NewsBreak: Local Everything

NewsBreak: Local Everything

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NewsBreak: Local Everything App

Small news makes a big difference! News Break is your #1 local news app for current events, free live news, business news, and more. Download today to stay up to date on all things local! News Break believes that local news is different. Local news helps bring neighborhoods together around the unique stories they share in common. And only local, small news has the unique ability to meaningfully inform the decisions we make throughout the day. What’s the weather like in my area? What about traffic? What important events are happening nearby? Join News Break’s growing local news community and see why over 45M people across the U.S. have helped make us the nation’s #1 local news app! And remember - we don’t just do local! Local breaking news, trending national & international news – News Break’s got it all. Get sports updates and U.S. headlines sent straight to your phone while coming together with your neighborhood to share in interesting conversations related to local news in your area. Join the 45M+ locals across the U.S. that trust News Break as their #1 local news app! News Break Features: Local News Highlights • Get a curated daily briefing on local news, traffic, events, local weather, and more. • Live stream news on local channels: follow local news, events, and activities. • Get local weather reports and traffic updates at a glance. Breaking News, National and Local • Stay up to date with our coverage on small news and breaking news • Browse national news headlines and read comprehensive, in-depth stories. • Use the discovery engine to discover stories from over 10,000 trusted sources. Personalized News Feed • Get the stories that matter to you with a highly personalized feed, relevant to your likes and dislikes. • Keep up with business news, small news, sports news, and more – whatever you’re interested in! • Our news aggregator collects and delivers the news that matters to you. • Get news alerts customized to your tastes. Your Community News • Find local eats, small news updates, deals, shop openings, and more ahead of time. • Read personal and vivid stories from our local news writers and content creators. • Treat us as your personal newsstand, magazine collector, restaurant reviewer, and more. Create Civic Value - Support the Cause • Use News Break to revive the local news ecosystem and support small publishers • Increase local story volume and geographic coverage to stimulate local storytelling and community power Follow or Block the Trend - It’s Up to You • It’s totally cool to stay on top of some topics, or totally hate them! • News Break allows you to follow what is trending, or completely block some topics you don’t appreciate. • You can laugh, share, think, cry, upvote, downvote, comment, reply... • News Break is a free ground that welcomes you to express emotions & opinions. Download News Break today and stay informed on local news! Better informed, better life.

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NewsBreak: Local Everything app reviews

  • Be better 1/5

    By thvkgcf
    Give us equal news coverage and quit hating on one side even if you are liberal be fair
  • Thank you 5/5

    By actisGal
    Very informative news. Thanks 👍
  • Refrain 1/5

    By mikhelin
    No free speech
  • Crashes all the time 1/5

    By cheusi
    App design by unintelligent stupid person. Don’t bother to download it. Crashes 90% when you try to read news article.
  • Too much click bait 1/5

    By RevReb
    While I appreciate the aggregation of local news, I do not like all of the click bait articles that I have to sort through in order to get to meaningful contact
  • Why 1/5

    By MrG6464
    Why don’t the widget work anymore?? It’s just a black square now? Was good when widget worked, Useless app now
  • Love 5/5

    By Nykee73
    I love it
  • Fear-mongering and fake news!!! 1/5

    By helisurfer
    If you want your phone to be constantly inundated with headlines designed to scare you and brainwash you, by all means download this app. If you have half a brain and can think for yourself and don't want to be constantly bombarded with propaganda, RUN AWAY!!! This app is so bad it makes me wish I was never even born.
  • Local News 3/5

    By Bibntucker
    While is this app is very good in bringing the reader local news and happenings it falls short on fair and balanced national news relying on many more liberal news sources than conservative.
  • Just a junky bunch of headlines, PAY content 1/5

    By A little loopy
    It’s ALL click-bait now, as you cannot even pre-read ANY bit of articles. It’s just a bunch of headlines, with PAY links. Not cool. In the past, this was a good mix of news and fun. Now a good portion of the links are dead, and the others require you to pay for the articles. To find an article that I can actually read, requires tons of clicking on links just for them to capture my data WITHOUT a providing any actual content.
  • Laim 1/5

    By mr.Slurms
    Stop putting the laim misleading information of COVID
  • So one sided to the left 1/5

