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The New York Post app for iPhone has been updated and is better than ever: version 2 features a richer, faster, more robust reading experience. Updated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our new app has everything you expect from the Post – breaking news, exclusive gossip, insightful business reporting, opinionated columnists, and the best sports coverage around. Our latest version features more photos and video than ever before. With the New York Post app for iPhone, our irresistible coverage is never more than a tap away. Features ● Complete access to stories from all sections: news, metro, sports, business, opinion, entertainment, fashion, living, media, tech, real estate, and Page Six, the Post’s legendary gossip section ● Enriched multimedia experience with hi-res photos and access to thousands of video clips ● Push notifications for breaking news, now easily turned on and off from app settings ● Greatly improved speed and performance ● Offline access to all recently-downloaded content ● Save articles to read later ● Adjustable text size for an optimal reading experience ● Our new design is optimized for your device, so it will look great no matter what model of iPhone you have For help or to provide us with feedback, please contact us at [email protected] For more information on our mobile apps, go to

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  • More concerned with advertising money than user experience 1/5

    By mase2530
    Love their content but very difficult to stay patient. Load times are impossible due to communications with 3rd party marketing efforts. This issue forces users to shutdown and restart app over and over.
  • Good paper 4/5

    By Mathew Street
  • New York Post 5/5

    By Sans Sans Ba
    Best Paper in New York City Informative and precise
  • Hit or miss 1/5

    By dima82
    Sometimes it works fine and sometimes it just crashes while reading a story. Takes a long time for a story to load. Lots of room for improvement.
  • Please fix the App 2/5

    By Lelewell75
    It used to be a very good app. Now every story takes a long time to open when in the past you only needed to open the app once and all the stories were there, no need to wait forever for each story to download. Why weren’t this upgrades tested before being released?
  • Every update seems to break the app more 1/5

    By DougFNJ
    In the middle of reading an article, app crashed. Go back in, trying to find the article, as I’m scrolling through halfway scrolling down, article preview size increases and jumps back up top. Scrolling down and down again, app crashes. Open the app, try the search, find the article, read a couple more paragraphs and crash! FIX THIS!!!
  • Lags 2/5

    By Masc70
    It seems lately every time I open to an article it’s takes awhile to load.
  • Wait too long 1/5

    By Annoyed at nook and review
    Takes FOREVER to load an article. Have stopped using... wait for print edition... The insert of ads in multi image galleries real annoying. Have stopped viewing. Great paper... terrible app!
  • Unstable 1/5

    By mugen power fool
    The app crashes a lot, scrolls itself to the top of the page by itself, and causes the whole phone to lock up for 19 seconds when in the background.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By nochief
    Slow and lags. Great paper terrible app. Can’t make the app any slower?
  • Favorite news App but sooo slow 3/5

    By Ermagerd ersum
    Love the App but recently have to wait about a minute to open any article. Frustrating and not happening w any other App so guess not my phone.
  • David sprout 5/5

    By davidsprout
    Great app
  • Great variety of news 5/5

    By sonev
    Good news and content.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By gmansaid
    This app takes a long time to load the story and it crashes quite frequently. Definitely not worth the aggravation of downloading.
  • Crash and burn 2/5

    By Crr69
    The app keeps closing after a few minutes
  • Use to work well for me 2/5

    By Rifraf301
    I have always enjoyed reading the NYP and the app has worked very well for me over the years. Lately it has been taking an while to load and update content and it often crashes and kicks me out. I thought it was because I was using an old phone, but it’s just as bad on my new iPhone Xs.
  • Constantly freezes up. 1/5

    By Davolla
    Very annoying. There’s always updates that do nothing
  • Prefer the newspaper formate 1/5

    By 41 Babs
    I am very unhappy with your new formate prefer the newspaper formate. I paid for the year not happy with this new formate.
  • Why did you ruin a good thing? 1/5

    By NY Post App Terrible
    This app is terrible! My phone gets extremely hot using it and on top of that, it randomly crashes while using. This used to be my go to app, but maybe I need to start looking at others like Newsday and daily news. Step your game up! And don’t give me the run of the mill answer that you update and fix it because that isn’t true. It’s been like this for a few months now.
  • So many issues 1/5

    By Stop annoying me for a name
    App crashes often. While on the headline page, app will often jump to the top of the page without warning on its own.
  • What happened?! 2/5

    By Islander bob
    What happened to this app? Every article freezes when opening. Deleted and installed a couple of times and still happening. Very annoying.
  • Old app way better new app too many interactive ads your losing me and I bet others too 1/5

    By Cray -z -loomer
    Too many interactive ads very disruptive. Maybe switch to paid view but currently your not good was way better in past you’ll lose me soon
  • On scroll, takes you back to top 1/5

    Can’t scroll through stories without it forcing it back top. Terrible bug.
  • Takes too long to open 1/5

    By MikeyMike5056
    Please fix , I love using the app , but it was takes forever to open any of the articles .. makes me want to get the Daily News App instead ! Please fix !
  • Hot phone and crashing 1/5

    By GMS1255
    I don’t understand how this app never seems to get better. In its latest incarnation the phone gets hotter and hotter. If I forget to close it after use I am reminded that it’s still open because the back of the phone is so hot. Close app and phone cools down. Also get to read 2 maybe 4 article and poof - app shuts itself. Something is not right!!
  • SLOW LOAD 1/5

