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Nespresso App

Experience the world of Nespresso on your iPhone or iPad. The Nespresso app allows you to buy coffee capsules, machines and accessories on-the-go or at home on your iOS device. Enjoy the Nespresso shopping experience anytime, anywhere: • Refill your stock of capsules and explore new coffees • Find the right machine for you, and exclusive accessories to complete your coffee corner at home • Stay up to date with the latest Nespresso Limited Edition coffees • Discover the nearest Nespresso points of interest on the store locator (Nespresso Boutiques, retail stores selling Nespresso coffee machines, and coffee capsule recycling points) Do even more with the app with one of our ‘connected’ machines: • Get notified when your capsule stock is running low to ensure you never run out • Navigate through recipes to nurture your inner barista • Ensure the best coffee experience cup after cup through regular notifications from your machine on when descaling is needed, or the water tank is nearly empty • Get direct access to machine “How-to” videos Take advantage of our extensive delivery services*, such as: • Free Standard or Pick Up Point delivery on purchases of coffee capsules and machines • Nespresso Boutique Pick-Up • Nespresso Express delivery • Nespresso Saturday & Sunday delivery • Nespresso Your Time (choose the most convenient date and time of your delivery) *Availability and conditions of each service depend on your geographical area

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Nespresso app reviews

  • Fix your deficits, please! 3/5

    By Deb WI
    From the app you can’t get the sample to try different coffee. And my sleeves come in a box that’s been damaged and the sleeves are damaged and they even opened and I had coffee grinds everywhere. Nespresso is great about replacing the ruined item. But if this is there business shipping coffee shouldn’t they have stronger boxes or fragile on the outside. I love my Nespresso makers and coffee.
  • Love Nespresso, but app is mediocre 3/5

    By doggie70
    We love nespresso but I’m not crazy about their app. Selection is easy but I have a problem applying any of the “free” offers at the end. Not a huge criticism, but could be improved.
  • It’s getting there 4/5

    By Baff111000111
    I would actually expect the app to be top of the market experience as Nespresso imp is a top, high end brand, but the checkout is still lacking with ability to correct and add free samples to the basket. I have to log onto a regular web browser in order to select the samples. Glad they fixed the Apple Pay use.
  • works ok 3/5

    By Green engine
    on my iphone5. 1x100pack appears as 1piece and is confusing. unclear calculating how many pods you ordered. The free recycling bag must be searched for. l like certain sizes of shipping boxes like the 200piece or 300piece box. so if they add a 3 free sample pods, they use a bigger box.
  • Marginal 3/5

    By beemstep
    I love my Nespresso. I really do. The app is marginal at best. It’s difficult to place orders and past orders do not actually show the full order so you cannot determine what you liked. Only way to get it right is to memorize the colors. Simply inane to have to do that.
  • Easy! 5/5

    By Inga2022
    This app is by far the easiest app I’ve ever used. Great job Nespresso at keeping it simple and direct! 5 Stars for ease of use!
  • Premium Experience. 5/5

    By Bynoe
    The APP is simple to use. Even easier if you stimulate your neurons first with an always refreshing cup of Nespresso Java Lava Ding Dong Coffee. Lyrics like “when the world is going down, make the best of what’s still around” (The Police -Sting) apply here.
  • Do better 1/5

    By cnppnc
    Cant even track your order or find your order # to track it on their website. Whats the point of downloading an app if you wont even disclose my order status on it?? I see an undownload in my future, very disappointing
  • Frustratingly Terrible 1/5

    By blmhouston
    This app is generally unusable if you want to do anything other than place a simple small order. It takes multiple steps and screens to order, out of stock items are not identified until the end, it’s difficult to manage payment options, and forget placing a recurring order —- literally 12 attempts later I called and was told that the app has bugs... no kidding. Terrible.
  • Da Best 5/5

    By AlyssaSongs
    I love my little machine, the frothiness of the little espressos, and the convenience of ordering and making them!
  • Bluetooth requires Internet 1/5

