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Netflix App

Watch TV shows and movies recommended just for you, including award-winning Netflix original series, movies, and documentaries. Netflix has something for everyone. There’s even a safe watching experience just for kids with family-friendly entertainment. How does Netflix work? • Netflix adds TV shows and movies all the time. Browse titles or search for your favorites. • The more you watch, the better Netflix gets at recommending TV shows and movies that you’ll love—just for you. • You can create up to five individual profiles within a single Netflix account. Profiles allow different members of your household to have their own personalized Netflix experience built around the movies and TV shows they enjoy. • Instantly stream on iOS devices or on the web. Privacy statement: Terms of use:

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  • bring back doctor who 5/5

    By Just something…
    i love netflix but please bring back doctor who i’m craving it. thanks bye please thanks.
  • Avatar 5/5

    By Boomerang 360
    I rly love Netflix. Most people do. But like some other reviewers, I want a classic and nostalgic show back: Avatar: the last air bender. It was a great show, and I wish everyone could watch it again, as the Nickelodeon website got rid of it, and this also would bring a huge amount of good press to netflix. Anyone reading this, post your own review and mention avatar!
  • Not compatible 1/5

    By Nat522148
    I went to redownload Netflix onto my iPad and it stated it was not compatible. I checked to see if my iPad was up-to-date and it was. Again, tried to redownload and still got the same message. Can this please be fixed?
  • In-app Purchases Never Work 1/5

    By hdjfkensbxbjeiej
    This is the only streaming app that’s impossible to make purchases for.
  • Can't download older version 1/5

    By Dj breakdown
    Last update made Netflix not compatible with my older iPad. I know I should upgrade but let the older devices download compatible ones. I try downloading it on the App Store and all it says is that it isn't compatible. No option to download older versions. Fix it please!
  • Netflix is great until... 3/5

    By Devtaydan
    They got rid of trolls 😭

    By Priya bear
    I have been watching Netflix my whole life. But when I was 4 my FAVORITE SHOW Power Puff Girls got DELETED from NETFIX! After a few years when I turned 8 I started liking Glitter Force doki doki Now that I’m 9 Glitter Force doki doki now is DELETED! Netflix, get a grip, you already ruined the life’s of little girls that watch Power Puff Girls. And now you ruin my life. Goodbye Netflix, I’ll use Netflix again when you all put Glitter Force doki doki, and Power Puff Girls back in Netflix. By the way I’m really ticked off! You better add them back! Or you wanna know what will happen? You’ll get one person less on money.
  • U need to fix dis 2/5

    By lollllllllXDnottaken
    So when I log in to Netflix I’m fine but like when I delete it it doesn’t save so I don’t use this app on my tablet anymore :(
  • Netflix 5/5

    By craboli
    I love Netflix a lot
  • Please please add these 4/5

    By Simon3675😁😃😃😁😁
    Will you please add Freddy fiddle Horn movies and please cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2
  • No Title 1/5

    By Reesewashere
    You must have to be trying to make this app worse with every passing day.
  • Pretty decent 4/5

    By Netflix 305
    Netflix is a very good app to see movies and TV shows. They don't have everything you want, but you occasionally find something that you like. A pro of Netflix is that they stream CW shows, so you have Riverdale, Jane the Virgin, the Flash, Arrow, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, and etc. Also, Netflix Originals are really good, such as the Haunting of Hill House and Fuller House. It's worth the price.
  • Worse! 2/5

    By Stepwild
    The search menu is gone. And when I enter action movies in the search bar, I get nothing but Asian action movies. Horrible!!!!
  • Pokémon the series sun and moon season 2 3/5

    By FTmaniac
    I would really like if Netflix would add the 2nd season(21 season in the Pokémon anime)of Pokémon the series sun and moon. I would also like if sooner or later if Netflix would also ad the new Pokémon the movie the power of us.
  • Make it free 1/5

    By 51da0
  • No movies. 1/5

    By KittyKate7889
    They take off all the good movies. First Captain America Civil War, And today they just took off dr. strange. I bought Netflix just to watch these movies and they’re gone.
  • Thumbs up 4/5

    By Ellyse "hi ppl reading"
    I would love the app even more if the elf on the shelf movie was on here around Christmas! 👍🏻👍🏻🎅🏼🎄☃️
  • Bring back Rooster In the ranch 1/5

    By blaster 600
    Bring back rooster and I will give you 5 stars
  • “My List” Bug 2/5

