News Break - Local Headlines

News Break - Local Headlines

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News Break - Local Headlines App

Get local headlines, breaking news and relevant stories that matter to you straight to your phone, with News Break. Know what’s going on in your local community and around the world. From curated local briefings to hand-picked national/world headlines, emergency alerts to crime stories, News Break is your must-have news app. Highlights - Your Local Briefing • Get a curated daily brief about local news, traffic, events, crime and more. • Stay up-to-date with our coverage around protests and public safety. • Browse national headlines and read comprehensive, in-depth stories. • Use the discovery engine to discover stories from over 10,000 trusted sources, including Fox News, CNN, Business Insider, Newsweek, HuffPost, Reuters, The Associated Press (AP), Bloomberg, Time, and more... • Get the stories that matter to you with a highly-personalized feed, relevant to your likes and dislikes. Your Community News • Find local restaurants, deals, shop openings, and more ahead of time. • Read personal and vivid stories from our local writers and content creators. • Treat us as your personal newsstand, magazine collector, restaurant reviewer, and more. Create Civic Value - Support the Cause • Use News Break to revive the local news ecosystem and support small publishers • Increase local story volume and geographic coverage to stimulate local storytelling and community power Follow or Block the Trend - It’s Up to You • It’s totally cool to stay on top of some topics, or totally hate them! News Break allows you to follow what is trending, or completely block some topics you don’t appreciate. • You can laugh, share, think, cry, upvote, downvote, comment, reply...News Break is a free ground that welcomes you to express emotions & opinions. Download today and stay informed on local news! Better informed, better life.

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News Break - Local Headlines app reviews

  • Liberal Political View 2/5

    By Capt Camosa
    This could be a lot better if the liberal political viewpoint was kept out of the articles. ALL we want in the news is the truth, let US decide which way to go and make our own decisions. All we hear from reporters is: “I think...”
  • Filled with hateful comments 1/5

    By ofearthsea
    Literally Filled with hateful comments, xenophobia, homophobia and racism very present on this platform, the news is fine but the community is toxic, who threatens those they disagree with harm.
  • App serves too much non relevant content. Chinese based 2/5

    By shaun10
    The app served a lot of content to create anger and divert my attention to issues that are contentious and divisive. The app developers are also not local and are based in China similar to TikTok. I wonder if the government in China is trying to influence content in this app? No homepage for the company or info on where they are based or funded publicly. It is because they want to hide the roots of this app being from China.
  • Very informative 5/5

    By D.,pleased
    The news is very timely and informative.
  • Malware in News Break Android Code 1/5

    By AlexanderX027
    Contains malware avoid.
  • Propaganda 1/5

    By penny antics
    This app just posted a false story about the polls concerning the 2020 election,
  • One star 1/5

    By Rock stones fab girl
    As a long-time conservative, I expect a more well-rounded news review. I’m deleting this app. It’s a shame that the news you provide is outdated and so far right-leaning. You will not find well-educated people to bring to the conservative arena with this nonsense. You’ve lost another traditional educated adult. Please get your act together. You’re losing money as well.
  • 5 stars 5/5

    By D kru
    Love the updates
  • Deleting 1/5

    By tinktomassi
    Started to notice your headlines are never about what happens before a video hmmmm
  • Hard Left 1/5

    Newsbreak is a far left biased purveyor absent facts and absent truth. Ex: Read their piece on Fox News cutting off Newt Gingrich on September 26, 2020. They accuse, without introduction of facts, Gingrich of spinning anti Semitic lies about George Soros. Ironically, Gingrich was mid-explanation of the factual basis for his comments. I would not want this app on my phone, nor would I ever cite their version of news in any discussion. Completely unreliable as to facts. Completely reliable as to radically left bias.
  • The links 1/5

    By Cheryl's iPhone 6 Plus
    They don’t open when I tap the photo to read the story. It’s difficult to forward an article b/c of the link. Hope this will get fixed. iOS14.0.1. Same problem in iOS 12 & 13.
  • Buggy as can be 1/5

