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Netspend Prepaid App

The Netspend Prepaid Mobile App lets you manage your account wherever you are, whenever you need it. That means it’s easy to do things like: • Check your account balance and transaction history • Send money to friends and family • Find no cost reload locations • Load checks straight to your account – it’s as easy as taking a picture* It’s secure, fast, and best of all, free.** * Mobile Check Load is a service provided by First Century Bank, N.A. and Ingo Money, Inc., subject to the First Century Bank and Ingo Money Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy. Approval review usually takes 3 to 5 minutes but can take up to one hour. All checks are subject to approval for funding in Ingo Money’s sole discretion. Fees apply for approved Money in Minutes transactions funded to your card. Unapproved checks will not be funded to your card. Ingo Money reserves the right to recover losses resulting from illegal or fraudulent use of the Ingo Money Service. Your wireless carrier may charge a fee for message and data usage. Additional transaction fees, costs, terms and conditions may be associated with the funding and use of your card. See your Cardholder Agreement for details. ** While this feature is available for free, certain other transaction fees and costs, terms, and conditions are associated with the use of this Card. See the Cardholder Agreement for details.


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Netspend Prepaid app reviews

  • Love it 5/5

    By Smallsbee
    For a prepaid card this is legit. I went to a ghetto wal Mart for the first time in a long time to load this card & the next day I had an unusual activity & the account locked & made sure I found out about this transaction. Which I DIDNT make! 🙌🏻 thank you netspend!!
  • Chomp chomp chewychomp 4/5

    By kanex7z
    DESPITE th3 love I have for my card- if you ever run into a situation that causes you to seek help from th3 customer s3rvice dept- your *ucked. Plain&Simple! FIN
  • Update needed!!!! 4/5

    By Queenpoet816
    Can you add pending transactions to the app please?!!!!! Would like to see those in addition to the ones that actually post!!!! Thank you. #Queen
  • Netspend is Craccin!! 5/5

    By Kingtopha92
    Aye ive had netspend for 3 years and haave worked 4 different jobs received multple direct deposits and have had 3 tax returns 3 consecutive years with over 8,000 deposited on each of them irs refunds I load my card frequently and money is available quickly I have spoken to customer service and have never had an issue So idk about these people and their bad reviews NETSPEND YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!
  • Don’t fix issues 1/5

    By Cjbwoman
    I got a Netspend card for my tax return since I don’t have a bank account well I had 25.00 dollars and it disappeared from my account never answer my questions nor do they know where it went told me it show on my account statement well it shows I haven’t used it so tell me where it go ??
  • iPhone X 1/5

    By sleepy-head93
    Where is the screen size adjustment for us iPhone X users?
  • Bad service 1/5

    By shakeshark
    When people say there service is bad it’s terrible shady company
  • Its a PREPAID CARD 4/5

    By Laydee F
    Its a prepaid card people. The only issue i have is the atm fees......want to know how to avoid that!!??? Use Cash Back option when u shop! Want a better card with better stipulations?? Well get a bank account...where ur credit plays a major part on ur status there...i only use this card to get half of my paycheck early....anyone who uses this card as a primary only card must deal with the consequences or get ur credit game up. (Drops Mic)
  • I love Netspend BUT 5/5

    By Tarotgal1239
    After the last update I cannot logon without deleting the app, downloading the app & registering all over again. I can’t understand those who don’t like Netspend. I added the money back deals and have loved them. I have several monthly payments come out and there’s never a problem. I wish the Mastercard had a chip, I don’t want to change to VISA.
  • Love this card 4/5

    By Dice queen 59
    This card works great for me and my mother in law! We both get social security checks direct deposited into our accounts. My only problem is that you can’t get statements printed from iPhones, I even have a WiFi printer! What’s up with that?

    By nathanfm
    Please don’t buy netspend cards. It will just lock you out of your account making you call some worthless money grubbers in India, all to have them take your money. 0 star
  • Get paid 3 days early!! 5/5

    By Seniabarr
    I got this card due to my employer and I have no complains. The cash back is good plus they have offers for like Starbucks and Olive Garden my 2 favorites. They do a good job explaining the plans they have before activating the card.
  • Immediately crashes when run 1/5

    By ReportTheft
    When I run the app on iPad Pro it immediately crashes freezes with a pop up stating rotate screen. Useless
  • Bank. 5/5

    By Pone_631
    I have been using direct deposit with this card for almost 2 years. It’s a lil pricy when going to the atm because you can only take out 300$ at a clip but 900$ a Day is the max. It’s a good bank but if there’s a problem there really slow to fix the problem.
  • Best prepaid card! 4/5

    By cricket 706
    I have had my card for years. I have had no issues. I get paid two days earlier with direct deposit. Customer service has always been helpful to me. From what I have read in previous comments; most of the complaints should not have been complaints at all. People should read the literature that comes with it, and pay attention to what the terms, agreements, and fees say. All information is given to you at purchase of card or reviewed online. I researched before I purchased the card. Have had a few issues with the app, but outside of that neyspend is by far the best prepaid card I have dealt with!
  • Fix Check Load 3/5

