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Always know what’s happening in your neighborhood with real-time, hyper-local safety information from your neighbors, local news sources, and public safety agencies. Why Neighbors by Ring? - Get safety alerts relevant to you and your neighborhood. - Always know when and where things are happening in your area with the Incident Map and Safety Report. - Connect with your neighbors and share updates to keep your community safe and informed. - Work with public safety agencies to build safer neighborhoods. Join the neighborhood to create safer neighborhoods, together. -- We love hearing from you and we're always looking to improve the Neighbors app. As always, feel free to send your feedback to [email protected]

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  • Review 1/5

    By Kroll8
    Took me a very long time to figure out how to delete the account, as there is no option on app, and still not sure if it worked. That is UNACCEPTABLE and must change!!!
  • Mike 1/5

    By Las3rmike
    I never see my posts and it will never put up photos! Useless
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Coffeewmn
    App does not work on iPhone 11. Also the Neighbors feature on the Ring app continues to revert back to Disabled after toggling on to Enable. Tried the community suggestions of removing both apps, rebooting phone and reinstalling apps. Does not work after trying a multiple times. Uninstalled but keeping the Ring app.
  • Security and safety 5/5

    By Fivo5
    My advice is everyone should have it period.

    By caseeeeeyyy
    Thank you so much for this app!
  • Knowledge is power ! 5/5

    It’s a great app, I really appreciate it !! I like being aware of things going on around me 👍👌🙏❤️.....these are crazy times & things are happening now that put many people in difficult situations, therefore they’re doing things they wouldn’t normally do, like just trying to feed their family 😔, I have to pray for them to get through this !! 🙏❤️🙏
  • Great app 5/5

    By 🥰🥰🥰💜💜💜💜
    It lets me know anytime something is going on near me, it is a great app to have.
  • Appreciate 5/5

    By Gisele1972
    I appreciate the alerts and photos of concerns for safety and incidents. It’s great to networking this, otherwise, how would we know what’s happening around us? Thank you.
  • Contact 5/5

    By hphp009
    Great way to get informed about our neighborhood
  • Rest of password 1/5

    By Kathy's New Ipad
    Unreal never had issues until suddenly it logged me out and could not take any combination of passwords I could dream up clearly wants to track me.
  • Can’t log in even with password resetting 2/5

    By Liviaavil
    This is the most frustrating app I’ve ever used which did not allow people to reset password. I mean, they do “allow” you by sending the emails and everything, but the app still shows “invalid credential” even after you reset it! No matter how many times! This is crazy.
  • Application error 1/5

    Application never loads and tells it is an internet problem, but all other applications are working correctly with the internet
  • Removing Legitimate Posts - Lame 1/5

    By letsgotomars89052
    So they removed my post about a suspicious RV after that RV bomb was set off on Christmas Day. So dumb. You allow post after post of people stealing packages, but you remove a post that could save lives. I’m done. I’m deleting this stupid app.
  • Cannot login 1/5

    By YasCruz91
    I keep resetting my password and it always says invalid credentials
  • No point if it just outright blocks posts. 2/5

    By Arkamas Ross
    I’ve tried to make two posts now about issues with late night street racers endangering the public and disturbing the peace, because I know local law enforcement is on the app, but both times it has emailed back saying the posts didn’t meet requirements, asking for more information. There was no inappropriate language or anything of that nature and I gave more than enough info, but this censorship system seems to think otherwise. What is the point of this app if you can’t even report issues in your neighborhood?
  • Just one thing! 5/5

    By Oreogoliath
    Neighbors is a great app but I wish there was a way to expand the screen so I can see it better.
  • No support 1/5

    By Jic200
    No support
  • What’s the point 1/5

    By MTGomm
    I’m not sure what the purpose of this app is. There was a man cutting through my yard, I live on the corner house. He looks suspicious, And quickly turned away when you saw my doorbell camera. Seconds later I hear a sound that sounds like my car door being attempted to be opened. I posted the video and the above description of what occurred, and they said it did not meet their guidelines. I asked them why and they could not explain. If you can’t report suspicious activity what is the point of this app.
  • It’s a good app, but the people... 4/5

    By srejeana
    The Ring app is an excellent app to let people know in their surrounding neighborhood what’s going on. However, I have a problem with the disrespectful, mean, nasty, and rude comments. I wish that the developers of this app can filter out a lot of the mean comments that rude people post just because some of them have too much time on their hands and wanting to start unnecessary drama. The app is there for a reason to warn people what’s going on and making everyone aware of their surroundings. People shouldn’t have to feel bad or second guess themselves whenever they post something, and folks are being mean towards them. Once the comments are filtered, then this app will be rated 5 stars instead of 4.
  • Review 3/5

    The so is ok biggest complaint is members lacking common sense
  • 5 stars definitely recommend worry tha data 5/5

    By negihbor the good guy
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Jameshol
    Constantly crashes. Video controls are crap. Think memory leaking 1990s early web controls.You would at least expect them to have the UI right, but that’s an abomination as well.
  • Spontaneously and randomly quits 1/5

    By rlhester99
    Very frustrating when I'm using the app or the Rong app and it just quits for no reason. It only started happening with this current version.
  • Very useful ! 5/5

    By Nhoc Nu
    Good for us
  • Poor priorities... 1/5

    By MBLucid
    They’re more concerned with positivity in posts, than warning the community about safety issues. Attempted theft, retreated when the camera caught them. I posted, and it wasn’t an actual crime, so it was rejected. Joined NextDoor, made my post (that neighbors denied) and found someone else who had also had someone try to break in. Look elsewhere, if you’re using this app to communicate about safety concerns.
  • I cannot log in in to this app. Because of some weird glitch or some one being пидр 1/5

