NerdWallet: Finance Tracker

NerdWallet: Finance Tracker

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  • Current Version: 9.12.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: NerdWallet
  • Compatibility: Android
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NerdWallet: Finance Tracker App

The finance tracker that delivers tailored insights to make the most of your money. See the big picture of your money with all your financial accounts on one screen, and zoom in on your cash flow to know what’s spent and what’s left in your budget. Want to keep an eye on your credit profile and credit report? Check it anytime. We’ll also notify you when we see a change in your credit score, and drop Nerd-approved tips to keep building it. How the Nerds make personal finance tracking and budgeting smarter: KNOW YOUR CASH FLOW - Track spending across multiple cards and accounts at a glance - Get detailed spending insights into ways you can cut back or save - Compare spending month-to-month to spot your categories and trends KEEP UP WITH YOUR NET WORTH - See how your income, debts, investments, and home value all add up - Get personalized insights into ways you can reduce debt and grow your net worth MONITOR & BUILD YOUR CREDIT - Keep your free credit score and free credit report on hand all the time - Score change notifications tell you when and why your score changes - Understand the factors that affect your score and learn ways to keep building SMART MOVES FOR EVERY WALLET - Quickly find and compare more rewarding credit cards, better loan rates, and higher-earning bank accounts - Know your approval odds for credit cards before you apply — avoiding any unnecessary credit inquiries

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NerdWallet: Finance Tracker app reviews

  • Total points 2/5

    By sandra4Leticia22
    You don’t give enough points so my credit could go up
  • I’m So Proud to be a NERD & Part of Nerd Wallet 5/5

    I Love Being a NERD
  • Better than Credit Karma 5/5

    By 01SkyL
    Easy to use and provides helpful tools to be more financially stable and opens up doors for opportunity!!
  • App prompts feedback upon opening 1/5

    By Nushmut
    It’s hard to give quality feedback on an app when I’ve just opened it. Seems to happen almost every time I open the app. Super creepy and suggesting of lack of confidence in the core product. Further, credit scores calculated using the Vantagescore model are of low value for those monitoring their credit health. Stick with a source that produces a FICO score, as this is close/identical to what card issuers use in their decisions.
  • Nerd wallet dosent work for me 2/5

    By swingtrad3z
    I tried nerd wallet out my bank won’t link at all and I’ve used plaid for other apps never had a problem, well I downloaded mint instead it’s like NerdWallet but better, and I had no issues linking anything.
  • Needs landscape mode on iPad 4/5

    By Wayland Chin
    I use the this service, but I avoid the iPad app because it’s in portrait mode only. I’ve been using the web app, but I would prefer to have landscape mode on the iPad app.
  • Used to like it 3/5

    By jkt_jkt
    Used to bundle all my accounts into one total, but now it says it’s not compatible with some of my Chase accounts.
  • Great app 5/5

    By MakingDue
    It’s helped me get a good view of my finances. I can keep tabs on all my accounts in one place. I've started saving, investing, and building my credit score :)
  • The Greatest Budgeting App Ever 5/5

    By austinhorton24
    I love everything about this app. I’m excited for future developments into Crypto as well.
  • Nerdwallet helped me achieve Excellent credit 5/5

    By SydPom
    I credit this app with skyrocketing my credit score in under a year to Excellent for the first time ever. This app changed my life!!
  • Best technical connections 5/5

    By Berni Franco
    Technical connections are better than Personal Capital, could improve user interface. Great product.
  • Ok, but… 2/5

    By Dangerous Kaos
    It’s a 2 for me. They have great amenities and nice items to help with financial items. However, when adding your accounts it could go either way. I’ve been struggling to add certain accounts as well as get help adding those accounts. I’d say use it for financial reasons to plan, but don’t bother use it for personal reasons. Don’t add your account info to it if you’re trying to get a snapshot at your gross income, investments, and credit cards etc. Look for another app, preferably one that has better support that won’t delete your message when you try to contact them for the 3rd time about the same issue. Whether they respond to this review or not, I assure you the issue I have will not be resolved and yours won’t be either. Find another app.
  • Lovin the NerdWallet approach 5/5

    By 40Mike40
    Very cool to see a centralized place for all my accounts and many related financial options and offers.
  • Can’t connect 2/5

    By jimruckus
    DO NOT GET THIS APP IF YOU HAVE CAPITAL ONE. I can’t connect my primary bank. (Capital one) and it doesn’t seem like that’s going to be fixed anytime soon based on my “gut feeling.”I also have another account that was supposedly “fixed” and linked but it never came to fruition and I didn’t feel like continually sending messages. If they don’t fix the connection issues for my current banking provider I have no reason to continue using NW.
  • Great so Far 5/5

