NerdWallet: Finance Tracker

NerdWallet: Finance Tracker

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  • Current Version: 9.0.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: NerdWallet
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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NerdWallet: Finance Tracker App

The finance tracker that delivers tailored insights to make the most of your money. See the big picture of your money with all your financial accounts on one screen, and zoom in on your cash flow to know what’s spent and what’s left in your budget. Want to keep an eye on your credit profile and credit report? Check it anytime. We’ll also notify you when we see a change in your credit score, and drop Nerd-approved tips to keep building it. How the Nerds make personal finance tracking and budgeting smarter: KNOW YOUR CASH FLOW Track spending across multiple cards and accounts at a glance Get detailed spending insights into ways you can cut back or save Compare spending month-to-month to spot your categories and trends KEEP UP WITH YOUR NET WORTH See how your income, debts, investments, and home value all add up Get personalized insights into ways you can reduce debt and grow your net worth Discover ways to grow your money and transfer funds between your accounts MONITOR & BUILD YOUR CREDIT Keep your free credit score and free credit report on hand all the time Score change notifications tell you when and why your score changes Understand the factors that affect your score and learn ways to keep building PLAY YOUR CARDS RIGHT Know which card in your wallet will earn the most rewards in different categories Compare the cards you have with the ones you don’t to find ways to earn more Review your top spending categories to find cards that reward your spending

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NerdWallet: Finance Tracker app reviews

  • Excellent app. 4/5

    By Fabo1-1
    Didn’t give it 5 stars because multi factor authentication is not currently supported. Please include this in future update. Thank you.
  • Yes 5/5

    By ChickensHot
    Best App Ever
  • Card 4/5

    By amazonshop
    I want to lower my interest rates. Can you help me?
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By TheLunatic
    I set up an account this morning just to take it for a test drive. The first two accounts linked up just fine. When I started adding credit cards that’s when the problems started. Either it would fail to complete or the account ended up in the wrong category that couldn’t be changed. The process made me nervous so I unlinked everything and closed my account. I’ll stick to Mint.
  • Ref. Quicken loans. 5/5

    By Desert Man.
    The number ending in #0845 was not a card. It was related to new refi on property of 18yrs.
  • Sketch app 1/5

    By Jon07101991
    I signed up and tried to link my chase account as it has such great reviews and I truly need help with budgeting and watching my spending, but this app kept telling my my password was wrong for my bank account and I know it’s not because I recently just changed it and write all my passwords down. Went to my banks app and I signed in just fine with the password and user name combo. That just screams scam or sketchy app. I would stay clear.
  • Investment accounts 5/5

    By pjabraham99
    You should add Coinbase and other crypto exchanges to the investment account
  • Can’t connect my chase account 1/5

    By shmeeway
    If I can’t connect my bank accounts, what’s the point? I can use a million sites to check my credit. Get mint instead. Get anything else instead
  • Requires a credit score before you can even try it 1/5

    By dan96max
    This looks like it would be a great app and maybe a competitor to mint but you can’t even try the app until it gets your personal info and pulls your credit report. That’s kind of ridiculous. I appreciate credit tracking features on apps/services I know and trust, but I can’t even get a feel for what this does with out a credit check? No thanks.
  • Constant spam calls after downloading 3/5

    By blackstar18752
    Starting using this app one night and the next day started getting spam calls and texts constantly. Thanks for giving out my number to spammers.
  • Easy to set up 5/5

    By adudeddressedasadude
    Linking all of my financials was such an easy process and love that it keeps track of everything
  • Good but slow! 3/5

    By BAE2488
    I’m new to this app and so far I love it but it’s so delayed! It runs really slow. I hope this changes because it really is a good app.
  • Simply amazing! 5/5

    By Gothiboi10
    Best credit and budget app ever!
  • Great Tracking App 4/5

    By JMN5092
    This has been one of my favorite finance apps. It lets you see what you need to work on but also how hard you have been working. My ONLY wish is that you could add or edit a spending category. I would love to be able to track spending a little further to try to measure progress.
  • Mandatory credit check 1/5

    By kaylexis
    The fact that a credit check is mandatory is frankly ridiculous. I wanted to sign up for this app to track my spending, and get a better hold of how much disposable income I have without doing the math myself. Also a savings tracker would be nice too. However, upon signing up I HAVE to give you information about myself for you to pull my TransUnion score. No. Absolutely not. I don’t care if it hurts my credit score or not. I’m extremely picky about who I let check my credit score. I want a budgeting app. This is insane.
  • Too personal from get go 2/5

    By Kit212213
    Asks for wayyyyyyy to much personal information at the start before you can even use the app. I understand they want you to link your credit score, but at least let me use the app to see if i trust it first, or atleast let me browse the app like i can do on the site without an account.
  • Not Impressed 1/5

    By 812dc
    So far I’m not impressed. They have all my banking information which I’m not crazy about and it does shows I have plenty of money in my account. Then they say here.... try for these credit cards. Their in your score range. I have a decent score and was turned down for 3 different credit cards. I applied for a card where your credit has to be 300 or higher and mine is at 683 but I was denied.
  • DARK MODE 4/5

    By Will, again..
    Just here to remind you guys that it’s 2021 and this app is still blinding me at night time :) Dark mode has been around for awhile now, we would love to see it implemented on Nerd Wallet!! Love the app guys! 5 stars if you give us a dark mode! 👀
  • Only allow phone that begins with 1 1/5

    By Gamer564098
    Needs to allow any phone number for verification for Americans working overseas such as the military.
  • Need a virtual wallet 5/5