    By TreatedLikeMeat
    Loads the webpage first. So if you don’t have Internet you can’t connect to your Bluetooth device. Worthless.
  • The coffee is good the app not so much 2/5

    By ORCSMaker
    So, put simply, the coffee is good, I now have two of the Breville machines. One standard and one Next. The app however detracts from the experience for me. Here is why: 1. Their checkout is super complicated. They don’t even have a QR reader for the codes you have to put in. 2. The UIX for ordering makes you guess as to what you are buying. When you select something I wasn’t sure which “size” I was getting unless I scrolled all the way down. Was it 7.7 or 1.35? 3. They may have a filter option, but the only one that jumped out was standard/vertuo 4. The way their checkout worked I couldn’t figure out why I was getting charged for shipping so I finally decided to just do the pickup. 5. They have no font or image resizing. I had a hard time reading the information. In summary like the coffee not the app.
  • Refuses to acknowledge my machine type 2/5

    By DontWannaBeSkeptical
    I own a VertuoPlus, and order Vertuo capsules. No matter what I do, though, this app always wants to add original capsule samples (which don’t fit my machine) to my orders. The cart even warns me the samples don’t fit, but there is no way to change the sample type. My machine setting is configured correctly as a VertuoPlus. Such an easy code fix to make, just do it already. Just let me select which sample type I want.
  • Not good 2/5

    By landon12597
    I very much dislike this app. Order is frustrating because I don’t get any free samples, like I would if I order on their website. I also dislike that I can not access my current order tracking information, I have to go to the website to learn this information. Nespresso is easy and convenient way of getting my lattes but the app is only good for buying new pods and it isn’t even good for that.
  • So easy 5/5

    By shepardgirl1
    The Nespresso app is such an easy way to reorder your pods. It has you register your machine and it always shows you coffee made just for your machine. Very easy way to order and not accidentally order the wrong size pods for your machine. I love the free shipping on larger orders and it’s very convenient if you don’t live close to a store. Coffee arrives within a week. So, I never run out of the delicious coffee.
  • Needs major work 1/5

    I’m so frustrated with this app and the Vertuo Next Machine, on my 4th machine after 3 warranty replacements and the ridiculousness of an app: I removed old machine serial number and added the latest replacement, but the old one long deleted keeps coming back and literally blocking my access to the newest machine! I thought it was finally removed and the latest update to the app installed and voilà there’s the long deleted serial number letting me know I can’t connect to my WiFi. Along with that hot mess, I ordered through the app and yes, they added samples for ORIGINAL machine not Vertuo, and no way for me to delete or change! Hello can’t u see my machine is Vertuo and I’m ordering Vertuo pods??? No matter how many times I deleted my order and repopulated my order it will not correct. What a bumbling mess. Please for real fix these issues and make it work in the real world. Flabbergasted, it’s no wonder Keurig has the longevity and compatibility standard. I wanted so much to like this machine and yet it seems impossible.
  • Really dumb app - fixated on “original “ 1/5

    By markdj
    I registered my Vertuo machine years ago but for some reason the app warns me of a machine incompatibility and puts original samples in my order! I verified that my machine is correct in my account as Vertuo not original. If you use this, expect to be frustrated and to go back to the web browser.
  • Buggy sometime 3/5

    By nicknameistaken13579
    I love nespresso, so being able to use an app to order pods is great. It seems, though, that every time I use this app it is buggy. Today I got an alert that some of the pods in my cart may not fit my registered machine. I checked and my machine in the system is vertuo and my cart was all vertuo pods. Except the free original pods that I couldnt delete. Also - the delivery options are different every time I order. I understand perhaps what shows may be dynamic based on some variable but as a customer I have no idea why. A couple orders ago I had to go into the store to get pods because the app was completely non-functional trying to check out. Its really inconsistent and Id love to be able to make my orders knowing ill have consistent delivery options and timelines. Ive used the autoship option but my orders can vary so Id rather shop each time.
  • Nespresso app works seamless! 5/5

