New YAHTZEE® With Buddies Dice

New YAHTZEE® With Buddies Dice

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  • Current Version: 5.4.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Scopely
  • Compatibility: Android
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New YAHTZEE® With Buddies Dice App

Roll dice & play New YAHTZEE® With Buddies! The family board game classic connects friends for a fun, multiplayer puzzle game of dice. Call it yatzee or even yatzy, but there’s only one Yahtzee! Give it a roll and find out why millions have played this classic family game for over 50 years! Download the #1 dice game, reimagined in the brand New YAHTZEE® With Buddies! The impossible-to-resist social dice game has a brand new look and style, more ways to play and more prizes to win. Featuring amazing, authentic graphics with different outcomes every time, YAHTZEE® offers hours of addictive fun. Play with family and friends anytime anywhere! HASBRO YAHTZEE® – TOP 5 REASONS TO DOWNLOAD Play the addictive, #1 dice game officially licensed by Hasbro at home or on the go Roll dice with board game rules that are fast and easy to learn Challenge Facebook friends to a friendly, multiplayer game of dice. Or, shake things up and play against Dice with Buddies™ players! You can even chat while you play! Play in daily tournaments and defeat a new Dice Master daily to score Bonus Rolls, Custom Dice, prizes and rewards! Roll dice with flair! Personalize your Yahtzee experience by winning Custom Dice and vanity frames! HAVE FUN WITH BUDDIES IN DAILY TOURNAMENTS Play dice games with friends and prove you’re the best dice roller Multiplayer matches where anything can happen! Play in daily dice tournaments for a new challenge with winners crowned in intense multiplayer matchups! Roll dice in epic battles that pit you against skilled Masters! Heat up the competition and challenge a new opponent to a dice game matchup! Play dice and test your game skills. Score prizes, amazing Bonus Rolls and Custom Dice to create a personalized experience! Download New YAHTZEE® With Buddies and experience the world’s best dice game and family board game classic come to life! Play multiplayer games with friends, challenge daily Dice Masters or Dice with Buddies™ players to keep the action rolling! Pick up your shaker, roll dice and prepare to shout “YAHTZEE”! The HASBRO GAMING and YAHTZEE names and logos are trademarks of Hasbro. © 2018 Hasbro, Pawtucket, RI 02861-1059 USA. All Rights Reserved. TM & ® denote U.S. Trademarks.


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New YAHTZEE® With Buddies Dice app reviews

  • Not fair 1/5

    By ElectricPickles
    I love the game up until I start rolling the same number on my dice almost every time, you play a computer and they will get a Yahtzee multiple times a game while you can’t get a 4 of a kind because those dice you rolled are going to come back exactly the same as the original roll.
  • Would love one tweak... 4/5

    By BreakofDay3
    I wish that when we use the Dice Prize Claw that it would take into consideration the Dice we have already purchased. I have won duplicate dice from the Claw machine; would love it if we didn’t win ones we already own and waste our Prize Coins.
  • Same rolls? 2/5

    By GrandmaCanoe
    I play this with my son, we do local pass and play. I've noticed that more often that not, we end up with exactly the same rolls, with the same die. Kind of ruins the game when he gets a Yahtzee, and then I roll the exact same numbers.
  • Amazing game!! 5/5

    By MackenZach
    My ten year loves it I love it we will play together all the time I do say get it
  • Pesky Ads 1/5

    By Tex_09
    You will have to force quit the app whenever there is an ad. (Approximately every 3 turns or if you try to get a free spin).
  • It's Ok 3/5

    By Damejune2
    This new version is not bad, like the extra games and stuff, but I can do without the slows things up. The scratch offs are a joke though, you should rename them to SuperXp, MegaXp, ClassicXp because all you ever get mostly is XP. Very rarely do I get bonus rolls and when I do it's one or two.
  • So confusing!!! 1/5