    By Meggicelmayster
  • Consistently Declining in Function 1/5

    By sarbs
    App takes a long time to launch. Each story takes an extended time to load. Often, trying to open a story is best accomplished by opening it, closing it, and reopening the story (not the app). A user cannot listen to music while using the app, because the ads play audio content while trying to read a story and even while looking at the headlines pages. Another big problem, Cut/Copy is STILL limited to selecting an entire paragraph. This becomes a problem when trying to use the iPhone’s dictionary to define a word or to look it up on the web. The Post features many articles from Australia—understandably so considering its owners—but to an American, who isn’t familiar with a lot of the words or phrases that are commonly used “down under,” having to exit the app, begin typing the word/phrase into Safari, then jumping back to the article to verify spelling or finish a longer phrase, then back to Safari to learn what is being communicated, and finally back to the article is a horribly tedious process that is completely unnecessary. As many of these issues have been plaguing the app for over a year, I don’t think it will improve, but instead continue its decline.
  • Sad 1/5

    By BKHTC777
    The Post is nothing but Fox News now. A bunch of Trumpers. So sad. Used to be centrist and fun.
  • App keeps crashing!! 2/5

    By Slp76895
    I love that I can find so many interesting articles on this app, but all of a sudden the app started crashing! So annoying because then I have to go search through a crazy amount of articles to find what I was reading! Fix it please!
  • Terrible app 2/5

    By Floyd jack
    Knocks me off app many times a day
  • App Constantly Crashes/Closes Unexpectedly 1/5

    By LD750
    Each time the app is opened, it will suddenly crash/close in the middle of viewing an article. It happens at various times while the app is being utilized - sometimes within 2 minutes, sometimes after 10 minutes. If the app was more stable, it would be great, but no purpose is served by a news app that doesn’t allow you to read the articles.
  • App crashes 1/5

    This app crashes at least 4 times per commute. Also it makes my phone incredibly hot.
  • NY Post App disables iPhone music playback 1/5

    By Epic Three Eyed Peacock
    As soon as I open the NY Post App, my music playback stops. Basically the NY Post App is acting like an active audio source even if I’m only reading articles. Annoying enough for me to delete the app.
  • App just closes 2/5

    By Im53773
    I do like the journalism of this app but in addition to slow loading of articles noted by others, I’ve been noticing that on longer articles it can be difficult to read them to the end. As I continue to scroll down on my iPhone, the app will just close. I’ve found myself having to relaunch the application and relocate the article in order to read it completely.
  • Problematic 2/5

    By mount647
    Good information.......when working. Constantly has technical issues.
  • Brand damage!!! 1/5

    By 50+ year reader
    Over and over again you guys can’t program this app. Whoever oversees development of this app needs to be terminated or reassigned due to either incompetence or indifference to customer experience. Been a NYPost reader for over fifty years. Not in NYC anymore and app is only access. Too many other sources of regretfully I’ll stop being a reader.
  • Great layout, fair and balance articles 5/5

    By Herpderpsausage
    Better than most fake news by far. Headlines still click bait style but less so than other places. App works great on my iPhone XS.
  • Hard to believe ... 1/5

    By no way NY Post
    With technology the way it is how is it an app can be this awful? At least they’re consistent - it’s always awful. I’d fire everyone involved is the debacle and start over. If they can’t get it right which obviously they can’t, please delete this app from your devices. It’s the only way to get their attention because clearly they don’t care their app is as crap as their paper.
  • Pretty predictable 4/5

    By 74456623
    News from nyc with a small nod to accuracy
  • Great zwzA 5/5

    By cfffdfr
    Exquisite and stellar Comprehendingly good outstanding in every way
  • Love it when it works 1/5

    By arisuena
    For some reason, this app no longer opens
  • Frustrated 2/5

    By *%#?"$&!!!!!
    I’ve had this app as long as I have had a smart phone. I love the paper and I liked the stories the app has had to offer as much, until recently. I can’t go more then a few days without having to delete it and reinstall it. It CONSTANTLY freezes, won’t load or just gets to the point that u want to delete and never use it again. Don’t understand why it’s so hard to develop a program that works and then leave it alone. Like it used too.
  • Used to be good now it stinks 1/5

    By belltjb
    Barely loads content without multiple attempts
  • Deleted 1/5

    By nick_name_lame
    Had to delete your app after latest download 06/24/19. Unusable! LMK when you fix it so I can try again
  • This app is so bad what are you doing😲 1/5

    By plonutccceuuub
    This app is terrible. It used to be great. What happened?
  • NY Post 2/5

    By no press
    No issue with their news, but big issue with the App suddenly shutting down repeatedly
  • The only app you’ll ever need 5/5

    By Gpcnyc
    I mean this truthfully. I check this app dozens of times a day. Organized perfectly and very responsive. Content is updated continuously. I also read the WSJ, and they, despite being the non-tabloid, have the singularly worst app.
  • More substance 2/5

    By grindtime516
    Needs a crime section.
  • Pkpkyi 1/5

    By pkpkyi
    One of the worst apps I ever used .constantly freezing and useless annoying ads every 5 pages

New York Post app comments

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