    By Hermieh
    used it many times to place my coffee orders, and never had an issue.
  • Sept 2022 — App has wrong machine 1/5

    By Expect Wonderful Project
    Are used to love this app and ordered from it frequently but now I’m frustrated as heck. The app has added machine that is not from the line I have. I’ve spoken to customer service and they cannot correct it. I’ve deleted my machines and re-added the proper one. It keeps suggesting to me that I’m purchasing the wrong capsules and offering me freebies that will not work in my machine… Very frustrating!!
  • App is convenient & usually works 3/5

    By Soslomoe
    More than once the app added a free sample that doesn’t work in my machine and there is no way to change it.
  • Great Coffee Instantly 4/5

    By Fitgirl8
    I love my Nespresso machines. I like the app. Sometimes I would like a way to search for a particular item; such recycle bags. I am not always able to find. Other than that I’m happy with the app. If I have any real issues I call and talk to a very nice, knowledgeable Nespresso employee and all is well in a short time.
  • Strange Application/Some Improvement 3/5

    By The Beatles Heard His Name
    For starters, it often pops up in German. I speak enough German, to get it to display in English, but sometimes, it reverts to German. Also, the specials are difficult to access and ambiguous as to what it takes to qualify to receive it, even if you use the correct code! Oh well…the product is great and the value is decent. I’m not going anywhere else for coffee at home.
  • Fantastic Coffee 5/5

    By VanJDuda
    We received our machine as a Christmas gift, and it really is the gift that keeps on giving. Cannot stop raving about this coffee. Also, if it’s any consultation, my urge to go to Starbucks has pretty much disappeared (minus their holiday drinks lol) so I’ve saved money there!!
  • Wonder around and 2/5

    By Txduckhunter1
    Keep looking they hid the free samples at checkout!
  • App is ok 1/5

    By BusyDudeGuy
    My previous review stated that it was an ok app, just not very convenient. My new review declares this app a complete fail. Before the last update I noticed that you couldn’t repeat the last order anymore which made it even more useless. I just updated the app in hopes that they realized how bad it is and now the app doesn’t even open. My phone is only a year old and the OS is up to date. Please hire someone who knows how to write apps!
  • Fine system (with issues) 4/5

    By Hector 1
    This is a very convenient way to get an espresso that is decent (not extraordinary in my opinion). There is great variety and the lungo pods are a bonus (for size variety). The biggest problem I have is that when ordering through the phone app, there is the option to book a collection for the used pods, which is great… if it worked!! I always book this and they have never come! Why not make it simple and have the currier dropping the order also collect the pods?!? In any case, this is an annoyance and it means I have to take a trip to the city centre from time to time to drop the bags with the used pods.
  • A bogus error message 4/5

    By Gimmely
    I don’t know if it’s me only, but this incorrect error message is showing up every time this app starts.
  • Solid app 4/5

    By emaillad1
    Works as planned and efficient
  • Year 4/5

    By Ickcvx
    I have had my Nespresso for almost a year now. I am addicted! The only thing that bums me is that I always buy enough sleeves to get the free stuff and the app literally never accepts the code. I mean it isn’t the end of the world but who does not love free?
  • Y sus asistentes lo peor 1/5

    By annalucia-2344
    No funciona la app! Atrave de safari si puedo entrar a mi cuenta , pero a través de la app no me deja , no sirve
  • Debby 158 5/5

    By Debby 158
    The Nespresso app is a must for those who enjoy this wonderful coffee. It is very easy to use and product delivery is fast. I’m never out of coffee!
  • It’s good 4/5

    By not.wil
    I don’t know exactly what to say, it’s a app for me to order coffee. Expensive coffee but it taste good and the app works well.
  • No se aplican las promociones 3/5

    By lu_hb
    Me ha pasado varias veces que no se aplican las promociones ni tampoco sirven los códigos promocionales. Todo lo demás bien
  • Easy Ordering, easy navigating 5/5

