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Nest App

At Nest, we make products that are beautiful, thoughtful and easy to use. The Nest app is no exception. Control your Nest Learning Thermostat, arm and disarm your Nest Secure alarm system, see your home with Nest Cam, and know if Nest Protect goes off – all in one place. And get notifications on your iPhone, iPad. Nest uses sensors, algorithms and the location of your phone to do the right thing automatically, turning off the heat and turning on the camera when you leave. Forgot to set the alarm? Nest notices and will send you a Remind Me alert. And everyone at home can get notifications and control the Nest products they need with their own Nest Account – no more sharing passwords. Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Thermostat E Thermostats that program themselves to help you save energy. - Change the temperature from the subway or the sofa using your phone. - See how much energy you used and why. - View and edit your schedule or boost your domestic hot water. - Get extreme temperature alerts before your home gets too cold. - Earn Leafs when you choose a temperature that saves you energy. Nest Secure alarm system - Arm and disarm your home remotely from the app. - Know who is coming and going with Family Accounts and event history. - Receive a Remind Me alert if you left home and forgot to set the alarm. - Invite guests from the app, sending them an email invitation with unique passcodes with set visiting hours. - Receive a security alert on your phone telling you what triggered the alarm- either a door or window opened or someone entered a room. Nest Protect The smoke and carbon monoxide alarm that thinks, speaks and alerts your phone. - Get an alert if Nest Protect senses smoke or carbon monoxide (CO).(Requires Wi-Fi and working internet connection) - Silence an alarm from your phone with App Silence.(Nest Protect 2nd gen) - See the status of your batteries, sensors and Wi-Fi connection. - Run a Safety Checkup to test all your alarms at once. (Nest Protect 2nd gen) - Get “What To Do” instructions during a smoke or CO event. - See your Safety History so you know when alerts happened and why. Nest Cam IQ, Nest Cam Indoor, Nest Cam Outdoor The security cameras that let you see your home on your phone, inside and out. - Get alerts when there’s activity, and talk back to get someone’s attention. - See what you missed with snapshots of the last three hours. - Check in 24/7 with crisp 1080p HD (Nest Cam and Dropcam Pro only). - Get person alerts (or familiar / unfamiliar face alerts with Nest Cam IQ) and up to 30 days of video history when you subscribe to Nest Aware. (Subscription service sold separately.) Nest Hello Know who’s knocking. - Never miss a moment with 24/7 video streaming. - Designed to show you everything at your doorstep – people head to toe or packages on the ground. - Nest Hello can tell the difference between a person and a thing. - Get notified about a visitor even if they don’t ring the bell. - HD Talk and Listen enables you to naturally talk with someone at your door. - When you can’t answer the door, quick responses let you reply to visitors with pre recorded audio messages. Nest x Yale Lock The lock for a more secure Nest home. - Set up Family Accounts so everyone can unlock the door with the Nest app. - Instead of keys, assign a passcode to people you trust in the Nest app. - When someone locks or unlocks the door, the Nest app can send an alert. - Turn on Home/Away Assist and Auto-Lock, your door can lock itself when you leave. Some features require a working internet connection, Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth.

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Nest app reviews

  • Nest hello video doorbell DO NOT BUY 1/5

    By bassthrive
    Three calls to customer service and upgrading my isp from 70/6 to 200/12 did nothing to fix a chronic issue with the hello architecture and nest servers. I get a 15 sec to 1 minute lag in motion notifications. By the time the notification pushes to my phone I am watching the delivery man driving away in his truck. Doorbell pushes come up relatively quickly, within 5 sec of the press. The motion alert is the big problem. My router is close to the doorbell and signal is fast with full bars so they dare not blame my internet (which they always do). Nest does not allow enough user customization in their app. I cannot change the notification sound. I cannot adjust the motion detect cool down period. I cannot disable the video preview upon motion event (I believe this bandwidth heavy task to be the cause of the latency at the server side). I am frustrated beyond belief by my phone dinging and showing me an event that happened, not what’s happening now. Serious security issue here. Nest DOES NOT TAKE FEEDBACK FROM THEIR CUSTOMERS. They literally told me that, word for word, over the phone. I have asked three times for these features to be implemented or for my problem to be escalated. They have done nothing to make it right. I will be switching to ring. Do not give nest any more of your money like I did. The thermostat is nice though.
  • Apple wannabe! 1/5

    By Nicktfar
    Apple wannabe product with unintuitive design that only focuses on aesthetics! the thermostat gives you more inconvenience than convenience in the name of saving energy!
  • awful 1/5

