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  • Current Version: 6.1.2
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News 9 Weather App

Take the News 9 Weather team wherever you go with News 9 Weather app. Get the latest forecasts, radars, alerts, videos, and blogs from Chief Meteorologist David Payne.

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News 9 Weather app reviews

  • Too Busy 1/5

    By ScottPowers
    I want the weather, not a website.
  • Great app but... 4/5

    By Lilly219
    Anytime I need to update the app, the notifications stop playing sound. I can still see them, but I can’t hear them.
  • Update is terrible 1/5

    By Victoria1013!
    The new update is so bad. The alerts are inaccurate, says rain is approaching and there’s no rain on the radar. Weather predictions are always off. Bring the old update back. Deleting this app.
  • Not as good as the old app 2/5

    By rashelton
    Winds of 13 mph gusts of 9mph....that was in the forecast this morning! The app continually has conflicting info. It will show a high temp in one portion of the app and then in another place give a different high. Also the radar doesn’t load. The concept is great, but for me the old app worked better!
  • Crashes 1/5

    By SlyNort1
    Crashes a lot. Stopped working during the middle of a tornado. Unreliable
  • Review 5/5

    By lucymae7
    I love the app especially in oklahoma with our crazy weather this really helps keep my kids and family safe. The only negative I have is I wish it would send more notifications. For example say we are under a tornado watch, I would wish it would send a notification about that or like a t-storm warning. Overall this app is decently helpful and I partially recommend it.
  • KWTV Weather App 5/5

    By JasperBC
    I watch this app when I’m not at home. Please add an Apple Watch capability to this app.
  • Liked the app much better before the update 1/5

    By Bump1313
    Loved the old version, new version has too much useless information and the radar never wants to work properly even with good cell service.
  • Livestream doesn’t work. 1/5

    By its nooo good
    Livestream doesn’t work. Kind of useless
  • Horrendous 1/5

    By paybw
    Outdated and embarrassment to have on my phone!
  • Great update 4/5

    By RaisingDinah
    This app is more sleek, and the update has provided so much more useful information. (e.g. sunrise/sunset, hourly wind, temp & precip, current wind, etc) I’ve seen some reviews that say it doesn’t have hourly projections or saved locations, but they must’ve overlooked those features, because they’re there. I thought there was no way to change the alert settings (like, to pick and choose what I get alerted about.)It took me a week or two but I finally figured out how to change those settings. Overall, much improved. Great app.
  • 7 day 2/5

    By wiedewoman
    I like looking at the seven or nine day report at a glance. The new version doesn’t have it. However, the new version is good, please bring back the 7 day
  • Sad day 2/5

    By 22Rotweety
    I have tried to like the changes I this app but it just isn’t working. I want to be able to pull it up and get a quick view of the week. Now you have to scroll and scroll back and forth. What happened to the glance at your weather week? Moving on to another weather app. Sorry 🙁
  • Not a Fan of the Update 2/5

    By Gentle3
    I don't like the update. I miss seeing s. Usual of the 7 day+ forecast. If I want to see that, I have to go the the weather app which isn’t as reliable. I appreciate the additional features. Also not a fan of the home page; have to use the drop down menu to find what I need.
  • Update ruined the app 1/5

    By R0101N
    I have had this app for years. It’s been great as far as monitoring daily weather and especially during severe weather. I however will no longer be using this app. I personally do not like the new layout as a whole. Especially the radar.
  • Used to depend on news 9 app not now 1/5

    By Beach hunter
    Ok I love news 9 but this app I thought was a good update until I started using it during our first tornado season and I can not get the little tornado warning boxes to come up on radar that’s what I liked at but now it’s just all the NWS alert for the area. Please fix so it can get the little boxes showing tornado and direction of tornado warning.
  • app review 5/5

    By gmtehuusdh
    This is an excellent weather application for my cell phone. I also have it on my home computer. I am 70 years old and I have lived in Oklahoma my entire life. I am very familiar with our give-and-take weather. I've watched all three major networks and have used their weather apps on my cell phone. channel4 and channel 5 do not compare with the excellent service provided by channel 9. Congratulations channel 9 on a job well done.
  • Update stinks!!! 1/5