    By ATB5150
    Linked my accounts easily. Pretty easy to figure out.
  • Linking capability 4/5

    By DesertWarOwl
    Be nice to link Coinbase accounts to the app.
  • Check the privacy policy 1/5

    By mirzaev_7
    0 privacy
  • Not available in PR 1/5

    By Nkcic
    Even though we use the USPS, it does not recognize Puerto Rico and its Zip Codes
  • Best Budget 5/5

    By Isaac the Dreamer
    This app is free!! (So far) link your accounts and it will show you where you are spending your money, track upcoming bills with an option for custom bills, and a comparison to previous months spending. They have links to good insurance and more!!!
  • PNC cannot be linked 1/5

    By Miaklis
    Cannot link with PNC
  • Can’t get anything to connect 1/5

    By Katillathehun
    It couldn’t get my Transunion score. Couldn’t connect to Capital One. Tried to connect to a different account, but it took so long to actually send the verification code that I had long given up and closed the app. This is probably a temporary issue, but the whole reason I wanted to try NerdWallet was because Mint is constantly having connectivity issues. So, if this is just going to be more of the same, I might as well save myself the time and effort of connecting all my accounts anyway.
  • Personal Information 1/5

    By TtotheRizoy
    I wanted to use the app but it started asking for my SSN and other info without the option to decline.
  • Credit score 1/5

    By flb1424
    They want the last 4 of your social to gain access to your credit score. That’s not okay! Read the fine print before you enter it! I’m not using this ap because of this, they should give you option to opt out.
  • Still No Dark Mode 1/5

    By Will, again..
    I have been requesting dark mode for this app for nearly 2 years. At this point I don’t think it’s ever going to happen. As for the app itself, half the accounts I want to keep track of are either not supported by NerdWallet or constantly have “connection” issues. It’s strange because they seem to stay connected just fine on other apps like Mint or Quicken. I used to love this app, but they simply don’t care about what their users want. I will no longer be using it.
  • Deleted all my info 1/5

    By Rae8314
    Added all my bills and it did not save, not doing that again!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By vaneciatt
    Great and on point with all your finances
  • Love this app alot 5/5

    By pie1263
    Love this app a lot
  • Asks too much 1/5

    By sonriks8
    Too many personal questions … can’t trust it
  • Review 3/5

    By Hateshousework
    It is simple to use, but I am deleting the app because categorizing expenses is too limited. The developers need to allow custom categories. Or, they need to add more categories such as Charity, Childcare, Gifts, Medical
  • Credit analysis fails to show how to raise score 3/5

    By meme.addict
    This app has a lot of overlap with what Mint already does. Two problems they need to solve: 1) the directory of credit cards they have is very limited for comparisons. 2) they completely fail to provide any advice on how to raise an 800 credit score to 850. The only scenarios shown indicate losses.
  • Doesn’t link major bank account 2/5

    By Krista1230
    Looked like it would be a great tool until I saw they don’t even work with PNC. Kind of hard to track my spending and accounts without my bank being used.
  • Reliable 5/5

    By saban0022
  • Review 5/5

    I love it the app it’s wonderful easy to learn easy to track your spending him I will recommend the app to every single person I know if they want to build their credit I will download the app for people I will help them to build their credit I will give you all the business that I can give you and I will put a good review for the companies for just giving me and helping me and tracking my spending and all that… my business is to help people I know what they’re paying I know there pain to help them buy houses to help them buy cars to help them build their credit to help them build their lives my name my new name is Abraham Lincoln that’s what I’m gonna start calling myself I know about 1000 homeless people where I can offer my help to I’m buying a phone (Appel) Product I’m gonna use Apple phones just to help people because I can and (I love apples products )and (I love the company) and it’s easy to use the (system )and it’s easy to yeah it’s easy to track people all I need is to help myself and the people and I will I will let them know all about the app thank you (NEARD WALLET ) THAT why’s I LOVE the app and THAT why I am give the app 5 stars thank you.....!
  • Worst thing ever! 1/5

