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New York Times Crossword App

The best crossword in the world is better than ever! Enjoy the same puzzles printed in the daily newspaper in the crossword app built by The New York Times. Start playing with unlimited access to the daily puzzles for seven days. After that, subscribe for full access to The Crossword on iOS and at PLAY ANYWHERE The Crossword subscription gives you access to The Crossword in the app and on Just connect or create an account and play anywhere. Your puzzles will be available in the app and on the web. DAILY PUZZLE This is the same puzzle that’s printed every day in The New York Times newspaper. Each daily puzzle is available the evening before at 10 p.m. E.T. (6 p.m. E.T. on weekends); enjoy Tuesday’s puzzle on Monday at 10 p.m. Practice and learn how to solve the puzzle on Monday or Tuesday, or challenge yourself with even more challenging puzzles later in the week. MINI PUZZLE Mini Puzzles are short, sweet and available every day without a subscription! Get a quick crossword fix when you don't have time for a daily puzzle. PUZZLE PACKS Download these themed puzzles and add them to your collection. The first puzzle in each pack is free to try. Check back for new packs! PAST PUZZLES Subscribers can also play over 20 years of classic puzzles from our archives. MODERN PUZZLE FEATURES Solve puzzles with tricks like rebuses, related clues, checking, revealing and more! LEADERBOARDS Solve the daily Mini and compare your time with your friends. Subscription options include an annual subscription at $39.99 per year and a monthly subscription at $6.99 per month. This amount will be charged to your iTunes account if purchased within the app. Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of its term unless you cancel it at least 24 hours before expiration. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings. Questions? Suggestions? Issues? Please contact us at [email protected] or from within the app itself. Your feedback is important to us and we’ll do our best to assist you. Please note: A subscription to The New York Times Crossword does not include access to any other New York Times products, including but not limited to or mobile news content, e-reader additions, Times Premier, NYT Now, or other apps on non-iOS devices. No cancellations are allowed during active subscription period.

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New York Times Crossword app reviews

  • DARK MODE 4/5

    By Sarcastic Sandwich
    The app is great besides one crucial thing: there is no dark mode feature. It would be perfect if it had this. PLEASE MAKE DARK MODE AN OPTION!
  • DARK MODE 5/5

    By Maxodactyl
    I love you guys. Pleeeeeeeease add dark mode!!
  • New Morning 5/5

    By NYTCP4Lyfe
    Times puzzle is right up there with GPS and texting. Best thing on my phone. It’s something to look forward to every day. What other daily rituals give you the satisfaction that you know you’ve done it the one right way. None. You’re true blue NYT crossword app. I love you.
  • Challenges that energize 5/5

    By Nyclouise
    The puzzle ap has everything going for it. Legibility, ease of use and gradually increasing difficulty as the week progresses. It also records completion statistics , and for fanatics the possibility of an extended streak. Beware. If you embark on a streak, be prepared to spend weekends and holidays working on the puzzle. Also know that the day ends earlier if you travel to the west coast!!
  • Great app. Great fun 5/5

    By mikey113472848
  • My favorite app! 5/5

    By tobifay
    I love doing the puzzle everyday. Very easy to move around the puzzle once you get the hang of it.
  • Fun but predictable 3/5

    By Szeno
    I do enjoy the Times’ Crossword puzzles despite frequenters reoccurring words and reoccurring definitions. Plus I can rarely solve the Thursday through Sunday puzzles because I don’t watch sitcoms or follow sports — this puts me at a big disadvantage! I’ve got a good vocabulary but rarely have to stretch to find a word. The longest words in these puzzles tend to be familiar phrases— fun but ultimately unsatisfying. I wish they would offer one old-fashioned puzzle with difficult but real words instead of trite phrases and celebrity names at least once a week. Sigh. But still, I turn to the NYT crossword every day.
  • Good app, but small bug 5/5

    By ShadowHellspawn
    Not sure if its just me, but on the 8th puzzle in the 75th anniversary pack, some of the words wont accept any letters I put in as correct, and when I click reveal word it doesnt show letters, it shows colors like "red" or "violet" for each box. Otherwise I love the app, just wish i could clear that whole pack.
  • Coffee, Crossword... 5/5

    By SkiGrrrl
    My daily rock.
  • Upgraded app 5/5

    By kitiladi
    This app has been upgraded and really is very enjoyable to use when doing puzzles..
  • Great App, not so great puzzles 3/5

    By MG Land
    The app is fabulous. But the puzzles, as most NYT puzzles are pretty dumb. Lots of clues for people in their 70s, Will Shortz is overrated.
  • For expert puzzlers 5/5