    By Molnir98
    The old version of the app was way better. The updated version is just way too messy, especially the weekly forecast and the radar. My mom’s old iPhone cannot do the update and the app for it is way better still. Please fix!
  • Bad update 1/5

    By Ca2ok76
    News9 was my only go to during any type of weather but after the update it’s the last. It’s slow for the radar to come up (if it does at all), it doesn't have all the details like hail, spin, etc. and the 7 day was way better before to get a glance then click on the day to get more detail like you have it now which is the only option. News9 will still be my #1 news source but not the app.
  • Love News 9!! 5/5

    By Roger House
    The older app sucked I’m really happy they updated and we get a lil taste of nxt Gen live on our phones!! Keep it up guys!!
  • Waste of time! 1/5

    By Cydney hates this game
    Hey News 9? Is this really your best effort?
  • Was good, now horrible 1/5

    By FookinUnhappy
    The old app was great and gave you the info you needed without scrolling way down. Now just to see the 7 day, you have to scroll a LOT. Huge fail on the “upgrade”...
  • It used to be easy to navigate and readable. 1/5

    By Snakpo223221
    Not so much anymore. The map is neat BUT the daily forecast is horrible. I want to see what is predicted without having to scroll through down a page and a half.
  • Love the update!! 5/5

    By Kaylamarie0875337741
    The latest update is awesome! Good job!!!!!
  • AT weather copy cat 1/5

    By Mg ernp
    I’m not sure why News9 decided to copy Aaron Tuttle‘s app. I like the way News9 did their hourly forecast. It really help me plan for the day. Now you just see the weather trends through the hours but don’t see a percentage. The way this app is arranged now the reason I quit using Aaron Tuttle’s app. I’m going to have to go to a different news channel app to get the weather forecast and the usability I’ve come to know with the old news9 app. Please go back to the old way the app was.
  • Mosier 1/5

    By GMosier
    Hate the latest update. Not user friendly. Doesn’t show percentage chance of rain hourly. Cumbersome to navigate
  • Boo! 1/5

    By llwbear
    I relied on this app and it kept me safe and informed on all my travels. Since the new ‘update/revamp’ I don’t get any alerts, have trouble navigating the site and just find the app useless.
  • Go back to old app 1/5

    By jkwalter5
    I had the old app which I loved! Then, overnight, without warning, the app totally changed! The new one is so difficult to work and doesn’t have nearly the capabilities of the old one. Please go back!!!
  • No control over the Alerts 2/5

    By c53k82
    I would like to choose the type of alerts I receive. I’d rather not be inundated with alerts pertaining to rain and lightning.
  • .Org 1/5

    By GracieLou#
    I want my old app back. I like the radar in the old app. How do I get it back?
  • 0 stars if possible 1/5

    By emilybeeok
    I don’t know why they would change the app. The radar and warning overlay used to be great now it’s confusing and doesn’t seem accurate. Go back to other version.
  • Waiting for the reversal 1/5

    By Suaie3
    Old app worked better and was more user friendly. I’ll try to get used to it but not liking it since the change.
  • Bring back old app!! 2/5

    By CRaeWill
    I want the old app back. The new app is difficult to navigate. I tried to move the map to look at a different area of the state and it set a pin in an area that is nowhere near to me and then I couldn’t remove it. It also seems glitchy at times.
  • It’s not a copy... 5/5

    By KerrForThree
    ...and it works fine. 👍🏻
  • Redesign is not user friendly 1/5

    By sknitsloa
    I used this app exclusively for my weather and alerts. This redesign is terrible. Where is the week at a glance? Navigation is confusing and difficult. I am all for updates that make it easier but this is not helpful. I’ve deleted the app from my phone and will go back to using the Apple weather app I guess.
  • Used to be a great weather app 1/5