    By Natalie22222222
    Not just a regular game of Yahtzee. Where are my games I started?? It’s nuts! It’s so flashy and a million things and games and tournaments to click on. I can’t figure out how to just start a freaking game and forget about finding it after I start one! So many tabs with different features in bad way! Not just a simple game of Yahtzee. Deleted!
  • Stuck on ads 1/5

    By Feefifofummm
    I have had to delete the app and re-add it several times because it gets stuck on an advertisement and won’t close the ad and return to the game! Very annoying!
  • Showdowns 1/5

    By Fedup2011now
    Hi.. In the past I was so frustrated I wasn’t so happy when writing to you, so I said I would be more patient n give you all a chance to settle in to your new gig so to speak... so I did I’ve continued to play “CUSTOMER SUPPORT DEPARTMENT YOUR NOT LISTENING” , to your customer comments slot of people are not happy, and I have to laugh, if your going to set the bar and goals so high so we as players can not attain them in showdowns why not let the opponent beat us with “ 3 “ YAHTZEES instead of just the normal “ 2 “ . I mean we can win anyway.. signed..... just one more disappointed playerPSS:: I’m so disappointed!!!! You can’t win in showdowns! Unfair!!!!!!!!! Why?
  • Just another “Pay to play” 1/5

    By Clay1044
    You fork over cash for in game “extra dice rolls”, or it just gives you crappy rolls and makes you lose to all the in game computer players.
  • Fun, but... 3/5

    By The REAL Taint
    It’s a great game with very cool prizes. BUT The events are way too short! All because they want your micro transactions to buy dice. The Dice Masters are challenging enough without them needing to take players’ money
  • Wonderful game 5/5

    By Bdhfjfhjdjxjxjcjcbcjzhdhxnc
    This is a very fun, well-put together, and addicting game. I love it. I wrote a bad review earlier, but I figured out what happened, and it is resolved lol
  • Too many advertisements 1/5

    By Mz.Morriz
    I understand you have to put in advertisements to keep the app free but when you spend more time watching said advertisements than playing there is a problem, please do something about this
  • Too Busy 2/5

    I’ve been playing the game for a bit now. I finally downloaded the new interface, played it for a week but still found it to be too busy. Previously it was easy to see what games/tournaments were available. In the end the interface has gotten to busy to be easily playable
  • Screen’s Too Busy! 4/5

    By GlitzyJen*
    I like the whole board being visible, on one screen & not having to scroll to see both parts. But, the color scheme is way too bright & the other pages are too busy. It’s hard to tell which games are currently ready to be played, which are new requests & waiting for the other players. I, especially, hate the horizontal current games list & the horizontal showdown list, isn’t great either. Update: While the game isn’t perfect, there have been subtle updates, I enjoy & that have made gameplay much more fun. I’m getting used to the horizontal scrolling, of current games. But, I still don’t like it.
  • Addictive which is good 3/5

    By RickyCat
    I like the game overall, except it locks the screen in portrait mode even when I close the game. Only way to get back to landscape mode is to power off the iPad. Annoying. Actually keeps me from playing it more.
  • Great game one crucial feature missing 3/5

    By the struggle is real 😠☹️😤
    There should be a way to play against the computer anytime without having to wait or pay any dice or anything like that
  • Ridiculous 2/5

    By Peni*man7o7
    This new version makes it even harder to get any sort of rewards. It’s ridiculous how many hoops you need to jump through to even get a new set of cool dice:( also seems harder to win the dice masters in general. I used to be able to beat them by the 3rd or 4th try. Now it’s almost impossible to win them at all, and I’ve used so many bonus roles to no avail. Sad. Used to be challenging but doable. This is frustrating.
  • Needs to be adjusted for fairness 2/5