    By Hello12345ttt
    used to be good. 80% of the time seeking through video footage is impossible. video constantly frozen.
  • I hate the nest 1/5

    By Jenni7898
    Your app is horrendous. Half the time it’s says the nest is offline so I walk all the way across the house... not offline. So apparently your app is just offline. The home/away feature NEVER works like it’s supposed to. I thought it was supposed to know when I’m home or when I’m away and adjust the settings. But it doesn’t. So I have to try and remember to set it to away when I’m gone for an extended period. I’m going to look for a better system because I’m fed up with Nest.
  • Works okay but won't load on Apple Watch 2/5

    By teewuane
    This app works okay on the phone, but on my series 4 watch it won't load, it crashes every time. I've tried reinstalling the app, resetting both my phone and watch.. it just crashes after a couple seconds. I just want it to work. That all being said I do like the nest products. I had to learn to lock my nest thermostat so you can only adjust the temperature via the app as my kids would keep messing with the thermostat and cranking the heat up which throws off the "learning" part of nest.
  • Be prepared to have to change your password often 1/5

    By Mdmitche
    Security seems to be a continued issue. I’ve been asked to change my password three times this year alone. This is highly irritating. And to think, they just got into security systems. Consider other products.
  • Watch out for Bad Service 1/5

    By Helo53e
    Intermittent recording and expensive. Tiered customer support. 1 minute for the first person who will read through a list for you. Second call is someone who may know the word bandwidth. Then a senior person may be introduced. They will not help either but will defer you to your internet provider. When all is good with the WiFi and you call back, expect to wait more than 15 min. For a representative when it was 1 minute previously. I do not recommend. I do think there is something shady in their company process and service.
  • Was working great. Was 3/5

    By crafter ed
    Loved how we could check on our animals in our reptile room Now all I get is the blue spinning thing and it will not connect so we can see live time
  • Eco is pointless 1/5

    By Pita X
    Bring back AWAY temperature only. Pointless to have ECO then set it to AWAY Then home.I can have away mode on and nest is still running nomarl temps. Now I have to set Eco temps for away instead of using my away temps. Huh?! So brutal
  • App doesn’t set Away reliably 1/5

    By Mark D Bullock
    Mostly the app thinks it’s Home. Very few times it sets Away properly.
  • Notifications 1/5

    By Dianns2017
    Long delay 10 minutes is too long
  • Crashes 2/5

    By Snoop foggy fog
    The passed month the app continuously crashed and signs me out. It needs fixed!

    By Lexiingtonbear
    I love this app.....but the default sounds gets annoying. We have a nest and a ring doorbell and the ring has a very distinctive sound when some one comes to the door. Can y’all do the same? This would really make this product that much better. And I could distinguish if someone is at the door or just a random alert on my phone. OR if you could give us the options to choose different tones through the nest app would be great too! Hopefully this will be implemented soon, since I see this issue is coming up in other reviews.
  • Still no energy history 2/5

    By cmschwartz59
    So this update was supposed to fix the issue with energy history not showing up. It didn’t. I haven’t seen my energy history since last August. And Apple Watch app just crashes without loading. Not good. Reinstalling didn’t help BTW
  • Great most of the time 3/5

    By Goaltime44
    Love the control of the thermostat when I’m not home, easy to turn the temp up when I leave work so it’s warm when we get home. We have no use for the learning part of the thermostat, we’ll control my own temps. Love the doorbell when the app connects. What is aggravating is when the app won’t connect and there is no good reason. Can’t even access past videos before this happens so We are left in the dark. Still trying to figure out some of the google assist features, should be easier to make work. Found out yesterday that one can’t upgrade from a month to month without loosing all video history, temporarily loosing the ability to see any history. I’m told that video clips are preserved, we will see. UPDATE: seems the representative I chatted with was incorrect, my video history was not removed. She got me upset for nothing.
  • Apple Watch app crashed every single time launched. 1/5

    By Whitethunder79
    Apple Watch app crashed every single time launched.
  • Very inconsistent 3/5

    By Nkjbiughi
    I don’t know why such a great concept has to be ruined by its incredibly inconsistent app access. Since we’ve had this product every few weeks the way you get notified about camera activity is annoying. I have an Apple Watch and LOVE it when the app sends a screenshot of the latest movement. Now it’s back to sending “there’s been movement” in a text format without the screenshot. Why??
  • Google owns nest, hides bad reviews of cameras 1/5

