NETFLIX Exploding Kittens

NETFLIX Exploding Kittens

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  • Current Version: 1.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: Netflix, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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NETFLIX Exploding Kittens App

Available exclusively for Netflix members. Bring the catnip. Draw as many cards as you can, and do your best to dodge — or defuse — fatal felines. Or else, boom goes the dynamite! In this multiplayer, kitty-powered game of chance, players draw cards — until someone draws an exploding kitten and blows up. Then that player is out unless they have a defuse card. Defuse cards allow players to neutralize furry foes with laser pointers, belly rubs, catnip sandwiches or other diversions. All of the other cards in the deck can be used strategically to move, mitigate or avoid. Featuring original art by The Oatmeal.

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NETFLIX Exploding Kittens app reviews

  • Something’s wrong with your game 1/5

    I love Netflix and exploding kitten and when I hear I could play it for free and I just need Netflix I downloaded it but I keep getting a bug where it won’t let draw a card so I haven’t been able to play it please fix it!
  • Automatically chooses cards… 2/5

    By Gary Bunda
    Love this card game. App is fun but randomly chooses cards to play on occassion, which can’t be canceled and really messes with your strategy. Bummer.
  • Automatic unnecessary card play 1/5

    By thiiiiiiiriii
    It has done this several times. The app automatically plays cards while I’m busy thinking and it’s not even after 5 seconds have elapsed. It usually plays the Attack cards or draws a card (sometimes the Bomb) from the pile w/o waiting for me to drag the card myself or play an action. It played two rounds on its own in one game! Please fix this this is so excruciatingly frustrating. This problem is prevalent as I found this on Reddit. Sm said it’s bcuz there are no other actions but that not true as another reviewer wrote: No, thats not it. Often I want to perform an action but instead it quickly draws one. At other times it even performs an action such as putting cards that i didnt want to
  • Crashes on Password Manager use 3/5

    By jheiselman
    Crashes when trying to fill in username/password with password manager
  • Official game is better than Netflix 1/5

    I’ve been playing this game for years since it first came out. I had to say the official game is 1000 times better easier controls the only feature I wish they would add is microphone. Everything else is fine on the original game. I highly do not recommend the Netflix spin off. Pay a few bucks and get the real thing the official game is worth it and it has expansions.
  • Love this game, but a few questions 5/5

    By sam-man-dude
    I love this game a lot, it’s a great way to pass time, although I have a few questions. For some reason, I always win the game. Idk if this is bots, or no. I would like real players if these are bots bc winning every time gets boring. Another question I have is are there any more customizations? Bc I would more customization options. I would also like if people could type there own messages instead of the other chat, not voice chat though. Please respond soon!
  • Overall good game but 4/5

    By @kimbee_2
    It would be better if the game tracked wins
  • amazing 5/5

    By DonutDerpDragon
    just as amazing if not more then the tabletop game!
  • Fun but needs a polish 2/5

    By Sivartis
    Suggestion: Reducing my score to 2 stars For the love of god PLEASE add a turn timer! Every third game gets stalled by someone leaving and then just never taking their turn. Even cheap Hearts or Euchre apps have a bot player take over if someone takes more than a minute or so to play their turn. Thanks!
  • AFK Users 3/5

    By solar_opps
    There’s so many AFK players had 3 back to back in matches. The devs need to implement a vote to kick system so when people are not actually playing the game that match can continue. Other then that great game!
  • Good except for game-breaking bug 3/5

    By Sparky Tiger
    Fun game, except sometimes, when the player before you explodes, it will auto play for you for no reason. It happens a lot, it doesnt just draw, it will actually play one of your attack/skip cards automatically. Literally breaks the game.
  • Bomb voyage 2/5

    By The toy reviewman
    This game will forever be trash until they install a turn timer
  • Bad 1/5

    By Pelon696969
    Not good
  • As vicious as the tabletop version 3/5

    By CarterBlue
    Not enough time given to counter when attacked. Very difficult to bury the Exploding Kitten card. Accidentally minimized the app when trying to play cards several times. Feels a bit too random sometimes due to the fact that you’re playing against avatars and you don’t get a chance to know the other players. I enjoy playing this game with my gaming group and the charm of card games is the randomness, but this version takes random to another level. I would play this version as a way to pass the time. It’s missing the interactive nature of the game and there isn’t any real strategy in this version…just put the Exploding Kitten back on top and wait. Overall, this isn’t bad, it just has some room to grow.
  • Nice but too much glitches 1/5

    By Sosossoososso
    If someone leave the game that’s it it’s stuck forever also sometimes the exploding card is on 7th but suddenly appear stuffs like that u know
  • Could be awesome 3/5

