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  • Current Version: 5.20.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Nespresso SA
  • Compatibility: Android
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Nespresso App

The Nespresso app allows to buy coffee capsules, espresso, machines and accessories on the go or at home on your iPhone and iPad. Do more with the app, with Prodigio* and Prodigio&milk*, the first Bluetooth connected Nespresso coffee machines. Ensure you never run out of coffee by getting notified on time when your capsule stock is running low. Ensure the best coffee experience cup after cup by being informed when the descaling is needed or the water tank is empty. Easily maintain your Nespresso machine thanks to a set of tutorial videos. Take advantage of the exclusive Nespresso services such as fast and convenient delivery options or finding the closest Nespresso Boutique or recycling point. Enjoy the perfect Nespresso shopping experience anytime and anywhere: Order your Nespresso coffee capsules, espresso, machine and accessories. Stay up to date with the latest Nespresso Limited Edition coffee, machine launches and events. Discover the nearest Nespresso points of interest on a store locator. These include Nespresso Boutiques, other stores selling Nespresso coffee machines and coffee capsule recycling points. Take advantage of our extensive delivery services*, such asNext Business Day Delivery *Availability depends on your geographical area. **Availability and conditions of each service depend on your geographical area

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Nespresso app reviews

  • Nespresso 1/5

    By MamaBear314
    The coffee is AWESOME, & Love that the pods are recycled. However, the website when used on my iPhone is horrible! It constantly freezes, requiring me to shut down, reopen the app and restart the order. Anytime I try to use a coupon code I get a message saying the code isn’t valid. VERY FRUSTRATING. I’m thinking about calling it quits!!
  • Great App 5/5

    By Grapple Fruit
    This is one of the best apps I use. Ordering is easy, visual layout is great, and checkout smooth. Product descriptions are nice too. Suggestion: I have an older model machine and wish the app had a section for me to save my model number because I always forget it. It would also be helpful to directly view some of the Nespresso U videos in the app. Example using the machine and Descaling.
  • Often crashes 3/5

    By cmfaulk
    I unfortunately have not had good luck with this app. It crashes on me often. And I also have not had good luck with the company getting my order to me when I use the app. Although the company has great customer service, their shipping department has failed to fulfill my order several times. This is disappointing when I try to order in advance so that I do not run out of coffee and then my order never gets mailed. by the time it all gets worked out after I’ve had to call and find out about my order I am then out of coffee. The only reason I now try to order from this app any longer is to get the recycle bags, but it’s beginning to be more of a hassle with the app consistently crashing and my orders not getting to me.😒
  • Updates? Anyone see any updates? 3/5

    By Rob Nikon
    Used the app for the first time today. Overall it’s pretty good. You can tell it hasn’t had any overhauls in awhile. It asked me if I wanted to turn on Touch ID... on my iPhone 11 Pro. That would have been interesting. Things work well enough... but it leaves you feeling like it’s something they haven’t really messed with in awhile.
  • Promo issues 4/5

    By midnitetoil
    Promo codes don’t always work. I met the guidelines and couldn’t get the code to work. Then it updated and showed double of each selection. Had to edit each one....
  • UPS preferred 2/5

    By Titorosar
    Shipping via USPS is terrible the last order was wet partially opened (badly retaped) with 2 inner coffee packages missing and broken Touch Cups. It also took a long time to arrive and the tracking was unreliable and misleading. The box eas left in the rain. The only secure & timely shipping method has been UPS
  • Order regularly on app 4/5

    By Ms.Tech10000
    I love the convince of ordering on my phone but am disappointed I’m often not able to take advantage of the complimentary offer codes for unknown reasons.
  • Ordering 3/5

    Tried to order a certain coffee and it wouldn’t let me select it. Didn’t say not available yet, or out of stock, or coming soon....that comment would be helpful!
  • Poor check out experience 1/5

    By cjbecker
    I have used the app for four orders. Every time I check out I run into an error and it doesn’t tell me what the issue is. For a premium product please fix your app.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Joe from Cambridge
    Every company should hire Nespresso’s developers. Unlike any other commercial app I know, it’s simple and functional. So easy to order new capsules or accessories.
  • Would get 5 stars if... 4/5

    By MrJUtah
    The one item missing is the inability to view status updates for orders placed. It shows what was bought and when, but does not allow you to see any status of where order is in the process. Would be nice to see if order has shipped, expected delivery date, etc.
  • Parts are Easy, Parts are Not 3/5