    By Tguerr16
    Update: (You just can’t make this up) Now 10 straight games AI has gotten multiple Yahtzee’s and not to mention the AI always gets the top bonus. This time however I also scored 2 Yahtzee in a game and finally won. There is absolutely no way this is possible. Please fix the settings. I’ve Been playing this game since it came out but your new app needs to be fixed. When playing “showdown” can you adjust the AI to make it a little more fair?? I know you want to make it a challenge but c’mon really??? My opponent in showdown has scored 2 yahtzee’s in 6 straight games!! Really...6 games in a row?? Not to mention that I was winning the last two games and the AI rolled their second Yahtzee of the game on their last roll?? Miracle, I know 😕
  • Fun But TOO FRUSTRATING!!! 2/5

    By XxxxxMaureen
    Support people do respond though not always the same day. The game is fun. However, the developers clearly ignore the feedback they get. Because of that we should all just delete the game and find better things to do with our time.l rather than making them rich while being frustrated. The challenges and towers are impossible to win and require a lot of time spent playing so you can do it over multiple times - and still lose, by the way. The Mega Scratcher that says you can win up to 2000 dice rolls is a JOKE! I’ve won several that took hundreds of games before getting them and in each Mega Scratcher I won ONE DICE ROLL! Shouldn’t the lowest win be a couple hundred since I have heard people have won 100 dice rolls on the Super Scratcher? (It goes Regular, Super and Mega Scratcher). There should be an option to hide the opponents dice roll. Make it easier to win things and redo the Scratchers so they make more sense. Of course all of this will be ignored since the developers don’t care what we have to say. IF YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT DOWNLOADING THIS GAME - DON’T BOTHER!
  • Could be great if they care about players again 3/5

    By TimfrmNH
    First I’ll get this out the way immediately: I can’t fault the gameplay itself. Yahtzee is a great game and this does a good job emulating the actual, real-life dice game. In addition the graphics are very attractive and the little “Dice Master” characters are adorably rendered. That said, what they’ve done with every other aspect of the app is a fairly blatant cash grab. I’m not against anyone making money from an app and have certainly bought the occasional in-app purchase of various packages here and there. But they’ve cranked up the difficulty to almost impossible levels in the last few months. In the previous incarnation of the app it was quite possible to get a new set of dice almost every week. Simply by playing you’d earn enough in-game currency to “buy” new dice. In this new app incarnation they’ve made it extraordinarily hard to get new dice with any regularity. I play a few dozen games a day and can only get enough coins to get a new pair of dice every couple of months, if that. And those aren’t particularly good-looking dice, either. They’re mainly the generic colored ones. In order to get the more interesting themed dice you have to either beat a long ladder of increasingly tough Dice Masters (and the average player can only beat about 3 of them before their scores get too high to win), or win in one of the themed Prize Climbs. Now let’s talk about these Prize Climbs. As I write this there’s one with a 1980s theme and the reward for reaching the goal is a rather attractive set of “8-Bit Dice”. In order to win those dice you need to reach 1300 points by playing against other people. So far so good! But winning gets you 5 points and losing gains you a mere 2 points. Did I get mention you only have about 10 days to accomplish this? And that you can only play for free once an hour, and every other time costs 3 of the “Extra Rolls” you gain through regular play & tournaments? So breaking this down, that’s 130 points per day that you need to average in order to get those dice. If you were to win every game (and you won’t), that would mean playing 26 games per day MINIMUM for 10 days. That’s a lot of Extra Rolls you need to spend, and a very tedious way to offer dice. Again, I know this app has to be profitable. But there’s got to be a balance between profit for the company and entertainment for the players. You need to make dice more attainable, particularly the more interesting themed sets. At this point the pendulum has swung so far away from the player that I’m tempted to quit altogether out of frustration. I used to recommend this game to anyone who would listen but lately I’ve been talking friends out of playing, and that bums me out. Apologies for this long-winded review but please consider what I’ve said. This game has potential for renewed greatness but you need to stop being so stingy with rewards or more of us will be fleeing what was once a terrific diversion. Thanks for reading!
  • Need to fix the bugs. 1/5