    By DrDragonryder
    Difficult and obscure clues. Lots of Latin.
  • No puzzling over why this app rules. 5/5

    By leighop
    I start every morning with tea and the NYT crossword — delivered seamlessly to my phone. It wakes my brain up to solve these witty and sometimes challenging clues. With it comes an archive of past puzzles, many of which have made waiting in lines, or for the oil change (thanks but no thanks to your TV tuned to Fox) or even being put on hold by a robot actually fun. It gives you stats about your solve time and let’s you compete against friends who use it (though I don’t know anyone personally who does). There is also the commentary, which I try not to read until after I’ve completed the puzzle because it does have spoilers, but is immensely enjoyable to read. In short, before I plunge into a day filled with scary news, deadlines and political rancor I spend some times with the Times puzzle. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Hooked on The Puzzle 5/5

    By 10sJohn
    I’m 77, and all my life only did crossword puzzles on long air flights. But the assist features of this online version, especially Auto-check on the tougher puzzles, and the ability to cheat with Google without leaving my chair, make solving it (and the Mini) a daily necessity.
  • Would life have meaning... 5/5

    By ARTuller
    Without the daily crossword?
  • Beat the Boredom 5/5

    By Mary the Flirt
    I love the NYT Crossword Puzzles. I pull them up on my phone whenever I’m standing in line, waiting in a parked car, waiting at a doctor’s office, or on any number of occasions. Today, I’m stuck at home due to illness. The puzzles are a comfort and keep my mind busy. I can do them sitting, standing, or lying down. I’m never bored when I’m working on a puzzle. Thank goodness for being able to check the puzzle for correctness, especially on the harder days, like Thursday-Saturday. That feature cuts down on frustration. I highly recommend them. And I look forward to a new puzzle everyday. The NYT puzzles are the most fun and interesting of all the puzzles I have tried.
  • Always a pleasure 5/5

    By geydde
    While the weekends can be frustrating, this app makes doing the crossword so much more accessible! Puzzling on my phone beats lugging around a paper and pencil on my commute.
  • The BEST crossword app 5/5

    By Bethie47
    Ok, so maybe not cheap, but if you’re an aficionado of excellent puzzles (think challenging...), this is the best. Here are the high spots: no glitches, no ads, access to YEARS of previous puzzles, no hints unless you want them, and exactly as what’s in the paper.
  • Great app 5/5

    By adimike87
    Best thing you can use an iPad for
  • Simply the best 5/5

    By ponerse
    This is the best crossword puzzle app on here hands down. I only wish the puzzle packs were included in the subscription.
  • Almost perfect... 4/5

    By scotia673
    I love this app. I use it almost every day. What would make this app exceptional in my view is if it supported dark mode. I am regularly using this app in the dark. I don’t care if it wouldn’t look like a “traditional” crossword, I just want to avoid eye strain. Please add dark mode support (or at least a darker theme)!
  • Almost perfect 4/5

    By MCGolos
    I love the NYT crossword app. I just wish I could access the other games - Tiles, Letter-boxed and Spelling Bee - from the app. They’re part of the same subscription.
  • Puzzle 5/5

    By isaacEsq.
    Appropriately challenging but eminently doable! Great sense of accomplishment when done.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Ktlesser11
    Strange that there are puzzles that can’t be interpreted in the app. But overall, amazingly satisfying. Thanks
  • Great 5/5

    By Niki384
    Play this every day.
  • The best 5/5

    By moondr
    There are no better crosswords on this planet. I do them every day.
  • Brain food 5/5

    By Rickyzmd
    Makes my day- everyday. Last thing before bed each night. Simply priceless.
  • Perfect Function 5/5

    By iguanajam
    I’ve completed over 900 puzzles in this app and have never had it crash or otherwise cause trouble. The controls are customizable and intuitive. The puzzle arrives promptly every day. The stats are accurate and entertaining. I can even work together with my spouse who is playing on another device and logged into the same account. I’ve set a screen time limit on every other app, but I allow as much time as it takes to finish the daily crossword (and the mini) since it is pure pleasure and also good for my brain. I’d give it 10 stars if I could.