    By smcgehee
    I just opened the app this evening and had to look all over in order to sign in (not good). Easy to itemize the pods to order. One big improvement would be to be able to view your previous order and have the ability to start with that order to modify instead of having to build a new order if you want something a little different than the previous order.
  • Great app 5/5

    By mercgirl1
    This makes ordering very easy . Love it
  • Convenient 5/5

    By Pvabadie
    So convenient that it remembers my frequently bought items and then she guests other similar options.
  • Great coffee 5/5

    By Ummkawthar
    Thank you
  • No free samples 2/5

    By Jo 1107
    Like the convenience of the app but doesn’t allow the free samples as the website allows
  • Finicky App 3/5

    By NearlySun
    Sometimes it works flawlessly, most of the time it doesn’t and I wind up placing my order on my laptop. This app needs improvements to earn a five star rating. I don’t love it.
  • Great App 5/5

    By jcallinan
    I’ve been using the app for about a year now and it’s been great. It’s very easy to use, doesn’t crash, and makes reordering a cinch. Only feedback is ordering the recycling bags could be easier. I’d suggest just giving a checkbox at checkout, rather than having to hunt for the bags in accessories. Also, the quantity of bags you can order should adjust with the amount of capsules you purchase. I’ve bought 200 capsules, which don’t fit in one bag, but been limited to ordering 1 recycling bag. Overall, solid app.
  • CV19 safety from home 5/5

    By Nancerella 13.1
    Easy to navigate app for ordering coffee from the safety of home during the pandemic of 2020 (and 2021 as of this writing). Wonderful descriptions although a bit repetitive and blah blah-ish on some of them. It’s nice being able to see the “intensity” of each blend. Greatly appreciate Nespresso’s recyclability; I detested tossing K-Cups in the trash. And the coffee is incredible!
  • Strong Coffee, Weak App 1/5

    By NJ homeowner
    The app leaves a lot to be desired. One glaringly obvious function that I thought it would have - but does not - is the ability to save pods to a list of favorites. They do allow you to set up a recurring order, but I typically like to switch up my order a little bit each time. Another thing that the app lacks is recommending other pods that you would like based on your favorite pods.
  • Best company 5/5

    By vinny mcl
    Service and product are exceptional and app is a breeze to shop and order so I can maintain my imaginary slice of Italia with my morning espresso.
  • No Regrets 5/5

    By Dmnjk
    Absolutely in love with the app, the machine, the coffee and everything about Nespresso. Get this app you have their machines. The delivery is super fast.
  • Nespresso App 4/5

    By Roughrider 1
    Credit card scan didn’t work.
  • Simple 5/5

    By LuvGod2
    Great app for reordering coffee.
  • App is ok 3/5

    By CathyMSchmidt
    Nespresso is wonderful. The app should reflect the same. Pros: Easy to navigate, intuitive, ability to check purchasing history. Cons: unable to order recycle bags for the cups, history and background of company missing, no merch to buy! Think apple— unable to purchase machines on the app— only coffee.
  • Need to add capability on app 2/5

    By Audiobookophile
    I’m not going to use your app anymore. I don’t receive free samples and it doesn’t prompt me to add a recycle bag to my order. Also, I received a damaged sleeve and customer service said a free sleeve would automatically be added to my next order. This only works if you order through the website, not on the app
  • Unable to detect my machine 1/5

    By noeydean
    I tried about 20 times and followed all the trouble shooting suggestions but my phone is unable to find and connect to my Vertuo Next machine. This is very frustrating!
  • Needs an overhaul 3/5

    By dan w 76
    For a company that prides itself on creating a premium product, the app is anything but that. While I absolutely love Nespresso coffees, the app is a bit dated in use and rarely will connect to my Next machine. In this day and age the quality of a companies app is a clear representation of the services they provide and products they stand behind.
  • Coffee great- but tracking not easy 4/5

    Love this coffee maker and coffee. But tracking shipment on app is hard to find. Also, wish there was a good reusable pod for this machine.
  • Easy to Use but No Promo Codes Like website 2/5

    By R Stelter
    Need codes
  • Very easy 5/5

    By runnergirlboo
    This app makes it very easy to place your order. I just wish you can change how many of the bags you can order to return pods back for recycle.
  • The app is clunky 2/5

    By David Pendleton
    The app is clunky and desperately needs a redesign, but it usually works.
  • Possibly the best, fastest, most streamlined app I’ve ever used! 5/5