    By Jwforte
    If person before you explodes a glitch in game causes you to run out of time and involuntarily draw or play a card. Ruins the entire game. Also game can freeze if another player who quit playing explodes then diffuses and doesn’t put card back in deck. Needs to be timer that puts it in deck randomly if no player response.
  • LOVE 5/5

    By LOVE123EXPLODINGkittens
  • Small issues but overall good gameplay 4/5

    I think the worst problem is how if one person goes AFK or doesn’t properly leave a match then the entire room is held up. 90 second timers would be nice I think. It takes maybe 30 seconds max to sort out your turn so 90 seconds is plenty. Then the room can keep moving!
  • its fun 3/5

    By Mariobro203
    it was fun but i ran into a glitch witch if i click or a bomb blocker then get the bomb while it is clicked then i cant use the bomb pls fix then i believe the game is 5 stars
  • Glitchy 1/5

    By esfgijnggf
    This game literally makes it IMPOSSIBLE to win because it glitches so much! It will automatically go for you when you have multiple options. I employed a seagull to tell me where the next bomb was and it said “second card” so I pick up a card and it’s the bomb. It would be so fun if it weren’t for all the glitches
  • How did y’all even pull this off? Legally? 1/5

    By Asdfghjklswagg
    How did y’all even get the rights to this game? Why would you make a new one and not just build off of the current app game which works flawless? I’m really confused…
  • Bad programming 1/5

    By KraftKing21
    The game lags way too much. It has cards that the original exploding kittens mobile game doesn’t have, which I don’t have a problem with, but hiding an exploding kitten, seeing the future, and using the radar card shouldn’t have to make you drag anything. It should just show you the future. Also, each player is supposed to get dealt ONE defuse. The others get shuffled into the draw pile after dealing. I thought it would be better than the original since it has NOPE cards, but apparently not.
  • Very buggy and frustrating 1/5

    By trailstrider
    There are so many bugs in this version of the game it’s barely worth playing. Every time you try and play, there is a chance that the game itself is an exploding kitten and the bugs cause a misplay. Issues: 1- not saving status for profiles that are not the profile of the account holder -> can’t play the medium and hard levels with self 2- game play with strangers will sometimes automatically draw a card for you even if you were going to play a card instead. 3- game play with strangers will sometimes automatically play a card for you even if you wanted to draw or play a different card 4- the cats arm telling you it’s time to play will sometimes start coming down as soon as your turn starts 5- the see the future card has occasionally lied about the position of cards 6- have tried playing the nope card when another player tries to steal a card and it doesn’t let me - and will often automatically play another card or draw for me instead if it is my turn next. 7- recently a game with strangers started where one player had 0 cards and the clipboard was missing
  • Unplayably buggy 2/5

    By JavaLSU
    Too many bugs. I started a game and was already exploding before I even drew a card. Other times my turn is completely skipped. Not ready for production.
  • Cludgy graphics and gameplay 2/5

    By haaz
    As a fan of the original Explosing Kittens app, i was hopeful that they Netflix version would be better. Unfortunately the opposite occurred. The graphics during gameplay aren’t as smooth or enjoyable as the original. The network version has regular hangups and stalls. This version is not as enjoyable as its predecessor. It now is, however, the only version you can play over the Internet. Which would be a saving grace if it worked better.
  • Fun game. Just like the card game. 4/5

    By Scary Driver
    I love playing the card game, and this is pretty close to the real thing. There are only 2 downsides. One: very limited chat with preset expressions. And two: If a player stops playing, the game doesn’t pass to the next player. It would be nice to have an automatic draw after 60seconds, so that the game can resume.
  • Fun, but problems need to be fixed or else not worth playing 1/5

    By BuckeyeStrife
    The game is actually very fun, however the playing with strangers has a ton of problems. For some reason, there is no timer with players (especially when placing the car back in the pile), however the computer will randomly decide to play my cards. This happens a lot after the person in front of me exploded. This needs to be fixed or else the game is not enjoyable. Will change my review when this happens. Also, please allow AI play to be with more than one AI.
  • Lags a lot 2/5

    By Satan's Warrior
    pretty good game but lags a lot even on the top most phone and spoils the fun
  • Option to boot 4/5

    By B-Stadt71
    Dope game, but there should be an option to kick out a player that’s not making moves or some sort of timer that automatically throws a slow player out and blows them up so an entire game can’t get bogarted by 1 single doucher.
  • A lot of fun! 4/5

    By Pattya610
    A lot of fun but has some bugs. For example, the sound will stop playing after a couple of games and you have to uninstall and then reinstall through Netflix to fix it. It would also be great if you could kick a player off who isn’t taking their turn, otherwise they hold up the entire game for everyone. But overall really great! =)
  • Really? NETFLIX? 2/5