    By Dean N Linda
    I like this new Yahtzee but there are some bugs. Especially trying to get extra dice. The button that you watch adds for extra dice doesn’t work and if it does then you got lucky. It’s a great game and will be better when they fix the bugs. I still play even with the bugs.
  • Keeps crashing 4/5

    By Dori6863
    I like the new version ok other than I have to keep restarting the game! So annoying!! Plus, I don't like that they re-ordered the games. I want to play my older games first, but the new plays keep showing up first. Again very annoying to have to go back and find my older games first to play. Plus it seems a little suspicious that I watched three videos in a row for the free bonus rolls, but after the video plays it then crashes and no bonus rolls earned. The scratchers are very stingy with the bonus rolls. I spend a lot of money on this game knowing a lot of it seems rigged, throw me some bonus rolls occasionally! Sheesh!!
  • basketball dice masters 5/5

    By LiLiP101
    Please add some basketball dice masters and keep them Forever and I mean Forever!P.S. Include James Harden!
  • Worst game ever!😡 1/5

    By star lover 724
    I hate this game it’s sooo bad!i can’t even play without a add poping up or me winning something!worst game😡
  • Complete card/all rolls in one session 4/5

    By scottconso
    When challenging someone, please let me complete all my rolls in one session. Then let the other person complete all their rolls in one session. Then let both parties know who won. The back and forth one roll at a time is too slow. Even with the best of effort, one or the other party might not take their turn in time and the game might time out. I much prefer playing the tournaments where I can complete my card in one sitting. Please make it the same when playing head to head - complete all rolls in one sitting. Will be much better, easier & faster to complete games. Also please list active games first in order of least-recently-played to most-recently-played. Thanks.
  • Prize claw has flaws. 2/5

    By Deecee86753
    The prize claw idea doesn’t work. You get duplicate dice and the duplicates don’t show in your collection. In the latest theme, the 80s, I achieved 5 dice. With the claw, I ended up getting 3 of 1 dice and 2 of another. I’d stick with Yahtzee if you haven’t switched to New Yahtzee yet!
  • Hot Garbage Competing Against The AI 1/5

    By havenbrad
    Playing against friends is enjoyable, however, if you enjoy collecting rewards to advance in the game (versus the AI) it is nothing more than an egregious “money-grab” by the creators. Steer clear!!! Playing against the AI is a rigged system architected by the developers to force you to buy “extra dice” to have any chance of winning. It’s unreal how unbalanced it is. When you role three Yahtzees in a round (1st time I ever accomplished the feat), and you are beat by the AI who conveniently roles FOUR, in one play, it’s ludicrous. Of course had I paid a significant sum for a bunch of “bonus dice” in the in-app pay store, maybe I would have had a chance. If you want to play with friends for fun. Enjoy! It’s the only redeeming quality of this game. Otherwise stay away from this greed-infused crapshow.

    By Funkygal12
    Rating this a one star is generous! Please do not download this there Facebook comments this game is terrible and scopely does not care about its players there simply making games Impossible so you spend your well earned cash to the creators who do nothing to improve this game. -claw machine and event claw machines: you get repeat dice for your hard earned coins, coins you spent a lot of bonus rolls to earn just to get duplicate dice, you email the company they say how “sorry” they are and that’s it. This could be easily changed however scopely rather you spend more money or bonus rolls for you to try again (and you’ll still get duplicates) -tournaments, unless you know a loved one who works for the company you’ll just get participation award not the good awards, players score 880 which is a perfect game and impossible to do. -towers computer cheats I’ve had this game a year have not once beaten a tower old Yahtzee I would always win them, they make sure you get crappy dice on your rolls so you’ll be tempted to use more -high rollers can’t play because I use 2 devices, tablet at home and phone on the go....scopely said this is to prevent cheating....I don’t know how to cheat but of course they can’t block it otherwise loved ones couldn’t win tournaments for cool prizes, again for the money not the player convince Please do not download and support a team who is greedy and doesn’t care about its players, refer to there Facebook page for more proof. If you wish to play for fun I beg you to not spend money for anything except maybe removing ads but let that be it or you’ll regret it.
  • Change up the ads 1/5

