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  • Current Version: 4.5.0
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News 12 Mobile App

News 12 is the exclusive 24-hour news network dedicated to covering local news within the New York tri-state area. This app is available for free to Optimum customers & subscribers that receive News 12 on Comcast, Time Warner and Service Electric cable systems. With the app you will receive: • LIVE streaming of all News 12 and News 12 Traffic & Weather channels • Up-to-the-minute local news, weather, traffic, and more, serving Long Island, the Bronx, Brooklyn, southwestern Connecticut, Hudson Valley (Rockland and Orange counties), New Jersey, and Westchester • Local breaking news information, pushed directly to your device • Local weather alerts, weather forecasts, current temperatures, and storm coverage • Access to more than 800 traffic cameras and traffic flow data for each region • Local school closings • National and international news, business news, sports, and entertainment news from Associated Press • Ability to upload photos and videos for potential use on News 12

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News 12 Mobile app reviews

  • Constantly freezes 2/5

    By Kais2010
    This app would be great if it didn’t keep on freezing in my multiple devices. Not worth downloading.
  • Notification links rarely work 2/5

    By Kplan23
    Technically the app works far better then it did ever did. Crashes, freezes and refusing to open all appear to have been fixed over the years. I don’t open the app unless I get a Notification of a story that may interest me. If you don’t open the link soon after it arrives the app opens to another story after an annoying ad. Then you have to search around and see if you can find a link. It’s really not worth the effort as it’s the same stories you can find in the Patch or Newsday.
  • Why bother 1/5

    By bott132
    This app just like the channel is a waste. Same stories and never updates them or gives new one. Don’t bother
  • Way too many ads 1/5

    By Winks2012
    No wonder all your on air staff are constantly pushing the app. I’m sure your advertisers love it but as a user who just wants a quick news update it’s ridiculous. I’ve given up using your app because the advertisement to content ratio is just way too high.
  • Seldom works 1/5

    By Barf321
    I use it to see the weather map which is buried many scrolls down. Will run ad then traffic and more ads then hang up halfway through weather - pretty consistent. Has been like this for a long time. Does Cablevision ever test this stuff?
  • TrafficWeather,wait,Sports??? 1/5

    By Liberty1793
    Why do you guys keep ruining the live traffic and weather video feature? The last time you did this, you took it away completely without warning. Now it’s back, and you have to wait for a 30 second commercial...fine. But now, half the time when the content actually starts, it’s a sporting event? C’mon. News 12 Traffic and Weather (as labeled in the app) should be just that, no exceptions. I rely on that. FIX IT!
  • Would you like some news to go with your ad banners? 1/5

    By CyberData4
    None of the screenshots have ads in them. How can they be left out when obnoxious banner ads are 60% of the experience with the app? No thanks.
  • Ads Ads Ads Ads Ads Ads Ads Ads Ads 1/5

    By Gvran
    Noticing the recent uptick in ads, its WAY too much...20 second ad every time you click... utter torture. Ads blocking view above the fold. Deleting app after much enjoyment in getting my news here for the past year/s- it’s just too much... too much waiting, same ad over and over, and so slow to load anything. Bleh, so disappointing, especially as an optimum costumer and having forked over Thousands of $$, over the years. This just stinks, why cant i just enjoy a service?
  • Needs work 1/5

    By iMacguy18
    Where’s iPhone X support? Absurd it doesn’t support it yet. Also the bug with the weather section not refreshing the text forecast is unacceptable. One star.
  • Very very slow upon startup 4/5

    By Superhero716
    This app is the slowest app I have. Upon initiating startup it takes several seconds for the app to open m. Update : after deleting and downloading again from iCloud the app loads much faster.
  • Liked it better... 1/5

    By Terylc
    Liked the app better when weather, traffic and news were all seperate.
  • Years of login issues 1/5

    By Flyboy66NJ
    Why are non Optimum customers treated as second rate? Every time there is an update to the app I am asked to log in with my Xfinity username and password, and every time it rejects my info. Hello, there are quite a few people on Xfinity in NJ!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Giannibyte
    Terrible app. It’s just a browser with a ton of apps. Really?
  • Doesn’t work on AppleTV 4K 1/5

    By GR8SHO
    Does anyone test this stuff?
  • Freezes 1/5

    By Lisalast
    The app constantly freezes on my iPad even though they have had updates. Please fix it!!!
  • Can’t stay in touch with home 2/5

