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NerdWallet App

Whether you want to maximize credit card rewards, earn extra cash back, track your credit score or make budgeting easier, it’s all here. Download the app today and join the millions of people who are already using NerdWallet to make smart money moves. WHY PEOPLE LOVE THE NERDWALLET APP See everything in one place A lot of apps show an overview of your finances in one place. We do that too, plus we make it easy to track your credit score, tackle budgeting and see where you could be saving more. Tap into personalized spending insights We’ll spot the trends in your spending, categorize your expenses and show you whether you’re on track to have extra cash at the end of the month. Uncover smart ways to save (and earn) Maximize credit card rewards for your next getaway, lower your mortgage payments and earn 2-10% cash back with the card you already carry — we’ve got you covered. You’re our top priority We always have your security in mind. Rest easy knowing your personal finance data is protected by 128-bit encryption, and your credit score data is protected by our trusted partner, TransUnion®. How to get started Download the app, connect your accounts and tackle your personal finance goals. It’s completely free and takes just minutes.

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NerdWallet app reviews

  • Link accounts 1/5

    By Dellz47
    Every time I try to link my bank account in the app; it says something wrong was enter. I know for a fact my information is correct because I try the same log info to log into my bank account without no problem. Then I try to link my student loans account and still the same nonsense. Ugh I really wanted to used this app.
  • Great idea, but not functional 3/5

    By chloechaotik
    At first I was super excited by how much better than mint this seemed to be to help keep an eye on the full picture of my finances. But unfortunately it constantly has issue keeping my accounts linked IF it can link them in the first place. The issue isn’t me not having passwords, it’s NerdWallet not being able to communicate well with my credit card accounts or savings accounts. If the functionality could be improved this could be a 5 star product- one that could even be worth paying for.
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By Denzel Curry.
    Love this app!!! So detailed and organized. Helps out a lot for a 20year old kid like myslef.
  • Know what your money’s doing 5/5

    By gargoroth the insatiable
    The title says it all. This app has guided me to greener pastures, no lie. I’m not being paid for this, I just really like this app. NerdWallet is better than Mint. NerdWallet is better than Personal Capital. NerdWallet is better than any other app I’ve tried, bar none. Just download it.
  • Excellent overall, would like to make it easier to compare between months 4/5

    By caribou125
    Love the app, compring between months is either complicated or not possible (only possible is 30d /3mo / 6mo comparisons)
  • Not a serious tool. 2/5

    By Dugntex
    NerdWallet is really nothing more than advertising for credit cards, personal loans and low yield savings accounts. If you’re serious about budgeting and money management, this won’t help.

    By AnonymousYetDissapointed
    I got the app so that I could track my account balances in real time and know where my money was being allocated to. However, each time I would log into NerdWallet, the account balance was always wrong and never accurately reflected my account balance. I would understand if the transactions took a day or so to update, however NerdWallet was unable to detect transactions that were processed even 5 days prior. This then defeats the purpose of why I downloaded the app since I was never able to track funds accurately since it was always super behind (even after syncing my bank manually several times a day). I do not recommend this app to anyone who is looking for a reliable app to track funds. It appears that their soul purpose is to aggressively offer you credit cards which I have been notified about several times since using the app.
  • Small Banks Need not Apply 1/5

    By Anastasia Beeferhauzen
    I have a local bank that i have tried on multiple occasions to “make them aware” of so the app is useless to me. It really only works with the big wigs in banking
  • Helpful 5/5

    By Twitch.TV/napk1n_
    I needed this app
  • Love it 5/5

    By Jgerrard81
    Great app
  • Very accurate and informative!!! 5/5

    By Tristan J Whales
    Thanks nerd wallet for helping me get my new Lexus LS460!!!!
  • This App is Everything!!!! 5/5

    By BrittaneyKeith
    This app is genius!! It’s literally everything I have asked for in my dreams. I can not wait to see the progress and impact I will receive after a first year in. If you want a more detailed, knowledgeable, and caring app to help you micromanage your finance... you are looking at the right place!!! Don’t hesitate to download! download it now. I’m beyond satisfied.
  • Don’t Switch Apps 3/5