    By Sassy D :*
    ever since the new update the “My List” section stopped showing all of my saved titles. Its completely empty. I know they are still there because when i search a title i know should be on my “My List” it says its added. Please fix this.
  • Deleted my favorite movies 3/5

    By kait11100000
    They deleted my favorite movies. They should keep all their movies. They deleted my favorites. Titanic, And finding dory
  • HDR Content is Too Dark to Watch on iPad Pro 2/5

    By TS8019
    HDR content looks great on my TV, but is unwatchable on the iPad Pro. A switch to toggle off HDR would be great for these devices. Without it functionality is limited.
  • Latest version doesn’t work 1/5

    By BennyG27
    On new iOS.
  • 😃 5/5

    By 🤣😂😃😁😄
    Please put high school musical 1,2and 3 pls!!!
  • Not working with VPN 1/5

    By Kurele
    Cannot watch while connected to my secure VPN. Since I am using public hotspots often, I will not risk my safety to use this app. Until they unblock the VPN’s this app gets 1 star. UNUSABLE!
  • Help? 3/5

    By 0mlette
    I love Netflix it’s great, but when I looked through my updates i see Netflix with a spinning circle next to it. (Where the update bar is usually is). So I thought “maybe there’s just a error” I deleted the app and went to the AppStore again to redownload it but I couldn’t.. Next to it was the spinning circle again. I now no longer have Netflix and I don’t know what the problem is.. Can someone help?
  • 👅👅👅👅👅 1/5

    By 💋💋💋💋💋💋😴😴😴😴
    Netflix need to login out from the Netflix account it’s get so annoying stupid too fix’s it now right
  • Lady La vendedora de rosas 4/5

    By Viridianaaaa
    Please update the last few episodes I’m dying to find out what happens it’s a really great show . I love Netflix but you guys need to be quicker ! 💘

    By Review Central
    It is a joy to watch. I am addicted to British murder tv who’s like Midsommer Murders and Murder in Paridise..I just discovered the original series of Blue Bloods, Criminal Minds and NCIS. It is a pleasure to be able go back in time to remember how the storylines an characters have developed. Toni in the Desert
  • Hate the new update 1/5

    By Foltgamerocks
    I don’t understand why the latest update took away the continue watching section. That should be easier to find. It looks like they attempted to simplify the homepage but now it’s just a collection of titles I have no interest in watching
  • The best to choose 5/5

    By hey its me fred
    This is an amazing app I can’t believe how many Latin American shows it has. I got Netflix for my mom that wanted to watch some novelas, she has been watching nonstop for the past two months. Simply amazing. But would like Netflix to add drake and josh.
  • Broken - DO NOT UPDATE 1/5

    By M-DZ
    Whatever they did in the most recent update completely broke the app. It will not get past the loading scroll wheel, no matter how long you wait.
  • Horrible UX 1/5

    By _ŒÂ◊
    Autoplay previews, no option. Recommends shows already in my list No option for "not interested" Disrespects the art form by minimizing the credits. Long loading times.
  • Autoplay 4/5

    By sholkan
    I love Netflix, but I can’t for the life of me get my app to auto play on my phone.. maybe I’m just not smart enough to figure it out or maybe it isn’t a feature of the app. But if it isn’t I’d like to see Netflix add that to the mobile app!
  • Netflix is The Best, Although there is one Major Issue 4/5

    By Zee Rshd
    I really hope this gets read by someone who can do something about it. I love the Netflix, but It’s really disappointing how most of the shows and movies I want to watch aren’t available in my region. Sometimes the show or the series might be there, but the latest season might not. I’m a huge fan of The Vampire Diaries The Originals and I’ve been waiting for you guys to update the originals for MONTHS now. I’ve googled a bit and found out it is available in some of the other regions. This is the ONLY frustrating thing about Netflix for me, and it really disheartens me. I’d really love it and be extremely thankful if all the latest updates could be provided to all the regions because it really is a huge disappointment. Probably the only reason people decide to unsubscribe from Netflix, some of the people I know did. It’s truly unsatisfying when we don’t get to watch everything we paid for. Although overall I’d say, it’s a great app. If you could just fix this one issue (one really frustrating issue by the way), it’d be perfect! ❤️
  • I can’t make a new account 3/5

    By Lesly Romero
    For some reason i cant make a new account on netflix ?? I don’t know what to do.
  • Keeps phone awake while casting 2/5

    By Putmic
    The new update has caused the phone to stay awake while playing through Chromecast. I’m not sure if it’s the live thumbnails, but it is going to drain my battery unless I close the phone myself. I like the new look and placement of casting button.
  • Full series 3/5

    By 11110193332764
    I want to know why you guys don’t have the full series of almost every show you put on Netflix. For example Naruto I watched it on Netflix and had to go watch it somewhere else to continue watching this series. So all I ask is that, if possible, you can put the full series of most shows on Netflix. Please and thank you.