    By Awesome_J
    there is an Error on the Mobile Check Load that will not let the user use it. It freezes the app. Please fix!!
  • I’m not sure they should still be in business. 1/5

    By Meme's Dankly
    For two years I’ve used this card, all of a sudden it stops accepting the same checks it’s been accepting for two years. Many of my personal accounts are getting shut off because I cannot load a check now. Oh but wait they have a fix !!! Load another app and use it !!! This app then tells you, well you live in a state we don’t service. My patience with this company is coming to an end. They care about your money, not you .
  • wasted my time 1/5

    By Thieves& Time wasters
    maybe the old net spend was a good card to use but the new net spend does nothing for you but take your money and give you hassles and problems and a big huge runaround ... would not recommend this to anyone , so for all of you who do have it good luck to you you’ll soon be screwed in the butt my these pple
  • BOGUS! 1/5

    By Gsabrin001
    They said I was a financial risk and couldn’t tell me anything else. I’m closing this account
  • Great Service!!! 5/5

    By Ncms85713
    I’ve been with NetSpend since my son was 7. He’s now 22, and I still love the service. I use NS in addition to my banks. My only issues are: 1) PayPal doesn’t accept the bank to be linked to receive funds and withdraw them to the card, and 2) the FEDERAL regulations that only allow so many transfers between family members and the number of times I can remove from savings. But that’s Federal, not NS. My kids live in AZ while my husband and I are living in Ohio now. This is the most convenient way to send my kids money when they need it. AND ITS FREE TO TRANSFER!!! I see other reviews that aren’t so good. Not to discredit the problems they may have had, but overall, NS is a great company. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been here so long!!!
  • Does “Check Load” work for ANY1?? 2/5

    By pmulz
    The direct deposit from my job worked fine. This is obviously meant to be a “one and done” card. Meaning get paid, and pull out your money in one or two transactions. Otherwise its worthless. Like everyone says its $5 every time, so make sure u pull all your cash. HOWEVER, The two stars is because one of the biggest draws for this card is the “check load” feature... That just freezes and does nothing. Listen, people have these prepaid cards and Not banks for a reason. Obviously, Nobodies credit history or whatever u check is going to be perfect.... Seems like a scam to me.
  • Direct deposit 5/5

    By miss kim g
    I just started NetSpend today and i don't have any problems with it--I have been through enough with other companies
  • Not working App 1/5

    By gmer84
    Fix this App. I think I’m the most loyal client you’ll have. I pay all my accounts, my car, I send money through México, I even received my income tax with you, but now I need this app, cause I don’t want to make a line at any bank trying to cash my check. Please fix your app. It is very helpful, but right now it says it’s not working. When you fix it I promise I’ll give you 5 stars.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Queen Inphynyti
    I have the latest version of the app and it won’t let me deposit a check via picture. I emailed the company several times and all I got was “oh sorry” but no help HATE THIS CARD!
  • Never any issues 5/5

    By Stop N Read
    Not sure what all the fuss is about but I’ve had my card now over 2 years and has never had any issues. The only way you are charged any fees per transaction is if you have not selected a plan. If you read the card information prior to activating the card then you will know that. Also, the fact that someone has used this as a gift card also indicates no one took the time to read once again. So there is nothing wrong with this card. Getting paid 2 days in advance is always a great thing for me during any pay week. So those of you who has had any issues with NETSPEND prepaid card, only means YOU DID NOT TAKE THE TIME TO READ.
  • Well it is nice 4/5

    By BadDomino5
    Please support the trend of allowing login via apple ios touch id (fingerprint). Ideally, everything under the ios login (all apps) should strive to support simple secure logins.
  • Like the Card 4/5

    By Aaron Monterey
    Like Netspend as I get my payroll a day and half early. Easy log on to mobile app and website. Hate the monthly $5.00 fees and ATM charges that Netspend does as well as the ATM owner fee.
  • Never again 1/5

    By Captkloud
    Do not use netspend there are a good for nothing cheating company they will use any loophole they half to take your money at any given moment they are such a shady debit card company that they are willing to put a fraudulent block on your account without any good given reason and they will not disclose the reason for putting the block on your account and while the block is on your account if you do not get the block off within the 10 days that they tell you to they will secretly deduct money from your account if it's any in it and they will not give the money back they will try and find any excuse to tell you it's your fault that the money is not on the card anymore

    By LifeWay
    My wonderful sister used her hard earned money to purchase one of these cards and placed on it a rather large gift for my birthday. The card itself costs over $2.00 at the checkout before you put a dime on it. My wife and I decided to use the card to purchase gas while on our vacation to keep from possibly having our regular credit card compromised. Seems as though in this case the crooks are inside the card already. The first fill up cost us an additional $2.00, just for the pleasure of using the card. That's right, they deduct a fee every time you use the card. So, as in the case of my dear sister, $100 placed on one of these is more of a gift for this company than a gift for you. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY OR THEIR APP.
  • Complete idiocy ; DONT EVER SEND YOUR MONEY HERE 1/5

