New York Subway MTA Map

New York Subway MTA Map

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  • Current Version: 4.3.9
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New York Subway MTA Map App

New York Subway uses the official MTA subway map and includes a helpful transit route planner. With over 8 million downloads worldwide this NYC subway map is free to download and will help you navigate around New York using the subway system. Features: • Official MTA map of the New York Subway. • Including all 5 NYC boroughs - Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island. • Easy-to-use transit route planner to get you from A to B on the subway. • Works offline for help even without an internet connection. • Service Status from MTA shows live information about delays with alerts sent straight to your phone. • Countdown Clocks for each subway station to check when the next train is due. • Search for any subway station on the map or find the nearest station to your location from anywhere in New York. • Plan routes to Points of Interest including Empire State Building, New York Botanical Garden and Times Square. • Favorite your routes for quick access when on the move. • If you're visiting New York City for the first time, there's a handy guide in the app filled with helpful travel tips and information. • E & E Alerts show any out of service elevators and escalators as well as an estimate for when they will return to service. • Live Twitter updates from the official NYCT Subway account with helpful transit information. Mapway make transit apps for cities all around the world with over 40 million downloads. If you’re visiting Washington DC, Boston or London make sure you check out our other apps available to download for free in the App Store. Plan. Route. Relax. *Whilst we endeavor that service status notifications are delivered in a timely manner we can’t guarantee this 100% of the time. There may be occasions when this isn’t available due to technical reasons outside of our control. Please note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Join Mapway Apps on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @MapwayApps. We would love to hear from you!


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New York Subway MTA Map app reviews

  • Service status info not reliable 2/5

    By David_One
    Have had app for the last couple months. Several times I have relied on the service status function only to find the particular line is down, in one case was down all day to planned construction. Not reliable.
  • Tottenville 5/5

    By LousyNotes
    Wow it works even when I’m back in Oklahoma! Found the closest station to me was the tottenille station at the tip of statin island.
  • More work 2/5

    By elkjosh1231
    Would be nice if you could locate yourself on the map with a “find me” feature. And find the closest station to me and directions to it. Other than that I think it’s great. Shows you where to transfer.
  • Great help for commuters. 5/5

    By Truly excellent.
    It’s always helpful.
  • Weak arrival info 2/5

    By FuséeLogique
    Seems like with all the subway data available on the platform, one would be able incorporate it into a simple app. “Location unknown “ is not acceptable.
  • False information 1/5

    By k_queens
    This app is late on delays/reports inaccurately. The 7 train has delays every other day hat leaves trains at complete stand still, and this app says “Good Service”. Unless the MTA is consistently lying about “sick passengers” and stalled trains, this app is not a reliable resource for commuting traffic and train status.
  • Not as trash as before but still trash... 2/5

    By CalebLeung1997
    The train arrival time is not accurate and it misses a lot of train information....for example A,B,C,D,1-3, trains always have maintenance but they never fully display the delay or cancelled....also they need to update emergency alert for the train mess up like popo situation....Idk is the app problem or MTA is just so trash that nothing can save it from being so trash....
  • Hate the ads 3/5

    By PVZ player/turtlelover
    Hate the ads
  • Help‼️ 1/5

    By TAS202
    I just bought the Bulk Upgrade and I don’t see any of the upgrades such as Carriage Exits, First and Last Trains in my app. I clicked Done and nothing happens. How do I get these other features?
  • UX problems and intrusive ads 1/5

    By paulraphael
    This could be a good app, but it bullies you to turn on notifications. A modal pop up window EVERY time you go to see service updates. The only way to stop it is to turn on ALL notification options. Who are these jackasses who insist on micromanaging our notifications? Also, someone decided banner ads aren’t enough, so they shove a full screen modal ad in your face at the most inopportune times. Who are these UX people who hate their users so bitterly? I don’t get it. Still searching for a useable transit app.
  • Bad news APP 1/5