    By riverdale season three
    I would strongly like if u would put riverdale season 3 on Netflix
  • GRR!! Update?!! 1/5

    By glad2bamom
    Love and hate the new update. I love that Netflix FINALLY made it possible to fast forward by 10 second increments. They were lagging behind for forever on that one. But I needed to update my payment method and I can’t figure out how to do it from the app!! GRR!!! SO FRUSTRATING!!
  • Love the app but... 4/5

    By BubbleGum Tootie
    I’ve been using Netflix since this summer and it’s been great so far. However, I updated it recently and this evening I decided to watch a movie. Turns out that I couldn’t continue to watch my movie because “too many people were on my account” and it said I could either upgrade the plan or turn off someone else’s show/movie. Obviously I wasn’t gonna turn off somebody’s show and I most definitely wasn’t gonna upgrade the plan since I’m only 12. Please change this because people like to watch movies anytime they want and you are depriving them from that privilege because you wanna charge people to watch their movie while others are watching their own. Thank you❤️
  • Good but... 5/5

    By Jsjxjxjxhd
    The app is very great but you guys need to update the new episode right away because I’m trying to watch grey’s anatomy season 15 but I can’t because it’s not out on Netflix. PLEASE FIX IT NOW!!!!!!!🙏🏼💗
  • Chromecast Controls Lackluster 2/5

    By Brianwinningjr
    Have to close out of Netflix app any time I want to pause stop, play or start a cast to Chromecast. There is also no controls on the lock screen when casting.
  • Connection Device Not Working 1/5

    By Cheryl's iPhone 6 Plus
    On iPhone XS Max or IPad Pro 2018. The app won’t connect with TiVo Netflix app.
  • apple tv app not working 1/5

    By camino21
    yesterday i bought apple tv 4k. but netflix app is not working. please check this update
  • Whaat? 2/5

    By VanDeYolks
    Can’t seem to cast to my TV from the app with the new update. WTFrig?
  • Crashes 2/5

    By Bosilawhat
    Crashes too much. Gets midway through downloads and when I come back to app has started over (or app has crashed in the background).
  • Account details gone 4/5

    By Shamrockoz
    Why are the account details for iOS gone on the app?
  • More Movies ? 5/5

    By TrioDaDoll
    Hi, I love this app !!!! I’m always on it at school when I not supposed to and even at home when I should be doing homework lol. I’m not here to make a complaint or anything I just want to know is there could be ANY CHANCE that you guys could add all the seasons to The Bad Girls Club ?! I know I know but they stopped airing them and I would like to watch them over from season 1 to the last.... That’s 17 seasons we just can’t forget about!! That was really reality TV back then so, I was really wondering if there’s a chance you can add it < I know I said it but I had to repeat it.... The Bad Girls Club is really entertaining and no other Movie app has it so, I’m sure if you guys add it more ppl might download your app which makes y’all more 💰and maybe other apps are going to try and copy you’ll.🤷🏽‍♀️ I’m really just trying to give the best reasons so you’ll can think on adding the show... I’m 16 and i hope whoever reads the ratings that people post like myself that you’ll take it you the Netflix ‘committee’ - I hope y’all have one of those but what I was trying to say is that the reader could see through my horrible typed letter and bring this to the people whom chooses the movies that are added to Netflix and pretty please add The Bad Girls Club ???? Thank you for you time and also reading my badly typed letter. 🤦🏽‍♀️ - Tra’Neil 🙃
  • Code Geass!!! 3/5

    By EG da BOMB🕶💣😜
    I love Netflix and all but u rlly need to get all seasons of Code Gaess on here and it will be a five stars for me. I already pay for Netflix and I don’t want to spend my money on another , umm Chanel, app, idk what u call it, just to watch this series. It would be awesome if u could get it on here because on iTunes it is $52 per season and I’m not about to through my cash for that now.

Netflix app comments

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