    By judye63
    I tried to get into the website to see my information… no problem as soon as I tried to run the maze requires to cancel my account after 4 years, I came off the site to try again later. Then SUDDENLY the (phone saved) password suddenly does not work. GUESS WHAT, they have no service by phone… you can only contact them on the site that I can no longer get on!!! If this was a legitimate business they would not ask other members to help you out! What a crock!!! I still can’t get in, I will have to go to the bank and turn it over to fraud and have it stopped at that end! I do have an account with Self. And they are amazing, when I determined I was no longer in need of these services, they ANSWERED the phone immediately and put a check in my account by midnight that night of what I had saved with them and the posted closing of that account was midnight of the night we spoke. Nerd Wallet may have better advertising but a terrible way to run a business. Trying to save you all from this kind of aggravation . Try it out for a month or two then try to cancel THERE IS THE TRUE TEST! Then quickly go to your bank and ask them to close the account for you.. Get the SELF. App and move on.. to those of you from Nerd Wallet reading this please don’t state your usual answer.. we’re sorry you were not happy… well you have time to answer these posts but not your own web site… justify that!
  • No landscape mode on iPad 2/5

    By AviatorBimmer
    After trying dozens of money management apps, I thought I had finally found what I needed with Nerd Wallet, UNTIL I realized there was no landscape mode on my iPad Pro. What a deal breaker for me. I use a Magic Keyboard with my iPad Pro 12.9 and not being able to use this app in landscape mode truly is a shame. Make it available for landscape mode and I will return for good! Please!
  • Super informative and helpful!!! 5/5

    By 1234pacpacpac4321
  • Terrible 2/5

    By CarolinaTiger
    I have sent two messages about this app dropping the tracking of my IRA and have not gotten any response. I have tried reloading the account but it still will not update or show any balance for the account.
  • No micro transactions, but no offline accounts 3/5

    By DanElHombre
    I love that the NW team opted not to use a subscription model and not to include in-app purchases. My only complaint (similar to why I stopped using Mint) is because you can only track accounts that play well with the Plaid service. Because the main checking account I use does not link with Plaid, I can’t link it to my budget at all. I can’t even manually enter transactions and balances.
  • Capital one 1/5

    By ElliottNez
    I’ve seen someone in August say it doesn’t work on capital one that’s crazy that you guys haven’t fixed it, I have capital one also and can’t connect I really like the app but it’s not working.
  • Lol you want my ssn and a credit history? 1/5

    By AnonReviewr
    Don’t let them steal your information.
  • If you’re creating a budget… 1/5

    By Corik42
    Don’t bother! You can’t create a budget without a bank account linked up. If you’re like me and your paycheck is deposited onto a prepaid card, then you can’t do that. The card may be supported through Bank X, but you don’t have an open account with Bank X, so there’s nothing to link up! It basically renders the app worthless because you can’t manually add your income. And what if you get paid or deal in cash and money orders? Useless! Boo! 👎🏼👎🏽
  • The only two complains I got 3/5

    By PangNickname
    force to require ssn; no way to customize tags. other are perfect but these two are killing me!
  • Great for staying on top 4/5

    By Pookmonsterino
    This app is really great for staying on top of finances and building credit. I was hesitant because I work an hourly retail job and didn’t know if it would work for me but it’s really helped me keep better track of finances. I only wish it had a way to budget towards something like a large purchase. Having a physical view of the money saving up would be really helpful. But even without that it’s still great.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Redmond 3
    What an amazing app to have…this is the best!
  • Custom Categorization Needed 1/5

    By czanimal
    This app suffers hard from the lack of custom categories. There are far too many that fall into ‘other’ for this to be a legitimately useful tracker.
  • We love you too! 5/5

    By cblicsw
    Got the annoying “how are we doing” pop up, and I clicked “I love it” (because I do!) expecting to be solicited for a review, and instead got another pop up that said “we love you too!” It’s the little things, for real. And it’s why I’m here taking the time to write a review! As far as the app, I really do love it! I’ve been using NerdWallet resources and recommendations for years, so when I went looking for a budget app, it was a no brainer to choose theirs. It’s very comprehensive, much more than others I looked it - you can see your credit score, bank balance (if you link your account), a break down of your spending, etc. You can enter bills and choose whether they are weekly, biweekly, monthly etc. And they provide personalized recommendations based on all of that. Another win for NerdWallet! Love you guys :)
  • Not updated on Wednesday’s 1/5

    By THIS APP ROCKS 3332222
    I have been trying to use the tips on this app to increase my credit rating. Last month I paid some $12-$1500 on my credit cards and none of those changes are reflected and this weeks information. So nerd wallet claim that it updates every Wednesday is false!!!
  • Missing Auto sync 3/5

    By dimpu_a
    Sync only every 24 hrs. It would be great if they pull to fetch data like Mint. UI looks good.
  • App keeps freezing 1/5

    By Niko Xavier
    The app freezes and can’t scroll up or down. It’s annoying.