    By Mscat1976
    The previous version was awesome. It was simple to navigate and easy to read. This version is awful. It’s lacking information the previous version had. I hate the new 7-day layout. Why would you change it?! I love News 9, but I will be looking for a new weather app.
  • Total disappointment 1/5

    By sha=dow
    The News9 weather application used to be my “to go” app. No more. Gone is the severe weather information. Nothing on hail, nothing on tornadoes. All this change just in time for the start of the storm season. Now my “to go” weather application is the one from News4.
  • New Design Is Terrible 1/5

    By Mac&Maisie
    The main point of a weather app: 1) What is the current temp? 2) What is the High and Low for today? 3) What is the weather doing today (e.g., rain, windy, sunshine, etc)? 4) What is the weather expected for the next 2,5,7,10 days? This app changed for the worse! You must hunt and gather - wasting time and energy while increasing frustrations. If you want a “pretty” app filled with color and graphics, that takes you 5 minutes to piece together the basic information you are seeking, you found it! If you want a streamlined app with the pertinent details at your fingertips...this app did this in the past...sadly the latest version will drain your time and render you vulnerable to the elements! Good luck knowing if you need an umbrella, sunglasses, a parka, or your sunscreen!
  • Horrid update 1/5

    Newest update is horrible. Can’t easily access anything. Confusing layout. Revert asap. Moving to different weather app.
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By Free in God
    The worst update I’ve ever seen. Really sad this app changed from its previous version. I updated and it is way too complex and overloaded. I used to be excited about using the app but now it just makes me sad each time I open it. Really hoping they go back to the previous version.
  • Terrible update 1/5

    By 10FourGoodBuddy
    I HATE the new update!!! Why did you change it?? I only had the tornado watch and warning alerts selected but I keep getting alerts that rain will be in my area. I don’t need warning for rain. Deleted app!!
  • New update 1/5

    By mdjfifnr
    I hate the new update. It’s difficult to navigate and find what I need. In the old version I was able to find what I needed quick and easy. I agree that some changes and updates were necessary... however, if this app isn’t made easier to navigate I’ll probably find a different weather app.
  • Can’t select notifications 1/5

    By vshjttj
    Can no longer limit notifications. Get a notice every time it rains. Only want notices of severe weather. Not liking the changes.
  • No control of type of alerts 1/5

    By FLF 60
    The new version has no way to receive only certain types of alerts. I don’t want to know if there maybe rain in the next thirty minutes or any other alert except for some for severe weather. There is apparently no way to control that so I have disabled News9 weather alerts and will get my watches and warnings from another station’s app.
  • App 1/5

    By hdisnrucisngtfjf
    The new app is hard to navigate. It’s not like I’m not tech savvy but this app doesn’t seem to be as smooth running. The 7 days forecast layout is harder to see since you have to scroll and it doesn’t fit on one screen without a scroll. The radar seems a little but if a mess.. when you try to move it, it drops a pin to give you the weather in that location. Putting in a new location in the search bar.. the search bar is tiny and the words are small. On the radar, I do like when you play up to active time. That seems better! I wish you could combine a couple things from the new app but have the old app back!
  • Weather part of this app is AWFUL!! 1/5

    By LisaBailey
    The weather people, videos and app set you guys apart from the others but this new forecast set up and background STINK! You can’t see the text for the stupid background pic, we can’t get details about the forecast (like what time rain will start or what the wind speed will be). It needs to be changed back!!!
  • Weather 9 2/5

    By mecgnc73
    Much prefer the old one. Too difficult to use! My vehicle does not track properly while I travel. Bring back the old one, “LOVED IT”!!!!!!!!
  • New VS is too bulky. 3/5

    By M.WiTTe
    I have loved this app for its push notifications of weather and basic layout for years but, this new update made everything clumped and accessed clumsy. Please bring back the basic interface, this new one makes it look like a child’s webpage imo.
  • At a glance? 2/5

    By ZE&Es mom
    Checked the week’s forecast nearly every morning with the old version. Don’t care for the new version. It’s nice to have other options, but please bring back the at a glance.

News 9 Weather app comments

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