    By rls2nd
    I’m a LI resident and long time News 12 viewer. I also have a second home in Cary, NC. I’ve always stayed in touch with LI streaming News 12 on my iPad. How sad that I can no longer view News 12 this way. I have an Apple TV, but not the latest here. Otherwise this would have been 5 stars.
  • no log on 5/5

    By Carbo513
    thank you so much for no log need. i happy.
  • Terrible 2/5

    By Spinster 9
    The live stream freezes every few minutes when I watch it on TV using AirPlay. When I get it going again, I have to watch the obnoxious opening advertisement again. Optimum is so expensive, the app should work reliably with AirPlay, and there should be no initial advertisement. YouTube works well when I use AirPlay, so News12 should, also. In the past the app worked well. What happened?
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Jimtheboy1975
    App constantly has loading errors. Reinstalled, now I can’t even log in. Help screen doesn’t load. This is absolute garbage.
  • Deleted app 1/5

    By Boots818
    Confusing sign in. Could not get past it. Deleted app. Zero stars.
  • Apple TV 2/5

    By pfaye
    Can’t get news 12 on Apple TV because of past water bottle while you on the phone is good but a new TV very bad so I gave it to stars
  • Love the app, am hoping for iPhone X support. 5/5

    By mgmiller68
    Love the app, have been using it for a long time, and I especially appreciate today’s newest app update. Am hoping at this point that the developers add support for the new iPhone X, so that the app fills the screen entirely (I’ll email the developers and ask them if they can add this enhancement). Otherwise, it’s a great app and it keeps me updated on important events going on in the area 😊
  • Annoyingly loud sounder 3/5

    By TashTish
    The app itself is fine, and stable for a change, with a well-organized layout. But two stars off for what quite possibly has to be the loudest, most aggravatingly spine-chilling alert sounder of all-time.
  • Too many programs running in conflict 1/5

    By bluestreak426
    This App had a lot more potential, but for some reason it seems the creator just fizzled out half way through.
  • Only one wish... 2/5

    By Pianist_2904🎶
    I wish that there would be only one app for the weather. Although the daily news is important, I only want to check the weather in the morning to see how my day is going to be planned out.
  • Perfect but... 4/5

    By Drahcir J. Wolf
    I don’t have any problems watching the news. This App is working good in my IPhone. The only complaint that I have is: why this App is not available to streaming on tv without using an Apple TV? Please do something about this. Thanks.
  • No longer working!!!! 1/5

    By Jersey girl 1284
    So I have the app for my Apple TV and now all of a sudden it’s loading??? This is beyond frustrating 😡
  • Broaden coverage 1/5

    By dyhome
    Please allow former residents who now live somewhere else to keep in touch.
  • Constant freezes even with excellent WiFi signal 1/5

    By A practicing NJ lawyer
    Even when in excellent WiFi coverage, app freezes up constantly. Picture quality is poor even when app is working.
  • Crashes on TVOS 11 1/5

    By yo8
    If your Apple TV is running TVOS 11 the app will crash when you try to open it.
  • tvOS 11 1/5

    By Cartaa
    Needs support for tvOS 11. Was working great on version 10. Now it just crashes upon open. Please provide a fix.
  • Don't bother 1/5

    By Al Havemann
    I really wanted to like this app, I watch News 12 a lot and while live tv is available via Optimum TV, that app only works on my home wifi, nowhere else. So one that worked from anywhere would be welcome indeed. Unfortunately, this is not it. Strike (1): it's a carelessly produced, clumsy app. The content is spread all over the place and doesn't come close to the tv show. For instance, there's a whole Top Level topic devoted to "Cheddar Cheese Business" as a top menu item. A whole topic!. I was (and still am) totally mystified because I have watched channel 12 News every day for years and I have never heard a newscaster mention "Cheddar Cheese Business", not even once. Strike (2): On the top of the screen a dedicated horizontal, full width menu bar occupies a full 3/4 inch (on an iPad) and its just for the menu bar, nothing else. At the screen bottom is an equally large area reserved for advertisements that followed me from screen to screen, never being absent. On what little useful screen space remains there is almost always a large picture or something that leaves just enough room for one line of text. So I look at the picture, scroll down to read text on the next page, scroll back up to look at the picture, scroll back down to read some more, up, down, up, down. Boring! Strike (3): Description says live streaming, not really, I did find one place where a arrow seemed to indicate it would play a stream, I tried it, but whatever was playing had nothing to do with the live show I'm watching on my kitchen TV. StrikeOut: The is a crude, carelessly written application. It's poorly organized and boring to use. Look elsewhere.
  • Reader Comments 4/5