    By TacticalBacon86
    There are so many technical issues with this app that it’s become severely annoying for me. First, when you open the app you’ll see your main screen with the headlines on it they want to present to you. But then, that page “refreshes” itself, and the headline that may have caught your interests evaporates into cyberspace somewhere. The notifications, especially those for the comment notifications in the “inbox” are buggy as well. I’ll have a notification on the tab that there’s a new reaction to a post I made or a response to it, and there’ll be nothing new there. Lastly, the upvoting and the downvoting are buggy at best. I’ll upvote someone’s comment, and it won’t take. One final thought. The app shows a lot of left-learning bias through what it presents. Pretty sickening, actually.
  • Too Many Ads 2/5

    By Chickiebabes747
    All the ads. Are it very difficult to read the actual news story.
  • 👎🏻👎🏻 1/5

    By BillyJoeJimBobJacckson
    If you want nothing but stories about Kardashians, Christina Anstead and Real Housewives flooding your feed, then this is the app for you! Also BLM is King on this app and white-people are reported and racist, ignorant criminals. Don’t waste your time!!!!!
  • News review 5/5

    By shinpaugh
    Good coverage
  • This app should be banned 1/5

    By kayde n
    Chinese owned...promotes hate and racism. Lots of fake content. Many bugs and glitches. Do you care enough to protect your data and community?
  • Total Democratic 1/5

    By Thegrifffamily
    Biased propaganda from the democratic party swayed completely to the left
  • App for the negative and useless 1/5

    By Sender Family
    This app shows nothing but negative and useless information that pollutes your mind.
  • Great App! But includes satire. 4/5

    By PFC.JCL
    This has been a great app for local news and even some national news. Ads have their place and aren’t at all annoying. I’m much more connected to the happenings of my state. However, this app does include satirical articles as news. I don’t know if there’s an algorithm that accidentally included the satire but for folks who are easily persuaded or aren’t aware of which publishers push silly narratives, this could be a dangerous inclusion. I love my satire, but not with my news.
  • Ads 1/5

    By LilNicole909
    I can’t even read a full story without ads messing it up worse than the person who wrote it. Instead of your 1000 posts a day about stimulus checks, work on fixing your app!
  • Way to lib 2/5

    By Bjorn ardvirsson
    It was cool when I first got it but recently it’s just been liberal news
  • Trash 1/5

    By AshleySantiago
    This app is supposed to be for breaking news yet they post opinionated articles!! Literally a joke
  • Political 1/5

    By Babanabababababababb
    This app constantly shown its political views and posts about “fake news”
  • Good, but... 4/5

    By 1GP
    Since this opens up articles within the app, you can’t “zoom” in on articles. I wish you’d allow that. I’m sure some would appreciate.
  • Ehhh 2/5

    By 46-35
    Reported news is boring and not news worthy.
  • Leftist slant 1/5

    By Verasity 2020
    The articles that I have read, depict the far left view of the facts. This article falsely refers to Breona Taylor as a medical technician. She was previously a EMT but lost her job after a car she had rented was involved in a homicide.
  • Cancel 1/5

    By Stoplyingtomenow
    I have currently trying to find a way to stop the notifications. Recently, this site has started pushing their political opinions as breaking news which lets me know they support Trump. As a black female with black sons, i don’t support anyone or any company who feeds into his ideas as he doesn’t support me, look out for my best interests, or the country’s for that matter. Get back to real journalism which required facts and not paid opinions.
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By bbnomula$
    Crashes all the time an other times I’ll go to click on a news headline in my notifications an It’ll come up blank or with an error message.

    By Monstevr
  • Allowance of Blatant Racism 2/5

    By AlexaD192
    I love the News Break app, and found it convenient to use for local alerts in the last few months regarding COVID-19, wildfires, and local news. However it hurts my heart not only to see the overflow of racist comments. It hasn’t been one or two comments but hundreds. I understand that people have political preferences. But the outright bigotry is unacceptable and unforgivable. What hurts more is that News Break allows these comments to appear. One could say “well, maybe just don’t read the comments” “don’t be so sensitive to what others are saying” “it’s Free Speech” etc. I am often interested in seeing what other people have to say in response to the news. Unfortunately, most of these people shamelessly express so much hate. I’ve seen these comments since the day I downloaded the app back in March, and tried to forget about/ignore them for too long. Every article about any person of color, especially those which discuss criminals of minority background, feature a comment section filled with racism, bigotry and hate on MOST of the comments. This is what News Break ALLOWS. Very good app for news notification, but I can no longer support an app that makes allowances for blatant hatred. News Break, please do better.
  • Taylor death 5/5