    By GigiWoo23
    This "bank" is a joke. If it's not one thing it's another the first direct deposit I received my account was locked even though I was putting the correct passcode! No where did it say how long my account would be locked for! I had to call THREE times and spoke to some guy at an outsourced call center who dgaf about customers lie to me and say oh I'll reset your password and it'll be fine. He neglected to tell me the time limit on using the password nor did the email state that I must use the password within 30 minutes. A week later I type in the password I changed it to and guess what IM LOCKED OUT. I tried to reset my password and it didnt work. I randomly try and login today from the app and thank God on heaven I was able to reset it to see MY OWN MONEY, but now I have ELEVEN dollars in transaction fees???? This is a BS operation! Run far far away. I would only suggest using them if you can't get a bank account anywhere else! I won't be continuing use and neither should you! I was sent this card randomly and thought I would give them a try. Never again.
  • Don't use this card often 1/5

    By ShüüT
    They literally charge you $2 or more per transaction even if it's just candy your buying . Great card to place money in but your better off with PayPal ( PayPal does not charge per transaction nor charge you monthly debit transaction fees ) Also the "other fee " options still require you to pay per month just to keep your DEBIT card .. again use at your own discretion..
  • Check deposit 5/5

    By anf7804
    Great app lets me deposit my check!!!
  • Dominic Henry 1/5

    By henrydominic
    I'm supposed be getting pay two days before my actual date to get Paid and I haven't received any money in my account..ugh
  • Fantastic! fabulous ! App!! 5/5

    By Jaks521
    I love this app and also easy to use I highly recommend this app to all my friends & family.More Power to our member!!!👍🏽❤️
  • Hello 2010 Touch ID. I hate putting in a password 3/5

    By augemini1980
    Touch ID would help
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Eveyone has my nicknames
    Can no longer mobile check load was working fine at first but the last 2 months ive been denied with no explanation plz fix this because some people rely on this card to live and eat
  • Great card great app 5/5

    By Broncosfam
    Love all the features especially the snap check deposit makes it Fast and convenient
  • Touch ID 3/5

    By Jvckjvck
    It would be nice to use Touch ID instead of typing our password every time we want to sign in,Also notification would be nice as well.
  • TouchID 4/5

    By C.Ross81
    Overall its a good app and reliable the only adjustment I'd make would be to incorporate touchID so logging in would be quicker and more secure
  • Update broke check loading 2/5

    By Kalimba21
    And wouldn't you know it, customer support is broke too. NetSpend while your at the drawing board repairing everything, please turn on Touch ID. We know you can do it.. because you're the only banking app that hasn't.
  • My fav prepaid card 4/5

    By GoNyGiants
    I been using NetSpend for 3+ years always got my check 2days early. No problems only thing I don't like is the fees but I just take as they giving me my money early so F*** it right lol
  • I had high hopes.... 1/5

    By sashabrandenberger
    i got this to cash a few checks i had and to use with my boss but i always got errors when trying to take pictures of checks.... please fix
  • The app is fantastic 5/5

    By ReadyEddieSpagetti
    Mobile check deposit in under a minute at 5%. Great for day labor checks. Direct deposit info and email link great option however I would like if there was more options other than email since nobody takes email for direct deposit. The app does everything you need for what you have available to you. I do not approve of those leaving reviews because of the card and company. The reviews should be based on the app itself not the way your card works or fees you get.
  • Not working 1/5

    By DjSlicklid
    This app is useless!!! I can't check my balance!! I can't get past the log in !!! What's the point of having this if I can't access my account?
  • Only three minutesminutes 5/5

    By KaraElisePet
    I downloaded the app, took photos of my check and it was in my bank account. Seriously took like three minutes.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Tdab_
    Can't log in
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Davey1975
    App is useless as always gets stuck on the log in won't let me check my balance
  • A complete waste 1/5

    By Episky
    I got a net spend card and loaded this app in an effort to load money on the card. No dice. I couldn't get past the log in. It kept reading that the account was blocked even though I was fine on the desktop. I even deleted the app and reinstalled it, and still the "account blocked" message. I called the worthless customer service, which according to the message on the app I was supposed to do. Well if it is working on the desktop then obviously something is wrong with your phone was Netspend's answer. So basically for me this app is as worthless as the card.
  • Finger scanner 3/5

    By Deecatra
    Please update to allow access by using your fingerprint for apple devices. Thank you!
  • Garbage 1/5

    By C.M. Carpenter
    This app is total bs. The camera for check uploads is crap and won't even snap the pic! Tried uploading a check 5 times this morning. Don't waste time.

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