    By Mlprandomness1
    I tried to use this app because it has some great features however all the stories that are posted are so far to the left and completely biased so the best thing I can do is delete it.
  • News 5/5

    By jm8858
    The news keeps you on top of everything going on! Love it!
  • Good 5/5

    By gun hi juju's h i y
    I like it
  • Leftist propaganda 1/5

    By wncryder
    Most stories promoted here are little more than Leftist propaganda.
  • My President Trump 1/5

    By Joe go Bo
    I downloaded this app for local news only and I get upset when you all are downing the best President we ever had besides getting cheated out of the presidency. So if there is a way I can keep the local news I will but I will delete this app if I keep seeing lies about my President Trump
  • Great Ap! 5/5

    By ledopmi
    Up to date factual news. DML stakes his reputation on being honest and trustworthy. No fake news here.
  • Discriminates against the visually impaired! 1/5

    By Un4gettaBelle
    App may be good for local,news, but: NewsBreak is so full of ads appearing in the middle of stories that visually challenged persons endure a nightmare trying to get the full article. The stories start then a big fat ad is placed in the middle and blind people catch helll trying to pick up the story line again. Even with VoiceOver, there’s difficulty maneuvering this app! Try placing ads or video clips at the top of the stories or at the end of the article! Give the visually impaired a break! Also this app has begun not being able to open the majority of articles. It returns an error when one attempts to open articles from Notifications. This makes an already difficult app a true disaster! PLEASE FIX THESE THINGS ! Yesterday! Thanks!
  • Love the app but.. 4/5

    By ....matttttttiiiiieeeee
    I love this news app, better than apple’s in-house app and other news sources but I can only give it 5 stars if the ads would finally disappear. I understand it needs financial support to sustain the app but please make it available to purchase to offset the cost, I’m happy to spend a few dollars on it to make the ads go away for good
  • This app is the #1 for misinformation 1/5

    By Tenntomcat
    I just use it to see what the other side is blaming us for.
  • Brilliant News at your Fingertips 5/5

    By lizzulu
    The best news source around! Give it a try. You will nit be disappointed!
  • Sometimes so inaccurate, old info or UNREADABLE 1/5

    By cowpunkability
    Spelling errors and some completely incoherent articles.... then add that some “news” is completely outdated. Horrible place to get info. One article provoked hysterical comments from readers though bc it was so unreadable. No one checked auto corrections that made info look like those old mad libs games I played as a kid.
  • Professional and helpful 5/5

    By catrachaaa
    Very professional and helpful I love it and recommend it to everyone, thank goodness we have the opportunity to enjoying the news everyday
  • Very racist- They need to GO!!!! 1/5

    By dwilli9216
    They tend to collapsed comments that are critical of Trump but will allow users dogwalk Biden. Also, you will be collapsed if you strongly support anything related to people of color IF people not of color excessively criticize your comments.
  • Good News Collection, But Lots Of Alt-Right Comments 2/5

    By Darzanak
    This app has a good collection of articles, but the comments section is upsetting and infuriating. It seems that the app is used predominantly by right-wing conspiracy theorists, spreading falsehoods about the 2020 elections, vaccines, etc. If you’re a QAnon supporter, or if you can ignore the terrible comments that are posted, you will probably enjoy this app. Personally, I just want the news without seeing everyone’s opinion.
  • It’s decent but more of just a space waster 3/5

    By Tqfs
    The news is good and the articles are good. The downside? They force you to have the app installed to read anything. I’m stuck uninstalling it to save space then reinstalling anytime a friend sends me a new article to read. On option would be nice.
  • Yup, all the left leaning news 1/5

    By DyreLogan
    You guessed it. CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, they're all here. All the left leaning and extremely far left leaning news outlets with very little unbiased true news sources. Hard pass on this one. Get your news from news you can actually trust, not from these politically, left-leaning, woke, narrative motivated, unfriendly news outlets.
  • Fox Misinformation 1/5

    By Jay M3din4
    Why is Fox News even allowed to be called news? It has no business being on this app. Let them post their misinformation on their own website and keep it off this app. Every time I see baby crying news headlines I already know it’s Fox News. They are already in trouble for misinformation so why have them here. they are still printing misinformation and should be banned.
  • Love have to buy news paper 4/5