    By woo wee bubba
    Doesn’t work well, click on route planner, put Penn Station to destination address and there’s no where to click or tap on submit etc. in order to receive the route or witch subway train to take... Hard to use not user-friendly. ********************************** 2nd review regarding your RESPONSE: thank you for your response. If I knew the station I was going to, I wouldn’t need the APP, ryt? My issue was, I didn’t know which train or train line to take from PENN station. That’s why I used the app in the first place, to find out which train line to use, which stop to get off at. The app could not give me that information. As you stated in your response, it doesn’t work with addresses. Perhaps you could fix that in the future, going forward. Thank you For your initial reply.
  • Where are the schedules??? 1/5

    By TravrlNY
    Where ???
  • MTA subway map update May of 2018 5/5

    By Alvis Wu
    There is a MTA trains map is out now for May 2018 you need to update your app now from the MTA thank you. 👍
  • Get rid of adds 4/5

    By imsotired7654785357
    What mta app out there is supported solely by the mta?
  • no point 1/5

    By godcola
    incredibly slow and basically the equivalent of pulling out and opening a paper map except it takes much longer
  • This app is terrible 1/5

    By PrincessK8
    Doesn't give you route times and tells you ridiculous routes. There can be a straight route and it gives you one with 2 transfers. Or it tells you to take trains from a station that doesn't even have that train. Better yet, it takes you past your destination and transfers you. So dumb.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Madgethecool
    Never loads my info. And isn’t intuitive like google maps where I can put in a name of a business. This needs exact address. Worthless. Just deleted it.
  • Dumb dumb dumb 1/5

    By Dirty steve sanchez
    I got this stupid app when my old subway nyc app shut down. That app allowed you to search for a location and figured out how to go from there. This app will only let you access each station - assuming you already know the whole subway by heart which would mean you don’t need this app anyway. Don’t waste your money. So stupid. Maybe I’m doing it wrong - at which rate this is only a dumb design and not user friendly. Which is slightly less dumb
  • Old timer 5/5

    By M.Macy
    Had not been in NY since I was in my 20's nearly 50 years ago! This app and a paper subway map of the city got me everywhere from Brooklyn to uptown, the battery, you name it, and back to Prospect Park where I was staying with my son for a week. NY is a great town and I had a magnificent time covering it on foot and by subway. This app was invaluable. It made everything so possible to navigate that I often felt Time was delightfully still - and I moving about the city with the confidence of youth. Thank you. M. Macy, artist
  • Upgrade 😕 1/5

    By A user12342
    They make using the free version difficult to get to, by trying to make you purchase the premium version. Finally gave up on my iPad and downloaded another app.
  • Not in sync with reality 2/5

    By Lyn104
    This app gives a detailed listing of planned service changes, but when using the route planner it totally ignores the work and suggests routes where there is no train service. Please find a way to fix this...
  • Ads and no service changes 1/5

    By Gina girl genius
    Basically a map and service changes and updates is all I want. Lacking the latter and has ads.
  • Doesn’t work offline 1/5

    By choputa
    You need internet to ride
  • Omg 2/5

    Was more helpful the app before get update
  • Doesn’t update 2/5

    By Pihjkgfytr2
    The app doesn’t inform you when trains are not running at stations and will even give you countdown clocks for trains when there are no trains running at the station which is very misleading.
  • The subway system cannot even run a week without problem 1/5

    By Eric-BOT
    MTA just can’t fix the broken system. Get somebody who can! Please!
  • Lines 2/5

    By Al Riggi
    Before I updated the site I was able to see the stops on all the lines. I can no longer do that
  • Sometimes confusing 4/5

    By TerriMay
    When you go into the service page. Sometimes it’s too confusing to figure out if my train’s affected.
  • Absolutely helpful 5/5

    By Little Leal
    I ride the subway every month and I am always at ease knowing the exact times for trains. It is never wrong and I would suggest this to anyone who will ride the subway often. AND IT IS F R E E!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Can never pull up quickly - ads 1/5