    By LK0209
    Love playing but tired of the same Friday’s ad over and over!!
  • Still love the game but..... 4/5

    By Azure kite 18
    You guys have made it WAY too hard to get some things on here, for your working class every day player. Not the ones who live on this thing. But come on! I’ve been able to get one NEW dice in the past 6 months!!!
  • Too Many Ads 3/5

    By BeachGalNC
    This ap is all over the place and borders on redundancy..
  • Scratchers Gone 3/5

    By Socalover3
    I had 99 scratchers stored up and somehow they are mysteriously gone!!! I worked very hard to get them and I want them back.
  • I’m done 1/5

    By Jpmd3000
    Prize claw is complete BS! I keep getting duplicates. I’ve already unlocked one of the 80’s prize claw dice four times and it’s only been active for the last few days. 6 dice available in the 80’s prize claw and I’ve unlocked one of the dice 4x and another one 3x. Complete waste of my time! Same thing happens with the regular prize claw, duplicates 90% of the time. I have many other complaints about this new version of Yahtzee (which I’ve touched on in a previous review) but I won’t go into it now. Fix the prize claw!!!
  • Rigged much?? 1/5

    By N2mommy74
    I’m sad, bc I truly love Yahtzee, but this game is so rigged. If you don’t buy extra rolls, you won’t win, and it puts you in positions where you have to buy them or lose badly... really wish they would change this but I’m sure they would rather make the money...
  • The game cheats 1/5

    By Subway1411
    Do not waste your time or money the events cheat once you are ahead it will roll out and its a gimmick to make you spend money. Uninstalled at this point
  • Rigged 2/5

    By Annoyed in NM
    Yeah the Dice Masters are just blatant rigging to get you to spend, 2-3 yahtzees every time, almost impossible to beat them
  • Dice 1/5

    By Bcocnp2217
    The system of earning dice through dice master sets and winning dice by the claw machine is a flawed system. I have had 3 separate occasions in which I won a dice by a dice master set, shortly after I received the same exact dice by the claw master system. For example, recently I earned the “beach ball” dice by completing a dice master set, then after a while of playing I used the dice claw machine and received the same exact dice, “beach ball” dice. This system giving the same dice back after back ruins the motivation of playing to win dice. There should be a system that makes the game aware that this dice was already received.. winning the same dice I already have is the biggest disappointment about the game.
  • Ads won’t go away 1/5

    By krdailey
    I have had to delete the app and download it two times now because an ad will pop up and will NOT GO AWAY when touching the X to close it. I have lost all my levels and rewards twice and I am unhappy about it. As far as I’m concerned that would equal zero stars.
  • Annoying AND a rip off! 1/5

    By MurphyMull
    After the first week of owning the game and playing it a lot, the game suddenly starting throwing advertisements in the middle of games! As in 3-4 ads in one 5 minute game! Absolute trash! Then it always makes sure that you can’t beat the medium level dice, even when you spend bonus rolls to try. If I could rate this a 0, I would in a heartbeat!
  • Certainly rigged 2/5

    By LaceyLove0409
    It’s alright, mostly play a turn and then wait a day for a stranger to play back, unless you play in tournaments, where the “winners” are scoring 12 yhatzee’s in one game... sure, sounds about right 🙄
  • Childish interface, removed useful features 1/5

