News Break - Local Headlines

News Break - Local Headlines

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News Break - Local Headlines App

Get local headlines, breaking news and relevant stories that matter to you straight to your phone, with News Break. Know what’s going on in your local community and around the world. From curated local briefings to hand-picked national/world headlines, emergency alerts to crime stories, News Break is your must-have news app. Highlights - Your Local Briefing • Get a curated daily brief about local news, traffic, events, crime and more. • Stay up-to-date with our coverage around protests and public safety. • Browse national headlines and read comprehensive, in-depth stories. • Use the discovery engine to discover stories from over 10,000 trusted sources, including Fox News, CNN, Business Insider, Newsweek, HuffPost, Reuters, The Associated Press (AP), Bloomberg, Time, and more... • Get the stories that matter to you with a highly-personalized feed, relevant to your likes and dislikes. Your Community News • Find local restaurants, deals, shop openings, and more ahead of time. • Read personal and vivid stories from our local writers and content creators. • Treat us as your personal newsstand, magazine collector, restaurant reviewer, and more. Create Civic Value - Support the Cause • Use News Break to revive the local news ecosystem and support small publishers • Increase local story volume and geographic coverage to stimulate local storytelling and community power Follow or Block the Trend - It’s Up to You • It’s totally cool to stay on top of some topics, or totally hate them! News Break allows you to follow what is trending, or completely block some topics you don’t appreciate. • You can laugh, share, think, cry, upvote, downvote, comment, reply...News Break is a free ground that welcomes you to express emotions & opinions. Download today and stay informed on local news! Better informed, better life.

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News Break - Local Headlines app reviews

  • Your so called google winner crap that said I won a 1000 dollar wal-mart gift card is a lie 1/5

    By toebonejoe
    Big zero I’ll put a star only because it’s the only way to send comments mad!
  • Crap compilation of news 1/5

    By nope12345678910
    Cants use iPhone gestures to navigate app. And news feed constantly resets to top of page, I lose my place all the time!!! Crappy to read news!!! Please fix for more stars
  • 1 out 5 1/5

    By I'd fk me
    One out of five stories are actual news. The rest is terrible written articles with little to no actual information and backing.
  • CLICKBAIT!!!!! 1/5

    By 1withzen
    Some very useful articles but the one liner notifications that come all day and night are insanity “This is the newest way you MAY catch corona and die”. And then they repackage old news for days and sometimes weeks with new one liners to get you to click. The house and senate are in recess for the next two weeks. No need to to send out “this is what your second stimulus check MIGHT look like” notifications every freaking day!!!!!
  • Comical 1/5

    By Egutie1817
    It’s becoming comical and on the brink of...
  • Full of Racists 1/5

    By JCM1975
    Even though much of the local stories are nice to have in one place, the comment section on basically every article is a cesspool of pure racism, bigotry, and the worst of humanity. Avoid
  • Same News for weeks 1/5

    By r9522114
    I am tired of seeing breaking news for my area that happened 2 weeks ago same things over and over. I am done with this app
  • To one sided 1/5

    By 20Magamaga20
    Started out enjoying the app.. lately I noticed if you click to report or you wanna stop seeing something, automatically..” do you want to see less of Trump” is an option. Well I started clicking on all of them and it constantly asks you that, well further ahead there was a Biden article so I click because I want to see less of Biden, well Lowen be hold you don’t have that option.. instead they ask to see less of trump on a Biden article.. REALLY. probably safe to say this app is ran be liberals
  • Monotonous garbage 1/5

    By realoldunclestevo
    If you want 10,000 identical articles about ccpvirus and stimulus checks then this is the app for you!
  • Overrun with ClickBait ads 2/5

    By dlsspfld
    There’s good news mixed in here if you can tolerate the ridiculous number of clickbait “news stories” and deceitful advertising. I highly recommend turning off notifications unless you want to be bombarded with pop ups every 30 minutes.
  • If it Weren’t for Flipboard I Would have Missed out on a $1000! 5/5

    By Merrylue
    Thanks to Flipboard, I saw a news piece on the $1000 Economic Injury Disaster Grant (EIDG) that was just made available to self-employed people like me. Because of COVID 19 my business has been severely impacted. I followed the link on how to apply, and in less than three days my grant was deposited into my bank account! I never would have learned about this program and it not been for the Daily News feature in Flipboard!
  • The font should be bigger. Too small to read for people my age. 4/5