    By sudosteve
    One of the best sites. East to navigate and easy to reorder, which I do regularly.
  • Incorrect Order (Missing Coffee) 1/5

    By cantwait2retire
    I’m pretty new to this app and I wanted to do a re-order. However my past order was totally incorrect. It just had one coffee I ordered and not the other. however, it did have the correct amount of money I paid for the orders. I wanted to like this app so I can just re-order from it but I can’t because it’s wrong. I did call to place a new order and I did inform over the phone that there was a problem with the app. I was informed it is probably a glitch and would be fixed within a couple days. I told her I was waiting a week while it was incorrect to see if it would fix before I made my order and it’s still not correct. Please fix then I will upgrade my review.
  • The coffee is great; the app is wonky 2/5

    By Sheri 007
    After using a Nespresso machine at a nice hotel in San Antonio, I bought one for myself. I highly recommend buying this in a store because when Amazon shipped two of them they each arrived with many of the pieces smashed. The app is convenient because this company will not allow you to buy the coffee capsules in retail stores. So by convenient I mean mandatory. The app is inconsistent on the data for your previous orders so after going in circles for a few loops and ruining your morning coffee with frustration, just start at square one and dig around for the flavors that you want.
  • Only one drawback 3/5

    By Suzette Y.
    App doesn’t always give me the option to add free samples or recycling bag on website always does, can that get fixed please on the app?
  • Can’t get in 1/5

    By Mgc3480
    If this app was updated with bug fixes 2 weeks ago, someone missed the boat. It’s not worth bothering with.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Im4lulu
    The Nespresso app makes it so easy for me to order coffee. I bought my coffee machine off the app as well. The quality of the coffee is so much better than the chain coffee houses.
  • Particular Coffee Drinkers 5/5

    By PlyR1226
    This is by far the best coffee out there. I’m always comparing to coffee when traveling and rarely does anything measure up to Nespresso Convenient ordering, great delivery and excellent customer service.
  • Good coffee 4/5

    By MoogleNessie
    I’ll keep it simple …. Delicious coffee, but we need more selection. Please add more soon ^^
  • Love it 4/5

    By Fitfun4life
    I just found my machine as very well very happy with it I love that it came with a froth machine and the free coffee samples and a $10 certificate I just think on the app and should be a little bit more easier to find your coffee it shows the shops an what’s on sale but you really have to look around for the sleeves an the discount I didn’t get my beach towel but it’s ok next time .
  • Order More 5/5

    By 345fgs3
    My wife yells, “we are almost out of expresso” . I grab my iPhone tap the App go to my orders tap reorder done! Pay with Apple Pay. Quick fast easy free shipping.
  • Easy order 5/5

    By Sherrybella
    Just to be simple, everything can be ordered from the app. Make recurring orders for convenience. Aldo pick out supplies such as recycling bags, cleaning your lines. They tell you when they think you ever made 100 cups of coffee that it’s time to clean the water tank and lines. Couldn’t be easier.
  • App does not work, can rely the order was processed by the system. 1/5

    By Mjmehring
    App is poor seems like there are errors, can’t setup a reoccurring order
  • Good improvement on app, others to be seen 4/5

    By dopalan
    App shows good improvements and finally enable easy ordering. I like Nespresso and hv been a long time supporter, both privately and at work. But here are a few comments. Many of the so called “Gifts” are useless to most repeat buyers and end up in the bin. If you want to make repeat buyers special, why not include a few extra capsules - say 10 when they reach 1000 in accumulated purchases. Also, the recycling program does not work in Malaysia. The delivery logistics refuse to pick up used capsules.
  • It serves its purpose 3/5

    By CeelyaCruz
    I detest the home page. It’s misleading and bland. Thank goodness their coffee isn’t. I would expect a little more.
  • Non-intuitive 3/5

    By bbosco
    Really difficult to edit/add recurring orders.