    By Beccaloveskitys
    NOT EVERY1 HAS NETFLIX! Can you like, make this game, un-sponsored by Netflix so it’s PLAYABLE?
  • Bugs bugs bugs 1/5

    By nj8020
    You see the future before drawing the card and drawn card is not what you saw. Lot of times game gets frozen and you can’t perform any action. This game is absolutely a blast if devs can do a better quality control.
  • Crashes and glitches 1/5

    By !?,?,.!???
    Do better Netflix, make an app that doesn’t crash every other game

    By heavenisagonzer
  • Buggy but a good game 2/5

    By silentAssassin007
    A card gets locked sometimes not because of diarrhea but just in a buggy way, it doesn't register when I win the easy bot to move me to the medium and advance bots, the game freezes when you nope a nope
  • TRASH 1/5

    By :) roblox fan boi
  • Fun, but one issue 2/5

    By Jasmyne11515
    If a player gets an exploding kitten and uses the diffuser, the have them option to make the game end by deciding not to put the card back in the deck. All of the players will stay in the game for a few minutes before the connection gets lost and you get sent to the lobby. It ruins the game for everyone because of a sore loser.
  • Fun but issues 3/5

    By Gazride
    Needs to make it where it doesn't auto draw. There's been times where I get a bong randomly at the beginning of my turn when I was planning on shuffling. All in all a fun game, I have the real version. Just don't like auto draw and when it glitches and takes someone's turn
  • Fun but buggy 2/5

    By Pathachiever11
    Noticed a few bugs while playing with friends. Sometimes the turns switched the other way (without that card played). Sometimes my turn ended without drawing a card. The flow of the game is also not obvious. Lastly, please add more background sounds, current one is annoying.
  • Some Easy to Fix Issues 4/5

    By Porphy
    The game is addictive and fun, but there are some issues that would bump it up to the best level. It should be as easy to place the Exploding Kitten on the bottom of the deck as it is to place it on the top. It isn’t easy or even possible if there are a lot of cards on the deck. A turn timer should be in effect. A minute to minute and a half is MORE than enough time for someone to take their turn. As it stands a person can hold the table hostage when putting the Exploding Kitten back in the deck. Sometimes this is because of a bug and the player is frozen on that screen, other times it’s because they AFK from the game and everyone is stuck. Finally and most importantly, There should be few extra seconds given to the table for NOPEs to be played. As it stands if someone moves fast enough they can dodge a NOPE card by sheer lag difference between players. Not cool.
  • Fun, one major flaw 3/5

    By Sheesh are
    The single person and with friends is fine, but online is awful because people get unlimited time to play a move
  • Unnecessarily slow and clunky 1/5

    By Nanners_82
    I find the animation sequences slow down game play and create a lag. I’ve experienced the computer taking my turn for me because the previous play blew up and the screen announcing how many cards are left and then the animated cat waving flags to announce my turn take up all my time. Additionally, it seems like the lobby is very hit or miss. Sometimes I get placed as soon as I enter, other times I’m there for over 60 seconds despite the lobby being filled with potential players. I do like the new radar and flip flop cards though, but not enough to make up for the frustration of watching the computer waste my cards
  • Fun but… 4/5

    By black hova
    If someone knows they’re going to lose they either stall or quit and the rest of the players are stuck in limbo. There should be a timer or if someone quits they explode and let the game continue. It’s not fair to those that want to play to completion.
  • More Bugs Than Cats 2/5

    By berjon516
    I never review apps, but I just needed to warn people about this one. In addition to the ones in other reviews, the single player mode where you play against AI does not keep track of your wins like it is supposed to, so you cannot progress into medium and hard difficulty. If you want a mobile version of Exploding Kittens, get the actual app. It’s got more features anyway.
  • Can’t stop playing no matter what 4/5

    By Foxett
    I’ve never played this card game until this version, and i gotta say it’s super fun! Online is full of players, can’t wait to try it with friends too. Some online issues here and there, but game sessions are short so you rarely notice. Would love to see new decks, are there plans to add them in netflix version?
  • Bug in current game version 1/5

    By dalilinuxllama
    If you play identical cat cards to steal a card and the computer plays a nope, then you play a nope to turn it into a yup, the game forces you to play another identical cat card. This is not in the original card game rules or explained in this game’s tutorial. At this point, if you don’t have another identical cat card (three of a kind in the card game allows you to steal a specific card) you are stuck and have no options but to force quit the app.
  • Just Play the Real Version 1/5

    By GabrielJC20
    The real, original version of this game, which is listed separately on the App Store, is so much better. Don’t bother with this Netflix garbage.
  • It's the regular game with less features 1/5

    By jyoienfkndskfjn
    Just buy the game
  • Ok… 2/5

    By da fm da hmmm da fm
    Just buy the real version