    By megamarvelous
    Please make the font bigger
  • Free Speech 1/5

    By Logic_1911
    Probably the most free speech in the comments of any news app. The censorship is minimal although I have been banned before. It’s somewhat glitchy, notifications do not work well, I cannot copy text from the comments section, and sometimes the ads make the app unusable.
  • Very left leaning 1/5

    By Bender Boats
    This is a biased news
  • No proof 1/5

    By Lender77
    Your links never work. You contradict your stories has time goes on. We want the truth not guesstimate. Get facts straight, do some investigating, a lot of investigating!! We just want truth, unadulterated information not soiled by the presenter or the collector. WE WANT TRUTH! LET THE PEOPLE analyze the information for themselves. Sometimes people need to use a dictionary, it helps the information absorb naturally.
  • News? 3/5

    By peace19862020
    I love the news and articles but God forbid I read the comments. Hatred, evil, racism, waning death on people etc. It’s repulsive. I’m all about self expression but these folks hiding behind their screens are just awful. I’m ashamed to be an American to know that so many people wish death on others because of race, sex, religion. I just don’t understand why so much hate. I love all people. These hateful people. My God this world doesn’t stand a chance
  • Keep sending me 5/5

    By Woodsey63
    Love getting my notices
  • Gross Commentary Allowed 1/5

    By Chachi1234
    This app allows people in the comment section to be openly racist and call people very nasty racial slurs. This has been an ongoing thing for a while and nothing has been done to attempt to stop the malicious and gross comments. I’ve seen other reviews discussing this issue so I would assume that the creators of this app would be aware of the brutal racism occurring on their app. Disgusting.
  • Black and white news 1/5

    By joodielee
    I don’t want hear only black and white news. Almost every article mentions whether the people involved are black or white. This only promotes racism. We don’t need that in this world. I cancelled my app.
  • Not always the truth 2/5

    By twsuf
    I like this app for some local news. Our local news paper doesn’t report on most things happening in our town since they hired a new editor. Some of the stories on News Break are just crazy and have no truth at all to them, do to the sources they use. Some of them are entertaining tho.
  • Too many adds 3/5

    By Crump62
    Too many adds
  • Booooh! 1/5

    By sm19236
    News break will publish anything without verifying it and will almost never have the story before other news outlets.
  • Bad app. 1/5

    This is the worst app. Too many advertising can’t find what I am touching to get information I seek . I rate a big 0.
  • Tell the whole story. 1/5

    By Sun cityian
    You have half stories. Easy to tell lies. Cancel please!
  • Select news you want to see 1/5

    By Sasafras58
    Why can’t we have the options to see what we want. Celebrity info I don’t care Too much useless info
  • Local news 1/5

    By Squeaker6
    Recently the local news reported on this site was been reported wrong and not retracted. There was a story which was titled White Supremacist shoots into BLM and a black protestor was killed. When it was a Latino protestor that was homeless shot a white protestor.
  • Rate 1/5

    By 739301010
    You never can get the whole story
  • I used it for a while 1/5

    By ginsliw
    But it promotes a lot of racist stories and trump theories. Stay away if you have half a brain.
  • Hard to sift through the click bait 1/5

    By Dillomaster
    This app is about 50% news and 50% adds. And most of the “news” is just click bait. Deleted app.
  • GRU Troll Alert 1/5

    By Dogma169
    Inside this app is some very good news and articles. That being said be aware as in all forums and places we leave comments or thoughts, we will encounter Trolls. By now we all know what they are, however the game has changed and their are people who purposely incite just to cause division. That being said this app is great at getting very varied news sources. But Traveler beware.... *****Update****** So some sites in this app act more like honeypots then actual websites. What do I mean by that? Well let’s say you produce a website and act like a FRINGE news org....then capture all IP traffic as well as phone information. What they use it for one is left guessing. But based on most of the forums it’s just a GRU (Russian Government Sanctioned Hackers), Chinese Sanctioned Hackers, DPRK Sanctioned Hackers, The Foundation (The Family, The Patriot Movement, 3%ers, Doug Coo lunatics) sprinkled with the normal American yeah I’m gonna have to give a big downgrade for this app.
  • Too liberal 1/5

