to know what's taking place in your neighborhood.
  • Doesn't work at all 1/5

    By sonydog123
    Won't let me login or even create a new account. Completely broken app.
  • Useless app not for community concerns 1/5

    By ChaosDragon2
    Posts get deleted for no reason, especially when you want to warn neighbors of the crimes or suspicious activities in the area. How they pick and choose to filter content is full of incompetence. When they chose to remove your videos, pictures, and content, you will begin to realize there is no trust or reliability in their notion of security. It is most likely that they want to force you to buy their products and subscriptions before evening using their so-called community app. Don’t waste your time and money. Go use Nextdoor instead.
  • This app is atrocious 1/5

    By sin claire
    I have been harassed by “neighbors” for speaking up. They have found out my personal information from making reports. You cannot block people and even if you report their awful degrading comments it only blocks it from you being able to see not everyone else’s and the people can still find you and keep making awful comments. There is no way to block these people and ring does nothing to help. I was nearly attacked by a man and was only made fun of, without repercussions to the people who make my attack so much worse. Forget this app. There’s no such thing as “customer service” all this does is show people where you live from the videos and a lot of the perpetrators have this app too so they keep coming after you.
  • few errors 3/5

    cool app, but videos show up as a white screen everytime. I’m unable to see any video footage, and when I am able eventually load up any videos, it goes back to the white screen.
  • Helpful but why can’t you go back to no commenting 2/5

    By Frugalbooks
    It’s nice that the app lets you warn people of crime, suspicious activities, unknown person and lost animals. Updating with a map made it better.... BUT it would be better if you go back to no commenting. Since the app is anonymous there is a bunch of people (probably the criminals) trolling on it. Always being rude and it makes people not want to post at all. I’ve seen post deleted because of negative comments.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Bad company bad app
    This app is and will be worthless until they ban some people from using it. There are comments that are racist and rude and nothing is done about it. You can flag an inappropriate comment but the same “neighbor” continues to make the same ignorant comments and this app could care less.
  • A possible upgrade 5/5

    By Blowfly0086
    I am not a ring user. I do have a question. I am trying to help people in my neighborhood. Is there a possibility to add a function to those messages so that someone like myself can add/attach pictures to their texts? I’ve seen a few situations where it would have been helpful. Thank you.
  • If it did work it could be a 5 stars 1/5

    By Disappointed user!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The idea is grate but the app need serious work, most of the time the video is a blank screen that won’t load, the other half it will crash when you scroll down to see more posts. The app has a lot of stability issues, it needs a good Programer behind. Other ways the app could be so useful.
  • Finally we the people can be vigilant! 5/5

    By Mr Johno Bell
  • Won’t allow me to join 1/5

    By unHINGED12
    I tried creating an account and it keep saying I already joined. I even created a new email and it’s stating the same thing.
  • App crashing 1/5

    By urolelady
    All of a sudden this app crashes every time you try to open it. You see the home screen for a moment and boom it’s gone. Too bad, used to be good now it’s useless.
  • Unable to see others posted video. 1/5

    By Cpeso
    It’s been going on for a couple of months now. But, I’m unable to see people’s posted video, I can see their narrative though.
  • Noice 5/5

    By Storm5521
    I saw myself
  • Neighbors 2/5

    By goodpeoplewon
    I keep having to delete the app and get it back whenever something new comes in. Very aggregating.
  • Please add the option for the poster to delete comments. 3/5

    By Dominick malott
    Please add the option for the poster to delete comments. A bunch of unnecessary comments that have nothing to do with the post and the poster can’t do anything about it. It’s kinda annoying when it’s a post about crime going on and there are stupid comments like “someone stole toilet paper” or “coyotes robbed a store”. Please it can’t be that hard to add that feature. Thank you.
  • There’s No Dark Mode and Mac App 1/5

    By A_Paxton14
    Please let there be a Dark Mode and a Mac version for this app.
  • Hills of west lake 5/5

    By cajun neighbor
    I enjoy seeing and more importantly KNOWING what is happening around us... we did have an incident on April 9th the police were called but never saw report.....3:00am could not sleep and Got up. 30 minutes later heard a noise at front door, looked up and saw a face looking in at me. It was one of those moments you don’t want to experience.....jumped up got my husband came back to foyer and he was gone when we looked out.....I tend to believe it was teenage mischief Lock up. And keep safe
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Kdarkbutterfly
    App keeps crashing. I try to read the comments and suddenly the app closes. I also can’t play any of the videos.
  • Very helpful 5/5

    By Alagal01
    Love the information posted
  • This APP is great! 5/5

    By Red Hot Chili Pepper Heart 69
    I never knew about this app until I was in line waiting at Walgreens and an El Cerrito neighbor shared this with me.
  • censors post they don't deem as a safety issue. 1/5

    By nonya again
    i can't post any version of this post no matter how simple i make it. "there is a man on ormand who Discharges what appears to be a fire arm, then follows it up by discharging fire works AT his neighbors houses. this happens every few days. in my opinion his is testing neighbors responses and conditioning them to ignore the sound. this post was removed once as they thought it didn't have anything to do with your safety but i will reword and repost this until it stays. 5341 is what google says his house # is and he has a yellow car under a tarp in the drive way."" i even simplified it to "man aiming at others houses" and they wouldn't let me post it. complete joke app at this point
  • Missing videos. Constant crashes. 1/5

    By PDX Peter
    More often than not, only the first video in the list will show. All other videos are blank white rectangles. App crashes nearly every time I use it. Used to be a decent app. Now it’s virtually useless.

    By Jersey Shore Jules
    It would really be nice if landscape mode work for once!!
  • Neighbors app 5/5

    By Marktheprinter
    Can you put something on the neighbors App so you can remove stupid or harassing comments? We are trying to help our neighbors but some think it’s for writing not so good comments
  • App Closes Unexpectedly 1/5

    By White Papers
    This was a great App when I first started using it. I’m not exactly sure what happened recently but it’s horrible now. It will close unexpectedly. It’s a great app if you have the patience to constantly have to reopen reopen & reopen. Please fix bug.
  • Logs out automatically 2/5

    By Tweetyw
    Not only logs out automatically but when I try to reset the password, it says that email is invalid. My husband has the same problem and just gave up on the app. I probably will as well. Ridiculous.
  • Thank you for all you do! 5/5

    By 💚😷🌿
  • Brookwood 5/5

    By weatherrider
    Nice to know what is going on you can protect your self better
  • Slow 4/5

    By Robinbird42
    It’s great, but, BUT it takes so long to get into the app when someone is at the door, it’s just easier to get up and go see whose there. Which is hard for my Mother in Law. And when away from home whoever is at the door is gone before we can respond.otherwise, it’s nice to have!
  • No moderators 1/5

    By Christy3838
    The primary purpose of this app is for crime & safety, however, they also have options for things like lost pet or “neighborly moments”. You can then choose what types of posts you would like to follow. Ever since COVID, people post a RIDICULOUS amount of posts about toilet paper & paper towels AND categorize it as “safety”. My phone goes off all day with this garbage. If people want to obsess over these things & share where they can be found, awesome. Just don’t categorize it as “safety” when it should more likely be under “neighborly moments”. These posts should not be allowed to go through in the safety category, especially 10 times a day. I’m deleting the app at this point because it doesn’t serve its intended purpose.

Neighbors by Ring app comments

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