    By steff009
    So glad I downloaded NerdWallet ❤️❤️❤️
  • Not very good. 1/5

    By Rbstiles
    It wasn’t helpful for me. But maybe some. My credit was and is doing great. I’m leaving NW. Credit Karma is better IMO.
  • Signed me out of my account 1/5

    By Violentflash
    I was signed out of my account for no reason after like 2 years. I delete every app that signs me out.
  • Some what truthful 3/5

    By Wells Me
    While I believe what I view on this site to be truthful, there is ALWAYS a real time delay with the reporting of current balances. It’s not my creditors. I believe Nerd Wallet hold back on reporting true current Accurate Balances
  • Better than anything else 5/5

    By Kyle530CBK
    I never really had a good look at my finances which made me worry, but this is so easy it’s incredible.
  • Regret 2/5

    By paouloghkv
    As good as the apps is they can’t change or edit phone number except you delete and restart or signup with your new number you want to use again. Not helping in anyway that’s the only regret I have for NerdWallet 🤦‍♂️
  • Update 2/5

    By jbbk19
    Doesn’t let you refresh your balances and it used to before all the updating.
  • You are forced to enroll to see your credit score. 1/5

    By PatelG
    You are forced to enroll to see your credit score.
  • Doesn’t link to TD Ameritrade investing 1/5

    By bahshsvaacacag
    I mean I like the app otherwise but why wouldn’t it allow someone to connect their TD Ameritrade investing account to see their true net worth? I’ll be happy to fix it to a five star review if they update this. :)
  • Waste of time!!!! 1/5

    By MalCorb
    Spent hours trying to link accounts & continuously got errors. No direct way to get someone to help you. Save yourself some time and find a more efficient app to calculate net worth.
  • Link accounts 4/5

    By Peter Shisbey
    Pls add. Coinbase to your Link accounts
  • Great App 5/5

    By natejamesg
    This app has a very intuitive interface and provides everything I need to intelligently take my financial future into my own hands.
  • 1 star 1/5

    By cosw822
    the app frequently crashes and every time I log in all of my information is deleted. When I try to add it back it says ‘already in use’. Very frustrating, turned me off from this app completely
  • It’s an app 5/5

    By OCblivion
    It works well
  • NerdWallet Superb App 5/5

    By LisaMariA.
    NerdWallet will put You on track with Your Finances. Sound Advice and help with credit cards, personal finance, personal loans, auto loans, Insurance, student loans, money management, mortgages, shopping, travel, and more. NerdWallet has the top partners, to fit any financial need You may have, and current reports, statistics, and articles on finance and financial management.
  • Fast and easy and reliable 5/5

    By Rleeder80
    Any changes to my score I know that SundayNerdWallet will update.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By D.M.O.E
    Adds up all your network, bills etc. I like this app a lot.
  • Good but no landscape mode 4/5

    By Bonafyde27
    This app is great connecting to all of my accounts but please make the iPad app do landscape since I use a keyboard.
  • Predatory 1/5

    By Nudnik1
    Forces you to input your birthday and connect to your credit score
  • Where have you been all my adult life lol?? 5/5

    By Lekeok
    Call me Nerd cuz thanks to ya'll Financial life has never been more manageable so ty NERD WALLET!!
  • New American 4/5

    By equitu lacking
    Your referral of New American was a bad experience.It’s just a churn house with concealed feesAfter they did a hard pull they disappeared. Ultimately I refinanced with another company with a much lower rate. You should vet these companies better.
  • Interrupts while opening to ask for a review. How desperate. 2/5

    By Nushmut
    Stop asking for reviews when simply trying to open and use the app. I review and give good scores to apps I like. The ones that interfere with my workflow also get reviews. Just not the ones they’re so desperate for.
  • Could be better!! Never offers valid ways to improve scores! I even make extra payments! 2/5

    By RicoDaRealLoyalPapi
    The credit score does mot update equally every month! Hard inquiries shoukd be blocked on credit reports, if you did not authorize car dealers or credit cards.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By jamiedrex
    I was not going to dl this but I need some kind of budget tool and this is by far my fav I like better then my online banking give great advise as well
  • Beware 1/5

    By Keighti
    I cannot use this app because it will not allow me to verify myself. Every time I try to validate with my number it says I cannot because its been used before. Customer support was absolutely not helpful and could no resolve my issue. I used this app when it was username driven vs email. When I tried to register with email with the update it lost all of my account information and could not reload without phone verification. Caught in a circle of disappointment.
  • Pure Gratitude 5/5

    By Gelly3789
    I sincerely could not be more Thankful for NerdWallet & Everyone that works there. This is the greatest App. On my phone. And the greatest emails that I receive every single day. I cannot put into words to articulate my Gratitude for NerdWallet, It is & is presently the greatest asset to not just Building my Credit, But also it is sincerely the greatest Asset to Building my Knowledge & Learning.
  • Perfect 5/5

    By taysha1813
    Help alot thank you 😊
  • Plaid is crap! 2/5

    By LCTNT
    I like NerdWallet’s website and the information it provides but stop using Plaid to link accounts. I could never get any of my cards and bank accounts to link. I know it’s 2FA but Plaid is crap.
  • Broken App 1/5

    By Jaso1n
    I can’t link my social to this app, it keeps giving me an error saying to try again later and that my information can’t be found. I’ve tried for two days now.
  • Why no option? 1/5

    By Eriickuuhh
    Why is there no option to look at the app and get comfortable with it WITHOUT putting SSN and birthday? I dislike being asked for such personal info at all, much less at the very start.