    By Audi_Al
    Don’t waste your money on nest iq cameras. They have no better resolution than their regular non IQ cameras. The tracking feat it uses (which is where the 4K sensor comes into play) doesn’t track properly. Also, facial recognition works much better on my non IQ nest hello, than the outdoor IQ camera. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON NEST IQ PRODUCTS.
  • Big Disappointment 1/5

    By ck675h
    I’ve had numerous Nest products for almost 10 years. Until today app worked fine. Up-graded to a new IPhone and can’t log in...”something went wrong” message continuously displays. App fails to send a code to verify my login. I called customer service and was told I needed to speak to another department. Put on hold for almost 10 minutes then gave up. Will no longer recommend Nest based on their app and customer service.
  • Useless without the subscription 1/5

    By Heather86!
    These cameras are useless without the subscription. All you get are snapshots of motion and no notifications. You can’t play a clip if you select it, it’s just a frame. We have four cameras and are considering returning them because the subscription is ridiculous, do yourself a favor and buy the cameras from amazon that all work from a station and automatically save to a hard drive. Someone recommended that to me and I went against it regretfully so.
  • Door cam alert sounds 2/5

    By naughtoday
    Having a door cam that makes the same alert sound as every other unimportant notification on my phone is incredibly frustrating. Nest refuses to acknowledge this or promise a fix. Custom app sounds should not be a hard problem to fix. I'm refusing to expand our camera network for now in hopes they fix this, otherwise will switch brands.
  • Ugh.. 2/5

    By PrinceofHB
    Interface is strange and still doesn’t support Siri or Siri shortcuts.
  • Stuck in Sound check mode 2/5

    By Arggh and not to argh
    This time when the app notifies me of monthly sound check for smoke detectors, it constantly keeps showing it is in the process of doing a sound check even though it has been completed. I try to log out and log back in, rest notification/turning on and off sound check. But it does not reset and keeps staying stuck in sound check mode (blue). Apparently this is not an issue on android app but only on iOS. Please resolve this issue in the next update.
  • Doesn't work On Watch 1/5

    By DeeCee00
    Installed, uninstalled, installed again. Doesn't work on Watch 4, latest software versions & updates on phone and watch as of this date. Works great on iPhone XS Max, just not on Watch (Watch 4 anyway).
  • Terrible app 1/5

    This is one of my most inconsistent apps on my phone. Shuts off, doesn’t respond to the change in temperature or heat/cold. The eco mode is spotty at best. Their website/service (includes the app) goes down at least once every other day. The service going down is really the biggest problem. You are out an about and maybe you want to change your temp? Or turn eco mode off for the pets in the house? Nope, I want to say without exaggeration, 5 out of 10 times it does t work or connect. That is terrible. Thought the app would get better. NOT. Almost two years later and it is still a terrible app. Don’t waste your money. Get a different thermostat.
  • Can’t reset the temperature on the app. 1/5

    By poor app game
    Every time want to reset and restart the temperature I have to use the main nest. Can’t reset in the app. Everything good except that part
  • WiFi Problems 1/5

    By PussnBOT09
    Always had issues with loosing connection even after replacing router. Crappy slow app too that seems to again take longer that expected to connect and sometimes commands won’t ever reach your thermostat so you will be forced to manual make the change of you want it to take effect in the next hour! Not happy.
  • Don’t offer replacement parts 1/5

    By Stupid pat
    Have a 1 year old nest cam. The ac adaptor didn’t work. I asked for a new ac adaptor or new camera and they would not provide me with either. So the camera is worthless.
  • Needs some tweaking - 3rd Gen Thermostat 1/5

    By W in bham
    Cool interface, but lacks the detailed history and stats that I wanted in a smart thermostat app. It needs to be developed to show users the option for having much more detailed usage and history of my system. Also, home/away assist by using my phones location is hit or miss. It often will not recognize that I am away when I have left. If I don’t open the app I end up heating/cooling an empty house all day. This is a key feature that nest needs to get right.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By sasha1m
    The thermostat sounds way better than it actually performs. It learns nothing and often reverts back to modes you didn’t select. Leaving for awhile and want ECO mode? Good luck having it actually hold. You’ll wake up to find your house fully heated or cooled. Want to conveniently change your weekly schedule online via your computer? Ha - don’t hold your breath that the app will take that information. Starting to wish I had bought a Honeywell. Not saving me any money because I can’t keep selections made.
  • Great but... 3/5

    By Hall D
    Product is great but it would be nice to be able to change the notification sound on iPhone. The default notification doesn’t wake me up nor does it really get my attention during the daytime. Camera quality is great but it would be nice to have better security quality as well with this product.
  • Notification sounds not customizable 2/5