    By Kwistowee
    3/7/18 Update: I still have plenty of Dice Masters to collect. I just used 150 bonus rolls to purchase 5 Dice Master Scratchers and instead of a Dice Master, I was awarded 100xp for each card... And by the way, once someone collects all of the dice masters in each album, how exactly are they supposed to earn prize tokens to get more new dice from that worthless claw that gives you the same dice over and over again anyway?! 2/24/18 Update: Not one of my opponents has rolled since my last update. 35 individual games have completely stalled, even though I can see their status is ‘active’ and have messaged them. Many of these players have regularly been my opponents since last May. They are clearly still playing other opponents and all of them stopping their matches with me at precisely the same time makes no sense. 2/23/18 Update: I have 3 or 4 dozen matches going at any given time. Lately, if my opponents roll at all, they may roll once a day, all at the same time: 11:30 pm. Literally. My games only update once a day and all at the same time. The odds that all 35 players make their play once a day at precisely the same moment are insanely low. This has to be a glitch. Please look into it. I love Yahtzee and I’ve been playing the old version for a while. I was pretty excited to give this new version a try. Some features are more functional than the old version, e.g. the submit button doesn’t obscure other scores boxes on the board. But there are a lot of features I don’t like: 1.) The biggest frustration is how unrealistically high the weekly goal is. It’s literally twice what it was in the old version. I used to reach the goal and receive new dice in the old version nearly every week, using quite a bit of time to do so. To reach 32,000 points every week in the new version, you’d have to play nonstop all week, ignoring work, school, or any other meaningful responsibility. And there aren’t as many ways to keep playing while you wait for your opponents to roll. The waits to compete with dice masters has doubled and you only get one shot at it, rather than three, before you have to wait for another turn or pay with dice to play right away. It’s not fun to try to reach unattainable goals. 2.) The animations are incredibly juvenile and waste a lot of time. We don’t need a puppy wagging his tail every time we get a Yahtzee or ‘WOW’ and ‘AMAZING’ flashing across the screen after every roll. A fast game is more fun than one filled with childish animations and characters. The overall color scheme is very bright, almost in your face. This isn’t an instructional reading app for toddlers. A clean design with a blend of neutral and bold colors would be more universally appealing. 3.) We have to tap on the screen to collect our winnings after we are shown what we have won. Of course we will accept them; they should deposit automatically. And the darkening screen prior to receiving our winnings and the slow fade up take up unnecessary time. 4.) The scratch cards used to award free bonus rolls but now they almost exclusively award experience points. We already earn points by playing the game. It has become far more difficult to earn bonus rolls. Pushing the store on us? 5.) The diamonds have been removed with no way to convert or redeem them. Many players accumulated thousands of diamonds in the old version and now cannot use them. There is no way to use them in the old version because no new dice have been added to it in months. 6.) The claw game that replaces the diamond system is not effective at all. Once you manage to earn a handful of coins, the claw game repeatedly awards dice you already own and awards the same sets of dice over and over. And it has become incredibly difficult to defeat dice masters in Showdown towers, making it very difficult to earn coins to even try for a new set of dice. I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing this, but I used to play through a tower, with plenty of effort required to do so, a few times before it would expire. Now I rarely make it through once, and that means I don’t earn the free dice set or the dice master scratch card, or the coins which would allow me to try to get new dice. It’s a complete waste of time and effort. Having a system where you can earn currency and then select dice you like (and obviously don’t already own) is far preferable to the joke that is the current system. 7.) Opponents rolls cover the top two boxes in the scoring card making it difficult to plan our own moves as we take our turn. And in the Showdowns against different dice masters, it no longer shows the average score of your opponent. That was helpful in determining strategy and a score to shoot for. I appreciate the effort that went into a new version, but a lot of it was completely unnecessary for enjoyable gameplay.
  • So rigged 1/5

    By Dirtybut
    When I’m playing the showdowns I definitely feel like it’s rigged to lose. Give me a break with that. I’m over it. Does anyone win those that doesn’t use real money in the game? Probably not. Shady.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By lionesskiller39
    Love this game just like when I was a child
  • I'd give ZERO stars if I could 1/5