    By Sdh brski
    ThAnkyou for speaking out fairly and bravely tonite on Laura Ingram. I appreciated your comments. I am a retired LEO and am relieved to not be working during these nightmarish times. God bless
  • Biased 1/5

    By ayyyyyP
    Nearly every political article is slanderous and biased.
  • Glitchy 3/5

    By Richbasm
    I often find interesting stories posted on your site but I don’t think that I’ve been able to finish reading hardly any of them because the site freezes or page resets, and if I try to start over it takes forever to get back to where I was and then it freezes again ...just happened tonight on 2 different stories...I like getting my news here although often redundant...this week I got a new notification for a story that was exactly 1 year old, so you guys have some issues...this could be done so much better
  • Ambulance chasing attorneys 1/5

    By YT 92804
    I found this disgusting ambulance chasing attorneys jumping out at you while you’re trying to read this news article of the despair of a family loved one.
  • News Break 5/5

    By quincyquince#1
    Tell me Everything YES!!!
  • Not “breaking” news 2/5

    By HellinaHandbasket
    Many stories that pop up in my notifications are old news that have been either reposted or regurgitated by different sites. But the worst part of the app for me are the users- all comments eventually become a political back and forth of unkind, bullying comments that have absolutely nothing to do with the article they’re posted on. SM has trained the human brain to believe they’re always right by not showing us anything that opposes our beliefs... this site seems to be no different.
  • Decent news, better comments 5/5

    By Yung Daddi
    The comments are the whole reason I use this app. Y’all some psychopaths on there and it’s hilarious.
  • Real news 5/5

    By One Eye Tiger
    Great following of real news and not paper news prepared by a shirt upstairs that only gets what is prepared and handed down
  • Best news app ever 5/5

    By Kosyboi
    I hate watching to read news but I love this app because it covers everything from everywhere I’ll write it to fingertip grade it
  • Skip it 1/5

    By Beechnut Babe
    Just another app to present you with opportunities to subscribe and still get ads.
  • Cot 5/5

    By Timmy Tuccer
    Good app for news in the hood keep u up to date with good infor!!
  • Keep sending notifications to my emails 3/5

    By xpingc206
    Very annoying, it keeps sending daily updates to my registered email. I tried to unsubscribe it through my email but no way. There’s no way in the app to prevent those daily digest! Just realized there is an option in the email at the bottom. Can’t you just put an option in the app to disable this? And I did not remember you have ever asked about whether agreed to subscribe with email. Hope you can add some option here.
  • Democrats have control 1/5

    By sazodiac77
    The employees are democrats and let convict molesters post from prison
  • Needs new leadership 1/5

    By Straro
    The site is generally anti-Trump or pro-Liberal. There are many times the news coming across is also incorrect for our area. I thought news was supposed to be unbiased.
  • Scrolling is horrible 3/5

    By mark gaudette
    Great app- I use it a lot and actually don’t mind all of the notifications (it’d be nice to choose which categories to be notified about). But, scrolling through an article. 9/10 times that my thumb is scrolling vertically the app wants to close the article and move left in the app. Really frustrating and ruining the experience. Suggestion: the thumb scrolls in a circular fashion when using one-handed so there should be more leniency on reading what a “vertical” scroll is vs trying to close out of the article.
  • Too many AD’s 1/5

    By 0ver done
    You can barley read the regurgitated new stories, I deleted the App, waste of time...
  • what the hell is this?? 1/5

    By racist headline
    “white woman murdered by a group of blacks” is the headline that came across my Breaking News APP pop up This isn’t 1930. This smacks of trump’s campaign propaganda using the racist “saving suburban women from projects moving in” bs. This APP just lost any credibility as a legit source of news.
  • Awful 1/5

    By king 8989
    This app is terrible!!!!!!!
  • Great App except one thing 4/5

    By patriotism101
    I love this app. It’s my favorite behind the Apple news app. Basically the only two I use. However when I load an article the screen dims. Similar to when you get a pop up on another browser. Except I don’t see any pop ups and it’s on every article I read. If I open the article in safari it’s nice and bright. But I don’t think I should have to do that to see the article properly. If that ever changes I’ll definitely give a 5 or 6 if I could star review.

News Break - Local Headlines app comments

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