    By DMTobisk
    I try never to end a day without completing one of these puzzles. I look forward with pleasure—mixed with some anxiety as the week draws to a close—to the Friday and Saturday puzzles, by far the toughest of the lot. Mondays are usually a welcome breeze.
  • Necessity 5/5

    By 1257betmill
    An absolute necessity before retiring every night. I never miss a day.
  • Love the crossword but 5/5

    By Grouchosid
    Much as I love doing the crossword online and having info to look at when I’m done, I feel frustrated that the paper says this purchase should also include the other NYT puzzles that are in the Sunday paper - but I can’t figure out how to access them. There out to be a link in the app.
  • Fix the leaderboard 4/5

    By Akazuba
    Was going to leave 5 stars, because I use this daily and it brings me joy. But that silly leaderboard still doesn’t work and it never has for me. Just keeps giving me an error, while on desktop it works just fine.
  • Fun and keeps your brain spry 5/5

    By timrae23
    I love the NYT crossword. Often witty, always informative.
  • Perfectly adequate for most/normal puzzles 4/5

    By voomed
    Perfectly adequate for most/normal puzzles. But every now and then you get a warning that begins “In the print edition...” where the app doesn’t faithfully reproduce the puzzle, and on those days/puzzles the app is not adequate. Ridiculous that the app can’t show colored squares, outlines or whatever. Also, in the “Stats” page, it oddly shows only the current calendar week (so days are zeroed out each week) whereas it should show last seven days IMO.
  • can’t access tiles 2/5

    By stop with the nick
    on app
  • Perfect App 5/5

    By Pipawik
    I play daily. It’s great for passing time on the commute or while waiting. Started as a complete newbie but can now solve most puzzles, albeit slowly. Fun to do, and I learn something, too.
  • Best crosswords around 4/5

    By alsotakenname
    I wish there was more data to be mined in the charts
  • NYT Crossword 5/5

    By 979)*445&6(
    I enjoy this a lot and it’s worth the money but there are a few irritating bugs. I have done thousands of the archived puzzles in the app, most of them. But the app sometimes forgets which puzzles I’ve done. Also the hints feature which works well on my iPad is unreliable on my iPhone. I like the timing feature and I’ve watched my times gradually improve as I do more puzzles. I also like the streaks tracking. There are enough hints and aids that novices can solve the puzzles and know they’ve done so correctly. NYT obviously put money into their puzzle column and it shows in the app. It’s the start of every day for me. I’d much rather do the puzzles in the app than on paper which speaks well for their programming.
  • NY Times 5/5

    By JRice4848
    Love this app. I do the puzzle everyday on my phone and it’s a great way to do it in the go.
  • Does not work on iPad Pro 2018 5/5

    By RosiDarling
    Won’t even open, even when I restart my ipad. Waste of time and money.
  • Great fun, but… 4/5

    By It's Trew
    They removed the link to “recent” puzzles you were working on, making it really hard to find unfinished puzzles in the archives.
  • Bug 5/5

    By JimInBoston
    Generally works OK but I noticed a bug. Twice now when I've completed a puzzle correctly the app refuses to accept it as so. Then the next day when I open it to try to find the error it suddenly accepts it. Then tells me that since I didn't do it 24 hours that my streak is over. Some people do the whole week's puzzles on the weekend. Not fair to them. The whole streak thing is between solver and the puzzle. It's not like someone wins a prize for streaks. Lighten up! When I was in Europe I solved a puzzle offline because no network access. Three days later I noticed that my streak had ended. Looked back to discover that the puzzle I had solved was half empty and not counted as completed. So to be fair the complete time has to be sensitive to time zones.
  • Favorite 5/5

    By JoeMike62
    The NYT crossword is the first app I downloaded besides those that came pre-installed on my phone. It’s still my favorite.
  • Nyt crosswd 4/5

    By :mike23:
    Easy and intuitive to use. My one complaint is that the name of the daily puzzles are not on the Monday through Saturday grids. Only the Sunday puzzle contains the name.
  • Great value 5/5

    By steigen
    Access to the puzzle archive is a huge feature
  • Best Crossword App 5/5

    By BbopR
    If you love the NYT crossword this is the app for you. I use it every day without fail.
  • Floating keypad iPadOS 13.1.2 issue 5/5

    By Knit-perl
    This is one of my favorite apps but the floating keypad after the latest system upgrade on my iPad Gen 6 seems to be incompatible. Fortunately expanding the keypad in another app restores function.
  • Hard to beat. 5/5

    By Jimmy Skates
    Totally worth the price if you already have a subscription. Packs are a good option as well, but I love having access to the entire archive. Easy to use, good quality, daily updates. The most fun I’ve had in years. 2000+ puzzles later and no end in sight.
  • Good app, but... 3/5

    By Teacher1111
    I like this app, but haven’t used it in awhile. I want to end my subscription (purchased in the App Store) but the instructions on the site don't work. Do I have to keep paying until my card expires, or is there something I can do?

New York Times Crossword app comments

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