    By Muhlzee
    Possibly the best, fastest, most streamlined app I’ve ever used!
  • Shipping charges 2/5

    By 59tc
    Don’t like the shipping charges, it should be free!
  • So convenient 5/5

    By Ep23mn
    This app is easy to use and so convenient. It makes picking out coffee a breeze and we have the option to have it shipped directly to us. Super happy we got the machine and the app to use with it.
  • Quirky and unreliable 1/5

    By C. Adrian Gerrard
    For years and through 4 or 5 iPhones (now an 11s) it’s been so, but it does not run through the menus correctly. I select my purchase, the app brings me to billing (address and card) but when I click next, it prompts an error dialog box to pick my shipping method (and shipping address, presumably) but does not bring me to that screen. No place to co but close and start again. 5 retries, a reboot, and close out of the app each time and still nothing. Then it crashes and works properly inexplicably. 15 minutes to order coffee. Regrettably the worst app for something I purchase monthly for multiple locations. Nestle is a big company with the resources to fix this and their neglect of this app tells us how little they care about us. I own 5 machines in two homes, my boat and my office. I’m committed and Nestle is not. True to form whenever I write a review for this, Nestle kills the review and it does not show up. Deeply disappointing company.
  • Better to call 3/5

    By csgallagher
    It’s not very intuitive/user friendly. Overall, it’s okay but not great.
  • One of the best! 5/5

    By Magenta girl
    This app has always been informative, responsive and a breeze to use.
  • Disappointed on orders 4/5

    By daily-cup
    I love my machine and ordering is easy so on that account I’m happy but I noticed that I could get a promo code with an order of so many pods which I had way over, but when I put it in it said I didn’t qualify..this has happened twice now so I just sighed deeply and placed my order. Coasters and chocolates would have been nice and a nice reward for ordering so many pods...oh well!
  • Convenient, but... 4/5

    By Dan d K
    Easy to navigate and good info re choices. But can’t request recycling bag or receive bonus capsules that are available on website. Love the coffee!
  • Nespresso is the BEST! 5/5

    By CC1214
    Love the app... love the coffee... so thankful I got this machine as a gift! The app is so easy to use!
  • Good when it doesn’t crash. 3/5

    By Millie & Hunter
    After a while, you’d think it would not have bugs
  • Great app, great service, great coffee! 5/5

    By DKNY-SG
    This app is perfect. User friendly, intuitive, and easy to navigate. The service is superb, delivery is amazing, and the coffee tastes great. Who could ask for more?!? 5 stars!!!
  • Love the machine, love the coffee. The app is ok. 4/5

    By Bill from Mass.
    I’m always able to place an order, but there’s typically an obstacle or two to get past. For example, this morning I couldn’t sign in so I tried resetting my password. I waited for the reset email. And waited. I ended up creating a new account to place the order. That said, the app does what it’s supposed to do. It’s easy to reorder what you got last time (provided you’re able to sign in).
  • Missing features 4/5

    By Ralphmans
    Great app, has lots of information on the various types of coffee. Unfortunately, you can’t pick your free pods at checkout since you don’t have that option on a tablet. My pc has that at the end of your order but not on the app, maybe I’m missing something.
  • No sample selection 4/5

    By 1usagirl
    I think this app is great for ordering my capsules. Very easy. The only issue I have is that I never receive free samples with my order even though you say “free samples with every order”. I think you can make that selection on the website but not on the app!
  • App works - but always starts with an error 3/5

    By saxman1005
    The app is great and always works... but... EVERY time I open the app, I get a connectivity error. This has happened every time for years. It’s really annoying. Sometimes I have to force quit the app and then reopen it in order to get in. Once I’m past the error, then the app works great and it’s really easy to use.
  • Excellent product, excellent app 5/5

    By Love the product and app
    Love our new machine and it’s very easy to order the pods through this app. They come directly to your door about two - three days later. Easy Peezy. Enjoying the different flavors. I got a box of decaf by mistake, but I poured over ice cream to make an afogado. Go to YouTube and see the different ways that you can make the different coffees. Totally enjoying our foam maker as well. Very easy.
  • Great product, terrible app 1/5

    By MaXsXIII
    I recommend just using the website. The app won’t even accept my card number calling it “invalid” (it’s not, I checked 3 times) and the app decided to double almost everything in my order the second I tried to check out.

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