    By Seregá
    I don’t understand why this app just stoped working I was so happy I could see what is going on in my neighborhood And 1 day this app just kicked me out and never let me in I own 13 ring cameras in my house and yet this company doesn’t let me in and stay safe lol.
  • This app good 5/5

    By naioberh
    This app good
  • constant crashing 1/5

    By shop rite customer
    The app is constantly crashing, not showing video, black screen when viewing video, adding comment results in crash. I am running nothing else with adequate internet speeds & it still crashes. Please have admins look into these issues. I cannot use an app that constantly fails. Overall I enjoy the app but the flaws overshadow its abilities to be useful.
  • Stupid limitations 1/5

    By Ed661bako
    The app has limits on what you can post. It doesn’t let you notify neighbors of suspicious activity or individuals because it doesn’t want you to give false “accusations”. App is a joke. Before you’re even able to post, you must pass their standards and then you’ll get an email saying it posted or didn’t post. To top it off, they decide into what category your post falls into. Straight ridiculous. Someone please develop an app where you can actually notify neighbors of crimes/suspicious activity and not have to worry your post not making it on. Just because this app doesn’t want to hurt the feelings or ruin a crackheads name.
  • The app constantly crashes. 1/5

    By SevyJane
    This application is almost useless. I can’t get too far down in the stories before the application just closes. Videos never load. If they do, the app crashes halfway through the video.
  • Spell check 1/5

    By Fraud Alerter
    When something is purchased, it is spelled “buy” not “by”. Attention to details would give app more credibility. I have not tried it yet, but sloppy marketing ads make me negatively suspicious.
  • Doesn’t load anything 1/5

    By Juju bead2012
    App doesn’t work! Log in and just get a blank screen. I have uninstalled and installed again and nothing.
  • Crashes constantly, nearly unusable 1/5

    By Gggg5643
    iPhone XR updated regularly, and for a year now this app crashes constantly, videos rarely load and when they do they rarely play all the way through before it crashes again. That on top of all the ridiculous “did anyone hear that noise” and “I saw a fox” posts have me almost never using an app that was at one point very useful. The popularity and lack of regulation or better categorization to weed out the “social” posts on the user community makes this no better than any other social media as it’s not at all actually “safety” related anymore even on the rare occasion the app works long enough for me to actually read a post/comments or see a video.
  • Good 5/5

    By txttxttxtx
    Good Merry Christmas
  • Best Resource ever! 5/5

    By asserand
    This is especially great! Before I often could not find or look at & read the post after the initial notification! Neighborhood problems are serious! Thefts are mounting for the worse! Perhaps this Ring Security system is making a difference! At least I feel like it is helping! Thanks again!!
  • Invalid Credentials 1/5

    By Hoy Hoy
    Invalid credentials is the message I get after repeated tries at logging in with new login ids & passwords. Logging in works initially , but after that, “invalid credentials” and logging on fails. Done with this app. Too bad to, it looked promising.
  • Neighbors by Ring 1/5

    By goodpeoplewon
    I have had more trouble with this app than any app I have. It will not update for at least one day and now it has taken away the home app and will not give it back. The last time I was broke into, the app would not come on my phone to see what the problem was and I went to the garage and came close to being attacked by the thief. Y’all like that don’t you.
  • 🥰 5/5

    By mozzy1717
    I love this app it keeps me informed what’s going on around me
  • This app is a bunch of Kevin and Karen’s 1/5

    By catgrrl200557
    Not only do I get constant updates of possibly suspicious people (really one update was some teens walking down the street at night while black) you can’t share positive posts about your neighborhood. I’m getting rid of Ring and the neighbors app once my year subscription is up. My neighborhood sounds like murder capital going by Ring, when it’s really actually fairly peaceful, just not as white as some Ring owners apparently want it to be. (And yes, I’m white, doesn’t mean I can’t call out racists)
  • Helpful and adds safety 5/5

    By boats for ever
    Definitely adds a layer of safety to the neighborhood
  • Issues with app when... 2/5

    By dlgould4
    If I open a post to view video, additional pictures or comments, the app glitches and I have to shut down the app and reopen. Since last update, I cannot view anything off the main feed. If a post shows “...” I cannot open the post for additional info or app freezes.
  • Engaged with the community 5/5

    By Jade Ailey
    I am grateful that I am now aware of the activities within the community. Most of the posts that I see have a video attached and it is very helpful.
  • Amazing tool 5/5

    By Classical 62
  • Light rail will bring a spike in crime 5/5

    By Tune your piano
    This is a great app for everyone to stay vigilant and connected.
  • Broken 1/5

    By Quaziemodo
    This app worked fine at first but after the first update I could no longer view video full screen and many of the notifications I get don’t show up in the app for some time. This problem has persisted for months and two more updates have failed to correct the problem. It seems Ring gave up on customer service after their product took off. Looking for a replacement.
  • Very helpfull... 5/5

    By panhead491957
    Videos help see the crime better if they have them sorry for everyone’s loss
  • Good app minus snarky comments 3/5

    By SunshineCoffee
    The app is helpful to see what is happening in the neighborhood, suspicious activity, lost pets. But I probably will not post anything due to all the snarky comments that border on bullying.
  • Keeps crashing 2/5

    By JeannineNYC
    This app just cuts out when browsing or reading comments. Please fix this problem.
  • Ring Neighbors 5/5

    By WildChiina
    I love this app it just keeps you updated & we can be prepared for whatever is going on in our community.