    By tlsc0670
    Love that I can read the news on my phone and don’t have to stop to buy a newspaper
  • Extra Extra.... get your late news here 1/5

    By Giaomo el Tecero
    This app constantly posts news articles that are old news and from the previous day. Like today they sent an alert about Trump signing the NAFTA agreement when hasn’t been in office for 7 months. It’s very disappointing and seems more National enquirer at times than good hard news.
  • Click on news story and get ads! 2/5

    By Cruise6
    Click on a news story and you get ads followed by a story that has noting to do with what was clicked on!
  • Ms. VanDyke 5/5

    By Diet pop
    I like to get the news that is going on in and around the area that I live.
  • Censorship 100%! 1/5

    By Skirtberry
    I responded to an article this morning. Took videos of the article as well as my comment!! Apparently this “NewsBreak” app didn’t like my response and not only took down my response but completely deleted the entire article! Why? We’re they afraid of the truth? I’ll be sending the videos of the article along with my response to various other news sources!! WOW!!
  • Biased and Fake news 1/5

    By pyrebrik
    All negative and handpicked news against conservatives. Makes headline from Anonymous sources
  • Too much click bait 1/5

    By Wurd
    Had it for several months now. I liked it at the beginning, but there is so much spam and click bait that comes along with the useful information. I just got a headline for a story from at least three years ago, but the time frame was unclear until I clicked on the story. It’s off my phone, never to return.
  • Want to delete this news and can’t 1/5

    By Jaynieq
    I have found from past experience, that Newsweek, anything to do with any of the major stations, CNN, ABC, MSM, all don’t report the news. They report their version of the news, not the unabridged portion. I want to delete this account from my phone, and it refuses even though I can’t see it anymore I don’t know longer want to be a part of this.
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By Ynot14378
    Please fix!
  • Article Titles 2/5

    By sleepyburr
    I’ve noticed many of your article titles are misleading towards the articles actual information. I understand “spicing things up” but the article promising a photo of 3 siblings being struck by lightening had nothing of the such. This app and it’s notifications are seeming more like Click Bait everyday.
  • Lots of issues 1/5

    By 1963tuna
    Loved the app. But constant reloads. Ugh. Might have to give up on it!
  • NewsBreak 5/5

    By Soilder for Jesus
    I like news break
  • News Break Review 5/5

    By @reality
    FIVE STARS! I’ve had news break from the beginning -ALWAYS the first to bring out what we need to know!
  • Great App, Terrible Comments 3/5

    By Nick DeB
    I love the app because it gets news from many different sources but when I scroll down to the comments everyone is unhinged. The most disgusting and horrendous people on planet earth all think they have something to say. What is wrong with these people Jesus Christ. It’s like they are all 70 Year old Rush Limbaugh fans who are utterly delusional.
  • Review 1/5

    By Conservative independent voter
    Very liberal reporting. Put the liberal spin on all news reports. Sickening.
  • Not impressed 1/5

    By buckfeer
    You are seriously FAKE news!! I only keep you because of local news but I’m so shocked at your fake headlines! No wonder so many are believing false news!!
  • Color blind 1/5

    By Concerned American for Justice
    The only news when It comes to people of color you report mainly is negative. It would appear that only Blacks are doing bad things in our world. Report fairly and not continue the unjust and unequal reporting.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Nick91928383883
    By far one of the best news apps out there. You get a variety of different news for free, from any location. Definitely worth getting if you’re looking for a free news source.
  • To many ads 3/5

    By Donald Fred
    This app used to be great. Now you get pop up ads and ads that are placed over the content you are trying to read. Also it provides links to organizations that require a subscription to view the content. It has become so bad with these issues that I am seriously debating on deleting the app but maybe just maybe the developers read this review and do something about it.
  • Should be called Virtue Signal Daily 2/5

    By Lesbug13
    70% of the articles provided are about intersectionality. Very little real news and world events. Publications you’ve never heard of and 90% Leftist leaning.
  • Great news 5/5

    Great news great reports!! I enjoy reading your articles and the finance reports