    By Theshea3
    I love NerdWallet’s articles, tools, and calculators, but the app actually detracts from the overall experience compared to just using a browser: if you switch apps, sometimes just for 5 seconds to answer a text, you’re dumped back to the home screen. One of the joys is wandering through related articles. So if I am 4 or 5 links deep down the rabbit hole and switch back to the app, losing my place is a bit annoying. Just going to use a browser. 5/5 for NerdWallet, but 3/5 for the app.
  • HAPPY 5/5

    By JUDYs WAY
    I love all of the messages I constantly receive from NerdWallet THANK You for making me Happy
  • Great! 4/5

    By LovelaughwuthJesus
    Great app!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Coronado80
    Very helpful
  • The best 5/5

    By Rosanilda
    The best!
  • Nice app but could use some improvement. 3/5

    By JNeeSooCraeZ
    I just downloaded this app yesterday and at face value I was in love. Seemed user-friendly and incorporated many of the things that I need to manage my finances at a time when I’m preparing to buy a home. Unfortunately, I’ve experienced three major problems since downloading the app. 1 - I have two Capital One accounts that I would like to link. However, the app only lets me register one. Once one of the accounts’ info is input and I try to “add another account” it deletes the info of the previously registered one and replaces it with the second account. 2 - I’m receiving an incorrect balance from my bank account. NerdWallet shows one thing while my bank apps shows a completely different number (which is accurate). I tried refreshing the account to see if it’ll update the balance to the correct amount but nothing happens when I do. A day later, it’s still reflecting an incorrect amount. Hopefully this corrects itself soon. 3 - First Premier Bank will not link for unknown reasons. I have gone through the verification process multiple times and yet I’m still not able to link this account. So frustrating! I want these problems to be fixed so bad so that I can experience the benefits of this app. I was so happy to find what I thought was the ideal financial management app that I’ve been looking for for a while now. Albeit, I’m confident that it still can be once these minor issues are fixed.
  • Nervous about the agreements 1/5

    By SupermanTyy
    Agreeing to NerdWallet owning your confidential information? No thank you
  • It Helps 5/5

    By AlfalfaMDB
    It just does. It helps if you pay attention. Any questions?
  • Keeps removing my bank 2/5

    By Fcbhghghjjkk
    Really cool app, but after linking my bank account twice and having the same “we need more info to link your account...” message pop up I decided to delete it 😥 I don’t want to link my account every time I want to see my spending.
  • Helping to keep our Finances on track! 5/5

    By steve storage
    Articles from very knowledgeable people keep us informed. The topics discussed are very pertinent to us. Thank you.
  • Good idea but... 1/5

    By itsjcrow
    This app has too much trouble connecting with my bank account. It constantly needs to be “fixed” and verified. Used it the first week I downloaded it bet ever since then it wastes my time trying to reconnect with my bank account.
  • Smart and trustworthy reviews and tips… 5/5

    By Yowzoe
    I’ve been using Nerdwallet for a few years, and they’ve just gotten better and better with their clear reviews and advice. I recommended it for anyone who needs help getting smarter about tracking and optimizing their money and their credit. The app looks good, too. thanks 😊
  • It gave me the wrong credit score after link up 1/5

    By Fhdjfjdksksbccbd
    I downloaded this app after reading reviews on how great it was. But I’m not sure why.. I’ve linked up 2 cards, my debit and credit. I owe some credit card debt. So I thought this app would be good to really be diligent about helping keep an eye on my credit score. After this week of when it updated I nearly died. It said my credit score dropped by nearly 50 points. I checked through my creditor and my credit score actually increased by a few points. I’m not sure what’s going on with this app, but it’s information isn’t correct at all because I even called to ask about my credit score. Deleting the app as I write this.
  • Complete 5/5

    By rkward05
    Only area to get a complete view
  • Best free investment ever! 5/5

    By Doughboy326
    This app has really helped me get my financial life together!
  • Thank you! 🙏🏾 5/5

    By Ra Society
    Thank you for challenging Mint and these other so so finance apps! Think that Mint is ratting an forgot the mission was and the so so finance apps only focus on expenses and not Cashflow which is the one of the main reasons to focus on financial independent.
  • Account 3/5

    By KAF20
    I like Nerd Walker - but just about every time I log in - about 5 x a week - one of my accounts is not updated. I have updated this account about 8 times. Please fix this issue
  • Excellent app and very helpful articles! 5/5