    By DyddB4Anything
    Such a simple thing to code, I imagine they won’t do this because management believes not having it will encourage purchasing the monitoring subscription. Oh, and if your camera sees a person while armed, it won’t trigger the alarm. Again, simple coding task, $$ reasons for Nest. Apparently they feel they make more on subscriptions than losing customers for lack of basic functionality.
  • Poor Proximity Logic 2/5

    By AppDevDude
    Proximity logic is broken. I live in a city. When I go to the coffee shop a block away, the bar two blocks away, or the corner store, it still flags me as being home. Defeats the purpose of the app.
  • Still no energy history 1/5

    By Mobi194
    Energy history says ‘come back tomorrow’ but has said this for months.
  • Nest doorbell 1/5

    By SaintJurisic
    I purchased the very expensive door bell, paid someone to install the door bell. All set and done spent about $400 on this device Here is the thing the camera does well when you are watching live feed If you are thinking of going back and reviewing a motion or person alert you will get a still image ( usually of the persons foot as they are leaving ) Want to go back and see who was at your door yesterday Nope ! You need a subscription for that $5 or $10 or $30 / month depending on how far back you would like to go So ultimately It doesn’t work on iOS, nest is nickeling and dimming I mean 1 day of playback with out monthly subscription Ultimately it boils down that playback simply doesn’t work
  • Great hardware, terrible software and support 1/5

    By RomanS
    Best HW is great but the support is truly awful. The worst in the industry. This app also bad - try to find any technical info about your cameras - no signal strength, temperature, nothing. The whole thing makes no sense and was designed by someone who doesn't care about their customers. One more examples - if your camera disconnects you get an email but not iPhone notification. Unacceptable for security device!!!
  • Cannot generate Security clips with iOS app 1/5

    By macdonrm
    Nest support tells me that you cannot view the streaming video from nest cameras on iOS Safari or Chrome because it is not supported in iOS 12.1.4 . Is that correct? Also you cannot generate security video clips on the nest app so unless you own a laptop or home computer of some sort you are sunk. By another camera system. I wish I did.
  • Audio no longer comes through from Dropcam 2/5

    By tmmcla
    After the most recent update, we can no longer hear the audio of our dropcam on our various iOS devices. Audio is on, mic is on, it’s just not working anymore through the app.
  • iPhone image won’t rotate after update 1/5

    By Baldcats
    I just got the latest update today, and now when I turn my iPhone to landscape view, the image doesn’t enlarge and turn with it. I can only view upright
  • History screen still blank after update 4/5

    By wmcc999
    History screen still blank after update
  • Echo? 1/5

    By Sheldon N. Disguise
    They broke integration with Echo devices, again. Does anybody test this before they release buggy software?
  • Home/Away Assist is not reliable 2/5

    By Normka
    A feature of the thermostat is that it will detect when your phone(s) are away from home and then go into an eco mode. For my setup (2 phones) it is very unreliable. Further I’ve been on the phone with NEST for hours with no lasting solution. It will work for a few days and then stop working again.
  • Works great 1/5

    By Whitewater paddler 85
    Would be better if Nest cam worked with Roku, or worked better with Alexa Show. Developers at Nest are not providing user friendly options to view.
  • So convenient 5/5

    By ArtsyPhotographer
    I love how convenient and easy this app is to use!
  • Doesn’t go to Eco when I’m not home 1/5

    By Nsds4
    Was very excited to be able to not worry about changing the temperature on my thermostat. This app does not work, shows that my phone is not at home, but it does not go into the away mode and into Eco mode. I constantly have to delete the app and reinstall it and then it works maybe a week and then it doesn’t work anymore. I wish this was not the case, unfortunately it is past my return time to return the thermostat.
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By MatthiasIam
    For a google product, it often doesn’t work as well as it should. On fast WiFi or cell connections the app often just crashes entirely with the screen “try again”. Going into history yields frustrating results as it consistently fails to play video from the past. Nearly useless since it’s a 50% chance it will work.
  • Nest x Yale 2/5

    By abcfhfnbc
    The app keeps removing the products. I have to keep scanning them and going through the process again
  • Not reliable 2/5

    By mksteele7878
    Worked great in the beginning. Now it constantly says offline. What’s the point of having a smart thermostat if my phone and other smart home devices can’t control it. Hoping each update will fix the problem but it hasn’t yet.
  • Location service never works 2/5

    By pyroboy024
    Really bad... the location service never works I’ve tripled check all my privacy settings and uninstalled and reinstalled to go through the permissions again... still not reporting.

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