    By Doublexdanno007712
    So many pop ups, it’s literally almost useless if I need to check a train in a hurry
  • NYC subway 5/5

    By Msnuxoll
    Hey! There’s this app called nyc subway. I think this app is great because I love that it has train routes.I recommend that you should get this app only if you need it if you’re riding the M.T.A. -This review was written by my 6 year old son who loves the MTA as well as this app. He was very happy to see your response! Thank you
  • Not working 1/5

    They are all the same wrong on time
  • Fix pop up AD 4/5

    By Smk38
    This app would be so much better if the ads would stop popping up when I’m trying to check the status of my trains. Even more frustrating when tapping the X doesn’t close the ad. I end up having to restart the app.

    By BALLING10101010
    We need NEW TRAINS.Clean up the subway stations.
  • Ok but not good with weekends 2/5

    By Ks317
    Interactive map is nice but it doesn’t keep up with service changes on the weekend. The notes about service changes are difficult to understand. If I have to put up with annoying ads popping up at worst times, then I’d at least expect the maps to update with service changes so I don’t have to try to interpret those incomprehensible notes.
  • Misleading-not a navigational tool 1/5

    By elij0000
    This app is not able to plot a subway route, it is useless unless you merely need to refer to a map and yet it is being prompted as a subway tool. False advertising.
  • Useless 2/5

    By rj30658
    I don’t understand the purpose of this app besides seeing where subway stops are and I can use google for that. The arrival boards are off and never load. Sorry it’s useless to me!
  • Opinion 4/5

    By Endzlab
    Very accurate.
  • Horrible and not reliable 1/5

    By Fruuustrated customer
    Horrible and not reliable
  • Love it! 5/5

    By ssskatz
    Always useful when you’re in a bind. Awesome.
  • Can’t put in address #useless 1/5

    By MegGriffin'sHat
    This app is useless if you don’t already know the subway system perfectly. It doesn’t let you type in an address, just a subway stop name. So if you don’t know the exact stations you’ll be using ahead of time, there’s no way to use this app. #Fail
  • Subway app . 5/5

    By chinaelite
    Helpful and informative !
  • Terrible Ads 1/5

    By Dkm8907
    It’s a subway map, it has terrible ads that play noise and you can’t click out of them. Just take a screenshot of a map and use that instead.
  • Usability is poor 2/5

    By Player63875
    This apps usability is bad for existing functions. It can also do so much more.
  • Lifesaver, Timesaver 5/5

    By king_selasi
    Lost?? Open it up plug in your start point and desire destination and go!! That easy.
  • Useless 1/5

    By InstantBoutique
    This app is useless. It is not user-friendly at all and becomes frustrating to navigate.
  • Overpriced not worth it IMO 3/5

    By calsd
    $8 for station exits, no ads and full train times. Or $2.99 separately. Thanks for nickle and diming us Mapway. Itrans NYC subway app please come back! Update (2/2018): Get Citymapper. It has subway times, Citibike, bus, Uber/Lyft, PATH and ferry information all in the app. Can take a little longer to learn but worth it. Missing station exit info but has information like where to sit in the train (front, middle, back) to make more efficient commuting.
  • Thanks 1/5

    By Mucket123
    Thanks for posting a notice before we spend money that the trains aren’t running at a station
  • Thought it had GPS and train’s ETA 3/5

    By ReggieNan
    I thought this app had the trains’ GPS and estimated arrival times. It doesn’t. It’s a static PDF file. Updated: To developer’s response: I did not know those features were available. Thank you for the instructions.
  • It’s actually $7.99 if you add features 1/5

    By JPNYC81
    to get rid of the ads, add exits, and show first/last times, you’ll need to spend $2.99 a piece or $7.99 for all. I’d rather spend a few bucks up front and have a decent app rather then be harangued by ads, plagued by slow responsiveness, and missing time data from a freemium map app.

New York Subway MTA Map app comments


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