    By roypel54
    I miss the reader comments on each story like they had in previous versions
  • Awful 1/5

    By Heathegraphics
    This app takes 10 minutes to load and 10 minutes each time you navigate to a new section. I have NEVER seen anything like it.
  • Congratulations! 1/5

    By Callisto411
    You created the most impossible app to gain access to.
  • Not There When You Need It 1/5

    By Boomerepd
    The app works okay normally but when you need it for a major weather update, especially during a storm, it is not there
  • Used to use audio only 1/5

    By LogicRob1971
    I used to like to listen while driving, but audio only isn't available anymore.
  • Unorganized 1/5

    By AmandaP69
    Very unorganized, and doesn't post all of the stories that I saw on tv. There are much better local news sources out there, will be deleting.
  • Terrible Update 1/5

    By Rate time
    The most recent update was not properly tested and the detailed written weather forecast is now just pictures and percentages. I can't understand why they would opt to provide less weather detail. Anytime I try to play a video clip I get an error message. Try again News 12. Another reason to possibly cancel cable and finally go with dish or direct tv. Thanks for responding. In response to your questions: 1. The videos seem to be working this morning. I was trying to watch the forecast video for Long Island. Whatever bug was making it fail must be fixed 2. The old app had a 7 day forecast and a written description for each day. The new app only shows an icon for each day with high and low temps. The detailed forecast was very helpful. I am not in a position where I can watch the entire video to get the forecast. I would like to see the option to view both of these if possible. Ch12 News, traffic and weather were literally the only thing that prevents me from going to a competitor. 6/24 update: still no way to read the weather forecast. Very unfortunate but I have started using the weather channel app now and it has everything I need. Rich Hoffman is awesome and his predictions are so much better which is why I wish they were transcribed. I can't always play the video they offer. Too long and inconvenient. Now that the traffic reports have become a complete automated joke and Now this, I may move to dish from Cablevision. It's obvious they are cutting costs. Too bad.
  • Can't pass login screen 1/5

    By Jabrotr
    I used to utilize this app all the time but since they revamped it I can no longer sign in. I am a Xfinity subscriber. Fix it!
  • Can't log on 1/5

    By Needs sfx, but great
    I used this app for over a year and then all of a sudden, I can't log on! Can't get the news and I can't log on to the News12 Weather app either!! Beyond frustrating
  • Updated no problem 4/5

    By Smedgirl
    Downloaded this morning, signed in no problem. News and weather. App says it uses location even when the app is not opened, which can drain battery life. I'll keep an eye out for this, but so far so good.
  • God Awful!!! 1/5

    By Jabnj
    God awful app and people who created it. Cannot log on and even worse cannot get a human being to help. I DELETED the app and to hell with news12!
  • Where's the traffic map? 1/5

    By NJ-Carolann
    On the prior version of the News 12 App there was an up to the minute traffic map that was fantastic. The App was updated recently and it no longer has a traffic map!! This updated map is no longer useful to me. I am so very disappointed! I am hoping it is going to have a traffic map added ASAP!
  • Horrible! 1/5

    By wmmc01
    Used to use the News 12 Weather app all the time. You could get whatever you needed easily. This is a piece of junk. Very disappointed.
  • Obsolete 4/5

    By Dorky555
    The promise from the app crew was that they constantly update the app to make it better. Well, they failed, and spectacularly at that. The app has become obsolete for myself and many others. No more live news feed, and the lobotomization of the weather section has infuriated me. There needs to be a change, back to the old way for weather, and it better come soon, or the News 12 tech people will have a bunch of angry customers
  • ZERO stars!!! AWFUL 1/5

    By hpfl
    new update to the app is HORRIBLE. the traffic section is the worst. i used to rely on those cameras and now i don't waste my time. also trying to find any up to date information like closings or cancellations is impossible. never using this app again.
  • Weather App? 1/5

    By Tweetybird 31
    What happened to the weather app? They changed the whole news 12 app and now I can't get weather report except for video. I really miss the old format
  • Whoever designed this new version needs to find a new job. 2/5

    By Impost0r
    How do you make a new version and then make it harder to use with less features. I like the new design, but that is where it ends. Live feeds are buried in the news and not on the menu where it should be. Weather lost Doppler radar. I mean seriously?! Do people even need to address this?! Please fix this. App is not as good now. Was easier to use in the previous version. Now it's messy.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Kudos&Flowers
    Optimum customers can't log in. Don't offer an app if your customers can't use it. Wasted my time trying to log in.

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