    By Show Me The Beaches
    If it wasn’t for NerdWallet, my credit score could’ve sustained an irreparable hit. Unfortunately I forgot to pay a $39 balance on a credit card, and NerdWallet alerted me my credit score dropped by over 80 points. Fortunately, advice from one of their articles helped fix my credit score. They recommended that I contact the bank and see if they could revoke the hit to my credit score (since this was the only time this had ever happened to me). And it worked! A month later I got a notification that my credit score is nearly back to where it was before this ordeal. Thank you, NerdWallet!! Also, the app is fantastic! It’s helped me monitor my finances and helps me make better financial choices. Their reviews of credit cards are quite helpful, currently looking into signing up for one now.
  • Cards don’t stay connected 4/5

    By MadDan515
    I really like this app. Once you find your way around, it’s pretty easy to navigate. But repeatedly, my Captial One and Car Care Synchrony accounts will not stay linked. That’s really my only complaint with this app. They keep adding new features, which is great.
  • Review 5/5

    By JJuly85
    I like the easy access. And accuracy
  • Categories 4/5

    By Will, again..
    Perfect application! Love it’s purpose!! But let’s add the ability to edit/add new spending categories! Also, dark mode!! Great work otherwise! 👍🏼👍🏼
  • Doesn’t Support Capital One Accounts 1/5

    By theheatherfawn
    Says it does but it doesn’t. That pretty much sums it up - app says it can do a lot of things and then fails to deliver. Customer Service is slow to respond to questions/issues. Customer Service assistance received has been the equivalent of “turn it off and back on again”. Upshot: frustrating and useless app; I deleted it.
  • Horrible Support 1/5

    By tspill29
    Clearly a non leader driven coe that struggles with collecting documentation and providing support to net new clients. Don’t download unless you want to waste time!
  • Best App Yet 5/5

    By SupermanChris
    I believe this was such a great app idea. Seamless functionality, everything in one place, and perfect snapshots of my finances! Love this so much! I didn’t expect this to be such a great and informative financial app experience.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Mike0143
    Out of all the credit applications I choose nerd wallet because it’s easy to use and I like their style 😉
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Kal P
    This is the best app for everyone to have.
  • Love it 💯 5/5

    By pookdashit
  • Would like to make more personal to my spending 4/5

    By kymbie
    I like this app a lot so far but three things would really make this app 5 stars to me: 1) Create my own categories (and sub-categories). There are a few basic categories but there are more that are personal to me that I’d love to add, and sub-categories would be helpful too. This way I can get a more precise idea of what I am spending and where. For example with sub-categories, gas and toll charges go under “Transportation,” but it’d be awesome to be able to see automatically how much I’m spending in each separately. 2) Some way to edit & rename the automatic charges that come in. This isn’t huge, but it bothers me that some charges will start with capital letters and some don’t, it kind of ruins the neat aesthetic for me. Also, some charges have names that are confusing to me at first. It’d be cool to automatically apply a charge to be renamed every time like with categories can be with recurring charges. 3) Manually add transactions. I still have to pay some things in cash so this would be really helpful. Thanks if you’re able to read this! :) My favorite features so far are being able to exclude a charge from calculations and applying a category to recurring charges!
  • The best credit App 5/5

    By Tesh 1
    First I was little scared about the app because there are so many out there and I have tried it all I mean all this app so far is the BEST. 5 Star fro me
  • Mr Luis Rico 5/5

    By louierico179
    I really like nerd wallet easy to navigate and link accounts all in on place
  • Thanks 5/5

    By elainvestments42
    I want to thank NerdWallet for all your support and advice, your amazing!
  • Need Wallet my fav.! 5/5

    By Skindiva33
    I love how simple Nerd Wallet is to navigate. I always rely on Nerd Wallet to give me peace of mind by giving me the latest information. I also love reading the blog posts!
  • Overall App Experience 5/5

    By MrsAliKee
    I just started using this app and I like what I see.
  • Poor site 5/5

    By Duo men
    Very disappointed tat I can’t get my credit score as oftenlove as I used to. This sight has gone down hill. Very poor n I’ve used this site for about a year n can no longer see no credit report. Boo.
  • Helping me rebuild 5/5

    By sosanna
    Great app that helps me stay on top of my credit score as I rebuild my credit.
  • Informational, but won’t see everything 4/5

    By Yeet654
    Credit unions and other entities aren’t included in this app, but they should be. (I.e BECU credit card doesn’t show up when searched for)
  • Good deal 5/5

    By hh2288
    Good deal

NerdWallet app comments

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