    By Ccd1000
    Way too many “Liberal” articles....Probably 10 to 1. Might as well have the CNN app. Also way too much on the Royals. Don’t give a hoot about them.
  • Crap news 1/5

    By larry jack henderson
    Every day it is just COVID and stimulus check news. Your news if just one sided liberal panic. Where is your stories about the CDC saying how low the death rate is now and the only reason the numbers went up is because we’re testing 10 times as many people. Where are your stories on obamagate? Your only supporting the liberal BS they want us to think!
  • Too many ads. Android has an option for no ads for a few bucks. 1/5

    By Tonytoni5G
    Ads ads ads
  • Great News 5/5

    By jzduck
    Always a great way to get news in our area! Thank you for all you do in reposting the news and keeping us safe!
  • Good and bad 3/5

    By ckv
    Shows me local articles I do want to see, and otherwise may not see. But it also shows me articles I do not want. And I cannot edit my preferences. I hate articles from untrusted or sensational sources, or pop/celebrity gossip stuff. I am about to uninstall this just to avoid that. Animal abuse Is horrifying to me. I’ll fight it where I can but for goodness sake, I don’t need my nose rubbed in it to know I hate it. Aloe me to configure my preferences and I may stay using the platform.
  • Would be better with less spammy news 3/5

    By MEBiery
    I like that you can get news filtered for specific locations, but unfortunately, there is so much national news and celebrity crap in the feed when you open the page, it’s frustrating to find the local stories. Also get way too many alerts for national news stories when I only signed up for two local news feeds.
  • Quick Update 5/5

    By FOURjemz
    I love Newsbreak because it gives a quick overview and update of today’s news.
  • Freezes and viruses 3/5

    By Glamv
    This app freezes at times but the worst part is ever since I started using it my phone was starting to act weird and I got a virus and someone hacked my other apps not sure what’s going on but it’s always with this app
  • News break great headlines,to hard to access 2/5

    By momkeybut
    To complicated to get to the headlines
  • To left to political 2/5

    By mike35391
    Good except you exploit
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Debbie Jo 😎
    Gives me news that other news apps doesn’t give. Minute by Minute! Most of the News this app provides is important & good to know!!❤️
  • Bias opinion 2/5

    By AC4J
    I would suggest that you balance your news reporting. 80% of your news cast are left wing liberal , anti Trump, anti American and anti police. We are a nation under God, created in the image of him who is a spirit, therefore there is no color in the eyes of God. Stop decisive reports and start reporting on positive reports that unite us and not divide us. Thanks and God Bless
  • News break 1/5

    By noblehurst
    All the is liberal based. Every time I click on a link to another story it never opens. Wouldn’t recommend unless you’re a liberal
  • Good alerts, Bias information reported 2/5

    By Arista MM
    The alerts are on time unfortunately the information given afterwards, is extremely bias.
  • More ads than news 1/5

    By Amalfimjx
    If you like to flip through multiple pages and blips of ads popping up while desperately trying to actually read an article this is the site for you. The news is actually on the bottom of the list to what matters on this site. Hopefully this kind of site helps bring back the newspaper that was once delivered by some young entrepreneur so that you could actually sit in peace and quiet and read the news and then absorb it all instead of frantically hitting check boxes from pop ups and searching through a maze of ads while looking for the actual story that caught your attention to begin with.
  • Can’t go without 4/5

    By luvbug82393
    Like the title says, I can’t go without this app. I like to get a lot of my local news from here along with what’s going on with this coronavirus BS and it never lets me down. I do not have any issues with crashing and whatnot, it is easy to navigate through, and it’s got great reading material for sure. I cannot offer the 5th star as for me that means perfection and so far none have met that.
  • Click Bait Tabloids 1/5

    By Mr Vinman
    Hardly any news unless you consider what’s “really” happening with some celebrity’s marriage to be news - total joke
  • Updates 1/5

    By Marguerite C.
    When do you ever update your news stories?? I’ve been reading the same stories for the past 3 days. Is an update coming anytime soon ??
  • Incredible app! 5/5

    By goatghost
    Sometimes, TOO much news...but, I’d rather have more than not enough! It would be nice if the alerts were listed somewhere in chronological order. Once I unlock the phone (or swipe to see one of the stories I might be interested in), all the other alerts go away and I have to remember and search for which ones I was interested in. It’s a great app for a news junkie like me. Highly recommend!

News Break - Local Headlines app comments

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