    By BBChamp74
    UPDATE: New Weekly Goal is ridiculous- I looked at the goals for today and who the hell can get 48 Yahtzee’s in one day???? Everything else is still the same: All the new changes are terrible! The layout is hard to follow, you can't find anything, they increased the weekly challenge goal to a ridiculously high number that is unreachable for regular people to get!!- I used to be able to just meet the goal in the original version but there is no way I can do that now without playing non-stop all week but hello I have a job!! It's like they want everything to be out of reach. They did start giving more dice in the scratchers but I am not seeing too much more than before. Also the score cards are all on one screen but they took away the how many rolls you have left countdown and it takes super long for the dice that cover the board saying what the opponent got to go away so you can see where you want to play! I never minded having to scroll down to see the rest of the board! I've also noticed that you don't get what you need as often on a roll as before, I've had to score zeros on my straights in this version where I never had to before! The only upside is that I have gotten more Yahtzee's with the new version than before but who knows how long that will last! I keep hoping things will change but I may stop playing before that happens.
  • The original Yahtzee is so much better 2/5

    By Arnold Diaz
    Go get the board game out of the closet! You'll remember how much fun Yahtzee is when you start playing this version. However, within a few hours of gameplay, you'll be annoyed by the complexity of choosing games and tournaments and such. But most disappointing is when you recognize that the gameplay algorithm for random dice rolls is seriously flawed, which will ultimately get you to play less and less. The last flaw is the most unforgivable, because you'll realize that playing a more challenging opponent doesn’t mean that opponent makes better statistical choices. No, it means you'll inexplicably be given worse rolls of the dice. Yahtzee depends, like so many games of chance, on, well... chance. The makers don’t want to rely on that, however, so you get nothing of the real sense of dice. No, you won’t have a 1/6 chance of rolling a 4 when you need it. The game decides that, if you're playing s better opponent you suddenly won’t be able to roll that 4. My last hint before I retire from this game: if you have two fours and two fives after two rolls, don’t worry about which to will Never get another 4 or 5 anyway. Shame the game becomes so predictable. As I said, get the board game out of the closet and play that way. It's a much better experience.
  • Not Good. 1/5

    By Firedawg1
    ** Edited ** Down to 1 star and deleted. It got to the point that EVERY time you played a Liberty Mutual ad it crashed. If you're going to inundate me with ads, at least write your code adequately. I wasn't on the old version so I'm not comparing it to anything. Aside from some of the typical ridiculous AI geared towards making you spend money, my biggest complaint is how much the app crashes. It's not occasionally. It's not often or even frequently. It's ALL THE <€*¥ TIME. Deleting and looking elsewhere.
  • Miss the old Yahtzee 2/5

    By BamaGurl10
    I kept getting pestered to download the New Yahtzee app, so I finally did, and have regretted it ever since. The buddy matches are fine, but it seems nearly impossible to win any events or tournaments unless the app “wants” you to. I used to be able to complete a Showdown event or at least get close, now I can maybe beat the first two dice masters and that’s it. What’s the point of rolling the dice if you get the exact same numbers every single time? And the second you put a 0 score for anything, you get the numbers you needed for that category the very next roll. It’s also a LOT harder to ever get free bonus rolls from scratch offs. I’ve maybe earned a total of 3 bonus rolls by doing those, and I’ve scratched off countless. Very aggravating and seems very rigged.
  • 👎🏻 1/5

    By Rls523
    I started out liking this game, but then it kept glitching when I would win against the dice masters and wouldn’t give me my prize. The difficulty of the masters is too high to enjoy the game. Also, in order to play the more fun parts of the game with actual people, you have to be willing to get a hundred notifications a day. Super annoying.
  • Would be 5 starts, BUT 4/5

    By MrsRuud
    I love this game and highly recommend it, but there is one issue I have been hoping would be fixed since the old Yahtzee to new Yahtzee transition, but hasn’t. I am a dice collector. I love having the wide variety. Unfortunately, not only does it take way more time to collect coins to win a dice claw than I have, nearly every single time I have gotten “new” dice, it has been dice I already have. What is the point of winning coins if I’m not actually going to win anything with them at all? Please tell me this is something you can change. If not, I see no point in keeping the game.

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